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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 14, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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michelle roberts is on the coast with a look at how el nino is taking aim at our beaches. but we begin with meteorologist rob mayeda. >> around 4:00, from union city to fremont to the tri-valley, pretty energetic showers with brief lightning. right now, things are calming down. we're looking at light to moderate rain on the commute across the golden gate bridge into marin county. the showers continue to go off to the south. down to the south bay right now, not a whole lot happening. but plenty more rain on the way. take a look at the storm lineup here. over my shoulder, we have system number one over us now. stronger storm number 2 coming in with hurricane-force winds offshore. no winds in the bay area. but we'll see from it, will be large waves heading towards the coast. the wind across the water. fans rough surf our way and more beach erosion over the weekend. as the storms add up, the coastal hills, 3 to 5 inches of rain. stronger winds.
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with the stronger winds arriving for the weekend. for the sierra, 1 to 2 feet for round one coming in through tomorrow morning and yes, stronger storms to follow towards the weekend. the timeline on the three storms coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> rob, thank you. this rain is doing major damage to our coastline. beaches and cliffs are eroding at an alarming rate. take a look. this is happening in pacifica. some homeowners fear the el nino storm system and all the storms we're getting will destroy their properties. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is in pacifica. you've seen it firsthand. how significant is the damage? >> reporter: there are a lot of homes and properties in discrepancy di. there's a deck behind me teetering on the cliff. some has fallen into the water. much of the damage has happened in the last few weeks, which has been very worried about the rest of the season. >> you see the waves coming.
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>> the erosion from the waves. >> once the deck goes, it's right at the house. >> reporter: the people who know pacifica best say it's difficult to watch her be swept to sea. >> when dan keller bought this property 30 years ago, the ocean wasn't so close. >> it's taken some chunks off. >> reporter: he says typically he loses about a foot of land a year. so far this winter -- >> this time i lost so far about 12 feet. >> reporter: dan is retired now and leases the property. he says he's losing money on his u-haul rental business every time a store rolls in. >> when it hits, we'll lose a lot of property. >> reporter: with each piece of land goes a safe parking space for a truck. >> i don't want to tell the customers they're floating on the ocean. >> rates could be doubled during an active el nino year. >> we're all concerned about this el nino.
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>> reporter: chief ng near with environmental science associates says human-made sandbags like this one at ocean beach can offer a temporary barrier. >> it erodes and kind of lifts the beach. >> reporter: long-term, he says it's not sustainable to have homes and businesses in the ocean's path. >> act of nature. >> reporter: as the massive swells pound the shoreline -- >> we've seen waves flying. >> reporter: many are hoping their property is spared by the ocean. >> you can't change it. >> reporter: the area that i'm standing right now is protected by a retaining wall down below. even the experts say the retaining walls are not strong enough to withstand this ocean in the long run. reporting live in pacifica tonight, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> michelle, thank you. we're constantly updating our weather on our app. here's vicky nguyen.
