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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 19, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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a deadly greyhound bus crash on highway 1-0-1 in the south bay. two are dead -- 18 more injured. breaking news, a deadly greyhound bus crash on 101 in the south bay. two are dead, 18 more injured. investigators on the scene and traffic may be tied up for of the rest of the day. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. that crash happened about 6:40 this morning on northbound 101 near the highway inter-5 director in south san jose. the greyhound bus was in the car pool lane trying to get from 101 to 85 on its way to the san jose station. it left last night from los angeles and was scheduled to make stops in san jose, san francisco and oakland. a total of 22 people were on board including the driver. we have a team in place covering
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this deadly bus crash from the traffic backup to an update on the victims at the hospital. but we'll begin with kris sanchez who is anchoring our coverage from the crash scene. >> reporter: one of the saddest duties that we have is to wait for the coroner to take away the bodies of the victims and that just happened. and we now know that those two victims were both women, they were both passengers. and that they were ejected from the side windows of that bus as it flipped on to its side. this was a very, very difficult crash. in all there were 21 peen 1 pas and one driver. the driver is among those transported to bay area hospitals. amazingly it seems most of the injuries are minor according to the information that the chp has. so at this point now, the focus is really on the search for answers. it's too soon at this point to say whether weather was a factor, but we do know that it was raining very hard at the
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time that that driver was trying to make his way from the northbound hov lane on highway 101 to that 85 connector and the flyover. according to the chp, at least one other driver a few hundred feet back saw the crash happen right before their eyes and then was struck with debris. >> there was a witness some several hundred feet behind the bus that saw the rear of the bus fly in the air and saw it go on its right side on to the k-rail. >> reporter: now, when the bus flipped on to its side, the two victims were thrown through the window and on to the roadway where they died. those two women are among the 21 passengers who were on board the bus at the time. and while he would think that with that many people on board, someone might have some information about what happened, apparently most of those passengers did not see that crash coming. >> 21 passengers and then the
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driver. that's the count we have as of right now. but they were all apparently sleeping. >> reporter: so now the chp major traffic accident investigators will look at everything, they will create a profile of the driver's last 24 hours, they will test blood samples from the driver, look for any mechanical failure on at bus that could have contributed or triggered that accident. and they will talk with the passengers to see if they might have anything else, any other information that might help in this investigation. and all of that is going to take some time. the investigation here at the scene is going to take several more hours. and then even after that is complete, it will be another few hours before the bus can be uprighted and moved. so traffic will be impacted most of the day and into the evening commute. we just talked with the sergeant, lisa brazil, she said at least 5:00 and we know these things can go a lot longer.
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mike is watching the traffic spillover effects and monterey highway as been a mess, as well. >> that's right. let me sort things out. first of all, tragic scene and you see how much of an issue it can be for spectators slowing dramatic with that bus on its side. northbound 101. folks here at 85, at mountain new is not the one we're talking about. we're talking south san jose out of morgan hill and making your way over here toward that transition. the hov lane and many of the regular lanes for the bay shore freeway are blocked as kris showed you. that will be a distraction for folks in the entire area. the backup has been consistent all morning long from about bailey road up to the scene. only two lanes are open here as opposed to four or five which is usually the case. and so we still have the big slowdown. alternates, cochran very jammed
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up this morning. as well as monterey road. things are calm, but this evening it will get more crowded if they don't clear it. so we will track that of course in the newsroom. and in fact let's go out to bob redell. >> reporter: we're about a mile into the backup. so about a mile out to where those green signs are is where the accident took place. we're here on metcalf and he can get a sense of just how severe the backup is. anyone stuck in the backup can expect to add another 20 minutes into their commute as you pan to the left, you can see this backup extends another mile. so if you do the math, we're looking at roughly a two mile backup to bailey road as you mentioned, mike, so if you're at home coming from gilroy, morgan hill on northbound 101, you probably want to get off at cochran road. by the time you get to bailey, you will be in that backup. and one of your alternates is
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monterey road, we have been up and down it and surprisingly there is no traffic on there. it's clear, it's moving. and if you take that north to vernal, that gets you back northbound 101. and you can see old monterey road right there just before the green hillside, there is plenty of space out there. so if you are going to be stuck in this backup and you're on your way in, and you haven't left the house yet, something to keep in mind. again, as you heard, it will be hours before all lanes of 101 are reopened when they get that greyhound bus out of the way. reporting live here on metcalf road, bob redell, nbc bay area news. drivers scrambled to get out of the way of the bus crash. anthony cordero came upon that chaotic scene. >> the greyhound bus, it was literally over the median hanging over the other side of the freeway. and it looked like the local
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front end was completely smashed in. i was running a little late to work and if i was running on time, that's exactly the lane i would have been in. so a little eerie when you're driving by. >> most of the injured victims were taken to regional medical center, and that is where michelle roberts joins us live. what is the latest on those victims? >> reporter: we just spoke to chp about, they said they will be talking to the victims as they are healthy enough to answer questions. what we do know right now is that three people are being treated here at regional medical center. we are told that they are in stable condition this morning. another three people were taken to valley medical center, they also had minor injuries. chp says some people suffered scrapes and bruises, but in total 18 people did suffer injuries. chp says the driver is being treated here at regional medical center with minor injuries. and we are told that he is cooperating with authorities on the investigation. >> he's being interviewed at this time.
