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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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downtown san francisco. and it's only getti right now at 5:00, a traffic mess unfolding in downtown san francisco, and it's only getting started. we'll show you what areas to avoid and how to get around as the super bowl heads this way. plus, homes hanging off cliffs. what's being done to fix some of the damage before it's too late. and latest round of storms is almost over. when you can expect the next round of el nino-fueled rain. good evening, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. peggy bunker has the evening off. high surf and crumbling cliffs. the city of pacifica is dealing with both right now. the problem is so bad, some homes and businesses are in serious danger. to add to the trouble, bay area coasts are under a high surf advisory right now. tonight we have team coverage.
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meteorologist rob mayeda is standing by to explain the wind and rain we're seeing right now, but first, let's join marianne favro in pacifica, where the city manager declared a local emergency. marianne. >> reporter: that's right, terry, pacifica has certainly taken a beating, especially in the last week. and as we see now, there are extremely high winds out here, and it's not getting any break. the apartment building you see behind me as been red-tagged. that means it is no longer safe for residents to live there, and many people have already moved out. the problem is the erosion on the ocean side of these apartments making them more susceptible to fall into the ocean. the city manager has just declared a local emergency, and she's hoping that that declaration will help bring the city more state and federal emergency funding. now, mike, who asked us not to use his last name, moved into this apartment about three months ago. now the city is asking him to leave because the whole building is at risk of falling into the
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ocean. he says most of his neighbors have already left. >> everything i own is here, and i just moved here. i don't really have the financial resources necessary to relocate, and i know i'm not the only one in this building that's like that. >> reporter: we talked to pacifica's city manager, laurie tinfoe, just a few minutes ago. she told us she declared an emergency after seeing several problem areas throughout pacifica, including this apartment building on esplinade avenue. a sinkhole caused by last week's storms is getting bigger. she says repairs will cost the city millions of dollars and that it doesn't have those funds. so, the local emergency declaration will enable the city to ask for state and federal emergency funds. the city council must confirm that declaration, and that is expected to happen on monday. you may remember that this is not the first time that there have been problems in pacifica.
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back in 2009, in 2010 i was out here again covering these homes, which were again red-tagged. now, two of the apartment buildings here have been red-tagged since 2010, and the city manager says they need to be demolished. reporting live in pacifica, marianne favro, "nbc bay area news." >> all right, marianne, thanks a lot. well, the king tides and rain are responsible for some flooding in the north bay. cars taking a chance, driving through street flooding on shoreline highway near the manzanita park and ride in mill valley earlier today. there are cones set up, but you can see right there, drive between the cones or it could be trouble. this walking and bike path near coyote creek got a whole lot narrower. the water rose so much, some paths could only accommodate one at a time. well, the rain is starting to clear out. that's very good news for some people, as we've seen. this latest string of storms moving out just a few hours from right now. take a look at some rain in san jose earlier today. we've seen pockets of showers on and off in the south bay all day
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long. meteorologist rob mayeda has the latest on when it's moving out. >> well, we're still tracking some of the showers around the south bay, west of downtown san jose right now, light rain that continues to head off towards the south and east of santa clara. and you can see the pattern here. as we've gone through the afternoon, we have sunshine which has made for dramatic rainbow views throughout the area. most of the action across the south bay and still snow in the sierra and thunderstorms there off to the north of sacramento, but the trend, at least over the next 12 hours, is turning more calm for the bay area. 50s outside right now. you can see the clearing skies. and after the rain and things begin to dry out, we're going to see patchy fog heading towards tomorrow morning. so, in terms of wind and rain, things calming down, except on the coast. you've still got a high surf advisory through 10:00 p.m. you can see the wave heights, 14 to 16, 17, 18 feet there right to the west of half moon bay, and the forecast moving forward looks less rainy but still some dangerous surf as powerful storms out here in the pacific sent waves again, maybe 20-foot
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breakers heading back to our shoreline by early next week, but that's also the catch, big waves but less rain in the forecast. big change ahead in the seven-day forecast. we'll show you that coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, rob. thanks a lot. you can keep track of the weather right on your smartphone. vicky nguyen shows us how you can use our app to get conditions for your neighborhood any time. >> it's easy to get connected to the weather outside by going inside the nbc bay area app on your smartphone. just touch the radar on the weather page. there you can zero in on your own neighborhood to see if it's raining. that gives you just what you need to know right when you need to know it. i'm vicky nguyen and that's how to stay informed with the nbc bay area app. coming up in just ten minutes, a winter storm unloading on the northeast. here's a new picture of the storm from nasa. a state of emergency in the new york city area. more than 19 inches have fallen in central park. subways have closed. more on that in about ten minutes. caltrans says it is nearly done fixing leaks on the new bay
