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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 15, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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nbc bay area news starts now. and right now at 11:00, the search is on for the driver of a truck who killed a bicyclist in downtown san jose. the driver ran over the man not just once but twice. good morning everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. that crash happened around 5:00 this morning right there near the s.a.p. center. >> nbc bay area's stephanie chuang is in san jose at the scene. the crime scene cleared but police urging people to keep their eyes peeled because they have a description of the truck. >> reporter: absolutely, scott and kris, the body of the victim, was lying on the sidewalk behind me for hours until about 8:30 this morning so investigators could document
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everything, collect all the evidence and the information. about an hour later they finally reopened a stretch of santa clara street between autumn. you see the bus back on track as well. the morning commute a little longer for some here. this happened about 4:50 this morning. witnesses told police a white pickup truck crossed all lanes of traffic, jumping on the curb, clipping the bicyclist. police say victim was still alive and tried to get away, the driver panicked, put the car in reverse to flee the scene and that's when the driver ran over the victim a second time and that's what killed him. while police are still looking for that hit-and-run driver, cyclists in the area says this has them on even more alert. >> use it to get around everywhere. yeah, it's dangerous, i know. so i try to be careful. try to follow road rules as much as possible because there's a lot of antagonism between
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cyclists and drivers. but hearing about something like this is terrible. >> you see a white, '80s, '90s construction style truck with tools in the bed, damage down the front right fender, write down the license number. call crime stoppers. this guy killed somebody and we want to find that person. >> reporter: and investigators spent a lot of the morning taking pictures of the area and of the bicycle which actually looked to have very little damage to it. again, police are looking for a white pickup truck, construction or contractor type, late '80s or '90 ds model with damage to the back mostly to the driver side fender and scraping. police stressing peoples eyes are critical in this because what they see and what they report is going to help a lot in this. investigators also checking surveillance footage in the area in what is the third pedestrian fatality just two weeks into this new year. live here in san jose, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> do be careful out there.
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thank you very much, steph. take a look at the big board at the nyse this morning. and just investors are dumping stocks this morning. the dow industrials down 435 points. that's better than 2.5%. oil has part of the problem it's now below $30 a barrel. and that has investors spooked. well, from the bad news to the good news let's turn to our microclimate forecast as we give you beautiful looks out our windows over san francisco and san jose. it's dry for now, but meteorologist anthony slaughter, you say we can expect more rain this weekend. >> yeah. in fact, we've got another storm that's moving in just as quick as the first one moved out. we've got one that's making its way into the bay right now. you can see clouds are starting to build. you saw that from the sky cam. a few high thin clouds and we did have rain overnight from the storm that moved through. that's making its way through southern california right now. gurnville picked up over an inch of rain. mill valley same deal.
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santa cruz, get into san francisco only a quarter of an inch and that was the general trend for most of the bay. the storm system that's headed our way for this weekend will probably produce the same amount of rain in those exact locations. so the north bay will see the most rain from this storm system as it moves through. and south bay minor amounts, we're talking quarter of an inch or less. put this into motion you'll notice as we take a look at futurecast we are expected to see showers roll in as we head towards the overnight hours. in fact, i'd say 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 this evening we'll see showers roll in. and we're expecting some decent amounts of rainfall. we're talking potential, well, of a quarter of an inch from this first storm system. maybe up to an inch in the north bay. but get a look at this, that next storm coming in sunday night into monday we're talking over an inch even at the valley floor. we will time out this storm system headed this way for the weekend and the next one headed our way for martin luther king jr. day. >> you can download our nbc bay
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area app. to keep track of the storm click on weather on the dropdown menu. that's how i showed my friend to watch the forecast and live radar wherever you are. take you to a developing story. police continue to investigate the shooting at bay fair mall in san leandro. police say there were two groups of people there, one in a car, one on foot. at some point at least one of those groups opened fire at the other in the parking lot. police eventually detained two people matching suspect descriptions though investigators don't think anybody was hurt. they do say one car was hit by a bullet. they're now wondering if anyone was around there at 6:30 maybe you should check your car for a bullet hole. >> so that we can investigate that because there may be evidence inside of your vehicle that's going to link us -- link the suspects to this crime. >> certainly hoping that surveillance video will provide clues as to what happened. they do not believe this was a random shooting. martinez police are looking for a couple of knife wielding robbers. they held up a wing stop
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restaurant on arnold drive about 10:30 last night. investigators say they walked up to a cashier and demanded money with customers in the restaurant at the time. one even flashed his knife in an employee's face forcing her to open the cash register. they made off with an undisclosed amount of cash. we have new sketch to show you this morning in hopes of catching a violent robber in the south bay. the suspect stabbed a woman several times at central park on kylie boulevard tuesday night. she's expected to be okay, but the robber took her wallet and cell phone. police say he's in his early 2'0"s, about 5'5'6", thin, medi brown complexion, dark hair and sunken cheeks. plea going out this morning for help in finding out more information about a crash that killed a bicyclist los altos hills. this happened on page mill road near the intersection with christopher lane. this happened back on the 3rd.
