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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 15, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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"today in the bay" starts right now. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew, sam brock has the day off. >> you made it to friday morning. let's check that forecast as another storm approaches the bay area. good morning, anthony. >> we're waking up to dry conditions for the most part. the ground is still wet and showers pull through overnight and a lot of that is starting to weaken. we are seeing, again, cloudy conditions and drizzle and mist. temperatures are mild and back into the 50s and still chilly in the north bay and later on 56 for the north bay and 57 for san francisco and 60 for the east bay and 60 for the south bay. we will see some sunshine as clouds continue to increase ahead of our next storm system that arrives tonight. coming up momentarily. mike, how is it moving on the roads? >> good morning, it is moving great. as anthony said, it's damp out there. they mist the roadway down like you see right here. slick off ramps and still not rain, just use caution this morning and the sun comes up. an easy drive for 580.
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no slowing here. in fact, no slowing around the bay as we look at our view of the bay bridge toll plaza. you have the one set of lanes on the right approach and those are the cash lanes and until they open all the cash lanes in the next few minutes here and look to the north bay where southbound 101 is your commute direction and little glow for the lights, but no problem. not like the low clouds and fog we had yesterday. a smooth, easy drive throughout. back to you. >> thank you. developing story this morning, tense, scary moments for some people in the east bay after someone opened fire at a mall last night. our crew was first on the scene. it happened at the parking lot of bay fair center, not far from the century theaters. "today in the bay" bob redell is live in san leandro with the latest. bob, anybody hurt? >> police do not believe so. good morning to you, scott. although they did check local hospitals to make sure that no one showed up with a bullet wound and as far as we know they did not find anyone. this happened around 6:40 last night in this parking lot behind
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me old navy in the bay fair center in san leandro. this was between two parties. you had two men walking in the parking lot and then other people in a car reportedly a red camero driving by. at least one of those parties started shooting at the other and the people in the red camero drove off and the two people at the mall were detained and caught for questioning. investigators do not believe that this was a random attack, but they still have not figured out or at least announced what the relation is between both sides. fortunately, no bystanders were hurt, although one person's car was hit by a bullet. police are asking people who were here during this time during the 6:30 to 7:00 time frame to check their vehicle for bull bulletholes. >> so that we can investigate that because there may be evidence inside of your vehicle that is going to link the suspects to this crime. >> last night's shooting is the third at the bay fair center in the last two years. in august of 2014, someone shot
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a man in the leg in the parking lot. this was near the restaurant and then in december of 2013, a man was shot in the mall parking lot. he survived. both shootings are the result of heated arguments between the shooters and the victim. reporting live here in san leandro, bob redell. martinez police looking for a couple of knife robbers. they held up the wing stop last night. investigators say they walked up to the cashier and demanded money. one flashed that knife in an employee's face forcing her to open the cash register. a plea is going out this morning for help in finding out more information about a crash that killed at bicyclist in los altos hills. this is back on november 3rd. a little before 7:00 in the morning. a volkswagen golf smashes the back of a bicycle ridden by a technology company executive. the cyclist, 52-year-old jeff donnelly died at the scene. the subsequent police report
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found him at fault accusing him of unsafe lane change. but his family has hired an attorney. >> there's very strong evidence that the driver was inatlantate and driving too fast for traffic conditions. the santa clara police department is getting involved. at issue could be financial support of donnelly's family. the palo alto man left behind a wife and three children. 5:04. happening today the man accused of killing a hayward police officer will be back in court this afternoon expected to enter a plea. charged with the murder in the killing of scott lunger. investigators say estrada shot lunger during a traffic stop in hayward back in july. police did find blood and bullet casings in estrada's truck after the shooting. a changing of the guard for the san jose police chief. it is the chief's last day on the job. "today in the bay" kris sanchez
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live in police headquarters live in san jose with what's coming up next for the department. good morning, kris. >> good morning, laura. consider the fact that the chief is 53 years old and spent 30 years of his life, that is he has been a police officer longer than he wasn't a police officer. one of the last things he wanted to do was one of the first things he ever did as a police officer and that was to walk the beat. we were along with him yesterday as he visited and greeted residents there. he was only the top cop for about three years, but he went from being a reserve officer in the '80s to a detective in and led the internal affairs unit where he investigated his own officers. as chief he led the department through the murder of one of their own. a spike in gang violence and through the politics of pension reform which led to an exit of seasoned officers and police academies with recruits sometimes in the single digits. >> i don't know if i have a proudest moment, but i'll tell you what, i think the things
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that we've done in terms of just keeping this organization afloat. >> now he has said that the department is on the right track to get back to what it was, in his words. but time for a new generation to lead. his successor will contend with that as he takes over the department. he will turn in his san jose pd badge but won't be badgeless for long. he will take over the top job for the tracy police department next month. so, no rest for the wary. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." to decision 2016. harsh words exchanged last night between republican candidates as they kicked off their first debate of the campaign year. >> "today in the bay" stephanie chuang with a recap for us. this was an important one for all the candidates. >> it was. as scott mentioned, harsh words. the first time we saw donald trump and ted cruz attack each other on the debate stage and timing not a coincidence here.
