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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 19, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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out of jail-- but not over the risk of another bay bridge shutdown. police are keeping a close eye on the bridge this morning, out of but not the risk of another bay bridge shut down. 12 hours after arresting two dozen people for blocking lanes and themselves to cars and others. before things turn dire. a peninsula woman likely saved by her screams during a home attack. another storm system sweeping into the bay area overnight. a live look at the golden gate bridge being pelted with more rain. another good storm hitting the bay area. "today in the bay" starts right now. a very good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock.
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we start out this morning much like we did 24 hours ago. kari hall is following that very closely. kari, what is the latest? >> we begin just like yesterday, but this rain will linger a lot longer into that morning commute as we're now starting to see this storm ramping up across the bay area. we're also seeing some bright reds and oranges on the radar. well, that indicates that there is some pretty high intensity in some of this rain falling near san francisco moving over towards oakland and that will be approaching the east bay. so, the rain is about to get heavy. there may be some gusty winds and we could have those gusts up to 35 miles an hour. as we go into the day, the rain tapers off and we'll get another chance to dry out with warm temperatures. i'll detail that and a look ahead to see if there is any more rain in that forecast. that's coming up in just a few minutes. let's see how the roads are moving now with mike. good morning. >> i'm here it's not a holiday
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like yesterday. we should see more traffic. we haven't seen a lot of traffic since six weeks ago, beginning of the holiday season. we should see that rebuilding all week. soupy conditions should be an issue all morning. the volume is still very light. this is oakland where you see all the water on the road. the blue shows up and the ponding and puddling. scattered spinouts and another highway 4 and antioch and some more slippery roadways. 84 right around vineyard that is an issue. another spinout reported over there. overall, the blue and green shows you a slick commute all morning. lower those speeds and ease back into the week, folks. >> easing into our day, mike. thank you very much as we do follow this wet weather. a great way to track the storms yourself is through our free nbc bay area app. click on the weather tab to find the live doppler radar. you can download the app from the google app store google play for android devices. a messy evening commute on
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the bay bridge. protesters blocked westbound lanes with their car and chained each other. demonstrators known as believe thieves say all this was carried out in martin luther king jr.'s honor. >> the inconvenience you may have experienced on the bridge. having your well being constantly inconvenienced as a black person. >> 25 protesters were arrested and eventually released on bail. they are facing a number of charges, including unlawinal assembly and public nuisance. the anger also boiling over in san francisco yesterday. >> we want the police officers involved charged with murder. >> protesters shouted over mayor ed lee's speech at a martin luther king jr. celebration. they want justice for mario woods who was shot can killed by police officers last month.
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he is wanted in connection with the stabbing. an attorney is now calling for the federal government to investigate the sfpd's use of force. a woman's screams in redwood city helped fend off a frightening attack. it all happened early yesterday morning. a woman in her late 20s arrived home. she was distracted by her dog. a man came in and attacked her. her sister talked with us in hopes of getting the word out about the attacker but did not want to be identified. >> take her dog out and next thing you know somebody was coming towards her and try to choke her. he screamed. >> another family member came to her aid and the man ran off. if you have any information in the case, contact the san mateo sheriff department. follow up now, the elderly man hit and killed by a san francisco tour bus over the weekend was a long-time teacher in the city. he was struck saturday in a
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crosswalk in lower pacific heights. his neighbors tell us he is from canada and work for san francisco unified. investigators are still trying to piece together what happened. the tour bus company and the driver are said to be cooperating with investigators. we're taking a quick look right now at our satellite radar and a lot of orange and yellow on there. intensity of rain this morning, kari. >> really coming down in san francisco and parts of the north bay and also moving over towards oakland as we get a closer look at that now. it is just pretty much covered with pretty steady, moderate downpour at this point and we'll get heavier as we see more of this energy rolling onshore. and also creating some flooding in some spots, especially on those low lying roads and some of the usual spots that see mroodi flooding. as we go into the rest of the morning, we still see this. bright yellow and reds on the radar and then more of the
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moderate rain for parts of the south bay and east bay by 9:00. still times when the winds pick up and the rain comes down and then we take a little bit of a break. this rain continues into the morning commute making things very slippery. let's check in with mike to see how things are looking out there now. >> messing with our cameras, as well. the connectivity and we're looking over here towards the foster city side of the san mateo bridge. glow to the lights. soupy conditions all over the bay. that extends over to the traffic system as we look at the map we take her radar data and shows the road weather index. the heavier impact from the rain and the puddling and the ponding. san mateo and north of the san mateo bridge. over here on the oakland side kari was talking about. seeing more poddiuddling and ponding. but overall as we look at fremont, it's just a slick roadway out there as the commute just getting started, folks. be careful and allow extra time. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much.
