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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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morning on northbound highway 101 in san jose. the bus flipped on its side and slammed into the concrete median. two women were thrown from the bus and killed. family members had confirmed one of those women is 51-year-old feely olivera. after interviewing the bus driver, officers say his lack of sleep may have played a role in the crash. >> he did say that he was fatigu fatigued. leading up to the collision. he said that he remembered the bus striking, there were black barrels out here before the collision. you can see beyond the bus now. and then the next thing he remembered is the bus on its side. >> there were 20 passengers onboard the bus. they got on in los angeles around 11:30 last night with a final destination in oakland. a greyhound spokeswoman would nottle us how long the driver had been behind the wheel but did say the company has a strict
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paolicy for drivers. >> greyhound requires the drivers to have at least nine hours of rest, before operating a bus. after driving ten consecutive hours. >> chp investigators spent the day measuring and inspecting the bus, taking photographs and checking the road for signs of skids. you can see here, the highway is littered with passengers' belongings including blankets and this pillow. investigators say there are seat belts on the bus and a video camera, but they don't know yet if it was operated during the time of the crash. the ntsb is also investigating this crash. and you can expect delays out here until 8:00 tonight, while caltrans crews work to repair the damaged median. reporting live in san jose, mar eann favro, nbc bay area news. >> a lot going on. even at this hour. thank you. fatigue is a major concern for truckers and bus drivers. in 2014, long hours on the road was one of the top violations in boat the trucking and busing
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industries. since 2005, fatigue has played a role in about 2.5% of all fatal crashes in the united states. in a report to congress, u.s. department of transportation found that 13% of all big rig and bus crashes were caused by driver fatigue in 2006 and 2007. the most recent data available. >> as marianne mentioned, the chp is also investigating if weather played a role in the crash. we backed up our radar, and this is what it looked like during the 6:00 a.m. hour, all that green means it was raining consistently at the time. the bus was traveling from southern california to the bay area. it's a standard greyhound route. it happens every night of the week. it begins in los angeles at 11:30 p.m. the bus stops in the city along i-5 in central california then gilroy and san jose before traveling up 101 to san francisco. it then crosses the bay bridge
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to its final destination, oakland. >> at this hour, about 15 miles from the crash site, the driver and some passengers are recovering. a lot of questions for the man behind the wheel. nbc bay area's michelle roberts continuing our coverage from regional medical center. >> really sad. really sad. for those who lost their lives. >> today, greyhound passengers in san jose preparing for a ride to southern california were shaken to hear of the fatal crash along 101. >> made me think glad i wasn't on that one. >> two women were pronounced dead at the scene. one identified by family members as 51-year-old feely olivera. she leaves behind two sons in southern california. chp officer says eight other passengers and the driver were taken to south bay hospitals including at least one passenger who suffered major injuries. a seven-year-old child with minor injuries. >> there was a few passengers that were having difficulty dealing with what happened, the
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traumatic incident that occurred. but we're able to get them off scene and get them with their relatives and friends. >> according to the officer, the driver was one of the three people transported to regional medical center. he's said to be in stable condition and is cooperating with the investigation. >> if it happened once, it might happen again. i'm not going to stop traveling because of an accident. >> if you are concerned about family or friends who may have been onboard, greyhound has set up a family hotline. 800-972-4583. reporting live tonight outside regional medical center, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> okay, michelle, thank you. let's take another look from the live picture there, right there on 101. you see the traffic trying to go by, and those right lanes. this is the bus on the bed of that tow truck now. at any moment, we're expecting the bus is going to be taken away and cleared from the scene, which would be great news for the traffic there. this is a critical junction of freeways 101 and 85.
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and we should add, greyhound is continuing its nightly service between the bay area and los angeles. in fact, that bus is leaving right now. so very good news for the commute and for this investigation as they continue to comb and look for pieces in this area. we're watching it now, live pictures now from 101, near 85. that greyhound bus that crashed at around 6:40 this morning, now being finally cleared from the scene at 5:05 in the evening. and we expect traffic to get rolling much smoother. so we'll continue to stay on the story, but once again, looking at the bus being cleared from the scene and taken away. we're not sure where it's taken but somewhere, i'm sure, secured greyhound lot where they will continue their investigation. again, we'll be continuing our story and our coverage on our website,, and more on our 6:00 news. >> now to the storm that pounded the bay area. the rain is gone, but gray skies still sticking around.
