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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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>> everything i own is here and i just moved here. >> right now at 11:00 their homes are hanging off a cliff. rains and pounding surf has e -- have eroded the foundations. good evening and thanks fore joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. peggy has the night off.
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several people now unable to go back home. the ground under it is literally crumbling. let's go to mateo county. storm damage not just from the coast but also along the peninsula. >> you bet, terry. tonight a huge redwood tree came crashing down on alpine road. it took out a powerline and it's just one of the many repairs that need to be made because of the recent storm. crews work to clear remains of the giant redwood tree. not only did the trunk block the road but it sent a power line crashing down. huge waves relentlessly pounding into the pier and retaining walls. some apartments here were
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enrendered uninhabitable. mike has enjoyed this view for only three months but the city is asking him to leave for his own safety. >> i just moved here. i really don't have the financial resources to relocate. i know i'm not the only one in this building in that situation. >> officials told us it wasn't just the apartments here that led her to declare an emergency. >> i'm getting a lot of attention for this. it fell further yesterday morning when prompted me to take this action. >> the declaration of an emergency would make pacifica eligible to ask for state and federal funding. she's not sure how much repairs will cost but it's more than the city can afford now. >> we know et will be in the
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millions. >> they'll also use the money to repair the pier and -- -- which is expected to do that on monday night. reporting live in la honda, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. we're getting a break from the rain. it's good news for a lot of people. look at downtown san francisco on your left, san jose on your right. a clear night across the bay area. let's see how long it's going to stay clear. >> two days around the bay area, additional inches of rain on top of a wet january so far. in the santa cruz mountains, 10 to 15 inches of rain. the ground is saturated and with wind, you're going to get trees down and rock slides and mudslides. there are a few snowshowers in the sierra, but the wave
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heights, that's the story moving forward. wie got a lot of storms in the pacific that are going to bring even bigger waves. the catch is, without rain. we're seeing a big shift in the next few days that will catch a break in the rain for some parts of the bay area. that's coming up in the forecast. >> thanks to a lot. up to a foot of fresh powder made for great skiing around tahoe today. people report a normal two or three hour drive turning a six-hour drive today. those in charge say tomorrow will be better because the weather will be nicer, chains not needed right now on the roads but the chp warns drivers should have them in their cars. a massive storm moving out, but the damage done. tonight the east coast is paralyzed in a deadly blanket of snow. a look from new york's times
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square. it's 2:00 in the morning back there. it should be far busier than that. travel bans should be lifted tomorrow. good progress is being made clearing the roads. the storm has taken its toll. at least 19 people have been killed. more than 70 million people were in the storm's path. hundreds of thousands of people without power right now. it's bringing widespread flooding to new jersey. >> we have shelters open in every county in the state. they are ready to take people and keep them warm and get them fed and all the rest. >> by the time the storm is over tomorrow, one in seven americans from kentucky up to connecticut could be under at least a half foot of snow. the snowstorm canceled thousands of flights and practically shut down some of the country's biggest airports.
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sfo had a total of 75 flights canceled today. you can get updates on the storm by downloading our nbc bay area app. it's made for i-phones and android devices. this just in. fairfield police are investigating a shooting at the largest mall in solano county. police received the call tonight and won't say much more than there was a shooting. police could be seen outside the town center. they're not saying if the shooting was inside or outside. officers were seen making an arrest. they're not saying who's in custody and for what. what began as a missing persons case in san jose is now a homicide investigation. police arrested steven hlebo of loss attos today. the victim, a man who worked at a motorbike shop who was reported missing yesterday under
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suspicious circumstances. officers came to the shop investigating on a welfare visit found details of a crime. his pick-up truck may have been involved. building a whole 'nother city in the middle of san francisco. crews are turning parts of downtown into super bowl city. fun for some by a headache for others. christy smith is in the thick of it all. christy, how are people dealing with it? >> we've seen people walking by with theirself phones, taking a picture of the construction that's going on here. at the same time, just blocks away we've seen drivers frustrated, stuck in traffic. by the ferry building, super bowl city is taking shape and creating a buzz. >> we just took a stroll to check it out.
