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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 25, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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the search for a missing san jose man believed to be mdered -- expands in the south bay. family and friends fan out near the bay, in hopes of finding kyle myrick. sam/2shot good morning, and thanks for joining us. i'm sam brock -- in for scott mcgrew. kris/2shot and i'm kris sanchez. kris/omni we have new developments in the search... kris/vo for a missing san jose man. kyle myrick was last see at a motorcycle dealer in san jose's cambrian neighborhood on friday morning. the next day -- officers arrested his co-worker at his home in los altos -- on suspicion of murder. yesterday -- myrick's family searched for him at lexington reservoir. and this morning -- his family and friends picked back up the search along the bay -- from palo al to alviso. sam/2box nbc bay area's bob redell is live farther north in menlo park -- with the latest on the expanding
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search area. bob/live the family of kyle myrick tells us that morning that san jose police are searching specific sites, the primary locations. unclear where those sites might be but what the family is doing is conducting searches of secondary locations where someone might dump a body like here in menlo park where we're here right now. this morning in mountain view it was kyle's stepfather who organized searches in waterways and marsh areas all the way north to palo alto. they expect this to go on throughout the day. you can see a small group of family and friends volunteered, along with a couple of strangers who heard about this on the news. even though san jose police are confident kyle was murdered, his stepfather is still hopeful kyle is alive. >> i am, yes. yeah. the family is. lots of friends are.
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it's hard but, you know, we're going to keep hoping and hopefully we'll find him. >> reporter: police believe kyle myrick was murdered by a co-worker at gp motor sports in san jose's cambrian district. that co-worker is steve lebo, the man on the right side of your screen. he's now in police custody. according to kyle's family, is not speaking with investigators. kyle had just transferred to that motorbike shop from the company's other location in the south bay, had only been working there for four days when he disappeared on friday. police will not go into specifics, but they believe lebo killed kyle inside what is now a scorched building next to the motor shop where both men worked. lebo was arrested saturday morning at his home on suspicion of murder. police also impounded his pickup truck, a 2003 gmc sierra 1500.
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police believe it might have been used in the crime. it is white, as i mentioned, and they want to know where it was between friday evening at 5:00 and saturday morning at 2:00. if this rings a bell with you, police would like to hear from you. e b redell, nbc bay area news. >> we'll continue to follow this andy at 5:00 and 6:00 tonight. police are looking for more information from the public so rested together this interactive map and timeline of the homicide starting with where he disappeared, where the suspected killer was arrested and where eolunteers continue to search for his body. stu can find that interactive map at two kayakers are recovering after being rescued by coast guard crews. this happened a little after r.ght fall right near kirby cove west of the golden gate bridge. was coast guard said one of the he sbrothers began taking on uth baand called 911. each guy was wearing a life jacket. happening today, the sexual
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charult trial of a former 49ers ent inegins in the south bay. a grand jury indicted ray mcdonald on rape charges back in august. it stems from an incident in his home back in december of 2014 the gr woman mcdonald had just indi mcdonald pled not guilty to ttery charges. if he's convicted, mcdonald faces up to eight years in prison. they also indicted ahmad brooks set misdemeanor sexual battery from an incident involving the arolinoman on the same night. the showdown for super bowl 50 is set. chris is happy because peyton stading and the denver broncos weeks the big game. he f're taking on cam newton and k s carolina panthers. stcourse that's at levi's stadium in less than two weeks. on the field, it's a soon-to-be hall of fame quarterback taking on an up and coming quarterback. >> off the field the action is already happening on the streets of san francisco, and this morning was the first real test sa those road closures that went s to effect for super bowl city.
