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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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an elementary, so there was all these kids who didn't have, unfortunately, their grandparents growing up with them. a lot of them were in mexico. so she was the grandmother of the neighborhood, you could say. a lot of kids would come and visit her, call her grandma. >> 51-year-old feeliole avaiva of san francisco also died in the crash. the driver of the bus, a 58-year-old man shown here, told them he felt fatigued while behind the wheel. now, the national transportation safety board has launched its own investigation. they'll look into the driver's condition, mechanical issues, highway design, and the weather. that's not all. >> we have recovered a camera from the bus, and we'll be looking into whether it reported any information or not. >> joel says he'll treasure his last christmas with his grandma, but it's her hugs he'll miss most. >> those hugs were always there. we would walk right into the door and it was a hug and a
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kiss. tell us how much she missed us. you know, that's what i'm going to miss the most. walking into this house and, you know, not getting the hug. >> maria ortiz had gone to tijuana because she had visited her two sons, and she was taking the greyhound bus back. crews right now are moving this greyhound bus. again, they are taking it to a tow truck. here's the tow truck coming through. but the greyhound bus still remains there. they will be moving it to a caltrans yard. and maria's family told me she will be buried in mexico. reporting live in gilroy, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. >> we should add, this investigation hinges really on the driver of that bus. the chp saying today he was not on drugs or alcohol at the time of the crash. and keep in mind, this was early yesterday morning. according to the dmv now, he has a clean driving record over the past three years, and no history of drunk driving over the past
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ten years. as marianne mentioned, yesterday, he told officers he was fatigued. >> happening now in san jose, oo grueling day-long traffic snarl on highway 101 near i-80. it's still going and will last through the evening commute. the chp won't reopen all southbound lanes until 7:00 this evening. this closure happened around 10:30 this morning when investigators say a driver in a stolen car hit a big rig causing it to jackknife and overturn. the driver of the big rig is hospitalized with major injuries but will recover. the driver of the stolen car ran off and is still at large. complicating the clean-up, the truck's gas tank ruptured. >> an emotional vigil wrapped up for two uc santa cruz students swept out to sea on monday. hope is fading as the search for the two near bonnie dune beach has been suspended. nbc bay area's robert handa is live at that beach with more. robert, so heartbreaking for family and friends.
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what do they plan to do next, now that the search has been suspended? >> well, janelle, the family says they're still dealing with that, and just starting to deal with that right now, because at this point, they're still struggling to figure out how to say good-bye. it was a painful vigil for the 150 or so people who gathered here. and at a spot overlooking where the two students were last seen. the friends and family of the two ucfc students gathered on a cliff at bonnie dune beach to mourn their lost loved ones. a 19-year-old from palo alto, and a 25-year-old of san jose, were on a beach trip with college friends monday when they were swept out by the huge waves. a third friend managed to get back on the rock. today's vigil was first of all to remember and honor the outstanding students who were members of the school's muslim student association. >> i'm devastated. she was the light of our family.
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she made our house happy. >> is this vigil helping? >> of course, all these people, it's a great comfort. >> family members pointing out el nino is stirring up conditions and urged others to be extra cautious. >> you don't see the danger, but obviously, there's a lot of dangerous. the water you can hear from here, it's slamming against the rock. it sounds like thunder. and that's a lot of water. so easy to carry away a person. be careful. >> now, as we mentioned, her family is still trying to decide what to do next now that the official search has been suspended. coming up at 6:00, some of the options being considered. live in bonnie dune beach, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> very soad for that family. the waves will get bigger as the next storm is moving in. rob, what's the timeline and what should we expect?
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>> we have been watching the wave heights offshore, 6 to 8-foot waves from santa cruz to ocean beach. you can see a lot of white water near the shore. the surf really hasn't gone down since earlier this week. right now, increasing clouds ahead of the same storm system which about a day or so ago out of the pacific, a lot of wind pushing a long period of swells our way. the clouds ahead of the storm that will bring us rain, but the surf combined with the king tide could make coastal flooding a threat later this week. you can see the winds pushing the higher waves toward the coast. 15 to 20-foot breakers arriving late tonight into friday. what will be different with the third storm this week is we have a king tide for friday morning, friday night, and saturday. high tide at about 6.6 feet. bays and beaches could see local coastal flooding if the storm arrives on top of the king tide and storm-driving surf. the rain estimate, the ground is saturated in the north bay. could see another 2 to 4 inches of rain as we ged into the
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weekend. flooding on the coast and across some of the mountain areas. something we'll be watching. a complete timeline of when you can expect the rain and wind. >> we'll see you shortly. you can track the surf and incoming storms with our free nbc bay area app. it's very helpful. click on the weather on that drop down menu for the latest forecast and our live doppler radar. >> in a short time i have been here, i've just been struck by the synergy in this building in terms of how everybody is on a quest to win a super bowl. >> and he's ready to bring a sixth super bowl trophy to san francisco. chip kelly held his first news conference as the niners new head coach. he was greeted by a throng of reporters at team headquarters. grilling him about the niners future and his recent troubles. damian trujillo was at the news conference. he has more on the kelly era. >> chip kelly was fired by the philadelphia eagles and then hired here just two weeks later.