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>> dave thinks his commute will be busier for the next week. >> i know there are a lot of headliners in, which is exciting. i think the city's going to be mobbed. >> that's exactly how some drivers felt tonight. >> i think it's ridiculous. >> how long you been out here? >> we've been -- we left pier 39 and it's been over 30 minutes just trying to gets to the freeway. >> i don't like it. i like to be on time. >> traffic on battery street barely moved tonight. but uber driver ernest sees an advantage. le. >> i'm ubering. >> you're going to be driving people there. >> yes, ma'am. >> all right. >> looking forward to it. that's one suggestion. walking or bike are others. the fan village opens january 30. >> this will be a showcase of everything that's great about
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the bay area. our technology, our food and wine, our culture, thriving music and arts. >> some streets seemed quiet where drivers avoided the area but they're stuck with the alternate. >> i'm going to go barring and it lbl pretty crazy. >> some people think the real test of the traffic will come during the week when people come back to work, although we're hearing quite a few may try to work from here. the opening for super bowl city is next saturday. reporting live in san francisco, christy smith, nbc area news. >> thanks a lot. bet she wishes she were home but she can't. 14 days, 16 hours, 20 minutes and 21 seconds until the super bowl. this is not the kind of clock you can stop for a time-out. it just rolls. that's at levi stadium. the oakland raiders are stoet
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stay put at least for one more year. the authority that runs the coliseum says the raiders have agreed to sit down with them about a lease extension. remember, the nfl decided earlier this month on the rams moving to l.a., blocking the raiders from making that move. it might be just for one year. haept abortion and proud of it. they came across the country to march in san francisco today. the walk for life west coast. this is video of the crowd marching down market street. march ces on the heels of the 40th anniversary of roe versus wade. the crowd was so large, some streets had to be shut down. there was some counter protests, but no trouble as a result of that. coming up, straight out of who would movies, three inmates escaped from jail.
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plus next stop, san jose. the reason the high-speed rail line may make its way to the south bay. an all-new episode of saturday night live is coming up after this. here's a look at the prep for the show. ronda rousey hosts along with musicalal guest selena gomez. >> i'm ronalda rousey and i'm hosting with salino gomez. >> you know, i'm very attracted to women who are strong every than me. >> so you're attracted to all women? >> yes -- no. wit. yes.
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pg&e is committed to clean energy and part of that commitment is our partnership with habitat for humanity. our mission is to build homes, community and hope. our homeowners are low-income families, so the ability for them to have lower energy cost is wonderful. we have been able to provide about 600 families with solar on their homes. that's over nine and a half million dollars of investment by pg&e, and that allows us to provide clean energy for everyone here. it's been a great partnership. together, we're building a better california. this slick video released by space company "blue origin" this weekend. >> launch, land, repeat. that was the tooelt of this slick video by the km blue
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video. they launched it and recovered it in a soft landing. the spacey interested in being able to land rockets. it would make space travel much cheaper. new at 11:00, a major change of plan would have been could be in store for california's high-speed rail project. they're considering laying track from bakersfield to san jose. the shift would put off expensive mountain tunnelling for a time. it would open up a far less expensive part of the state cutting travel time from san jose to fresno from two and a half hours to less than one. the decision is expected soon. the project is already two and a half years behind schedule. inmates in southern california pull off a jail break suited for batman. this is at orange county's main
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jail. three escaped by cutting through half inch steel bars, breaking through the plumbing system and repelling down with a makeshift rope made of bed sheets. two of them are charged with murder, another kidnapping. a spokesperson says they may have planned this escape for months. tonight, the lupus foundation celebrated 38 years. these are a few pictures. the nbc bay area was recognized as an outstanding participant. congratulations rob. here he is now. >> just back from that event. great to see the support in 12340e7b8g. thanks to nbc bay area for your support. back to the weather.
