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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 19, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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now. 51-year-old fheli oliveira. she was one of the victims. she was thrown from the bus. oliveira was returning to the bay area after visiting her family in southern california. nine other passengers were taken to local hospitals from that crash site. now, traffic is flowing at the site. however the far left lane of 101 is still closed. we mentioned they cleared a mangled bus from the scene. >> we have live coverage of the scene. the driver has made a key admission to investigators, now? >> reporter: he certainly has jessica. the investigators interviewed that driver earlier today. he admitted to them he was behind the wheel while fatigued. now, few look at northbound highway 101, can see one lane remains closed. cal trans crews are out here right now. what they're doing is working to
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repair the median that was crushed when the bus slammed into it. the surviving passengers inside this grey houndz bus told chp officers that were asleep when it crashed on northbound highway 101 in san jose. two women were thrown from the bus and killed. family members have confirmed one is 51-year-old pheli oliveira. his lack of sleep may have played a role in the crash. >> he did say that he was fatigued leading up to the collision. he said that he remembered the bus zrooik striking, there were black barrels out here before the collision on the bus now. then the next thing he remembered is the bus on its side. >> there were 20 passengers on board the bus. they got on in los angeles
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around 11:30 last night. with the final destination in oakland. a greyhound spokes woman did not say how long he was behind the wheel but said they have a strict policy for drivers. >> they require you to have nine hours, operating a bus. after driving ten consecutive hours. >> chp spent the day checking the road for signs of skids. you can see the highway is littered with plank ets and this pillow. investigators say there are seatbelts on the bus and the video camera. but they don't know yet if it was operating during the time of the crash now the ntsb is also investigating this crash. cal trans crews are expected to be out here until 8:00 tonight repairing the median and the slaen expected to reopen. now, traffic is moving rather
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freely through this area, reporting live, nbc bay area news. >> after long, long delays. thank you. nbc has been investigate bus safety for years now. today we took a deeper look into greyhound's safety record. they have 1,500 vehicles and 3300 drivers. in the last two years they've involved 128 crashes. four fatal, 52 involved injuries. nationwide, they had 273 drive by violations. most were for speeding. ntsb says the accident record given size of its fleet t. agency also recently listed the top ten critical changes that need to be made to reduce transportation accidents. at the top of the list was driver fatigue. as you heard them say today, driver fatigue may have played a role in today's accident. >> it was raining hard, how much
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of a role did the weather play in this crash? now tonight many of the passengers and the driver are recovering at regional medical saent cent san jose. michelle roberts is there with that story. >> reporter: the driver is being treated for minor injuries. in the last hour, chp released a list of the survivors passengers. the 72-year-old woman and the youngist an 8-year-old boy. >> this made me think i'm glad i wasn't on that one. >> reporter: passengers in san jose, preparing for a trip to southern california can't help but worry about what happened in the moments leading up to this morning's crash. >> this is where we said -- >> >> reporter: two women were pronounced dead at the scene of being thrown from the bus. she leaves behind two sons. chp officers say eight other passengers and the driver were
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taken to south bay hospital, including one that suffered major injuries and an 8-year-old child minor injuries. >> there were a few passengers tarp having great difficulty dealing with what happened. the traumatic incident that occurred, but we were able to get them all seen and get them with their relatives and friends. >> reporter: chp confirms the driver was one of the three people transported and treated for minor injuries at regional medical center. >> they were brought by ambulance. right now, they're in stable condition. >> reporter: while the victims focus on recovery, greyhound passengers are hoping for a grind tonight. >> it might happen once. it mit happen again. then i'm not going to -- >> reporter: if you are concernedant family that may have been on the bus, greyhound set up a hotline. reporting live tonight, michelle roberts, nbc, bay area news. >> this is a popular route for
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greyhound. every night of the week, southern california to the bay area t. route begins in l.a. at 11:30 each night. it stops in the city of avenal along i-5 and the gilroy up san jose and 101 to the bay bridge the final destination. we should add, greyhound is continuing this route. the next one is leaving. you can watch this at nbc bay >> we got a good soaking. now comes a chance to dry out before that rain makes its return. i want to show you a live look at downtown san francisco. it is clear right now before it was pouring earlier today. >> that stretch this morning, it did come down, we saw rain total one to two inches. downtown san francisco, a lot following for more than an
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inch-and-a-half downtown about an inch and a quarter. towards the east bay. two inches of rain, oakland about an inch-and-a-half. a little less as you typically see a half inch around the 16 santa clara valley. we had wind gusts of stroift 60 miles per hour and an inch-and-a-half of rain. yes, now everything has moved off to the east. hein it now, as skies clear, the date is set for patchy, thick fog. >> that can slow down your morning drive, especially around the north bay and east bay valleys. on the horizon is some storm t. time frame for this and how it may impact the weekend is coming up if your forecast in a few minutes. >> we will see you shortly. all this rain, of course, causing more problems in fremont, for the second straight day rock slide forced the closure of niles canyon road. it was cleared about an hour later.
