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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 18, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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waking up the same way you went to sleep. wet roadways outside and a live look at oakland where blurry headlights and slick patches of highway will highlight this morning's commute. dangerous surf in pacifica, not just on the beach. tore down part of a retaining wall crumbling the sidewalk above it. plus, he broke down barriers for generations to come. today we hawner the legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. and it kicks off early with a celebration. "today in the bay" starts right now. nbc bay area news begins with a microclimate weather alert. >> we're celebrating something else on this monday morning, more rain. good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez.
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the much hyped storm has been rolling through the bay area and continue into this morning, as well. let's look at the radar. you can see it is green, yellow, oronge. that means heavier rainfall in areas. >> kris, a live look outside right now at the golden gate bridge. seems fairly dry for the time being, but more of the system rolling through. you can see some patches of water on the road. drivers have to be extra careful of slick conditions. and we head over to the south bay. here's a look at downtown san jose. the roadways where you can definitely see blurry headlights and the reflection of the headlights off the wet roadway. we have team coverage with bob redell and stephanie chuang braving the elements for us. but kari hall will lead off. the brunt of the system is basically over . >> some of our coastal flood warnings continue into the 7:00 hour. but now we see, once again, some of the heavier rain now moving off to the east, along with moez
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bright reds and yellows indicating some very heavy downpours, but, for now, we are looking good and still some patchy fog and some missed drizzle in some spots. temperatures in the mid-50s and heading to the low to mid-60s today with upper 50s in the north bay and san francisco. we'll take a look at the next storm system expected around this time tomorrow morning. that's coming up in the next microclimate forecast. >> kari said that coastal flood watch is on this morning, especially as a surf intensifies with high tide coming in at 6:00. and already the waves have done some pretty significant damage. >> a lot of damage. >> "today in the bay" stephanie chuang live in pacifica and washed away part of the walkway. >> just eroded the ground beneath over the weekend and i'll step out of the way s we w can see here along beach boulevard. put boulders here because there are holes in the walkway where there used to be concrete and
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you can hear and feel the rumbling of these waves. like an earthquake and josh now panning over to show you the waves that are coming and rolling through the pier. this is pretty incredible. people around here have seen this plenty of times. these el nino waves and we had people come out early this morning to catch them as they come over the sea wall unexpectedly. yeah, the stronger waves make it over on to the walkway bringing out people like mark smith who is visiting his mom in pacific she lives just about 100 yard away. he was one of the first to see the sidewalk sinkhole this weekend. >> first thing i saw was just kind of the metal railing was kind of swaying and just huge chunks of rocks were just falling into the ocean and up this way. >> he's been out a couple hours this morning to try to catch a
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picture. here are some of the waves from over the weekend. they were expected up nearly 20 feet high. the coastal flooding, that goes through 7:00 this morning and 6:00 in the morning is when high tide hits. now, coming back here live, you see the sandbags here. there are homes all around this area and, so, a lot of the people who live around here have been taking sandbags and trying to put them where they can. mark, who you heard from earlier, said some of the waves came and hit some of the homes this morning. we're expecting more of that and the roads in the area also closed hoping to keep people away and safe. >> could be a bit of a rocky week. thank you, steph. 5:04 right now. stormy weather in the north bay also causing some issues, that includes mudslides. they brought in heavy equipment along highway 116 west of guerneville to clear mud and rock from the roadway. store owners in mill valley put
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up sandbags as steph was talking abo about. >> terrible flooding on the street. so, just, you know, just getting prepared. we have a gate that will go across in case the floods do come. but little preventative. >> not just businesses. sandbags are in demand for homeowners, too. you can see here in napa residents loading up trying to keep the water out. napa has historically seen severe flooding, but they hope the relatively new flood control project funnels it into a new basin and away from homes and businesses. so, let's go out now to "today in the bay" bob redell. in the south bay monitoring the guadalupe water levels. >> we'll give bob a chance to turn his microphone on. that one river, there is that jogging trail through there and bone dry for so long and nice to
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see it. >> we'll see the cumulative effect from the week, though, causes it to flood. >> we'll get to bob in a little bit. happening today, lots of events around the bay area for martin luther king jr. day. the biggest of which happens every year. the celebration train formally the freedom train. it departs cal trans's station this morning and stops all along the peninsula and into san francisco. by 11:00 this morning, those folks who are on the train will leave san francisco's cal train station and then march to yerba buena gardens. the train runs through a portion of state park and service to nature advances martin luther king's legacy. then tonight there will be candlelight vigil at santa clara university and if the water cooperates, they will hold a individualual outside mission church. if it doesn't, they will move it
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inside. students will ring sections of king's work. one observance is more like a protest. they're going to march for the second year in a row to "reclaim martin luther king jr. radical legacy." this event starts at the plaza this morning. put on by a group by the anti-police terror project. they scaled back the event in richmond because of the weather and there they will mulch and weed the greenway. plans for a noontime with speaker and performance and all of those have been canceled due to the weather. >> some of the events are rain or shine. meteorologist kari hall and microclimate weather alert. i think they'll get more rain than shine. >> the heavy rain moving out. still some light showers possible throughout the afternoon, but that should do nothing to keep you from going outside or going to some of those events. the bulk of the heavy rain moving away, this is what we're expecting through the rest of the afternoon.
