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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 21, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get straight to that forecast this morning. kari has a look at it. >> good morning. we still continue to dry out and we're getting ready for the next storm could cause more flooding problems for par s parts of the. no need for the umbrella and rain doesn't start until later on tonight and visibility still mostly clear in a lot of spots. as we go into the day, it will be mild and mostly sunny and clouds starting to move in as we go into the evening. now as we take a look at that tri-valley camera, we do see some low clouds and let's check in now with mike to see if there is any fog there impacting the commute. >> you know, kari, our view from the dublin camera much, much clearer and farther than yesterday. this is a sign that will be lit up later on. everything is clearly visible and couldn't see this shot yesterday and an easy drive from the shot now for west 580. look at your map, no problems and build out of the altamont and a crash right around
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mountain house and not a concern for our commuters. as we look over towards the bay bridge, no slowing. moving well on city streets and there is a dramatic scene over there. >> yeah, it is breaking news that we're following this morning, mike. a driver is dead after a very gruesome crash in the east bay. look at that, the car just split in half. right now mcarthur boulevard is shut down as authorities investigate how it all happened. bob redell is live there. you just talked to a man claiming to be a possible in that car. >> if you can believe that. young man showed up about 20 minutes ago here to talk to oakland police to let them know that his friend, the 21-year-old drooir driver who is now deceased let his police know that his friend was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. the passenger survived. you're looking at you can see the police officer right there. that is the front half of that
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coupe. and if you look down mcarthur boulevard about a block down you can see the back half of the car. so, it gives you a sense of just how violent this crash was. happened around 11:00 last night. this young man says that his friend was on, they were on the way back from his friend's family home and they were going to be dropping him off, the passenger off at his house when this accident here happened around 11:00 on mcarthur and he says his friend was going about 60 miles an hour and just lost control of the car. i asked if he was distracted or anything like that or anything going on or if there was a malfunction in the car. he said, no, he just lost control. they hit a tree and the car split in two diagonally. unfortunately, most of the impact hit the drivers side and split into the back. his friend was not wearing a seat belt and was ejected and did die on the scene. the passenger was taken to the hospital for observation, but when i saw him, he was walking
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and talking and he might have had a slight limp, but no bumps or bruises on him and that's what is remarkable about this. despite tof the violence of thi crash, he was able to walk away. when i asked him what saved him, he said seat belt and god. >> pretty amazing there. thank you very much, bob. 5:03. happening later today, a push for change following uproar at a san francisco police commission meeting last night. now a change in policy could be in store. "today in the bay" steph chuang joining us from our newsroom all that anger and push from the public all stemming from the shooting and killing of mario woods last month and now the police is asking folks how they want to see their policies change. >> yeah, the police commission asking for that, sam. the first meeting for that is tonight but this is after police say in december woods wouldn't drop a knife after he stabbed someone, but such a community outcry that the mayor called for a review of the department's
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policies. the use of force policies. to see how divided it is in look no further than last night's meeting. a large group of protesters met for the first time anywhere from 75 to 100 of them. there to support their police chief and they called for his firing and his support the five officers involved in the woods' shooting. >> you don't have to tell me about being black. i'm black. but you know what i have, i have another family. i have a family and i go and i protect. i protect them and i protect the citizens. >> now, only a couple officers were able to speak before they last getting booed by the crowd there. by the way, the five police officers in the woods shooting are back on the job, mostly desk duty. the police commission new use of force policy are set to be finalized by february and the first hearing slated for 6:00 tonight and they do want people to go there and talk about what
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they want to see changed. that's not it, though, the board of supervisors' rules committee is also hold agameting at 10:00 this morning about alternative use of force policies and a police department spokesman is supposed to be there to report. live here in our san francisco newsroom, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." it is 5:05 right now. the family of a boy shot and killed by a deputy in a headline grabbing case will be allowed to take the wrongful death suit to trial. killed andy lopez a little more than two years ago in santa rosa. lopez was holding a replica ak-47. yesterday a federal judge in oakland ruled against the county and the deputy who argued the case be dismissed because he feared for his life. the trial is expected to begin in april. in the north bay, the search set to resume at daylight for a missing surfer swept out to sea.