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>> and did drivers pass? chuck is live in san francisco ke pkg==his morning. chuck how did commuters fare so far? >> reporter: sam and chris, within the first hour of the morning commute this intersection behind me was gridlocked. everybody was trying to turn right from this lane and that lane and they were not letting anybody on the other side of the embarcadero turn left until those fellows in the green jackets showed up, but that was several minutes. the other smart thing they did, they stopped traffic not at washington but all the way down there at broadway. that's a wider street, more lanes, far better than the bottleneck at washington. this morning san francisco commuters ran the gauntlet through the construction zone. heavy lifting is under way to build super bowl city, a series of entertainment venues wired for broadcast. >> not your normal commute. >> it's not. it's an exciting morning seeing everything go up so quickly. >> the commute was fine. a little challenging coming through, but i think it's only
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going to get worse. >> reporter: it got worse a lot sooner for drivers on the embarcadero. at washington street it took drivers as many as ten lights to turn left across traffic that from 8:00 a.m. to 8:20 had no one directing cars. a parking control sergeant finally got someone there. >> i'm a longshoreman. we get our jobs in san francisco and have to go back to oakland. my job started at 8:00 this morning. i'm late. >> i guess if we have the super bowl, it's great. but get the message out. we had a double long fire truck come through here. we have buses, we have, you know, commercial vehicles. there's no reason -- plan this thing out. >> it took 20 minutes to go two blocks. these guys didn't show up until 20 minutes after 8:00. >> yeah, we're going to work to make sure we're following our plan. we put our plan in place to ensure we're providing a service to the public and we'll follow our plans going forward every day. >> reporter: the best advice seems to be avoid the streets nearest the ferry building if
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possible. >> is battery street an alternative? >> battery is a good alternative, it's not backed up over there. it's over here before battery which is front street. so front street over here is all blocked off. >> reporter: on the good side, the transit authority spokesman said more people took mass transit into san francisco this morning. that's a good thing. commuters who were walking through that construction zone said, yeah, it looks like this week but next week when it's all plugged in and going, they're going to work from home. >> if only we could all work from home, or work for the super bowl. >> now we're talking. that's a good remote. thank you, chuck. here is another look at the moscs that are closed off to drivers. most of the closures are right around the embarcadero from where chuck was reporting but streets around the musconi center are also closed to traffic. preparations are under way s. the south bay including in san jose. t uking live at downtown right
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now where there will be plenty of experiences for fans as the big game nears. oume of them being set up right now at plaza de cesar chavez. s will be ready for fans ner ting friday going through super bowl sunday. and here's some new video this morning of levi's stadium. you can see the super bowl banner is ready to go. it is just one of the many e susformations happening in santa clara as well. to the the ambassador to it all, santa clara's mayor who is aginging out the super bowl welcome wagon this morning. we spoke to jamie matthews very early outside of his home. ew said his city is ready for the big game. >> we're a little less than two weeks. hard to believe because we've been talking about this nearly three years when the bid went in. so here we are in the home stretch, the countdown is coming. it's really exciting and i hope people understand what a historic opportunity this is for all of us to be part of something wonderful that will be unrivalled in the memories of
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the area. f-cthat countdown is coming, all right. n-f-c ty of santa clara posted a video of mayor matthews welcoming the broncos and the panthers right after last super s afc and nfc title games. uper bowl 50 is going to be played in two weeks on february the 7th. >> and ticket brokers say the bay area super bowl is a super hot ticket. you probably had friends and family calling you to see if you omve an inside connection. beat erage brokered price is up an $5300. ve pare that with last year's super bowl. brokered tickets to see the patriots beat the seahawks went ris/more than $4,000. five years back the packers against the steelers cost about $3500. and now let's check out that countdown clock. here are 13 days until the super bowl at levi's stadium. that gentlemen said he didn't know it was coming. oh, it's coming. >> you can't say we didn't warn you. we'll probably revisit the countdown clock. happening today the raiders
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and the coliseum authority are going to meet to discuss a possible lease extension for the 2016 season. here's a live look at the oakland coliseum. to los owner mark davis is going to be on hand for those private sessions. ecrlier in the month the nfl approved the rams move to los angeles. it also involved the san diego chargers who are in negotiations to possibly make the move to l.a. if the chargers decide not to go, the raiders do have another chance to move to l.a. for the 2017 season. meantime raiders fans made their eo.ces heard about the future of he team. they held a bit of a rally at jack london square yesterday. the group made a video to go along with it and hope to use it to urge the raiders to negotiate ot= al for a brand new stadium . theyland. t e organizer of that gathering her the new stadium should be "uilt on the current site. >> the nfl is a new ally. they like what the brain trust of the city of oakland is doing and so they're aligning right now and to work with the oakland raiders to get a new stadium deal signed here in oakland and
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we're excited about that. >> again, the raiders are expected to meet with the evliseum authority this morning about a possible lease extension. and switching gears now, a first look at the damage totals wildollars from last year's devastating lake county wildfire. california's insurance he artment has tallied those claims and it estimates that the valley wildfire caused $700 million in damage and that is just losses that are ensured. the totals do not cover uninsured losses nor damage to s up t property. another fire caused $300 million next ages to insured property. all of that adding up to more storm. billion dollars. up next at 11:00, let the sponing begin. the east coast trying to rebound after this weekend's epic snowstorm. plus a shakeup at twitter. the move is in response to dropping stock prices. i'm meteorologist kerry hall.