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>> reporter: we've made it easy for you to get the latest information on your smartphone. you click on a bar is that says weather alerts. it takes you to what you need to know when you need to know it. i'm vicky nguyen and that's how to stay informed. 49ers have a new head coach. they hired chip kelly. known for his offense on the field. he's also known for having a chip on his shoulder. kelly recently sacked by the philadelphia eagles. geraud moncu joins us now. this is going to be an interesting mix. >> well put. the 49ers picking up chip kelly is the most interesting. we'll find out if the management and kelly learned anything from the recent failures. the former eagles coach was fired just over two weeks ago. after winning in the two first two seasons he posted a 6-9 mark in 2015 while alienating players to one actually tweeted, it was
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karma once he was terminated. no one doubts his football iq, but can he adapt and niners brass simply let him do his job. jed york released this statement. we are thrilled to announce chip kelly as the new head coach of the san francisco 49ers. chip has a proven track record in the college and nfl levels that speaks for itself. we believe stongly that he is the right man to get this team back to competing for championships. i look forward to watching trent and chip work closely to build a team that makes us all proud. now, another angle of this hiring is the colin kaepernick factor. looked like he was a basically out of town. kelly has always been a fan and he likes quarterbacks with mobility. so we'll have to wait and see. we'll have more on this story later in sports. geraud moncure, nbc bay area. >> thank you, geraud. we caught up with 49er fans in the area. most were willing to give chip kelly a chance. other changes may need to be
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made they say. the niners finished a disappointing 5-11 record. many fans were selling their season tickets. >> i think that's a phenomenal hire and will bring kaepernick back to where he needs to be. >> we'll see if his offense, that scheme could work in san francisco. not sure. may take a few years to build up. get the personnel that can run that type of offense. >> ceo jed york says the 49ers will introduce kelly officially as the head coach next week, maybe tuesday or wednesday. coverage to come in the second half hour. we'll show you what the new coaching decision means for the team's future. as geraud mentioned, he'll be back in sports. we have developing and somewhat confusing news about the powerball. there were news that a nurse from southern california is one of the three big powerball jackpot winners. she works at a nursing home in pomo pomona. the new york daily news who
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reported the story is saying the story is a hoax. whatever the case, an administrator at the nursing home addressed reporters within the hour. >> she works our afternoon, our day shift. basically, 3:00 to 11:00. i think it was around 8:30 when she realized she had the winning ticket and she finished the shift. so that's exactly who she is. she's the type of person who works and is committed to her work. she's committed to the residents and the other employees. i'm so happy for her. >> again, no confirmation that that 62-year-old nurse is an actual winner. that 7-eleven store in chino hills is where the ticket was bought. that nurse, no confirmation that she was a winner. california lottery officials must still confirm that the nurse is indeed one of the jackpot winners. no confirmation from the lottery office. never a dull moment with this. here's something we do know. 12 tickets sold in california had five of the six numbers
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correct. four of those tickets from the bay area. janelle wang joins us now. they didn't win the big, big jackpot but got a piece of it. >> santa cruise, san antonio at that rosa. they will win about $600,000. >> it's the morning after the big drawing and dreams have yet to vanish. >> i was really hoping. >> i hope it's one of my kinfolk. >> three big winners from southern california, tennessee and florida are sharing the $1.5 billion jackpot. these folks will get a paltry $528 million. >> still, a dozen californians matched five out of six numbers. >> 12 californians will walk away with $638,000. >> one of niece tickets came from this chevron station in santa cruz.
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but the convenience store won't get a bonus because the ticket is less than a million dollars. >> the guy actually bought it from here, huh? >> the winner hasn't come forward yet. >> i found it on the ground. i figured i'd check it out. >> nick houser hopes his $10 ticket he found outside the store might be the one. while others haven't been so lucky. >> nothing. it wasn't me. >> not a dollar. but i'm going to keep it any ways. >> he spent $100 and came away with $18. >> i'll come in a couple of days from now and put gas in this thing. >> as for the ticket houser found -- >> it wasn't a winner. >> he still thinks it's a good omen for the next jackpot. >> see what happens. >> okay. again, four of the tickets were actually sold in santa cruz, vacville, cloverdale, if you have an urge to play the powerball, you can win a lot of cash. the jackpot dropped back down for saturday's drawing but it's still 40 million bucks.
