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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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the excitment is building. two weeks from today -- super bowl 50 will be played at levi's stadium. but the buzz around the game and it's festivities -- is tonight, the excitement is building. in two weeks the super bowl will be played at levi stadium and the buzz is just getting started. tomorrow morning's commute right here on the bay bridge could be a nightmare. people going back to work for the first time since the road closures went into effect. make way for super bowl city. major sections will be shut down for the festivities leading up to the game. traffic is not the only concern for people. nbc bay area christie smith is
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live at super bowl city and businesses are bracing for the big game blitz. >> reporter: that's right, super bowl city is starting to take shape here. we had a chance to check in with some restaurants in the area, and they're veryñr excited abou the potential of the extra foot traffic in the area, and also still trying to work out some practical matters like how much staffing they might need. how many customers will walk through the door, and making sure they get the deliveries in on time with all of the traffic that will be around the area. now, some areas will be in the secure zone, worker wil eers wi to go through gates coming in. they will have to try to get deliveries in before 11:00 a.m. at the waterfront restaurant, they spoke about the best routes to get in. with many unknowns they say it is about planning and being
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flexible. >> we're tryingñi to schedule extra people. telling people to leave even earlier than they usually do, and being understanding and flexible. >> we're going to be staffed. the thing is, when does it start in when does it officially start? next week? tomorrow? we're somewhat ready. >> reporter: the super bowl city opensñi next saturday, jan 30tha nine day free to the pub rick with music, art, interactivetology and more on what the pay area has to offer president the detours are up. the somebody tide and on market street by justin her man plaza, but a lot of excited folks out here still working out some of the details. live in fran, christie smith. thank you, super bowl parties will be stretching all of the way down the peninsula which includes right here in san
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jose. looking downtown right now where there will be plenty of experiences. some of them are being set up right now. being turned into a outdoor cafe and beer garden and will be ready for fans starting on friday going all of the way through super bowl sunday. if you want to stay informed about safety, weather, traffic, emergency alerts, the freemont police department says anyone in the bay area can sign up for text updates. to opt in, just text sb 50 to 888777. >> family and friends a taking a search into their own hands. they say they have a homicide suspect in custody but they cannot find the victim's body.
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maryann favro is joining us with more on this unusual case. >> reporter: it is unusual. place say the victim worked here at this motorcycle psych on camden avenue. the victim was reported missing on friday and that is when police came out here. he went to this burned out building next door and that's when they determined it was a crime scene. they later determined a homicide. this is the man they believe is the killer. 39-year-old steve libo who is accused of killing myrick. they left together at lunchtime on friday. they say the two men did not return. san jose police have recovered leebo's pickup truck that may have been associated with the homicide. if you saw the truck between
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5:00 p.m. friday night and 2:00 a.m. saturday morning, contact san jose police. kyle's friends are now asking volunteers to search for him near lexington reservoir. we just spoke to kyle's father. >> we asked for areas to look, and they said this was a possible place where we might be able to find kyle. so people have been showing up and i made a grid and we have been spending people to different areas and covering a lot of ground. >> more than two dozen people came out to look for kyle this afternoon. kyle's stepfather says they're not only looking in lexington reservoir, but also areaing near foothill college and palo alto. nbc bay area news. thank you very much. new video of the eroding
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cliff in pacifica from today. the damage started back in mississip mid-december. many people are being forced out of their homes and they say it is with little or no warning and they have nowhere to go. they are asking for state and federal help to rebuild. tomorrow pacifica will get a full damage assessment. the high surf is starting to calm down. we'll have more on the rain that we have had this month and how much good did it do? >> yeah, we're seeing about 80 to 121% higher than average. wave heights, roughly about half of what they were yesterday. clearing skies, too. you see the highest right now about five to eight feature off shore. 15 to 16 foot waves.