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last night rescue crewss scoure the area. we have pictures of the rescue operation tweeted out by the national park service. a surfer said he was giving a fellow surfer cpr. that's when the unconscious surfer was dragged out to sea. been a dangerous few weeks along our coastline. also, a man found 150 feet down a cliff just south of pacifica now pronounced dead. firefighters discovered the body at gray whale cove yesterday afternoon after a hiker ran across it. firefighters with cliff rescue training hiked down to that area and confirmed the man was dead. not clear if the man fell down the cliff, but investigators don't suspect foul play at this point. new details emerging after a greyhound bus flipped over on 101 in south san jose on tuesday killing two women. it was a horrific crash. the mangled bus sitting and it bus was towed there from gilroy last night. local and federal investigators are looking at several factors
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including mechanical issue and highway design. the ntsb says a camera was recovered from inside the bus. they're now planning on interviewing the driver who told chp officers he was fatigued while behind the wheel. the chp has already ruled out drugs and alcohol. in the meantime, we are learning more about the second victim of that crash. 76-year-old maria ortiz from salinas was thrown from the bus. ortiz was returning home from tijuana where she was visiting her sons when the tragedy unfolded. >> wish she would have been a little more responsible. if he would have told someone he was tired and he felt like he couldn't do the drive, he shouldn't have done the drive. >> 51-year-old of san francisco also died in that crash. an investigation is now under way to find out what caused this train to derail in martinez yesterday. the cars were carrying sulfuric acid. luckily nothing spilled. hazmat crews rushed to the scenes under the benicia bridge
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but the air was tested and no hazardous vapors were found. meantime, happening today a historic bridge damaged is going to be back up and running. this large crack formed after a 4.1 quake struck last may. the bridge crosses the napa river connecting highway 29 to the silveredado trail. nearly 100 years old. napa county public works says the renovated structure is now stronger and taller than ever. it will also now allow two lanes of traffic. getting a break from all the rain that we've been having lately. kari has a look at the radar and green further north, right. >> i think this time tomorrow morning a wet start to the day and all because of this. this large swath of clouds that we're seeing well to the west of us. that is moving closer. so, in the meantime it, we have mild temperatures and dry weather with some low clouds and fog in some spots. look at these highs today. we're heading back into the
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mid-50s in morgan hill. san carlos 64 and the mission district today looking at 62 degrees. in napa, it's up to 62 today. oakland 65 and livermore a high of 64 degrees. now, we will keep the mild temperatures, but we'll have some rain moving in and it may last for several hours. we'll take a look at the futurecast and i'll give you an idea of the timing coming up in less than ten minutes. let's see what's happening on the roads now with mike. >> kari, not a lot. that is the good news. south 101 through san rafael and a clear view. not talking about visibility issues like we had yesterday. look at your map, we're looking at a smooth drive across the golden gate bridge and the toll plaza looks like all cash lanes are now open. down to silicon valley, that's easy, as well. in between we're looking at northbound 17 right before you geet the summit, osouth side of the summit and a crash blocking one lane and don't see any slowing on our sensors but be
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prepared for that and for some delays. coming up next, explosive new details about a deadly poisoning of a former russian spy. the report outlining what really happened. in this corner a neighborhood bar accused of illegally showing a p per view fight. six-figure lawsuit. >> you're suing these small businesses for a lot more money. >> because it is a federal offense. >> we investigate pay per view piracy laws in the bay area. >> forcing small businesses to close. a new layer of international
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intrigue .. to a story t this morning a new layer of international injury to a story that already sounded like a movie with russian president vladim vladimir putin involved.
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the death of a former russian spy a decade ago at a london hotel given a fatal dose of poison in his tea. three weeks later, he died of radio active poisoning. well, today, a judge in britain determined that putin himself probably signed off on having that former agent killed. he had become critical of putin and fled to britain in 2000. on his death bed he accused putin of being behind that plot. a potentially deadly virus is spreading around the one, one that is often fatal for babies and now may be here in the bay area. a woman who recently returned from a trip is now being tested for the ziak virus. >> kris sanchez has more on the warning and the travel warning going out for all women. >> so many things to worry about when you're pregnant and an agonizing few weeks for that woman because it takes two weeks to show whether she has that zika virus. if she does, it is a virus that
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she could pass on to her unborn baby. that woman is now in a walnut creek hospital after travel to bora bora over the holidays. according to scientific magazine, that country is not on the warning put out for the centers for disease control regarding the zika virus. cdc recommend women avoiding travel to brazil where it is an epidemic with somewhere between 400,000 and 1.3 million cases in the last year. for some pregnant women, the symptoms are mild and may not even know they have it, but for their babies, the infection can be deadly. >> in women that are pregnant it affects the development of the baby's head and brain. the skull is small and the brain can't grow to a normal size. >> now, the symptoms for women include high fever, headache, joint and muscle aches, rash and pinkeyes.
