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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 24, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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take a live look outside...... san francisco from san bruno good sunday morning. it's 7:00. the sun is coming up. a live look outside at san francisco. a view from san bruno mountain. i'm michelle roberts filling in for vicky nguyen today. anthony slaughter is here. looks like we have a little break which is nice. >> yes. you saw from the sky cam, no fog or rain. you can do outdoor activities. kind of cabin fever across the bay area. we're going to see clouds streaming ahead of a cold front that will bring a little shower activity to the north bay tomorrow. today it's all about the sunshine. temperatures in the 30s and 40s for the most part. still mild in san francisco.
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later on we'll all see temperatures in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. more cloud cover the farther north you head. the farther south, you'll see more sunshine. we have a big warming trend, talking temperatures about 10 to 15 degrees warmer this upcoming week. high pressure builds in. more sunshine, we'll go over that in the next report. >> we're supposed to get outside today, but everyone wants to watch football. >> you can watch football outside as well. the storm this weekend brought high surf and dangerous conditions along parts of the peninsula. last night a huge redwood tree came crashing down near la honda. the tree trunk blocked a road and knocked out a power line n. pacifica, several people were forced to evacuate their apartments. huge waves have been causing erosion of the seawall there. >> everything i own is here and i just moved here. i don't have the financial resources necessary to relocate. i know i'm not the only one in this building that's like that.
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>> city leaders say they hope to use emergency funds to help fix the millions of dollars' worth of damage. in the sierra, up to a foot of fresh pouder made for great skiing around lake tahoe yesterday. getting to the mountains was a different story. what's usually a two or three-hour drive for many turned into six hours on the road. if you're making the trip today, things should be a little better with better weather along the way. chains are not needed right now. but chp warns drivers should have them in their cars just in case. a massive east coast storm is moving out by the damage has been done. the deadly storm has dumped more than two feet in some areas. a live look from new york's times square this morning. crews worked overnight to clear the snow from the roadways. new yorkers are now free to go back to work. the nearly 24-hour emergency travel ban has been lifted this morning. at least 19 people have been killed, and that number could rise. over 70 million people were in
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the storm's path. hundreds of thousands of people are now without power. now the storm has also brought widespread flooding to new jersey. >> we have shelters open in every county in the state. they are ready to take people and keep them warm and get them fed and all the rest. >> by the time is storm is over today, forecasters will say one in seven americans from kentucky to connecticut could be under at least a half a foot of snow. the impact of the storm has been felt around the rest of the country. thousands of flights canceled and practically shut down some of the country's biggest airports. sfo had a total of 75 flights canceled yesterday alone and more than 200 flights over the last 48 hours. you can get updates on the storm by downloading our nbc bay area app and also receive forecasts for your neighborhood with a swipe of your finger. our app is free for iphones and android devices. a scare for shoppers at the
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largest mall in solano county. fairfield police say they received calls reporting a man carrying a gun at solano town center mall just before 8:00. witnesses say the suspect may have fired shots at a group of people by the food court. officers detained three suspects who tried to run away. investigators say this incident appears to be between two groups and not a random act. no one was hurt in the incident. what began as a missing person's case in san jose is now a homicide investigation. police arrested steve hlebo of los altos. the victim, a 28-year-old man who worked in a motor bike shop was reported missing on friday under suspicious circumstances. officers who came to the shop to do a welfare check discovered what appeared to be a crime scene. now kyle myrick is presumed dead. investigators are not releasing specific details of the crime
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but do say the suspect's pickup truck may have been involved. tens of thousands of people gathered in san francisco for a pro life rally. take a look at video from market street. the event shut down parts of the street for hours. many came from across the state. some even coming from other parts of the country to support their cause. >> the best choice is life and to show them the beauty of that. >> we believe showing the world that there's still this vast number of people here who support this cause. >> the anti-ab borgs march met with counterprotests at market and powell streets, but there were no reports of any trouble. similar rallies have been held over the last deck kaechltd friday marks the 43rd anniversary of row versus wade which found a woman has a constitutional right to abortion. san francisco is buzzing with excitement over super bowl city, but many people say traffic in the area is causing a bigger headache than usual. road closures began yesterday as crews are working hard to turn parts of downtown into a
