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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 22, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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the night goes on. we've had team coverage since our 5:00 newscast. it continues at this hour. let's begin with our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri, with the timeline of the storm. jeff? >> the latest thing is the storm system continues to move in right now. that's keeping our surf very high. we have king tides happening now. and the entire coastline has just been battered since november with these storms rolling in back to back. right now, waves as high as 14 feet at the coastline. they could go as high as 16 feet through saturday. that's we have a coastal flood advisory in effect. we'll hear more it pacifica and the state of emergency coming up. doppler radar and satellite shows spotty showers in the north bay and east bay and peninsula. the skifrt moisture continues across the -- consistent moisture continues across from south san jose, morgan hill, gilroy. check this out. if you know anyone heading across the interstate 5 corri r corridor, extremely heavy and dangerous rain, producing one
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inch per hour on the 5 corridor here, parallel to hollister. we're talking about maybe even some flooding issues as we head throughout the next three to six hours. in terms of rainfall, the highest total overnight e overall today was over an inch as the storm system hit. it helped to squeeze out american family through yacht the santa cruz mountains. close to one inch in morgan hill with the latest round of wet weather. we're not done yet. the new storm system is just off shore. we'll have the timeline throughout this hour. >> we'll see you shortly. jeff mentioned santa cruz, all the rain there. hoarse picturhere's pictures to it up. not just our coast, but south in santa cruz. the wet weather stirring up the surf. these were taken along east cliff drive. you see a portion of the road closed because of the high
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tides. wind and rain causing downed trees. this in the mission district foal to a building felt thankfully no one was hurt. now to the sierra where the storms are creating potentially dangerous conditions. chain controls in effect on 50. these are live picture near echo summit. you see snow there. no change on 80. heading to the north side of tahoe or reno, you're clear there. wet and heavy snow has been falling all day. by the end of tomorrow, some places in the sierra could see up to 20 inches of fresh snow. you can keep track of the rain and snow. download our free app for the skr january detroit or iphone. the symbol is at levi stadium on february 7 go ahead.
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the fan parties will impact millions of us for at least two weeks. super bowl city being built at justin herman plaza, the masconi center, and in front of the fairmont hotel. that means street closures as early as tomorrow. here's a peek at san francisco. a section of the embarcadero and market will be shut down beginning tomorrow. streets near the mosconi area will begin to close on tuesday. there's going to be grumbling with this. what do we need to know? >> reporter: you know, these closures, some of them, we're talking about market from field to stewart, and southbound, a section in front of the ferry building. they tried everything from signs to social media to let folks know this of coming. super bowl city is about to take shape. >> what people should know is if they're going to bring a car, it
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will be slow. >> reporter: advice, take public transportation, bike, or walk. street closures start tomorrow including just part of the embarcadero for weeks. the free to the public fan village opens january 30th and is expected to draw hundreds of thousands of fans. >> over the next week, you'll see it take shape and emerge into this temporary pop-up city. >> reporter: the police chief says his department has been preparing, working with state, federal, and local partners, looking at all scenarios including possible demonstrat n demonstrations. >> we'll work to facilitate everybody's first amendment rights as pebest we can. in the event people bump into other people's constitution rights, we'll have to make some calls so that everybody can enjoy the right to come and go and have a great time. >> reporter: a demonstration on martin luther king day brought traffic to a standstill on the bay bridge. the chp says they have no information to indicate that might happen leading up to the super bowl. >> we're aware and will be on
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heightened alert for something like this occurring. >> reporter: meantime, bart plans to run longer trains, and getting the word out about changes people need to know. the closures run through february 12th to allow time to take down everything that was set up. live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. enjoy transit officials have spent a year getting ready for the super bowl. they say up until the game of the game, schedules will be normal. on game day, february 7th, expect big changes. >> we'll be transporting follow 12,000 people from different areas of the santa clara county to levi stadium. bta is the only transportation agency that goes directly to the stadium. >> on game day, you have to have a super bowl ticket to ride light rail. passage verse to show if they have a special event fair ticket which you can buy on your smart