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smashed into the back of a bicycle ridden by a technology executive. he died at the scene. the subsequent police report found donly at fault accusing him of an unsafe lane change, but his family disagrees and has hired an attorney. >> there's very strong evidence that the driver was inattentive and driving too fast for traffic conditions. >> the santa clara county sheriff's department is getting involved doing an independent investigation of that original police department report. at issue could be financial support of donnelly's family. the palo alto man left behind a wife and three children. happening today, the man accused of killing a hayward police officer will be back in court this afternoon. he's expected to enter a plea. mark estrada charged in the killing of scott lunger. investigators say he shot lunger
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at a traffic stop in july. police found blood and bullet casings in his truck after the shooting. people on edge in san francisco frustrated, community members voicing their concerns over safety at a meeting last night with their police chief. supervisor scott weiner organized that meeting. he was recently robbed in the mission district. the mayor told the crowd he prepared to allocate funds to improve safety, but meantime the police chief says while violent crime is down in the city, property crimes are up. one district captain says police need help in preventing break-ins and car window smash and grabs. >> do not leave anything, and when we say anything, we mean anything, even the cord to your smartphone because we know that they will break in to cars to look for the smartphone. >> someone gave the mayor a key fob protector which prevents thieves from using an amplifier to unlock his car. it is a tactic police are starting to see happen.
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residents say the meeting was the beginning of what has to happen to create a partnership to help prevent crime. in san jose a changing of the guard for the police department there. today chief larry escoville will leave. one of the last things he wanted to do was one of the first things he did as an officer, walk the beat. we were with him as he shook hands in one of san jose's tougher neighborhoods. as chief he led the department through the murder of one of their own along with a spike in gang violence, after 28 years he is moving on. >> i don't know if i have a proudest moment, but i'll tell you what, i think the things that we've done in terms of just keeping this organization afloat. >> he says the department is on the right track but it's time for a new generation to lead. assistant police chief eddie garcia will take over the department from here. up next at 11:00, a winner comes forward. hear from the newest millionaires who hit all six
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numbers in this week's record powerball jackpot drawing. and this is bob redell. we'll be with the one basketball team that has a better record than the golden state warriors. we're going to take them on one-on-one in a live report. we're watching our next storm system gain strength across the pacific. it's going to bring a few high thin clouds across the region today and mild temperatures are expected. rain arrives tonight, timing on that plus another storm for sunday. details on all of that coming up after this. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips, or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. all eyes are on the three states
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where the winning welcome back. all eyes on the three states where the winning powerball tickets were sold. >> yeah, those winners will split the record setting $1.5
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billion jackpot making each ticket worth $533 million a piece. and one of those winners came forward this morning, mark barger reports. >> can you believe it, america, a world record jackpot. >> reporter: the question of who won the record setting $1.5 billion powerball jackpot may be partially answered with winning tickets sold in california, florida and tennessee, one couple has come forward saying they have one of those tickets purchased in mumford, tennessee. >> it's not going very far. >> reporter: appearing on the "today" show, john and lisa robinson, who haven't yet turned their ticket into lottery officials, decided to go on television first. >> well, i think the american public wants to hear from them. even though they want to be private after this is over, they want to make the public know that they're the winners. >> reporter: the robinsons live next door to the mumford grocery store where the ticket was sold. >> there's a saying, third time i went running down the hallway.