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bridge. take a live look at the span, which saw quite a bit of rain today and over the last few weeks. in fact, in recent weeks, the bay bridge has seen the most water it's eve seen since its completion back in 2013, and that is bringing back previous concerns over rust in the steel support structures. but now, caltrans says that caulk is the solution. yes, the stuff you use around your bathtub, that's the solution. crews have been sealing leaks and hundreds of holes with caulk, and the work is nearly done. "the chronicle" reports the caulk costs about $40 a tube. caltrans says engineers will be working with a bridge company to complete other weather improvements by the middle of this year. happening now, a super bowl city shut down. today is the first day roads are closing to get ready for that big event. take a look at the map. all the red you see here near the embarcadero is about to become the center for super bowl activities leading up to the big game on tuesday. roads will also shut down around the moscone center. nbc bay area's christie smith live in san francisco, where
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traffic is starting to back up. and christie, how are the roads today? >> reporter: well, terry, we're standing on washington street, which is one side of the closure for super bowl city, and you can see for those who chose to drive, at least on this side, it is slow going this afternoon. certainly sfmta has been pushing for people to walk, take public transportation or ride a bike, as the free to the public fan village for super bowl 50 takes shape along the embarcadero and justin herman plaza with art, technology, food and more. plus, there will be the nfl experience going on, and that's a ticketed event. tens of thousands of people are expected to pour into the city each day. super bowl city opens january 30th. now, getting around the city can be tough any day, so the next three weeks certainly a challenge, but the host committee points out at least for the first few days, it will be a good time for locals to come down and enjoy the event. the big super bowl crowds likely won't get into town, they say, until the thursday before the big game, and there are a few
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unique features. >> number one, we're opening this fan village nine days before the game. and this first weekend will be deemed hometown weekend for the locals of the bay area to come down, get a taste of super bowl. even if they don't have a ticket to the game, they can enjoy all the free to the public fan experiences. >> reporter: now, southbound embarcadero is closed now by the ferry building, also market from beale to stewart and howard over near the nfl experience. the detours are up today. and while traffic is backed up in some areas, many streets appear to be empty. it looks like some people did get the message, are just avoiding the area altogether and not driving, at least right now. we've seen a lot of people on foot or on bikes. now, this will be up through february 12th. the detour is to give time to dismantle everything that was put up. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "nbc bay area news." >> all right, christie, thanks a lot. interesting little glitches there at the end. here's another look at the map
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of road closures. super bowl city is squeezed between the ferry building and the streets near the embarcadero. the mascone center will also be transformed into the nfl experience. i saw it last year in phoenix. it is a blast. i've got no interest in this. just want to let you know that. that starts on tuesday. about 20 blocks of streets are going to be closed as more than a dozen workers are setting up the pop-up super bowl city for football fans. that includes a stretch from the ferry building toward the hyatt regency and from east of battery to south of market street. best way to get around, walk or take public transportation, as christie was talking about. san francisco police say they are prepared to handle the large crowds. weeks before the super bowl, tens of thousands filled downtown san francisco, but not for the big game. abortion opponents came to san francisco to make their message heard. take a look at video from market street. today's walk for life rally shut down parts of the street for hours today. many came from across the state. some even coming from other parts of the country to show their support. >> the best choice is life and
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to show them the beauty of that. >> we believe showing the world that there's still this vast number of people here who support this cause. >> the antiabortion march met a counterprotest at market and powell street. there are no reports of any trouble there. similar rallies have been held over the last decade. yesterday marked the 43rd anniversary of roe versus wade, which found the woman had the constitutional right to abortion. the bay area is experiencing a severe shortage of blood. stanford says blood supplies have been depleted recently because of an influx of patients, also fewer people are donating. the need is so bad right now, they're calling the shortage critical. here's what the stanford blood center especially needs -- o-negative, ab negative and b negative. anybody healthy and willing to donate is asked to please come in. investigating a jailbreak. coming up, the search is on for three california inmates on the loose. what we're learning about their escape. plus, a whiteout on the east coast. airports shut down, people
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stranded on the roads and more. we're showing you just how big of a mess the big blizzard is causing and the trickle effect it's having right here. and earlier we had a winter storm warning in the sierra. now the snow's starting to ease off as the storm has dropped as much as 3 inches of rain now moving to the east. and ahead, something we haven't seen in our forecast probably for at least three weeks, big changes ahead in your seven-day forecast and big surf on the way. details when we come right back. a monster winter storm is
