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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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these tips. >> the bulletin identifies potential threats from drones flying over events and suspicious activity at pregame events at san francisco's plaza, which we transformed into super bowl city. >> i co kn for a fact that super bowl city in san francisco is not going to have not only mag nutromteres, bomb checks, bomb dogs. for someone to get through the checkpoint would be difficult. >> a unique concern, the potential for fiber optic sabotage which companies have had to deal with before. now, in santa clara county, local law enforcement has confirmed for us they have received this bulletin, but would not comment further on how it intends to use this advance information to prevent an act of terrorism from isis abroad or home-grown. i'm chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. >> just in to the newsroom now, new surveillance photos of the man police say killed an antioch
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teenager. this happened on b.a.r.t. last saturday. police need help identifying the suspect. we also learned the idpentty of the victim, an immigrant from honduras. he was shot as the train approached the west oakland station. detectives don't know the motive for the shooting or whether the two men even knew each other. >> a lot of people on the move this hour. that's because the holiday weekend is here. a lot of people taking off right now, and all the busy freeways across the sierra, the south bay, basically heading out of town. >> let's bring in rob now to talk about what's happening. drivers heading on 80 right now might have to get some chains if you're going on 80 and 50. right now, no chains, but that could change soon. >> exactly. the futurecast is the reason you would want the snow cables and chains. snow from 5 thro,000 to 6,000 f and because of the wet snow that fell this morning, avalanche controls through 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and then we'll see that warning expire. a warning that will begin
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tomorrow morning, what's happening on the coast, ocean beach, you see the surf. it's up. breakers to 20 feet from 7:00 a.m. tomorrow through 9:00 sunday, high surf warning. and then our attention shifts to the north bay. we're going to see a chance of these heavy rains coming down, which could cause some run-off issues around the burn areas of lake county, setting up pacific, progressively stronger storms. the saturday storm, one for sunday, and as we head to the middle of next week, there you go. one, two, three, across the pacific, and even though it's nice outside right now, notice as we head to midnight, the first bans of substantial rain crosses through the bay area. i'll let you know how long we'll be in the rain and if there will be breaks in the storms over the holiday weekend. >> good weekend to watch football playoffs. when the rain rolls in, acan use our free nbc bay area app to track the precipitation. just click on the weather on the drop-down menu. you'll find the forecast and our live doppler radar. >> new at 5:00, caught on
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camera, and causing a lot of waste tonight. a confrontation between a bicyclist and a police officer in san francisco gets violent. it happened near a t, and t park. that's where we can find pete. he's there live. you spoke to the woman who recorded the whole thing. >> and you know, it's been close to two weeks, but for catherine, this is shocking, and for the 1st time, she's speaking out about it. >> i know, and i thought, i got the beginning part on video. >> she saw it with her own eyes and filmed it on her cell phone. >> i was just so scared for him. i wanted them to stop. >> a different viewpoint for catherine, who claims she has seen this story before. >> when i saw it, it was a cop and a black man, i pulled out my foin, oh, my god, what is happening. >> catherine lives in the area and was heading to the store the night of january 3rd in the area of fourth and townsend. she can hear an argument, but was unsure of what was going on.
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>> at first, i was like, why are you doing this? why are you doing this? >> the bicyclist in this video declined to do an interview, but on his gofundme page that has since been taken down, it shows his injuries and he says he pulled over for texting while biking. he said he was just using navigation, working as a delivery man for post mates. the cyclist says things escal e escalated after he hit record on his cell phone. you can see the officer here hitting his legs and pinning him to the ground. regarding the video, sfpd did not want to go on camera, only saying offenses for the cyclist include disobeying a traffic order, battery on a police officer, and resisting arrest. an internal vgz is taking place with sfpd. coming up at 6:00, we'll hear from the bike coalition regarding this case. reporting from san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> pete, thank you. for the first time since that crash, we're getting a new look inside that sight seeing bus that careens out of control at union square in san francisco.
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the attorney representing the bus driver released these pictures to us today. you can see plenty of damage, especially to the front end of the bus there. you might recall this happened back in november, right in union square. it incurred 20 people. the driver says he heard an explosion before losing control. he says the only way he was able to stop that bus was to steer it into a construction scaffolding. the cause is still under investigation. wall street took a beating today. the dow closed down nearly 400 points. the nasdaq and s & p also lost 2% of their value today. so far this new year, in just the first two weeks, all three indexes have lost nearly 10% of their values. the plunge doesn't quite qualify as a selling frenzy, but investors are getting increas g increasingly nervous and more could pull money out. >> when people perceive a surprise, when they're not expecting the plunge, then it generates a negative emotion.