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4:36 right now. you can stay informed about the weather and more even when you're not on air. download our nbc bay area app or google play and jeff ranieri will show us exactsly h lly how works. >> we made it easy for you to get the latest information on your smartphone. click on the bar that says weather alerts and you will get the information that you need to know right when you need to know it. as the that's how you stay inform would the nbc bay area app. escaping their home country because of violence. the family of a teenager killed on a b.a.r.t. train said they thought the bay area would be a safe haven. shedding light on the investigation. bay area restaurant get a lot more than burger and fries. what has people on edge this morning. =laura/ots= perhaps not a
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random attack. the parents of a man killed aboard a bart train are at 4:40 only on nbc the parents of a man aboard a b.a.r.t. train are shedding new light on the investigation. he was headed to a family dinner when he was shot and killed ten days ago. the parents say b.a.r.t. police told them their son and suspected killer had an interaction on a bus and then spilled on a b.a.r.t. train. then is suspects pushed rumarrow. they moved to the bay area because they thought they would
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be safer here. >> we brought him from honduras to get away from all the violence. that's why we came here. >> translator: the most terrible thing i feel like they took my arm. he was my right arm. >> so sad. sources tell nbc bay area that investigators are looking into some sort of gang connection. well, a violent robbery in a normally safe community has many on edge this morning. on sunday night a masked man armed with a semi-automatic handgun barge under to a five guys restaurant right at the concord border. employees were cleaning up inside when the suspect walked in through an unlocked side door. the employees handed over $4,000 from the safe and that suspect ran off. no one was hurt during that robbery. coming up next, it has never been done before in outer space unless you're matt damon. the successful experiments that could bring cheer to lonely astronauts. ad lib toss to wx
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this is the first time in a long time that the team has been back together. >> start jamming. starting right now. and we are jamming with wet weather to start and then warmer temperatures later today. how do you figure out how to dress? >> you dress for it all. you make sure that you have some rain gear and something warm to wear this morning and then this afternoon you'll be peeling off those layers after the rain is out of here and then the sun
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pr breaks out. a live look at san jose, a couple raindrops on the lens and a couple raindrops on the road. if you're getting ready now, some extra time to get to where you're going. get on out the door. here's what to expect as we go throughout the day. rain heavy at times and maybe some spots where there could be flooding on the roadways. watch out for that. then the wind start to pick up. we may have some gusts to about 25 to 30 miles an hour and in the sierra we do have a travel impact. we're expecting up to four to eight inches of snow above 6,000 feet. looking good there. as the rain continues to stream into the bay area, some of the more intense rain now moving into san francisco over towards oakland and parts of the peninsula while it's still fairly light around san jose at this point, maybe even taking a break at this point. as we go into the rest of the day, we will still see the waves of heavy rain moving through and the numbers here show how much rain we see at that point in time in total. by 9:00, we could have already close to 0.5 in redwood city and
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then over an inch of rain for parts of the north bay. the rain becomes less intense at noon, so you may be able to take the lunch outside, but don't be surprised if there is still some light, spotty showers moving through later on this afternoon into the evening we finally start to dry out. and we will see those clouds moving out, as well. as you step out the door now, it's in the lower 50s. here's a look at the wind forecast. we can tell by these arrows here. the wind speeds in miles per hour. so, at 4:00, we're starting out with wind speeds and gusts close to 30 miles an hour and then look at the coast, half moon bay. sustained winds and possibly higher gusts at about 45 miles per hour and then as we go into the evening, that system moves to the east and we get an onshore flow and will still be breezy, but the winds will calm down later on tonight. take it hour' by-hour in oakland. the rain continuing all throughout the morning and then it starts to let up as we go