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>> jessica? >> nothing to sneeze at. 40 mill. if you thought traffic was already bad in san francisco, get ready to rumble. a lilley vent called the super bowl is about to make things much worse. you see the red and yellow on the map. those are the areas being transformed into the ultimate super bowl fan experience. we're live near the ferry building. pete, we're talking about street closures, muni being rerouted and a million people in the city. >> reporter: a whole lot of folks in the city. they're encouraging folks to use public transportation. i did speak to residents who live in the area and they say traffic is not their only concern. driving around san francisco is already a headache. as we approach super bowl 50 -- >> don't bring your car. if you have to, expect delays. >> reporter: paul rose with the municipal transportation agency is just being honest. from january 23rd to february
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12th, super bowl village will take over the foot of market near the embarcadero. if wur driving to the area, like travis, a local vendor, you have to take a dee tower on to washington, to battery street. >> look forward to an extra hour plus of commute on at least the way out on those days. >> reporter: as for public transportation, it won't change much. >> everything will be running except for the e 'em barring der owe line which normally runs on saturday and sunday. >> for commuters using the f line from the castro to downtown, streetcars will be replaced by shuttles. the super bowl host committee discussed traffic issues and more during a public meeting at san francisco's port authority. those who live near super bowl village are concerned about the noise from concerts and events. >> we've been told that there will be a hotline to call. there will be somebody manning the hotline to call with complaints. >> reporter: if locals think big events are the norm in san francisco, think again. >> this is bigger than fleet
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week and the running of the olympic torch. it's bigger than america's cup. >> reporter: for more information how to get around the traffic delays, go to reporting from san francisco, pete surratt owes. >> be prepared in the south bay as well if you want to make a quick buck, think again. parts of san jose will be off limits during the super bowl week. the off limits zone includes the s.a.p. center, city hall and san jose state. if you're in those areas, you cannot sell food, merchandise or any illegal goods. you also can't give out any free items or free samples of any kind. it will cost you $1,000 in fines if you're caught breaking the rules. the countdown is on to february 7th. take a look. 23 days away from kickoff at levi's stadium. california lawmakers hope to strengthen the state's assault weapons ban by zeroing in on what they call a serious
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loophole. i'll explain what that is in a live report. i'm damien trujillo live in san jose. his last assignment. what does the outgoing police chief decide to do? he decides to walk the beat. that story is coming up next. i'm rob mayeda, tracking a bit of showers moving through san francisco right now. moving from north to south. we've got a more impressive line of storms, 1, 2, 3 headed our way. turning stronger for the upcoming weekend. a look at the forecast when we come right back. one of his last acts as chief.
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today -- san jose police chief larry esquivel patroled the one of his last acts as ore chief. today san jose police chief patrolled the streets one last time before leaving for his new job in tracy. in san jose, he spent the day in a part of town where neighbors say drugs and guns are common. we're talking about gramercy place near 680. damien trujillo was with the chief today and joins us this evening. >> reporter: gramercy place is up the street here. it's a place where some neighbors tell me they're afraid to walk out of their apartments. the outgoing police chief promised that the officers he is leaving behind will not forget about their concerns. >> how are you doing? >> how are you. >> this was unexpected and somewhat shocking for the neighbors on gramercy place. the police chief and his captain walking the beat. >> how are things going?
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>> good. >> i'm glad you're all here. >> just walking around. >> this is his monthly neighborhood walk, one of his final acts as chief. >> men and women are going call to call to call. eventually it will change where they can do it. this is the essence of community policing. >> rudy martinez drives to gramercy place every few days to clean his neighbor's yard and doesn't like what he sees. >> as you can see, it doesn't look too pretty. i like to have it clean like everyone else. so i do my job. my part. i clean up the place as much as i can. >> reporter: neighbors say drugs are common here. old furniture dumped on the curb or sidewalk. drinking on saturday nights erupts in gunfire with drunk neighbors shooting in the air. maria says she fears for the safety of her children. so they stay indoors. >> a couple days ago.
