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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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mountainview to continue to search for the 28-year-old. about 75 people concentrated their search at the bay's edge at palo alto. after viewing the jailhouse interview with her son's accused killer, kyle's mother said she doesn't believe him. >> i think he's lying. and you know, he's putting blame on other people. >> reporter: she said she's convinced her son may still be alive and hlebo knows where he is. a question we asked him today. do you have any idea where his body might be? >> i don't know. >> reporter: myrick's family says they're determined to keep scouring the bay area until they find kyle. >> i just want him back. >> reporter: hlebo told me that after kyle went missing, he left work, then drove around for hours even driving all the way to santa cruz before he returned home to los altos and was arrested early in the morning for homicide. now, he says that police tried to convince him that he was the killer. police are going to have a press
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conference here in just a half an hour. we're going to ask them about that and we'll have more details on the case coming up at 6:00. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> if you'd like to watch more of her interview with the suspect, visit our website. there we've posted the unedited video in its entirety. also you'll find an interactive map and timeline of the homicide. it shows where kyle myrick disappeared, where police arrested his suspected killer and where volunteers are searching for his body. again, you can find that at el nino is bringing new problems to pacifica. just hours ago the city told dozens of homeowners they had to get out of their homes because their homes are no longer safe to live in. we're joined live from pacifica where in less than two hours, the city council is expected to certify this as an emergency declaration. >> reporter: that's right. we're here in the back patio
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area of one of the ground floor units where the reason they're being told they have to leave is pretty hard to miss. the city of pacifica is already dealing with an overall pending state of emergency for the area, but the situation at this apartment complex on esplanade avenue shows officials apparently believe dangerous conditions are very much at the breaking point. now, the residents at this apartment building have been rushing to grab and take whatever possessions they can after the city began to yellow tag the building late this afternoon. meaning it was no longer safe for occupants. the tag says recent bluff failures have resulted in unsafe conditions and that erosion has undermined the building. that sent many people packing since they have been told they can't stay overnight. >> yes. the cliffs, as you watch them, you can see the sand crumbling. >> reporter: what were your thoughts as they came to yellow tag the building? >> surprise. >> reporter: why? >> because there was plenty of bluff left, it seemed like. but there wasn't. >> reporter: do you feel like
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this is the right decision, though? >> oh, yes, sir. >> reporter: but some residents say the city is overreacting. >> i don't even know who came here with the sign. then the police are here saying we have a few hours to leave. no, i'm not leaving. this is a safe place. if it was to fall, there's plenty of warnings put in place that we can get in our cars and leave. >> reporter: now, many of the residents have left the building, but some headed to that city council meeting tonight to protest what they called the forced evacuation. coming up at 6:00, more on what they plan to tell the city council. live in pacifica, robert handa. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we get a break from the coast and the skies, but how long of a break? >> not too long. unfortunately high pressure sitting off shore is keeping us dry today but our next storm system will be quickly approaching by friday. that's really going to set off another series of storms
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expected to move towards the bay area. not superwet friday but definitely rainfall returning. but here's the other thing we're watching. two high surf events this week that will come even without rain at times. you can see once we hit tuesday's forecast, we could see waves from 12 to 15 feet at the immediate coastline. rough surf expected tomorrow as there's so many storms just churning up in the pacific hoping to keep it active. also by thursday another high surf event impacting point reyes, pacifica and down to santa cruz. more bad news for folks right up against the immediate companiesline. we're also tracking several different storms. in the next ten days we could have 1 to 3 inches of rain. we'll let you know when the storms move in in my complete forecast. >> we'll see you in a little bit. great way to stay on top of all the storms this winter is through our nbc bay area app.