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today, he said he's ready to ride on the shouldersoffs the 49ers greats. he posed for pictures on the same field his men will go to battle next season. chip kelly, 49ers 19th head coach, and already touting the 49ers dynasty. >> we can see farther today because of the shoulders we stand on of the people who came before us. when you lookt the rich history and tradition of this organization, it's second to none. >> his job is now to resurrect one of the worst teams in the league last year. reporters peppered him with questions, one about the daily urine tests he allegedly made his players take in philadelphia. >> first off, it's not a test. it's to tell you are you hydrated enough to go on the practice field so you don't pull a muscle. you're just trying to put the players in a position so they don't get injured. >> kelly was asked to react to the 49ers players arrested over the last couple years. >> your tolerance on off the field troubles by some of your
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players. >> i believe it's a privilege to play in the national football league. and that with that privilege goes responsibility. >> kelly said the players' actions off the field will definitely effect them on the field, and with a tight ship, the new head coach says it's time to bring a sixth super bowl back to niners country. and how does chip kelly feel about blain gabbart and colin kaepernick? we'll ask him at 6:00. we'll also hear from ceo jed york. live outside levi's stadium, damian trujillo. >> thank you, damian. speaking of football, the transform agdz has begun. san francisco is turning into super bowl city. crews today starting getting the plaza ready to host thousands of people in the next few week. they're manicuring dozens of trees and putting up super bowl 50 banners. the bulk of the preparations begin saturday, but tow away zones are already in place. several streets are going to be closed for almost three weeks, starting this saturday, including the streets around the
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center, where fans with ilbe able to check out the nfl experience, which is an interactive theme park. and the countdown is on. we are now just 17 days away from the super bowl on february 7th at levi's stadium in santa clara. >> let's turn it over to the stock market now. they're taking another beating. the steep drop in oil prices triggered another sell-off, causing the dow to plummet more that 500 points at one point in the day. if you own stocks, you likely lost money. in fact, the stock market is at its all-time low in nearly two years. our business and tech reporter scott budman is with is. is it possible to give us a clear and simple explanation of why this is happening? >> there are lots of reasons. energy prices are falling. there's concern about the chinese economy. so far this year, our stock market has plummeted with no end to the drama in sight. by the time the bell rang, wall
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street actually felt some relieve. an early afternoon loss of more than 560 points trimmed back to a loss of 249. but investors don't like the crazy swing. >> i'm getting close to retirement r you see all this stuff coming up. i'm nervous. >> even charities tell us they're starting to brace for a recession. >> during a recession, the hardest hit, i would say, is the nonprofit communities. and the trickle down effect of that is just all the people that we serve and help. >> and with once hot tech companies like twitter, gopro, and square seeing stock values plunge, we're seeing tech layoffs for the first time in years. >> every morning, we wake up and see the market down 200, 300 points. that's creating a lot of uncertainty. >> uncertainty that's keeping us from buying, investing, and feeling safe about our money. now, one benefit of the energy sell-off responsible for so much
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nervousness on wall street these days is lower gas prices. tonight at 6:00, why some say oil prices may have fallen too far. >> thank you so much, scott. overseas now, we have new video of freed "washington post" reporter and bay area native jason rezaian. he made his first public appearance today outside a u.s. military hospital in germany. he's receiving medical treatment there after spending more than 500 days imprisoned in iran. he was released this past weekend along with several other americans in a prisoner swap. rezaian grew up in marin county and says he can't wait to get back to the states. he wants to return to reporting, but first he hopes to watch a warriors game and a new star wars movie. still ahead, a closer look at the lingering resentment toward the u.s. in iran, even after the recent nuclear deal and the easing of sanctions. nightly news with lester holt begins at 5:30. >> well, shots fires and an entire peninsula neighborhood on lockdown. coming up, how a san mateo police officer stopped two
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thieves. >> plus, a hoverboard blamed for the death of these two bay area dogs in a house fire. the action state regulators announced today in the wake of a growing number of fires linked to these toys. >> and a tanker train derails right near a major east bay freeway. we'll show you what it was carrying when we return. investigators in martinez are
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trying to figure out what caused
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this train to go off the tracks. re investigators in martin esare trying to figure out what caused this train to go off the tracks. three tanker cars derailed around 8:00 this morning. they were carrying sulfuric acid, but luckily, nothing spilled. it happened under the bunoosha bridge. authorities took samples of the air and no hazardous vapors were released. >> another terrifying hoverboard accident in the bay area. a north bay family is mourning the death of two dogs after the house caught on fire. firefighters say the cause is that hoverboard. parents gave it to their 12-year-old daughter for christmas. jodi hernandez is in santa rosa with a warning this family now has for others. >> we lost our dogs. my best friends. >> dave carpenter is heartbroken. his two dogs died yesterday when his santa rosa house caught on fire. firefighters say the cause -- the howeverboard the carpenters