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john, john, you got to check these numbers! >> so i checked them actually four times. and i said, well, i'll believe it when the news comes on in the morning and they say, hey, there's a winner been in mumford. >> reporter: so what's it like to be carrying around a ticket worth $533 million? >> now i'll be nervous because everybody knows. >> reporter: the next stop for the robinsons, turning in their ticket to lottery officials to make it official. mark barger, nbc news. >> could you please put that in a ziploc bag? feeling nervous for you. moments of pure joy like the ones we just saw soon turn to confusion for one southern california woman. she's a nurse from pomona and she thought she had the winning powerball ticket only to find out it was a prank. and the prankster, her own son. workers at a nursing facility briefly celebrated yesterday after hearing that a co-worker won the jackpot. earlier this week their boss bought thousands of tickets for the employees and the patients at that nursing home.
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all of them that he owns. but that nurse who was pranked may end up getting special treatment after all. >> actually bought all these tickets and said, my gosh, the son played a joke. he says let her know that i would probably be willing to send her on a vacation, an all-paid vacation somewhere because that's not a nice joke. >> it probably seemed like a funny joke at the time. that son must be mortified. no one has stepped in to collect california's big powerball prize. it seems like the sort of thing we would have done to my mom. >> terrible. >> i know. we're bill april fools people. >> not a funny joke at all. we're pretty lucky here in the bay area to have the golden state warriors -- i can hear it. there's another show in town that will play -- the harlem globe trotters. >> you can hear it. bob redell live at the s.a.p. center in san jose. bob, you whistling sweet georgia
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brown yet? ♪ >> reporter: not bad, huh? >> not bad. >> reporter: better than my ball playing. we got elgato. how are you? >> good. how are you? >> good. you'll be playing here tonight, here in oracle arena, we'll talk about that in a bit. i want to challenge you. >> all right. >> to a game of pig. >> okay. >> reporter: now, you know this is live. if you don't win -- hold the tears. you're our guest. go ahead. you got to call style. >> all right. layup. let's see how good you are. >> reporter: okay. try not to get the "p." >> all right, bob. reverse layup. >> reporter: oh, gosh, i don't know. reverse layup. oh! >> so close. >> reporter: i got the "p".
11:17 am
>> jumpshot. >> i can do that one. >> reporter: i'm already getting a workout doing this. oh! this is bad. all right. make this one hard. >> this is really hard. >> reporter: all right. >> three-pointer. >> reporter: okay. my turn. hook shot from the side. >> oh, no. he's going to make this. >> oh, my goodness. >> reporter: that was awesome. come on, i was only three feet away from the net. >> three-point shot, nba line. >> reporter: all right. i'm going to make this one easy. >> okay. >> reporter: on your foot, eyes closed, backboard. >> open your eyes, bob. >> this is your last one. >> reporter: my last one. all right.
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>> oh, no. >> reporter: all right. great job. we want to show you guys some video. this was shot at alcatraz. i got to catch my breath. this was earlier this week. >> no, it was yesterday. >> reporter: it was yesterday. okay. and you set it up -- >> well, we real early in the morning for the first time in -- and we shot from the boat on the ferry that takes us to the island. made the first shot and bucket -- it was great. we were lucky we did it one time. >> reporter: i've seen you guys play a few times now, as a kid and an adult with my kids. when i watch you guys perform when you play, always in the back of my mind the pressure if there is pressure to make those shots because, you know -- >> it's like a dance routine.
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you want to be on top of your moves all the time because you want everybody -- you want to awe everybody with what you do. for us it's a lot of focus, yeah. but we work so hard, we practice so much it comes easy for us actually. >> reporter: and when we think about where you guys started 9d 0 years ago to today, let's say somebody who hasn't seen your guys, maybe in a generation, how has the show changed? >> it's amazing. we shoot hold onto some of the stuff, three-man weave, the water, all that. but now we got guys that can jump out of the gym a lot more than back in those days. so now the dunks are getting more spectacular. the faster we got also three girls on the team. >> reporter: oh, wow. >> yeah. they dribble as good as steph curry. >> reporter: great playing with you. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: so here tonight and next friday at s.a.p. center as well as sunday and then tomorrow and next saturday at oracle arena. you see these beads of sweat?