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now, the woman in the walnut creek hospital is being monitoring while her test results develop. if her case is confirmed, the first case of zika virus here in california. there are cases in the u.s. including in hawaii, texas, illinois and florida. >> very concerning. >> thank you very much, kris. now, last christmas, can you believe we're talking about christmas in january. >> didn't we just go through this? some lights are still on. >> scott mcgrew actually recommended to us last christmas if you're going to buy a hoverboard for someone, you should also buy them a fire extishuisher. >> purchase with caution. scott, you were being entirely serious and you have someone backing you up this morning. >> i do. the consumer product safety commission now recommends, sam, placing a fire extinguisher near your hoverboard. >> we talked to battery experts and they tell us water is not enough. it could spread the fire.
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a chemical fire extinguisher is best. the chairman himself made that recommendation in a statement on wednesday. just so we do not miss the point here, the person in charge of the agency in charge of making sure things are safe said you should not own a hoverboard unless own a fire extishwinger. it strongly hints it will ban hoverboards entirely some time in the fuper saying, "all options remain on the table for the cpsc. meanwhile, officials are reminding you not buy any electrical products without the seal. but ul has not certified any hoverboard. not one. the cpsc has something to say about that, too. the presence of a ul mark is, at best, misleading and may even be a sign of a counterfeit product. now, i can't put a finer point on that. the government says when it comes to hoverboards the seal of
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proval that etells you it won't explode is fake. you probably know who needs a fire extinguisher is landon dowdy, live at cnbc world headquarters. >> hey, scott, with this market craziness i have been looking for one all morning. the markets under more selling pressure today. maybe not as severe as wednesday. the dow was down as much as 560 points before reversing course. it still ended in the red. index traveling 1,100 points in the session. the big job aimproved has largely driv on the declines on wall street. oil dipping below $27 a barrel yesterday on reports of a big increase in u.s. supplies. look for data on unemployment and earnings from verizon. the dow closing 249 points to 15767. the nasdaq ending up just five to 4572. >> landon, thank you. uber-x is coming to lax. made the announcement last night. able to go to the airport in
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uber-x but not aolowed llowed t. one more way to avoid the taxi line. here in san francisco, expanding uber food delivery. food delivery to all day. breakfast, lunch and dinner. so get to do whatever you want. >> it's really amazing the amenities that we now have. >> extraordinary. >> someone go work out for me right now. >> fuber. >> copyright it. >> scrambled eggs and bacon would be great right now. someone get uber on the phone. in the meantime, a meteorologist here, as well. >> dry today. and it's nice. we had such mild weather. yesterday was gorgeous. so expect of the same. >> it felt like spring. >> it did. some more spring weather today and then we're back to our el nino winter as we go into tomorrow. let's take a live look outside right now. as we start out with some quiet
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conditions today. i think even by this time tomorrow morning we'll have a much different picture with some rain falling across parts of the bay area. so now as you step out, it's 50 degrees in san francisco and the peninsula at 51 degrees. as we drop in on the south bay, we also have some upper 40s in spots like campbell. it's 48 degrees and 48 in morgan hill and in the north bay it's now 45 degrees. so, as we go throughout the day, in oakland, we start out at 51 degrees at 7:00. a lot of clouds for the start of the day, but by lunchtime as you head out, you'll be able to get a little bit of sunshine, take a nice little lunch break and have your sandwich outside. it will 61 degrees at noon and then in the lower 60s as we do continue on with our dry weather. that is about to end with this next round of rain moving in. start to see the showers moving into the north bay by late tonight and early in the morning and then it continues to spread to the south. but this won't be an all-day widespread rain. it will be very hit or miss.