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all you need to do is click on the weather tab for our live satellite radar. that's available to you 24 hours a day. happening right now, san francisco is transforming into super bowl city. and that means all the street closures are turning into a supermess. this is a live look at all the activity going on right now here at the plaza, parts of the embarcadero and neighborhood streets sh down this past weekend. today was the real test, the first weekday. simply put, it's gridlock out there. >> we're live at the embarcadero where that normal commute south has come to a screeching halt. >> reporter: it certainly has. the pop-up city that's the super bowl city has taken over the southbound lanes of the embarcadero. cars are being redirected up washington, and it is a very slow crawl. at rush hour this morning it took a half hour to go three blocks. >> my job started at 8:00 this morning. i'm late. >> reporter: even hours later traffic was, in a word -- >> bad. >> reporter: figure five minutes
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per block. >> this is like on a long holiday weekend. >> reporter: even this guy was stuck. anything you guys can do about it? >> it's not up to us. >> reporter: the nfl, the host committee and sponsors seem to be in charge. they're putting up cell towers. levi's building a mini store made out of shipping containers and verizon is building what they call a kiosk. looks to be the world's biggest. >> they'll be giving away tickets and interactive stuff for the fans is what they're telling me. >> reporter: please wait could be the motto for the next three weeks in sfan. it was a lighter than usual monday for merchants in the ferry building. because of the construction, you think? >> exactly. >> reporter: diva international salon is inside the area that's been shut down to traffic. but the owner is optimistic. >> we got tons of product coming in, tons of specials, tons of giveaways. >> reporter: if you're positive, they will come, he told me. and like the fans from denver and carolina, right now it's all
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about the hope and promise unless you got to drive through it. is the super bowl going to be good for your business or no? >> i don't think so. >> reporter: we have a map of the area that will be affected during super bowl week. let's go to that. the red areas are the event space closed off to all traffic. the blue lanes that you see will be for local residents who lib and work on those streets only. and the orange areas? they will be open to emergency traffic and to vehicles that have proper credentials. so it's going to be a mess during super bowl week. probably going to be as bad as it is today or worse for the next three weeks. reporting from the embarcadero at washington, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. in the south bay super bowl preparations are speeding ahead. the banner for the big game is firmly in place on levi's stadium. that's one of many
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transformations taking place. we'll take you live to san jose where the plaza to cesar chavez will be turned into an outdoor cafe and beer garden. the party in the park begins this friday and extends through super bowl sunday. there are just 12 days until the super bowl at levi's stadium. >> it will be another live look at the growing super bowl city at the foot of market. you can get a closer look at it. you can see that football field and several other stages. what you don't see are people in that area or cars because, as mark told us, the area's going to be closed to drivers until after the super bowl, until february 12th. >> you can track super bowl traffic on our website. click on traffic and you can see a map which you can move to the area where you're headed and check it out. that's fund-raiser in chief. tonight former president bill clinton is in the area to raise
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money for his wife's presidential campaign. the hillary for america fund-raiser is happening at the hillsboro home of congresswoman jackie spear. he'll also be at a breakfast reception tomorrow in san francisco hosted by investment banker sandy robertson. hillary clinton's campaign has so far raised $112 million for the primary election. somebody knows something. that's what southern california authorities are saying tonight about the jail break that's launched an intense manhunt. making a plea to the public to help police track down these three men which they say are violent. the inmates escaped from the jail in santa ana on friday. investigators say the men most likely cut through steel bars and plumbing ducts before climbing to the roof and then rappelling down several stories using a rope. >> a disturbance occurred right around that time potentially as a way to distract staff and delay the physical body count. we haven't confirmed that it's
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related, but we suspect that there's a possibility. >> all three were serving time for what police describe as disturbing violent crimes including mutilation and murder. authorities believe two of the inmates may have gang ties. they are digging out from the deadly blizzard that hit the east coast. 30 people are dead and thousands of roads are still blocked by snow drifts. take a look at what people are dealing with. countless smaller cities are complaining about the snow plows saying crews have not reached them at all. and residents are stuck. and look at this, at airports passengers still stranded after the blizzard forced 12,000 night cancellations. airport officials say it could be a few days before everyone makes it home. still ahead, the damage done in southern new jersey where some say they experienced flooding worse than superstorm sandy. "nightly news" with lester hold begins at 5:30. >> what detectives want you to see as they work to solve the