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got their daughter for christmas. >> able to see some indicators and fire what we call patterns and burn patterns that were able to identify a very specific area within the bedroom, and at that location was a hoverboard. >> if it happened in the middle of the night, right a the door to her bedroom. the fire marshal said it was an intense flame. i might not even have my daughter. >> the u.s. consumer safety product commission says this is the 40th however howevverboard related fire in the country. just last month, a hoverboard burst into flames. >> it's like selling kids bombs that are going to go off. you never know when. >> the carpenters say they'll repair their house, but the dogs, two of their family members. can't be replaced. they want other families to be careful. >> it's not worth the fun. my daughter had a great time, but not anymore. you know, unplug them.
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>> that was jodi hernandez reporting. the u.s. consumer product safety commission announced today they're investigating 13 hoverboard manufacturers and testing models at its national testing center. >> a startling discovery in a san jose creek. a dead body. as of tonight, investigators still don't know the identity. san jose firefighters found this body earlier today in coyote create near galveston and tully road. the coroner's office will i.d. the person and determine if the death is suspicious. >> a break-in, a police shooting, and a neighborhood on lockdown. it all happened this morning in san mateo. these are the two people police say are involved. they're both under arrest. happened early this morning near hillsdale boulevard. homeowners called police as a burglar was breaking into hair house. when police arrived, they caught up with maria king. she tried to run over an officer with her car, so the officer fired back. >> woke up to police, stop, no,
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no, and four gunshots, tires skweeching, and then some screaming. >> one bullet did hit the suspect's car, but king was not hit. she was captured and taken into custody shortly after the shooting. police then put the neighborhood on lockdown and went yard to yard to try to find the suspect. they found him about three hours later. >> well, new video tonight from the fulsome dam. this is near sacramento. construction crews, you see down below, were on site to repair a leak. this was reported before dawn at a temporary dam built next to a new spillway. the engineers theorize that the recent rains caused some erosion. resulting in this leak. they say the problem is fixed, and there was never a threat to public safety. >> let's get a check of the forecast. we have sunshine today. it was nice, but there's a system lingering later this week, right, rob? >> we're going to see the impact over a couple days. you're right, it was nice outside today. temperatures earlier today as
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warm as the mid-60s in san jose. right now, 61 degrees. hazy skies. lifermore at 58 degrees there. notice the haze, we had patchy fog this morning. we'll see a little more tonight. 58 right now in oakland. there's the haze i was talking about. a little more clear from tiburon to the south. gorgeous. 55 degrees in the north bay, and 55 into san francisco right now. we're seeing high clouds spilling over the bay area. nothing on the radar just yet, but by this time tomorrow, areas north of the golden gate may begin to see sprinkles. impressive looking system on the sat lietd, and the air flow for now is coming out of the south, over the bay area. that helped to boost the temperatures today. even as we see more clouds tomorrow, temperatures will be mild. upper 60s for highs south of san jose. throughout the day tomorrow, kind of like outside right now, mid and high level clouds at times. as we head to 7 look, 8:00, 9:00 tomorrow evening, we'll begin to watch the north bay for a chance of rain. overall, thursday, a dry day with mild temperatures, mid to
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upper 60s around san jose down towards morgan hill and gilroy. around the peninsula, palo alto, 65 degrees. close to 60 in san francisco. for the north bay, scant santa rosa, a chance of light showers in the day, and heavier rain on friday. for the tri-valley tomorrow, temperatures again climbing into the 60s. the system ahead, we're going to see two waves as a part of it. first, the frontal boundary coming through, andoon yarth of low pressure is going to form in the base of the trough, and the center itself will track over the bay area. that will give us gusty winds and likelier the heavier of the two rounds of rain. that's the first one through for the friday morning commute. then a built of a break friday afternoon. then friday into saturday, the upper level low right at high tide and during a king tide where the high tide is 6.6 feed. as we get towards saturday morning, coastal flooding is possible. it should time up with probably the heaviest rain rates out of the system. as we can see, for the north bay, about an inch of rain by 11:00 saturday morning. into san jose, a little bit of a
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rain shadow in the santa clara valley where rain totals will be about a half inch or less as we get the weekend started. as we get towards the weekend forecast, rain for friday. saturday, a chance of isolated thunder. an upper level low tracks on through. sunday, skies clear, and that could be a sign of things to come. as high pressure starts to build. if you have plans for the second half of the weekend, that high is going to build in, and very likely keep us dry from about sunday and possibly through wednesday of next week. it's been some time since we have seen that stretch of dry weather, has it has been a very active january. it's now the wettest january since 2008 for san francisco and santa rosa, we still have 11 days to go. you can see the monthly rain total. almost 10 inches so far in santa rosa. oakland, livermore, and san jose, most since 2010. all this aligning similar to 1998, the last very strong el nino. plenty of time to go. we could see perhaps all of the bay area being the wettest january as a month since about 2008.