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he's cooperating with the investigation. giving us all the details that he can remember and everything. as i said, i haven't interviewed him. the officer who is investigating it is with him right now. and we're conducting it. santa clara district attorney's office is assisting him as to what or steps will be from here. but as i said, he is cooperating at this time with any questions that we're asking him. he seems to be at a loss as to what happened, as well. >> reporter: tragically two women were killed. their names have not been released. 18 injured. and hospital authorities witells they will have more information as the day goes on. michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. looking back in history, two years ago, ten were killed when a fedex truck hit a bus carrying
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high school students during a tour. in 2009, five french tourists were killed when their charter bus left the road on highway 101 near soledad. a terrible accident in 1986 when a bus went into a river. and then the worst highway disaster in bay area history when brakes failed killing 27 choir students and one teacher. and the worst vehicle accident in u.s. history, when a train hit a truck and veered it into a bus killing 32 migrant workers in the salinas valley. as always, stay with us for continuing coverage of this deadly bus crash throughout the day. we're constantly updating the website along with the nbc bay area app and twitter and facebook, as well. let's check your weather this morning. >> and the second storm system of the week continues to move east, but we're still getting some gusty winds. and that raises the threat some
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of downed trees. we'll take a look at that and how much rain we've gotten and what else is coming our way in the micro climate forecast. and donald trump has a message for apple and it's very trumplike. markets)
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markets have just turned negative after finally a positive day. it's been a rough 2016. netflix reports profits after the closing bell. donald trump says apple should, and i am quoting here, build its damn computers in america. trump says he would force apple to move its manufacturing home
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despite the fact that in the past he's supported a free market. could a president force such a thing? well, if congress got on board, technically yes. but it would be a radical departure from american politics. apple has and does make things in america already. not many things. mac pro which is a very minor product line, the desktop. american manufacturing uses a lot of robots because they could be cheaper than chinese labor. lincoln logs once sold in america, made in america, as well. moved to china for manufacturing and then recently moved manufacturing back to maine where they're made by robots. the other thing to keep in mind when criticizing apple in china is many of their customers are there. apple is a california based company, but it's a worldwide brand. it sells everywhere. same is true for bay area companies hp or facebook or clorox. they're based here, but they are worldwide companies.