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we will have some breaks in between, but you just need to be prepared for it all as we go into tomorrow, as well as early saturday. the next ostorm system moves in. looks like the rain does get heavier as we know into early saturday morning before it moves out in the afternoon. so, a lot to be aware of as we go into the start of the weekend. our rainfall may total anywhere from about 0.75 over an inch for parts of the north bay. so, another good skooaker befor we head back to dry weather for sunday into the start of next week. let's check in now with mike to see what's happening on the roads. >> we have the bay bridge and quickly look at this shot. a mild backup for the cash lane. and we should see the metering lights turned on a bit after 5:30 according to this build here. an easy drive through the maze and no delays there or for the north bay. in fact, the wide shot shows you yesterday we had patches of fog registeringen our road weather index and not today. a smooth flow of through the tri-valley and a new crash reported just over on the
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shoulder. we'll watch as that commute is building in the area right now. get a live look out of san jose south of there no problems. northbound 01 is a nice drive. we should see that burst of traffic hit 20 minutes from now, that's the first one. palo alto no burst of traffic easy one right here around university. coming up next, cracking down on visas here in the u.s. the new requirement the european travelers might soon face.
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5:24. thursday morning. now to an investigative unit exclusive. an unfair find that's how local bar owners describe a battle involving the boxing business. the 8 ball tavern in sonoma county was slapped with a $170,000 lawsuit for showing a televised boxing match they did not have the commercial rights to broadcast. but the owners say the fight never aired in their bar. they call the lawsuit a shake down for something they did not do. >> when you tried to explain
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that you're not a thief and no one listens. so you put out some money so you can get the evidence against you, i think it's wrong. i feel like a victim. >> tonight, video evidence against the 8 ball tavern the owners call fraudulent. the system could bankrupt somewhat businesses. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call 1-888-996-tips or send us an e-mail. a small percentage of european travelers set to soon face tougher visa requirements. the congress approved that new law last month. it affects any european travelers who were dual nationals from one of four different nations. iran, iraq, sedan and syria. or have visited those countries any time in the last five years. the u.s. dessinginates each of those nations as sponsors of terrorism. so far we don't know the
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specifics of those new requirements or how soon they might be implemented. coming up, six carsed and destroyed. the hunt now to find the person responsible. making their voices heard. a rowdy crowd taking over a san francisco police commission meeting. the policies that are causing the uproar.
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a very good thursday morning to you, thank you so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock.
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on the heels of a beautiful day yesterday. another one set in store as taylor swift might say, everything has changed. i don't think it works, kari. >> i didn't get it, sorry, sam. >> does this ring a bell with anybody? no, it doesn't. >> take it away, kari. >> okay. we will have dry weather today and the rain returns tomorrow. so, enjoy today and the mild temperatures as you head out. we're taking a look at all our microclimates. 45 degrees in the north bay and 52 degrees in the east bay. today's forecast brings it up to 67 degrees in the south bay. nice and comfortable. and combine that with some sunshine t will make for a very pleasant day. but all of this comes to an end as the next storm system moves in. we'll talk more about that coming up. but let's check in now with mike to see how the roads are moving. >> kari, move swiftly from fremont to taylor. does that help sam at all? look towards your map and whole
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south bay no problem except for some debris reported. no slowing and nothing on our cameras. crash on the santa cruz mountains and cleared from northbound 17 and an easy drive all around the bay and a little slowing west 580 coming out of the altamont. not a problem for lanes and a quick look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we do see the build up for all of your lanes as they approach your time and should be any second now, guys. back to you. >> getting pretty busy out there. thanks so much. an update to breaking news this morning. this is all that is left of a car ripped in half. the driver was killed amazinglyk away without major injuries. authorities investigate how this all happened. "today in the bay" bob redell live there now. bob, you talked to a man claiming to be that passenger who surovived this horrific wreck. it's almost unbelievable.
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>> we spoke with him off camera, laura, about say maybe 45 minutes ago. a young man who credits god and his seat belt for surviving this devastating crash right there. right there is the front part of the car with the passenger seat still in tact and if you look down mcarthur boulevard, you're looking down about a block past that squad car, you'll see another big chunk of debris in the middle of the road. that's the back part of the car. around 11:00 last night and this passenger said the driver, his friend, a 21-year-old man. they were leaving the driver's family home and the driver was taking the passenger back to his home when around 11:00 they lost control of the car here on mcarthur boulevard which is about a block away from us. i asked the passenger how fast they were going. he said he thinks about 60 miles per hour. i asked him if his friend was under influence, he said, no. i said was he distracted? he said, no.