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>> reporter: he vows the next chief will look into their concerns. >> make sure they report crimes when they need help. >> reporter: he'll turn in his badge tomorrow and when he's gone larry he is kwif he will promises san jose will not forget about grammar sis place. >> reporter: the chief says he has a couple of things still to do tomorrow. the incoming chief will not have it easy. the academy that graduates in the spring only has eight cadets. the incoming academy after that only has nine. live in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, damian. a bullet button ban. a new piece of legislation introduced today. it would reload magazines with the touch of a button. weapons like those used in the mass shooting in san bernardino. christie smith is live. lawmakers have been trying to ban these weapons before it happened and then it expired. >> reporter: that's right. they say that they're focusing
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on this assault weapons ban and trying to strengthen the law and focusing on something they call a bullet button. they know there's going to be strong opposition and they expect a lively debate in the coming months. >> which of these two guns is defined as an assault weapon in the state of california and which is not? >> assembly maybe david chiu, the one on the top is, the bottom is not. he used a dummy-type bullet. >> this is called the -- the reason it's called that, i take the bullet and -- >> they're behind a bill that's designed to close the loophole and strengthen the state's assault weapons ban. >> 801663 will prohibit the future sale, purchase, manufacture, importation or transfer in california of semiautomatic rifles that can accept detachable magazines. >> reporter: he says it might
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make it harder to reload. >> one of the weapons used in san bernardino had a bullet button. >> right now, congress is in basically a stup or, paralysis, being completely unable to respond to these mass killings. >> reporter: the idea is that california can lead but they expect it won't be easy. >> we expect significant pushback. >> reporter: now, we did reach out to the nra for comment on this. but didn't hear back. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, christy. let's show you a live look at the span during the height of the commute. it's slow going on one side but moving pretty smooth. traffic separated by a movable median barrier which bridge managers say has made the span much safer. it's been a year since the barrier was installed. before traffic was separated by yellow tubes that stuck up between the lanes. bridge managers say there were
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about a dozen head-on collisions before. the new concrete movable median cost $30 million. but in a year, bridge managers say it's prevented at least four head-on collisions. let's turn things over to rob mayeda, our meteorologist. talking about our forecast as we approach this holiday weekend, rob. >> we're going to see more sights like now. golden gate bridge, wet roadways after heavier showers went through earlier this evening. livermore, much calmer now than about two hours ago. we had thunder go by in the tri-valley. 51 degrees. san jose, a few light showers. 55 degrees right now. you can see here on the radar, very impressive, briefly through union city, fremont towards pleasanton and livermore. you had brief lightning. now scattered showers moving across the bay area. you can see some of that hung up. more in terms of coverage of those showers across marin county into the north bay and napa county sweeping to the south and east. this is the first of three
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systems we're tracking. probably the weakest in the series that will bring rain for mainly right now to early tomorrow morning and rain totals here not impressive. you can see how most of the bay area getting less than a quarter inch of rain out of this system. stronger systems will follow starting into the beginning of the weekend and we'll see a better chance of substantial rain as we get into saturday and sunday. tomorrow morning, still plan on showers for the morning commute, but in the afternoon, skies begin to clear, partly cloudy as we see a break before the next storm, round two comes up starting the weekend. tomorrow's temperatures in the upper 50s, close to 60 in san jose with early showers for the morning. for the north bay, by this time tomorrow, though, you may see rain dropping from the north. as we see that second system, by th way, a powerful one with a lot of wind offshore and the wettest system in the series coming in early next week as we add all these storms up. several feet of snow possible in the sierra and inches of rain for parts of the north bay and the coastal hills.