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peeks of sunshine. this is what it looks like over san francisco right now. much calmer than earlier today, when rain and wind whipped up lots of trouble. not just on the roadways but in countless communities. trees and power lines came down. clean-up and repairs still under way at this hour. nbc bay area's robert handa is live in the south bay which got drenched, but we begin with rob, who is tracking the rain totals and what's next. >> very impressive considering the rain fell from about a four to six-hour window this morning. the north bay, about an inch to almost 2 inches of rain, into downtown san francisco, almost an inch and a half. as you head to presidio, hayes valley, more than an inch of rain, and east bay hills saw a lot of rain. these totals heading up, an inch and a half. danville, two inches of rain pleasanton, more than an inch, and a little less as is typical of san jose, about a half inch of rain. toward los gatos, more than an inch and a half of rain. right now, catching a break. 60 in san jose as the showers move off to the sierra where
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we're still seeing snow in the high country. if you're going to travel this evening, you'll see pictures like this at northstar, still snowing there. elevations close to 6,000 feet. this is the calm after the storm, but the calm before the next storm. tomorrow morning, some patchy thick fog could be setting up as we track a pretty powerful looking storm offshore that will pack wind and rain aiming right on the bay area. we'll show you the timing of the next storm in the full forecast in a few minutes. >> stand by. we'll see you shortly. robert handa is at the lexington reservoir near los gatos. so many stories on the lack of water right where you are. different story nowadays. it comes with some danger. >> well, that's right. the storm that is bolstering lexington and the other reservoirs is certainly generating mixed feelings. people i talked to about the storm like it as long as they can live with the problems. this caltrans crew shut down highway 9 near felton for about an hour today, clearing out this
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slide of mud and rocks. one worker said it was their fourth slide of the day and still the afternoon. some communities also had to deal with flooding and downed power lines. longtime mountain residents including a professional tree cutter said the storm might not be done yet. >> concerned about some of the trees around, when it gets rainy and windy, then we get a lot of trees on houses. >> some drivers rushed through the mountains and paid the price. this driver hit by another vehicle here on highway 17, said it could only have happened during a storm. >> because of the rain, it made the water splash on top of my windshield from another car. which caused me to slow down and get hit, get rear ended. >> the storm creates some misleadingly beautiful scenes like this runoff waterfall. >> good and bad. if it stays like it is, it's going to be fine. get a little bit of wind in there, we have to watch out. >> well, we did feel a pretty strong wind at times, especially here in the los gatos area.
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but so far, so good. coming up at 6:00, more on the storm's impact and what some scientists are learning about it. live at lexington reservoir, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> a belmont neighborhood got a big scare when a big tree fell, hitting a house and a car. this monterey pine fell across an entire street this afternoon, trapping a woman inside her house and covering her car. belmont city crews spent about an hour cutting the tree apart, uncovering the car which suffered minimal damage, and eventually bringing a sigh of relief to the neighbors who briefly feared the worst. >> i was at home sick today, and all of a sudden, the power went off and i heard this big explosion. i didn't know what it was. and i kale running out and i saw what happened. >> the tree, according to the city, was close to 100 years old. they say it came down because of a lack of water during the drought, and then the combination of recent heavy rains and strong winds.
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>> more work is being done to clean up some of the mess that you see here. live power lines came down in this berkeley neighborhood. it happened just before 11:00 a.m. on panoramic way near the cal campus. neighbors were asked to shelter in place for a couple hours. power is still out in this neighborhood. and the roadway remains closed. >> for the second straight day, a rock slide forced a closure of niles canyon road in fremont. take a look down below. it happened around 11:00 a.m. cal trans crews had the mess cleans up about an hour later. elnoonio is bringing us one storm after another. terry mcsweeney takes a look at how you can track all of these storms on your mobile device. >> stay on top of incoming storms by setting the home screen on your smartphone to weather on the nbc bay area app. click on the nbc bay area icon oin the top left corner of the screen and click on the button that says set your start screen.
