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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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they later termed it was a homicide. this is a man that they believe is the killer. police arrested 39-year-old steve hlebo at his home in los altos saturday morning. he's accused of killing 28-year-old kyle myrick. this is a photo of him posted on various sites across the internet by his friends. some of myrick's friends say they both worked together and left at lunch together. friends are now asking for people looking for myrick to meet at lexington reservoir to help search. we spoke with friends of the family and they tell us several dozen people are at lexington reservoir at this hour trying to search for him. san jose police have recovered hlebo's white gmc sierra pickup truck which may have been involved in the homicide. they need the public's help, wanting to know if you spotted a
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truck fitting that description between 5:00 p.m. friday night and 2:00 a.m. saturday. if you did, call san jose police. live in cher, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. new details on the search for three inmates who pulled off a brazen jailbreak in southern california on friday. take a look at pictures released by the jail. investigators say the inmates cut through half-inch steel bars and repelled off the roof using sheets. the men a authorities are warning the public to please consider all three armed and dangerous and encouraging people to sending in tips. u.s. marshals are offering a $30,000 reward for information leading to the men's capture. the fbi is offering an additional $20,000. in el dorado county who mane who evaded arrest ended up
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calling 911 in order to be rescued. it started yesterday morning when a fish and wildlife officer stopped the car the pair were in. as the man ran away, one allegedly dropped a gun. illegal drugs were reportedly found in the car. a larger search was launched. about 8:30 last night, christian crossland and derrick dionno called 911 afraid they would freeze to death. the men were taken to the hospital with hypothermia and frostbite and will go straight from the hospital to jail on several charges. we return to developing news on the east coast where millions are dealing with the blizzard. at least 25 people are died, including a mother and child who
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died of carbon monoxide after sitting in their running car. a coastal advisory was issued during a storm surge today. compared to other searches, today's threat was minor. residents took precautions to protect their homes. >> always concerned. always concerned. we boarded up, but with full moon we're always very concerned with the high tide. >> coastal cities in new jersey also saw flooding, but governor chris christie says it could have been a lot worse. looking at all this video, no major damage from flooding has been reported. the ripple effect of the storm is affecting flights in the bay area. at sfo, there are 39 arriving canceled today and 29 departures as well. airports on the east coast are back up and running, but it's expected to take days to clear the backlog. excitement is building for super bowl 50.
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crews are busy conducting fan experience, and that includes super bowl city right next to tell bark darrow. today it's causing new concern for businesses in the area. nbc bay area's christie smith live in san francisco with the unpredictable juggling act many are trying to prepare for. christie. >> down here along the embarcadero it's looking more and more like super bowl city with the construction and road closures going on. we did speak with a couple of businesses and they're excited about the potential of having all that foot traffic down here but also trying to figure out a few things to make it work. some unknowns like exactly how many customers they might actually have walking in at fillfil phil's coffee and just steps away from justin herman plaza. the detours are in place where southbound lanes are closed.
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both have looked at a number of questions like making sure their staff can get to work through all the crowds and making sure they can get deliveries in. >> some of our sister stores are going to be helping us to house some of our products. it has to go through the pier at a checkpoint and get a police escort. >> they've asked. if we can get it ahead of time, yes. if we can't, then we work on getting it that day. either they come in earlier, things like that. >> for some businesses, the answer seems to be just to be ready and be flexible. super bowl city opens next saturday, january 30th, businesses preparing for the crowds and changes even before that day. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area
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news. >> for more details, breakdown of all the closures related to super bowl r50, and there are many, and for information on how to get around, head to we have an entire page devoted to this and you can get to it right there on the front page. super bowl parties will stretch all around the peninsula. let's look at downtown san jose where there will be plenty of experiences for fans to enjoy. some are being set up right now. the plaza de cesar chavez turned into an outdoor cafe and beer garden. it will be ready for fans starting friday going all the way through super bowl sunday. el nino has shaig leaders worried in one particular area. an emergency preparedness fair for the residents. people were given free supplies in addition to flyers and flood
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insurance advice. there was also a sandbag clinic. >> visa residents are in vulnerable situation, being 13 feet below sea level. we want to be sure that they don't overrun their banks. >> leaders say there's extra concern because of super bowl traffic and king tides bringing the water up. they're smack in the area where there's the roughest weather. an earthquake shakes alaska. some of the damage left behind. scientists have a new illustration with how it will affect the area. we're tracking one more chance, seeing showers as we move back to the workweek and also big waves heading towards
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the coast. two opportunities this week for surf that could get close to 20 feet high, a powerful storm will big waves. but will it send big rain as well? we'll answer that in our forecast when we come right back.