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iphone with the vpa app. or special coverage continues in a few minutes. how to cash in. the big bucks some are hoping to make by renting their homes and apartments. that's ahead at 6:30. new at 6:00, an east bay student and his family are suing their school district claiming school security guards went too far. video shows the incident from two years ago in oakland. to the top left corner, you see guards grabbing the student, jonathan resignatioodriguez, ang arms around his neck. he said he was choked and punched. the lawsuit claimed the school district violated his civil rights, and the guards used excessive force. they were suspended, but not until one year after the video surfaced. another camera caught on camera in the same location. as you see, most of the incident happened off camera. 16-year-old roberto canelis said
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it started after he went to the principal's because he was sick. he said guards roughed him up and left his head and back sore. the oakland police department says it's behind the actions of the security guards in this incident. it's standing behind them. the school police chief says the tests showed canelis was high on cocaine. a enjoy hospital project delayed four years may have been resolved in one of the strangest ways possible. santa clara county was in talks again with turner construction to possibly complete the $300 million hospital building. the twist -- turner construction is the same company the company blamed, fired, and sued for the delays in the first place. nbc bay area has more on the new agreement and the new price tag. robert, not $300 million anymore? >> reporter: no, it's going to cost a lot more now. it didn't seem possible the side would ever work together with the hurt feelings. but the key is this modified
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contract is a new agreement with new terms and strict conditions. rain is the only activity these days at the stalled hospital project at santa clara valley medical center. that will change with the new agreement between the county and turner construction. the county will pay $85 million to cover turner was costs and claims. that's car less than the $126 million a recent evaluation estimated it would take to complete the project. but it is still well over the initial $290 million to $300 million price tag. turner agreed to strict progress guidelines. >> i am satisfied. this is a critical project for us. we need that space for our patients. all along, the counties wanted a predictable cost, predictable timeline. >> reporter: the county executive acknowledges a letter he sent to turner's parent company may have had helped lead to new negotiations.
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county board president david corte weath cortezi, says he's relieved to avoid a court battle. >> construction litigation is sometimes the worst litigation. it's the equivalent of a business divorce. you hate to get into that, especially with taxpayer money involved. >> reporter: the two sides say they will meet for the next month or so along with subcontractors to determine when the project could and should be finished. nbc pay area news. >> thank you. big story san francisco. two former san francisco city employees and a political consultant facing new corruption charges tonight. san francisco's district attorney, george gascon, seen announcing the charges. keith jackson, zulu may jones, and nazalie masir, all facing charges of felony robby and
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money laundering. all three may have ties to the corruption investigation involving former state senator leland ye and raymond shrimp boy chow. they declined to see if the charges were related to chow's case. >> all i can tell you is we have been investigating irregularities for quite some time. >> the fbi and city attorney are also part of the investigation. no arrests have been made. they'll have the opportunity to turn themselves in. it's official. san francisco's largest cab company has filed for bankruptcy. yellow cab made the move to help reorganize its finances. it says a spike in accident claims in the past year is partially to blame for the current troubles. the 300 homeowners of the yellow cab co-op found out about the filing in november. it's unclear how the bankruptcy proceedings may impact service. this ten week old puppy allegedly kicked by his owner.
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i'm live in the newsroom tonight. ahead, how that little guy is doing, and how the alleged abuse was discovered. plus, equal rights fight that's brewing in san francisco. why one widower says he's not getting the benefits he deserves after the death of his partner. and what he's now willing to do to try and change that. and the east coast getting slammed by what could be a dangerous and record-setting blizzard. we'll tell you about the headache the blizzard is causing around the country including our local bay area airport, next.