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nine-day free festival for football fans. meanwhile, some drivers are preparing for detours and delays during their commute. >> i know there are a lot of headliners coming in which is exciting. i think the city is going to be mobbed. >> i think it's ridiculous. >> reporter: how long have you been out here? >> we left pier 39 and it's been over 30 minutes just trying to get to the freeway. >> big crowds are expected to attend the event which opens at the end of this month. best options forgetting around, of course, walking or taking public transportation. let's check out our countdown clock. there are 14 days until the super bowl at levi stadium. bay area raider fans may be getting good news in the coming days. the team is poised to stay in oakland for at least one more year. a live look at the bay area group says a closed door meeting is set for
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tomorrow. he say it is raiders have agreed to sit with them about a lease extension. earlier this month the nfl decided on the rams moving to los angeles. the san diego chargers are also in negotiations to make the move to l.a. if the chargers can't come to an agreement, the raiders will have another chance to move down south for the 2017 season. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, more on the impact of super bowl 50. the price of south bay ho tells are skyrocketing as the game draws near. we'll show you the numbers. also. next stop, san diego. the. >> translator: high-speed rail mine may roll into south bay. straight out of a hollywood movie, three inmates escape from a southern california jail. the elaborate scheme they made to get away. stadium (adlib)
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a live look outside this morning. levi stadium, two weeks from
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today that place is going to look a lot different. super bowl sunday is coming our way. good morning, it is 7:09. new this morning, rattled nerves and homes. the 6.8 magnitude earthquake rocked the southern part of alas can ka. it originally registered as a 6.8 quake. it was not far from anchor point and anchorage. no reports of any major damage, injuries or tsunami threats so far. a major change of plans could be in store for california's embattled high-speed rail project. the "mercury news" reports leaders are considering laying track from bakersfield to san jose instead of from burbank to the central valley. the shift would put off mountain tunnelling. some leaders say it would be a big win for the bay area, allowing bay area workers to
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commute, cutting travel time from san jose to fresno from 2.5 hours to less than one. a decision is expected soon, and the project is already 2 1/2 years behind schedule. inmates in southern california pull off a jailbreak straight out of a movie script. this morning a manhunt is under way. three men escaped from orange koun he's main jail by cutting through half inch steel bars, breaking through the plumbing system, getting onto the roof and repelling with a make shift rope. here they are. two charged with murder, another with kidnapping. a sheriff's spokesperson says they may have planned the escape for months. >> based on the charges faced by each of the individuals that were in our custody that we're searching for, each of the escapees should be considered dangerous. >> authorities say it's unclear if the inmates had help outside.
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it's the first escape at the jail in the last 20 years. much more ahead on "today in the bay." skyrocketing hotel prices for the super bowl. how the huge build of out dch or-towners headed this way. a good amount of cloud cover and big-time warming. we're talking the return of 70s. we're back to explain after this. jose (adlib)
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welcome back. a live look outside san jose. anthony says we do have a break from the rain. it should be a nice clear day today. san jose celebrated the grand opening of fire station 21. hundreds of people came out for the ribbon cutting on south white road. the new station has been up and running for about a month. yesterday the building was
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officially dedicated. it's been a long time coming. the station was built from funds from measure o passed by voters back in 2002. >> we're very happy to have the new station. it allows greater response time, better location, better access to the bulk of our district. >> fire station 21 serves east san jose. in addition to the typical things you'd find in the firehouse, there's a community gathering room for public youth. also in the south bay, a live look at levi stadium. we're exactly two weeks away from super bowl 50. the whole world will soon have its eye on the bay area, and not just on super bowl sunday, but the entire week leading up to the big game. the super bowl is causing hotel rooms to skyrocket as you can imagine. in downtown san jose it could cost you as much as $5,000 a night. "today in the bay's" damian trujillo has more on the outrageous prices. >> they're green, blue, orange.