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as we go at least through the morning commute and it's looking fairly dry, with the exception of some spotty light showers rolling in and then as we go through the day, we do see a little bit more of that rain very hit or miss and then we're getting ready for the next storm system that would be moving in. as you step out the door now, temperatures in the mid-50s and heading to around 60 degrees this afternoon. we'll talk more about that and get a look ahead to the next storm system coming up in just a few minutes. >> thank you very much, kari. something wild in recent weeks. coming up, presidential candidates on the attack now. how the race of the democratic nomination continues to heat up right before the iowa caucuses. and let's take a live look outside in the south bay. can tell you from first-hand experience, there is pooling on the roadways. do slow down you don't want to hydroplane in these kinds of conditions hoping for holiday light as we continue this microclimate weather alert.
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tell you what, that decision 2016 is least as it concerns the caucuses and primaries really creeping up here. a lot of people this morning saying the gloves came off during last night's presidential debate. fists flew and fireworks did between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. >> a lot of folks waiting for this to get interesting on the democratic side, as well. tracie potts has a look from washington at who got the best
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of whom for the iowa caucuses. >> we have a political revolution. >> president obama has led our country out of the great recession. >> clear differences between democrats on gun control. >> i have a d minus voting record from the nra. >> he has voted with the nra with the gun lobby numerous times. >> reporter: on health care. >> i do not want to see the republicans repeal it and i don't want to see us start over again with a contentious debate. >> we are paying the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs getting ripped off. >> reporter: on money. theirs. >> i do not want wall street's money. >> reporter: and yours. >> i'm the only candidate standing here tonight who said i will not raise taxes on the middle class. >> reporter: bernie sanders and martin o'malley brought up hillary clinton's ties to wall street. >> the truth of the matter is, secretary clinton, you did not go as i would. >> reporter: on foreign affairs. clinton calls vladimir putin a
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bully and said their relationship -- >> it's interesting. >> reporter: they agree on going after isis and going slow on iran and climate change. but their differences is what seems to be driving the polls now. just two weeks before iowa weighs in. >> that was tracie potts from washington now. now from washington to the skies, spacex sent a new satellite into orbit on saturday morning. >> not how you start but how you finish and scott mcgrew like any kid with a report card, what went wrong? >> let's start with what went right. this went right. space-x launched a satellite on polar orbit on saturday and the satellite will study ocean levels. now, polar orbit, that's hard. that's going pole to pole and not along the earth at the equator and they did it and that's the whole point of the mission. they get an a plus right there. what they were not able to do is
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land that first stage and it goes well and they stick the landing and everything looks fine but one of the legs collapse collapses and they tried this twice before and failed with much bigger explosions in the past. the ceo says, well, at least the pieces are bigger this time. won't be the last rud, rapid unplanned disassembly. let's talk about the stock market. a rough year so far for the american markets. we're closed today for dr. king's birthday, but the asian markets are open and they are suffering, once again. china's tumbles really worried american investors, though, as we've talked in the past, it really shouldn't. it's a small market few invest in it and even more suspect than our own markets. in fact, one guy says china's stock market has "inexperienced investors, imperfect trading system and flawed market
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mechanisms and inappropriate supervision. this according to gang, which is pretty rough talk. the thing is, guys, he's china's stock market regulator. and that's what he thinks about the chinese market. >> which is more than just the stock market performance itself. what china is or is not consuming right now and how that affects the world economy. >> how honor and transparent they are being about everything. yes, a very important factor and we don't know much. >> all right, thank you very much, scott. start dreaming of sunny days and summer vacations. that is a suggestion from travel agents. they say you should be booking your spring and summer travel arrangements now. also, you might notice some changes from the years' past. millennials are creating a couple of interesting trends. they say those folks were born around the turn of the century are more technology driven. is that breaking news? that means among other things, airlines need to change their configurations. that is interesting.
