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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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...the tree didn't look very good... heard a crack and the outcue: just fell over trt:04 =cont vo= right now at 11: he got home... the tree didn't look very good and heard a crack and the whole thing fell over. >> he got home just in time. a scary situation in san jose as this wet weather turns dangerous. i'm raj mathai. jessica is off tonight. two storms in 24 hours is taking its toll. at this hour, the latest storm moved into the bay area. here's a look from pacifica. it's not just the rain. there are a lot of problems
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along the coast. we have multiple reports this evening. starting with jeff ranieri tracking the dangerous conditions. >> while the storm system isn't super strong it's the fact that we have had so many back to back that it is again saturating the ground and we're beginning to see residual problems. the cold front has produced moderate and heavier pockets over the past 45 minutes. rain approaching san francisco moving over the north bay. and one zone hit hard in the past hour is right on 24th in orinda and walnut creek. some of that is now across pleasanton producing .32 inch per hour and moving toward livermore in the next hour. in san jose we had decent afternoon rainfall. you have a shower right now. but the heavier rainfall will be moving in for tonight. we have the time line coming up.
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but the storm system comes with a highly dangerous warning back to the coastline. a coastal flood advisory until 1:00 p.m. on saturday as waves at 12 feet and could go as high as 16 feet through tomorrow which may produce low lying flooding at the coast and around the bay. timing is everything. in this case it might have saved their lives. a family in san jose changed its plans and avoided this, that giant oak tree which came crashing down. peggy bunker is near the rose garden district. what did the dad do in. >> reporter: as you can see right now, pouring rain out here. that's part of the problem. when chris richmond pulled into the driveway he could see this tree, the branchs were leaning down close to the driveway. he could tell it was in distress he alerted his wife and their
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neighbors. minutes later, the tree toppled over. chris richmond came home early from work on friday night and noticed a nearly 70-year-old oak tree in his yard appeared to be tilting. >> i moved the cars out and told my wife and daughter to get to the back of the house and going over to talk to the neighbor and heard a crack and the whole thing fell over. >> reporter: the tree only skimmed the house pulling down the gutters and smashing one window. >> that entire tree fell over over and two feet fell in the house. >> reporter: the tree trimmer has never seen anything like it. >> not through the window, through the roof but not the window. >> reporter: richmond says the rain is likely to blame. the trees are soaking up the water. they are top heavy and the ground is soft. >> reporter: the family and
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neighbors are sad to lose the beautiful tree but he just made it home in the nick of time. >> all things considered, pretty lucky. >> reporter: very, very lucky, all of the neighbors came out here to take a look. they will certainly miss this oak but they are so grateful that the family is safe. in san jose i'm peggy bunker, nbc bay area news. one local city is reaching out for help. pacifica wants resources and money from the state but will they get it? among the problems on the coast, a battered seawall from our constant storms. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is in pacifica. how likely is it the state will send help? >> reporter: we don't know. they're going to talk about that on monday when they take a vote. in the meantime we've been out here for a lot of hours and we've seen a lot of waves crashing into this seawall on to the street.
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it's also starting to rain and the wind is picking up. a lot of people are streaming down here to check out the show and bracing themselves for another round of heavy storms. the king tides are here. only residents are allowed to drive down the streets near the ocean and some people are out tonight to check out the huge waves. >> i've seen them come up into the street. >> i have a healthy respect for it but i do feel bad because people are so close to it. >> reporter: terry jackson's apartment is along the ocean. >> there was a point for 30 minutes you couldn't even see the pier. >> >> reporter: she took these pictures as the king tide took him off. >> just watching the water crash through this area and just hit the building as it did. i was certain that we were going to lose the seawall down here. >> reporter: the seawall stayed
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intact but the fence was destroyed. >> this was the section that took me out and knocked me into the corner. >> reporter: she damaged her knee and may have broken her toe and part of the city is battered and bruised as well. since mid december three major structures have been damaged and officials don't know where they'll get the money to fix it. the city manager is hoping a state of emergency will help them secure the thousands of dollars needed to repair the damaged infrastructure. that is something that the people who live here would love to see. >> i love where i live. i would never trade it. this is mother nature at her best. >> reporter: mother nature is revving up and doing her thing. stay inside and stay warm. reporting live in pacifica, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. for you as well stay safe out there. high tide and you see where sheryl is in pacifica.