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developing story in pacifica. late today, the coastal city declared a local state of mergency ==raj vo== there's a back to our developing story in pacifica. today the city declare aid state of emergency. >> there's a growing list of problems related to the el nino storms we've been having. sinkholes and a damaged seawall. the normally picturesque coastline is eroding before our eyes. >> the city's good about preparing what needs to be fixed. they're concerned for the southeast of everybody along this way, as well as the visitors that come into our town. >> yeah. >> we're prepared. >> the city of pacifica says the damage actually started back in mid-december. the emergency declaration is the first step now toward getting state and federal assistance to help rebuild what's been damaged. he is just a puppy who
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depend on his owner for food, shelter, and care. instead, police say the owner beat the ten week old so severely he almost died. it's a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. we have more from the contra costa newsroom. someone also apparently saw it happen? >> reporter: that's right. this alleged abuse apparently happened on a street in antioch. a woman was driving by and says she saw the owner kick and punch this puppy. that's when she called 911. he was found unresponsive and motionless. at just ten pounds and ten weeks old, this is the puppy hooked up to an iv. >> it's rare to see animals come in with suspected cases of abuse. >> reporter: police say the puppy was repeatedly shaken and punched by his owner. 23-year-old william landers. veterinarian danny brown treated the injured animal. >> seen a case like that -- seeing a case like that is
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always heartbreaking. >> reporter: landers denies the abuse saying the dog had been hurt falling out of a shopping cart. investigators say the animal suffered from blunt force trauma consistent with being severely beaten. >> his recovery has been amazing. >> reporter: frankie tagle is now fostering the pup. >> he's a fighter. so fivel is his name. >> reporter: the dog she named fivel may have found a new home with her. >> your first vacation to provide and take care of and care and give them something that they haven't had which is, you know, love and affection and what they deserve. >> reporter: meanwhile, the dog's owner, landers, is behind bars tonight charged with a felony for animal cruelty. reporting live, elise kirshner, nbc bay area news. he's being called the armed and dangerous hefty heister. a man has robbed eight banks throughout northern california. eight banks since the beginning
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of last month. many of the robberies have been in the sacramento area, but we have local robberies here. he's accused of hitting a bank last week inside of a safeway in brentwood. he also hit a pleasant hill bank. if you recognize him, call police. new at 6:00, is it defense of marriage or discrimination? it's been more than two years since the law was overturned defining marriage as between one man and one woman. still, it's not stopping pension plan leaders from using it to get out of paying benefits. now they're suing. >> robert and tom married in 2008 in san francisco. >> reporter: four years after tom died of a terminal brain disease, his husband, robert, is still trying to collect. conwell was a union man shen worked as a telecommunications engineer for the hilton san francisco for more than 30 years. he and his husband, robert pritchard, applied finish disability pension benefits together -- applied for
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disability pension benefits together after tom got sick. >> mr. conwell passed away in 2012. mr. pritchard was denied spousal benefit because the couple was in a same-sex marriage. and he was denied a benefited even though the plan defined spouse as the person to whom a participant is legally married. >> reporter: richard's attorney is suing on his behalf, trying to get the estimated $900 a month she says he's owed. >> it's very hard for him. he was getting letters saying his husband was considered single when the plan knew they were married. >> reporter: womlenski says the union and board are not involved, only the group using the defense of marriage acts to avoid paying even though it was deemed unconstitutional in 2013. >> it's been more than two years. to rely on doma now when it never barreding in the first place doesn't make sense. >> reporter: she says this f