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here is the best news if you're like most of the kids in it my neighborhood, microsoft is bringing mine craft into the schools. the wall street journal says microsoft is preparing an education al push similar to the old organ trail software this schools when we old guys were in elementary school. do you remember this headline or did you see it? bisquick to open a valley. totally fake, but a substantial portion of the onion has been purchased by univision. we know he univision wants young english speaking customers, so it has a division called fusion to move into the english speaking market. uber is expanding its helicopter fleet. it already offers rides in new york city. now the company's partnering with airbus on what can only be called a pilot program to offer new ways to get to the chopper. the first real trial run will
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take place during the upcoming sundance film festival in utah. uber says flights between salt lake city airport and the festival will be about $200 to $300. here is an interesting fact. flower have never been grown in space until now. international space station astronaut scott kelly tweeted these pictures of the first flower not the grown on earth. this is important of course because plants provide food and filter the air in space and flowers might be used some day to boost the spirits of astronauts in the loneliness of space. and as you drive out from your latest trip out in the rain, being it could be colder that is so cold you could freeze your pants into works of art. that's what somebody in minnesota did where temperatures have been recovering around 0. and the idea went viral, some neighborhoods turning into cold
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clothing cornucopias. >> i just ran them through the washing machine and brought them out after the spin sig kecycle. they were pretty easy as to stand up once they were starting to freeze. >> cold indeed. i do want to take you out live this morning to a picture, this is highway 84 where there has been another rock slide. you can see crews beginning to clean that up. that is not a rely traveled part of the bay area, but it is something to keep in mind as we have all of this mud and rain. let's bring in the expert, kari, to talk about our rain this afternoon. it's tapered off. >> it has tapered off and now the winds are picking up. i was taking a look at that camera shot behind you and the trees are just waving. so everybody though the rain is moving east, we do still have the concern of some rock slides and also the trees being knocked down by these wind gusts that continues to pick up to about 30 to 40 miles per hour. this storm system is moving out
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and it is taking with it that heavy rain. we are getting a chance to dry out. and we will gradually start to see the skies clearing. the rain time line shows that there may still be a couple of left over light sprinkles at least into the next couple of hours. will start to see the roads drying out and also by tonight mostly clear skies as the storm system moves away. but take a look at the wind forecast. and it's coming in from the southwest up to about 35 miles an hour. and once again we've had higher gusts. as we go thinto the rest of the day, onshore flow brings in the winds at about 20 miles per hour and then it starts to calm down as we go into tonight. so i think by tomorrow we will have calm winds starting out the day. let's check out what the rain gauges have measured and we're starting in the north bay. rohnert park, an inch of rain. a little bit higher as you head
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around timeron perform san francisco, an inch there. pre-sid y pre-pre-video, an inch and a ha half. and east bay, close to 2 inches. check out danville, 1.97. going to the south bay, we've had the rainfall totals not as high, but still pretty significant. anywhere from about half of an inch for most spots up to 3/4 of an inch for sunnyvale. one last look, we will take a look at what is happening in the peninsula, how much rain we've measured there prks san bruno almost an eventual of rain. and belmont park almost an inch. so we are getting once again a good soaking with this second storm system moving in and it is moving out, so we're looking at drier conditions for the rest of the day. high temperatures reaching the upper 50s to low 60s across the bay area. and as we go into the next couple of days, this one moves
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out, getting ready for the next storm system. that is set to arrive between thursday night and saturday morning. wheel talk more about this and how much rain we're expecting, that is dock up is coming up. we breaking news out of fremont where police have investigating a shooting in a home in the 4400 block on inyu court. they did find a woman suffering from life threatening gunshot wounds. investigators tell us the suspected shooter is only identified as male and is still on the loose. this began in fremont. the shooting forced a brief lockdown of a nearby elementary and learning center. they have since been lifted. we have a crew on the way to the scene. we will bring you updates the moment they come in, whether on air on online at
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scott/omni happening today:
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ots breaking news now from fremont where police are investigating a shoo inside a welcome back. want to update you you on the breaking you news out of fremont. police investigating a shooting inside a home. our helicopter is above that home. they found a woman inside the home suffering from life threatening gun shot wounds. investigators say the suspect who is a male is still on the loose. this again in free month. there was a lockdown of a nearby elementary school, but it has been lifted. we will continue to watch the scene and update you as we learn more. well, some good news this morning for sleep deprived people. turns out you can catch up on your shut eye during the weekend that may help offset health problems associated with sleep