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the two are battling for first in the iowa caucuses which are less than three weeks away. a focus on cruz being born in canada to an american-born mother and a cuban-born father. claiming democrats may be able to legally challenge the texas senator's eligibility to be senator but cruz threw that right back. the theories on the extreme side said someone can only become president if both parents are born in the u.s. and in that case trump wouldn't be eligible either. >> donald's mother wases born in scotland. >> but i was born here. >> on the issue of citizenship, donald. >> big difference. >> on the issue of citizenship, donald, i'm not going to use your mother's birth against you. >> okay. because it wouldn't work. >> the audience there. a lot of reaction. now, that wasn't it. the two exchanged barbs over cruz's recent radio comments that he has "new york values"
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revolving around media. trump won the moment with emotional response following 9/11 and said cruz's comment was insulting. of course, this sixth debate for the gop candidate was 2 1/2 hours long and wasn't just cruz involved in the attacks and wasn't just trump taking him on. more on that in half an hour. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." at 5:08. breaking news just into our newsroom. we have confirmed two marine corps helicopters crashed off the coast of hawaii near the island of oahu. we're told 12 marines were onboard. it happened during a nighttime training mission. the coast guard has spotted burning wreckage in the water and an empty life raft. but so far no sign of any survivors. we'll, of course, continue to watch this storey and bring you any developments as we get them. >> we'll certainly hope for the best. 5:08. let's check your weather ahead of the weekend. good morning. >> good morning, you all.
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we're seeing some showers starting to fall apart across the bay area. guerneville and santa cruz close to that and santa rosa over 0.75 and north beach in san francisco and most of the bay picked up 0.25 or less. just, yeah, the showers were light and the system did exactly what we thought it would do. our next storm system gaining strength across the pacific and that one is expected to move in tonight. right now looking at temperatures in the 50s for the most part and cool in the north bay in the 40est and later on this afternoon, a good mix of sun and clouds. we'll still stay in the 50s for san francisco and the north bay. rain arrives for everybody tonight. the timing on that coming up in a little while. let's talk to mike right now and see how the time is moving on the roads. >> timing is great. you do allow your regular amount of time getting to work right now. a lighter flow of traffic as we expect on a friday and so far we see that holding up the san
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mateo bridge. crystal clear view of the flat section and the high rise. no delays for the peninsula. let's show you those maps. we do see 92 and anywhere north there without any problems. damp conditions might be a factor, watch those off ramps and the speeds. we do have one crash reported. this is west 580 and that's in livermore. a crash now reported with activity in the center divide. i hear rumor there may be a second crash in the area. but likely two people calling in about the same incident. we'll track that. meanwhile, the rest of your bay moves well. look at san jose and no reasons for concerns. san jose north 101 moves very well. back to you. coming up, we have a winner. an exclusive interview with the lucky powerball ticket. the cruel prank pulled on one southern california nurse that might have a happy ending. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail
5:11 am nbc bay area, we investigate. new this morning...