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some sun breaking out across the area and temperatures in the 60s. i'll detail what to expect the rest of the week. it's coming up in the microclimate forecast.
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==kris/ots== a shake up at twitter. some major changes are coming to the social media welcome back. a shakeup at twitter and some major changes coming to the social media company this week. appropriately enough, twitter's ceo jack dorsey is confirming on twitter that four top executives are leaving the company. they are the company's head of engineering, the head of product, the vp of global media and the vice president of human resources. twitter stock has hit the skids recently, falling from $40 a share a year ago to just 17 today. dorsey took over in october and hopes to revive the company he co-founded back in 2006. and to decision 2016 now and
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democratic presidential candidates are taking center stage in a primetime event just one week ahead of the iowa caucuses. hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley will take part in a town hall at drake university in des moines. each candidate will take the stage individually to answer questions from the audience. right now the polls show a very close race between clinton and sanders in iowa. this is the last democratic forum before next monday's caucuses. happening today, former president bill clinton is going to be on the peninsula. he's going to be here to raise money for his wife, hillary, at a stop in hillsborough. you can get a picture with him but it will cost $3,000 plus another $1,000 for admission. just getting into one of those events costs you $1,000. >> you can take a picture with me for free. saratoga teenager audrey pott took her own life four
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years ago after being cyberbullied by a classmate. tonight a new documentary will shine light on her story at the sundance film festival. it's called audrey and daisy and was made by two san francisco filmmakers. it features audrey pott who was passed out at a party, sexually assaulted and woke up to find cruel mess annuaages written al her body in marker. she committed suicide a week later. daisy was a teenager in missouri with a similar story and was also profiled in the film. audrey's family who saw the film in a private screening said it was moving and motivating. later today the pacifica city council expected to give a full damage assessment of its eroding cliffs. you can see how far the land has receded. waves were not so big yesterday but many of those homes are still in dangerous territory.
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the damage started to show up in mid-december. many folks are saying they're being forced out of their homes with little to no warning and they have no other place to go. on friday pacifica city manager declared a state of emergency. that's the first step forward toward getting state and federal help to rebuild. happening now, freezing temperatures are slowing the removal process of record snowfall from the mid-atlantic to the northeast as thousands of people are still digging their way out of their homes this morning. >> if you have relatives out there, you know they have a permanent snow day for multiple days. edward lawrence is in washington where this punishing storm blasted right through the weekend. >> reporter: we know that we're going to be dealing with snow the next several days. >> reporter: now, the story turns to storm cleanup. cities dig out while dealing with below freezing temperatures. >> the roads are okay. the main roads are great, they're open, they're flowing and there's a lot of spots they haven't touched yet and a lot of mess out there. >> reporter: at least 30 deaths
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are blamed on the storm. many of them came from traffic accidents, others from heart attacks related to shoveling the snow after it fell. several roofs also collapsed from the storm. >> getting back to business as usual is going to take a considerable amount of time. >> reporter: some neighborhoods still buried because plows can't get there yet. chris gephardt can't see out of his window. >> our second floor window completely covered in snow. >> reporter: rescue crews still responding to emergencies on streets covered with snow. the mayor of baltimore could not give a timeline for clearing the streets. >> given the condition of many of our streets, i believe it is safest for all citizens to minimize traffic on our roads. >> reporter: on the eastern shore of new jersey, it's flooding, not snow causing problems, but in d.c. residents are making the best of a cold, uncomfortable situation. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. >> that is cool to see the white house or the state capitol there with the snow. >> i totally challenge you to a
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snowball fight. we're going to have a rain nino association pretty soon. >> we are taking a break from the rain and we're also taking a look at mainly cloudy skies across the bay area but we're also getting some peeks. 54 in san francisco and the east bay peninsula at 55 degrees. as we drop in on the east bay there are some readings from 53 degrees in livermore to 61 degrees now in oakland and it's 56 degrees now in castro valley, walnut creek now at 55 degrees and the north bay checking in at 53 so let's take it hour by hour in san jose. as you head out for lunchtime, we're in the lower 60s. we will feel that all throughout the day. with that sunshine, it will feel very comfortable. as we go into the rest of our microclimates, we're seeing in the peninsula it's going to be up to 62 degrees. 59 degrees in the mission district.
