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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 24, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, a super bowl backup during your morning commute. take a live look at downtown san francisco, where traffic is expected to be heavier tomorrow. the trouble spots you need to know about and to avoid. but first, a homicide investigation without a body. a family taking it upon themselves to find their loved one. good evening, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. peggy bunker is off tonight. the accused killer is behind bars, but tonight there is no closure for the victim's family. police have yet to find the body of 2-year-old kyle myrick. and today family and friends stepped in, trying to find him on their own. the san jose man was last seen on friday. nbc bay area's marianne favro
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live at the crime scene. and marianne, this has to be excruciating for the family. >> reporter: it certainly, terry. i spoke with kyle's stepfather tonight. and he tells me the family is not going to stop searching until they can find kyle. san jose police believe he was murdered inside this burned out building on friday, and his body dumped somewhere else. peering into ravines and bushes, about 90 people spent the afternoon on a heartbreaking search near lexington reservoir and also on the peninsula. >> we want to bring kyle home. >> reporter: john sperry is coordinating volunteers as they look for his step-son, kyle myrick. the 28-year-old had worked here at gp sports on camden avenue in san jose only four days when he was reported missing friday. when san jose police came out to investigate, they searched the scorched building next door and determined it was a homicide scene. police arrested kyle's coworker, 39-year-old steve hlebo at his home in los altos friday morning
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on suspicion of murder. >> this is los altos which is where the attacker was arrested. >> reporter: he says san jose police were also out searching the hills today and says they suggested kyle's family look near lexington reservoir because hlebo used to live in the hills here. police recovered hlebo's white gmc truck. they're asking public for especially in they saw the truck between 5:00 p.m. friday night and 2:00 p.m. saturday morning. >> now there seem to be two areas where it still could be very likely. one is up towards summit road on the way up to loma prieta road. and it would be off of there. like dirt roads, anywhere, where it could be likely to find kyle. the guy who attacked him put him in his truck and brought him somewhere. >> reporter: with more volunteers now offering to help find the westmont high school graduate, kyle's family say they will search for kyle again starting at sunrise tomorrow
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morning. kyle's friends and family plan to be out there at 7:00 tomorrow morning. this time they're going to search the bay's edge between alviso and palo alto. if you would like to volunteer to help with that search, you're asked to meet at the century 16 theaters on shoreline boulevard in mountain view. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, marianne. just in, police in alameda are asking for help in finding this man, john franich was undergoing a mental health evaluation at alameda hospital when he ran away. officers launched a citywide search because he is considered at risk. they couldn't find him. franich is a 41-year-old hispanic man, brown hair, eyes. about 180 pounds, last seen wearing a white t-shirt. he often visits the park district. the teams are set.
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the denver broncos and carolina panthers punching their tickets to the big game today. take a look at video. peyton manning on the left. cam newton on the right moments after their win. the veteran manning, the rising superstar newton coming to the bay area along with hundreds of thousands more. nbc bay area's christie smith live along the embarcadero in san francisco. and christie, the big game just weeks away now. >> yeah, that's right. and as you said, we finally know which teams are coming to the bay area. i can tell you that football fans we spoke to tonight are really excited. the buildup continues at super bowl city. and tomorrow a real test for commuters. >> definitely excited. >> reporter: at pete's tavern these super bowl fans were happy with the super bowl matchup. >> the denver broncos and the panthers are two worthy teams. excellent. >> reporter: the super bowl will be in santa clara, while super bowl city is taking shape in san francisco.