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>> reporter: crews are almost done installing the light show at plaza decesar chavez, quite a sfru you're willing to pay for it. a regular room is running almost $1300 a night. a suite, $5,000 a night. >> we checked to day. we didn't see much availability in the downtown. we did see availability a little further out. we're seeing very interesting prices on air b andb. >> reporter: online rates show the embassy suites in mill peetd dasz, $699 a night, $599 at the hampton inn and $659 at courtyard marriott near the stadium. all have rooms if you want to pay it. >> it's going to be a heck of a party. >> reporter: team san jose has been busy getting the city red dirks including preparing to
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close downtown streets on super bowl week, organizing free shuttles between downtown and santana road and putting in a small football field on the plaza decesar chavez. >> a huge opportunity. the whole world will be watching our area. it's an opportunity to introduce san jose in a way they haven't seen before. >> reporter: with hotel rates that should pad the city's tax revenues. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> anthony, i know you're a good forecaster. two weeks out. what's it looking like? >> we are in an el nino year, the week of super bowl five out of seven or seven out of seven. talking 1998 and the year before that five to seven days of that week it rained. so there's a good bet it will rain on super bowl sunday just based off statistics. again, it is two weeks out. kind of hard to do based off computer models. you know what?
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we're going to enter into a little bit of a dry spell as we head towards this week. that could mean more rain this week. in the meantime, it's all about the sunshine today. we have a storm system that's going to move in today. it's not going to bring in any rain, but it will bring in clouds. you can see it's approaching the coastline. we'll see a good steady stream of cloud cover. temperatures cool in the north bay, 38 there. 50 in san francisco, 48 in the peninsula, 47 in the south bay. late they are afternoon, we're all heading to temperatures near 60 degrees. warmer than it was yesterday. we'll see a lot of sun and a little cloud cover. the more clouds -- farther north you'll see more clouds. 59 in san francisco, farther south is where you'll see more sunshine. our storm track is starting to lift north. you can see we've got a cold front off the coast. that's going to head to the northwest. we've got another one all headed to the pacific northwest. for us, not much in terms of
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rainfall. at least this week it's all about the dry conditions and sunshine. here is the futurecast as we put it into motion, you'll notice a few areas of clouds will drift by through the day today and we'll continue to see that into the afternoon hours. again, no rain expected for the forecast for today. the other thing, yesterday was very windy. we have the high tides at the coastline and very high waves. today not going to see anything in terms of high winds. we're really looking at calm winds, about five to ten miles per hour by lunchtime. the same thing as we head toward the evening hours. a brighter day on the way today and more sunshine on tap. the storm track continues to lift north. for us that's going to mean high pressure building in from the south. whenever that happens, anything coming from the south will warm us up. high pressure moves in by midweek. that will push our temperatures close to 70 degrees in some locations. as we head towards thursday and friday, we'll see our pattern shift. the rain returns by friday into next weekend. of course, that could set the stage for a rainy week and super
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bowl week. we'll continue to track that. look at this forecast the upcoming week. really want to get outside and take advantage of temperatures. talking temps rising to near 70 degrees in san jose. in the east bay, same deal. temperatures close to 70. san francisco, not as warm. but you'll see the sunshine, 59 today, 62 by thursday and the rain moves in, michelle, by friday. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up -- >> once i got into that and i realized this was it. >> a different type of house call. the lengths one doctor is going to in order to help others. technology these days. in most
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cases it means something mobile is one of those buzzwords in technology these days. in most cases it means something small enough to fit in your pocket. our next story is about something much bigger. but is being mobile still part of the special terminology in
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this case. today "today in the bay's" garv thomas has this morning's "bay area proud." >> dr. seth said he went to medical school thinking he would one day be a pediatrician. it wasn't until he started working with teenagers that he knew that's who he wanted to focus on. just which teenagers he wanted to help is this week's "bay area proud." >> dr. seth is the kind of physician not afraid to embrace new technology if it will help him connect with his patients. >> the kids love seeing the stuff, they really engage with this. >> reporter: though it must be said, for this doctor to really achieve his goal, he must still rely on one very old piece of technology, the wheel. >> it's really important to be able to go to them. >> reporter: in 1996, the doctor rolled out the first team health van, part of lucile packard
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stanford hospital. this year he'll see more than 400 young people at seven different bay area schools, more than 4,000 since the program started 20 years ago. >> i will always call you if the result is positive. >> reporter: what the young people receive are not just medical checkups, but all sorts of health services many of them would not otherwise get. >> 40% of the kids we see are currently or have been home mls the past year. >> reporter: dr. ammerman says these are young people who can't or won't make their way to a traditional doctor's office. >> it's really important to be able to go to them. it's not just a matter of convenience, it's a matter of developmentally meeting them where they are. >> reporter: after all this time, he continues to be amazed at how much of a need there is for what he and his staff do.