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and this is south of santa cruz, big waves near the popular restaurants. as more rain arrives track the conditions specific to your neighborhood. just download our free nbc bay area app. you can access our live doppler radar. the east coast is getting hammered by a blizzard. it's especially bad late tonight. this is a live picture right now in philadelphia. this is just after 2:00 a.m. east coast time. this is highway 95 if you can make it out there. this is in south philly, near whiteout conditions. i think the camera has frozen up here. not many cars, everyone being told to stay home today. 85 million people are in the path of the storm. it's expected to get worse in the next several hours. washington, d.c. and baltimore are in the eye of the storm. as you can imagine it is impacting air travel across the country including here in the
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bay area. nearly 150 flights have been cancelled at sfo. almost 70 arrivals and 80 departures have been grounded. and cancellations as san jose and oakland as well. chris christie is warning people to be safe. >> be smart. just don't go on the roads. you don't need to. there is no reason to have an adventure. it could turn out badly. if you absolutely have to go out, stay behind the salt trucks and plows. don't mess with them, please. >> five states including new jersey have declared a state of emergency. this is what the blizzard looks like from space. nasa releasing this image. this is the storm system stretching from texas all the way to the east coast. amazing to see that. heart breaking discovery on the marin county coast. the body of a missing surfer washed ashore.
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it was dan defoe. he likely drowned on wednesday. fellow surfers say he was floating in the water knocked unconscious. others tried to rescue him but were pushed back by the surf. crews called off the search after 24 hours. his body washed ashore this morning. did city employees take bribes for city contracts? three former employees face a long list of charges. keith jackson, zulu jones and nazli majahare are charged with bribing and money laundering. >> the people's business is done with transparency and fairness. >> they will likely have an opportunity to turn themselves
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in. tonight by the judge will not be indicted on a lesser charge in the disappearance of sierra lamar. he is accused of killing lamar. the lawyers for garcia torres claims that the grand jury was not given the choice of indicting him on lesser charges. search volunteers are still looking for the body of the missing girl. >> i feel no spirit with him. i feel a negative force. i was right behind him. and i hope he gets what he has coming to him. >> the capital murder trial begins in april. now to a story we first broke, a south bay business deal that ened in a bitter divorce is back on again. we are talking about the valley medical hospital in san jose that has been delayed. santa clara county blamed turner
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construction and firedurner construction and sued the company. the county reached a new agreement with new terms and conditions. in exchange the county will pay $85 million and claims that they will meet every month to determine whether the project and when the project will be finished. a developing story on the las vegas strip. gunshots at a tourist hot spot. what we learned about the shooting. there is a new city in the bay area, super bowl city. beginning tomorrow it's going to have an impact on where you drive and get around town. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we'll let you know about the rain prospects on super bowl and rain returning to san francisco right now and that is heading toward oakland in the next 20 minutes. we have the full weekend forecast in about ten minutes.
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story in las vegas. ===raj/cu=== shots fired in front of the bellagio fountain tonight. ===takt= developing news in las vegas. shots fired in front of the bellagio hotel in front of the bellagio fountain. [ gunshots ] it happened around 7:30 this evening. it is friday night and it was crowded there. we don't know if anyone was hit by the gunfire. there are reports that the gunman was captured by las vegas police. we will monitor the situation throughout the night. the super bowl is 15 days away but the super bowl city opens for business tomorrow. hundreds of thousands of people, locals and tourists will explains the flavor of the big event. it is squeezed in between the ferry building and the streets around the embarcadero.
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the mo nbc bay area's chuck coppola is in san francisco this evening. we need to know how to get around town. >> reporter: take mass transit and streets are going to be closed tomorrow morning. you can walk from the ferry building through this area, through that construction area where the folks are walking with the umbrella during the construction of super bowl city. that will be allowed. you can bring your bike through there. but a week from now that's when the check point comes up. you will be able to go through there but you have to pass through a check point and it will slow you down. bikes will not be allowed. you will have to go around. tonight, more than a dozen workers moved steel flooring into position and stole a little of the attention that the tourists usually pay to the ferry building. >> it's weird it's a completely out of the norm situation. i think any spectacle just
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naturally draws people. >> reporter: it will be a scene called super bowl city, a pop up village for fans, free to the public. four entrance points watched closely by security personnel. it will close off 20 blocks of streets. south of washington and east of battery but extending south of market street and eliminate street parking until february 12th. >> we are encouraging people to use public transit and ride a bike. >> reporter: and the officers are ready for demonstrations such as the one that stopped traffic on the bay bridge. >> we'll work to facilitate's everyone's rights as best as we can. in the event that people bump into other people's rights we will have to make some calls so that everyone can come and go and have a great time. >> reporter: federal, state, and