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>> for my house. it doesn't matter. but i know that i feel for those people that drive. >> reporter: this weekend, traffic was backed up around the dee detours for super bowl city by justin herman plaza. monday will be the first weekday test. s smta will have people directing. >> these ambassadors will be in place to help them make their transition. >> reporter: renderings are coming to life as big crowds are expected for free to the public fan village opening next saturday. >> it's exciting. >> reporter: filz coffee in the embarcadero will be in the foot zone with plenty of traffic. >> we're trying to schedule extra people. we're telling people to leave even earlier than they usually do. and then just being understanding and flexible. >> reporter: at the waterfront restaurant, they've ordered more food and drinks, discussed the best routes. in there is a lot to consider. >> we've spoken to everybody in the kitchen, back of the house,
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front of the house. so we'll see what happens. we're still not sure about bart, about muni. are they going to be on time. >> reporter: now these ambassadors have already been out and about leading up to this weekend. but certainly could be helpful for tomorrow morning's commute. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> all right, christie, thanks a lot. here is another look at the roads closed to drivers. most of the closures are around the embarcadero, with streets around the moscone center also closed to traffic. because up there they're going to have the nfl experience. as mayor of santa clara, i'm very proud to welcome the denver broncos and carolina panthers to levi city and super bowl history. >> mayor jamie matthews welcoming them to the city. shortly after the afc and nfc title games. super bowl 50 is going to be played in claire at levi's stadium. and before the big game, parties will be stretching all the way down the peninsula. and that includes events right
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here in san jose. you're looking at live shot of downtown san jose where there is going to be plenty of experiences for fans to enjoy. some of them are being set up right now. and they're being set up at plaza cesar chavez in front of the fairmount hotel right there. it's being turned into an outdoor cafe and beer garden. it's going to be ready for fans starting friday, going all the way through super bowl sunday. all right. how much will you pay to see it? apparently somebody is willing to pay quite a lot. ticket broke sayers the bay area super bowl is a super hot ticket. here is one website called seat geek. and it reports that average sale price of more than $5,000 for a ticket. 5,000 bucks. their analysis shows it may be the most expensive super bowl ever. the average brokered prices up to 5,335. that compares with last year's super bowl. brokered tickets then to see the patriots beat the seahawks went for more than $4,000.
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let's go back five years. the packers against the steelers, a couple of classic franchises cost about $3500 each. and 2012, the 3,000 bucks might get you into see the giants beat the patriots. let's check out our countdown clock. it's just fun to know. it's 13 days, 6 hours, 21 minutes and 40 seconds. super bowl at levi's stadium. now this was unexpected. a massive tree came toppling down in front of a home in san jose. quite a sight. the tree so large it uprooted the sidewalk as well. you can see it took everything with it. the tree was in front of a home on bellaire and bascom. nothing official as to why the tree fell. but the storms have caused many drought stricken trees to uproot. a quiet week coming up. the bay area gets a chance to dry out after several strong storms. a live look at the bay bridge right now. you can see mainly it's beautiful. weather not a matter of discussion when you look at this
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beautiful bay bridge. let's look at meteorologist rob mayeda right now. >> the lights very nice on the bay bridge right now. we're watching things calming down after a windy and very stormy start to the weekend and a lot of rain and waves up to 18 feet this time yesterday. and ocean beach today, you still have the white water there off the coast. but the wave heights have certainly come down a lot in the last 24 hours. you see only 5 to 8-foot waves. but this is exception to the rule. we still have some very strong storms offshore that are packing a big-time punch in the gulf of alaska. 37 foot seas. hurricane-force winds and eventually all that energy heads to the coast, bringing another round of high surf come tuesday and again on thursday. now the radar view shows you some of the weak chances of rain we've got coming up. a few light rain showers moving from north to south across the north bay. and at least for one more time heading into tomorrow morning as the weak system passes on by, especially for the north by and the peninsula, may see a few light rain showers early before
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things begin to clear out and warm up big-time. toward the middle part of the week, we'll have a look at that coming up in the forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks a lot. tomorrow the pacifica city council is expected to give a full damage assessment of eroding cliffs. this is video from today of the cliffs. the waves not so big today as rob australia saying. but many of the homes in the danger zone. the damage started to show up in mid-december. we talked to many people who say they're being forced out of their homes. didn't really feel they got enough notice. and they've got no place to go. on friday, the city manager declared a state of emergency, and that is the first step towards getting state and federal help to start rebuilding. our nbc bay area app is a great way to stay ahead of the weather. download your iphone or android devices, and it is free. well, you don't need 140 characters to spell company shake-up. some major changes coming to twit their week. appropriately enough, twitter ceo jack dorsey is confirming on