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select weather and click done. that will give you what you need to know when you need to know it. that's how to stay informs on the nbc bay area app. >> an officer involved shooting in union city overnight involving a man with a garden tool. we'll have all the detail on this case coming up. >> you're not going to not be caught. i'm going to get you no matter what it takes. >> searching for hao deany, the great lengths two women took to capture an escape artist, a stray dog that captured the heart of a community. a deadly police shotting in the
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beast bay. union city police officers killea man they sacharged at em with a garden tool. the man was the east bay. union city police officers killed a man that they say charged at them with a garden tool. the man allegedly was harassing people inside of this home on amy place. it happened last night in the neighborhood right behind the union city sports complex. nbc bay area's pizza rottose is there at that location with the new details. >> we're here at the union city police department, and it took place on the 3800 block of amy place. i'll show you the video of that scene. you can still see police tape around the home, and here's what investigators are telling us. we're seeing around 10, 20 last night, they got a 911 call from res dbts at the home. they said an unknown man was in their backyard banging on their
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sliding door. when police showed up, the man was holding a garden tool that they described as hammer like. police say he was ordered to drop it. >> the suspect refused, didn't follow orders and then charged the officers and attempted to attack both officers. to protect themselves, both officers fired their handgun at the suspect. >> now, the man was pronounced dead on the scene, and neither the suspects of the officers on routine administrative leave have been identified and the d.a.'s office will conduct their own independent investigation into this case. at 6:00, we'll hear from the residents in the neighborhood who are shocked all this tookplas literally right next to their backyard. nbc bay area news. >> thank you, pete. well, they are out of jail, but tonight, they face a long list of charges. police arrested 25 protesters yesterday after they brought traffic to a standstill on the bay bridge. they did it by chaining themselves to each other and
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their cars. officers cut the chains with bolt cutters and arrested the protesters. all 25 of them bailed out of jail last night. their charges range from false imprisonment to public nuisance. protesters were demonstrating against police violence. >> whenever there's an animal in need in the bay area, usually there's an animal lover to help. >> that goes triple in morgan hill. thanks to three dedicated women, one lucky dog is living a better life. garvin thomas is here with the story of huh teoudini in tonigh bay area proud. >> it's about an entire community that rallied around one small dog. a dog, as your you'll hear, that wasn't all that easy to help. >> such a pretty boy. such a pretty boy. >> playing hard to get ever really work? depends who you ask, of course. but we're pretty sure if houdini the dog could talk, he would say
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heck yeah. >> my favorite is the soft ears. >> houdini played very, very hard to get. and won a whole slew of admirers in the process. not the least of them taylor chromer, lori, and jennifer. >> i'm going to get you, no matter what it takes. i'm not going to give up. >> back in november, houdini first showed up on these women's radar when sightings of the little white stray began trickling in to the all-animals morgan hill facebook group. it fell to these three, all with experience in animal rescue, to lead the effort to bring houdini in from the cold. >> because he would have died. >> yeah. >> he was dying. but we felt it was dire that we get him. he was getting skinnier and skinnier. we could start to see injuries on him. >> this is pretty much where he would frequent. >> capturing the dog was much easier said than done. they didn't give him the name houdini for nothing. >> he got that name because he would appear, and as quickly as he appeared, he would disappear.
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>> even times, they were almost close enough to touch him, he would get away. >> he's amazingly smart. >> for two months, they played a game of cat and mouse with this dog. >> sometimes up until like 4:00 in morning, and i was in my car, freezing, and i had binoculars looking at these little areas. this little guy. >> all the while, the story of houdini grew in morgan hill. hundreds started following the adventure on social media. offering help, sharing sightings, and cheering on the rescuers. >> this is a very passionate community for their animals. >> suddenly saw him. >> which is why there were a whole lot of people who were thrilled to hear earlier this month that jennifer, kayla, and lori finally cornered houdini inside a gas station convenience store. >> put him in the crate and we had a celebratory moment. >> yeah. >> we were so happy.
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we're like, oh, my gosh. amazing. >> all three happy. knowing while they can't save all the unwanted dogs out there, they could save this one. >> he will never be on the streets again. that's not going to happen. >> the funny part of all this, he's so hard to get. he didn't want to be captured. once he was caught and they treated him so well, he was probably like, what was i doing? >> for peoplehoudini, he will b available for adoption at some point once he's healthy enough. i put a link to his facebook page on my facebook page, and people can follow it along there. >> such a sweet face. thanks. i'm glad they found him. >> let's turn it over to rob with the latest. pretty nice sleeping last night, seeing all the rain coming in. >> you had that added free white noise of the rain hitting the windows and around the house overnight from midnight to about 8:00 a.m., we saw the heavy rain
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totals across the north bay. san francisco, over an inch, oakland and arinda, more than an inch. san jose, about a half inch. as you head to the sanda cruz mountains, almost 2.5 inches of rain. right now, things have calmed down. upper 50 and low 60s. when you get sunshine and rain moving off to east, we get these beautiful pictures from weather watchers including janelle wang who sent us this double rainbow. a pretty view. you can kind of see it over towards the right. nice pictures there. after the rain left, afternoon, starting to see the clearing skies. you can see as we head to the sierra, still some snow, but that is the last gasp out of this particular storm. tomorrow, going to have to watch out for patchy fog, as is the case, a lot of rain, so you can see the fog setting up in futurecast in the central valley as winds turn off shore for the weekend, fog for the tri-valley and north bay valley could be an issue, but the days will be drier, at least for tomorrow.
