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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> a lot of damage there. the rain is pounding several parts of the bay area. this is what it looked like earlier in san jose. the evening commute, sloppy and slow. everyone's windshield wipers working overtime. you see 101 in san jose on the right side of the scene. once you get home, it will be nice to stay indoors. if you're headed out of town, perhaps to the sierra, plan accordingly. it looks beautiful and there's epic snow, but you have to be smart. chain controls are in effect right now for a portion of highway 50. jeff is with us as well. a lot of moving parts. what happens as we head into saturday. >> a new storm system offshore that's going to continue the very dangerous waves right up the entire coastline, as we heard, pacifica, now saying they're under a state of emergency because of so much damage to the coast. our current buoy report reading 13 feet. we still could have waves as high as 16 feet through
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saturday's forecast. so extremely dangerous. not advised to head into the water. with our latest storm system today, rainfall has started to add up. .51 in cambrian. check it out, los gatos, as the storms hit the higher elevations, it helped to squeeze out a ton of moisture through the santa cruz mountains. over 1 inch there in just 24 hours. when it comes to the rainfall now, we have spotty showers in the north bay, east bay, also the peninsula, but the heaviest rainfall, worst commute right now at 5:01 continues to be the 101 corridor from san jose down towards gilroy. we're tracking that next storm that's just offshore, and i'll have details on what this means for the weekend in about 15 minutes. >> thank you, jeff. see you soon. let's take you back outside. the entire bay area is feeling the effects of this latest storm. this is a live look at the san mateo bridge where high wind advisories are in effect right now. traffic looking pretty good.
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in san francisco's mission district, authorities are cleaning up after the wind and rain caused problems there. including bringing down this tree at 24th and harrison. a live look at the approach of the richmond san rafael bridge. traffic looking good, but you can see the roads are slick right now. we're going to continue to track this storm and the next one on its heels throughout this newscast. remember, once we go off the air, you can check the forecast on your mobile device. here's terry mcsweeney. >> stay on top of incoming storms by setting the home screen on your smartphone to weather on the nbc bay area app. click on the nbc bay area icon on the top left corner of the screen and click on the button that says set your start screen. all you do is select weather and click done. that will give you exactly what you need to know when you need to know it. i'm terry mcsweeney and that how to stay informed on the nbc bay area app. >> it is a very helpful app at this time of year. on the east coast now, just after 8:00 p.m., and they are getting hammered. live look now at the white house. in fact, entire washington, d.c.
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and this whole region in the bull's eye of a potentially record breaking storm. more than 2 1/2 feet of snow may fall there in the next 36 hours. public schools across d.c. were closed today and federal government workers headed home early. authorities declared a state of emergency in washington, d.c., as well as in five states. the national guard is now on stand-by to step in and help. it's expected the winds and weight of the snow will cause widespread power outages. >> we have a forecast that i don't think we've had in 90 years. we want people to hunker down, shelter in place. and stay off the roads. >> the storm has killed already at least ten people including six people in north carolina who died in traffic accidents on icy roads. this east coast blizzard is impacting the bay area. live look now if we take you to oakland international. across the nation, more than 6,000 flights have already been
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canceled. now, the bulk of the cancellations so far are in charlotte and raleigh, north carolina, but really, you have cancellations across the eastern seaboard and there are ripple effects to the three major local airports as well. airlines cancelling more than 100 flights in and out of sfo today. all the major carriers are issuing waivers for travel over the weekend. that will basically allow you to rebook any flight you're on and avoid the storm without any travel penalty. coming up on nightly news, the rush by power crews to keep the lights on during this nor'easter on the east coast. nightly news with lester holt at 5:30. >> okay, new at 5:00, other news tonight, two former san francisco city employees facing corruption charges. another scandal hits the city. the big announcement coming from the san francisco d.a. this afternoon. nbc bay area's pete is live at the hall of justice where this announcement was made. the d.a.'s office is working with other agencies in this
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investigation. >> yeah, you know, the fbi and city attorney will help out the d.a. on this investigation. and as for the three individuals who are charged, they could face some severe consequences. two weeks after raymond shrimp boy chow was convicted in a citywide san francisco corruption scandal involving key political figures including former state senator leland yee, san francisco district attorney george gas cone announced the filing of new corruption charges, this time for a prominent political consultant and two former city employees. >> my office is committed to doing everything it can to insure people's business is done with transparency and fairness and it's never for sale. >> keith jackson, a well known politico, zula may jones, a former human rights commissioner and nazly mohajer are facing charges. all of them face the possibility of several years behind bars.