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>> i sometimes feel like i'm working in a developing country. >> reporter: one thing has changed recently. last fall a brand new teen health van hit the road, their first new ride in two decades, offering more space, more technology and the ability to be more efficient and effective, providing medical service to the underserved. >> the need is out there, unfortunately, for more programs like this. >> dr. ammerman says not only are 40% of their clients homeless or formerly homeless, he says almost all of them have no insurance. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. if you know of someone doing something nice for others, go to our website, and search "bay area proud." much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, we'll tell you about the bill mayor who might make a
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run for the presidency, but only if the primaries have a specific also more controversial comments from donald trump, how he described support from his hometown. plus -- >> you guys here are legally extorting small business because for lack of a better word, they're scared. >> an unfair fight bar owners say they've been shaken down for thousands of dollars in a money making scheme involving pay-per-view boxing. the reason small businesses say they're being punished in court. take a live look outside......
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levi's stadium (adlib) -- weeksy good sunday morning. 7:28. a live look at levi stadium. two weeks from today is the big night, super bowl sunday. today we will finally know who will be playing.
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it's going to be very exciting. thanks for joining us. i'm michelle roberts in for vicky nguyen. anthony slaughter is here. football is on, but we should watch outside? >> if you have a porch or you go to a bar, maybe you can sit outside. talking more sunshine. that's the bottom line today. we're having fun with this. there were showers in the south bay from los gatos. a few light areas of rain through the south bay. through the day we'll get rin of the rain. maybe a few day to get that car washed. we're not talking about any rain at least until friday. lots of sunshine headed our way for today. grab the shades. temperatures later on back to 60 degrees. we'll talk more about that warming trend headed our way and the return of 70s. >> sounds good. thanks, anthony. the storm brought high surf and dangerous conditions across parts of the peninsula.
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last week a huge redwood tree came crashing down in la honda. it blocked a road and knocked down a power line. over in pacifica where a state of emergency has been declared, several people were forced to evacuate apartments. huge waves causing erosion of the seawall there. >> everything i own is here and i just moved here. i don't have the financial resources necessary to relocate. i know i'm not the only one in this building that's like that. >> city leaders san jose they hope to use emergency funds to help fix the million ofs dollars' worth of damage. in the sierra, up to a foot of fresh powder made for great skissing around lake tahoe. get together the mountains yesterday was a different story. what's usually a two or three-hour drive for many, turned into six hours on the road. if you're making the trip today, things should be a little better with clear weather. chains are not needed right now. the chp warns drivers to make sure you have them in your car just in case. >> the east coast blizzard is
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starting to die down. soon million also start digging out of the snow. here is a live look at the white house. the storm killed several people and left thousands of travelers stranded. nbc's jennifer johnson reports on the record snowfall from washington. >> reporter: the first blizzard of 2016 has slowly died down after burying major east coast cities in as much as three feet of snow. the storm shut down air, rail and highway travel. now comes the recovery part, getting roads passable again. that's keith howard's job. >> everybody is stuck, everybody is trying to get out. some people have patience. some people don't have patience. when you go through a neighborhood, you see everybody coming outside clapping. >> reporter: washington and new york city were buried. enjoyable for panda and children who shredded down the u.s. capitol lawn. >> pretty sure it's not illegal. >> reporter: the blizzard
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slammed 70 million people, hundreds of thousands without power. now widespread flooding in new jersey and other mid atlantic states. >> we have shelters open in every kocounty of the state. they're ready to take people, keep them warm and get them fed. >> reporter: many airports and runways will remain closed while plows try to move the snow. officials are begging people to stay home. >> you go out on the road. all it takes someone car to get stuck. now that road is not passable and the plows can't brow that road, and the situation quickly descends into chaos. >> reporter: a chaotic, historic and record breaking blizzard which many are happy to see go. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. >> you can get updates on the storm by downloading our nbc bay area app and receive forecasts for your neighborhood with a swipe of your finger. our app is free for iphones and android devices. lightweight versus
