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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. return tonight... ==jess/radar=o storms... that could make a me right now at 11:00, rain makes its return tonight as the bay area braces for two storms that could make a mess out of your friday. i'm jessica aguirre. >> and i'm raj mathai. >> wet and windy. let's get to our chief meteorologist, geojeff ranieri.
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>> there is nothing heavy in terms of rain right now across the region but there are a couple of returns up near santa rosa. and offshore you can see heavy rainfall developing and that's what we expect to move in tomorrow morning. we think at 2:00 a.m. it is about the north bay. but at 6:30 it's from santa rosa down to san jose and heavier isolat isolated pockets of rain. the winds out of the south 15 to 30 miles an hour here. specifically 29 in san francisco, 25 in san jose and 31 in orinda. we are tracking how much snow we'll get as well. and that's in about 15 minutes. >> the wind could be waking us up tonight. >> as the weather moves in you can track the conditions in your area specifically.
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download our nbc bay area weather app. a peninsula man has been arrested for using a cell phone to record patrons in a restaurant restroom. and the woman who made the discovery is pushing for tougher charges. cheryl hurd has more on the story. this could be bad if kids were recorded too. >> reporter: that's right. the allegations are creepy. and the victim says it happened here at this restaurant in redwood city in mid december. it was her birthday and a trip to the restroom turned into a nightmare. >> i was shocked. i thought i was part of a movie. >> reporter: a movie she didn't audition for. it was just right there. there was the hole for the lens. >> reporter: she doesn't want to reveal her name so tonight we're calling her natalie. she says that a trip to the
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unisex restroom is an experience she will never forget. >> while i was in there i saw a hole in the trash can and saw a lens. i put my hand in the trash can and found a cell phone recording. >> reporter: she looked through the phone and saw herself and others using the restroom. she alerted the manager but didn't get a response she hoped for. >> she kept saying there must be a mistake. he must have dropped it. >> reporter: she also called police. the phone belonged to a long-time employee. he was arrested. the restaurant's general manager says that the man was fired on the spot and had no further comment. natalie wants to know if there are more victims out there. the peeping tom charge is a misdemeanor but he is hoping that the district attorney will make it a felony.
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>> if children are filmed and he is in possession of child pornography that is a felony and that can lead to being placed on a sexual offenders list. >> reporter: cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. we have new video to show you of a fire ball in the sky. multiple cars caught fire. this is in vallejo in a tow yard on broadway avenue. about ten cars are up to ten cars burned before the fire was under control. there was a person in the tow yard covered in oil but not injured. no word on the cause. a somber night in palo alto. friends and family gathered to remember two college students who are presumed dead after being swept out to see. more than 200 people met in the park for the vigil. the 19-year-old woman and 25-year-old man were at bonny
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doon beach on monday when the huge waves swept them into the water. >> as they say, good people are taken away first. and i think they left us -- it could have been a whole lot for the families for themselves, you know, they have so much ambition. >> the coast guard called off their search due to dangerous conditions. the family might help private divers to help find the bodies. police arresting two men for a shooting outside abe fair center mall. officers say they found several guns during the arrest. you may remember this. a group of men walking in the parking lot and another person in the car shot at each other last week. luckily no one was hit. officers worked with oakland police to track down the suspects. super bowl, superparties and super inconvenient for some people. crews are transforming san
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francisco and san jose but not everyone is in the big game spirit. jean elle has the latest concerns which include privacy. jean? >> reporter: privacy is one of many concerns and the transformation is underway. you can see the bocce ball courts are covered with what looks like the beginning of a structure. people down here are saying it is becoming clear it will be a long three weeks. hectic battery street is about to get more crowded. starting saturday, cars and bicycling heading south on the embarcadero will be detoured to battery and washington. >> people will not be super happy. >> reporter: the bicycle coalition worries that road closures and detours will force cyclists off safe routes. >> battery street is far from ideal at any hour of the day. and with people commuting, it will be a dangerous situation. >> reporter: people who work
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near the event are reading the super bowl alerts, figuring out how to keep it business as usual during nearly three weeks of street closures. >> the staff coming in, staff getting out. but more importantly our sv vendors. >> reporter: muni just installed 25 cameras on market street. it says they are not super bowl related. they don't record and will be used to monitor traffic situations. but in a statement the american civil liberties union says the risk here as with so many other surveillance technologies that the cameras will remain up after the super bowl is over and will be used for purposes yont traffic control. muni says that the cameras are here to stay. cited for misdemeanor vehicle manslaughter place take action against a san francisco
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tour bus driver who hit and killed a man in lower pac heights. he was cited under a city ordnance that prohibits drivers from narrate while driving. is it a progressive idea in california is asking for 5,000 volunteers to take part in a mileage monitoring program. >> the state is considering throwing out the gas tax and making people pay for the actual miles driven. the state needs the money for the roads. governor brown has been talking about that. >> reporter: you know, they absolutely do. cal transsays they bring in $8 billion. but the gas tax brings in $2 billion. so this device would go into volunteer's cars and monitor how many miles driven. but some commuters don't like