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>> we'll see more spaces for laptop and tablet storage with some of the newer planes that are coming out in the new year. >> changes in the hotel rooms and might start seeing fewer desks because millennials are more likely to do their work in hotel common areas or coffee shops than in their hotel rooms. you know, those of us who are jer atric we don't need the space on the airplanes. >> geriatric. >> the airline is the exact same business model as it has been for 30s. welcome to your 2016. maybe we can tweet some things. all right. we're tweaking our forecast. >> and we're also checking the nbc bay area app, right, this morning. a lot going on on that radar especially as that some of rain continues to move out of the bay area, but some more right behind that. you will need it at some point.
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just see what is going on as we take a live look now at the golden gate bridge and still wet. we may have some light, spotty showers, mist and drizzle keepal those roadways wet and some low visibility in spots where we do have some fog developing. here's a look at the bigger picture. that storm system that is moving on out is producing some snow over the sierra and then here we go, here's the next one. that will be here tomorrow morning at this time. making things wet, once again. although we do welcome this rain? as we take a little bit of a break now temperatures in the mid-50s and 56 degrees in concord and livermore and 53 degrees as we go hour-by-hour in san francisco, still a lot of clouds today by 10:00. the sun starts to peek out and a little bit of sun today and reaching into the low 60s in some spots, but staying up to about 58 degrees in san francisco and look at:00 today. models are picking up on the chance of some light rain there and else where hit or miss across the bay area. highs today reaching the low 60s and above 58 degrees in san francisco and 58 in napa and
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pittsburg today 68 degrees and dublin a high of 61 degrees. we're looking ahead to the next storm system that will be moving in. once again, some of a break today and some spots and light rain. the heavier rain returns for the north bay early tomorrow morning and then in san francisco as you head the door and in time for the morning commute looks pretty wet also for the north bay. moving into the south bay, still some bouts of heavy downpours. off and on all throughout the morning and early afternoon. still some lingering showers into the evening before it clears out and then we're looking at a dry wednesday. so, the rain forecast for the next 24 hours brings us another and possibly inch of rain in some spots. so the potential of flooding still exists. and the snow is cutting down in the sierra. we can tell by all the white there on the radar and looking at the possibility of another few inches with this system and then an additional four or five inches on top of that. so, in total, twin bridges. we're looking at about 10 inches
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of snow and up to 14 inches in bear valley. take another look at the microclimate forecast and a look ahead coming up in a few minutes. >>, kari. coming up next, an iranian nuclear deal now signed. that includes a man with local ties. "this is a good day." that
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announcement from president obama after the 5:21 right now and this is a good day. that announcement from president
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obama after the release of several americans held prisoner in iran. it is the culmination of a long diplomatic process between the united states and i. it a diplomatic process that started with a coming to an agreement on a nuclear deal. this is video of a swiss air force jet carrying several of those americans landing in geneva yesterday. bay area native and "washington post" journalist was one of the five released. he was accused of working to undermine the iranian regime. >> jason rez eaian is coming home. he's been held for a year and a half. he embodies the brave spirit that gives life to the freedom of the press. >> there is no word on when the americans will return to the united states, but in exchange for the release, the u.s. is dropping charges against seven
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iranians. we're learning more information this morning about the one american killed in a terror tack in burkina faso. they stormed two hotels and a cafe in the capital city on friday. 28 people in total and that includes an american from florida. he ran an orphanage 0 miles from the capital along with his wife. he was at a popular restaurant when gunman entered and opened fire. >> he is more joyful now he ever was. you know, but, of course, all of us being left behind is a little more. >> so much heart ache there. he was only in the capital because he was awaiting the arrival of a group of missionary to come from south florida. he leave business hind four children. in hawaii the coast guard announced search and rescue crews found debris that appears to be from a helicopter crash. 12 marines are still missing after a training exercise went horribly wrong. authorities say the debris was consistent with the type of