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wow. rattled homes and nerves. this is surveillance video showing the moment a 6.8 magnitude quake hit alaska. the quake hit early this morning about 2:30 near pedro bay not too far from anchor point and anchorage. reports of damage but nothing too major. a 6.8 is really something. it did knock items off shelves in stores and homes. so far no reports of major injuries. scientists are giving us a new view of how tsunamis work and their far reaching effect. take a look at this showing how the last big one shook the pacific northwest 316 years ago. this was a 9.2 earthquake that struck the pacific northwest on january 26th in the year 1700,
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creating a giant tsunami. it hit japan and the entire west coast of the united states. dramatic graphic there. coming up, cashing in on the super bowl. big bucks people are hoping the make representing out their homes. i'm sam brock, an uber rider, former taco bell executives was caught on camera beating up the uber driver. he apologized profusely and now is suing the uber driver for $5 million. does he have a case? that story coming up on reality check. the violent beating of an uber
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driver caught on- camera... and an uber rider, the violent beating of an uber driver caught on camera and an uber rider initially apologetic. now that man is suing the driver for $5 million. he claims videotaping him without his consent violated his rights. here is sam brock with our reality check. >> the case falls into a gray area. in question is the consent law, a law that says you have to be aware of any recording of confidential recording. the rider in this case may or may not have been aware, but it won't matter, if a court finds there's no expectation of privacy in the first place. >> get the [ bleep ] out.
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>> reporter: viral violence. >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: and now a shocking lawsuit as an uber rider, former taco bell executive sues his uber driver without his consent. the punishment sought, $5 million. it hinges on how private a court thinking your uber ride is. >> a reasonable expectation of privacy is determined by the totality of the circumstances. >> reporter: judd campbell is executive director of stanford's constitutional law center. he say it is totality includes where the video was recorded, who else was around and whether he made it clear the rider, ben golden, was on camera. courts haven't ruled oven this kind of privacy issue before. even uber riders are conflicted. >> it's not uber's car, it's the private driver's car. i don't think you should expect
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any privacy when you sign up for uber. >> i wouldn't mind my privacy being invaded if it's helping my greater good or helping my life or anyone in that situation potentially. >> reporter: we reached out to uber which doesn't have a formal position on cameras in cars. the company says drivers who are independent contractors have to follow local laws and closure is on them. caban's attorney says his client did tell golden he was on camera. he said it's what he did on video, not audio, that got him in trouble. >> there's one court in california that decided silent video is -- regard divided history.
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if he claers the hurdles of privacy and video, he acted violently, behavior that might render this entire conversation moot. >> i can see the judge going the direction of saying, once you are aggressive towards the driver, the driver has the capacity to defend him or herself by engaging in audio visual recordings. >> reporter: we reached out to goll t golden's attorney and haven't heard back. there are far more ways golden can lose the lawsuit than win it. for "reality check," i'm sam brock. u want your own lake tahoe ski resort? the 95% majority owner of mount rose ski is looking to sell. fitz has owned since 1971 and says it's time for him to move on to something else.
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the resort includes 1200 acres of ski space, no word on what the selling price is. meteorologist rob mayeda joining us to find out how much snow they'll get at mount rose. >> getting a lot of snow on top of that report, too. you can cee cee era's, 124% of average. these numbers look good. not going to be adding to it at least short term. but we'll begin to see changes as we pass the middle part of the week. right now partly cloudy skies, temperatures in the mid 50s, heading towards the 40s for tomorrow morning. we have a chance of seeing a few light rain showers late tonight into early tomorrow morning, especially towards the coast. you can see the rain gauge isn't moving much at all. santa rosa enough to measure at least until 7:00 in the morning. during the day tomorrow, gradually clearing skies.