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5:13 pm the east coast right washington dc, pennsylvania, and new york are all in the a monster winter storm hitting the east coast right now. washington, d.c., pennsylvania and new york all in the blizzard's path. and tonight, major roads are shut down, trains are suspended, flights are grounded, several cities are experiencing major power outages. you get an idea of how bad it is right here. ten states and our nation's capital in a state of emergency. nbc's jennifer johnson has a deeper look at the snowstorm and its impact. >> reporter: life-threatening blizzard conditions are slamming the east coast. wind gusts over 50 miles per hour have made travel virtually impossible. air, bus and rail service halted. motorists can't move. thousands were stranded on i-75 in kentucky. >> i've been running my engine on a cycle of ten minutes, for ten minutes long, every 40 minutes. so, it seems to be long enough
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to keep the engine warm and the path warm. >> reporter: a similar story in pennsylvania, where the duquesne university men's basketball team was among those stuck. while the white stuff entertained these snowboarders -- >> is it legal what we're doing? is it legal today? >> pretty sure it's not legal. >> pretty sure it's not legal. >> reporter: and delighted the panda at the national zoo. it also offered a rare opportunity to sled down the u.s. capitol lawn. >> we're having a good time. >> reporter: but unless you're on skis, officials are urging everyone to stay off the roads. >> i don't care how superb a driver, how big a four-wheel-drive vehicle you have, the roads are barely passable. >> reporter: thousands of flights have been canceled, hundreds of thousands are without power, and severe coastal flooding is threatening several mid-atlantic states. the blizzard has shut down the nation's capital, one of its biggest storms in history. the weather is supposed to get considerably better sunday, then the dig-out begins, but it's going to be several days before many businesses and schools
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reopen. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. and some pretty cool time-lapse video to show you right now, another look at the impact of the snowstorm. you're looking at time-lapse video shot from the nation's capital. we're talking about the white house, lawn going from green to white like that. the lincoln memorial, also it's piling up there. tourists were rather scarce there today, where they're usually plentiful, because of the cold and wet weather. take a look at this. the normally business washington dulles airport. wow. they've got time to clean up, time to shovel snow. no passengers. no cars dropping people off, no one in the terminals. american, united and delta have suspended all service in and out of that airport until monday, and that's having a ripple effect on flights across the country. about 70 flights have been canceled so far at sfo. some people are telling us they won't be able to reach their destinations until monday at the earliest. and coming up, inmates
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escape from a california jail. what police are doing to track them down. plus, the serious crimes they're accused of committing.
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from the law. three inmates convicted of a developing story tonight. on the run from the law, three inmates convicted of violent crimes escape from a southern california jail. here's a good look at the three of them. the crimes include torture, murder and kidnapping. this is the search for them. they were last seen early friday morning at the orange county men's jail in santa ana, but by
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that evening, they were gone. investigators believe they know how the three men escaped, but they're not releasing any details about that. this is the first escape from the facility in at least the past 20 years, and it could be the first ever breakout from the jail. let's check in with meteorologist rob mayeda with your microclimate forecast. i guess the rains have got to move out soon. >> yes. we'll see a few more hours of showers around here after two days of 2 to 3 inches of rain. on the santa cruz mountains side of the radar, more than 3 inches. the valley towards morgan hill, 1 1/2 inches so far. during the day today, from sunol, passing showers from time to time, sun mixed with rain drops and kind of seeing the same outside right now. 54 degrees in san francisco, partly cloudy skies. rain has moved on. you can see the wet roadways along 580 out by dublin and livermore. 53. and san jose, still a little light rain. you can see that falling around downtown at the moment. 55 degrees. and it's really just the south
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bay now seeing some of these scattered showers. as you head over to pleasanton and castro valley, a little light rain heading to the south and east. san francisco and the north bay already starting to clear out and still some snow showers in the sierra, but everything is going to be trending drier, as we can see. sunday off to the west, clearing skies and that may set the stage for patchy, thick fog tomorrow morning. it will be a little chilly tomorrow morning, low to mid-40s. best chances for finding the patchy fog will be in the north bay and east bay valleys and maybe around the south bay for tomorrow morning if the winds are light. in terms of the patchy fog, we'll be watching the central valley as winds turn offshore this week. that could transport in some of the fog towards modesto and to the west. you could see the chances of patchy fog as early as tomorrow morning for the south bay. temperatures tomorrow, mid-to-upper 50s around the south bay. you can see about the same pattern for san francisco into the north bay, though the spots stuck in the fog may take time to warm up. so, around santa rosa and livermore tomorrow, you may see