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detail in terms of the sierra snow and the rain totals in the next half hour. >> thanks, rob. vandals -- i'm live from the newsroom. ahead, what they left behind at eight local elementary schools. covered in graffiti. a busy day
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of cleaning up at an east bay school where vandals plastered explicit images and words on walls for all to see. tu a busy day of cleaning up as
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vandals posted explicit words. students as young as four were greeted by the graphic ugliness. we're joined from the contra costa newsroom and elias, it's been targeted before. >> gang signs were tagged on one of the walls on campus in the past. and explicit images and words covered the entire school. it's graffiti that young kids were exposed to. >> i can still see, some like this. >> crews raced to cover signs, buildings covered in graffiti, so graphic we had to blur the images and words. >> it's not drying, i know. >> but coming to school thursday morning, parents were unable to shield their children's eyes from seeing the vandalism. >> we basically passed by everything as we walked over to take her to class. >> some students as young as 4 years old saw it plastered over
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the school in oakley. >> graphic images of male anatomy. some male anatomy going into female anatomy. there was bad words. hate words. a lot of drug words. >> the principal says last year vandals spray painted these blurred-out gang signs. but this year it's far worse. >> you just don't want to see someone do this to a school. >> reporter: several coats of paint and the labor to cover it up, the cost will be in the thousands. >> spent on something else, more teachers, better salary, books, laptops. >> cost about a couple thousand dollars. >> oh, yeah. again, it's a waste of money. >> reporter: really is. police are now trying to figure out who is responsible. if you have any information, you're asked to contact authorities. reporting live from the newsroom tonight, i'm elyce kirchner. you might not know his voice
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but you've heard his voice. a long time bay area newsman has died. >> that period of radio back there in the '50s and '60s was fun. >> al hart was the morning anchor on kcbs radio from 1976 to 2000. he was so distinctive, that people would recognize him as soon as he started speaking. he passed away in alamo after a long battle with degenerative brain disease. he was 88 years old. i'm jodi hernandez in oakland where b.a.r.t. is taking heat for having dummy surveillance cameras. i'll have a live report coming up. plus, every second counts. why you may have less time to escape a house engulfed in flames than you did 30 years ago. big changes coming to yosemite. why the national park may be forced to rename some of its most famous spots. bart is under fire for what many
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are calling a security gap. tonight-- bart is on the defensive. right now at 6:30, b.a.r.t. is under fire for what many people are calling a security gap. tonight, b.a.r.t. is on to the census. some of the surveillance cameras are nothing more than decoys. this came to light after the deadly shooting on a b.a.r.t. train last weekend. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is at the west oakland b.a.r.t.
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station. jodi, damage control here from b.a.r.t. >> reporter: it appears so, raj. they have many layers of security that when all put together work. but tonight many are criticizing b.a.r.t. for having decoy cameras on some of their trains. >> you have cameras on the trains that work. cameras on the platforms that work. >> the police chief says the transit agency security system is robust despite revelations not all of the trains have working cameras. they acknowledged that some of the so-called cameras aren't cameras at all but decoys. >> we use multiple types of cameras, some of them are decoys. but many of the cameras throughout the system are live and working. >> reporter: the lack much cameras came to light after b.a.r.t. released photos of saturday's deadly shooting suspect. it showed him entering and exiting the station but not on board the train where the
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killing took place. >> the family is going to be asking, is there cameras or expecting that there were cameras on that train. >> reporter: uncle bobby johnson, whose nephew was shot and killed by a b.a.r.t. police officer in 2009, says prosecutors had to rely heavily on witness cell phone video because b.a.r.t. surveillance cameras didn't capture the bulk of what took place. he says every b.a.r.t. train should be fully equipped with working cameras. >> the only way commuters can feel safe is know that the cameras are real and exist. >> reporter: we checked with other transit agencies across the country, new york's subway system has 4500 cameras and chicago trains have cameras on every car. in fact, they publicly keep track of video assisted arrests. chief rainy said they're always looking for ways to improve the security but believes the system is already working. >> it's a security system that works. >> reporter: now, b.a.r.t. says its new fleet of trains will be