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temperatures close to today, upper 50s and low 60s. hazy skies, but maybe a little fog cooled for the north bay and east bay interior valleys in the next couple days. temperatures tomorrow, upper 50s and low 60s and a dry day for now. things change thursday night and friday. very impressive looking system here that will push another round of high surf our way as we approach the weekend, and a half inch to maybe 2 1/2 inches of rain coming in, starting late thursday in the north bay, another tough commute for friday morning. as we head through the afternoon friday into early saturday, still a few more showers. after that, the forecast turns quite a bit drier. the next storm as it comes in, again, the rainfall projection, similar to what we just saw. we continue to add these totals as we go through the week. most of the bay area, a half inch to an inch and a half. some of the hills could see two more inches of rain. the weekend forecast will have showers early on saturday. then notice sunday into monday, skies begin to clear, which could lead to another wintertime problem, some fog setting up for the morning commute.
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high pressure builds in, stormy pattern begins to exit for the weekend. what's interesting about the pattern as we get out of the weekend into the beginning of next week, we could set up for several days of dry weather. once we go midway through the weekend, next wednesday for now, the storm track heads back off the pacific northwest. >> did janelle really take the picture of the rainbow? >> it was my husband. but i am always proud to be your weather watcher, rob. i'll keep watching the weather. >> still ahead here at 5:00, donald trump targets the silicon valley. what he said he would force apple to do if he's elected. >> a new president isn't the only thing californians will be voting for. the new measure that could bump up the minimum wage again. two people who disappeared after
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falling into the ocean just in to our newsroom, nbc bay area has confirmed the two people who disappeared after falling into the ocean last night are from the bay area. santa cruz deputies say they're searching for a 20-year-old woman and a 26-year-old man from san jose. their named are not being released but they're told they're both students. they were hiking when a wave washed them into the water. the coast guard was out searching again today, but no sign of those two students.
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it appears a a state-wide measure to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour will have no trouble making it on the november ballot. this morning, a crowd of union workers joined san francisco's mayor and lieutenant governor in submitted 600,000 signatures needed to qualify for what they're calling the fair wage act. if passed by voters in november, it will raise the state's minimum wage from $9 an hour to $15 hour over the next six years. >> late news from the campaign trail. two big names are joining forces. sarah palin is officially endorsing donald trump. trump is also making headlines for his thoughts about apple. in his speech last night at virginia's liberty university, trump warned if elected he would force apple based in cupertino to make its iphones and tablets in the united states. currently, as you probably know, those products are made in china. at the silicon valley dinner in 2011, president obama sat between steve jobs and mark zuckerberg and asked jobs what
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it would take to move appls production here to the united states. apple's ceo was blunt, saying, quote, those jobs aren't coming back. >> when we come back, an update on the deadly bus crash in the south bay and new information on one of the victims. we'll be right back. back now to our developing
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story. that deadly greyhound crash inth want to take you back now to our developing news in the south bay. the deadly greyhound bus crash in south san jose. one of the victims pictured here. 51-year-old feely olivera. she was one of the two women ejected and killed in the bus when the bus flipped over on northbound 101 near highway 85. olivera was returning here to the bay area after visiting her family down in southern california. just about 20 minutes ago, we showed you this, that tow truck hauling away the damaged bus. it had been blocking several lanes there on 101 for the past ten hours. as you can see, finally being cleared just about 20 minutes ago. at least eight people were hurt in this crash. including the bus driver. the chp says that bus driver acknowledged that he did feel fatigued leading up to the collision. keep in mind, this was an overnight trip leaving around midnight and coming into the bay area, scheduled to come in at
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7:00 in the morning. >> we'll have more complete coverage tonight on nbc bay area news at 6:00. >> thanks for joining us. breaking news tonight. sarah palin endorsed donald trump, a major move rallying conservatives, as trump tries to fight off ted cruz. the impact on the race. it is a disaster. an admission about the toxic water crisis that poisoned potentially thousands of children. a governor under fire, residents now fighting back. the major snowstorm about to wallop a huge part of the country after three feet of snow. al roker is here. a freed american speaks after years held by iran. the u.s. marine's powerful message as another american family, their loved one still missing, said the government betrayed them. and now is the time. if you are planning to


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