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and that negative emotion induces a fight or flight response. >> global financial concerns and plunging oil prices are to blame. crude oil is under $30 a barrel right now. that's for the first time in 12 years. apparently, there's just too much oil on the market right now. wall street does get a break. it's closed monday for the martin luther king jr. holiday. our coverage continues on nightly news with a closer look at the triggers. not just the price of oil, the other reason wall street is nervous. that's coming up tonight at 5:0030 on nightly news with lester holt. >> a big announcement today from the largest retailer in the world. walmart is shutting down more than 100 of its stores. that includes two of them here in the bay area. walmart says it will close 154 stores to be exact across the united states. this store on monterey highway in san jose is on that list. the other local store, the walmart in oakland along 880. the company says it's now focusing on supercenters and
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e-commerce. christie smith is at that oakland store near the coliseum. a lot of employees and customers will soon be out of luck. >> yeah, that's right. we're talking about workers and shoppers and even some in-city government here in oakland that are eely disappointed by this news. not only is this walmart closing but it's happening soon. >> it's always busy. >> britney was spried to hear the walmart in oakland is closing. >> this is the only one in oakland. >> the sign on door says january 17th. cesar works across the lot. >> it's going to do a big impact as far as business and, because i mean, that's the whole community comes around here. >> that's just one concern for counsel member larry reed. >> the mayor woke me up at 6:49 a.m. to tell me she had been on the phone with the folks at walmart, advising her the store in my district was going to be
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closing. >> he wanted to know why. the store opened in 2005, drawing thousands of applicant. >> i asked if minimum wage had anything to do with it. they wouldn't say yes or no, just that there were a number of factors taken into account. >> the factors did include financial performance and long-term plans. oakland has 420 employees. >> of course, our priority will be to help them to transition to continued employment with walmart or to prepare them for employment outside of the company, if that's -- >> they will try to place them, but in oakland, some wondered if reminders to lock up may have played a role. >> as i was leaving, i saw someone coming in wanting to call the police because somebody broke into their car in the parking lot. it does happen. >> the offer of help for employees from the company seemed welcome. >> as far as i know, they're trying to find out if people want to transfer to other
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places. >> now, the mayor released a statement saying in part that the city's focus right now is supporting employees as walmart works to relocate them. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> a well known south bay shopping mall has some new owners. an investment firm and a real estate company joined forces to buy the eastridge mall in san jose. the price tag $200 million. when it was built in 1971, the east ridge mall was the largest indoor mall in the western united states. now, the new owners plan to add an h&m store and conduct about $15 million in renovations. >> now to a follow-up, sirx months after a heyward sergeant was shot and killed in a traffic stop, his accused killer has not entered a plea in the case. mark estrada is seen in a previous hearing. histernally was granted a postponement today. he was shot and killed in july.
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a backup artist returned fire, wounding estrada. he's charged with murder. >> we're following developing news now. 12 marines are feared dead after two military helicopters collided off the hawaiian island of oahu. it happenied in a training exercise late last night. they crashed in the waters 2 1/2 miles off their north shore. once the sun came up, the search crews despotted the debris area spanning about two miles on the water. so far, no signs of any survivors. the coast guard, navy, and air force all have crews assisting with this search effort. now defense attorneys and prosecutors are joining in this fight to hire more interpreters in santa clara county courts. that story is coming up next. plus, not moving out any time soon. a live look at oracle arena. the current home of the warriors. but we just learned about the
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team's future and why it will be a few years before they play ball across the bay. >> also part of the powerball mystery has been solved. america's newest multimillionaires and what they plan to do with all that money. could be as young as 16. san
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jose police want your help the burglary suspects who could be as young as 16 years
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o old. san jose police want your help to catch these two teenagers seen on surveillance video breaking into a home. it happened the day before thanksgiving in east san jose. they ransacked two bedrooms and pried open the door to the garage. you're urged to call the police if you recognize either of these teenagers. >> another search for a hit-and-run driver who killed a bicyclist in downtown san jose. it happened this morning and it's san jose's third bicycle death of the year. it happened early this morning at west santa clara street near highway 87. investigators say the 60-year-old man was hit twice. they believe the driver reversed over the bicyclist to get away. police are looking for a full-sized late 1980s or early 1990s white pickup truck with front side driver damage. >> a follow-up now on a story we broke on monday. lawyers who work at santa clara county courthouse are backing the court's interpreters.