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and in fairfield we're up to 64 degrees in antioch, 65 in pleasanton, looking at 61 degrees. the only concern we have will be some high waves moving in tomorrow. even though we have some quiet weather, there's still some storm systems offshore and moving to the north of us that could create some strong winds and large waves moving into the bay area. our models show that even on thursday we'll have another system moving in that may create even some higher waves, so that could create some beach erosion and dangerous conditions, some rip currents for our coastal waters. as our temperatures warm up, you will feel highs reaching up to 68 degrees in the south bay on wednesday. and then the peninsula, we're up from the low 60s to start to the mid-60s by the middle of the week. in san francisco, low 60s there. north bay up to 63 degrees, wednesday 66 in the east bay and the tri-valley up to 65 degrees. so we have this dry pattern that's been here as high
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pressure continues to move in. it's steering the jetstream and those weather systems farther to the north, but there will be a change in that pattern as we go into the weekend. another cold front will be moving in and that will bring in a chance of some showers from friday into saturday. so our weekend forecast will be still nice and comfortable in the upper 50s to the low 60s for the south bay peninsula and san francisco. and then after that weather system moves out, we will have some cooler air moving in on sunday. mainly dry and highs reaching into the mid to upper 50s. back to you, sam and kris. >> sounds lovely, thank you very much. >> we'll be right back with more right after this. message from the city of san
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francisco - in its plan to critics are calling is a mixed message from the city of san francisco in its plan to reportedly purchase 150 state-of-the-art cameras. the chronicle reports that the mta, metropolitan transportation agency, is looking to upgrade its traffic monitoring system
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with high-tech cameras but the agency is focusing on cameras ideally suited for facial recognition. while city representatives insist that they're only monitoring traffic, some critics believe the cameras may be used as a surveillance tool which could violate people's privacy. one east bay city going to set the reset button on rebates. last year rebates up to $50 for reducing water usage 30%. the contra costa times has issued nearly $2.5 million worth of rebates. at the same time it's only received $2 million in fines for exceeding water limits which did not balance it out so city council members plan to eliminate the rebates but preserve the water reduction requirements. tomorrow santa clara county leaders plan to get a first look at some of the big ideas to renovate the fairgrounds.