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aircraft the marines were in. ch-53 stallion helicopters. on thursday night, two choppers collided off the course of owahoo during a training mission. no sign of survivors, but family and friends of the missing marines are still hopeful. >> our flags are out and the flag is inverted. that means that we have a service member missing. it's critically important that we support the family. we support them in our prayers and our gestures. >> so far the search effort has covered more than 18,000 square miles. after all these questions, chris, about why he did it it sean penn says his mission failed. to start up a dialogue on the war on drugs. he spoke about his "rolling stone" article on "60 minutes" last night. the focus has been on the meeting and how penn was able to
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notch thatvert view. the mexican government was, "clearly very humiliated but insisted he played no role in guzman's eventual capture." windows destroyed, walls spray painted. the cleanup and investigation now happening before class resumes tomorrow. and i'm bob redell take you live here to the south bay where last night's heavy rain storm has sent a surge of water to local rivers. that story coming up. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail theunit@nbcbayarea pit com. nbc bay area, we investigate.
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good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock the storm we're all talking about still rolling through the bay area. here's a live look right now at the radar. you can see the green along with bands of yellow and some orange in the middle. those indicate heavier rainfall. from the radar to our windows out on our, let's look live. the roadway is wet and drivers
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should be extra careful because there are very slick conditions out there. down to the south bay, here's a look at san jose and the reflection of the headlights on that wet roadway. speaking from first-hand experience, there is ponding there, as well. we have live team coverage. "today in the bay" bob redell. in the south bay, stephanie chuang in pacifica and kari hall leads our coverage. good morning, kri. >> we have been tracking the rain since yesterday as it approaches the bay area. now it is moving out and getting a chance to dry out before the next storm system moves in. can you see the cluster of the clouds just to the left out over the pacific? that is the next one moving in by tomorrow morning. so, the bulk of the heavy rain rolling to the east and we'll still be left with spotty light showers and wet roads as you head out along with some patchy fog. temperatures low to mid-50s aup to about 60 degrees today for the peninsula and also for the east bay, and 63 in the south
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bay and upper 50s for san francisco in the north bay. i'll talk about that next storm system and how much rain we've had. that's coming up in the microclimate forecast. >> kari, thank you. something else she has been talking about is the coastal flood watch this morning, especially as the surf intensifies with high tide hitting at 6:00 and already the waves have done some pretty big damage. >> stephanie chuang is live at pacifica where the water was so powerful it washed part of a walk way away. surprising people are out there trying to see it so upclose and personal. >> trying to get up here with the ruas i saw one man do that already and i'm nervous with my backed. i'll get out of the shot now. one wave already came and splashed. if i was standing here, i would have been drenched already. a sign here warning people that's what happens here and with this coastal flood warning that kari is talk about, this is especially true today. you can see the waves roll there in the distance showing you how powerful they are. the high tide sitting at 6:00
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this morning. beach boulevard here by the pier where we are. crews have out the boulders we saw a moment ago and closed off to people but still coming out to catch a glimpse anyway. now, it's a bit like a game. you see how close you can get up to see the water before getting hit by the water. people like mark smith whose family home is just about 100 yards away from the walkway. it's worth getting up at 3:00, 4:00 in the morning to document just how pourlerful these waves are. >> you can see a good set coming in and, you know, splashing off the pier and, yeah, el nino only happens so often and these king tides are pretty cool. >> now, here is a look at some of the weekend waves that they were expected to hit up to nearly 20 feet and the big concern is for those who live around here that homes that line the area where people have been sandbagging part of their property for protection.