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temperatures in the low 60s around shaig. upper 50s to near 60 for san francisco. for the north bay, tri-valley, patchy fog. if you staying the-free you'll see temperatures climbing to the 60s, but a few may see the central valley fog trying to drift back in from the east to west. in the meantime, 50s to low 60s. 952 millibar low, only 75 pipe winds and seas up to 37 feet. all the energy from that wind will push a couple big ones toward our coast. a stronger setup as you approach thursday. you can see the long period swell right there, approaching the coast towards 7:00. dangerous conditions as we go through the week. most of the week, at least the first half and midweek stays dry. high pressure diverting the storm track to the north. as the high builds in, main concern is patchy fog overnight and into the morning. you can see our daytime
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temperatures, mid to upper 60s, south of san jose on thursday. san francisco is seeing low 60s pour the middle part of the week. dry conditions for thursday with inland temperatures in the mid 60s. everything begins to change starting friday. one storm on friday helps to break down the ridge. a stronger system from saturday into sunday. the end of the week forecast looks completely different. chance of seeing rain for friday. showers to follow on saturday and then sunday more rain in the forecast, you'll notice wind, too. february 7th looks like above average rainfall. for the super bowl, that's how it looks right now. looks like plenty of rain coming back into the picture which is good news and the bigger picture of things as we can see our seasonal rainfall to date for most of the bay area, 120% of average. the long range forecast looks good to boost those numbers even more as we move into february.
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want to make some quick money? we'll show you the going rate for entering out your home for the super bowl. there's a lot of cash to be made if you live in the south bay. coming up on nbc nightly news, the latest on the blizzard that paralyzed the east coast. as many are digging out today, millions more are trying to figure out how and when they might actually get home. we'll also show you how one country is turning to a cashless society. what is it like to only use cards and apps to pay for things? we'll show you. a message of determination and grit along some of the nation's most well-known hiking trails. well, welcome to the super bowl
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boom. the red hot silicon valley real estate -- is getting even remember the dot com boom? well, welcome to the super bowl boom. the red hot silicon valley real estate is getting even hotter. homeowners, even drivers are hoping to cash in. business and tech reporter scott budman has the business of the super bowl. >> before watching the game here, super bowl visitors the example out here if you have a lot of cash. >> we're looking to get $3,000 a night. >> joe vera montez put his three-bedroom willow glen home on craigslist and air b&b. he's already heard from potential renters. >> when you're in the area of where the super bowl is going to be, you start to hear that talk and you start to think about it. >> reporter: according to, vacation rentals will jump 150% during the week of the super bowl.
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it's not just housing that's extra hot. people are selling rides around town, too. >> i just posted recently, if you want a ride to the best brunch place, let me know. by the way, i have a wedding to pay for. >> reporter: think of it as the latest gold rush here in silicon valley. >> you optimistic about someone taking you up on it? >> absolutely. >> reporter: with lots of optimism and money to go around. in santa clara, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> everyone in the story we just showed you owns their home. the laws for renters who may want to rent out their place can be much different. make sure you check with your landlord and look up city ordinances before trying to rent out a space you don't own. looking the kick off the super bowl, 13 days, 22 hours, 4 minutes and 14 seconds away. it's going to take place right
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there at levi's stadium. >> two, one, zero. >> launch, land, repeat. that was the total slogan of the slick video released by blue origin this weekend. the company made history for the second time in two months by launching a rocket into space and recovering it in a vertical soft lappeding. the space industry the particularly interested in being able to land rockets because it would make space travel that much cheaper. their number one competition is elon musk's spacex. find out if you could get help paying for health insurance
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old el paso says... start somewhere fresh best of the blizzard hitting the east coast. snow's socked in the u-s capital. but th's . the first family's dog made the
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most out of the blizzard hitting the east coast. obviously mo concern for bo and sunny. the president was working on important matters we assume nearby. the dogs are out there frolicking. the dogs have their own facebook page. it's where video like this one gets viewed by hundreds -- if not hundreds of thousands of adoring fans of the first pooches. >> they're enjoying it. everybody else not so much. >> that's right. >> things are improving there. hopefully air travel opens up the next couple days. around here, the one chance of showers dropping into the north bay, northern sonoma county and the coast. slight chance of seeing a few sprinkles to start the day. for tomorrow, starting the day in the 40s. middle part of the week, taste of spring. look at the temperatures, high pressure builds, 60, close to 70
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by wednesday and thursday in the south bay. >> that's going to feel good. "nbc nightly news" is next. then more local news here at 6:00. hope you can join us. on this sunday night, the big dig out. cleaning up after the massive, deadly storm that dumped record-breaking amounts of snow, flooded people out of their homes and left millions stranded. tonight, our in-depth coverage of the blizzard that paralyzed the east coast and left its mark on history. final push. the candidates running hard in iowa, just eight days before the first votes for president. as a result of a new poll, tells us which republican is surging. inside iran. do the nuclear deal and relaxing of sanctions signal a liberal shift by iran? richard engel finds out over breakfast with the mull las. reaching new heights. we go hiking with a man wh


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