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loss. a small study of healthy young men showed four nights of sleep deprivation increased their arriving risk of diabetes by 16%, but after two nights of extra sleep, their levels turned back to normal. morgan hill will soon have an inclusive playground built specifically for children with disabilities or special needs. the park will be behind the centennial recreation center. everything for kids in wheelchairs or deaf or blind. more than 40 volunteers have been working for more than a year to get the park up and running. >> and they will be al ble to d stuff in each area, slide, jumping areas, and so they will be able to do it. grounds will be wheelchair friendly. we're going to to get a wheel chair type slide, a wheelchair
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type swing. and that type of equipment. >> kids in the community are being asked to help in the design no matter what their abilities are. so far volunteers a s raised 12 told, but ttol $,000, but the goal is $2 million. well, this is a video everyone hat work may be talking about today. puppy pursuit. not to make light of any sort of police involvement in a chase, this in southern california, but it gets better. yesterday on the 710 near long beach, one dog, two dogs, three dogs. the suspect let six dogs out of her car and off their go down the 710. definitely not vicious. in fact they wagged their tails as officers rounded them up all safe and sound. and we're waiting to hear what sort of charges this woman faces. up next at 11:00, an update to the breaking news, a deadly bus crash in the south bay. a live report from the scene. and that bus is still right there. news: a deadly greyhound bus
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crash on highway 1-0-1 in the south bay. two are dead -- 18 more injured. we continue to follow breaking news, a deadly greyhound bus crash on highway 101 in the south bay. two are dead, 18 more injured and the scene will not be recle for hours. the crash happened around 6:40 this morning. greyhound bus was in the car pool lane trying to get from 101 to 85 on its way to the san jose station. it left last night from los angeles and was scheduled to make stops this san francisco, oakland. 22 people were on board including the driver. kris sanchez has been anchoring our coverage from the crash scene. what's the latest? >> reporter: you can see that the greyhound bus is still right where it crashed just before 7:00 this morning. and though there were 21 passengers and driver on board at the time, it's likely that
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none of those passengers saw what was happening bauecause th said they were all asleep. in the last hour, the coroner did it take away the bodies of the two victims who we know were both women and both passengers on the bus and who were rejected as the bus flipped on to its side. the 21 passengers and one driver on board, of those people, eight were transported to local hospitals where it seems that the injuries are amazingly relatively minor. the driver is cooperating with the investigation. and will give a blood sample which is standard in this type of investigation. the crash happened as that driver of the greyhound bus was making his way from the northbound hov lanes on to the 85 connector. and according to the chp, at least one other driver a few hundred feet back saw the crash happen right before their eyes and then was struck with debris. >> there was a witness a couple
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hundred feet behind the bus that saw the rear of the bus fly in the air and saw the bus go on its right side on to the k-rail. >> reporter: so now the chp major accident investigators will look at everything, they will create a profile of the driver's last 24 hours and his activities. they will test that driver's blood sample and look to any meck cam failure on board that bus that could have triggered the accident and whether there were any road conditions that contributed, as well. all of that is verse going to take time. the investigation here on scene will take a few more hours and then it will be a few hour after that before the bus can be uprighted and removed. so traffic is going to be impacted for most of the day. and into the morning commute. now, at this point the rain has stopped, it is too soon to say whether the rain was a factor, whether the roadways were a contributing factor to the exte accident, but with know it was absolutely pouring when the
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crash happened just before 7:00 here in south san jose. so if it wasn't a contributing factor, in my opinion, that will be a huge surprise. stay with us for continuing coverage of the deadly bus crash. kris is constantly updating our website and app and twitter and facebook. parents of a man murdered an brt a b.a.r.t. train are revealing what may have happened that led up to their son's death. their son was headed home for a family dinner at the time. jodi hernandez sat down with the family. >> reporter: a distraught father describes the pain of losing his son. 20-year-old carlos was shot and killed on a b.a.r.t. train nine days ago. his parents say the antioch man was on his way to their house in san francisco for dinner when he
11:32 am
was shot in west oakland. he was supposed to come at about 8:00, but he never made it and never called, said his mother. the victim's parents say they didn't learn their son was killed until last thursday. they say b.a.r.t. police told them he and the suspect had bumped each other, police showed them photos of the suspect glaring at their son. the victim's mother says detectives told her the man pushed her son at the entrance and it seems they had an argument during the ride. she also hopes for an arrest. the family tells us their son moved to the u.s. from honduras because they thought he would be safer here. now his children, including his 10 month old daughter, have lost their father. and they're without a son. it feels like someone cut off my arm, he was my right arm, says the victim's father. eátuáip (t&háhp &hc%
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to a home invasion robbery now on the peninsula. cheryl hurd reports. >> next thing you know, somebody was coming towards her. >> reporter: we agreed to distort her voice. this family in redwood city is shaken up because they know a predator is on the loose. >> tried to choke her. she screamed. >> reporter: her 28-year-old sister didn't shut up. pinned against a wall, she kq(t on screaming for help. the suspe(u ran away when he saw a family member coming to help her. >> if he came here to rob, he would have grabbed her purse and there is also stuff that he could have picked up along the way. >> reporter: assaults like this hassan made day owe deputies on alert.