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==laura/2shot== one of the new this morning one of the three winners of the $1.6 billion powerball jackpot appears to have come forward. >> appears because they made the announcement on this morning's "today" show before they visited lottery officials. >> yeah, they look like they're the numbers. so, i checked them. actually fours and i said, well, i'll believe it when the news comes on in the morning and they
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say, hey, there's a winner in mumford. >> did you stay up all night? when did you get the news? >> we were up all night. >> john and lisa robinson are from mumford, tennessee. the man just waving that thing around. i don't know if i would have it in pocket. they kept the jackpot underwraps from everybody. their attorney standing above them advised them to go public on a national news show first. their next stop this morning is the lottery office. you can watch that whole interview after "today in the bay" at 7:00 in the morning. >> i hope they make it to the lottery office walking the streets of new york. turn under to confusion for a southern california woman. a nurse from pomona thought she had the winning powerball ticket only to find out it was a prank and the prankster was her own son. earlier in the week their boss bought thousands of tickets for the employees and patients at all the nursing homes he owned. but that nurse who was pranked
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may actually end up getting special treatment after all. >> a woman who actually bought all these tickets and said, my go gosh, i want to let her know that i will probably be willing to send her on a vacation. an all-paid vacation somewhere because it's not a nice >> nice boss, though. no one stepped forward in california to claim that powerball prize just yet. chiamneez appliancemaker higher. >> let's turn to landon dody live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> hi, scott and laura. happy friday to you both. we could see red arrows following thursday's rally. futures are sharply lower this morning. worries over china and a big drop in oil prices could drag down the markets and this after stocks soaring on thursday and look for data on retail sales,
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inflation and the consumer today and plus earnings from citigroup and wells fargo. the dow rising 228 points to 16379. the nasdaq up 89 to 4615. a big deal in the consumer buying general electric appliance business for more than $5 billion. had a deal with electrolux and that fell through. higher already has a huge u.s. presence. the data breach it disclosed last. the issue affecting 250 hotels in 50 countries. the breach occurred between august 13th and december 8th and most of the exposure was at horestaurants, although small percentage of the at-risk cards were used at spas, golf shops, parking garages and front desks. scott and laura, back over to you. >> thank you. singer celine dion and her family are mourning the death of
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her husband. he died after many years battling throat cancer. he married dion in 1994. the couple had three children together. her publicist released a statement on facebook yesterday saying "it is with deep sadinous that we announce that ren angleil aged 73, died this morning at her residence in las vegas after a long and courageous fight against cancer. the family wishes to mourn tin privacy." more events will take place this weekend in san francisco including a tribute party tonight at the 1015 dance club on folsom. those are just two of many events planned. 5:17 right now. check the forecast as we just had a series of storms. we get little breaks in between. >> we didn't see a whole lot
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from the storm system that moved through overnight and the ground is still wet keep that in mind. some places in the north bayed up an inch of rain and for the most part many of us saw 0.25 less. as you look over silicon valley this morning. clouds in place but as i mentioned ground is still wet and showers are starting to fall apart. forecast for today, bring in sunshine. more sun than we saw yesterday and get it back to 57 degrees in san francisco and 56 for the north bay today and 60 for the east bay and expecting 58 for the tri-valley. again, rain expected for all of us tonight. 60 degrees expected in the south bay. the next storm system expected to move in tonight and it is a big one. pack quite a punch. the north bay seeing the most amount of rain and even gusty winds expected with this, as well. sunday night into monday. another storm system will move in and bigger than the one that will move through tonight. two moderate storm systems headed our way and those will continue to add to our rainfall as we continue to see this drought. kind of just starting to fade
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away. now, we do have showers that are expected to move in around 10:00, 11:00. this is widespread rain and at times heavy. we're expecting 0.25 or less for the south bay and looks like for san francisco, oakland, walnut creek, you may get 0.3 and the farther north you go up towards santa rosa, napa, 0.3. now we do have more sierra snow expected with this next system. winter storm warnings in place and we're only expecting light amounts as we head through the morning hours and still some snow showers falling apart as this system continues to make its way out. we're expecting another foot as we put this into motion. we'll see what that will look like. we'll talk about that coming up in the next report. mike, how is it looking on those roads right now? >> a look at the roads from the national service. sacramento needing chains overnight and that's exactly what anthony is talk about. locally easy, breezy drive. a smooth flow of traffic. yesterday and low clouds around the bay and today visibility is
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just great. north bay volume and we'll look at the maps. not a concern as you're traveling osouthbound out of santa rosa, and across the golden gate bridge without delay. over here the east bay moves very well heading towards the bay bridge, as well. we get a look at the toll plaza, a few cars waiting on either side of these cash lanes. just starting to stack up in the last five minutes. we had a good change over the last five and that will result likely in the metering lights turned on about their usual time. we look bat the maps and fremont we don't see any problems on the roadway throughout the east bay. here's the volume starting to build up just a tad bit, but no major delaze reported around the bay. back to you. coming up, under fire. thousands of california residents forced from their homes amid a gas leak. the emission coming now from the southern california gas company. stay on top of incoming storms by setting the home screen on your smartphone to weather on the nbc bay area app. click on the nbc bay area icon at the top left corner of your
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screen and then click on the button that says start your start screen. click on weather and click done. that will give you exactly what you need to know when you need to know it. i'm vicki nguyen. that's how to stay informed on the nbc bay area app.