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we saw the skies start to dry out. what a month it's been so far. recovering our seasonal rainfall today at about 80 to 121% of average in san jose. probably not going to add to it toemtd. we've added to a few sprinkles across the peninsula. all the rain and with the snow, beginning to shut down. you can see what's left. not much to go from there. tomorrow morning, the winds are light. we could have some patchy, thick fog setting up maybe not so much for tomorrow morning but especially as we get into monday and tuesday morning. high pressure begins to built in. the second half of the weekend is trending dryer. as we head towards the foreign partly cloudy skies. high clouds passing by from time to time. notice where the rain is. it will stay there for a while. for the first half of next week we'll see some dry conditions. that will be very likely all the way through wednesday. temperatures tomorrow, upper 50s, maybe close to 6 0 in san
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jose. the north bay and trivalley, two spots we have to watch out for the fog as its forms. it could cool some of the temperatures. not 25067 fog for tomorrow morning but progressively as you get into monday and tuesday, fog free areas at least see the temperatures climbing up. we'll see temperatures in the mid 60s and it will be the north face. still, that slight lingering chance of seeing at least a few showers. we have powerful storms in the pacific. the main impact of it is going to be big surf headed towards the coast. the wind, again, manufactures these large waves which we think by tuesday will be a high surf advisory. in terms of rain, the jet stream moves to the north, the forecast is trending dry except for the north bay is the high's going to turn stronger wednesday and thursday. we're going to see dry
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conditions for a change for a few days up until about friday and next weekend. we'll see the pattern shift again. in the long range forecast into february, you see that right there. getting to february 7th. how about a super bowl outlook? there you go. into sunday morning. woinld. rain coming in. that is typical for the first week of february. el nino of nor -- not, this is what normally see on the 7th of february. plan on rain and wind arriving on super sunday. >> thanks very much. speaking of super bowl. that makes me think of sports and henry wofford. i was at the warrior game last night. i had a blast. >> those are tough tickets to come by. thanks for inviting me, by the way. >> i myself was invited. >> not me, right? >> not you.
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but maybe you know who i would call. i don't know. >> i probably do. we'll talk about it during the break. he was at the game and interested in another win but now ker and the warriors are set for the toughest game yet. the top two teams in the nba will go head-to-head monday night. andrew bogut sets the stage with some very interesting words. you don't want to miss it. it's all next.
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best record in the nba still some wonder whether >> welcome back to nbc bay area. at 40-404, the warriors have the best record in the nba. still some wopder if they're the association's top team. fellow western conference team is right on their heels. we're talking about the san antonio spurs. that question will be answered monday night. it's the game everybody's been waiting for. the showdown with the second-best team in the nba.
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yes, those spurs are ready to go. they lead the league in points per game differential. meanwhile, the warriors are a close second. the steve kefr played for the spurs. he's ready to take on his former team. >> i know them pretty well. it's remarkable to me that i think, you know, i'm 50 years old. i've been retired for 13 years and there's still three guys and the same coach all on that team. it makes no sense. so the continuity and just the program they've built has been amazing. >> they're a great team in the lane. as good, if not better than us right now. we lost a couple of weeks. obviously, we understand that we're going to go through that. >> cannot bait for that game. all right. number 12 arizona at cal --
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trying to give the bears the lead. we got a problem. that is not good at all. can you make the second one? yes, he can. no problem. cal up 1 home run one. last chance for arizona gave york a yos overto the hoop. not this time. go out there and run on the court and party. because cal just beat the number 12 team in the country 74 will have 73. sharks hosting the wild on military appreciation day. san jose also honoring former shark gary sutter. jump to the third period, jonas bore dean won a slapper. tied at three. in the third, sharks and the wild. he lists it by the goalie. the captain's 23rd season. the sharks win 4-3.
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other local sports, stanford and st. mary's men both. robert the ghost guerrero was defeatsed by danny garcia via unanimous decision for the welterweighter weight title. terry will be right back after the break. i can show you the world
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frightful, single people start looking for a significant other. at least that's what the numbers show. . >> when the weather outside is frightful, single people start looking for a significant other. that's what dating companies show. they see big spikes during bad storms. when juneau hit the east coast last year match activity went up 60%. so far the lonely singles up and down the east coast right
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now,let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. there will be a lot of new relationships made and nine or ten months from now, they always say, baby boom.
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coming up next, we go to a rally in iowa where donald trump is about to receive a high paying indorsement. >> i am so honored


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