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this wasn't a secondhand smok-- couple, it would have been a different story. >> because he was married to a man, he was treated as single. >> reporter: we left several message for attorneys for the pension plan today. each time, we were told they were unavailable for comment. the big story across the country, the blizzard and the east coast expected to be the bull's-eye for the potentially record-breaking storm. in the washington, d.c., area.ns a little past 9:00 p.m. on the east coast. more than 2.5 feet of snow may be calling in the area in the next 36 hours. public schools in the d.c. area were closed today. and a lot of people simply stayed home from work. a state of emergency has been declared in five states. national guard troops are standing by. it is expected that the winds and will the weight of the snow will cause widespread power outages. >> if you're not where you need to be, please get there. is it's going to get worse and
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get worse fast. we already have a lot of accumulating snow, and we're starting to get accumulating snow on the roads. >> here's another look at the storm. the images now are from nasa. you see the storm as it rolls toward the east coast. not just over there. this blizzard is impacting us here in the bay area. there's an average flight delay at sfo at this hour of about three hours. check ahead if you're traveling this weekend or maybe even into next week. all across the nation, more than 6,000 flights have been canceled already. so far, many of them are in the carolinas. in charlotte and raleigh. there are ripple effects, of course, for the three bay area airports. 134 flight canceled in and out of sfo today. all the other major carriers issued what they're calling travel waivers for this weekend. this is good news. allows you to rebook flight without penalty because of the storm. not as severe as the east coast, but we've got weather troubles. let's check the microclimate
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forecast with chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> you see in the scanning doppler radar now, we still have some showers continuing across marin, napa, sonoma counties. light drizzle, as well, fcontra costa and the peninsula. the rainfall is going pretty good. in fact, the past three to four hours, we've picked up a quarter to a half frininch from morgan to gilroy. the heaviest rainfall heading toward the interstate 5 corridor. heavy rainfall likely to continue over the next three hours. let's go ahead and get you to the timeline and what's coming our way so you can plan the weekend. you see at 7:30 we have heavier rainfall to the north. this will eventually push down we sbong santa rosa -- we think into santa rosa by 8:30. the next system, not super strong, but the ground saturated. travel will be dangerous tonight. eventually to san francisco by 10:00, and then we'll see it move across the east bay, down
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to san jose by 11:00 in the evening. now, after that, we'll keep the chance of some scattered showers in the mix on saturday morning at 7:00 a.m. we'll likely continue that chance of some scattered showers, not only through 11:30 but also through the early afternoon on saturday. so i would say keep the umbrella handy. wear the jackets on saturday. and once we hit saturday evening, we'll begin to dry out. that's going to sets in some major changes for us. what's going to bring us those major changes? it will be the area of high pressure. but you see again for tomorrow, it's not going to warm up too much. temperatures will stay in the 50s. the high pressure will bring huge changes in the forecast next week is just offshore. we're talking dry weather sunday through next thursday. we'll talk more about when other storm systems will eventually line up in the full forecast in about 20 minutes. >> thank you. still to come, we investigate the big business of pay per view licensing and why a
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small business owner calls the enforcement legalized extortion. first, a mural by a famous mexican artist is hidden away. what's being done to make sure it gets the proper attention, the attention it deserves next. of art across the bay area...
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but some say -- one of the most important pieces o we have incredible works of art across the bay area. some say one of the most important pieces of art is too tucked away. >> nbc's joe rosato jr. shows