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happening right now taking you live to space. this is the international space station where two astronauts, one is an american and one the
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first british astronaut to ever take a spacewalk are fixing the international space station. tim peak and tim copra working together in a 6 1/2 hour spacewalk. history being made with the first british astronaut ever conduct a spacewalk. some new out of the world images of pluto courtesy of nasa showing two possible ice volcanoes. a scientists called them cyro volcanoes. the new horizon spacecraft captured these images last summer at a distance of 30,000 miles. one of the volkcanoes is believd to be 90 miles across and 1/2 miles high. if so, that is the biggest volcano ever discovered in all of the solar system. we have new details it te s you about in the jakarta bombing. three men are in custody. they are not under arrest but still being investigated for any possible links to the shootouts.
5:25 am
seven died in the four-hour siege. five of the dead were believed to be among the attackers. the investigators found an isis flag at the home of one of them and claiming responsibility. follow up now on a new concession from one southern california utility under fire for a gas leak that drove thousands from their homes. living near a southern california gas company plant have complained about foul smells. now so-called cal gas is admitting it understated the frequency rate of ben zu 19levels in the air. previously southern cal gas admitted to two spikes over the past two months and now they're s saying 14. a popular duck boat that gives people tours around city are returning to seattle. they had to shut down last september after this crash between a duck boat and bus. actually killed five people. dozens of others were hurt. duck boats will no longer use
5:26 am
the aurora bridge where that crash happened and the tours will now have two crew members onboard instead of just one as before. 5:26. coming up, shots fired at a busy east bay shopping center. the under way to figure out what happened. plus, don't put away your umbrellas just yet. take a live look at san francisco this morning. dry for now, but not for long. several storms barreling toward. a look at your wet, weekend forecast coming up. we live in a pick choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this?
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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cannon. =scott/2shot= and i'ot good friday morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew in for sam brock. a weekend forecast. good morning, anthony. >> we're watching our next storm system make its way to the bay area right now. clouds will start to increase ahead of it. already saw showers overnight from the storm system that moved through and making its way towards the rockies and eventually make its way towards southern california. again, clouds on the increase and storm system moving out will allow for the next one to move right on in behind it. still have areas of drizzle later on this afternoon good amount of sunshine and temperatures right near 60 degrees and rain arrives for all of us tonight. now, mike, looking at the tri-valley, what is going on in dublin? >> we had the mist and drizzle overnight. maybe slick roadways and i'll use my favorite the sheen on the roadway as folks are making their way. you see the light volume of traffic and the slick roadways just right there. now a look at your map, a crash for 580 in that area west 580 at
5:30 am
portolla a number of vehicles reported and should be clearing up and minor slowing that scene, but not much of a problem out of the altamont pass. we'll widen out this shot and check the bay bridge toll plaza. ering lighmetering lights turne in the next few minutes. we are following breaking news just into our newsroom in the last hour. two marine corps helicopters crashed off the coast of hawaii. we're told 12 marines were onboard. six on each helicopter. the coast guard has spotted burning wreckage in the water and an empty life raft but so far no sign of any survivors. of course, we'll continue to watch this story and bring you any developments as we get them. developing story in the east bay where a mall is a crime scene after gunshots rang out at that shopping center. >> it happened last night at the
5:31 am
busy bay fair center and interstate 580. bob redell is live with details on what unfolded. bob? >> good morning to you, laura and scott. san leandro police tell us they do not believe this was a random attack but nay have not figured out what the relation was between both sides. it happened at 6:40 the bay fair center in san leandro just outside the bed, bath & beyond and the old navy store. gunfire between people in a car, reportedly a red camaro and two men walking in the parking lot. police do not believe anyone was actually hit by the bullets. they did check local hospitals to make sure. the people in the car drove off and the two men walking escaped in the mall but were later detained by police for questioning. now, a parked car was hit by a bullet. i bring this up because police are asking you to check your car for bullet holes if your vehicle was parked here between roughly
5:32 am
6:30, 7:00 last night. if it was, they like to hear from you. that information could help with their investigation. detectives will also be reviewing mall security footage. last night's shooting, this is the third shooting at the bay fair center over the last two years. you might recall in august of 2014 someone shot a man in the leg near the fresh choice restaurant and in december of 2013, a man was shot in the mall's parking lot. he survived. both shootings the result of heated arguments between the shooters and the victims. reporting live here in san leandro, bob redell. we have a new sketch to show you this morning in hopes of catching a violent robber in the south bay. he stabbed the woman several times at a central park location on kylie boulevard tuesday night. and the woman is expected to be okay, but the robber pictured here took her wallt and cell phone and ran away. police say he's in his early 20s about 5''5" tall and shoulder
5:33 am
length hair. frustrated community members voicing their concerns over safety last night with the police chief. recently robbed in the mission district organized the meeting. he prepared to allocate funds to improve safety. in the meantime, the police chief says while violent crime is down in the city, property crimes are up. one district said police need help preventing the rash of broken car windows. >> do not leave anything and when we say anything, we mean anything. even the cord to your smartphone because we know that they will break in the car to look for the smartphone. >> someone gave the mayor a key fob protector that prevents thieves from using an amplifier to unlock your car. a tacting police are starting to see happen. residents say the meeting is the beginning of what needs to be a partnership to prevent crime.