11:34 am
her door open to run inside to let her dogs out. >> this is something that could have been avoided. >> reporter: yet still concerning for people who live in this quiet neighborhood. this off duty law enforcement officer who lives on the same street and also needs to protect his identity says an intruder hopped a fence to his participants's home and tried to turn off a flood light. >> it's an issueyeah. it's a wig issue. home invasions. usually it happens during the day, but the fact that it happened at night knowing probably people at home, it's very concerning. they came to the wrong house >> reporter: cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. to deciárj2016. poll numbers appear to be tightening in iowa ahead of the presidential caucuses. national num!ers, though, tell a different story. something we have heard before. a new nbc poll out this morning shows both sides leading contenders maintaining solid
11:35 am
leads nationally. hillary clinton leads bernie sanders by about 16 percentage points. donald trump leads ted cruz by 17 percentage points with 38% of support among republicans. now, what is changing is the negative campaigning. that seems to be getting more intense. >> we'll build a wall. where did that come from? nobody said that but me. >> if he or nipples wants tone gauge in a battle of insults, he's welcome to do so. i don't intend to respond in kind. >> latest numbers show republicans taking a bigger hit from the negative campaigning. four in ten voters say they're turned off by the sunshining involved with gop candidates. plenty of hype for the super bowl, but mountain view will also take a major role because of the transit hub there. scott budman shows us downtown mountain view is busy even on a normal day. >> reporter: mountain view's
11:36 am
castro street is almost always full of people walking and dining. and with the nearby cal train and vta hub ready to handle hundreds of thousands of football fans come super bowl sunday -- >> we're huge patriots fans, so we're ready for the patriots to win the super bowl. so it will be fun that they will be right here. >> reporter: castro street will be extra busy. >> there will be a lot of people that will want to go to local businesses, especially places that will be airing the game like my business and other sports bars. takeout will be especially busy. >> reporter: and the city says to try curb traffic, part of castro street along with part of mere by west evelyn avenue will be closed super bowl sunday. fans from all over the country are expected to ride the trains here. mountain view is even calling itself the transit hub. businesses say they will adjust. >> we will see traffic up and
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down. there will be no parking and i know sometimes it might even be hectic. >> reporter: local residents say they're okay leaving their cars at home. >> i think that once the time company, everyone will he enjoy it. >> reporter: scott budman, nbc bay area news. speaking of football, designers say they think they have the safest helmet in football. one year after receiving a grant from the nfl, a startup unveiled a brand new helmet in week. >> it's a tough conversation. >> reporter: as a pediatric neurosurgeon, dr. brown has helped many athletes with concussions. >> we see hundreds of kids a year come through our program for concussion. >> reporter: out of concern that current helmets weren't safe enough, he reached out to the chair of the mechanical engineering department at the university of washington. >> so we came together and tried to solve this societal problem. >> reporter: over the last 2 1/2
11:38 am
years, they came up with will this. >> so here is the helmet. >> reporter: a four layer helmet with a shell that absorbs impact, a layer that prevents skull fractures and another that improves the fit for athletes. >> what drives us is to make the sport safer and protect the kids and players. >> reporter: the helmets also have a semi soft exterior shell. in this video, they show why it matters. >> it's a high tech layered design and completely different from the existing helmets. >> as we compare the benchmark our helmet against current helmets on the market, we're finding we're seeing significant improvements in the force compared to the current helmets veil. >> reporter: the product was created with input there doctors, engineers and athletes. >> now we have a company that has 25 employees, a helmet that is ready for starting manufacturing. >> reporter: if it passes the final safety test, they hope to have nfl and college athletes
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using the helmet as soon as the 2016 season. eventually they plan to make it available for athletes of all ages. in every sport that requires a helmet. up next at 11:00, iron max to the rescue. you how marvel gave a boy with a rare blood disorder a huge honor. plus a new program for change in hollywood over that controversy that has some stars boycotting the oscars. the second storm system of the week is wrapping up still some gusty winds and we'll take a look ahead to what is expected for the third storm system of the week. that's coming up in the pike crow climate forecast. ing
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scott/ci there is a growing controversy rocking hollywood... frustration over the lack of diversity in oscar there is a growing controversy rocking hollywood this morning, frustration over the lack of diversity in oscar nominations. now it's threaten to go tr enin a boycott by some of the biggest names. morgan radford has more from los angeles. >> reporter: with the oscars just a few weeks away, the buzz even about who is nominated, but, rather, who isn't. there isn't a single actor of color up for a lead or supporting role.