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>> we are learning two uc students swept off the roblgs last fight in the bay area a 20-year-old woman and a 26-year-old man have yet to be found t. names haven't been released heither. they were hiking yesterday at bonn fidune and a wave washed them into the water. >> police are investigating a fatal shooting coming up. >> also a push to raise the minimum wage in san francisco. but it will cost you. we'll have the details next. thats what the union city police
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department wants to know after its officers shot and killed a man in the east bay. they say charged at them so what exactly happened? that's what the union city police department is asking tonight after its officers shot and killed a man in the east bay, who they say charged at them with a garden tool. the shooting happened in union city behind the union city sports center. we a live at the police department. what at this point is the police department saying? >> reporter: right now, it's under investigation with the union city police department. but they believe those officers were just protecting themselves. i did go to the neighborhood. residents say it's a quiet neighborhood. but that simply wasn't the case late last night. the police tape was still up this afternoon. the home on the 3800 block. the site of a fatal officer-involved shooting monday
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night. >> it was looking strange to me. because this neighborhood is very quiet. >> reporter: around 10! 20 last night, union city police got a 911 call from the residents of the home saying someone was banging on their sliding door. >> a complete stranger. >> reporter: the captain says when police showed up, the man was holding a garden tool. >> like a large hammer, almost. >> police claim the man was told to drop the tool. >> the suspect refused. >> reporter: that's when officers fired. the man pronounced dead on the scene. >> both officers fired their handgun at the suspect. >> reporter: the officer works are now on routine administrative leave were wearing body cameras. but the footage won't be released since this is an active investigation. residents are concerned about family safety, wondering how the man got into the back yard. >> because when they walked toward him, they can't know what will happen. >> we were in bed. we heard a pop, pop, pop. >> but for leo cordero.
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he thinks police could have handled things differently. >> you just killed someonio. now, neither the suspects or officers have been discovered at this time. we know the d.a. will conduct their own independent investigation. >> beat, thank you. the suspects if fremont prompted two schools to go into lockdown. this all started just after 9:00 this morning at a home on inyo court near briar elementy and glankler learning center. officers found a woman shot inside this home. there is no known motive for the shooting. authorities lifted the lockdown at both of those schools after about 40 minutes. well the rain is gone for now, but the damage is still being felt on the peninsula. in belmont, a giant tree came crashing across the street, taking out power lines an putting one home if danger. nbc is there this morning. scott, this is really a concern
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for a lot of us, tree coming down during this el nino winter. >> reporter: yeah, a tough day, as you mentioned, power lines down, a woman trapped inside her home, how crews came to her help after a giant tree fell across this street. >> reporter: for a few hours, it trapped a woman inside her house and blanketed her car in the driveway. >> everybody is okay. just scared. >> reporter: their front yard the tree fell, it was a nervous day. >> i was just at home sick today. all of a sudden the power went off. and i heard this big explosion. i didn't know what it was. i came running out. i hadassah what had happened. >> she called me and said, hey, the big tree just blew over. >> reporter: eventually, crews
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freed the car and the homeowner, but they say several trees in this area are about 100-years-old and are loose after the long drought and heavy rain. >> exactly that accumulated with the winds we were experiencing this morning. it's on a cut slope up here. so it looks like the root structure just gave way. >> giving neighbors something else to worry about this rainy season. now, i mentioned the down power lines. power is still out throughout this neighborhood this evening. we are seeing a lot of neighbors walking around with flashlights. pp & e are behind me to try to repair the power lines and get the lights back on. nbc, bay area news. >> thank you, in berkeley, power is still out in this neighborhood where live power lines went down on panoramic way. this is close to the cal campus.