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heavyweight, that's how some small business owners are describing a battle against a local company involved in the broksing business. they say they're being punished not in the ring, but in court. investigative producer liz wagner explains. >> you can order pay per view fights at home, but business owners have to buy special commercial rights to show the boxing matches in restaurants and bars. owners of a small local tavern reached out to an investigative unit after being approached in what they call a money making scream. the eight ball tavern is a little neighborhood bar with a lot of history. >> this is an original picture of the bar established in 137. >> the owners never saw much trouble until last year when they received this, a lawsuit claiming they showed a pay per view boxing match in their bar they didn't have the right to
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broadcast, the fight before the pacquiao versus bradley bout. >> did you show the fight that night? >> absolutely not, just no. >> reporter: a sucker punch in a fight they didn't pick. their opponent, j and j sports productions in campbell. the company buys the rights to broadcast boxing matchers from event promoters and resells the rights to businesses. the commercial license fee is generally a few thousand bucks. business own who are don't pay up are considered cable pirates. >> i laughed. i thought it was another scam. >> reporter: they realized the lawsuit was real. federal laws call for hefty penalties. j and j sued the eight ball for $170,000. >> we are a small business trying to make a living. >> reporter: when they obtained
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the video evidence against them, this is what they saw, cell phone footage inside their bar. on their tv, a promo for a warriors game, but no fight. >> it's weak, it's a lie and it's fraudulent. >> reporter: the video was captured bia private investigator and submitted to thomas p. reiley. >> we were being targeted. >> reporter: they found an attorney and weighed their options, fight in court or settle. both choices were costly. >> help us understand what's going on here? >> big picture? extortion. legalized extortion. they're picking small izs and extorting money out of them because they don't have the means to fight. >> reporter: the nbc bay area investigative unit found the company filed more than 5,000 lawsuits since 2010. according to an attorney who
7:36 am
represents defendants, many businesses are minority owned and many can't afford lawyers. >> i just felt violated that somebody would want to take -- to do something like that with people like us who don't have a lot of money. >> reporter: j and j sued ma that sanchez's family in 2012 for $112,000. she admits she did show a fight at her restaurant, she paid to view it but said she didn't know about a commercial license fee. >> there are people that are just using small businesses to make money on themselves. it's predatory. >> reporter: sanchez negotiated a $5,000 settlement. now she's renovated for a new tenant. after four decades, she decided to shut down the family restaurant. >> i think it's a big problem because it's forcing small businesses to close. >> l.a. based attorney elliot stone represents defendants sued by j. and j. he says the punishment doesn't fit the crime. >> somebody who for one reason
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or another didn't send in a $250 license fee is now being shaken down for $150,000. that's just not right. >> reporter: it's unclear how much money j and j and its attorney makes, but stone suspects they're profiting more in court than in collecting fees. >> i think it's a business model based off suing people. >> if you think i make a lot of money off licensing, that's a joke. >> reporter: j. and j. says they can lose up to a million bucks. he says he wants to sell commercial licenses to bids. >> why not give a small business owner to pay the commercial license fees after the fact instead of suing them? >> well, that's kind of really a difficult question. it's because after the fact do you really think they would be, oh, good, i'll pay that? >> but you're suing these small businesses for a lot more money than the cost of the commercial license. >> because it's a federal
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offense. >> reporter: ghilardi says he doesn't buy the ignorance defense. as for evidence submitted by private investigators, he says that's up to his attorney. he refused to comment on the situation with the 8 ball. >> is this an attempt to get them to pay up? >> no, don't even bring up some of that stuff. >> can you see why some people believe it's unfair? >> could be. i'm not going to change it. the court system has to change. >> reporter: they say until the laws change, it's a matter of lightweight versus heavyweight. >> late last week the case was reopened at j and j's request. the company says the 8 ball failed to meet the terms of a settlement. the 8 ball says it never agreed
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to one. we're talking with a federal lawmaker about what many call an abuse of these laws and listening to proposals for reform. stay tuned in the coming weeks for another round in this fight. for the investigative unit, i'm liz wagner. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips or e-mail us at multiple sources tell nbc that billionaire michael bloomberg may run for president as an independent, but only if bernie sanders beats out hillary clinton for the democratic nomination and either donald trump or senator ted cruz win the republican nomination. meanwhile trump says he's so confident in the loyalty of his supporters, he could shoot someone and not lose any voters. the republican front-runner spoke at a campaign stop in iowa. >> people, my people are so
7:40 am