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twitter that four top executives are leaving the company. they are the company's head of engineering and product, vp and global media and vp of human resources. twitter's stock has hit the skids, falling from $40 a share a year ago to $17 right now. he is hoping to revive the company that he cofounded back in 2006. coming up next, fans getting together to save the raiders. their new push to keep the team in oakland. plus fugitives asking to be brought back to jail. we'll show you the reason two escaped inmates called 911. and digging out from under the storm. the way the east coast is recovering from a massive blizzard. how did they do it? these are
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pictures released by a jail in santa ana, after three men escaped. how did they do it? these are pictures released by a jail in santa ana after three men escaped. investigators are saying the inmates cut threw half inch steel bar and rappelled off the roof using rope made out of sheets. an accused killer, a man accused of torture and burglary and a
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third man accused of assault with a deadly weapon. authorities are warning the public to consider these three arm and dangerous. and they're encouraging people to keep sending in tips. the u.s. marshals office offers a $30,000 reward for information leading to the inmates' capture. an el dorado county, two men who evaded arrest ended up calling 911 to be rescued. it all started yesterday. this is where it started with a traffic stop for swerving. now in this car, derrick dionno and triston crossland a parolee. the two men ended up running into the woods. authority says they found a gun and drugs in their car. >> in addition to the firearm, there was at least different types of controlled narcotics in the vehicle, methamphetamine, heroin, marijuana. >> the officer called future a backup and a chase ensued. now the duo dashed down a canyon, across the american river. now they were wet and cold. but they ignored the warnings to
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surrender. but by nightfall, the fugitives were so cold they called 911 begging to be arrested. after an all-night search, the pair were arrest and taken to the hospital. the next stop, jail. tonight the snowfall has stopped. but the life and death scramble has just begun. emergency crews racing to get to the needy after a massive winter storm slams the east coast. in washington, d.c., fire trucks are getting stuck. a lot of firefighters are worry they'd won't be able to find hydrants because they're buried in snow. the storm has claimed the lives of at least 30 people. and that number could rise with tens of thousands without power. the national guard now deployed across 12 states. but an add difficulty for everyone. gas stations are now running dry. >> out of fuel. so we drove i think 27 miles to find gas cans and fuel. >> roofs are caving in, unable to handle the weight telephone snow. one man shot home video of the snow piled up outside his window.
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on the coast, the damage brings another obstacle. of course flooding. hundreds of homes in new jersey surrounded by water creating a virtual island. a sign of progress. airports are getting back on track after more than 11,000 flights were canceled since friday. signs of life today at new york's la guardia airport. here in the bay area, there were 39 arrivals and 29 departures canceled today at sfo. oakland international operating normally, and so is san jose. drones and selfies are the latest tools scientists are using to track el nino's effect on the california coast. true. there is the drone, also selfies. the nature conservancy is asking remember citizens to capture pictures of the flooding and local erosion and post them to their website there is even a free app for drone owners so they can shoot video of the coast and upload it. scientists hope the crowd-sourced photos will show change in the landscape. meteorologist rob mayeda
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here now with microclimate forecast. >> strong storms have powered up the changes on the coast. the storms coming in generally do a lot of wind and rain and eventually reaches the coast in the form of large surf. we have storms offshore that won't bring us a whole lot of rain. but at least for two times for the week ahead week, going see big waves out of the systems. the first one coming in tuesday afternoon, could have 15 to 20-foot waves. and then perhaps a stronger long period swell arriving here. you see that, approaching the coast, getting into thursday. even as our weather pattern and the rain starts to calm down, we're still going to see the threat for some beach erosion and coastal damage as big waves arrive twice for the workweek. right now we're seeing temperatures in the 40s and 50s outside. and for a few spots, still a chance of seeing some light rain. high pressure hasn't gotten its act together just yet. it will by the middle of the week. we're still seeing one more system dropping down from the north. you can see the showers to the north up towards ukiah and
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around santa rosa, a little bit of light rain. tomorrow morning we'll see this small system dive to the south and east, and we will see the chance of a few sprinkles out there for the morning. we're going to take you through three weather models. notice for the rpm mod typical best chance of showers in the north bay. global forecasting model same idea, but brings a little bit of light rain down into the peninsula into the east bay. the euro model, the three that we've been looking at tonight shows you one place, three for three. and it looks right there towards the north bay and parts of the east bay hills. all of this coming down between now and noon tomorrow. so a slight chance of some light rain at times the start the day. mostly cloudy skies to start. you see some of the light rain early in the day. then as we transition to the afternoon, notice partly cloudy skies, clearing into the afternoon. and that set the stage for some dry and warmer temperatures as you see in the seven-day forecast there through the middle part of the week. so for the morning, mostly cloudy. chance of a few light showers. maybe not so much in the south bay. but a better chance as you move further north through lunchtime through the north bay.