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unfortunately, when they lost control of the car, the car hit a tree and that's what caused the tree to split the driver was not wearing his seat belt. he was ejected and ended up on a where he died, unfortunately. while the passenger was still in the front part of the car. it wasn't actually momentum or enrsha that brought the front part away from the back end, the front had gasoline and drove itself up to that location where it ended up, again, around 11:00 this morning. the passenger did return to the scene here. he's trying to speak to police to let them know his friend was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol when this accident happened. high speed according to opd and that's what led to this accident, according to police. reporting live here in oakland, bob redell, "today in the bay." happening later today, a day after this firestorm erupted,
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front police commissioners are going to start taking a closer look at policies within the department. specifically as it pertains to use of force. this comes after police shot and killed 20-year-old mario woods six weeks ago. "today in the bay" stephanie chuang joining us live with details on what could be next for the embattled department. steph? >> these two police commissioners passed with with figuring out what changes could be made by february and the commissioners want to hear from you, from the public tonight. now, the challenge here may be to get some responses without all the anger expressed by some of those in the community. you can see the division between protesters and police at last night's meeting where 75 to 100 officer os showed up to talk but left pretty quickly to boos by the crowd there. the police commission had to intervene several times, in fact, and threatened to shut down the meeting. >> please give everybody two minutes. we are better than this. >> i personally take offense to
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calls or remarks that racism is pervasive in my department or played a part in this involved shooting. >> and he was just one of a xupal officers who was able to speak before they left. by the way, the five police officer os in the woods shooting are back on the job, modified duty. in house, not back on patrol. the police commission new use of force policy set to be finalized by february and we are told it will focus on the escalation tactics. the first of several public hearings set for 6:00 tonight on the third baptist church. now, that's not all. the board of supervisors rules committee office tackling this and asking for someone from the police department to have a report this morning at 10:00 on alternative use of force ideas. live in our san francisco newsroom, stephanie chuang. at 5:34, grab and go robberies are on the rise in the east bay and security cameras do not seem to be thwarting these criminals. pleasantton police released video at the stone ridge mall
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last thursday. you can actually see the men grabbing the display phones and then just taking off. employees say the robbers got away with ten phones. customers say they can see why apple stores are easy targets. >> really playing to the fact that it's an open and inviting area full of distraction where people can get in and out really quickly. >> police have released four different videos of grab and go theft from the stone ridge apple store since october. they're hoping the public can help identify the suspects. other stores in walnut creek have reportedly been targeted, as well. the search is on for an alleged arsonist or multiple arsonist after the santa cruz county sheriff six cars torched and destroyed. when firefighters responded to a dumpster fire in santa cruz yesterday, they a car engulfed in flames. they responded to another nearby fire shortly afterward but they found five more cars on fire. they say that they were able to minimize the damage on four additional cars.
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no word yet on the cause of those fires, but deputies believe the two incidents are linked. 5:35. two elderly women are in the hospital this morning after getting hit by a suspected dui driver. it happened while they were walking on the outside the oakmont village market in santa rosa yesterday afternoon. the driver gale gray had a small dog sitting on her lap at the time of the crash. witnesses say that may have played a role. >> just a tragedy. we don't know with what exactly happened on why she plowed her over. a lot of accusations that maybe the dog got under her feet. >> one woman is expected to survive and the other fighting for her life. the driver said she mistakenly hit the gas pedal when she meant hit the brake. she is now under arrest. one group hoping to cut out human trafficking is kicking off a new campaign tied to the super bowl. the group is called no traffic ahead. advocates believe human
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trafficking spikes ins that host larmg sporting events like the super bowl. today the group will launch a new bay area billboard campaign to help people better understand how human trafficking aeveryday life. a potentially deadly virus is spreading around the world and it might be here in the bay area. a woman who recently returned from a trip is now being tested for the zika virus. "today in the bay" kris sanchez joins us in studio with more on the travel warnish th ising thag out to all pregnant women. kris? >> we talked to the mom to be and she's not ready to go public yet, but we know she has an agonizing few weeks ahead because that's how long it will take for the tests to show if she has the ika virus. it's a virus she could pass to her unborn baby. the woman went to a walnut creek hospital monday after travel to bora bora over the holidays. in red are the countries with
5:38 am