11:43 am
prompting the viral #oscar so white for the second year in a row. will smith went unrecognized for his role in concussion. his wife is suggesting people boycott the ceremony. >> is it time that people of color recognize how much power, influence that we have amassed, that we no longer need to ask to be invited anywhere. >> reporter: director spike lee says he won't be attending either and blames hollywood studios saying the real battle is in the executive offices where the gatekeepers decide what gets made and what gets jettisoned. chris rock is hosting this year. >> let's do this. >> reporter: and academy's president says continues tying to be more inclusive. >> we're still working very hard and will continue to work hard to bring in more inclusion. >> reporter: still critically acclaimed "straight outta compton" distributed by
11:44 am
universal got only one oscar nomination for the film's writers who are white. the film's producer acknowledging the frustration of many saying in part, i get it. >> i think we'll only ten to see more people boycotting the ons cars and if not a complete boycott, they will definitely voice their opinion. >> reporter: which for hollywood hey just be the tip of the iceberg. now to a story for anyone young or old who has ever imagined themselves fighting the good fight alongside their favorite super hero. remade ellis introduces us to a little boy when brave journey led him to share a comic book page with a mighty hero. >> reporter: like most 5-year-olds, max loves comic books about super heros doing battle. max is fighting his own battle against hemophilia, a disorder that prevents his blood from clotting. it was scary when needed surgery
11:45 am
to import a port in his chest, but his dad got an idea. >> so you will get a metal disk in your chest like iron man and his response, i get to be iron man? >> that's where iron man has it. >> reporter: but that's okay. >> yeah, it is. >> reporter: that's how he became iron max. then his big sister sozoey had idea and created a calendar raising more than 7$7500 for children's hospital of philadelphia. >> i want one day to be a cure for hemophilia, so i thought raise money so that could happen. >> reporter: when marvel comics heard all about it, they wrote a new story about iron max and his battle against hemophilia. how proud are you to be in the iron man comic book? >> proud. pretty proud. proud. >> it was finally great to see
11:46 am
it's not a negative. heel kn it doesn't have to be treatments every day. all of that stuff is what max has to go through, but now he gets to be a super hero and that's the coolest thing. >> thank you, pal. >> reporter: as marvel says, since heros belong in comics, they couldn't help but put maxr. let's check in with kari. >> the rain is wrapping up as we take a look now. we are still dealing with the low clouds and we'll have that mist and drizzle for a little while longer. now that the temperatures continue to go up. we're looking at the highs in the upper 50s to they'near 60. here's a look at the storm system still leaving behind some breezy winds, but the rain, it
11:47 am
dropped anywhere from about quarter of an inch up to over an inch in some spots. and now as we take a look at what is happening there, that icon just popped up, so i will query to see what that means. i think that is a flood concern for marin county. and that means that it's closed on 101. that's what we're been dealing with, some of the flooding as rain continues to move through. once again through the rest of the day, this rain tapering off, still some spotty light showers possible into the early afternoon. by this evening, it's all out of here. we will start to see the winds calming down. maybe even a little bit of sunshine peeking out from behind those clouds. and it's still breezy, winds rushing on shore at about 25 to 30 miles per hour by 4:00 as you're heading home, this will help dry the roads, as well. winds at about 20 to 25 miles per hour. and then down to less than 10 as we go into tonight. so let's take it hour by hour in san francisco. we are now feeling temperatures in the lower 60s. we'll be in the upper 50s for
11:48 am