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it will push some big waves heading towards our coastñi onc again, twice this week. we're going to see one coming in for tuesday that will bring big surf, maybe 15 to 20 foot waves, and again on thursday and a stronger pattern will set up. you see the swell there approaching the coast. dangerous conditions twice this week. powerful storms will continue. will they bring any rain? the answer to that, i think, will surprise you along with how warm temperatures are set to climb in the next few days. >> all right, rob. new details now, fairfield police are hoping people with contact them about a shooting reported at the largest mall in the salono county. it was a dispute between two groups. a call came in about a masked gunman that open fired in the food court. four people have been placed in
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custody. in el dorado county, two men that evaded arrest called 911 to be rescued. it all started yesterday morning when a fish and wildlife officer stops theñi car the men were in. they ran away and allegedly dropped the gun. they looked in the car and found illegal drugs. the suspects crossed a freezing river in a snowy cannon. then last night they called 911 themselves, the suspects, afraid they were going to freeze to death. they finally found the pair and they were taken to the hospital with hypothermia and frostbite, treated, and they will go straight from the hospital to jail on several charges. a big shake up may be coming to twitter this week. several executives are leaving
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the company that includes the engineering leader and the head of buying. their stock at been at a free fall. at an all-time low right now. last year at this time it was at $40 a share and now it is $17 per share. coming up, an early morning earthquake shakes alaska big time. plus, the great dig out under way. recovering after a massive winter storm smacks the east coast. nothing like that around the bay area right now, we're seeing increasing clouds drop into the north bay as one more weather system comes down the coast. how much showers can we expect and the impact on your commute when we come right back.çmó
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nd nerves. you're looking at the moments a earthquake hit alaska. it was near pedro, not too far from anchorage. points of damage, but nothing major. as you can see what the result is there. also ruptured a gasline that led to a neighborhood being evacuated. 6.8, not bad. so far no reports of any major
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injuries. scientists are giving us a new view of how tsunamis work and their far reaching effect. this video was posted to you tube by the national weather center. this is from a 9.2 earthquake in the pacific northwest, january 26 in the the year 1700 creating a giant tsunami that hit japan. as you see the entire western coast america. in the 1700s, it wasn't the united states yet. a great digout. a live look at new york's time square where it is much more hustle and bustle than yesterday. yesterday was pretty much vacant. it will be a slow return to normalcy on the east coast after a massive storm dumped more than three feet of snow in some
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places. people are being urged to stay off of the roads. at least 25 people are dead. jennifer johnson has more on the work to dig out of the snow. the sounds of recovery as the digout from the monster blizzard begins. blue skies and quiet winds, a welcome change from the change that paralyzed millions. >> it wasn't that bad cleaning up. >> it will be days before life gets back to normal. tractor trailer trucks and hundreds of cars need to be removed from highways in kentucky. >> there is still a great deal of work to be done to conduct damage assessments and recover from a weather event of this severity. >> new york airports are open, but the washington area airports remain closed. rail service is limited. coastal flooding is improving. >> the travel ban has been lifted, that does not mean that
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people should go out and take a ride and see the sights. >> in virginia, a buried fire hydrant hindered efforts to save this house. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. of course the ripple effect of the storm, expecting a slight threat here in the bay area. 39 arrivals cancels, 29 departures as well.ñi reagan international operating normally as well as san jose. tracking the rain totals, it has been a very busy month for us. just about a week to go, santa rosa ten inches of rain. so far this month you would see about six. and you see san francisco to livermore and we still have time to get oakland above the monthly average. you see the el nino numbers,
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they are trending more like we saw in january of 1998, and if it continues, february was the heavier rain month. you will see a little light rain at times tonight. the system is a small compact one dropping to the south. generally over land. it doesn't have a lot of moisture to work with, but the north bay, the coast, and the peninsula still a chance of seeing measurable rain as you saw right there around santa rosa. as we go towards the afternoon, clearing skies. temperatures tomorrow in the upper 50 sts and 60s san franci. 62 in the forecast for oakland. as we move forward, big surf hitting the coast as we talked about on tuesday. and again on thursday, probably a bigger swell here. a long swell hitting the coast here.