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highs tomorrow in the north bay and in the upper 50s. and upper 50s to low 60s around the tri-valley. as we head through the first part of the week, at least, that high does turn stronger. and notice where the rain goes, the pacific northwest. we're going see highs starting to climb. upper 60s, maybe even close to 70 in the south bay on thursday. notice san francisco. should be climbing into the low 60s. and mid-60s around the east bay and tri-valley through thursday. and then everything changes come friday and saturday. that high is going to begin to break down. we'll see a chance of rain beginning, become widespread. we think the north bay into friday afternoon and saturday. and more rain as we move through the weekend. we're going to see a chance on the increase after the midweek break friday into next weekend. cooler temperature which should drop the snow levels down to 5,000 feet. a great month for rainfall so far. coming up in our next half hour, we'll take a look at the february rain outlook. and that super bowl forecast as well. we'll have that for you coming up in the next half hour. terry, back to you. >> all right, rob, thanks a lot.
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coming up, shaking in alaska. a strong quake gets the 49th state. we'll take a look at the damage. plus former president bill clinton coming to the bay area. what it's going cost you to meet him.
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saratoga teenager audrie pott took her own life four years ago, after being cyber her story will be told. teenager audrey pott took her own life four years ago after being cyberbullied by her own classmates. tomorrow night a new documentary telling her story debuts at the sundance film festival in utah. the movie is called "audrey and daisy." it was made by two san francisco filmmakers. it profiles 15-year-old audrey who passed out at a party, was sexually assaulted and woke up to find cruel messages written
11:24 pm
on her body. pictures of that night were shared on social media. she committed suicide a week later. daisy, a new jersey teenager with a similar story is also profiled. audrey's family who saw the film at a private screening told the san jose mercury news they found it moving and motivating. now to the presidential race. division 2016 coming to the peninsula tomorrow night. bill clinton, the former president, raising money for his life at a stop in hillsboro. then he is going to be in san francisco for a reception tuesday morning. if you would like to get a picture with him, you can for $3,000. just getting into one of the two events will cost you a thousand dollars. a thousand dollars to get. in $3,000 for the picture with him. coming up next, the latest in the presidential race as the iowa caucuses near. raiders fans gathered today to rally around keeping the team in oakland. and they got together to work on a video. they hope the use to it urge the raiders to negotiate a deal for a new stadium in oakland.
11:25 pm
the organizer of the gathering says the new stadium should be built on the current site. this comes after the nfl earlier this month turned down the raiders' request to move to los angeles. >> the nfl is a new outlet. they like what the brain trust in the city of oakland is doing. so they're aligning right now. and to work with the oakland raiders to get a new stadium deal signed here in oakland. and we're excited about it. that's what we're here for today. >> and you saw it there earlier. pictures of the video that they put together. the raiders are reported to be ready to meet tomorrow with those in charge of the coliseum. this would be to extend the raiders' lease for a year, maybe longer. we'll keep you posted. still to come, the impact of that record-breaking blizzard on the east coast. we're going to show you the mess people are trying to dig out from under and why the death toll is expected to climb. plus, the country pushing to do away with cash altogether. no more cash. they want to do it by 2030.
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back to normalcy after a massive winter storm -- gettg air tral back on track-- proving to be a much bigger ch as the east coast begins to get back to normalcy after massive winter storm, getting air travel back on track is prove tock a much bigger challenge. kristen dahlgren reports on the obstacles. >> reporter: at la guardia airpt today, signs of life. the lucky few able to get on one of the only flights out. where are you going? >> disney world. >> reporter: after a herculean efforts by snow removal crews, runways reopened by noon. but most airlines remained shuttered for the dirks unable to get their planes back in place after the storm, leaving passengers who showed up today stuck. >> the flight canceled. >> reporter: some have been here for day, sleeping in the food court and worried about what will happen if they don't get out soon. >> i'm afraid of losing my job. >> reporter: everyone has some place important to be.