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again, that coastal flood watch warning in effect until 7:00 this morning. 6:00, though, is when the high tide hits and i have to tell youroom i'm a little nervous when that happens. i'll look over my shoulder every once in a while for these live reports. >> backed it up a little bit, steph or backed away from the ocean towards us. stormy weather in the north bay certainly causing some problems, including mudslides. they brought in heavy equipment along highway 116 west of guerneville and clear the rocks and the mud from the roadway. in marin the rain seemed to just sit right over the area. store owners in mill valley put up sandbags. same goes for the folks. >> few years ago terrible flood on the street. just, you know, getting prepared. we have a gate that will go across in case the floods do come. little preventative. >> sandbags are in demand for homeowners. you see in napa, residents loading up trying to keep the
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water out there. napa historically has seen some severe flooding, but they do hope the relatively new flood control project that they voted to pay for that that funnels the water into a new basin and away homes and businesses, as well. and now we'll go out to "today in the bay" bob redell. >> we've historically seen flooding on the east bay and monitoring the water levels in san jose. how is that looking right now, bob? >> well, good morning to you, sam and kris. as you can see behind me still several feet away from being at the flood stage. but i can tell you, quite a while since we've seen the guadeloupe river have a flow. just underneath park avenue in downtown san jose. you can see a surge of water that has come into the guadeloupe river since around midnight and we have numbers to back this up. this is courtesy of u.s. geological survey. they have a flood gauge or a flood gauge at guwadalupe was
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9'6" that is a surge of 4.5 inches of water. seeing something similar happen there which shouldn't be a surprise. reading below a foot and now at 3.5 feet. again, that is a surge of around 4, 4 feet there. but, again, speaking of the river here, their flood stage here is at 17 feet. so, we're still several feet below that and you can see we're not even at an area where it will start cresting the banks and you have to give a lot of credit to the flood project that has been going here on the guadalupe area and right here where we are the park avenue area which is still not any risk of flooding right now. but if we keep getting more rain and surges like we had last night, then you have a different story. for right now, you can see the flow is pretty good and it's
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something to look at. it's nice to see we've been in this drought all this time. bob redell "today in the bay." >> not right now the operative words. we are expecting more wet weather this week. you can stay informed even when we're not on air. download our nbc bay area app or google play. jeff ranieri shows us how it works. >> we've made it easy for you to get the very latest information on your smartphone. all you need to do is just click on the bar that says, weather alerts. and you'll get the information you need to know right when you need to know it. i'm jeff ranieri. an antioch infant is safe and sound this morning after an amber alert that has now been canceled. the police are still looking for the 1-year-old baby's father. police 27-year-old ricardo sanchez gomez threatened to kill
5:36 am
the mother and the baby yesterday. gomez was visiting her and the baby after being estranged most of his 1-year life. the amber alert was issued after the dad took off with the child. just before 8:00 last night a person called police saying the infant had been dropped off at their home in the central valley. new video this morning of that neighborhood in stockton. police have not said whether the person who called them is also related to the baby. police are still looking for gomez who was last seen driving a dark gray subaru foresther with california license plate 6rtv690. if you have any information about the car or about sanchez gomez, give police a call. meantime, a wanted for hit and run after allegedly causing two other cars to veer off a south bay highway. happened about 9:00 yesterday morning right near highway 87. the chp says the driver cut off a black lexus, causing that car to swerve and hit an acura. both the lexus and the acura
5:37 am
plunged down the side of a hill. the driver who set off the chain reaction just kept on going. nobody was injure this could have been far worse as many homeless camp right on that hillside. >> that was our concern, too. not only came off the roadway, but they didn't contact one of the homeless encampments and strike another person. >> lucky near miss. officers right now are asking anyone with information to come forward. if you don't have a clear description of the spect's car or the driver. it was a deadly weekend on high 4 in martinez. a series of crashes led to the death of a 19-year-old woman from concord. the chp says that young woman lost control of her mazda and hit the center guard rail around 8:30 in the evening. she got out of the car just before it was struck by another car but that impact knocked the mazda intaher that knocked her into oncoming traffic.