5:34 am
today is the last day for san jose police chief. kris sanchez is live at police headquarters with what's next. good morning, kris. >> good morning to you, scott. the chief turn in his badge today. but consider the fact that he's 53s old and he's spent 30 years with this department. a lot of history here and one of the last things he wanted to do was one of the first things he's ever done which was to walk the beat. we were along with him as he walked through the neighborhood in san jose. he wasly the top cop for about three years, but he went from being a reserve officer to a detective in the narcotics unit and internal affairs where he investigated his own officers. as chief, he led the department the murder of one of their own, a spike in gang violence and through the politics of tension reforms which led to that mass exodus of seasoned officered and police academies which recruits sometimes only in the single digits. >> i don't know if i have a proudest moment, but i'll tell
5:35 am
you what, i think the thing that we've done in terms of just keeping this organization afloat. >> now, esquevil said the department is on the right track to get back to what it was in his words and time for his generation and eddy garcia will take over with that as he takes over the department today. certainly a big job for him. he will turn in his banal, but he is not going to kick back and relax. he is, in fact, taking over the top job at the tracy police department next month. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." it is 5:35. moving on to decision 2016. building a war of words between the republican and presidential candidates during their first debate of 2016. "today in the bay" stephanie chuang live in san francisco with some of the hot topics that came up last night. good morning, steph. >> good morning, laura. one of them was just trump attacking cruz on this birth place issue because cruz was
5:36 am
born in canada. he said cruz can't become president. trump said it is a nonissue. this is the first real set of punches between those two as cruz catching up in the iowa and pole polls ahead of the iowa caucuses. focused on cruz accusing the texas senator on flip-flopping on immigration opposing birth right citizenship and then legalizing undocumented immigrants. >> not just on immigration, you used to support tpa and now you say you're against it. i saw you on the senate floor flip your vote because they told you it would help you in iowa. for the same reason. that is not consistent conservati conservatism. that is political calculation. >> i appreciate you dumping your research folder on the debate stage. >> and rubio also the focus of attacks. here was one testy exchange with new jersey governor chris christie. >> the debate on the floor of
5:37 am
the senate to actually answer the question you asked which was on titement. do you remember that, everybody? this was the question on entitlement and you already had your chance, mark, you blew it. >> now, overall, our nbc bay area political analyst larry gerstine, and chris christie and jeb bush did well. we'll have more lites coming up in the next half hour. live in our san francisco newsroom, stephanie chuang "today in the bay." preparations for el nino under way. the u.s. army core of engineers installing the sand filled barriers along a three-mile stretch of the los angeles river. this by i-5 in southern california. one of the directors said those barriers will raise the river's height and flood level up by four feet to protect it. this is an effort to prevent flooding, of course, when mother nature strikes. and if you think any of the long-term el nino projections are going away any time soon, think again.