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these are sweats of effort. why don't we play pigs. we'll play for the "s". >> oh, half-point shot. do you win a car? >> reporter: oh, oh, oh, oh. nice try. great job. see you guys. have a good weekend. >> all right, bob. you too. >> wonder if he knows there's a whole town named after him. >> or orlando for that matter too. >> so many ways. anthony slaughter, could you have won that game of pig? >> maybe back in my high school days. i have not played basketball for years. >> neither has bob. [ laughter ] >> good point. i'll leave it at that. i did used to have some moves back in the day, nothing like that. i found my own niche here on the weather wall. we're tracking showers going to move in tonight. you can see this very impressive cloud deck associated with our
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next storm system. and it's bringing a few high thin clouds to the bay area this morning and into san francisco you can see from our sky cam. same deal from oakland still dealing with a few low clouds across some of the footlands, but we are starting to see some clearing even across san jose, lots of blue sunshine here on this lunchtime hour. now, as we head through the rest of the day those clouds will continue to increase, but we're going to see plenty of sunshine before that leaving us at 60 degrees for san jose. that will be your high today. 59 for sunnyvale, 60 for palo alto later this afternoon. and in san francisco again mostly cloudy this afternoon as those clouds continue to stream on in 58 degrees for the embarcade embarcadero, same for mill valley, 60 for concord today and more sunshine for the tri-valley than we actually saw yesterday. 59 for livermore and 60 headed our way for pleasanton. there's a storm system that's going to move in tonight. that will be with us through the day tomorrow. so it's going to be a great day with on and off showers expected. the next storm system moves in for sunday night. so the dry times this weekend will come at least sunday morning, sunday afternoon and then the rain will start once we get into the evening hours.
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so it's going to be really one of those weekends where you got to dodge those drops. of course you can download that nbc bay area app and it will be a good idea to keep it because we're talking more rain headed our way tonight. this is around 8:00 widespread showers for the peninsula, the north bay. and we'll start to see those showers in san jose once we get towards about 9:00, 10:00. and then after that it's going to be widespread rain overnight with a few areas of embedded thunder. look at this. this is tomorrow morning. 7:00 in the morning when you wake up still dealing with some showers and that will continue to roll through until that lunchtime hour tomorrow. so we've got lots of rain headed our way tonight and tomorrow as well. this is how much we're talking. about half an inch for san francisco. lesser amounts you head down towards the south bay, maybe quarter inch. up toward the north bay we could get up to half an inch or more. and then that fast moving storm system sunday night into monday will give us probably another half an inch. so we could be talking about an inch in san francisco and more than that across the north bay. same deal for the south bay. look at that one and almost a quarter across san jose.
11:23 am
so some decent rain headed our way. this is going to be a soaking rain that comes in tonight and again for sunday night into monday. so we have winter storm warnings posted for the sierra. they're expecting another foot of snow across some of the higher elevations. if you're doing any traveling especially along i-80, folks, make sure you got those chains handy. and we'll be here tracking it all weekend long. in the meantime back over to you guys. >> all right. you still have the moves though. i think. >> we'll be right back. coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00, access hollywood live, followed by days of our lives at 1:00 p.m. the popular duck boats that give
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people tours around welcome back. the popular duck boats that give people tours around cities are returning to seattle. they were shut down in september after this crash between a duck boat and a bus that killed five people. dozens hurt. the duck boats will no longer use this bridge where the crash occurred. and the tour wills have two crew members on board instead of just one as before. new details on the data breach that effected 250 hyatt hotels in 50 different countries. most of the exposure was in the hotel restaurants, a small percentage of customers may be at risk if they used their card at spas, golf shops, parking garages and even at the front desk. you might remember the cyber attack happened between august 13th and december 8th. big changes at yosemite. the national landmark with guests like dwight eisenhower
11:27 am
and queen elizabeth going to change its name. it will soon be known as the majestic yosemite hotel. curry village will become half dome village. this is all due to a trademark dispute. the outgoing confession company for the park says it owns the rights to the names. and it wants $51 million. well, park officials said we'll just change the names to avoid any disruption and avoid paying $51 million. >> that's a better expenditure i think of tax dollars. so some new out of this world images of pluto courtesy of nasa showing two possible ice volcanos whi volcanos. the new horizon spacecraft captured the images last summer from a distance of about 30,000 miles. one of the volcanos is believed to be about 90 miles across at 2.5 miles high. if so, it would be the largest volcano ever discovered in the solar system. up next at 11:00, some bay
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area properties are vanishing. how much of the shoreline is already fallen into the ocean. donald trump and ted cruz and
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last night's debate.. and a f o love certainly came off between donald trump and ted cruz in last night's debate. >> here's tracie potts from washington, d.c. with a recap. >> reporter: the seven candidates left on the main stage at the fox business debate tried to focus on president obama. >> this guy's a petulant child. >> hillary clinton would be a national security disaster. >> reporter: but at times they turned on each other. donald trump questioned ted cruz's birth to an american in canada. >> there's a big question mark on your head. and you can't do that to the party. >> reporter: marco rubio accused cruz of flip-flopping on immigration. >> that is not specific conse e conservati conservatism, that is political calculation. >> at least half of the things marco said are flat out false.