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supervisors are hoping to breathe new life into the santa clara county fairgrounds. earlier this month some of them visited the site to see where it could use an upgrade. there are several proposals on the table, but there is no plan in place just yet. supervisors hope to narrow down the options during tomorrow's regularly scheduled meeting. up next at 11:00, this is great. how would you feel about never carrying cash again because there's no cash allowed? the country making a big push to do away with cash altogether in the next 15 years. before we go to the break, a big showdown tonight at oracle arena, the two top teams in the nba squaring off about eight hours from now. 38-6 san antonio spurs are taking on the 40-4 golden state warriors in what could be a western conference finals preview. coverage begins at 5:00 on comcast sportsnet bay area. tipoff is set for 7:30. we'll be back in a minute. made an emergency landing
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overnight after severe turbulence injured seven an american airlines flight made an emergency landing overnight after severe turbulence. you don't hear this too often. and it injured seven people on board. >> the turbulence was so severe the injured passengers and crew members had to go to a nearby hospital. it was a flight headed to milan, which was diverted to canada where tamron hall picks up the story. passengers were seen shaken up after that terrifying ordeal. >> reporter: terror in the sky. >> glad to be on the ground. >> reporter: this morning 192 passengers heading from miami to milan are not waking up in their final destination. american airlines flight 206 was just hours into the flight when it hit severe turbulence. >> the plane actually dropped. >> we went on the side and everything went flying and people -- yeah, it was pretty intense. >> reporter: while the seat belt light was turned on during the turbulence, passengers say flight attendants were standing
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in the cabin. after injuries were diverterepo the flight was diverted to newfoundland. >> emergency response vehicles. it's a standard procedure. >> reporter: paramedics and up to half a dozen ambulances were seen on the tarmac to evaluate passengers and crew. according to american airlines, three flight attendants and four passengers were transported to a local hospital for further evaluation. a bump in the trip. >> i should be in milan at this point, but we're here. >> reporter: as many tried to see the bright side. >> but i'm glad to be in newfoundland. always wanted to come here. not under these circumstances. >> tamron hall reporting there. while the extent of the injuries have not been revealed, a passenger said they ranged from a concussion to a shoulder injury. an american airlines spokesperson said they are working with the crew to get them back on the aircraft. according to the american airlines website, the flight is scheduled to take off later
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tonight. >> pretty scary. happening right now, something else scary for very different reasons. a new reward being offered to track down three violent inmates who escaped and are still on the loose from a southern california jail. they are offering up to $50,000 for information. investigators say the inmates cut through steel bars and plumbing ducts, then proceeded to rappel down from the jail's roof. yesterday the orange county sheriff said that so far there are no sightings to report and there's no reason to believe that those inmates have fled the country. it's been more than two years since the u.s. supreme court overturned a law that defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman. and then of course this past summer gay marriage became legal throughout the land. >> however, it's not stopping pension plan leaders to use the law from getting out of paying benefits. our own janelle wang has the
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story. >> reporter: robert and tom got married in 2008 in san francisco. four years after tom conwell died of a terminal pran disease, his husband is still trying to collect. he worked as a telecommunications engineer for more than 30 years. he and his husband applied for disability pension benefits after tom first got sick. >> so mr. conwell passed away in 2012 and mr. pritchard was denied a spousal benefit because the couple was in a same-sex marriage. he was denied a benefit even though the plan defines spouse as a person to whom they are legally married. >> she is suing, trying to get the estimated $900 a month she says he's owed. >> the whole thing has been very hard for him. he's getting letters saying his husband was considered single. >> reporter: she says the union
11:33 am
are not involved, only the board of trust ease. even though it was deemed unconstitutional in 2013. >> it's very clear doma has unconstitutional for more than two years. to rely on it now when it never barred paying the benefit in the first place doesn't make sense. >> reporter: she said if this wasn't a same-sex story, this would be a different story. >> tom was approved for a disability pension. if he had been married to a woman it would be a joint pension for both of their lifetimes. because he was married to a man, he was treated as single. >> we have left several messages for attorneys for the pension plan and we were told they were unavailable for comment. now something that may be a sign of the times, maybe it's revolutionary, the slow demise of cash payments. no cash. we're seeing it to some extent in this country. >> or every day in my life. in sweden, they are aiming for a completely cashless society by 2030 and are well on their way.
11:34 am
kel kelly cobiella has more. >> reporter: they have traded the collection plate for the collect-o-mat. nearly all giving here is by plastic or app. >> we have seen a tremendous increase, especially among young people. >> reporter: across this country of nine million, at coffee shops and lunch counters, everyone of every age is going cashless. >> i've always used cards, wherever i go. taxis, shops, everything. >> reporter: sweden still prints money, but less of it. only about 20% of transactions are in cash. in the u.s., it's 40%. atms are disappearing and most major banks won't accept cash deposits. with new technology, the cashless economy is open to almost anyone. no spare change for the magazine to help the homeless? no problem. companies like shoe store swedish say they have lowered their costs.