5:38 am
el ninos will not only persist through the rest of the winter but a large chunk of the spring, as well. perhaps through may. as for whether it be long enough to wash away four years of drought, that is still too early to tell. on the flipside to the onslot of storms, coastal erosion which tends to increase during an active el nino. it has some people in pacifica feeling nervous this winter. for many who live, the threat of coastal erosion and shifting cliff sides is nothing new, but when storms and strong surf pound one after the other, it makes homes and business owners very nervous. >> i don't want to find any trucks on the beach. >> the man who owns this u-haul rental business says in his normal year, his property losses are about one foot per year. quite a view there. already this year he lost 12 feet of land to what else but
5:39 am
the ocean. more rain also on the way. meteorologist anthony slaughter tracking the radar for us this morning. anthony, a wet holiday weekend. mlk day on monday. >> oh, yeah. in fact, showers are expected at least for tonight and then again for sunday and monday. so, we got the day off on monday, the good news is you won't have to with the commute, but we are expecting widespread rain to move in tonight and, again, as i mentioned the next one will arrive as we head towards the end of the weekend. showers moving through right now and light stuff down there near the south bay and morgan hill and gilroy and starting to fall apart. the next storm system you can see already bringing lots of clouds to parlts of northern california and we'll see a good mix of sun and clouds through the afternoon hours and right now we're starting to see skies clear out, but we still do have areas of drizzle across most of the bay area. 60 is in the south bay for today and 59 for the peninsula and 58 for the tri-valley and 57 for san francisco.
5:40 am
so, it will still be chilly across most of the bay. you node need those chakjackets get out this morning. this one a big and produce gusty winds as we move through tonight. expect the most rain to fall across parts of the north bay. for the rest of the bay, 0.25 or less. we'll time this out and you can see, we're expecting the rain to move in around 9:00, 10:00 and then widespread rain around midnight and the system will linger into saturday morning relieving some sunshine for saturday afternoon. here's how much rain we're expecting to get. more rain across parts of the north bay anywhere from 0.5 or more and santa rosa 0.75 but you get into san francisco and oakland, walnut creek and expecting 0.3 and lesser amounts the farther south you head because, again, this system is moving in from the north and kind of lose that punch as it moves to the south bay. mike, any better on those roads right now? >> not better in this spot. at the bay bridge but that's
5:41 am
typical on this time. even on a friday. anthony was looking at this light backup and, friday, yes, we have traffic restoring theume back around the bay. you don't have the metering lights on. i scanned the metering lights and consider them on in the next couple of seconds. the backup, of course, is here as we look at your map. only on the approach to the bay bridge. not in the maze and not down the east shore freeway. friday moves well for the rest of the east bay and, in fact, the rest of the bay. as we zoom this shot out, anywhere north of the san mateo bridge and the same thing to the south, as well. northbound route through silicon valley and end with palo alto and damp roads and not a major concern. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up, the search is over for a new head coach for the 49ers. but are fans pleased? den to super bowl l. you'll feel the impact of the game long before it happens. what to prepare for, coming up. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail
5:42 am nbc bay area, we investigate. relief for those aboard an
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5:44 am
american air welcome back. relief for those onboard an american flight a flight from phoenix made a safe emergency landing at sjc jerd shortly before 4:00 in the afternoon. the pilot said there may have been some sort of mechanical issue with that plane. 5:44. more buses will be hitting the roads in the east bay this
5:45 am
summer. transit will increase its bus service in june. the service expansion plan is expected to create a more convenient and efficient transit system. transit authorities are launching a campaign to recruit bus operators and mechanics while also waiting for some new buses to arrive. and a follow up for you. finally seems near in the battle to finish the troubled valley medical center expansion project. you know the story thanks in part to an nbc exclusive report. santa clara county pulled out of a deal with turner construction, which fell far behind and far over budget in modernizing valley medical center. work ground to a halt and now "mercury news" reports a deal is nearly in place for turner to resume the job and complete it in 14 months. this after the county looked at four finalists for the new contract. traffic around san francisco is about to go bad to worse as we approach super bowl l. take a look at this map. all the red and yellow yarr are
5:46 am
being transformed into the super bowl fan experience. from january 23rd to february 12th, super bowl village will take over part of market street near the embarcadero. drivers area will have to take a detour. as much concern as there is excitement regarding the upcoming event. >> this is bigger than fleet week. this is bigger than the running of the olympic torch. it's bigger than america's cup. >> we'll probably look forward to an extra hour plus of commute at least on the way out on those days. >> san francisco's municipal transportation agency says most public transportation lines will run normally. an extra 1 million people are expected to be in the city for the event. more details on the areas impacted. now, what we're looking at is parts of san jose will be off limits to the general public during the super bowl, as well. the zone includes a lot of places like sap center, city hall and san jose state university. here's some rules if you're in