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that idea at all. >> wouldn't like it. creepy, actually. >> reporter: this woman commutes 40 miles a day. she doesn't love the idea of a mileage tracking device attached to her car but it could be coming. >> the gas tax is not keeping pace with the transportation needs. and so we have to look at other mechanisms for raising the money. >> reporter: for decades, usage of gas paralleled usage of roads but with electric cars, gas taxes are down but road wear and tear remain. >> i'm not paying anything for an electric car. i don't pay for gas. >> reporter: the california transportation commission and 15 states are looking for ways to recapture road revenue. oregon is a year into its pilot program. >> we have privacy representatives sitting on this committee to provide input. >> reporter: but the idea of anything tracking miles makes
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some commuters uneasy. >> there's no way i'm doing it. there's no way. >> reporter: the money has to come from somewhere. >> the mileage based fee is one option. there may be others we have to consider. we want to fully test whether it makes sense for california. >> reporter: now the pilot program begins this summer. it will last about nine months long. all the data will be turned over to legislators. peggy bunker, nbc bay area news. these guys are extorting small businesses. for a lack of a better word they're scared. >> bar owners say they have been shaken down for thousands of dollars in a money-making scheme involving pay-per-view boxing. coming up next, the reason why small businesses are being punished in court. it's technology that could save lives and it's here in the bay area. texting for help during an
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emergency. and a dangerous situation during a flight to california. the late details involving a former pilot facing some serious charges. and i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, a coastal flood advisory on friday as waves could reach 16 feet. we are tracking the storm system producing the waves and how much rain we'll get. heavyweight: that's how some
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small business owners are describing the battle against a local company invoed you could say lightweight versus heavyweight. that's how some small business owners are describing the battle against the boxing business. >> they say they are being punished in court. nbc bay area investigator liz wagner joins us. >> you can order pay-per-view fights on your tv at home but businesses have to buy a special license to show them
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commercially. owners of the taverns reached out after being targets of what they call a money-making scheme. anchored in this sleepy city, you will find the eight-ball tavern, a neighborhood bar with a lot of history. >> this is an original picture of the bar. it was established in 1937. >> the owners never saw much trouble until last year when they received this. a lawsuit claiming they showed a pay-per-view bocking match in their bar they didn't have the right to broadcast. the fight was the pacquiao versus bradley bout in 2014. >> did you show the fight that night? >> absolutely not. just no. >> reporter: a sucker punch in a fight they didn't pick. their opponent j and j sports productions in campbell. the company buys the right to broadcast and resells the rights
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to bars and restaurants. it's unlawful for businesses to show the events without paying a license fee. >> i laughed. i just figured it was another scam. >> reporter: it turned to panic when he realized the law was real. the federal law called for hefty penalties. they were being sued for $170,000. >> we are a small business trying to make a living. >> reporter: this is what they saw, cell phone footage in their bar. on the tv a promo for the warriors game but no fight. >> but to submit that evidence. it's weak. it's a lie and fraudulent. >> the video was captured by a private investigator and submitted to j and j's attorney.
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on fight nights they are dispatched to nab pirates. they found an attorney and weighed options. fight in court or settle. both choices were costly. >> help us understand what is going on here. >> big picture? >> big picture. >> legalized extortion. they are picking small businesses and extorting money out of them. >> we reviewed court records and found that the company filed 5,000 lawsuits since 2010. according to an attorney many businesses are minority owned and can't afford lawyers. >> i felt violated that someone would want to do something like that with people like us who don't have a lot of money. >> j and j sued this family for $112,000. she admits she showed a fight at
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her restaurant in the mission district. she paid to view it but didn't know about a commercial license fee. >> there are people that are just using small businesses to make money on themselves. and it's predatory. it's predatory. >> sanchez negotiated a $5,000 settlement and is renovating for a new tenant. >> it's a big problem. it's forcing small businesses to close. >> elliot stone represents defendants sued by j and j. he says the punishment doesn't fit the crime. >> someone who for one reason or another didn't send in a $250 license fee is being shaken down for $150,000. that's just not right. >> reporter: it's unclear how much money j and j and its attorney makes but stone suspects they are profiting more in court than from collecting fees. >> i think it's a business model based on suing people. >> you think i'm making money
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off the piracy deal, it's a joke. >> reporter: the president of j and j says he can lose up to a million bucks on a big fight. he says he wants to sell commercial licenses to businesses. why not give them an opportunity to pay the license fees after the fact instead of suing them? >> well, that's kind of really a difficult question. it's because after the fact, you really think that they would be -- oh, good? i'll pay that. >> reporter: but you are seeing them for a lot more money than the cost of the commercial license. >> it's a federal offense. >> reporter: he doesn't buy the ignorance defense. and the evidence submitted by the private investigators is up to his attorney. >> is this an attempt to get bar owners to pay up even if they didn't do anything wrong? >> no, don't bring up any of that stuff. >> can you understand why some