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neighbors were asked to shelter in place a couple hours. folks in the east were scrambling for cover or attempting to cover stuff that's getting wet. the water is rising outside and indoors. too. >> the rain is causing creeks like this to rise up. the water, of course, is much needed. but also causing issues throughout the county. >> what came down outside is coming inside, lost anchor baden tackle in antioch. >> rain water outside and through the billing. >> he spent the day purposeing rain water out of the business. >> pretty nasty, huh? >> reporter: he says it's being an all too common cycle. the wet, soggy, windy weather, also brought down trees, including this one and slowed commutes. it also swelled waterways like
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this vehicle nearby. but as the storm passed, and the sun made its way out, residents like mary ellen wolf spent a little time checking the rising creek in walnut creek is there this is the highest i've seen it this season so far. >> reporter: and took advantage of the calm before yet another el nino-fuelled storm. >> we look for the times in between storms that i get out and get our exercise. >> and city officials are encouraging residents to clean out debris if creeks on private property and to get sandbags before the next rain event hits in order to prevent large scale flooding and mudslides. in walnut creek tonight, nbc, bay area news. >> looking at all that we see begs the question, exactly, how much rain did we get? >> most of the bay area saw one to 2 inches of rain. we saw it in san francisco the tri-valley and close to san
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jose. you see the rain around napa, an inch plus in san francisco. oakland and if that same category, san jose as is typical, an exception to the rule. a half inch of rain there. in the santa cruz mountain, almost two-and-a-half inches of rain, right now the skies clear. in the north bay, that will set us up for patchy fog t. rain has moved on. you may have mist or drizzle as the low clouds stream into parts of the bay area t. real action for now in the rear view mirror. heading up toward the sierra, seeing scattered clouds, very likely some fog setting up, as skies clear and the air cools down to the dew point. you see those low cloud, possibly reviews visibility and for the afternoon, hazy sunshine, yes, a break from the rain at least one day. more than that actually part of thursday we should stay dry around the bay area. tomorrow upper highs around 60s. san francisco, highs in the upper 50. the north bay, north bay and
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east bay tri-valley locations could see some fog cooled temperatures as wind turn slightly off shore. now the next storm arriving on thursday into the north bay. at least the beginning of the weekend, saturday more rain, which will add to these very impressive totals. most of the bay area at 100% of average. look at san jose. 120% in terms of the rainfall t. sierra snow pack this time last year was 32% of average. right now, 111% of average. all of these science look good, slightly above average, but the impact on the overall drought in the west going back to september, it may surprise you. we seen dramatic improvements if parts of the west coast, but theway, coming up in the forecast tonight at 6:45. back to you. coming up, journalist ready to come home after being held in
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iraq. tonight the warriors play the role in his mental escape during captivity. ==raj/ots== how about $15 bucks an hour? >> and it looked like a state wide measure to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour is going to be on the november ballot. i'm mark mathews at san francisco city hall. >> that story coming up minimum wage -- appears to have
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more than enough signitures to make it on the november ballot. . >> how about 15 bucks an hour. the push to increase the minimum wage appears to have more than enough signatures to make it on the november ballot. nbc mark mathews is in san
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francisco city hall, some political heavyweights are supporting this wage increase. >> reporter: indeed. you know, san francisco is already on track to get a $50 an hour minimum wage. that's going to happen in 2018. but if the ballot measure which is filed today succeeds if november, it could raise the current $9 an hour minimum wage up to $15 an hour over the next five years. san francisco's mayor was jubilant. >> 600 ballot signatures to get this on the ballot is important. >> reporter: the lt. gov. saying the measure will improve the state's overall economy. >> one thing i know, businesses cannot thrive in a world that is failing. >> reporter: gavin newsom owns nine restaurants and says raising the minimum wage is for everyone. >> there is no greater threat. >> reporter: but in north beach, they call the measure a job