11:35 am
no need for a register, safe or trips to the bank. the museum is cash-free. no bills means less risk of theft. there's no doubting the convenience of paying for just about everything with these. but what does that mean for cold, hard cash? are the days of printing money coming to an end? the former national police chief hopes not. take away cash, he says, and consumers are at the mercy of banks and bank fees. >> we've moved the power from bank of sweden to four major commercial banks. >> reporter: plus cash thefts are down, but fraud is way up. another downside, impulse buys. >> so easy. and i got new shoes. >> reporter: easy to buy, and when you're not using cash, nearly impossible to hide. kelly cobiella, sweden.
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from the dotcom boom to the super bowl boom, it's already red-hot silicon valley, the real estate at least, and it's getting even hotter. >> is that even possible? apparently it is. homeowners and drivers alike are, get this, hoping to cash in. scott budman has the business of the super bowl. >> reporter: before watching the game here, super bowl visitors can camp out here, if you have a lot of cash. >> we're looking to get $3,000 a night. >> reporter: joe just put his three bedroom willow glen home on craigslist and airbnb. he's already heard from potential rentiers. >> you know, when you're in the area of where the super bowl is going to be, you start to hear that talk and then you start to think about it. >> reporter: according to search engine, vacation rentals will jump 150% during
11:37 am
the week of the super bowl. and it's not just housing that's extra hot. people are selling rides around town too. >> i just posted recently that if you want a ride to the best french place, let me know. by the way, i have a wedding to pay for. >> reporter: think of it as the latest gold rush here in silicon valley. >> are you optimistic about someone taking you up on it? >> absolutely. >> reporter: with lots of optimism and money to go around. in santa clara, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> i'll keep tabs on that guy and see whether or not he got the three grand a night. we have some incredible pieces of art across the bay area but some say one of the most important pieces of art is kind of tucked away. >> joe rosato jr. shows us how they are teaming up to get more eyes on it. >> reporter: art can show up at some of the darndest places.
11:38 am
follow the signs and you'll eventually end up in front of what many call a masterpiece. >> diego painted this mural. >> reporter: adorning the vast walls of the diego rivera theater is a colorful fresco that artists painted 75 years ago. >> he paints this. actual painting took four months ago. >> reporter: some 50 years ago it moved to the college and ended up here. >> the upside is the mural can be seen. the downside is you can't get far enough away from it to see the duality. >> physics professor will has watched over the mural. >> i'm a self-appointed historian. >> reporter: he can tell you the backstory of just about every bit of the fresco's detailed imagery. >> a whole masonic subtext. >> reporter: he does what he can to promote the mural. still, he says it's mostly unknown. >> basically my goal is for it
11:39 am
to be common knowledge and for the mural to be readily accessible. >> reporter: to achieve that goal, he says the mural needs to move. >> we hope to move this to a better venue. a good venue would be the performing arts center, which we hope to build across the street. >> reporter: the mural has been painstakingly studied all its life, but nothing close to the scrutiny it got a couple weeks ago. >> that's pretty cool. >> reporter: carla and mark of cultural heritage imaging spent days capturing the mural in ultra high resolution 3-d photos. >> we went in and we shot 1500 pictures. >> reporter: the images don't just show the intricate detail of the painting, they show what lies beneath it. >> if we zoom, in week take the color off and seeing all of the plaster work. that's the plaster surface of the mural. >> reporter: the idea of the photograph is to help reveal the condition of the fresco and what, if anything, needs to be done in order to move it. >> he's a genius.