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fully equipped with surveillance cameras. but it won't be completely operational until 2021. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. charges are on the table for a suspected drunk driver after the cable car operator he hit died. judge postponed a hearing in light of the victim's death two days ago. the crash happened last june near taylor and francisco streets. he slammed into the driver who had just gotten off his mason poul cable car. he was left in a coma but died of his injuries tuesday morning. >> the death of the victim opens up a variety of additional charges that are a possibility. we still need to assess the facts in this case. >> as you learn the accident was unavoidable. but he feels very badly about it and is terribly bad about it. >> he had been a cable car operator for less than two
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years. he worked for 20 years driving muni buses before becoming a cable car operator. a bizarre story in alameda county following a slow-speed chase. a masked man took a deadly plunge into a cemetery. what began as a chase involving a stolen pickup truck this morning ended with the 40-year-old driver scaling a fence from jumping into -- the man from redwood city had a history of weapons violations and violence. this is a video along highway 238. it gives you another perspective of the 40-foot fall. nbc bay area as bob redell shot this video showing how high the road is from the ground. californians are evenly divided about the state's death penalty law. 47% favor replacing the death penalty with life in prison without the possibilities of parole. 48% of voters support the idea of speeding up the process. two initiatives are in the
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process of being put on the november ballot. one would do away with the death penalty, the other cut the execution wait time in half. both measures have until may and june respectively to have enough signatures to qualify for the state ballot. iconic hotel names, generations of californians have come to know will soon be gone at yosemite. the hotel will soon be known as the majestic yosemite hotel. curry village will be half toem village and the big tree's lodge. the issue is a trademark dispute. an outgoing concession company for the park says it owns the rights. it wants $51 million. park officials decided to make the name change to avoid any disruption toss visitors. a big budget hollywood movie set. it's an actual boulder being blown up. it was blocking traffic tuesday on highway 50 about 30 miles
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west of lake tahoe. boulder was on the road until holes were drilled and shoved dynamite inside to do that. break it up into smaller pieces. hit with a $7 million fine and uber has agreed to pay up in order to keep operating in california. the public utilities commission which regulates the ride sharing company slapped it with a $7.6 million fine today. uber did not handle the records to prove drivers were treating the customers fairly. company will pay the fine to avoid having the license suspended but plans to appeal that decision. job cuts are coming to san mateo-based go pro. dismal holiday sales are to blame. it will slash about 100 jobs from the 1500 employee workforce. today shares of go pro plummeted to the lowest point. sales of the devices have been weak even after the prices were cut of the latest camera by
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half. still ahead, paving the way. the white house now getting involved with driverless cars. and -- >> reporter: i'm sam brock. new housing coming to oakland. a great thing, right? well, critics say it's not the right kind of housing. would the city be better served biff building homes instead of apartments? that story is next on reality check. removing hurdles to bring
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driverless cars to the market. that's what the obama adminstration is trying do. removing hurdles to bring driverless cars to the market. that's what the obama administration is trying to do. they promised new initiatives that would untangle legal and technical restrictions. the white house is hoping that will help car makers and tech
6:41 pm
companies tweak autonomous cars faster to get them ready for the road. they acknowledge that it still takes 20 or 30 years before we'll see a fleet of those driverless cars zooming down the street. thousands of people are killed in house fires each year and survivors say it happens so fast there was barely time to get out. it turns out there's a reason for that. newer homes and the furniture inside actually burn faster. research shows that 30 years ago, you had about 17 minutes to escape a house fire. today, it's only 3 to 4 minutes. a lot of that has to do with synthetic fibers found in curtains, couches and coffee tables. that's not all. >> the back of the carpet is synthetic, the couch, the pillows are synthetic. >> and more flammable. >> they burn hotter and faster than natural materials do. >> why do they make it out of that stuff? >> it's the less expensive. it's the way homes are furnished
6:42 pm
today. >> good information. we're told that new building codes make the actual houses safer. fire experts say the bottom line here, have an escape plan for your entire family. now, the group called friends of san jose firefighters also commented on the report saying "it's important to have all fire stations staffed with ample personnel." let's check in one more time with rob mayeda. >> right now, we're seeing 55 degrees in san jose. a much calmer picture than the brief thunder and lightning crossing over the bay area. this is the first of three storms packing wind, rain and snow. this is what you can expect for the commute when we come right back.