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killer. >> the soorner they raise it the sooner everything is going to go out. >> reporter: he says people who fought for the measures couldn't complain when a plate of spaghetti goes to $30. juan works in san jose. he makes $10.50 an hour, lives in a garage and collected signatures for the initiative. >> it's going to benefit not only me but my entire community. >> reporter: the latest field polls show 68% support for the measure. initiatives generally start out strong with poll numbers dropping as the election nears. veteran political strategist ace smith is running the campaign for this initiative. >> initiatives of fairwell are initiatives like this, minimum wage, which are simple common sense solutions and are public policy and those always start well and they end well. >> reporter: there is another ballot initiative to raise the minimum wage that is currently being campaigned. >> that would raise it to $15 an
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hour earlier the year 2020. they need 366,000 signatures to qualify for the to have balloted on the deadline is a week from tomorrow. reporting from city hall, mark mathew, nbc, bay area news. >> thank you, mark t. controversial trend in the uc system has lawmakers tonight looking for solutions. uc has been boosting the number of out of state and foreign-born students. out of state students means more money for the university because they pay higher fees. lawmakers say the priority should be higher ed to california students and boosting their numbers. legislation is now being written that will put a cap on how many out of state applicants the ucs can accept. lawmakers say they'd like to see the numbers increase for california student and if it doesn't happen, the university could be at risk of forfeiting $25 million in fund it receives from the state budget. >> thank you so much. it's so great to be in iowa. >> up next.
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presidential candidate donald trump gets a big endorsement. now he is dragging apple into the selection. here's demands for the silicon valley giant. ars in captiivty but now free
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an ready to begin the journey home. we're learning more tonight about how the american prisoners released by iran and how they were treated during >> they spent years in captivity and are free and ready to begin the journey home. we are learning more about the american prisoners released by iran. one of them is a bay area native joseph rezaian. keir simmons reports, the recovery will be a slow one.
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>> reporter: this morning, jason rezaian is enjoying time with his wife, pom and brother. he says he asked about baseball and his basketball team the warriors over dinner. >> he actually knew how good they were doing. he was tracking them in prison. >> if that notorious iranian prison him jason says at one point he spent 49 days if solitary confinement. his any only exercise if an 8 by 8 foot concrete yard. amir hekmati reunited with his sister and brother-in-laws being tortured. >> he was in solitary confinement if a one meter cell for a long time. deprived of sleep. >> reporter: schools are assessing the men's state of mind a. representative of saeed abedini jailed for 3.5 years tells nbc news he is yet to see his family. while another man, a former fbi agent bob levinson is still missing in iran. iran consistently denies
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knowledge of his disappearance and offered to help to search for him. at one point the iranians tried to stop jason rezaian's wife and mother from leaving with him, according to family. but amir hekmati and he are undergoing medical evaluation here. one representative tells me physically and spiritually, they're doing great. back to you. >> okay. thank you. back to our local head luans. the wreckage is gone. but the investigation is far from over tonight that greyhound crash site in the south bay that killed two people. there is a federal site. federal investigators are now on site. chp says an ad mission may help explain what exactly happened in early morning, today. nbc bay area marianne favreau is fear the crash scene. what are investigators telling us? >> reporter: well, chp investigators interviewed the bus driver earlier today. he admitted to them he was
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feeling fatigued behind the wheel. he also says that he remembers hitting some barrels next to some medians, but he says he doesn't remember anything after that cal trans are out here. they are repairing that damaged median. they are expected to be out here until 8:00 tonight. a commute nightmare. chp officers say most of the passengers were sleeping when it swerved and flipped on its side on northbound highway 101 in san jose. it slapped into a concrete median killing two women thrown from the bus. tonight family members have confirmed one of those women is 51-year-old pheli oliver rachl chp officers say the driver's lack of sleep may have played a role in the crash. >> he did say he was fatigued leading up to the collision. he says he remembers striking,