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so far, half the bay area is that way. adding more rain certainly through the end of the week. >> thanks, rob. the first awakens still dominates the box office. the announcement just made about the next episode. >> also, take a look. a wayward seal found in an unlikely place. we'll tell you about the freeway this pup had to cross to get there. >> and they made a run for it. the video police want you to see after thieves ripped off an apple store at a bay area mall. taking a bite out of apple. this
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is surveillance video from last thursday night of a robbery taking a bite out of apple. this is surveillance video that we've obtained from last thursday night of a robbery at the apple store in pleasanton. right there at the stone ridge mall. four men, you see them in hoodies there, grabbed ten iphones right there from the display, and then ran out of the mall. you're urged to call police if you recognize any of these suspects. >> the search is on tonight for the person who shot a man in an east san jose neighborhood just before 9:00 this morning. police were called to a home off tully and center roads where they found a man who was shot. red crime tape divided the neighborhood as police fanned out searching for the suspect
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and the weapon. the victim is expected to recover. detectives haven't disclosed a possible motive. >> cragging down on tour bus safety in the weak of two recent crashes in san francisco. city leaders are pushing for more regulations. assemblyman said the buses should be subject to more inspections. right now, tour buserize inspected by the chp. he is introducing a bill that would allow the city to inspect the buses as well. >> we just need more eyes on these operators to make sure that the buses out on the streets are safe. >> last weekend, you might recall, a man was hit and killed by a tour bus in san francisco's pacific height neighborhood. and in november, a double decker tour bus seen here crashed in union square, injuring 20 people. >> a baby seal is recovering tonight after it was found dehydrated and malnourished. someone spotted animal flopping around in the bushes near a business in the east side of heyward. no one knows how it managed to cross 880. crews from the marine mammal center came out and rescued the
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baby seal. once it's nursed back to health, they will release it into the wild. >> just ahead, star wars putting a hold on the next episode. we'll explain. stay with us.
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will soon get a lot more crowded. the new restrictions that pilots will be dealing with as we count down to the super bowl. that's on our 6:00 newscast. >> okay, star wars fans, now that the force has awakens, disney is announcing when the next film bill debut. episode 7 is on its way to becoming the highest grossing film of all time, but disney revealed it's delaying the release of episode viii. they moved the debut to december of that year. the film will have a new director, who is best known for that time traveling film "looper." >> i still have to see the star wars that just got released. >> episode vii. i have a lot of catching up to do. >> save us. >> good movie weather coming our way. right now, we've got some high clouds coming in tomorrow morning, patchy fog in the afternoon, mild, mid to upper 60s for highs. after tomorrow, the rain comes back friday, and another one friday night and to start the
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weekend. >> thanks for joining us. up next is lester holt with nightly news. >> hope to see you back here at 6:00. good night, folks. developing news tonight. a monster winter storm bearing down. blizzard watches up, in some places forecast for the kind of snow they haven't seen in 100 years. 50 million americans bracing for impact. on the attack, sarah palin hits the trail with donald trump. and what she said about her son's domestic violence arrest, ptsd and the president, raising eyebrows. > roller coaster plunge on wall street. retirement savings taking another hit as the price of oil continues to fall with no end in sight. new developments in the toxic water crisis in michigan. what did the governor know and when did he know it. and a rescue. a hollywood star turned real-life action hero. "nightly news" begins right now.


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