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believe the system is unfair? >> could be. >> can you see that? >> the court system is the one that has to change. >> that's what these two are fighting for now. they say until the laws change it's a battle of lightweights versus heavyweights. >> it's the truth. they're not fair. >> now during our investigation, the lawsuit against the eight ball was dismissed. but last week the case was reopened at j and j's request. the eight ball failed to meet the terms of a settlement and the eight ball said they never agreed to one. stay tuned and in the coming weeks for yet another round in the fight. >> thank you, liz. if you have a tip on this story or any other give us a call, or you can send us an e-mail. now to a developing story,
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80 million people on the east coast are bracing for that. a massive winter storm. tonight, a desperate rush to prepare for what could be a record-breaking nor'easter. washington, d.c. is expected to get hit the hardest with at least two feet of snow. american airlines has cancelled all flights in and out of charlotte-douglas international and other airlines are cancelling flights as their rush to prepare continues. the stores are running out of supplies as well. >> as for our own weather a few headaches here. let's bring in jeff ranieri. when does the rain come in? >> it's starting with light showers right now. you can see that on the radar. but offshore we have the heaviest rainfall. that is slowly going to get here tomorrow morning. as we get a look at the morning forecast the temperatures in the 50s and everyone expecting rain drops from the north bay to the
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south bay. get ready for another slow one. we have had a lot of practice lately but it is never enough. the continuing rainfall in marin and sonoma counties. but the heaviest rainfall will be at 6:30 in the morning. you can see isolated heavier pockets. we may get stray lightning strikes. in the afternoon, spotty showers with us. but here's the thing, the next system back behind this begins to arrive by 9:00 p.m. on friday. we'll see some of the rainfall continue into saturday morning and by saturday evening we'll start to clear out. with two different storms in two days we are good for 8/10 inch in san jose. and it's consistent in santa rosa to napa. let's look at the micro climate forecast.
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the largest change here the temperatures dropping off by 10 degrees from what we have seen today. the wind kicks up and it's going to be 40s in the marina. 57 in pacifica. palo alto, 62. for the north bay, east bay and tri-valley, upper 50s and low 60s. 57 in mill valley and 58 in napa and in the upper 50s for the tri-valley as well. time for the snow report. we have snow on friday and also saturday, a break on sunday with sunshine. at least 110-inch base. and at least 85 runs open at squaw valley. not only a rain chance on friday and saturday but january 29th to right before the super bowl looks active with three possible storms. as the storms roll in no better way to track it than the nbc bay area app. >> so it will be wet for all the
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super bowl parties. >> are we going to get the app in there? >> we'll queue it up next time. from dialing 911 to being able to text 911. new technology in the bay area. sarah silverman is my guest tonight. and we have marco rubio and music from west. do not change the channel. it's a good one.
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text 9-1-1. =nats= sound of the 911 text message coming in. it's a sign of the times when you need help you can now text 911. that's the sound of somebody texting 911 for help. starting this week if you are in
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richmond, kensington and san pablo or el cerrito. the program is already in use in southern california. not just grounded for good but criminally charged. a former captain was arrested for operating a plane while drunk. authorities say he flew from portland, oregon to orange county while inebriated. interesting news regarding 49ers and the sharks bringing their dads to work. good evening gm here in the csn
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studios. today steph curry was named a starter for his third consecutive all-star game. good evening, geraud moncure here in the comcast sportsnet studios. steph curry named for his third consecutive always game. and draymond green will have to wait to see if he will be a reverse. the houston texans linebackers coach turned down an offer from the 49ers. the houston chronicle says that the texans offered him a new
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contract. sharks and coyotes in phoenix. first period puck deflects up in the air. he will turn it, fire and the sharks make their dads proud with a 3-1 victory. bears up 12 early in the second half. but the lead is down to two. the rejection. brown recovering. he's off to the races. the bears lead is four. now clock winding down. trey holder fires for three. but don't be a short shooter. cal holds on for the win. arizona also beat stanford 71-57. that's it for sports. more news after the break.
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=jess/3-shot= thanks for joining us the radar has a lot of green by 6:30 in the morning. >> we are expecting a wet morning commute. 6:30 will be the heaviest
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rainfall we'll deal with and scattered showers linger into the afternoon. here's a look over the next 15 days. we have another chance of rain by saturday morning. january 29th into february 5th and super bowl sunday there are three potential storm systems coming our way that look moderate to maybe strong. so as we said, it will be wise to plan for rain if you have anything to do with the super bowl at this point. >> super bowl ponchos, i'm going to make them. >> a big moneymaker there. >> take it easy on your morning commute tomorrow. >> bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- sarah silverman, republican presidential


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