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how technology and devotion are teaming up to get more eyes on it. >> reporter: art can show up in some of the darndest places. follow the signs through san francisco's city college and end up in front of what many call a masterpiece. >> he's a great mexican muralist -- >> reporter: adorning the vast walls of the deeationa rivera theater is a colorful fresco that artists painted on treasure island 75 years ago. >> he paints this mural at the exposition. actual painting took four months. >> reporter: some 50 years ago, the mural moved to the college and ended up here. >> the upside is the mural can be seen. the downside is, you can't get far enough away from it to see the you doality. >> reporter: for nearly two decades, the retired physics professor has carefully watched over the mural. >> i'm the self-appointed historian. this is diego rivera right here. >> reporter: he can tell you the back story of just about every bit of the fresco's detailed
6:27 pm
imagery. >> a whole masonic subtext. >> reporter: he does what he can to promote the mural. still, he says it's mostly unknown. >> basically the goal is for it to be common knowledge and for the mural to be accessible. >> reporter: to achieve the goal, he says the mural needs to move. >> we hope to move this to a better venue. a good venue would be the performing arts center which we hope to build across the street. >> reporter: the mural has been studied all its life, but nothing close to the scrutiny it got a couple of weeks ago. >> cool. >> there's the lifter up at the ceiling. >> reporter: carlos and mark of cultural heritage imaging spent days capturing every inch of the mural at ultra high resolution 3d photos. >> we went in and shot 1,550 mega pixel pictures. >> reporter: the images don't just show the intricate detail of the painting, they show whoa lies beneath it -- show what lies beneath it. >> if we zoom in and take the
6:28 pm
color off, we're seeing all of the plaster work. that's the plaster surface of the mural. >> reporter: the idea of the photograph is to help reveal the condition of the fresco and what if anything needs to be done in order to move it. the photos also create a modern-day record of rivera's work. >> we can say that we have the data in the bank for the mural such that people who are not yet born will be able to enjoy the mural. >> reporter: he says by moving the mural someplace more prominent, it will become a campus standout, something he imagines even rivera would have appreciated -- >> he must had a smile on his face, oh, they'll like this. this is my watch. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. these guys out here are starting -- illegally starting small businesses because for lack of better words, they're
6:29 pm
scare scared: scared. a moneymaking scheme involving pay per view boxing. the reason small businesses say they're being punished in court. from bad to worse. a spike in car break-ins in san francisco. we have eye-opening numbers next. anelle/2shot== we're following a developing we're following a developing
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story in pacifica. the on-going damage from el nino sparking a state of we're following a developing story in pacifica. the ongoing damage from storms bringing in a state of emergency. >> scott budman with what the
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state of emergency means for pacifica. scott? >> reporter: by declaring a state of emergency, the city can get their hands on more money. this done by the famous pacifica surf. we have a sinkhole, a damaged sea wall, streets that have been shut down, even two apartments that have been told they are no longer safe to live in because the properties are eroding. the city says the damage actually started back in mid-december. the declaration, they say, the first step toward getting state and federal assistance to help rebuild. again, here in pacifica, a state of emergency declared by local officials as they try to clean up el nino-related damage. in pacific, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. lightweight versus heavyweight. that's how some small business owners are describing the battle against a local company involved in the boxing business.
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>> they say they're being punished not in the ring but in the courts. nbc bay area investigative producer liz wagner is with us. this involves pay per view fights. a big business? >> that's right. you may have ordered a fight at home. business owners is to buy commercial rights to show the matches in bars or restaurant. owners of a local tavern contacted investigative unit after becoming the targets of what they called a money-making scheme. anchored in this sleeping city, you'll find the eight ball tavern. a little neighborhood bar with a lot of history. >> this is an original picture of the bar. it was established in 1937. >> reporter: owners, rick and john, never saw much trouble until last year when they received this -- a lawsuit claiming they showed a pay per view boxing match in their bar they didn't have the trite broadca-- the right to br.