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♪ life. just when you think you know where it's going, it takes you someplace else. covered california is here to help californians who need health insurance get it. because it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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in oakland. but critics of a new project say the city may be focused on creating the wrong kinds of ho there's a growing demand for more house not guilty oakland.
6:45 pm
critics say the city may be focused on creating the right kinds of housing. >> should they build more homes or apartments. sam brock has the reality check. >> the primary motion is adopted with a vote. >> overwhelming approval at the oakland city council last week for a new mixed use development project smack-dab in the middle of the city's uptown. the project will pump out 234 new housing units, mostly market rates, but some affordable options, too. along with retail stores. it's all walking distance to b.a.r.t. and oakland's famed auto -- >> we have demand and trying to get more supply. this was one way to expedite the process and get developers building. >> city leaders like rachel o'dwyer flynn praise the future building on webster street, part of a broader plan to carve out more room in a housing market that squeezed residents with rising rents. the median home price in oakland
6:46 pm
has almost doubled in just five years. rents have grown by 50% in that time. >> at this point in the affordability crisis in the bay area, all new house something good new housing. you can certainly split hairs about the types that get built. but we're in such a low supply for all housing types, any housing is good housing. >> reporter: but a chorus of critics is singing a different tune. stoking fear that the units in this building, all one and two-bedrooms are a quick fix. they say more available housing, yes. but what happens when new younger residents want to expand and start families? truly as chief economist ralph mclaughlin says that's not an issue in the near term based on the data that he's seeing. >> the mid-30s is the new mid-20s for having kids, doing it later in life. new households that move into that area, won't be looking to move out very quickly to start
6:47 pm
families. >> reporter: mclaughlin highlights another trend popping up in research. people want to be closer to work and closer to transportation. in the middle of a major city. that's achieved through denser housing. >> otherwise you promote sprawl. the less dense you build, the you're going to have to build somewhere else and keep going further out. the whole point of an urban setting is to maximize density where you have the transit. that's what the plans are about. >> reporter: there are downsides to developments like the one approved from the area too. for one, more people typically means more traffic. that's not all. >> there's a possibility that prices could rise in the area if it gentrifies. while it's good tore existing owners, if -- it's not great for existing residents. >> for comparison sake, building the same amount of housing in single family homes would acquire much more viable land, land that's not really available thanks to the fault lines and
6:48 pm
hillsides. plus apartment complexes typically include a requirement of 15% affordable units. there's not a similar rule for new homes. for reality check, i'm sam brock. back to you. >> thank you, sam. big issue in oakland, of course. let's turn things over to rob mayeda. we're going to get drenched the next couple of days. >> very dynamic weather in the bay area. around 4:00 this afternoon, you saw the bright orange and red there on the radar. little bit of embedded thunder. union city to fremont and the tri-valley. the colors we're seeing, light green corresponding to light showers moving from -- to the southeast. >> north bay as round number one begins to wind down. during the day tomorrow, we're going to get a break as skies start to clear. morning commute anyway, plan on at least a few more showers. early in the day, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 a.m., you see the -- here comes the second storm tossing
6:49 pm
showers into the north bay as early as 7:00 tomorrow evening. rain totals not a lot. most of what's fallen out of the system has fallen already. for the sierra, a bigger punch from storm number one. winter storm warning. 1 to 2 feet of snow there. we're going to add to a lot more than that as we get into the weekend. high temperatures tomorrow, upper 50s, close to 60s. few early morning showers and partly cloudy skies moving into the afternoon. for the north bay, should be dry right around midday and approaching the evening, probably start to see light rain on the increase hinting at storm number two on approach. as one exits, here comes your saturday storm. more like a friday night into saturday storm. maybe up to about an inch or so of rain. the timing tomorrow evening into early saturday morning as you try to plan your weekend, the first half of the day will see rain. for the afternoon, skies clear once again. the stronger storm arriving before the weekend ends. sunday afternoon into monday, we'll see rain totals of 1 to 3
6:50 pm
inches across the bay area. locally higher amounts around the coastal hilltops. you can see the heavier rain setting up from sunday afternoon. maybe a break overnight. then more rain coming into monday. rainfall projections here look pretty high into the weekend. so some rain to start there saturday. then very likely heavier rain for sunday afternoon into sunday evening and the rain estimates will continue to add up into monday and tuesday. notice we begin to see a break in the action. the wettest period over the next five days is the seven-day forecast shows will be sunday into monday. notice off into the north bay and tri-valley, you'll see things starting to dry out after a stormy finish to the weekend and a stormy start to next week. back to you. >> okay, rob. thank you. hello to chip kelly. do you like the hire? plenty of opinions about the 49ers new head coach. mindi bach joins us next from team head quartsers in santa clara. stay with us.