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into the afternoon. still a slight chance at 1:00. but then mostly cloudy skies. our highs today topping out in the upper 50ss, lower 60s all across the bay area. we are looking at a nice chance to dry out over the next couple of days. let's check in with mike and see what is happening on the roadway. >> looking over here towards our live camera in san rafael. you see the effects of the rain for the last couple of hours. easing off in some parts just for a couple of minutes, we're seeing the effects building on to the roadways. san rafael and golden gate bridge continues down on the north bay and water on the lens and you'll have to use those windshield wipers all around the bay, slick conditions. we'll show you the map. despite those conditions we don't have a lot of problems. that's good news. minor flooding and typical off 101 there's the north bay. over here in the east bay, flooding reported. 880 as a couple of your downtown off ramp there's. the bottom of the ramp where the drain nl is and having trouble for half an hour. more or hevier rain through
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oakland and late in the last couple of minutes and flooding reported as you're moving out of hayward and a spinout here for highway 84 looks like everything is off the roadway near vineyard. back to you. >> thank you, mike. soon going to be free for everyone. for more on that and the rest of the news before the bell let's see what's up with landon dowdy at cnbc world headquarters. >> hey, laura and sam, good morning with you. let's get a check of your markets real quick. the first few weeks of 2016 behind it. the dow dropping more than 1,400 points on china's economy and tumbling oil prices. investors shrugging off news that china's gdp slowed to the weakest pace in 25 years. oil is higher today, although still below $30 a barrel. and look for more earnings from bank of america, morgan stanley and netflix .
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on friday the dow dropping. the nasdaq down 127 to 4488. the wealth gap gets wider. 62 people own as much wealth as half of the world's population. their assets have risen by more than $500 billion in the past five years. urging world leaders to tackle wage and equality salaries of top ceos have risen by half since 2009 but the minimum wage has been stuck at $7.25. meanwhile, what's app will soon be free. it is dropping its token $1 a year subscription fee. individual users could use it for free for the first year, but, instead, the company is exploring ways to charge banks or businesses who want to connect directly to users. sam and laura, back over to you. >> that's a lifeline for so many people who have relative abroad.
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you need to get somewhere quick, just hire a helicopter. that's the latest plan from uber. the company is partnering with airbus and what can only be called a pilot program. offering on demand helicopter rides. my writers are witty. infirst real travel run will take place during the sundance festival. will run you $200 to $300. time of the flight, just about 15 minutes. and if you're wondering, an uber car will transport you to and from the helipad. flowers have never been grown in outer space before, that is until now. you're looking at the first flower ever grown independent of mother earth. scott kelly tweeted out these pictures. they're part of an experiment on how plants grow in a microgravity. this is important, of course,
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because plants provide food and filter the air. flowers might also be used some day to boost the spirits of astronauts in the loneliness of space. big news for football players and fans, better protection against concussions from a new type of helmet. the research that led to its development came from the nfl. the league is under intense pressure, some calling it a crisis. some school districts are even ending their football programs over fear of lawsuits involving? juries to players. the designers call it the safest helmet in football. >> it's a high-tech layered design and completely different from existing helmets. >> as we compare and benchmark our helmet from helmets on the market, we're finding significant improvements compared to the current heldm t heldments that are available today. >> the helmet is made of four layers with a shell that absorbs impact. the developers say there's still some safety tests to complete, but if everything goes well, it
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could be ready for use as early as next season. coming up next, every child's happiness. the city of morgan hill is doing to include children of all levels on the playground.