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apparently, there's a shortage, and interpreters say that's creating a crisis. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is live at the hall of justice where the debate is coming to a boil tonight. damian. >> well, the lawyers told me that this shortage of interpreters is reaching critical mass. they say at the very least, it's causing delays here inside the courtroom, and at the worst, it's costing jobs. the work load at the hall of justice is heavy. juan lopez is a lawyer in the alternate offenders office. he said it doesn't help when the entire courtroom has to wait for an interpreter to show up. >> there's definitely a shortage. we're waiting 30, 40 minutes. >> lopez says sometimes his client have to return in the afternoon. a hardship when some are only given half a day off by their boss. >> i have had people break down and cry and say i can't miss work anymore. i can't miss work, and they cry. it's a sad situation for a lot of people. >> advocates say at least seven interpreters are needed at the hall of justice, but they claim they only average five, meaning
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those who are available are rushing from courtroom to courtroom. >> it's been a concern for years now. it is now a crisis. >> the administration declined to respond to the allegations saying the court interpreters union will start labor negotiations soon and they'll want to negotiate the contract in the media. lawyers say this is not about a contract. but about the due process laws in the constitution. late this afternoon, the district attorney's office sent this statement reading in part, quote, we share the defense bar's concern regarding the interpreter shortage. we have observed spanish interpreters utilized to the point of exhaustion in a sexual assault case. you can read the entire statement on our website, live outside the hall of justice, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> the golden state warriors are going to be sticking around oracle arena a little longer. the team president announced today the team won't open their new san francisco arena until
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the fall of 2019. that's a full season behind what was oermy planned. he said the team reset the opening date because of lawsuits filed by san francisco arena opponents. once everything is clear in the courts, he said it would take two years to construct the new arena. >> it's a verified winning ticket. a tennessee couple today claimed their portion of the $1.5 billion powerball prize. lottery officials announced that john and lisa robinson have one of the three winning tickets from the record-setting drawing a couple days ago. security cameras, look here, caught the moment john stopped at the neighborhood grocery store in tennessee to buy the ticket that his wife wanted. >> come running in there screaming and crying. you need to check these numbers. you need to check these numbers. >> i did. >> i was -- she woke me up out of a dead sleep. >> he looked at them three or four times and says, baby, i think they are. i think these are the right numbers. >> very happy.
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by the way, they made the announcement on the "today" show this morning. they plan to take the lump sum payout, which adds up to about $327 million. what are they going to do? they want to pay off loans, make a donation to their church, and invest the rest of the winnings. >> the two other winning ticket holders, one in southern california and the other in florida, are still a mystery, but we do know more tonight about one of the runner-up winners. retirees albert and carol graham bought a ticket while on vacation at their santa cruz condo. it matched five of the six numbers. they live in car michael, which is near sacramento. the couple is now $638,000 richer. >> congratulations to them. we hope you enjoyed the sunshine today because rain is on the way this weekend. hi, rob. >> we're starting to see the changes right now outside. we have partly cloudy skies, 56 degrees in san francisco. oakland, also 56. with partly cloudy conditions. over in livermore, hazy skies. down to 53.
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in san jose, still pretty mild out there, 61 degrees. earlier, 64. so the south bay really warmed up nicely as the sun broke through the clouds from earlier this morning. yes, the radar is dry for now. one of the last times you'll see a picture like that. as we do have the rain in the north coast as we take you up to eureka and ukiah. you see the rain come ashore there. this the first of two systems that will impact us this weekend. the saturday system, more friday night into early saturday system, will see rain totals a little bit less, about half of the totals we'll see with that sunday storm, so notice by tomorrow morning, rain at times, might have brief thunder along the boundary at 7:00 in the morning, transitioning to scattered showers. not nonstop all day rain, but some partial clearing, scattered showers that will take us into the evening. rainfall estimates here will be highest in the north bay, a trend that's going to continue for the sunday/monday storm as well. maybe a half inch or more into marin county northward. san jose and the santa clara
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valley may get rain shadows. .3 inch in santa cruz. maybe a quarter inch or less with the first wave on saturday. we'll see temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s and still that chance of an isolated thundershower for the afternoon. temperature wise, pretty uniform around the bay area, five degrees of separation from about 57 to 62 should be the spread of temperatures for highs tomorrow with scattered showers. the stronger system that's going to bring more wind towards the bay area is the sunday storm. and look at those rain totals. 1 to 3 inches of rain. primarily focused north of the golden gate. you will see not just the rain but gusty winds starting off out of the south. sunday morning, winds increasing 30 to 40-mile-per-hour gusts. we could have wind advisories for the bay area on the coast and the hills, and yes, more rain compared to the saturday storm. in the north bay, very soggy start to the morning. unlike the saturday storm, that heavy rain could kind of linger across the north bay and san francisco through sunday, midafternoon, and then finally,