11:40 am
>> reporter: but the photos also create a modern day record of rivera's work. >> today we can say that we have the data in the bank for the diego rivera mural such that people who are not yet born will be able tone joy the mural. >> there's an indian up there with a deer head. >> reporter: by moving the mural someplace more caprominent it wl become a campus standout. >> he must have had a big smile on his face, oh, they're going to enjoy this. up next at 11:00, a story of true gratitude. this hiker doesn't need his sight to see nature. we'll show you how he finds his way around the great outdoors. >> we're enjoying some great weather. sunshine and temperatures are warming up too. i'll talk about what to expect the rest of the week as we take a sigh of relief. that's coming up in a few minutes. can accomplish. trevor
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thomas's life changed a nice reminder of how much we can accomplish. trevor thomas's life changed dramatically a decade ago when he lost his sight. >> he has found a path forward that has taken him to heights he never dreamed of.
11:44 am
>> reporter: on this bright, sun-filled utah day, trevor thomas sets out with no idea where each foot step will fall. >> find the trail. >> reporter: you'd never guess watching him trek through the forest with his dog, especially if you're trying to keep up. >> this is not easy to do at all. >> reporter: he's quick to say hello to those he passes along the way. but most of oblivious to the fact that trevor doesn't see them, he only hears them. behind his shades, trevor thomas is completely blind. >> what's the reaction when they find out you're blind? >> it's one of the times that i really, really wish that i could see, just so i could see the looks on their face. >> reporter: over the last few years, trevor and his faithful dog have trekked across some of the nation's longest and toughest trails. 2,175 miles of appalachian trail and all 2,654 miles of the pacific crest trail, with a total of more than 1,000 days and nights alone in the
11:45 am
backcountry. >> i take each step adds a gift. >> ten years ago he lost his sight to a rare eye disease but everything changed when he met another blind man that kayaks, ice climbs and has even scaled everest. >> he gave me the strength when i didn't have it myself. >> reporter: now trevor is pushing the limits of what even sighted people can do. >> by all rules of nature, i'm a blind guy. i shouldn't be out here. >> reporter: we followed him and tenille through icy climbs. he relies on his heightened hearing that allow him to sense changes in terrain. >> up there it just goes like the bow of a boat. >> what are you sensing? >> lots of rock here, lots of rock here. probably about 75 feet of vertical. >> reporter: trevor has fallen more times than he can count and even cracked a few ribs. at times his ability seems super human, the conditions posing considerable risk. but deep among the mountain
11:46 am
peaks, he's learned to take in the views differently. >> don't get me wrong, i'd love to have my sight but this one point in time i actually think i'm more fortunate because sighted people will just remember what they see and i take away from this everything. >> reporter: a man with a sixth sense for beauty and grandeur, sharing his vision of what the blind can do. a big congratulations is in order for a team of fremont students. they won their regional competition for the 2016 national insurance bowl. here's video from last year's competition but the students from hopkins junior high will move on to compete at the national finals in washington, d.c., this april. the national science bowl is one of the nation's largest science competitions with more than 14,000 students competing each year. so glad they call the bay area home. >> absolutely. they probably understand things right now at the age of 10 or 11
11:47 am
that we would never be able to grasp through our entire life. kari hall is here with a look at the microclimate forecast. >> and we are looking at some nice, quiet weather. we just had some low clouds, fog, mist and drizzle as we take a look at the time lapse from ocean beach today. we've seen just a little bit more sun there. it's starting to peek out from behind those clouds. as we head closer to the lunchtime hour, but it's been a nice start to the day. we'll be watching the waves over the next couple of days. a look at all the microclimates and our temperatures as we warm up in the south bay. it's 58 degrees. as we drop in to get a closer look, 60 degree readings downtown and it's 55 in morgan hill and san martin is at 57 degrees. so our temperatures heading upward and reaching into the upper 50s to near 60 in livermore. we're up to 59 by 4:00 and then more clouds moving in as we go
11:48 am
into this evening and lows dropping back into the mid-40s. so a look at all the microclimates. we're up to 63 at san jose, 62 in palo alto, the embarcadero up to 63 today and 64 in fairfield while oakland reaches 62 degrees. 61 in pleasanton so these temperatures right at about average, maybe trending slightly above. i talked about the big waves we'll be watching and here's the reason why. even though we don't have any weather systems moving into the bay area, there are some out there in the pacific and they will create some large waves. we may even have some higher waves as another storm system approaches by the end of the week so we'll be watching out for that. take a look at the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. here's a look at the three-day forecast as we see those temperatures going up a few degrees each day and a mixture of sun and clouds. so staying very dry. it's about time we get some rain in here so let's see when it will happen.