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south bay mystery. and a rattly ride for east bay drivers as a pothole puts a damper on the morning commute. i'm in concord with a warning from caltrans coming up. and i'm scott budman speaking of the super bowl we've got a new way to travel. coming up, an exclusive look at how the teams will travel to the bay area. in the days ahead of the super
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bowl, hundreds of thousands of
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people are expected to descend on the bay area, many in the days ahead of the super bowl hundreds of thousands of people are expected to descend on the bay area. many of them flying in and out of sfo. now, the superrich have a new luxurious way to travel around the bay area. our scott budman is live in san jose with a first look inside the super bowl hub of silicon valley. scott? >> reporter: absolutely, sxwresic ka. the official opening is about to take place behind me. soon this place will be buzzing with broncos and panthers headed to the super bowl. it's a lot different than the way most of us fly -- quiet, no security lines. this is the new 10,000 square foot executive terminal around the back of san jose international airport. built by signature flight support an $82 million oasis that's modern, relaxing and soon-to-be the destination of super bowl teams. >> the entire focus of this team
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has been driven around the schedule for the super bowl to make sure that we were open in time, operationally that we were doing our best with service. >> reporter: nfl big wigs and athletes will fly into and out of here during super bowl week. when the game is over, the hangars will largely be the domain of high flying silicon valley techies. >> they support the demand in our valley for those that want to fly when they want to fly rather than when airline schedules dictate. >> reporter: a different way to travel for those like super bowl teams who have the means. but at the same time there was some good news from this terminal for the rest of us. building the terminal created about 200 part-time construction jobs and now has created about 100 full-time jobs. scott budman, nbc bay area news. san francisco international is expected to be jam packed super bowl week. the airport says 1.3 million
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passengers will pass through the terminals. the busiest day will be monday the day after the big game when the airport will see a 50% increase in departing passengers. if you are one of those thousands prepare to check in three hours before your departure time. the skies may be dry tonight but the recent series of storms have left a few scars. we're talking about potholes like the one on highway 242 in concord. that damaged half a dozen cars today. caltrans said it wasn't their only trouble spot. drivers are being warned to be extra cautious this winter. >> reporter: janelle, people driving along 242 in concord this morning hit more than just a bump in the road. about a dozen or so driver hs blowouts right on the freeway. and caltrans says it's likely just the start of a rattling storm season. >> i hit something.
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>> reporter: he describes the bumpy ride he and other drivers on highway 242 in concord had to deal with this morning. montano was among a half dozen commuters who got flat tires after driving over a big pothole on the freeway. >> five or ten minutes, boom another car, almost like seven, eight cars at the same time. >> we were just driving on the freeway, and then we saw a big hole on the freeway. then we hit it. >> reporter: miguel guzman and his buddy hit it, too, ruining not one but two tires. >> other cars having the same problem at the same time. >> reporter: caltrans said they have to do emergency pothole repairs on four bay area freeways this morning. they say potholes are inevitable during storm system. and with el nino in the mix, crews are swamped. >> we're just getting started. it's going to be a long winter for us. the predictions about the severity of el nino come true, then we'll have a lot of work
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over the next several months. >> reporter: caltrans said drivers should be extra cautious in storms. make sure you give yourself plenty of space between your car and the car in front of you and be ready to react to changing driving conditions. reporting live in concord, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. let's get a check of our forecast with jeff ranieri. >> nice forecast for us. we currently are still tracking some dry conditions. but remember, you can get more information on incoming storms on that scrolling seven-day forecast at the bottom of your screen. let's go ahead and take you outside to the sky camera network right now. temperatures are cool, still comfortable outside. the clowe cover increasing south bay at 59, east bay at 57, san francisco 55 and the north bay at 56. for tomorrow morning, the biggest change we'll undergo is
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big tulle-y fog in the bay area. starting us off with foggy skies in the north bay, 41 degrees and you need the jacket and probably not the sunglasses. thick areas of patchy dense fog and south bay will begin at 45. let's dig a little deeper on the layers of the forecast. primarily, the main reason we continue have any rainfall is high pressure off store. that's steering the storm activity off to the north. again for tomorrow, what we'll see with relatively quiet conditions aloft is this tulle-xwrrks ftulle-y fog. you can see that over to contra costa, solano with fog lingering into san francisco. we'll find patch of clouds down to the south bay. the models aren't showing that too well but i think we cannot rule this out. the low clouds hang around until about 10:30 in the morning tomorrow contra costa and solano counties.