6:51 pm
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hello. geraud moncure in the newsroom. while he's seen as an innovator. he comes with recent baggage from his first pro football stop with the philadelphia eagles. he was fired a few weeks ago and many were happy to see him go. his first two seasons with philly saw the eagles flying high, posting back-to-back 10-6 records and winning a division title in 2013. the offense kept defenses on their heels by running a play every 23.1 seconds. it should be quite a change from last year's 49ers squad that struggled to score. here's mindi bach's take. >> it makes sense as far as just
6:54 pm
the new look at the football stand point of it. the offense is certainly performing at the bottom of the league. chip kelly known for his high-powered offenses, high scoring offenses which is what san francisco wants. because of his ability to work with talented quarterbacks, that's a match. the personality match, i think, is a little bit surprising. thanks. >> some players weighing in. torrey smith tweeting, i guess i might start have to start running now to get in shape. eric reed, i wonder who the defensive coordinator will be. tonight at oracle arena, final appearance of kobe bryant against the warriors. the 37-year-old future hall of famer dealing with a sore right achilles tendon, among other thins. don't expect to see him play a ton of minutes tonight. draymond green back in the lineup for the dubs as well as the kobe farewell tour makes a final bay area stop. >> it's cool to see the road
6:55 pm
team's favorite guy that's been at the top for a very long time. i expect the same. we want to get the win and do what we do. he'll have his moment. >> well, that story tonight at 11:00. former sharks coach making what should be the first of many stops back to s.a.p. center tonight as the head coach of the he edmonton oilers. they roll into san jose. struggling in the bottom of the pacific division and team teal hopes to keep it that way. >> i think he's probably pretty excited about coming here and returning to where he's had a lot of success and a big part of where this organization has gotten to over the last few years. >> he's excited to be back. for us, this is an important game. that's stuff we've got to -- that's noise on the outside for our group. >> finally, a couple of harlem groeb globetrotters on lockdown
6:56 pm
at alcatraz found guilty of excessive -- >> they took over the rock and turned it into a personal playground making trick shot after trick shot and fighting a chilly alcatraz morning. globetrotters will be playing seven games in the bay area over the next ten days. should be entertaining stuff. that's it for me. see you at 11:00. jessica likes the fast tempo offense of chip kelly and thinks that colin kaepernick could be resurrected. >> thanks, geraud. >> rob, that does it for us. going to be a wet night. >> showers tomorrow morning. by the afternoon, we'll turn the page, partly cloudy skies. brief break and then three storms on the way. pretty impressive one offshore with big waves coming our way towards the weekend. stronger storms as we go. peaking sunday afternoon into monday. >> that's an ominous graphic. thanks for joining us. have a great evening. >> bye bye.
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7:00 pm
. celine deon's heart break as her husband loses his battle with cancer. >> now on extra. the love of celine dion's life dies. the man who turned her into a superstar and his last wish to die in her arms. how they spent his final days together. >> leo in london as he gets the news he's up for an oscar. >> it will be a crime if you do not walk away with the academy award. >> appreciate that brother.


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