5:47 am
those areas. you can't sell anything. food, merchandise, you can't give out anything. no free samples. if you break those rules, it will cost you $1,000 in fines, but, again, those areas closed to the general public. the countdown continues. we are now 22 days away from the big game at levi stadium. 49ers wondering if the team in the hiring of its next head coach who maybe just ends up being another hail mary. hired former philadelphia eagles head coach chip kelly. this after one disastrous season with tomsula. a not so glorious exit from philly fans hope his winning there over three seasons is more indicative of the coach that he could actually be. >> we'll see his offense if that scheme could work in san francisco. not sure. may take a few years to build, get the personnel that could run that type of offense. >> fans are also hoping kelly can work his magic on the strug
5:48 am
cauline kaepernick. the team is expected to introduce kelly next week. a good weekend to watch some football. a bunch of playoffs. we can sit inside. >> when it does rain all weekend. >> think about the chicken wings, laura. >> okay. i'll those. >> there you go, got your whole weekend planned right there. we'll keep you informed. let's talk about some showers that are still actually moving through the bay area. this shot from san bruno and little bit hazy from that vantage point because we still have some clouds drifting on by. as you get going this morning. not completely clear even though we are seeing this storm system played a part as we move to the south. light showers falling across parts of the extreme south bay from morgan hill over towards gilroy and for the most part we are drying out and skies will start to clear as we head to the morning hours and by this afternoon, sunshine. here is our next storm system already bringing some clouds into the bay area and that rain is expected to arrive tonight. again, the best kind of rain because it doesn't really impact
5:49 am
your daytime plans. right now we're looking at those clouds, again, starting to part and we'll see sunshine as we get to our sunrise. 60 degrees later on this afternoon in the south bay and 59 for the peninsula and the east bay temperatures right near 60, as well. the tri-valley up to 58 today and, again, rain expected across the entire bay area. san francisco, you'll be cool today, 57 degrees. here's our next storm, you can see, gaining strength across the pacific and the rain arrive tonight and the next storm comes in sunday night into monday and that monday morning commute, if you have to do it, it will be wet. again, it is martin luther king jr. day. you may have the day off. let's put the futurecast into motion and you'll notice most of the day, we are going to stay dry once the sun goes down, kind of like what we saw just yesterday the rain moves in. but this rain is going to move in much later than the one that moved in just yesterday. this is 11:00 tonight. showers expected and the evening commute will stay dry for most of us and, again, the rain not expected to move in until 10:00, 11:00. for the next storm system, this
5:50 am
is rain we're expecting. 0.25 or less across the bay. and higher amounts across parts of the north bay and the next storm system that will come sunday night into monday. look at the rainfall amounts add up. over an inch in san francisco and same for the north bay with some places in the north bay up to two inches of rain and even across the south bay, look at that 0.75 and even close to an inch for palo alto and over towards oakland, as well. walnut creek picking up an inch there. we'll continue to track that storm and even more sierra storm headed our way. keep those chains handy. this will all translate to snow and talk about snowfall amounts coming up in a little bit. let's talk mike and see us moving on the roads. >> car amounts. those roads over here at the bay bridge packed up and, indeed, just a xupal seconds after we got off the air last time we checked again and metering lights are turned on. look at the span moving very well. the backup is at the toll plaza. the span now moves back up towards the regular bridge speeds getting in towards san francisco. your backup only to about grand
5:51 am
right now. let's look at your maps because the lighter friday flow and we haven't rebuilt the entire commute from the holidays. looking at a smooth drive. we do have some slowing westbound 80 coming down towards the carquinez bridge. an earlier right around that bridge itself. looks like everything cleared up, but some activity now. i'll check on that. the north bay into the east bay. north bay over on the san rafael side. san jose moves well, as does the rest of the bay. here's northbound route with just a little slowing and mckies and we'll get out to the roadways, again, show the rest of the bay and slow drive through hayward. back to you. oh, happy anniversary. the sea lions san francisco's pier 39. 26 years since the popular mammals arrived at the tourist hub and made it their home. for some reason they just showed up at the loma prieta earthquake. business owners wanted them to go away and they realize the tourist attraction they would
5:52 am
mean. folks can come out and enjoy a free sea lion encounter tour from now through monday. a furry discovery in the santa monica mountains. biologists found a two mountain lion kittens. biologists say gps tracking devices show the mother mountain lion stayed in the area for three weeks. she may have given birth and been living with those babies during that time. dna testing under way, believe it or not, to try to find the father of those cubs. i'm not quite why. is it a support issue? >> it is. exactly. i don't know if i'd call them kittens either. they're definitely cubs the way they come at you. changing the identity of historic landmarks. forcing several yosemite sites to change their name. it's easy to get connected to the weather outside pie going inside. you just click on the radaron the weather page. once you do that, you can zero in on your own neighborhood to see if it's raining there.