11:29 pm
peter carter is trying to get to his bring's funeral, if his flight leaves on time. >> i'll be getting there for the last hour of the funeral. so at leastly have at least an hour to spend with my brother. it's hard. it's definitely not easy. >> reporter: the seen was similar at so many airports at jfk crews had the move 30 inches of snow. and that is philadelphia. >> we have a snow covered and ice covered runway. >> reporter: in the d.c. area, all flights were suspended again, despite around the clock efforts to move the massive amounts of snow. >> it is a massive task to get the airport, to get the runway, the taxi ways, the roadways cleared, particularly after a storm of this magnitude. >> reporter: on the rails it hasn't been much easier. but in new york and d.c., full service won't be back until at least tomorrow. while on the road, even the plows had trouble at times. >> that was kristen dahlgren reporting. trouble in the skies over the atlantic tonight. seven people injured when an
11:30 pm
american airlines flight hit turbulence. the plane was flying from miami to milan, italy. the airline says the turbulence was brief, but obviously severe. the plane made an emergency landing in newfoundland in eastern canada. three flight attendants and four passengers had to be taken to the hospital. shaken away in the middle of the night. you're looking at surveillance video showing the moments a 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit alaska. 6.8. the quake hit early the morning about 2:30 near san pedro bay not too far from anchorage there are some reports of damage, but surprisingly there is some damage, but nothing major to talk about. the earthquake did knock items off shelves and off the walls in stores. also ruptured a gas line which led to a neighborhood being evacuated. but so far a 6.8 and no reports of any major injuries. tonight's show host jimmy
11:31 pm
fallon is rallying support for the people of flint michigan during the city's water crisis. comedian tweeted this morning that he is donating $10,000 to water improvement efforts. the money will go to the community foundation for greater flint to support that city's recovery from led-poisoned water. fallon didn't stop there. in his tweet, he dared ten friends to match his donation. as we mentioned earlier, the presidential candidates are making a final push in iowa. the first votes of the 2016 election will be cast in that state's caucuses. just one week from tomorrow. nbc's kristen welker has the latest from the campaign trail. . >> reporter: donald trump looking to lock it up in iowa, starting his day at church. later joking about the lesson he learned there. >> we talked about humility at church today. i don't know if that was aimed at me. perhaps. now the church i don't think knew i was coming. >> reporter: a little levity in this high stakes race where he is again surging.
11:32 pm
the latest iowa poll, trump leading ted cruz 34-23%. jumping 11 points from just two weeks ago. a possible bump for his sustained bashing of his closest opponent. >> one of the problems with ted cruz is everybody hates him. >> reporter: after another controversial outburst this weekend. >> if i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, stock in it's like incredible. >> reporter: today trump brushing aside criticism. >> have i people that are so loyal, far greater loyalty than any other candidate by double, triple, quadruple. i love my people. >> reporter: meanwhile, marco rubio endorsed by the influential des moines register this weekend still in third place in iowa. a challenge for the establishment favorite breaking through in a cycle favoring outsider. >> every time i have ever run for anything at this level, i have taken on the establishment. i had to do it when i ran for the senate, and even now when i decided to run for president. >> reporter: the newspaper also supporting hillary clinton, locked in an unexpectedly tight
11:33 pm
race with bernie sanders, on "meet the press," underscoring her experience. >> it is very personal. and people look, and they think can we imagine this person to be president and commander in chief? and because of my experience, i think that's something that people really take into account. >> reporter: and bernie sanders dismissing the newspaper endorsement, arguing it's a sign he is the true outsider. >> the reason that our campaign is generating so much interest and enthusiasm is people think it's time that we take on the establishment. >> well, it's a sign of the times. the slow demise of cash payments. we're seeing it to some extent here in america. but in sweden, their goal is to go completely cashless by 2030. at churches in stockholm, bank cards are being put in the collection plate. parishioners choose their donation beforehand. atms are disappearing. and most major banks won't accept cash deposits.