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high surf advisories and warnings could be possible this week. high pressure will be preventing any of the rains from impacting us. so a high build, patchy dense fog, but look at the daytime temperatures wednesday and thursday. the warmest days of the week, upper 60s, and by thursday we could see 70s around the bay area mainly for the south bay and the peninsula. for north bay, as long as the fog holds off to the afternoon, temperatures climbing into the 60s. drier weather. aside from the weak system dropping into the north bay, that is about as dry as complete-day forecast has looked in about three weeks. the second half of the week, storm one breaking down that ridge. as we head towards next weekend staying tuned right now looks like a good system with wind and rain coming in. this will be saturday into sunday. the second half of the weekend a
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completely different forecast. no more 70s, back into your january time weather. rain for friday, perhaps a stormy day on sunday which all holds true on the long-range forecast. right now super bowl sunday still looks like february weather. tracking the rain coming on in, our rainfall totals to date with that forecast holding and moving into february. the bay area right now 82% to 121% of average and that long-range forecast, if it holds up, those numbers likely to go up into febru@py. so stay informed as the storms arrive, here is the nbc bay area a and how it works. >> it is easy to get connected to the weather outside by staying inside. touch the radar on the weather page and you can zero in on your own neighborhood to see if it is
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raining. i'm vicky wynn and that is how to stay informed with the nbc bay area app. and another push to keep the raiders in oakland. coming up, what they're hoping will do the trick. an empty home in vallejo, now
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burnt to the ground. fire investigators are now trying to track down what started it. ==take vo== the fire happened at a home onpd 4:30 this morning. wn a empty home in vallejo now burned to the ground. it starting on blue street around 4:30 a.m. this morning. firefighters were dpreeted with heavy and intense flames. no one was hurt. the owner was in the middle of renovating the place soñr a tent could move in.
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oakland raiders fans this afternoon are finishing up what they hope will be a very important video. they shot it at a sports bar. the organizers figured it would be the best way to get as many fans together as possible. it will show how much raider fans want the team to stay in oakland. it also applies pressure on the city -- >> the team is on the current sight. so that whole area is viable. that whole area is the perfect spot because it is one of the easiest most accessible stadiums in the nfl. >> kií of looks like steve segal. the raiders are going to be ready to meet tomorrow, extend the lease maybe a year or maybe longer. we'll have video to show you at
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11:00 news tonight, we'll show you what came out tonight at 11:00. henry lundqvist may have been in that video. were you partying? >> yes, i may have been, but i can get through the forecast. that was steven segal -- >> we had the wrong name up, i ì>> exactly. >> we got a lot cooking. the broncos are going to the super bowl after defeating the new england patriots in a thrilling show down. plus we have the matchñi ups th the basketball world has wanted all season is only 24 hours away now. san antonio will be saddling up without one of their best players against the warriors. that story is next in sports. the warriors have won 40 of
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their first 44 games this season, making them clearly the best team in baskeal welcome back to the nbc bay area. the warriors are clearly the best team in basketball, right? they're only two games better than san antonio which is why everyone is looking forward to monday night's show down at oracle. get ready for a good one. the spurs and warriors at 7:30 tomorrow night. san antonio will be without tim duncan because he has a sore right knee. he is averaging nine points and even rebounds this year, but without duncan, they still
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realize they're taking on a very dangerous team. >> i don't believe it at all. i think, you know, if you need to win or lose, i think you're turning in the wrong direction anyway. what you're capable over. >> over to football, for the second straight year anquan bolden is a finalist for the walter peyton man of the year award.ñi aside from leading the niners for the third straight season, he is being recognized for his foundation that benefits under privileged children. peyton manning and the broncos are taking on tom brady and the patriots. fourth and ten, brady throws a
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40 yard dump to rob gronkowski. fourth and goal. gronk with two defenders. he is amazing. but the pats have to go for two. brady under pressure. he has a pressure because he is picked off in the end zone. denver wins 20 to 18. my entire career, i have always said i have great respect for tom. as a player, a friend, and for the job he has done as a quarterback for that franchise. and for coach belichick. i think this is my seventh time playing the patriots with brady as the quarterback. and the sharks are dangerous again. tonight they will host the l.a. kings who will be missing one of their key players. lucic will sit this one out.tóma
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sucker bunch against arizona last night. the kings are 3-3-1 in their last seven games. they have scored 21 goals in their last ten games. san jose won two of the first three meetings. including the final fame before the christmas break at theñi staples center. that will do it for now.ñi cardinals are leading against the panthers right now.
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thank you for joining us, we'll be back tonight at 11:00. hope you can join us then.
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