5:53 am
that will, of course, give you exactly what you need to know when you need to know it. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri and that's how you stay inform would the nbc bay area app. got a tip for the nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. people on edge in san
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
francisco.. frustrated community members voiced their concerns over safety at a meeting last night with the police chief. people on edge in san francisco as community members voice their concern over safety in a meeting with the police chief. the mayor organized that meeting who was robbed himself in the mission. he prepared to allocate funds to improve safety. meanwhile, the police chief says while violent crime is down in the city, property crimes are up. one district captain says police need help preventing a rash of broken into cars. >> when we say anything, we mean anything. even the cord to your smartphone because we know that they will break into cars to look for the smartphone. >> someone gave the mayor a key fob protector that prevents thieves from using an amplifier to unlock the car. police say they see that from time to time. the meeting was the beginning of what needs to be a partnership to prevent crime. 5:56.
5:57 am
police in indonesia have three men in custody in connection with the attacks in jakarta. they're not under arrest, but they're still being investigated for any possible link to the bombings and shoot out. seven people died in the four-hour siege. five of the dead were believed to be attackers. investigators an isis flag at the home of oone of them and the terrorist group claiming responsibility. the popular duck tours that give people tours around cities are returning to seattle. they shut down last september after a crash between the duck boat and a bus killed five people. dozens others hurt. the duck boats are no longer going to use this bridge, the aurora bridge. and the tours will have two crew members onboard instead of just one as before. new details on the data breach that affected 250 hyatt hotels in 50 countries. most of the exposure was at hotel restaurants. the small percentage of customers may be at risk if they use their cards at spas, golf shops, parking garages and the front desk. you may recall the cyberattack occurred between august 19th and
5:58 am
september 8th. hotel names that many of us are familiar with here in california will become a thing of the past at yosemite. it will soon known as the majestic and curry village and the big trees lodge. this is due to a trademark dispute. the outgoing concession company for the park says it owns the rights and names and it wants $51 million for the names. park officials decided, you know what, we'll just change the name and that will avoid any disruption of visitors. >> that is tough. everybody knows those. some new out of the world images of pluto courtesy of nasa showing two possible ice volcanoes which nasa scientists call cyro solcanoes. the new horizon captured the images last summer from a distance of about 30,000 miles. one is believed to be about 90s across and 2 1/2 miles high.
5:59 am
it will be the largest volcano ever discovered in the solar system. we're following breaking news at 6:00. right now two marine helicopters have collided off the coast of hawaii. a search on for 12 marines were onboard. bullets fly outside a busy bay area mall. what police are hoping you can do to help them piece together the investigation. >> looked again and looked again and the third time i went running down the hallway. you have to check these numbers. meet america's newest millionaires. the tennessee family claiming to have one of those winning powerball tickets. "today in the bay" starts right now. well, good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us happy friday. i'm scott mcgrew. sam brock has the day off. >> microclimate forecast this morning. very active weekend when it comes to the rain. >> showers will move in across the bay area and heavier rain than we saw last night as the
6:00 am
storm system is make its way out allowing for the next system to move on. we're still seeing light showers across the extreme southern part of the bay area near morgan hill and gilroy and otherwise things are starting to dry out and looking at drizzle and mist and temperatures in the 50s. later on top out near 50 degrees as the clouds race on in and expecting a good mix of sun and clouds and rain expected for everybody tonight. weal up in our next report. in fact, mike has breaking news and activity going on in downtown san jose. what's happening? >> a deadly crash that has just been reported by san jose pd. not far from highway 87. actually 87 at the santa clara off ramp. as if you're exiting towards sap center and that may have santa clara closed. a hit and run crash from what we understand involving a pedestrian and a vehicle. again, our crew is heading out there. of course, they're taking care of that scene in downtown san jose, as well. we'll track that. the freeways them selves are moving well, but just starting to see that commute for this friday for


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