smart -- you know what else they say about my people, the polls say i have the most loyal people. i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. it's incredible. the latest polling shows trump ahead in iowa with a slim two-point lead over cruz. the iowa caucuses are a week from tomorrow. the bay area is experiencing a severe shortage of blood. stanford says blood supplies have been depleted recently because of an influx of patients. also fewer people are donating, calling the shortage critical. o negative, ab negative and b negative are in the highest demand. anyone healthy and willing to donate is asked to come in. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, the countdown between the showdown between the two best teams in basketball. we'll hear from the warriors ahead of tomorrow night's game against the spurs. take a live look outside at
7:41 am
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oracle arena and the
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coliseum. the a's will host their annual fanfest today let's take a live look outside at oracle arena. the a's host their annual fanfest. the celebration which kicks off the baseball season starts this morning at 9:00. it costs $10 to attend. several players and local tv and radio personalities will be on hand to take pictures and sign autographs. the a's along with the giants will head to spring training in arizona in about three weeks. in a showdown between the nba's two best teams is set for tomorrow night at oracle arena. the warriors put their 40-4 record up against the spurs' record of 38-6. steve kerr retired a spur and played alongside only of the players his team faces tomorrow. >> i know them pretty well. it's remarkable to me that i'm 50 years old, been retired for 13 years and there's still three guys and the same coach who are all on that team.
7:44 am
it makes no sense. the continuity and just the program they built is amazing. >> celebrate with champagne if we win. hang ourselves if we lose. they're playing as good if not better than us right now, the last couple weeks anyway. obviously we understand we've got to go through to achieve our goal. >> game time between the warriors and spurs is set for 7:30. much more ahead on "today in the bay." the mood to make lobbying more transparent at the state capitol. political analyst larry gerston joins us to explain the proposed rules that could change the way special groups operate. we all know lobbiest play a big
7:45 am
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role on capitol hill. welcome back. it's 7:46. we all know lobbyists play a big
7:47 am
role on capitol hill trying to persuade lawmakers to vote with them. political analyst larry gerston is here. good morning. tell us what the change is all about. >> first off, let's be clear, michelle, about lobbying. there's nothing illegal or wrong about it. there are 1200 lobbyists in sacramento. they're important because they provide really vital information to policymakers. during the 2013-2014 legislative session, lobbyists spent $579 million attempting to persuade state policymakers. we sometimes look down the process. the fact is, just about all of us either belong to or identify with interest groups whether economic, social, political. in california there are lots of regulations requiring lobbyists to explain what they do, who they attempt to persuade and for that matter, who pays for their
7:48 am
services. >> in your opinion, what is the problem with all this? >> some believe the current regulations don't tell the whole story about lobbying. the secret rhett lie mlies in t have to pay their funds, they don't have to explain how it's spent. grass root sounding names without the public having a clue. last year, for example, when the l legislature -- california driver's license warned people new taxes would put a strain on driving two and from work. what people didn't know is the group was funded by the western state petroleum association, similarly a group known as the california alliance for jobs. sounds good, is largely funded by contractors and labor unions. that's the problem. that's the problem. people don't know who is behind these public interest sounding campaigns as they go on thinking
7:49 am
they need something they may not really mean. >> it really boils down to a lack in transparency, what can be done to change that. >> there's a new effort before the california fir lit cal practice commission to strengthen spending rules by interest groups. the idea here is that even if groups attempt to persuade legislators or the voting public through shadow or third party efforts, these groups should disclose their expenditures. the idea furthermore is to make the political system more transparent. transparency is what we're looking for. >> larry, the likelihood of these changes, what do you think? >> good news, bad news. there's a good chance the rules will be tightened. but that's only half the solution. even with new rules shining the brightest of all lieds on lobbying activities, unless people pay attention, these, too, will go unnoticed.
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bottom line, michelle, we all need to learn and be more vigilant about money and politics. the more we know about where the money is going, from who it's coming and who is getting it, the better off we will be. >> that's why we have you here every sunday morning. thank you, larry. we appreciate it. coming up, people in the eye of the east coast storm getting creative with tech toys. you may want to get outside and be creative. talking temperatures here, 60 degrees and lots of sunshine headed our way. this break in the rain continues this week. we'll talk more about when 70-degree weather returns to the bay area coming up after this. >> this morning a rare interview about what's to come in the year ahead. plus revolutions in big data ahead at 9:00.