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by 11:00, slow progression of the rainfall into the south bay. that's the reason why we're going to she the rainfall totals supersized, we think up towards the north bay, look at the red and orange shows up. 2 to 4 inches of rain, sonoma county northward. once again, the santa clara valley, not quite as much. santa cruz mountains will eventually get a couple more inches of rain once the frontal boundary moved to the south. the totals at 11:00 monday. scattered showers, a brief break before the next round comes in there on tuesday. for everybody on wednesday, we should catch a break from all this rain. the heaviest window of rain comes in throughout the day sunday for the north bay. tapering off the showers into maind morning, and then another round as we go into tuesday. if you're wondering if this pattern is going to continue, the seven-day forecast shows you we have active weather in the long range forecast through the end of the month. the areas in green showing you above average rainfall through the 29th and close to the super
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bowl forecast, out to february 5th with a strong el nino pattern. early february forecast still have above average rainfall and the potential for heavy rain and heavy sierra snow through the next two to three weeks all the way into february. >> thanks so much, rob. still ahead, a space walk cut short. the problem at astronaut encountered forcing nasa to pull the plug on the mission. also, closed for business. all chipotle stores will temporarily close their doors. we'll tell you when and why. and a reminder about the weather. >> when rough weather hits the bay area, you can stay updated with personal alerts on your smartphones or ipad. here's how you do it, go to our app and click on the nbc bay area icon in the upper left corner. then hit the gear button. on the drop down menu, touch the alert settings. from there, you can choose from a list of weather events you want to know about. for instance, you can get alerts for lightning or you can get alerts for when a dangerous storm is approaching your
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neighborhood. i'm vicky nguyen, and that's how you stay informed with the nbc bay area app. a former palo alto elementary
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school teacher is behind bars tot. a former elementary school teacher in palo alto is behind bars tonight. he turned himself in for sexually abusing a child.
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michael airo seen here is charged with sex crimes against the then-11-year-old daughter of an ex-girlfriend. the victim is now in her 20s. until this week, he taught at an elementary school in palo alto. police say the crimes happened for several years but ended a decade ago before airo was a teacher. >> chipotle restaurants across the country will close their doors, but only for a few hours. the burrito chain announced the closure for february 8th for a so-called national team meeting. chipotle says it will go over food safety with employees. the meeting will begin after lunch and all chipotles will reopen at 3:00 p.m. this comes after a string of food borne illnesses and out breaks in recent months. a few weeks ago, they opened a criminal investigation against the chain. >> nasa is investigating how water ended up in an astronaut's helm helmet. it prompted his space walk to be cut short by two hours.
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the u.s. astronaut was outside of the international space station when he reported a water bubble that formed in his helmet. he was immediately brought inside. back in 2013, a space suit also leaked during a space walk. nearly causing an astronaut to drown. >> well, taking a rare trip to vegas, bring some extra cash. nothing to do with gambling. we'll explain next. a spike in crime in the east
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bay. and tonight at 6:00, a spike in crime in the east bay. and innocent people are getting caught in the cross fire. tonight, we'll explore what may be behind the violence and an exclusive look into how police are tracking down those responsible. that's ahead on our 6:00 news. >> finally at 5:00, say good-bye to free parking on the las vegas strip. mgm resorts plans to start charging for its valet services. it will start in april. here's a list of the hotels and casinos. a lot of them. the includes mand allay bay and the mgm grand. they will add some parking. it's going to build a new parking garage to go near its new arena to feeching musical acts and sporting events. that will open in april. >> rob is taking notes for the next road trip. >> right.
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>> thanks for joining us here on this friday. lester holt is next with nightly news. >> bye, folks. tonight, market plunge. fear on wall street as the dow dives nearly 400 points, extending one of the worst starts to a year ever. the gloves come off. an all-out feud. donald trump slamming ted cruz again for attacking his so-called new york values and finding an unlikely ally in hillary clinton. >> and the fight between clinton and sanders grows fierce er as they prepare to debate on our stage. mid-air crash. two marines missing after two choppers collide off the hawaii coast. bad weather hampering the search. and america's millionaires, they showed their winning powerball ticket to us before lotto officials.


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