san francisco, mostly cloudy skies. and the rain once again moving out as we go into tonight. does stay cloudy in some spots. and as we check out what is happening in the sierra, this is a live like at truckee. they have had quite a bit of snow and that will be tapering off, but still travel hazards as they have measured anywhere from 4 to 8 inches of snow on top of what we've had recently. so this storm system today moving on off to the east. and we've had some breezy winds. we're expecting more of the same with this next storm system that will be arriving between thursday night and saturday morning. and that could bring an additional 1 to 2 1/2 inches of rain. and wind speeds at 15 to 35 miles an hour. in the forecast, this is what the radar and satellite could look like as we go into the day. once again drying out and then by thursday night into friday, we could have some widespread rain. this one may linger a little bit
11:49 am
longer. so a little bit more of a row longed rain event we're looking at for thursday night into friday. and then wrapping up early saturday. temperature-wise, we are looking at highs in the upper 50s to lower 60s. our temperature its have been right at about average. and a soggy start to the weekend as we get more beneficial rain for the bay area. we'll be back in just a minute. lineup!! scott/ci a timeless meeting between two men after one of them found the other's time
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capsule. a cont timeless meeting between two men after one found the other's time capsule. a contractor was remodeling a house in colorado when he found a jar containing a letter written by someone in 1949 and that's just the beginning of the time traveling journey. >> reporter: it was all garbage, everything needed to go. the general contractor was remodeling this house last week and tossing a lot of tough in the trash. >> just demolition. >> reporter: but under the cabinets, a dusty jar caught his eye. >> i picked it up. and i started seeing stuff in it. i pulled it off. >> reporter: inside he found stamps, a kocoin, a family phot and a letter. i'm 12 years old and january miss is 14. this is the year 1949. he decided to do some digging.
11:53 am
he typed billy gilbert into a web search but that didn't lead him anywhere. >> so then i went to janice gilbert. and within a few minutes, the obituary pops up. >> reporter: and that just happened to have an e-mail address for a relative. he reached out and by the next day, he was on the phone with billy gilbert, now 79. >> stunned by it really. that this was found 65 years later from 1949. >> reporter: it gets better. he just happened to be planning a trip to washington to visit relatives. this weekend, gilbert once again held his artifact and a faint memory returned. >> it's all beginning to come back together. so it's an amazing story. >> reporter: time capsules are supposed to tell a story about the past. this one just got better with time. >> thousand eithit's part of yo forever.
11:54 am
we'll bring you updated information on the bus crash when we come back. on this morning's deadly bus
11:55 am
11:56 am
crash in south san jose. let's get you another update on this morning's deadly bus crash in south san jose. these are live pictures from our helicopter. traffic on highway 101 expected to be tied up for hours as investigators look into what went horribly wrong. delay hound bus overturned near the connector ramp good between highway 101 and 85. these pictures from earlier in the day where you can see just
11:57 am
how slick that pavement was. it all happened about 6:40 this morning. the crash killed two women and hurt more than a dozen others, including the driver. his injuries are minor we understand and he is cooperating with investigators. as you can see, it was raining very hard at the time of the crash, but chp says it is too early to tell the exact cause. we are of course looking into the driver's records, finding out more information. we will have a complete recap tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. again, we have several crews on this including our very own investigative unit looking into what happened, why it happened. as for updates, check thanks for joining us. next newscast is at 5:00. area, dot com. have a great day. grayhouse bus flips onto its
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. >> today on "access hollywood" live. a friend of the show. harry hamlin is back. >> we love harry. plus as take on lisa on the real housewives of beverly hills. there was a lot of dram a. >> he said he would divorce her if she did the show. he is the star of one of the most tweeted about shows, between wolf's tyler posey is with us. >> he is adorable. he will take over our account and get numbers going. >> the legendary earth, wind, and fire is in the house. a huge grammy honor for them. what was the original name of the band before earth, wind, and


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