active zika cases. now, bora bora is not included in the warning put out by the centers of disease control regarding the zika virus. the cdc is cautioning pregnant women to avoid travel to puerto rico and 13 central and south american countries with active cases. that includes brazil, where that mosquito-born illness is an epidemic with somewhere between 400,000 and 1.3ian cases in the last year. for some pregnant women, the symptoms are mild, but for their babies, the infection can be deadly. >> women that are pregnant it affects the development of the baby's head and the brain. and the skull is small, the brain can't grow to normal size. >> now, the symptoms for women include high fever, headache, joint and muscle aches, rash and pinkeye. now, that woman who is in the walnut creek hospital is being monitored while her test results develop. if the case is confirmed, hers
5:39 am
is the first case of the zika virus in california. but confirmed cases in the u.s. hawaii, texas, illinois, florida. >> wide swath there of states. thank you very much. 5:39 right now. we are seeing another day of nice weather, but, wait, the satellite radar up right now and we know you're going to be tracking rain before long, kari. >> you know it starts to move in later on tonight with the approach of the next system. you can tell her by all the clouds, it is a pretty big one and bring some rain for at least 24 hours by the time it arrives. so, looking at the temperatures now as we still have dry conditions. it's right at about 50 degrees in san carlos and san francisco. mild temperatures today. we're still in the mid to upper 60s for the south bay. some peeks of sun in palo alto and 65 degrees and the mission district up to 62 degrees. also low 60s for the north bay and antioch up to 66 degrees and
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san ramon up to 62. looking good this afternoon. tomorrow afternoon, that's a different story. we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. let's see what's happening on the roads now with mike. >> clear 20 minutes ago and now a different story the bay bridge. bridge backed up from the metering lights and towards the toll plaza and let's look at your map, though. a smooth drive everywhere except for the bay bridge toll plaza. a clear. yesterday low clouds and fog and as we move the map out and show you the greater bay area, no real problems for visibility. a smooth drive west 580 slows a bit out of the altamont and livermore and a tiny bit of build through the sunol area. bay a small slow down northbound 101 right around the 101 right around 680 interchange and show you 1 o01 right from palo alto around university a number of cars on the road and northbound past university and smooth all the way to and from the city. bay shore freeway, 280.
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back to you. 5:40 right now. the big change for b.a.r.t. that could keep passengers safe. facebook has new ways to razz your fans just in time for the fl playoffs. an avalanche caught on camera. why this viral video could land the snowboarder in serious trouble. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate.
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well caught on camera. an avalanche nearly crushing this snowboarder. but now it's the viral video that could land the guy in bigger trouble. it was shot at sugar bowl resort near tahoe showing christian on a steep run when that avalanche started. his friend was also reporting at a time and he caught it from a different angle. the ski resort says he was on a closed area of the mountain at the time and his actions put himself and other skiers in trouble. no more fake cameras. that's the word from b.a.r.t. officials. they'll replace the decoys with real one. all came to light after a deadly shooting on a b.a.r.t. train inland nearly two weeks ago. there's no surveillance video of the shooting because many of b.a.r.t.'s cameras are fake,
5:45 am
meant to only detour crime. that revelation sparked called for increased safety cameras. laura, one state lawmakers launching a new drive to stop cities from separating drivers and their money. southern california assemblyman is calling the parking bill of rights. a set of reforms that would take some of the sting out of city parking laws. his plan would reopen parking once street cleaners do their job, inof picketing during that entire window. valets would be required to give up free sparking spots that some believe they are currently thwarting. extend the rule preventing ticketing at broken parking meters. that law, perhaps like the meter you're constantly plugging, is set to expire at the end of the year. >> right as the meter maid comes up there. has you ever razzed your friends on facebook over a sports team? >> so much easier, too, when you root for teams that never win. scott mcgrew, just in time for
5:46 am
the playoffs. >> launch a new section facebook sports stadium. just dedicated to your specific games. you can see the score at the top of the screen and there will be big plays that update as they happen so that you can then comment on them and show you which of your friends are also on the page. facebook says sports is such a social event it was just a natural thing to do. we're coming off a crazy day on wall street. the dow moved up or down for a total of 1,100 points and at one point down 500. looks like another rough day this morning. twitter shares are so low talk, once again, of a bigger company snapping up twitter. futures call for a positive open this morning after the ecb decided to keep interest rates unchanged. some are now looking back at our own inrate hike and wondering if that was the right move. bay area company sunrun
5:47 am
secured more than $100 million for solar insulation. they put solar panels on your house for no money down and pay month to month for the lease. to do that, the company has to have money to pay for the panels and sunrun just got millions more. a big move by the government over hoverboards including a hint they may face a ban in the future. if you're selling these at a booth in the mall, sell them now. if you're buying them, stick around. tell you the one thing the government says you need to ride a hoverboard and that one thing is not a helmet. they say that is a really good idea. >> need like full-body gear after a while. thank you, scott. >> they look like fun, i have to admit. happening today, a festival for watching internet cat videos is returning to san francisco. the popular festival will screen more than 100 videos today and this weekend at the center for the art. i am a black cat. >> the headliner. >> that black cat right there named oreo.