11:34 pm
companies say no cash is equalling lower costs there is no need for registers. no need for safes. but some still have their hesitation about a totally cashless society, especially with fraud claims way up. >> we moved the power from the bank of sweden to major commercial banks. >> now sweden is still printing money, but less of it. only about 20% of transactions in sweden are in cash. in the united states it is twice that. 40%. how would you like your very own lake tahoe ski resort? one can be yours if you've got the moolah. the owner of mt. rose ski tahoe is looking to sell on the nevada side of north lake tahoe. great views. fritz buser has owned the resort since 1971, and now he says it's time for him to move on. he is getting up there in years. the resort includes 1200 acres
11:35 pm
of ski space. you're looking at it right there. no word on what the selling price. but you know it's going to be fairly high. kelli johnson joining us now from comcast sportsnet. kelli is on tv. she makes a bundle. she might be interested in mt. rose ski resort? >> i love the resort but do not have the cash. steph curry might have the cash. it was a busy day in sports. super bowl 50 is set. the sharks tested against their division rivals tonight. and baseball is back in oakland. but now just 24 hours away, and san antonio will be saddling up without one of its best players against the warriors. the story is next in sports. sharks were just seconds away
11:36 pm
from winning the
11:37 pm
season series over the division rival la kings... only to lose a heartbreak i well, the sharks were just seconds away from winning the season series over the division rivals l.a. kipngs, only to los in overtime. well pick it up in the third period. tied at two, battling on the boards. and comes up with the puck and finds logan couture who buries the goal. and that puts the sharks ahead. but less than 30 seconds, the kings pull their goalie, right in front. and he pokes it home with 12.2 seconds left. so this game going to overtime. in ot, kyle, a perfect pass finds mayor john gavrick who blasts it in. the kings win 3-2 in overtime. well, all eyes will be on oracle arena tomorrow night when the spurs and warriors tip off at 7:30. san antonio will be without five-time future hall of famer tim duncan, out with a sore
11:38 pm
right knee. now this has been a hyped up showdown of two of the best teams in the nba. and this is all the motivation the dubs need. >> i don't believe in barometer games at all. i think -- if you need to win or lose to know where you're at, i think you're trending the wrong direction anyway. you should be able to tell where you're at. have your own knowledge of what you're capable of. >> all right. you can see the spurs-warriors showdown right on csn bay area tomorrow night, starting with sports talk live from oracle arena at 5:00. after the game of course get the best postgame reaction and analysis on par yours postgame live with papa and saint. well, if it is sunday and we're in the football season, it's easy to predict on what is on steph curry's mind. the warriors star is a huge carolina panthers fan. he wore the jersey today during
11:39 pm
practice. and he is also a happy fan tonight. because the nfc championship game with carolina hosting arizona for a spot in super bowl 50, it was all carolina. first quarter, panthers up 10. cam newton connects deep with corey brown, an 86-yard touchdown. carolina rolling, up 17-0. superman taking it in himself, flying in for the 12-yard touchdown as carolina routes arizona, punching their ticket to santa clara. so you know who is fired up tonight. yeah, the biggest fans are in the bay area there is steph curry tweeding we're going the chip, what? we're going the ship what? we're going the freaking ship, baby. panthers, i love you hash tag.
11:40 pm
peep pounding. peyton manning and the broncos. tom brady and the patriots. fourth quarter, fourth and ten. brady throws a 40-yard dime to rob gronkowski for a huge first down. so now it's fourth and goal. again, 70 seconds left. gronk is going to beat two defenders for the touchdown. look at this. can brady mark them back? but the pats are going to have to go for two. brady under pressure all day, and he is picked off by bradley roby off the tip. and denver wins it, 20-10. so super bowl 50 set. it's the panthers and the broncos. well, you believe spring training is now less than a month way for the giants and athletics? and today the a's held their annual fan fest this year a little bit earlier than normal. but as always, thousands of fans showed up for more than 12,000 actually to rub shoulders and meet and greet this year's team, including new first baseman yonder alonso. fans even got to pose with the a's world series trophies, day
11:41 pm
everyone looks forward to. >> really started. once we get here with our fans, we know that spring training is close. they're always uplifting and make you feel good about the season going forward. and then you get to interact with them, whatever you're doing. and they're so passionate about it. and it makes you feel good and really makes you feel like okay, it's time to get going, spring training. and good news pour the raiders. raiders insider scott bear confirms that latavius murray has been added to the pro bowl roster. he replaces jonathan stewart who is headed to the super bowl with the panthers that is five raider goings to hawaii. it's going to be a fun pro bowl for the silver and black. >> kelli, who you got in the super bowl? >> ooh, i'm going panther, man. they are too good. they're hammering everyone. >> looks that way. we'll remind you in a couple of weeks. >> okay. i think i'm going to be right. >> all right. we'll be right back.