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local law enforcement have identified this area as a key area for security. that said there will be exemptions for delivery vehicles but only those, we are told, with credentials. also tomorrow, howard street will be closed as well. reporting live in san francisco i'm chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. >> like going to an airport there trying to get into super bowl city. for more information on the street closures download our nbc bay area app and you can find information on upcoming events. back to the weather, united airlines planes skidded off a snowy runway in chicago today. that plane took off from sfo. and there was so much snow on the ground some passengers didn't realize there was a problem until the pilot announced it. the sighs of relief turned into anger. they were complaining saying they were forced to sit on the plane for two hours until buses
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arrived to take them to their gate. a lot of frustrations for travellers across the country. let's bring in jeff ranieri with so many cancellations here and i'm guessing it's going to happen into next week. >> residual delays into next monday and tuesday. washington, d.c. with at least 6 inches of snowfall so far. if you are trying to get to the east, new york city now looks like they could be in a bulls-eye of 1 to 2 feet of snow with this blizzard winding up stronger for them. watch out in new york city, may not be as easy as you thought you would be able to maneuver. back home, two cold fronts in two hours. the radar scan is missing a lot of the activity as we have so much moisture in the lower levels it's hard to pick up. right now in san francisco and pacifica and half-moon bay it
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looks moderate but a lot are producing heavier rainfall. watch out on the peninsula if you are heading anywhere in the next 45 minutes. in san jose and livermore, rain falling right now and the next wave starts in 45 minutes. in the morning it's not all completely finished. everyone with a chance of scattered rainfall. temperatures down to 48 in the north bay. you need the jacket and umbrella to start. 49 for the peninsula and 51 for the south bay. you are going to be able to see hour by hour at 11:30 we will see the next zone of rain move into san jose. it's not super heavy but scattered rain to start at 7:00 a.m. and upper level energy is going to pass by. from 11:30 through about 2:30 in the afternoon there is a chance
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of not only rainfall but maybe isolated thunderstorms. you can see the intensity across san jose. watch out for that. then once we hit 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 tomorrow evening we clear out from the storm system. and dryer weather next monday, tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. most immediately in the sierra, check it out, 6 to 11 inches of snow for the higher elevations. good news for the drought. as you can see in the micro climate forecast, jacket weather in place, namely in san francisco, 54 degrees in the marina, the wind kicks up. 59 in palo alto. and san jose expecting 57. north bay, east bay and tri-valley, danville at 56 not much of a change in pleasanton at 58 and a mix of 50s for the north bay and east bay. we have a lot coming over the next 15 days, rain continues
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into tomorrow morning. then as we head throughout sunday into next thursday high pressure brings dry weather but january 29th through february 7th which includes the super bowl may be four more possible storms. as the storms roll in there's one way to track it. it's the nbc bay area app. >> it's easy to get connected to the weather outside by going inside the nbc bay area app on your smartphone. chick on the weather and you can zero in on your neighborhood and see when it's raining there. i'm terry mcsweeney. that's how to stay informed with the nbc bay area app. >> the coolest thing is the interactive radar. when you go to it, it will show you how fast the storms are moving and in which direction. >> i did it looking at your doppler radar. new rules surrounding the diversity issue with the oscars. jeff daniels is my guest
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water ping-pong so to speak. this is astronaut scott kelly using paddles that repel liquid. kelly is spending a year on the international space station. by march he will be the first american to do so. he's almost there. this is day number 301. pretty incredible. up next one of the best shots of the season for steph curry and someone returns to the warriors. i can show you the world
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the warriors announcing steve kerr! >> oracle on its feet for the return of the dubs' head coach. geraud moncure in the comcast sportsnet studios. steve kerr back on the bench for the first time since game six of the finals. the reigning mvp setting the pace in this one. dubs up 14 off the miss. steph curry drains the
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half-court shot after the buzzer. doesn't count. but no big deal. end of the half almost looks like a replay. he will do it again and this time it's good money. warriors by 13 at the break. into the third quarter, andre iguodala on the move. watch the spin move. barbosa will miss but iggy with the put back. curry with 39 points and 10 boards. warriors win improving to 40-4. >> great that oracle gave him a nice standing ovation and welcome him back in good style. and he was very comfortable and very energetic. ladies college hardwood. carly samuelsson dialled in from downtown tonight. cardinal up just 4 knocking down the three ball from the wing.
11:30 pm
later in the frame, stanford led by 9 after third quarters. she is not done. she had a game-high 14 points. the cardinal win 57-47. and finally that could not have felt good. the oilers center searching for a little relief. he takes the slap shot dead square in the man region, a bulls-eye. he makes it back to his skates. but we have to show you what damage could have been done. his athletic cup sporting a huge dent in that plastic. but it protected his power to have more than the two kids he followed already. he said i would like to thank russell athletics for saving my bacon tonight. close call. russell said they would send him a new package that included a
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new cup. i'm not making this up.
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we're heading into the
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weekend. about 20 minutes ago we saw cheryl hurd in pacifica and peggy bunker getting drenched. >> we have had so many storms back to back. right now moderate rainfall from napa through san francisco and showers in san jose. we'll likely see a chance of rain into tomorrow afternoon. here's the thing, dry weather sunday into next thursday and january 29th into february 7th the way it looks now four possible storms could line up. prepare for a wet super bowl right now. >> have a great weekend. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jeff daniels. lilly singh. musical guest, st. luc


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