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there were black barrels out here before the collision. which you can see beyond the bus now and then the next thing he remembered is the bus on its side. >> reporter: the passengers got on in los angeles around 11:30 last night with planned bay area stops in gilroy, san jose, san francisco and oakland a. greyhound spokes woman would fought tell us how long the driver had been behind the wheel but did say the company has a strict policy requiring how long drivers must rest between shifts. >> we the apologize for the incident, you know, safety is the cornerstone of our business. again, we are looking into exactly what may have occurred to cause this incident to happen. >> reporter: the chp is conducting its own investigation. officer spent their day measuring and inspecting the bus an highway. >> as terrible as it is, the fact that there were no other vehicles involved is definitely
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miraculous. >> reporter: only one other car was hit by debris, but no other injuries from passing vehicles. chp officers say there were heavy rain at the time of the crash. so they are looking into whether that may have played a role. >> that i have asked the driver to check for use of drugs or alcohol. in addition, the ntsb is investigating this crash as well. as we mentioned, cal trans troou crews remain out here work on the media. they are expected to be out here until 8:00 tonight. in the meantime, there are no delays. reporting live, marianne favreau, nbc news. >> that fatigue is a major concern. since 2005, it's played a role in 3% of all fatal crashes in the u.s. they found 13% of all big rig and bus crashes were caused by
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driver fatigue if both 2006 and 2007. now, few are concerned about a passenger who may have been on that bus a frndz has a hot line. it's right there on your screen. >> they are out of jamie. tonight they face a long list of charges. police arrested 25 protesters yesterday after we saw this. they brought traffic to a stand still on the bay bridgele. they did it by chain, themselves literally to each other and other cars. officers cut the chains with bolt consulters and arrested the protesters. all 25 bailed out of jail last night this was the scene outside the courthouse. the protesters are a spin-off group of black lives matter and were zrath against police violence. well, donald trump is joining forces with another high profile and controversial
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figure. late today, sarah palin endorsd trump for president. the former vice presidential nominee appeared at a lateral rally. palin's endorsement is a bit of a blow to for ted cruz. palin, you might recall, backed cruz when he ran for senate in texas. but she says strump u trump is a goffin winner. palin is expected to cane with mr. trump tomorrow in iowa and oklahoma. trump is making held lines here in the bay area. currently those products are made in china. at the silicon valley dinner in 2011, we'll show you some video here. president obama explored the same question. he sat between steve jobs and mark zuckerberg. president obama asked jobs what would take to move apple's production lines to this
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country? kp apple ceo was blunt saying those jobs aren't coming back. meanwhile, donald trump has a warning for apple. he told a university audience in virginia. we told you about that story. he wants those jobs to move here back to the united states. >> well, coming up, youtube at sundance. the way the video streaming company is helping, wannabe film makers make it to the big screen. the super bill for the super bowl. san francisco the on the hook for about $5 billion. the emergency moves being made to get some relief for the city. the n-f-l should pay for super
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bowl 50 costs. that's what seraan francco supervirs are the nfl should be responsible for costs of related super bowl 50.
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that's what several san francisco supervisors are now demanding. they plan to introduce a resolution next week to force city officials to renegotiate with the national football league. super bowl 50 events are expected to cost the city some $5 million. santa clara is getting.from the nfl for game day related costs. san francisco will make up the costs through dramatic increase in hotel an sales taxes. it's that time of year. that april 15th deadline isn't too far off. it's tax time. today the irs announcing the beginning of the 2016 filing season. the agency expects more than '05150time people to pay up or get a refund. it hopes taxplay payers plan ahead. they plan on internet security for those filing online. when the famous sundance film festival opposite on thursday the company will be there as well. >> you got drugs on you? >> before i could process.