11:31 am
>> reporter: ben carson tried to be the umpire. >> in the 2012 election, you know, we -- and when i say we, republicans, tore themselves apart. you know, we have to stop this. >> reporter: cruz explained not disclosing a half million dollar loan when he ran for senate. >> and, yes, i made a paperwork error. >> reporter: there were differences on iran, syria, banning muslims and whether to tax chinese imports. >> i think fair trade. >> reporter: there's one republican debate left before the iowa caucuses. that next debate january 28th. right there in iowa a few days before the caucuses, the next democratic debate this sunday in south carolina on nbc. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. the centers for disease control could warn pregnant women to avoid traveling through big regions of latin america and the caribbean because of a mosquito born virus that is spreading very fast. >> it's called the zika virus and the impact on newborn babies is simply heartbreaking. nbc's tom costello has been
11:32 am
talking to some of the country's top disease experts. >> reporter: the photographs capture heartbreak and fear. babies born in brazil with abnormally small heads and brains who often die. health experts believe mosquitos are spreading the zika virus, infecting pregnant mothers who then pass it onto unborn babies. now with the rio summer olympics just months away, the military has been called out to dump stagnant water and warn women to protect themselves from mosquitos. what is the zika virus? it's believed to have originated in uganda but quickly spread to other warm, humid climates. and now more than a dozen countries in the caribbean, central and south america. in adults it's usually nothing more serious than a short lived headache, joint pain and fever. but in unborn children researchers believe the zika virus can lead to microcephaly which in many children is fatal. among the world experts peter ho tez. >> babies having a very small head and also having lots of
11:33 am
neurological complications, this is a very serious birth defect. and what's so impressive is that there's been hundreds, perhaps thousands of these birth defects across latin america but particularly in northeastern brazil where it's been most heavily concentrated. >> reporter: now oxford university researchers have mapped out where the virus could spread if left unchecked. eventually into southern coastal states though cold weather should limit its spread. >> i don't expect at all that there will be a major outbreak of a mosquito born disease like this in the united states, mostly because we have a climate issue in our favor. >> well, the el nino fueled rains are doing some major damage to our coastline. beaches and cliffs are eroding at an alarming rate. >> this happening in pacifica. some homeowners fear these el nino storms will destroy their properties. nbc bay area's michelle roberts gives us a closer look at the significant damage. >> this wave coming, you hear
11:34 am
thump. >> the erosion from the wave. >> once you get those it's right at the house. >> reporter: the people who know pacifica best say it's difficult to watch her be swept to sea. >> used to go way out there. >> reporter: when dan keller bought this ocean view property 30 years ago, the ocean wasn't quite so close. >> it's taken some chunks off. >> reporter: he says typically he loses about a foot of land a year. so far this winter. >> well, this time i lost so far about 12 feet. >> reporter: dan is retired now and he leases the property to simon who says he's losing money on his uhaul rental business every time a storm rolls. >> when el nino hits you know we're going to lose a lot of property. >> reporter: with each piece of land that falls into the ocean goes a safe parking space for a moving truck. >> i don't want to find any trucks on the beach and customers floating out in the ocean when they rent them. >> reporter: warn typical erosion rates could be doubled during an active el nino year. >> we're all a little concerned