5:38 am
she was struck and killed. two other drivers were involved. they survived. we should learn more information very soon about a deadly tour bus crash in san francisco. happened on saturday night near diviadaro and post street. tried to get the attention of a tour bus driver who was turning towards him. the bus hit the man and dragged him underneath the vehicle. the driver cooperated with police during that investigation, which closed down the intersection for hours. the identity of the victim has not yet been released. authorities are waiting to notify his family. >> not the bay area! and making their voices heard at sfo for a second day in a row. occupy oakland protesters bringing their message to air travelers coming into the bay area. this video was posted on to instagram. the protesters gathered outside of security at sfo and did the same thing at the oakland airport on saturday. the group is trying to draw attention to the victims of bay
5:39 am
area police shooting. a north bay elementary school has some cleaning up to do before classes resume tomorrow. police say doors were forced open, classrooms were damaged at luma vista academy in put luma. this is some of the spray paint on the pavement and here it is on the building, as well. vandals struck over the weekend when no one was at the school. officers do not have a description of the suspect but they are still looking for information. well, happening today, free admission at some california national parks for dr. martin luther king jr. day. the program includes yosemite and muir woods and san francisco museum. one of a handful of three days that national parks every year. the good news, even better news parking fees are free, tour fees are free, as well. >> also, kris, lots of events around the bay area today for martin luther king jr. day. the biggest one every year, the celebration train. it departs cal trains at 9:30 in
5:40 am
the morning and stops all along the peninsula into san francisco. folks celebrating. by 11 in the morning those on the train leave the cal train station and then marched to yerba buena gardens. volunteers will work to restore the old guadalupe trail. the organizer says that service to nature advances martin luther king's legacy. tonight, a candlelight vigil atta clara univerity, if the weather cooperates. they will hold that vigil outside of mission church. if it does rain, they'll hold the event inside. they'll read selections of dr. king's work during that vigil. in oakland one observance will be a bit more like a protest. the folks there are going to march for the second year in a row to "reclaim dr. martin luther king jr.'s radical legacy." this is an event that starts at 11:00 this morning put on a
5:41 am
group by the anti-police terror project but these folks have scaled back the event in richmond because the weather. they are going to mulch and weed the richmond greenway and plans of a noontime program with speakers and performances but those have been canceled because of the rain. talking a lot recently about the high surf in pacifica. pounding surf leaving parts of the cuban capital semi submerged. massive waves slamming into havana's water front. it started last night and continued through the overnight hours. one resident said it has been a decade since something like this has happened. led to flooding in some areas of the city as they help to navigate flood and sea side roads. meteorologist kari hall has been watching the weather and the surf is just amazing and there in havana, too. >> because of the constant storm systems moving in. this one now moving off to the east. another one right behind that and that will also continue to
5:42 am
give us some high surf conditions throughout the day even though the warnings will be expiring. as we take a live look now, we are seeing the weather quieting down in time for everyone to get out on the roads unless you're off today for the holiday. we will see still the possibility of more scattered showers all throughout the day, but it will be light and very hit or miss. our rain chances starting to increase as we go into the afternoon and then tonight the next storm system moves in. so, once again, that coastal flood warning continues until 7:00 this morning where some of the low lying spots may have to deal with some flooding throughout those hours. as we go through the day, we're looking high temperature in san francisco up to 58 degrees. also 58 in napa and oakland 63 degrees and dublin looking at 61 degrees. some spotty rain today. heavier rain tomorrow and then a break on wednesday. we'll talk about all of that coming up in the full microclimate forecast coming up in about a few minutes. >> thank you very much, kari. with the raiders out of the picture and at least in the short term, the san diego
5:43 am
chargers and now l.a. rams reportedly set to kick off formal negotiations regarding the possibility of a joint stadium venture. >> approve the move from st. louis back to los angeles gave the chargers the option to join them, however, if the chargers bow out, then the raiders will be in line to join the rams. >> confused yet? here is a live look at the oakland coliseum where it is still up in the air if the raiders will play there next year. this, the raiders' president is going to meet with oakland coliseum leaders to discuss the next steps for the football move. plans to permanently move to california fell through last week. oakland's mayor libby shaft says if wants to resume talks about keeping the raiders in town in oakland. but so far raiders' owner mark davis has been noncommitmental about that idea. could stay at the bay area and play another venue for the time being. netflix plan. plus, gas prices could fall because of that iran deal and a
5:44 am
lawsuit that i think will really make you mad. we'll take a look, coming up in "business and tech." despite the threat of rain --
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some people thought they'd welcome back, 5:46 and despite all the rain we had over the last few days, some people thought why not spend the day outside counting birds. part of the annual bird count and children were among the folks who spent the day tallying up the national wildlife refuge in fremont. after learning some tips at
5:47 am
binocular boot camp the kids outed head to count the type of birds and the birds they saw in the trees and the bushes. >> the idea is to get them excited ait and then come back together over a brown bag lunch and do a tabulation celebration. and in doing that, they decide how many total species did we count as an entire group here at edwards today. >> fun. well, the count gets reported to cornell university and then becomes part of the database that the government uses. schools use that database across the country, as well. netflix is zeroing its sights in on a target audience, families. making a special effort to produce special programming for children and for families. and it's starting with the much "old house remake" "fuller house." don't pretend like you're not going to check that out.