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the rain is here to welcome us, once again, to start out your day. that radar is lit up this morning. kari, you're tracking a lot of activity coming through right now. >> we'll see this for several more hours with heavy rain at times and gusty winds. this continues into the morning commute and starts to taper off this afternoon. we're working for the weekend. so, as we take a look at the weekend forecast, there will be the next round of rain moving in on friday into early saturday. sunday looks dry. so, if you're starting to make plans, i think sunday is the day to get out there. let's check in with mike to see what's happening on the roadways.
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>> smooth commute right now. very wet and sloppy commute. the potential there. the off ramp we show you the example off of west 5 8 o0 which is looking really wet as the water kicks up behind the cars moving through. show you the map and the green highlighting all over and that means wet roadways throughout. that is our road weather index. it is all over the pay. i'll take it off so you can see the speed sensors through the area and earlier crash 84 at vineyard and rest of the bay looks really good. another crash in san francisco and 1 o01 where there is minor flooding reported. we'll look at san jose, again. i removed the green from the map. slick roadways all around the bay. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. battling the clock and the weather. the search continues this morning for a missing ski instructor. 23-year-old carson may was last seen skiing on the back side of sugar bowl resort on thursday. searchers are now scouring that area covered in two feet of fresh snow.
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focusing on spots where may could actually be sheltering if he's hurt, as well as back county areas country areas where there have been several avalanches in previous days. morgan hill is soon going to have an inclusive playground built specifically for children with disabilities or special needs. the park will be behind the centennial recreation center. everything is built for kids in wheelchairs as well as children who are deaf or blind. more than 40 volunteers have been working for more than a year to get this park up and running. >> they'll be able to do stuff in each area. they'll have slides. they'll have jumping areas. they'll have teeter-totters. and they'll be able to do it. the grounds will be wheelchair friendly. we're going to get a wheelchair-type slide. a wheelchair type swing. and some type of equipment. >> well, children in the community are being asked to help design this project.
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so far volunteers have raised $12,000 to complete it. the goal is $2 million. the park is expected to be done later this year or early next year. >> should be very nice. 4:57 right now. happening today, san jose rolling out the teal carpet for a silver anniversary. san jose sharks tonight celebrating 25 years in the national hockey league. city leaders will join current and former shark players for a celebration event at the sap center. aka, come on, the shark tank. the program will include reliving highlights over the years and how the sharks have contributed to the growth of bay area hockey. tickets start at $25. the proceeds go to the sharks foundation, which is a nonprofit. >> the sap center changed the name to come on, shark tank. >> i remember when they came here, i think i have an original jersey. got to be worth something. coming up next, more than sharks in the water. waves causing problems in pacifica as another storm
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rolling through the bay area. residents blocking traffic on the bay bridge for hours. the crisis isn't concluded. the reason why the threat of another protest exists this morning.
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>> this is a big inconvenience. . more than two dozen people arrested. thousands more inconvenienced. the big message these protesters wanted the bay area to hear. plus, big rain and big
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damage. the waves kicking up this morning that is exposing more problems on our coastline. back to school and work today. the wet weather greeting us this tuesday morning. plenty of activity on that doppler radar. "today in the bay" starts right now. a very good tuesday morning, thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. i hope you brought your rain slicker this morning. widespread rain and wind blasting the bay area. take a look at this from san rafael to san jose, everywhere getting a taste of these spring storms. we're tracking the radar as this latest system barrels through. a lot of activity happening right now as your morning commute is getting under way. >> team coverage to help you get out the door and first we go to meteorologist kari hall staying on top of this fast moving storm. zoom in. oranges and yellows in there. >> that shows where the more intense rain is now as it continues to move through san francisco over towards the east bay and over, also, towards the delta. that's where the most intense rain is coming d


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