11:35 am
about this el nino. >> reporter: chief engineer with environmental science associates says human made sandbags like this one at ocean beach can offer a temporary barrier from the ocean. >> the sand erodes and then it kind of lifts the beach. >> reporter: but long-term he says it's not sustainable to have homes and businesses in the ocean's path. >> act of nature. >> reporter: as those massive swells pound the shoreline. >> we've been seeing waves flying. >> reporter: many in pacifica are hoping. >> pray to god we don't. >> reporter: their property is spared by the ocean. >> you can't change it. >> reporter: michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. well, san francisco gets too expensive, many families are looking at oakland, but new critics have a new project, say the city may be focused on creating the wrong kind of housing. >> so the question is should oakland build more homes or more apartments? nbc bay area's sam brock with today's reality check. >> so the primary moex in terms of what is noticed is adopted -- >> reporter: overwhelming approval at the oakland city
11:36 am
council last week for a new mixed use development project smack dab in the middle of the city's uptown. the project will pump out 234 new housing units, mostly market rate but some affordable options too. along with retail stores. it's all walking distance to b.a.r.t. and oakland's famed auto road. >> we have plenty of demand. and we're trying to get more supply. so this was one way to expedite the process and get developers building. >> reporter: city leaders like rachel praise the future building at 2330 webster street part of a broader plan to carve out more room in the housing market that's squeezed residents with rising rents. the median home price in oakland has almost doubled in just five years. rents have grown by 50% in that time. >> at this point in the affordability crisis in the bay area all new housing is good new housing. you can certainly split hairs about the types that get built. but we're in such low supply for
11:37 am
all housing types that any housing is good housing. >> reporter: but a chorus of critics is singing a different tune, stoking fear that the units in this building all one and two bedrooms, are just a quick fix. they say more available housing, yes, but what happens when new younger residents want to expand and start families? trulia's chief economist says that's not an issue in the near term based on the data that he's seeing. >> the mid-30s now is the new mid-20s for getting married and having kids. they're doing it later in life. so new households move into that area probably won't be looking to move out very quickly to start. >> reporter: he highlights another trend popping up in research, people want to be closer to work and closer to transportation. in the middle of a major city, that's achieved through denser housing. >> otherwise you promote sprawl and the you build you'll have to
11:38 am
keep going further out. whole point of an urban setting is to maximize density where you have the transit and that's what these plans are about. >> reporter: there are down sides to developments like the one approved from a broadway valdez area too. for one, more people typically means more traffic. and that's not all. >> there's a possibility that prices could rise in the area if it gentry fis. while that's good for existing homeowners if rent's also rise that's actually not great for existing residents. >> reporter: for comparison sake, building the same amount of housing in single family homes would require much more viable land, land that's not really available thanks to the region's fault lines and hillsides. plus, apartment complexes typically include requirement of 15% affordable units, there's not a similar rule for new homes. for reality check, i'm sam brock, back to you. hands down this was the scariest day, scariest time, scariest fire of my life.