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beyond the snow, people on parts of the jersey shore found themselves dealing with significant beyond the snow. people on parts of the jersey shore found themselves dealing with significant flooding. while governor chris christie said his state had dodged a bullet, nbc's jacob rascon found a different story. >> reporter: it was worse than expected here, much worse. hundreds of homes in west wildwood surrounded, cut off and creating a virtual island. the only way around a humvee.
11:45 pm
>> we're going to estimate some areas of this town we had five to six feet of water in the street. >> reporter: where i'm standing was beach that extended another 100 feet. but in the storm, the tide rose. the seawall broke, putting the entire town underwater. not even super storm sandy did this much damage here. >> it's tough to get through. you're talking about debris coming in front of you, boats coming off the waterway, crossing in front of your path. it's dangerous, very dangerous. >> reporter: dozens had to be rescued. even carried out. >> emergency management must have been back here eight times taking people out. >> reporter: at least 100 homes like michael mcgowan's flood. >> here we are again, the joys of the jersey shore. it's quite overwhelming. but it's -- there is nothing that is not replaceable. >> reporter: and west wildwood wasn't the only shore town under water. sea isle city and ocean city woke up surrounded by several feet. further north, the damage less
11:46 pm
severe. in belmar, preparation paid off. a drone captures emergency dunes before and after. in tense of thousands lost power. while along the southern shore, the talk of cleanup is on hold for many who still can't get into their homes. on the topic of weather, let's check in with meteorologist rob mayeda and see what is in the microclimate forecast. >> a little bit of rain. nothing like you just saw. temperatures in the 40s and 50s outside. and an update to the computer models this evening bringing in a little more light rain close to san francisco ando the peninsula for tomorrow morning. and enough to measure we think up towards the north bay through probably 11:00 tomorrow morning. now the radar looks fairly dry. and the system itself is moving over land. so it doesn't have a whole lot of moisture to work. with but as it dives to the south, very small, can't see it very well on the satellite and radar view. but as it moves to the south,
11:47 pm
we'll see a chance of some light rain at times. the first of three weather models showing the north bay only pick up some accumulation there's. the second model shows the central bay pick up some rain. and the one that update on me the first tomb we went around and looked at the maps, you can see the euro model brings measurable rain down into the tri-valley and the peninsula. all three agree by noon tomorrow, that will be the best chance of seeing a few light rain showers. as we move into the afternoon, we'll go from the mostly cloudy skies from the morning, turning over to partly cloudy skies during the afternoon. because from late tomorrow into tuesday, that's when high pressure is going to begin to strengthen and set the stage for some midweek warming. so temperatures tomorrow low 60s around the south bay. upper 50s from san francisco into the north bay. moraga about 58 degrees and pleasanton, 61 for tomorrow. and trending warmer as the high begins to build. we'll see the storm track instead of being in northern california heads back over towards western washington and coastal oregon. look at the temperatures climbing. warmest days of the week should
11:48 pm
be wednesday into thursday for the south bay. mid- to upper 60s. even close to 70 south of san jose on thursday. north bay and tri-valley running a little cooler. fog could really slow down the temperature climate for the inland valleys. the fog to linger through the morning, we're probably not going to warm up whole lot for the areas that see the fog for the north bay and tri-valley. but the trend will be more mild and certainly dryer through midweek. and then the pattern reverses as we get into thursday. friday the rain comes back. the jet stream comes back down the coast into next weekend. we'll see the chances of rain increasing friday. temperatures coming back down as we move into next weekend. as you see two systems, one for friday. another one coming in for late saturday and sunday. looks like one that is going to takes into the first few days of february. of course, february 7th super bowl sunday. it looks like this right now as we head into sunday morning. some showers. and look at this. sunday afternoon, that's right. that's pretty good low offshore.