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>> youtube stars have budgets that amount to pocket change. now youtube is helping them step up by fulfilling workshops and labs at sundance. the goal was to give a voice and support to a new stwren generation of storytellers. >> we introduce you to oakland resident andrew hatch. last year, we didn't realize it would be his last. at 117-years-old, mr. hatch was the only man in america who could say he was born when women mcginley was president. he died yesterday, surrounded by his family. until then, he may have been the oldest living person. but the folks that make those decisions like to see birth second quarters. here's the issue. hatch didn't have a certificate since he was born at a home in the rural south in 1899. his family had been working on getting his birth date documented. but 117-years-old a. lodge an colorful life. >> hopefully, they'll be able to prove that and have it as his
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legacy. >> a little of a respite, hopefully. >> we will get a break. we are watching another storm with as much rain and wind. in the meantime, patchy force we'll have a look at that when we come right back. cleaning up and assessing the
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damage during a much needed >> well, it's been a hectic day for lots of folks. communities up and down across the bay area cleaning up, trying to figure out what was damaged from today's storm. now, how to pick up the pieces and move forward. we see how they fared in the sant cruz mountains. >> reporter: well the storm hit hard but also seemed to let up at the right times. while there was plenty of problems. there was also relief this cal
6:44 pm
trans crew shut down highway near beltonnant an hour today clearing out this slide of mud and rocks. one worker said it was their fourth slide of the day and it was still the afternoon. some communities had to deal with flooding and downed power lines. long time mountain resident, including a professional tree cutter said the storm might not be didn't yet. >> really saturated. we're getting a lost runoff in the creek. >> reporter: some drivers rushed through the mountains and paid the price. >> because of the rain, it made the water splash on top of my windshield from another car. which caused many eto'o slow down and get rear ended. >> any at vice for people? >> the same we always give, slow down, slow down report. the storm created some misleadingly beautiful skeents, like this runoff waterfall. >> it's good and bad. if it stays like it is, it's going to be fine. get a little wind in there. we watch out. >> the break in the storm gave this team from usgs a chance to evaluate the san lorenzo river
6:45 pm
for its clients, including the city of santa cruz. >> it tells us the volume an stage and water service elevation. >> how's it look? >> a little higher. >> it is elevated. >> reporter: yes, i'm sure it is, just like all the other waterways and as we've heard, that itself a good thing so far. at lexington reservoir, robert honda, nbc bay area news. >> we see smiles now the sierra snow pack looks encouraging. take a look at the photo. it shows the state water department. the department says the snow pack is more than 100% of normal. this time last year, remember how dire the situation was t. snow pack was at 32%. however the department added, we still feed more snow is this we need more snow. we need more rain. i know we need more rain. can we get a break from the rain
6:46 pm
a little bit? smr we need breaks. another round brought about one to two inches for most of the bay area. we see into san francisco and oakland, more than a inch fell. into the south bay, sarah to dpa an inch and a quarter. you see the santa cruz mountains, almost two-and-a-half inches of rain, pleasanton, right now, we are starting to clear our skies out. the air cools, the radiation fog forms. north bay, east bay valleys, look out for thick fog for tomorrow morning. the ra da, though, dry. this is what the brick looks like for now t. brick fought lasting long, over my shoulder, a pretty impressive system that will send high surf our way and bring heavy rain at times. at the end of the week. in the meantime the clouds are the low level clouds and the fog that can slow things down and for the afternoon, hazy sunshine and temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s.
6:47 pm
an exception to the rule the temperatures will be those valleys where the fog is very thick at the low sun angle this time of year, sometimes the fog takes some time to break umm. if are you in the north bay, tri-valley, concord the temperatures may trend cooler in the extended forecast as we see more fog. dry for your wednesday. next chance of rain, starting in the north bay. thursday afternoon, looks like the friday morning commute will have more rain. >> that will probably carry over at least into early saturday. so the end of the week forecasts our third storm this week will be the rain for your friday. as we get into saturday, notice you will have some chances to start. then we see a longer break from sunday into monday. partly skies, could stay dry through the weekend and the middle part of next week. 111% of average. last year, 32% of average. the se ira snow pack looks good. let's go back to september. we had flooding rains in the pacific northwest t. drought
6:48 pm