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then everybody gets blue sky. looks like a beautiful day. in terms of our next storm system, we'll need to wait and that's good news because our recent rains will be able to soak into the ground and help to mitigate any kind of flooding issues. the next storm arrives friday by 6:00 a.m. not a big storm system, but the return of a wetter weather pattern. with the storms it is a good idea to keep an eye on what's happening up across the sierra. the highest snow pack to date since 2011. so more good news continues here as we slowly chip away at the drought. 129% of average in the northern sierra, central sierra, 118%. let's take you to the micro climate forecast for tomorrow. we'll have sunshine from noon into the afternoon. that will leave us with 65 in san jose. for the peninsula, palo alto at 64. north bay, east bay and tri-valley, remember we mentioned the east bay will have that thick morning fog. so walnut creek may only get up
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to 59 degrees. then back here towards the tri-valley, we're looking at also upper 50s and low 60s. so where do we go from here in the forecast? dry weather, high pressure off shore all the way through thursday. friday to sunday, rainy pattern returns, then get this, february 2nd into the 9th four possible storms which still means likely wet weather for the super bowl. we'll be here to track it. ladies? >> thank you, jeff. in need of a lifeline? the actions they want the governor to take because of the crippled crab season. unraveling a mystery in the south bay. house they hope these photos will lead to a break in a homicide case. as we wait for the next round of rain, a reminder -- >> stay on top of incoming storms by setting the home screen on your smartphone to weather on the nbc bay area app. click on the icon in the top corner of the screen, then click on the button that says set your
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start screen. all you have to do is set weather and click done. that will give you exactly what you need to know when you need to know it. i'm terry mcsweeney. that's the way to stay informed. new at five-- new evidence which
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could help solve a year-old murder mystery in the south bay. == new at 5:00, new evidence
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which could help solve a year-old murder mystery in the south bay. the fbi has created this sculpture of jamne doe. a woman found in the mountains in 2014. she's believed to have been 15 to 24 years old with brown hair. she was wearing this small-sized short sleeve peasant blouse and size zero jeans. her height is estimated under 5'4". in december 2014 her body was found in the hills off highway 9 in saratoga. no details on how she died but the sheriff's department says her death was a homicide. built too poorly to detonate. that's how investigators describe a bomb left behind by the terror suspects. sources say that syed farook and tashfeen malik drove around trying to detonate the bomb. the device left in a bag consisted on three pipe bombs.
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investigators later found the remote in the couple's suv after that deadly shoot-out with police. disaster declarations are usually associated with earthquakes or fire, not seafood. but lawmakers from california's coastal district are asking governor brown to declare their region federal disaster areas because of crab season. toxic levels of algae found in crabs delayed the start of the crab harvest last fall. warmer ocean waters are blamed. now there was hope the season could resume, but the toxin is still there and the holidays are behind us now. that's the greatest time for demand for crab. the declaration would allow crab fi fishermen to access federal aid. ceo jack dorsey says they all left voluntarily but the departures are not sitting well with investors. twitter stocks were down 70% since last april. the social media company has struggled to increase its user base which has stalled at about 300 million people. bay area hotels cashing in
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on the super bowl. up next, the million dollar package one place is offering and what you get for it. telling on your neighbors. new
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numbers released show how often people are calling to complain about water wasrs coming up tonight at 6:00, telling on your neighbors. how often people are calling to
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complain about water wasters. that's tonight on 6:00. super bowl 50 is inspiring local hotels to get creative. the million dollar super bowl package at san francisco's fairmont includes six game tickets, four nights in the penthouse suite, luxury transportation to levi's stadium, your own chef and bartender. the sir francis drake hotel in san francisco is offering deluxe rooms, game tickets, a preparty and lots of super bowl swag. that package is priced at under $10,000 per person. now, if you can't afford that, the surf motel has two rooms left for less than $350 a night. you get cable tv and unlimited ice from the machine down the hall. >> oh, yeah. >> that unlimited ice, that put me over the edge. >> you're going to nab those last two rooms. >> i'll do everything on the list for the $1 million one and i'll take the million. >> you'll be the bartender, the chef -- >> exactly.
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>> i'll hire you two. we can all three do it many. >> done, deal. developing news tonight. buried by a history-making blizzard. dozens killed, cities and towns slam the. neighborhoods still stranded. a travel might they're. 13,000 flights canceled. the ripple effect all across the country. one week to go until the vote in iowa. a frantic sprint for clinton and sanders, cruz and trump. but is another new york billionaire about to shake up the race? >> a massive manhunt for three dangerous inmates who masterminded a daring escape from a jail, rappeling from the roof to freedom. and a new warning about the gender gap between men and women when it comes to having a heart attack. knowing the signs of the differences between the sexes that could save your life. "nightly news" begins right now.


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