11:49 am
dry high pressure keeping those weather systems farther to the north through the week but then as we head into friday, saturday, a cold front will be moving in and that will bring in our next chance of rain. so as we look ahead to the weekend, highs will be topping out in the upper 50s for the east bay, tri-valley and the north bay. we're into the lower 60s for the south bay and then by saturday we'll start to see that rain pouring down. it moves out on sunday. once it does so, our highs will be a few degrees cooler, reaching into the mid to upper 50s, but it looks like we will be warming up once again as we head into next week. sam and kris? >> thank you very much. up next at 11:00, changes in the way you file your taxes. we'll show them to you as tax day looms just a few months a y away. stay on top of incoming storms by setting your smart tone to weather on the nbc bay area app. just click on the icon in the top left corner of your screen, then click on the button that
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says set your start screen. then weather and done. it really is that easy. that will give you exactly what you need to know when you need to know it. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri and that's how you stay informed on the nbc bay area app. coming up after nbc bay area at 11:00, access hollywood live followed by days of our lives at 1:00 p.m. it was benjamin franklin who
11:51 am
11:52 am
said something to the effect of...'nothing is certain butdea only one of these thing well, it was benjamin franklin who said something like nothing is certain but death and taxes. >> only one of those is right around the corner. the process of filing your taxes will be a little different than years past. the details come to us from nbc's chris clackum. >> reporter: first off for filing your 2015 taxes this year, if you're prone to procrastinate, you're going to have four extra days to file
11:53 am
this year. the deadline has been moved to april the 18th. that's because it's a leap year and there will be a february 29th. plus friday the 15th is a holiday in washington, d.c. where the irs is headquartered. something else different this year are the 1095 forms, which you'll have to file describing where you purchased your health insurance. the penalty for not having health insurance goes up considerably to $325 or 2% of taxable income, whichever is greater. also going up is the number of taxpayers who file electronically, which means those due a refund that, by the way, average $2,797 last year will get them this year quicker. another reason to file quickly, though, do it before an identity thief does. the irs says cyber crooks are as busy as ever at stealing social security numbers and filing
11:54 am
false claims where they, not you, pocket the refund. chris clackum, nbc news. >> like that medicine, you've just got to take it, do it, get it over with. >> we'll try. we'll be right back. kris/3shot it's a
11:55 am
11:56 am
record-breaking journey across the pacific. a crew of women rowers arrived in australia ... after spendi it is a record-breaking journey across the pacific. a crew of women rowers arrived in australia after spending 235 days at sea. >> and they definitely had a system to do this.
11:57 am
so the four british women began the row in san francisco in april of last year. they rowed 24 hours a day, but they did it in two-hour shifts with stops in hawaii and samoa to restock on supplies and probably catch up on some rest. along the 9,718 hef mile journey, they had several sharks follow them for weeks at a time. the rowers are the first female team and first four-person boat to ever actually row the pacific. what an accomplishment there. >> they must get along pretty well. can you imagine? >> i could not. my reaction was the same thing as yours. as soon as i heard sharks, i thought oh, no way. hours of grueling work, sure. but sharks, i don't think so. >> they were very brave. >> i bet they rowed a little faster. thanks for joining us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. >> you can also get the latest information all day at we'll see you again for the news at 5:00. we hope you have a great day.
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i think you've done that, look good with it. today on "access hollywood live," it's kitty, katie, and kinicky. she's working on a big new gig involving social media, which i love. you can help us with that. >> any time, any time. i'm tweeting right now. >> look who's here, karla from "dancing with the stars." >> what's going on? >> you're going to be hicky from kinicky on "grease live." >> hickies for everybody today. >> joining us live from sun dance, talk about their powerful new film everybody's talking about. >> it is the big buzz at the festival and a real passion project. "access hollywood live" starts right now. >> stand


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