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the three of them have been linked in the past to the shrimp boy case. but gascone decline today say if today's charges were connected. >> we cannot get into the details. we have been investigating irregularities in local government for quite some time. >> the fbi and city attorney joined him today and will take part in this investigation. >> public corruption is the number one criminal priority for the fbi. the fact that we have conducted this investigation jointly, i think, speaks volumes to how serious we view the public trust. >> now, no arrests have been made. those individuals can turn themselves in. the d.a. does not consider them a flight risk. reporting from san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> just in, a hit and run in the south bay turns into a homicide investigation. san jose police have arrested this man. they arrested him yesterday. he eluded police for a week.
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he was wanted in a deadly hit in run rr near the s.a.p. center friday. he was driving a drutruck and ha bicyclist twice, the second time, reversing right over the bicyclist. the bicyclist died at the scene. investigators have determined the bicyclist and cervantes knew each other. >> denied, a judge has once again ruled against the defense team against the man accused of killing a morgan hill teenager, sierra lamar, who fangsed four years ago. they claimed the grand jury wasn't given the choice of indicting him on lesser charges. the judge denied that request, which pleased search volunteers who are still looking for the body of that missing girl. >> i feel no spirit with him. i just feel a very negative force. i was right behind him, and i hope he gets what he has coming to him. >> torres's capital murder trial begins in april.
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>> he's being called the armed and dangerous hefty heister. the fbi says this man has robbed eight banks throughout northern california since the beginning of last month. many of the robberies were in the sacramento area, but police said he hit a bank last week also in pleasant hills. if you recognize this man, contact your local authorities. >> happening now, we have a tent city being built in san francisco. all about super bowl 50 and thousands of people will be flocking to this tent city. beginning tomorrow, sections of the embarcadero highlighted here, justin herman plaza and market street will shut down. the area around the mosconi center will also close for the nfl zone, which begins next week. christie smith is at justin herman plaza with what we need to know when we're heading inthese parts of town. >> first of all, they say if you drive, expect delays. b.a.r.t. says they will be running longer trains at certain times. they have been publicizing plans
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to help people get around. we checked in with the police chief who said his department is ready. there's a buzz at justin herman plaza. time for the renderings to come to life for super bowl city. >> over the course of the next week, you'll see it really take shape and sort of emerge into this temporary pop-up city. >> big crowds are expected at the free to the public fan village in san francisco. there will be four secure entry points when it opens january 30th. police chief greg suhr says his department is working with state, federal, and local agencies, looking at all scenarios, including possible demonstrations. >> we work to facilitate everybody's first amendment rights as best as we can, and in the event that people start bumping into other people's constitutional rights, we're going to have to make some calls so everybody can enjoy the right to come and go and have a great time. >> a protest on martin luther king day brought traffic to a standstill on the bay bridge. the chp says if has no
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information on any planned action ahead of the super bowl, but they say they're ready. >> we're aware of that, and we will be on, if you will, heightened alert for something like this occurring again. >> super bowl city is still a week away, but street closures begin tomorrow in san francisco. including parts of the embarcadero. expect gridlock. >> we're encouraging people to use public transit, ride a bike, walk if you can. >> the street closures do begin tomorrow morning and run through february 12th, and that's to allow time to take down everything that was set up. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> super bowl city in san francisco and san jose. thanks, christie. let's check out the countdown to kickoff. there it is, 15 days until the super bowl at levi's stadium. >> still to come, it's still going on. bay area freeways right now, a live look at 101 in san rafael. you can see cars moving very cautiously in that rain.