6:34 pm
the pacquiao versus bradley bout in 2014 d. you show the fight that night? >> absolutely not. just no. >> reporter: a sucker punch in a fight they didn't pick. their opponent, j&j sports productions in campbell. the company buys the rights to broadcast boxing matches from event promoters, then resells the rights to bars and restaurants. it's unlawful for businesses to show events without paying companies like j&j a commercial license fee. generally a few thousand bucks. business owners who don't pay up are considered cable pirates. >> i laughed. i just figured it was another scam. >> reporter: laughter turned to panic when he realized the lawsuit was real. federal laws call for hearfty penalties. j&j sued for $170,000. >> we are a small business in sonoma county trying to make a living. >> reporter: when they obtained the video evidence, this is what they saw -- cell phone footage
6:35 pm
inside the bar. on the t.v., a promo for a warriors game, but no fight. >> as an investigator to submit that kind of evidence, it's weak, it's a lie, it's fraudulent. >> reporter: the video captured by a private investigator and submitted to thomas p. riley, j&j's attorney who works out of this pasadena office. riley advertises for p.i.s and dispatches them to bars to nab cable pirates. >> we were targeted. >> reporter: they found an attorney and weighed their options. fight in court or settle. both choices were costly. help us understand what's going on here. >> big picture? distortion, legalized extortion. they're picking, picking small businesses and extorting money because they don't have the means to fight. >> reporter: the nbc bay area investigative unit reviewed court records and found the company filed more than 5,000 lawsuits since 2010. according to an attorney who represents defendants, many businesses are minority owned,
6:36 pm
and many can't afford lawyers. >> i felt violated that somebody would want to take -- to do something like that with people like us who don't have a lot of money. >> reporter: j&j sued martha sanchez's family in 2014 for $112,000. she admits she did show a fight at her restaurant in san francisco's mission district. she paid to view it but says she didn't know about a commercial license fee. >> there are people using small businesses to make money on themselves. and it's predatory. feels predatory. >> reporter: sanchez negotiated a $5,000 settlement. now she's renovating for a new tenant. after four decades, she decided to shut down the family restaurant. >> i think it's a big problem because it's forcing small businesses to close. >> reporter: l.a.-based attorney elliott stone represents defendants who have been sued by j&j. he says the punishment doesn't fit the crime. >> somebody who for one reason or another didn't send in a $250 license fee is now being shaken
6:37 pm
down for $150,000. that's just not right. >> reporter: it's unclear how much money j&j and its attorney make. stone suspects they're profiting more in court than from collecting fees. >> i think it's a business model based on suing people. >> if you think i make a lot of money off the piracy deal, that's laughable. it's a joke. >> reporter: j&j president joe girald i says he can lose up to a million bucks on a fight due to cable piracy. he says he wants to sell commercial licenses to businesses. why not given a small business owner the opportunity to pay the commercial license fees after the fact instead of suing them? >> well -- that's kind of really a difficult question. it's because after the fact, do you really think that they would be -- oh, good, you know, i'll pay that? >> reporter: you're suing small business for a lot more than the cost of the commercial license. >> because it's a federal offense. >> reporter: gilardi says he doesn't buy the ignorance
6:38 pm
defense. as for evidence submitted by private investigators, he says that's up to his attorneys. riley declined to comment about the situation with the 8 ball. is this an opportunity to debt bar owners to pay up even if they didn't do anything wrong? >> no, no. don't even bring up any of that stuff. >> reporter: can you understand why some people believe this system is unfair? >> could be. >> reporter: can you see that? understand their point of view -- >> it's the court system that has to change. >> reporter: that's exactly what gorele and graham are fighting for now. they say until the laws change, it's a battle of lightweights versus heavyweights. >> gullible but the truth, they're not fair. >> reporter: now during our investigation, the lawsuit against the 8 ball was dismissed. late last week, the case was reopened at j&j's request. the company says the 8 ball failed to meet the terms of a settlement. the 8 ball says it never agreed to one. we're talking with a member of congress about these laws and
6:39 pm
listening to proposals for reform. so stay tuned in the coming weeks. there's more ahead. >> high stakes for bars. >> oftentimes it is. there's a lot on the line. it takes a lot to run a small business in california. these people are saying the laws are abusive, in some cases, and end up hurting small businesses. >> thank you. we'll stay on the story. if you have a tip regarding this story or any other for liz wagner, call 888-996-tips or send an e-mail directly to still to come, doctors getting ready for a new california through will allow them to help terminally ill patients end their lives. what they're being told to do. and you want to make quick money? what's the going rates for renting your home or apartment for the upcoming super bowl? we've got answers.