11:39 am
>> it is an untold story of heroism during the valley fire. we'll show you how an entire neighborhood came through almost completely unscathed and who they may have to thank for it. and as we approach this lunchtime hour we're still looking at bright sunshine across the bay area. but things are going to change quickly. we've got clouds racing in and rain rooifs tonight. and another bigger storm system to round out the weekend. we're back to detail all of that coming up after this. many people clean their dentures
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with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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homes were destroyed. one of the worst fires in liia welcome back. it's been four months since the valley fire. about 1,200 homes have been destroyed. one of the worst fires in california history left entire blocks charred. >> and this morning the untold story of heroism in the face of disaster and how one couple's determination changed the landscape of their neighborhood. garvin thomas has their story in today's bay area proud. >> by now many of us have seen a map of the valley fire. this is the final one that cal fire released. the red area of course is everything that burned. but did you ever notice this small pocket right here. well, there are two reasons that didn't burn. and it turns out they're married to each other. rain, everyone just a little of it. what john and terry wouldn't have given for a little rain on that day in september. the day they stood in this very
11:43 am
spot on lake county's cobb mountain convinced the valley fire was in the process of consuming their home not more than a mile away. >> oh, gosh. just overwhelming emotion. holding each other and sobbing and just -- it's all gone. >> reporter: this however is the story of how they and 28 of their neighbors didn't lose their home. it begins really just a couple of hours earlier when john, a current firefighter and terry, a retired one heard about a small fire burning near a ranch and headed to help. >> said i'm glad you're here. do what you can to help. there's a rig here. >> reporter: a glass rig, a pickup truck with a water tank and pump would prove critical to the gormlys just not yet. what they were facing here for a couple with 44 years combined
11:44 am
fire fighting experience. >> wasn't concerned about it at all. we both were like in our t-shirts and shorts. >> like no big deal. looked like a grass fire. slow moving grass fire. >> reporter: that was until john looked back toward his house. >> and that whole hill is on fire. >> reporter: john and terry jumped in the grass rig and raced home. once there they scrambled to keep the fire from spreading to the trees behind their homes. but no matter how hard they worked, they couldn't slow it down. >> and now i'm getting scared. i'm like if this fire comes around this house, there's no way out, you're going to burn to death. >> it's coming up behind us now a little bit! nothing scares him. really nothing scares him. and to see him look scrambled and panicked, just terrified me. >> reporter: john eventually yells to terry it's time to get out. >> guess it's time to go now. >> reporter: the last thing she does is shoot this video from their back porch.
11:45 am
>> oh, my god. >> hands down this was the scariest day, scariest time, scariest fire of my life. >> reporter: which all explains how they ended up here. but doesn't explain what happened next. john spoke first. >> he said i'm not a quitter. i'm not a quitter. that's not in me. i don't quit. and i'm not going to. are you with me? i said of course. >> reporter: call it reckless, or heroic, john and terry returned to the home finding the structure still there and just enough of their backyard burned to give them a safe space. for the next 72 hours john and terry kept the fire at bay. >> a burned tree fell onto their roof. >> reporter: without any help or any contact with the outside world, they patrolled their neighborhood in that grass rake using water from their creek to put out spot fires where they found them. >> it was very eerie, just dark, you felt like you were the last
11:46 am
two people on earth. >> reporter: if just one neighbor's house burned they might lose all of them. >> it was definitely teamwork. we could not have done this without each other. there's just no way. >> reporter: today, their neighborhood still exists. their neighbors back in their homes without a shred of doubt who was responsible. >> it's unbelievable. it's the most selfless thing ever. we can never thank them enough. >> reporter: as for john and terry, they say the whole experience has brought them closer together. each saying they couldn't have asked for a better partner in life and on the fire line. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> garvin's assignment is to go out there and find nice stories, the kind of stories you want to hear. if you know of one, garvin would love to hear from you. you can go to our website and search bay area proud. >> he does it so well. >> he sure does. meteorologist anthony
11:47 am
slaughter says the weather does the weather so well. >> well, thank you. >> you're telling us get out and enjoy it while you can. >> this is the time to take advantage of all the sunshine because we're not going to see much this upcoming weekend. blue skies over san francisco right now. and a few high thin clouds rift in on by. we had rain this morning a lot fell around midnight and after that we cleared out once the sun came up. guerneville over an inch. same deal for santa rosa and san francisco points south we really got only about a quarter of an inch or less. union city up to about a quarter of an inch. oakland, a tenth of an inch and san jose one measly hundredth of an inch. we're not expecting a whole lot more in terms of rain through the rest of the day. you can see the doppler radar fired up. we have clouds drifting on by and those high thin clouds will continue to drift in as we head through the afternoon hours. once we hit about 5:00, 6:00, we're expecting mostly cloudy skies and the rain will start to fall shortly thereafter. now, as we move through the day we are expecting temperatures to