5:48 am
organizers say they hope this will encourage the pub to actually adopt real cats. >> but for a good cause. any doubt that grumpy cat is going to be like the star of that show? >> look at this guy, he's pretty popular. >> a folk hero and a drug king pin. hard to think of notorious el chapo sweet like a cupcake but one pastry chef's vision is going viral. northern mexico bakery that made it is cooking up some global buzz and you can see it's decorate would the face of el chapo guzman and wearing the same kind of dirty t-shirt that he dawned while he was recaptured complete with thick mush ta mustache. as for taste, we'll let someone else be the taste of that. >> gingerbread man, el chapo. >> not exactly a cartoon
5:49 am
character. >> our forecast a storm impact a little bit later in the week. >> yes, getting ready for the next round of rain. so, we take a little bit of a break. >> so excited. >> we need the rain and we're going to get lots of it with this next one. let's talk about it. as you still continue to dry out today, we're taking a live look now at san jose. nice, quiet start to the day. also, the winds will start to pick up later on this evening as that next storm system approaches. so, once again, we're getting ready for some major impacts with this next storm system. let's take a look at the rain and also the king tides may cause some street flooding as we go into tomorrow, as well as saturday. and the winds may increase and that could bring up the concern about downed trees and power lines with that storm system intensing heading into saturday morning. also in the sierra, chain controls most likely will be up. looking at one to two feet of snow and even higher in some of the higher elevations. so, this is a look at the storm system now. pretty big. and as we go into the
5:50 am
futurecast, this paints the picture of what the radar and satellite could look like. we see the light shades of green. that's still some light rain. that starts to move into the north bay late tomorrow night. and then as we or rather that will be late tonight. and then as we go into the day tomorrow, some scattered showers off and on all throughout the day, but it looks like most of that rain will be fairly light until the next storm system moves in early saturday morning and that may cause some more intense rain that will finally be wrapping up as we go into saturday evening. we do get a chance to dry out after that. so, the rain forecast shows some pretty significant rainfall totals and considering that the ground is already soggy, this will have a hard time soaking in. so, san francisco looking at another inch of rain. maybe a little bit higher for santa rosa and san jose over an inch of rain. also the strong winds may create some large waves. so, king tides will be an issue with 15 to 20-foot breakers between late thursday night and friday. so, once again, that king tides, the problem here, especially in
5:51 am
those low-lying areas we may have roadway flooding and expecting high tides tomorrow morning at 9:46 and then begin saturday morning at 10:30. let's check in now with mike to how the roads are moving. >> with the rain and the king tides i'll warn folks they'll have to shut down an off ramp as they often do. we'll watch for that. of course, i'll record it if it happens for the morning commute. morning commute right now 101 and we look at your map, nothing dramatic, but it is there. little slowing. the debris southbound and cleared from the chp report and no other delays throughout the south bay. a little build. a subtle build for livermore west 580 and south 680. there's the tri-valley and over here at hayward a small start. 880 southbound as you expect on the nimitz. greater shot on the bay bridge approach and metering lights are on and we know about the backup there. oakland 880 move very well and the north bay, no slowing and
5:52 am
southbound either direction. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. a new planet lurking in oour solar system. cal tech researchers are calling it planet nine for now. if it does actually exist, they say it has a mask ten times that of earth and it takes up to 20,000 years to orbit the sun. the discovery tens years after pluto was classified as a planet. poor little pluto. scientists are still gathering more evidence. >> you get rid of one planet, bring another one in there. coming on next, taking on bernie sanders. why candidates from both sides of the aisle are trying to slow down the bern's momentum. stay on top of incoming storms by setting the home screen on your smartphone to weather on the nbc bay area app. click on the nbc bay area icon and then click on the button that says, set your start screen. all you have to do is select weather and click done.