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a comprehensive list of guidelines -- for a controversial new law. ==vo== the "california legal and sociation" listed medil a comprehensive list of guidelines for a controversial new law. the california medical association listed legal and medical steps for doctors involved in assisted suicide. the controversial law took effect this year, but won't kick in until next months at the earliest. it allows terminally ill patients here in deal undergo medically assisted suicides. among the new guidelines released today, doctors are protected from liability as long as they follow squiermts. >> doctors don't jump on the bandwag bandwagon. >> the assisted suicide debate came to the forefront in the case of brittany menard, a bay area woman with terminally ill and moved to oregon to end her life. oregon has a similar assisted suicide law.
6:43 pm
a spike in car burglaries in this past year. last year there were a whopping 26,000 car burglaries and thefts in the city. that's a 34% increase from 2014. the number then was around 19,000. the statistics follow a report from our investigative unit a few months ago which also showed a sharp rise in this type of crime. analysis showed it is happening every day of the week in different parts of the city. no one's immune. we also found the problem is not just in san francisco but is increasing across the bay area. >> frustrating whether you live in the city or are visiting, it happens for so many. >> you've got to hide everything in your trunk. don't leave an old shoe. they'llic that, too. >> can't --ic that take that, too. >> can't leave anything. >> yeah. you enjoying the explain. >> loving it. >> me, too. i actually -- a month and a half ago unplugged all the watering from anything to our lawns. this is great. the ground's getting saturated. you see rain drops on the lens
6:44 pm
in san jose. we'll talk more about a new storm in a few minutes. remember the dot com boom? well,
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
welcome to the super wl remember the dotcom boom? welcome now to the silicon boom. >> real estate is getting hotter. homeowner and even drivers are hoping to cash in. new at 6:00, scott budman has the business of the super bowl. [ cheers ] >> reporter: before watching the game here, super bowl visitors can camp out near you have a lot of cash. >> we're looking to get $3,000 a night. >> reporter: joe vera montez just put his three-bedroom home on craigslist and air bnb. he's heard from potential renters already. >> when you're in the area where
6:47 pm
the super bowl is going to be, you start to hear talk and start to think about it. >> reporter: according to search engine, vacation rentals will jump 150% during the week of the super bowl. it's not just housing that's extra hot, people are selling rides around town, too. >> i just posted recently that if you want a ride to the best french place, let me know. by the way, i have a wedding to pay for. >> reporter: think of it as the latest gold rush here in silicon valley. you optimistic about someone taking you up on it? >> absolutely. >> reporter: with lot of optimism and money to go around. in santa clara, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> did he say $3,000 a night? >> i don't know about that. >> i don't know. >> that's a lot of money. let's check the countdown clock. 15 days, 20 hours, 42 minutes until the super bowl at levi stadium. let's move out of our homes.
6:48 pm
>> i know. we just need a place to stay for the week and make some money. jeff was warning us there might be rain on super bowl sunday. right? >> it does look like it. the 4th through the 7th, there's the potential of wet weather. maybe i can rent out umbrellas. we'll see. let's look. the next storm system will be arriving the next three to six hours. as we get a view, east bay at 58, the north bay, 5 degrees. you see across the south bay, heavier rainfall the past couple of hours. roadways are extremely slick. be cautious if you're heading out. even if you don't have the windshield wipers on. ground's saturated, and the roads are dangerous. heading through tomorrow's forecast, we have the possibility of rainfall with us. temperatures will be starting off colder, 48 in the north bay. san francisco, 53, and 49 for the peninsula. let's show the futurecast so you
6:49 pm
can see exactly how to plan for your saturday. and you see we'll begin with tonight. as we get a look, 8:30, the next storm system up into santa rosa and point reyes. this will slowly, very, very slowly inch to the south. you see by 10:00 p.m. moving into san francisco. still mainly dry across the east and south bay. eventually by 11:00, we'll start to see rain here in san jose. and also for contra costa and alameda counties. through tomorrow's forecast, we keep scattered rain with us for 7:00 a.m. that chance will stay right through 11:30 in the morning. even into the early afternoon. you want to keep the jacket and umbrella handy through about 2:30 tomorrow. after that we'll get drying in the forecast. that dry weather as you'll see in the scrolling seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen will last through next thursday. rainfall here lately does mean sierra snow. we're talking eight to about 12 inches the next 24 hours. let's look at the microclimate forecast as we head throughout