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some of that. and there's a better chance of finding fog as we go through the early stages of next week. notice what we haven't seen in a while, a temperature warm-up, and three or four consecutive days of dry weather. south bay temperatures, upper 60s. and this takes us through about wednesday with a slight chance of showers there in the north bay on monday. so, the change that's taking place is that we've got these storms stacking up in the pacific. they're going to send some big ways our way, but high pressure will block the rain. but still, underneath that high, look at these big waves coming. this is heading towards tuesday. waves of 15 to 20 feet again hitting the coast, but without the rain. notice the jet stream pattern. a dip in the jet stream allowing the rain to come through. as the high begins to build to the east, light rain showers maybe in the north bay by monday, but after that, there you go, about five to six days of dry weather. in fact, the long-range forecast, we have not seen this in a while, through january 30th shows below-average rainfall, but everything changes, just in case you wanted to know, just in time for next weekend. so, if you've got plans for next saturday, the rain makes a
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return. we'll see that heading into sunday, and that should set the stage, as the seven-day forecast shows a mostly dry week, but the extended forecast still looking rainy. first few days of february. of course, we've got a little game called the super bowl coming up on the 7th. still looking for above-average rainfall. so, dry for a stretch, but the rain returns next weekend. back to you. >> all right, thanks a lot. well, not to get too philosophical here, but after the rain comes the rainbow. we captured this one in petaluma earlier today. of course, they're all beautiful, that one as well. we caught a double rainbow from our traffic camera on 280, this one in san jose. look closely, you can see the second rainbow to the right of the first. give you three more seconds. i hope you saw it. tired of trying to find parking? coming up next, the changes one lawmaker is pushing for and how it could create a few more spots on congested streets.
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four out of five people may not agree on carne asada or carnitas. but four out of five who got their health insurance
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through covered california got help paying for it. find out if you could be one of them at enroll by january 31st to avoid the irs tax penalty. ♪ now and then we all appreciate a little help. through covered california, health insurance could cost less than you think. and most uninsured californians could get help paying for it. to find free, local, in-person help visit getting gouged while parking, there's a new "parking bill ofr hoping to keep drivers from getting gouged while parking. there's a new parking bill of rights being proposed. california assemblyman mike gattos says the legislation would substantially change how cities and local governments enforce parking laws. one of the biggest reforms would prohibit parking tickets at broken meters. sounds only fair. it does allow, however, new high-tech parking meters to charge different rates depending on the time of day, but the
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legislation would ban cities from hiring private companies to work as "parking bounty hunters." pinpointing where it's likely to flood. those along the peninsula tonight now know. this comes thanks to brand-new maps that come from the federal emergency management agency. fema rolled the maps out in redwood city today. a lot of people interested in this stuff. the latest satellite imagery shows in detail where problem areas are. they want the latest high-tech mapping available to everyone who needs it and needs it now. fema says this is one of the strongest el ninos on record. >> although these maps won't be finalized until 2017, rain is falling today. and so, using the best-available scientific data, we're able to really see and understand the flood risk. >> those new maps specifically address an area south of bayshore boulevard, east and west of red wood creek. fema identifies about 1,100 parcels in area. property owners can now better see what they need to do to
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protect themselves. it's a use for a hoverboard that you probably have not thought of before. it's amazing and it's coming up next.
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you probably remember how hoverboards have been getting a really bad rap lately. well, take a look. one man in new jersey found a way to use his creatively. he let the hoverboard do most of the work in order to shovel the snow off of his deck. >> dressed as a banana. >> dressed as a -- good point, rob. he said it only took him a couple of minutes and it kept his arms from getting tired. and rob was kind of kidding earlier. if it does blow up and catch fire, it's surrounded by snow. >> think snow, but big snow on the east coast. many delays trying to head east
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for that storm during the day tomorrow. >> rob, thank a lot. "nbc nightly news" is next. more local news at 6:00, so if you can join us then. take care. on this saturday night, states of emergency as a massive blizzard roars through the eastern part of the country. at least 16 people are dead. thousands stranded. travelers paralyzed in more than three feet of snow in some areas as the nation's largest city all but shut down. we have it all covered tonight up and down the east coast. ready to run? in this highly unpredictable race for president, a new potential factor -- word another billionaire is thinking about jumping in. listeria outbreak. the bacteria found in packaged salads linked to a dozen cases in six states, including one death. golden moment. on the ice tonight twin sisters, gracie and carly, both in pursuit of their own definition of gold. "nightly news" begins now.


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