11:49 pm
so you're going to have wind and rain if this pattern doesn't change. as folks head home, you can see monday morning still looking at stormy weather. the trend here in the forecast has been active, very strong el nino like we're seeing through the end of this month. the numbers in green that we've had so far above the monthly averages. let's fast forward to the february expectations. watch the numbers here on the left. especially the ones on the right. look what we did in the last el nino. february, almost 20 inches of rain in santa rosa. so the way the models are trending, exactly the way the big el nino in 1998 did. february is an active month for us. and it looks like it's shaping up that way for the first week approaching the super bowl. terry? >> thanks very much. eye-opening stuff, rob. thanks a lot. coming up, a story of true gratitude. this hiker doesn't need his sight to see nature. we'll show you how he finds his way around the great outdoors.
11:50 pm
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trevor thomas' life changed dramatically a decade ago when he lost his sight. but now he has found a path forward that has taken him to heights he never dreamed of. nbc's gaddy schwartz has the story. >> reporter: this bright, snow filled utah day, trevor thomas sets out with no idea where each footstep will fall. you'll never guess watching him trek through the forest with his dog tennille -- >> good girl. >> reporter: -- especially if kruer trying to keep up. this is not easy to do at all. he is quick to say hello to those he pass along the way. but most are oblivious to the fact that trevor doesn't see them. he only hears them. behind his shades, trevor thomas is completely blind. what is the reaction when they find out you're blind? >> it's one of the times that i really, really wish i could see. just so i could see the looks on their faces. >> reporter: over the last few years, trevor and his faithful dog have trekked across some of the nation's longest and toughest trails.
11:53 pm
2,175 miles of the appalachian trail, and all 2,654 of the pacific crest trail, a total of more than one thousand days and nights alone in the back country. >> it's a gift. >> reporter: ten years ago he lost his sight to a rare eye disease. but everything changed when he met eric weihenmayer, another man who kayaks, ice climbs and has even scaled everest. >> you did it! >> reporter: he gave me the strength when i didn't have it myself. >> reporter: now trevor is pushing the limits of what even sighted people can do. >> by all rules of nature, i'm a blind guy. i shouldn't be out here. >> reporter: on this winter day we followed them through icy climbs too steep for others. he relies on his heightened hearing to listen for subtle echos that sense changes into rain. >> up there it goes like the prow of a boat is what it sounds like. >> reporter: in front of us what are you sensing? >> lots of rock here, lots of rock here. probably about 75 feet of vertical right there.
11:54 pm
>> reporter: trevor has fallen more times than he can count. cracked a few ribs. the conditions constantly imposing considerable risk. >> good dog, let's go. >> reporter: but deep among the mountain peaks, he has learned to take in views differently. >> don't get me wrong. i would love to have my sight be. thank you one point in time i actually think i'm more fortunate. because sighted people will just remember what they see. and i take way from this everything. >> reporter: a man with a sixth sense for beauty and grandeur sharing his vision of what the blind can do. gadi schwartz, nbc news, salt lake city, utah. >> one more look at the forecast right after this break. are falling head over heels for
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
them, literally. after this touchdown on an interception by all-pro some carolina panthers fans
11:57 pm
falling head over heels for their team literally. watch this. after this touchdown by all pro carolina linebacker luke keuchly in tonight's nfc championship game, oh, you see that fan? one fan's jubilation turned to instant regret. watch carefully. here comes the fan. the linebacker is high-fiving everybody. and here comes the fan, trying to join in the celebration, falls over the wall and on to the field. keuchly, the gentleman that he is tries to give the fan a hand back up. some good news. looks like the only thing that really hurt for that guy was his ego. >> bad when you got to stop your touchdown celebration. >> it is really bad. but his team won. if his team had lost, that was like the worst day ever. the team wing. >> they're headed to santa clara. >> that's right. >> the weather here, we're watching a chance of light rain coming in for early tomorrow morning through about we think about lunchtime tomorrow. so for the morning, mid-40s
11:58 pm
outside. best chance for accumulating rain. we suspect it will be in the north bay. the trend for the middle part of the week. mild, mid- to upper 60s. tuesday through thursday should be almost spring-like weather for the south bay. and then a reminder. we've got one more weekend of january. and there you go. you've got some rain coming back for the end of the week, which means more snow in the sierra. had there been snow in carolina, this would have been bad. more snow headed our way. >> all right, rob. thanks very much. thank you for joining us. have a great night and a great week. ouncer: you're watching an nbc bay area news special.
11:59 pm
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