6:50 pm
saturday. the south bay, temperatures stay cool, 57 in san jose. chillier at morgan hill with 55. palo alto along the peninsula, 59. san francisco, jacket weather there, too, with 54 degrees. north bay, east bay, and the tri-valley, coming in with 56 across danville. also the same for livermore. and up toward the north bay heading to wine country, 57 degrees. now want to put it on pause for a second. we can digest what's happening over the next 15 days. the biggest question is when are the next storms arriving. so again, we have rain on saturday morning. then we have dry weather sunday through next thursday. high pressure builds in out here across the pacific. then january 29th through february 5th, maybe into february 7th for the super bowl, looking at three possible storms. a long way out, but so far, the model consistency has been fairly well lately. right now, if you have anything to do with the super bowl, i would plan for rain before,
6:51 pm
during, and after the event. >> goodness. he said the "r" word. thanks. >> we'll be fine. yeah. guess who's back -- steve kerr. back with the warriors tonight. what happens to his fill-in?
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
it's been rough. you know that. it's gotten a lot better. i feel good, ready to roll. and can't wait to get back out there. >> after an absence of 43 games,
6:54 pm
he's back! steve kerr returning to the warriors' bench to coach the squad for the first time since the ws won the nba championship. joining you from the comcast sports studios. dual back surgeries took the toll on the now second-year head coach his recovery was a long, painful, and frustrating one. however, luke walton filled in like a championship coach himself as the ws didn't miss a beat, sporting the best record in the nba. the players ecstatic kerr is finally back on the bench. >> like everybody welcoming him that way. >> great. he's had a rough couple of month. i think if t's a benefit for us, and for him to get in the routine and rhythm. >> i'll be more conscious of the shot i take. i'm excited to have him back. >> the story at 11:00. spring training for the giants less than a month away.
6:55 pm
while jeff samardzija and johnny quieto are new, they've crossed paths in the florida state league in a ball as well as in the nl central. according to smarj agiant fans are in -- samardzija, giants fans are in for a treat. >> always had electric stuff and always had a knack for how to pitch and get double play balls, get strikeouts when he needs them. he has fun out there. i think the fan base will see a guy who loves to play the game. he's cinematic in a way. you get to watch him -- he's playing in the show. he's definitely that. i love watching him. >> reporter: finally, look out. ouch! edmonton oilers center matt kendricks searching for some relief. check out how he blocked this slap shot last night. yep, dead in the man region, a bull's-eye. somehow he makes it back to his skates with a little assistance.
6:56 pm
we have to show you how lucky he was. check out the results to his athletic cup. a huge dent in the hard plastic. that's protected his power to have more than the two kids he's fathered already. on a tweet he wrote, "i'd like to thank russell athletic for saving my bacon tonight," #closecall. russell athletic tweeted saying they would be sending him a package that included a new cup. that's all i got. that's all i got on that one. by the way, 49ers fired eric mangini today. they're looking for a defensive coordinator. >> we've been there before. we'll leave it at that. >> all right. >> thanks. before we go, can you take us outside to find out what's happening tonight? >> yeah. there you go, you see at 11:00, rainfall returns back to the east bay and the south bay. and dry next week. don't worry. the first week of february looks wet. no sign of that el nino stopping now.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
maria's new $7.5 million ring. >> her breaking engagement news, now on "extra." ♪ extra, extra! mariah getting married. >> congratulations. you've got that glow. >> her billionaire boyfriend, how he popped the question with this 35 carat ring. and when is the wedding? >> and mariah isn't the only one that got engaged. miley's surprise reconciliation with liam. and celine lays her husband to rest. barbra streisand's touching message to celine. trump stumps in


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