decreasing there. but you can see, northern california. novelty much halls changed. so this is the benchmark we have to beat. so just recently now the snow pack is at 100% of average t. bay area rain totals are 100% to average. san jose getting 120% of average. they have recovered this month and the long range forecast is an improving one. the el nino forecast through the end of the month. you see some places have gone above the monthly average on the 19th of the month. which correspond to the last el nino. january was a big month. february, typically, raindrops off. can you see february 1998. the biggest month per rain may still lie ahead. in fact, a long range forecast. the outlook to february has a lot of rain, including southern california. so the projections are 150% of average rainfall into february,
6:49 pm
march and april. >> that will hope bring a break from the drought is knls t. pattern continues. if we continue to see storms the one come income this weekend as you saw over the next week and all the way into february as we go into palm beach and april, we will continue to make a real dent in the drought. not quite there just yet. more storms like this will put us closer to 200% of average we feed by spring. >> a good perspective. >> up next, forget the red carpet. how about the teal carpet? a hockey event unlike any other, all your favorite sharks new and old at the shark tank night. there is no game. but they're all there. we'll explain next. uber's super deal in santa
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clara. its the first and the the only ride-hing companythat'll be allowed to pick up or drop off at levi's stadium during next uber's super deal if santa clara. it is the first and only ride sharing company that will be allowed to pick up or drop off at levy stadium during next month's super bowl. how'd they score that deal in the company has made an exclusive game day deal to have its own pickup an dropoff zone right near the stadium him. good evening, coming to you from the comcast sportsnet studios. while they're still fighting to make tear first stanley cup finals appearance, there have been a lot of pomp and circumstance tonight as you see doug wilson past and present the franchise celebrates 25 years of
6:53 pm
nhl hockey in the south bay. >> they drafted me. took care of me since i was 18 as a person and a hockey player they've do you know lot for me. >> being here, you put down roots. it's a roots community being around town, getting to know a lot of fans over the years like that, just the fabric that it's built up in this community is unbelievable. >> reporter: at the base of all that, of course the fans. they voted for their all time sharps first and second teamers. patrick marleau, joe thornton to know surprise the forward. brett burns and marc-edouard vlasik on the defense. could lane kippen be back to the bay area in the former raiders head coach and kooshd fator contacted by the 49ers and kip kelly for their offensive coordinator position. this come track the 9er nation
6:54 pm
publication. off night for the dub, before they take the court at the united center. we bought the to talk about last night's stumping of the cavaliers for a fifth corn s consecutive time. they beat them by an average of 18 points per game. wednesday, they try to handle the eastern conference's other favorite. >> oh, it's fun to play in front of these crowds. chicago has a good fan base. it will be a good time. >> he has been through and obviously every pi you said, like he has the talent. any night he can go out there and show it. so you got to be ready. >> reporter: finally the nba is celebrating the chinese new year. who better to help the leak out than the mvp. bay area product jeremy lynn and the man they like to call beard opposing teams will wear chinese
6:55 pm
character jerseys when the washington wizards host the warriors on . >> for the first time in nba history, two opposing teams will wear chinese character jerseys when the washington wizards host the warriors and when the doves host the rockets on tuesday, february 9th. all right, that's it for sport, ram, back to you. >> a cool commercial there from the nba. tonight at 11:00 the search continues for those two college students which told you about who were swept off the rock noose the ocean. rescuers battle stormy conditions today. this was down in santa cruz. tonight we talked to tear family that is still holding out hope they will be recovered and that they are safe and sound. we'll follow the story through the evening. >> really, treacherous conditions that those rescuers were dealing with today, rob.
6:56 pm
>> wind and those waves. fortunately, the surf will rise again. it will reach us in a couple days. right now, a break between storms. we got temperatures in the 50s, tomorrow morning low- to mid-50s. fog will be an issueful we had storms and weekend which helps to churn up the atmosphere. now when things turn calm, fog could be a concern for your morning drive tomorrow. in the north bay and east bay avenues, we break out the hazy sunshine. >> that is your break before the next storm arrives it looks like for the forth bay as early as thursday afternoon. this will be a friday all day impact and then starts to shut down saturday morning second half of the weekend into the beginning of next week arc longer break, maybe a couple of breakday, sunday into tuesday of next week. >> we are getting used to this. start, stop. >> bye, see you at 11:00.
6:57 pm
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>> what really killed eagles legend glen fry? >> his bandmates and fans in shock over his death at 67. new details on his final days now on "extra." >> his music took us to the -- ♪ hotel california >> -- and taught us to -- ♪ take it easy >> the medical mystery around the death of glenn frey. >> rest in peace, my friend. >> from kelly and michael to keith urban, the star tributes today. the wife and kids he leaves behind, plus the eagles behind the music. >> his standoff with the band over money and why he alm


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