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that will give you exactly what you need to know when you need to know it. i'm terry mcsweeney and that's how to stay informed on the nbc bay area app. an investigative unit exclusive:
5:54 am
5:55 am
five minutes to 6:00. and investigative unit exclusive. an unfair fight. that's how bar owners describe a battle involving the boxing business. the 8 ball tavern in sonoma county was blast with a $170,000
5:56 am
lawsuit for showing a televised boxing match they didn't have the commercial rights to broadcast. but the owners say the fight never aired in their bar. they call the lawsuit a shake down for something they didn't do. >> when you try to explain that you're not a thief and no one ever listened and so you put out some money so that you can get the evidence against you, i think it's wrong. >> tonight, video evidence against the 8 ball tavern, the own oeers call fraudulent. bankrupting small businesses. that's tonight at 11:00. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call 1-888-996-tips or send us an e-mail. a tip now to be prepared for some european travelers. a small percentage of them are soon to face tougher visa requirements with new rules the white house may announce as soon as today. the congress approved that new law last month. it affects any european travelers who are dual nationals
5:57 am
from one of four different countries. iran, iraq, sudan and syria. or those who have visited those countries within the last five years. the u.s. dessinginates each of those nations as sponsoredeors terrorism. so far we don't know the specifics of the new requirement or how soon they might be implemented. now to decision 2016. from the looks of things, you might bernie sanders is the new donald trump. that's because candidates on both sides are talking all about sanders in that race for the presidency. hillary clinton is on the defensive as the numbers for sanders rise in iowa. even donald trump is focusing more attention on the man who has the attention of democratic voters. >> you know, it's kind of like we're in an agreement but not exactly seeing eye to eye. >> can you believe this? this guy, he's a whack job. he's a whacko. he's beating hillary clinton. >> ten days ago until the iowa caucuses new poll numbers show
5:58 am
sanders two points behind clinton in iowa. he's up 27 percentage points in new hampshire. >> he's a force to be reckoned with. 5:58 right now. a very serious topic. this toxic water crisis in flint, michigan, has prompted the governor of michigan rick snyder to release his e-mails regarding this issue. more than 200 pages reveal how state officials responded to growing concerns. some "appeared to be without any sense of urgency." the state has approved snyder's request for $28 million now to help pay for emergency water supplies and lead testing in schools snyder said he acted when he knew and was legally permitted to do so while some residents say they struggled for far too long. >> you deserve better. you deserve accountability. you deserve know to the buck stops here with me. >> brush my teeth, wash my face,
5:59 am
cook breakfast, lunch and dinner and make kool-aid twice a day. >> no word when the water will be clean, again. breaking news at 6:00. a driver is killed while his passenger remarkably survives in a horrific collision in oakland. i'm bob redell. a dangerous and rapidly spreading disease could be here in the bay area. what we're learning this morning about a case of the rare zika virus. the calm before the next storm system. a live look at a dark san jose skyline this morning. dry right now, but more rain is definitely moving in. your full microclimate forecast right now on "today in the bay." good thursday morning, thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. one person is dead after a horrific crash on oakland city streets. take a look at that. the car, really cut in half.
6:00 am
bob redell live on macarthur boulevard. >> you claim that you spoke to the man inside that car and actually knows what happened. >> and what's remarkable is that passenger who was left in that spot of the car, the front section, was able to walk away from the crash. he did go to the hospital to be checked out and then he came back to the scene about an hour and a half ago and that's when we spoke with him off camera. he came back to the scene because he wanted to make it clear to police that his friend, the 21-year-old driver was not under the influence when they experienced this horrible crash arn around 11:00 this night. they tell us his friend wassing it from his friend's family home to his house. the driver taking the passenger back home when i mentioned around 11:00 last night they lost control of the car here at mack ar maacarthur and maybell. it split down the middle. most of the impact appears to be t


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