11:48 am
warm close to where they are right now 56 in san francisco, 49 still in the north bay. so still chilly there after recovering from some 30s this morning. 58 right now in the east bay. and later on this afternoon all of us headed back close to 60 degrees. now, once those clouds get in here that's going to inhibit temperatures from moving more. 60s for the east bay, tri-valley up to 58 and south bay look at temperatures right near 60. notice the text for everybody, rain arrives and we're talking potential of a quarter of an inch especially down here in the south bay. so little bit more than we actually got this morning. and you can see the storm system is really impressive on the satellite image. taking up the whole gulf of alaska. there's the draping cold front that's going to move through tonight. another one behind that that's going to move in as we head towards sunday night into monday and could actually stick around all day long on monday. now, as we put the futurecast into motion, you'll notice again dry conditions really all day long once we hit about 7:00, 8:00 tonight the showers will start to move in. and by 9:00 really just widespread rain from the south
11:49 am
bay to the tri-valley, everyone across parts of the north bay. now, as we move this into the early morning hours tomorrow you'll notice the showers stay with us even when you wake up tomorrow 7:00 showers and even some heavy rain across parts of the north bay. this line's going to roll on through. the core makes its way into the bay area tomorrow. gray skies tomorrow and on and off rain as we head through the day. this is how much rain we're expecting, again, better amounts for the south bay. up to a quarter of an inch there. san francisco you can get close to half an inch with this rain headed our way tonight and more across parts of the north bay. then that next storm system's going to come in sunday night into monday morning. and it will probably stick around through most of the day on monday. that's where we're expecting over an inch across parts of the santa cruz mountains. and look at that the inland valleys even san jose an inch more than that even for livermore, walnut creek and over two inches for the north bay, san francisco an inch and a quarter. so some decent rain headed our way not only for tonight but again for sunday night and
11:50 am
monday as well. we also have some decent snowfall headed our way. up to a foot of snow expected above 7,000 feet. we have winter storm warnings posted there. make sure you have the chains handy especially if you're going to do any travrling along i-80 across donner's pass it's going to be treacherous. really the only time we're not expecting snow is going to come on sunday. so if you have to do any traveling, i'd say leave today, come back on sunday. once you hit sunday night it's going to be snowing and they could pick up another foot of snow with that next system. back to you guys. good advice. >> let's tell our boss anthony said we had to leave early. >> we should leave now. back in a moment. it's easy to get connected to the weather outside by going inside. the nbc bay area app on your smartphone. you just click on the radar on the weather page. once you do that you can zero in on your own neighborhood to see if it's raining there. that will of course give you exactly what you need to know when you need to know it. i'm chief meteorologist jeff raeiri. that's how you stay informed with the nbc bay area app. ==kris/vo== more buses will be
11:51 am
11:52 am
hitting the
11:53 am
roads in the east bay this summer. a-c transit announced it will be increasing its s more buses will be hitting roads in the east bay this summer. a.c. transit announced it will be increasing its bus service in june. the service expansion plan is expected to create a more convenient and efficient transit system. transit authorities are launching a campaign to recruit bus operators and mechanics while also waiting for some new buses to arrive. happy anniversary to the sea lions at san francisco's pier 39. it's been 26 years since the popular mammals arrived at the tourist hub and made it their own. for some reason they just showed up after the loma prieta earthquake. at first business owners wanted them to go away and then realized what a tourist attraction it could be. to celebrate folks come out and enjoy a free sea lion encounter tour from now until monday. well, furry discovery in the santa monica mountains.
11:54 am
>> that's where the national b.a.r.t. service biologists recently found two mountain lion kittens. a biologist says the gps tracking device on mom she stayed in the same area for about three weeks. she's likely to have given birth and had the babies during that time. and they are monitoring her very carefully. >> they seem so harmless at that age. we all know the truth. we'll be right back.
11:55 am
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11:57 am
well, a debacle before millions of football fans turns into a teachable moment for a group of first graders. >> minnesota vikings fans have been blasting their kicker, oh. he missed a game winning field goal sunday against the seattle seahawks. just a little one too. to cheer him up these first graders sent him letters in support and drew him pictures. the gesture worked. to say thank you walsh dropped by the kids' classroom yesterday spending the day talking to the kids and taking photos and signing autographs. >> picture with the dog and the puppies are cute. >> awe. >> a 20-yarder. >> you have a great weekend trying to stay dry. we'll see you here on monday. >> see ya. find out if you could get help paying for health insurance
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. >> today on "access hollywood" live, sean penn speaks about el chapo. martha stewart is here with love on her mind. >> she is here with the ultimate for all things wedding related from the engagement to the honeymoon. real housewife. >> who has the biggest mansion and who will flip tables and get rowdy. >> the biggest ring. >> "access hollywood" live starts right now.


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