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>> that's right, janelle. we're tracking even heavier rainfall continuing through the south bay. you can see here from san jose down to morgan hill, moderate, even some heavier pockets. we'll have details on another system in the next eight hours, and that's in about 15 minutes. >> also ahead, found beaten and. the complications this 10-week-old puppy is facing and who is accused of torturing hip. >> plus -- >> very out in the open. people don't really even make an attempt to hide gender discrimination. >> two san jose firefighters sue the city and the department claiming they were denied promotions because they're women. i'm live outside the station. we'll go one-on-one with one of the them coming up next. the san jose fire department is
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facing a gender discrimnation for the second time in five years, the san jose fire department is facing a gender discrimination lawsuit. two firefighters say they have been passed up for promotion because they're women. and tonight, one of them is speaking only with nbc bay area's damian trujillo, live outside a fire station in san jose with how the firefighters say they were slighted. damian. >> here's part of the suit right here, patricia, the battalion chief tells me she's not afraid to take on the city or her department when she sees something wrong. tonight, the city is firing back. she's completing her 30th year in the san jose fire department, but tonight, the battalion chief
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said earning that rank hasn't been easy. >> my application being denied, was one example. one example was it was a failure of their computer system but they still wouldn't accept by application. >> they settled the discrimination lawsuit against the city back in 2012. but she says since then, the department has thwarted her attets to move up the ranks to division chief and deputy chief. so she and her colleague filed this suit just approved by a judge. >> we're forced back into litigation to get answers into the whys of why women can't serve in senior ranks. >> the best qualified candidates have been promoted. >> they say san jose has zero tolerance for genter discrimination and he plans to fight the charges. >> when you hear those allegations it stings because we take it seriously. nonetheless, in this case, we don't think it exists and we'll defend the case. >> both sides will be back in court next month to set a trial date. the city does not deny that it
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has only hired one female firefighter in the last seven years. the city attorney tells me it has to do a better job in that department. we're live outside fire station 2 in san jose. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. only on nbc bay area, this 10-week-old puppy is beaten so badly that he may have neurological damage. police say the dog's owner is to blame. we're in the contra costa newsroom. how is this puppy saved? >> well, raj, actually, a woman on her way to work saw this alleged animal abuse. she called 911, and tonight, that dog's owner is behind bars. just ten pounds and ten weeks old. an iv is hooked to his small paw. >> hard to believe that stuff like that actually happens. >> police say the puppy was repeatedly shaken and punched by his owner. 23-year-old william landers. franky tackle is now fostering the pup.
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>> never easy seeing a dog kind of lifeless. >> landers told authorities the dog had been injured after falling out of a shopping cart. but police say the animal suffered from blunt force trauma consistent with being severely beaten. >> it's pretty rare to see animals come in with suspected cases of abuse. >> dr. danny brown treated the puppy. >> he's improved significantly, but yeah, i think he's going to do well. >> it's heartbreaking. it's bad to see, you know, any animal in that kind of condition. >> and landers is being charged with a felony for animal cruelty. he's being held on bail tonight. reporting live from our contra costa newsroom, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. some new video of united airlines plane which skidded off a snowy runway today in chicago. now, this united flight began here in the bay area, originated from sfo. there was so much snow on the ground, some passengers didn't
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even realize there was a problem until the pilot announced it. sighs of relief then turn under to anger from some people onboard. they were complaining about the delay, saying they were forced to sit on the plane on the tarmac for two hours until buses arrived to take them to their gates. a lot of frustration. not just in chicago, but across the country from travelers. >> fortunately, ours is not that severe, but let's get a check with jeff ranieri. >> yeah, and with these back-to-back storms, even though they're not severe, we're finding a lot of ponding on the roadways because the ground has been so saturated. and check this out. we have a storm system, a cold front move through this morning. right now, across southern california. then just behind it, i mean, only 200 miles, separating these storms, we have a new cold front just offshore, and that will give us another round of rainfall in the next eights hours. the full timeline coming up. let's take you to the rainfall we're tracking right now. spotty showers in the north bay, east bay, and peninsula. right here across the south bay,
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namely from south san jose, campbell, down to morgan hill and gilroy, where we're finding heavier pockets producing about a quarter inch per hour. this no doubt is reducing visibility down to less than a half mile. you want to be very careful if you're traveling this corridor in the next two hours. it will last about that long. great news, of course, for the drought, but it is just so slick out there. as we get a look right now at the sky camera network, 59 in the south bay, east bay at 57. and let's take you up to the north bay. we showed you not too much on the doppler radar on terms of heavy rainfall, but look what it's doing to the traffic here. super slow on the 101. granted, it's moving, but a lot of brake lights coming up fast on you. you want to make sure to leave plenty of distance between you and the car in front of you. tomorrow morning's forecast, we're not going to be able to shake the rain. we'll hang on to the chance of scattered activity for the north bay beginning at 48. you'll notice the temperatures are cooler than we have had lately. cool air wrapped behind the