5:48 am
ordering 20 new programs in the family friendly category this year. not enough of this kind of programming on traditional tv right now and trying to fill that gap. >> why, kids don't like "house of cards"? >> different kind of house. it is hard to believe, but a former taco bell executive caught on camera beating up an uber driver is suing the uber driver. >> so hard to believe because we've seen this video. okay. and now for $5 million, no less, scott mcgrew it seems incomprehensive. >> that was me, i'm so sorry. i take full responsibility and now he's suing that driver for $5 million. remember, anybody can sue anybody. it doesn't mean they're going to win, but most people would say if anybody should be suing anyone what happened here it's the driver that should be suing the passenger and, indeed, that is happening. driver caban is suing passenger benjamin golden and you can understand why.
5:49 am
but the passenger is suing the driver. you think it can't get worse so let's talk about that money. the driver who was beaten is suing the alleged beater for $25,000. and the alleged beater is suing the driver he allegedly beat and we all watched on video for $5 million. so, over the weekend, iran agreed to get along with the rest of the world proving it's living up to its end of the nuclear deal. in turn, the world will lift most sanctions against the iran which means by the end of the year iranian oil is going to be back on the market. you know what we didn't need more on the oil market? oil. the price of a barrel of oil is down to $28. oil prices are down 70% since 2014. good news for drivers and producers it's lousy news for states who depend on gas tax for roads. obviously, for the oil industry, as well, it has driven the american stock markets down. american stock markets, by the way, closed today for dr. king's
5:50 am
birthday. but the chinese and asian markets are doing what they usually do which is plunge. >> how low is the oil going to go? $28 now. we don't really know the bottom is? >> nobody does. certainly $20 a barrel of oil would be disastrous and it could get there. >> dragging the whole economy with it. thank you very much, scott. we have lots of rain falling from the sky and continue through the morning commute. >> if the roads are wet. now, the rain is moving out. a little bit of a chance to dry out before the next storm system moves in. so, as we take a live look outside, wow, it's hard to see. you can see that we do have some low clouds from mist and drizzle in spots and we're also seeing some fog, especially along the coast. keep that in mind as you head out. let's take a look at some of the rainfall totals we had from the past 24 hours with this storm system moving through. in oakland, nearly 2 inches of rain and 1.25 in union city and lafayette over 2 inches of rain. danville had 1.6 and mount pam
5:51 am
and in tiburon over an inch and san francisco $ 1.25. so, now that that system is moving east, once again, we are still left with spotty, light showers in some spots. but nothing as heavy as we had to deal with during those early morning hours. you could probably hear that pouring on the roof. well, now, temperatures are in the mid-50s and here is a look at the futurecast. this is what the radar and satellite could look like. showing light rain popping up here and there and then as we go into early tomorrow morning. before you wake up, there could start to be another round of rain moving into the north bay covering san francisco by the morning commute and moving into the east bay, as well as the peninsula and then approaching the south bay as we go into the late morning hours. still some bouts of heavy rain in there and also still some lingering light showers as we go into the evening. so, another round of a good
5:52 am
soaker moving into the bay area. the rain futurecast shows the possibility of an additional half of an inch of rain with this next system. so, it's totaling up on what we already had to start off this workweek. in livermore as we take it hour by hour. by 10:00 a little bit of a chance to dry out and temperatures will be warming up, too, but we will is it have a chance of rain throughout the afternoon. once again, very spotty hit or miss and the next three days we do see more of the same temperatures reaching into the upper 50s to lower 60s. the soggy day, wednesday looks like one of the only dry days of the week as the high temperatures reach into the low 60s. we'll talk about more storms ahead and what else to expect coming up a little bit later. coming up, the gloves came off at the last democratic presidential debate before the iowa caucuses. the heated words exchanged betwe between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail
5:53 am nbc base yay area, we investiga. a developing story: ==sam/cu==
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5:55 am
in hawaii -- the coast guard announced search and rescue crews found debris that a developing story now in hawaii. the coast guard announced they found debris that appeared from a helicopter crash.