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welcome back on this sunday. 7:53 the time. starting with the beautiful shot from the golden gate bridge. we've got blue sky headed our way this sunday. get out and enjoy even in the south bay, the sunshine. a little clouds in the foothills. it's starting to fade away. we will see sunshine through the rest of the day. we'll see also a steady stream of cloud cover if this system moving in. you can see we'll continue to watch the clouds move on in. through the day temperatures will be mild. temps near 60 degrees in the south bay. 57 for the peninsula. 59 for san francisco. the north bay at 58 later this afternoon and the tri-valley warm today, up to 60 degrees. across the bay area today,
7:54 am
talking bright sunshine, a nice break from the rain we've seen. our storm track lifting to the north. cold front ride on our hills today. our next storm, this is going to move north as well. we're not going to see any rain in terms of these storms. more cloud cover this week. that's about it. as we put the futurecast into motion, you'll notice lots of sun. all the clouds continue to stream on through by lunchtime. more sunshine this afternoon and gaen repeat performance for tomorrow. more cloud cover than anything. the winds have been gusty over the past couple days. those will relax as we head through the day. winds only five to 15 miles an hour. even at the coastline, san francisco, half moon bay towards pacifica. not a windy day by any means, but it will be a nice bright day today. that's going to mean for a nice warmup for the next couple days. put the futurecast into motion. the cold front falls apart, fizzles out. we may get a brief shower out of this tomorrow in the north bay.
7:55 am
you'll notice tuesdaynd wednesday, here comes high pressure. that will build in leading the sunshine. all the rain we've been seeing is going to head that way this upcoming week. by wednesday and thursday t high pressure moves towards the southwest. we'll see the return of rain friday across the entire bay area. get out and enjoy it. a nice weekend to do so. next week all the fans come here into the bay area. we're talking packed roads, lots of traffic. now is the time to enjoy the light traffic with all the sunshine and very comfortable conditions. you'll notice at the east bay valleys, near 70 degrees towards wednesday and thursday. michelle, it doesn't last all week long. by friday and saturday, more rain pushes back into the bay area. now is the time to get out and enjoy. by wednesday and thursday, spectacular weather headed our way. last year at this time, we were talking 70s and 80s and all the sunshine. we felt bad enjoying that kind
7:56 am
of weather because we were in such a drought. not so much this go-round. we've had plenty of rain. >> we've earned it. if we could copy this day and make this day on super bowl, that would be great. you can work on that. a couple weeks. lately hoverboard haves been getting a bad wrap. one man in new jersey found a way to use it. he led the hoverboard to do the work to shovel all the snow off his deck. this guy is impressing me right now. that takes a lot of skill. i have a feeling there will be a new device for next winter after they see this video. almost everyone in washington, d.c. is staying inside to avoid the cold. look who was out enjoying the snow. this is one of the fathers of the giant pandas at the national zoo. the soar is closed due to
7:57 am
massive snowfall. cameras caught this panda sliding down the hills, making snow angels, having fun in all the snow. tourists flock to the bay area for its charles. now someone is taking aim at the most boring place. here are the top four boring places in california, all of them in the bay area. yikes. this is a according to the website, they analyze things like areas with the oldest people, the highest percentage with kids and what might make a place so-called dull. ross is first on the list. the median age is 44. 70% married. i would argue boring could be good. >> especially in a busy place like the bay area. woodside, by the way, i was there last week, they have some great thai food. >> thank you so much for making us part of your morning. more local news at 4:30, 6:00
7:58 am
and 11:00. have a great day and thanks for joining zblus stay boring. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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8:00 am
loathing on the campaign trail. the republican establishment takes a deep breath and decides to stand with trump. >> i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and not lose any voters. it's incredible. >> while insurgents start to back ted cruz. >> the washington establishment knows who's willing to keep the gravy train going. >> donald trump joins me this morning. plus, now it's the democrats' turn to worry and sanders surges. >> we are doing far, far, far better than hillary clinton against donald trump and the other republican candidates. >> their establishment frets over nominating a socialist and wonder what is wrong with hillary clinton. >> i'm not interested in ideas that sound good on paper but will never make in the the real world.


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