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storm system offshore. 47 for the east bay. 49 for the peninsula, and 51 for the south bay. let's get to the specifics. i want to show you the futurecast next. 7:30 tonight, still most of the rainfall we're tracking with that storm offshore will be to the north. by 8:30, it begins to move down. middletown, calistoga, point reyes, not a super strong storm, but enough to give us wet weather here through 10:00 p.m., moving across contra costa, alameda, the peninsula, and once we hit 11:00, some of the rainfall transitioning again to san jose. a one-two punch for us. then for tomorrow morning, no, not a deluge, not super heavy, but we'll keep the chance here of moderate and light rain at 7:00 a.m., and then you'll find as we head throughout 11:30 tomorrow, still scattered rain. we'll likely hold on to that through 2:30 in the afternoon on saturday. once we hit 5:00 p.m. in the evening on saturday, we begin to clear out. that will continue through a
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good part of next week. you'll be able to see on the scrolling seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, dry weather next monday, tuesday, wednesday, and also on thursday. when we talk about rain here, the big question is how much snow, especially with some of these el nino storms being warmer. looks like the next 24 hours, anywhere from 8 to about 12 inches expected across the higher elevations. let's get you into the microclimate forecast as we head throughout saturday. jacket weather stays with us. san jose expecting 57 degrees. morgan hill, 55. chilly in the peninsula with 59 in palo alto, and the same goes in san francisco. headed out towards the marina, a view of the golden gate bridge, shrouded in cloud cover for tomorrow. for the north bay, east bay, and tri-valley, temps in the upper 50s across the board. mill valley at 58 degrees, and for the tri-valley, danville coming in at 56. as we leave you, i have been liking to sum up the next 15 days what's coming our way. again, rainfall lingering through saturday morning. but then, dry weather sunday
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through next thursday, as high pressure builds in. we're not done with these el nino storms yet. january 29th into february 5th, three more possible storms. that definitely looks like we could have some rain during the super bowl. >> i know. okay. thanks, jeff. tracking drones, if you have one, you're required to register them with the federal government. we're going to show you how many people are signing up. >> and look who's back in business. that's right. warriors coach steve kerr is back with the team tonight for the first time this season. what he has to say about the man who's been filling in for him. stay with us.
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coroner's office is the grim discovery this morning in marin county. the coroner's office is confirming a body that washed ashore on rodeo beach is that of missing surfer dan dafoe. he was knocked unconscious wednesday in rough waters. friends tried to rescue him, but they could not fight the high surf. >> no drugs in his system. the coroner confirming what the parents of a san jose teenager have claimed for months. john deming jr. was shot and killed by police last july. police say that he charged at thel after breaking into a pleasanton car dealership. the family hired an independent pathologist to run tests on
5:25 pm
their son's body which cleared him of any alcohol or drugs. the coroner's report reached the same conclusion. his family is proceeding with the lawsuit against the pleasanton police department. >> nearly 300,000 drones have been registered in the first month after the faa's online registration went live. it requires all recreational drones that weigh up to 55 pounds to be registered so they can fly outdoors. if you used your drone before december 31st and haven't registered it yet, the deadline is february 19th. if you got your drone after december 21st, you got to register it first before you can start flying it. now, the government is still working on how to register drones for commercial use. >> it's a big night in oakland. warriors mvp is back in business. head coach steve kerr is returning to the team tonight. kerr will be on the bench for the first time this season as the warriors host the pacers at the oracle. kerr has been sidelined as you
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probably know after complications from back surgery. he said he's having severe headaches for months. now he's better. during his absence, the assistant coach luke walton filled in. he filled in beautifully leading the warriors to a 39-4 record. >> honestly, luke has been absolutely a star. humble and smart and loyal. he just stepped in and did an amazing job. and the whole staff did a brilliant job. >> the best team in the nba yet again. by the way, to the rules, kerr gets credit for the 39 wins and not luke walton. >> we're tracking a storm that's heading in right now. what does it mean for your weekend plans? that's next. s waingin
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well, 5:30 on a friday. the weekend is here. traffic actually looks okay. one direction, a little sluggish. let's get an update on the lingering storm and the one waiting in the wings. i see green on the radar. >> you can see in the futurecast at 8:30 tonight, the second storm system arrives in the north bay. that will gradually push another wave of wet weather down to the east bay and peninsula at 10:00. then eventually towards the south bay by 11:00 p.m. we're tracking what you can expect the next 15 days and
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we'll have details coming up at 6:00 p.m. >> thanks for joining us. lester holt joins us next with nightly news. developing news tonight. a major snow emergency. big cities and airports shutting down, bracing for a historic blizzard. now hours from bearing -- burying a huge part of the country. plus the ripple effect nationwide. al roker has the latest forecast. exploding airbags. breaking news as the biggest recall in history gets bigger. dangerous airbags linked to anher death. millions more recalled. is your car on the list? trump. top conservatives get together to blast the front-runner and could anything derail his path to victory ten days to the first vote? and changing the oscars. sweeping new rules just announced. but will the academy's dras


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