5:56 am
12 marines are still missing after a training exercise went horribly wrong. authorities say the debris was consistent with the type of aircraft the marines were flying, a ch-53 stallion helicopter. on thursday night two choppers collided off the north shore of oahu after a training mission. family and friends of the missing marines rehopeful. >> our flags are out. the flag is inverted and that means that we have a service member missing. it's critically important that we support the family. we support them in our prayers, our gestures. >> the search effort has covered more than 18,000 square miles. this morning, marin native jason rezaian and two other prisoners are undergoing. two other american prisoners are now free.
5:57 am
rezaian is said to be reunited with his wife and mother. told two editors at "washington post" when asked about how he is doing, then he is a lot better than he was 48 hours earlier. the prisoners have been held in the notorious prison under charges of spying. iran held rezaian for a year and a half and the others were there much longer. >> we have been on pins and needles dying to see him. we haven't seen him in 4 1/2 years. >> family members and several u.s. congressmen are said to be arriving in germany right now waiting to meet with those former prisoners. let's talk some politics. decision 2016. two weeks now until the iowa caucuses and things definitely heating up amongst the democrats. the three presidential contenders rolled up their sleeves and took some shots at each other in areas that include gun control. >> i think secretary clinton knows what she says is very
5:58 am
disengenwise. i have a d minus voting record from the nra. >> he has vote the nra with the gun lobby numerous times. he voted against the brady bill five times. >> all right. there have been real policy discussions, but many are saying that the gloves finally came off during last night's debate. but the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders tightening, each contender talked about how they're better qualified to forward president obama's agenda on health care. this last scheduled debate for the democrats, that was the last one before voters go to the caucuses in iowa and that is on february 1st. around the nation, political leaders will join activists, artists and everyday americans with events honoring the reverend dr. martin luther king jr. for many mlk day is a day to give back to the community president obalma and the first lady, that meant visiting a boys and girls club last year. their exact agenda for today has not been released but they are
5:59 am
expected to take part in some sort of community service program. in columbia, south carolina, meanwhile, a march and rally is planned. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are both scheduled to attend that event. well, right now overnight rain flooding a local roadway. rain coming down in sheets all across the bay area and there's more where that came from. a string of storms barreling through still and flood concerns are mounting in several communities in the bay area. the area is preparing for the worst as we brace for more wet weather. and a live look at pacifica where you don't want to turn your back on the ocean. high tide is rolling in as we speak. but there's already damage from these powerful waves. "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. as kris just mentioned we're watching that high surf. a wave of storms hitting the bay
6:00 am
area this week with the most recent one pounding us right now. you the doppler radar still very active. roads considerably wet to kick off the start of your week. that string of storms is increasing mudslide and flood concerns from the coast to the south bay and everywhere in between. >> team coverage to get you prepared, but, first, meteorologist kari hall for a look at this latest storm's path and when we're going to get the brunt of it, kari. >> we already had the brunt of the storm moving in for this one moving in and now it continues to wind down and still leaving behind wet roads. as you take a look at the clouds to the left of your screen, that's the next storm system that will be here tomorrow morning. so, a little bit of a brief break, but still some spotty, light showers expected as the rain ends we're seeing some patch dense fog in some spots and some mist and drizzle, especially for the north bay. watch out for low visibility as you drive this morning. highs will reach into the upper 50s for the san franci


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