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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 25, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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waves. jeff ranieri is tracking the weather and rhonda handa. >> reporter: jessica, here in the back patio area of one of the ground floor units, you get an uncomfortable closeup view of the cliff that has city officials telling them that they have to pack up and leave. now it has been a painful move for many of the people that love the view of the sea but the beautiful waves are chipping away so many residents have been wishing to take ay belongings as they can. emotions under mined the building. >> you hope it doesn't keep going and cause a chain reaction like an earthquake and the whole thing split and pour into the water. >> i don't really want to.
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i love this apartment but it's just a matter of time with the erosion, so i understand. >> reporter: some residents say the city is overreacting. >> i don't even know who came here with the sign and the police are here saying we have a few hours to leave. no, i'm not leaving. this is a safe place. if it was to fall, there's plenty of warnings put in place that we can get in our cars and leave. >> reporter: again, at this hour many residents have left. some to new accommodations, some to the city counsel meeting to protest saying their erosion has not gotten worse. we'll see how many actually come back. live in pacificia, robert handa. >> thank you, robert. it's a bit calmer along the coast and jeff, another storm will be arriving later this week. >> yeah, that's going to continue to batter the coastline and even though we don't have any wet weather over the next 24
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hours, the biggest concern with the officials and why they are worried about the apartments on the cliff side is the pacific is so active it will continue to turn up the seas. as we look at the wave forecast, by tuesday afternoon we'll begin to see wave heights from 12 to 15 feet to pacificia down to santa cruz and another wave event throughout thursday with the next incoming storm system and again, waves could go as high as about 15 feet. coming up in the full forecast, we're tracking over the next ten days, at least from one to three inches of rain. we'll let you know when that moves in throughout this hour. >> thank you, jeff. you can track the upcoming storm and terry mcsweeney shows us how it works. >> its easy to go outside by going inside the app. on the weather page and there you can zero in on your
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neighborhood to see if it's raining there. that gives you what you need to know when you need to know it. i'm terry mcsweeney. that's how to stay informed. >> thank you, terry. happening now, the first everything commute since some san francisco streets closed down. super bowl city is taking shape among the highway tonight. there are fans that will be flying into the game but we begin with mark matthews on washington street. he's tracking the traffic headaches and they have officially begun. >> reporter: they have. we're at the southbound side at washington. this is where it comes to an end just north of the ferry building and right down there you can see the towers and tents that are going up in super bowl city. the tallest structures are the cell towers going up connected by miles of cable and paid for by service providers that expect
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a huge jump in demand. levi's is building a popup store. this is one of three stages in super bowl city where head laners include alisha keys, chris isaacs and one direction. they will perform ahead of the big game. >> wait, please. wait. >> reporter: traffic control officers doing what they can to get everyone through or around the construction but if you're driving, it's bad. >> i wish it would end. >> reporter: and it's going to be like this for worse for the next three weeks. >> anything you guys can do about it? >> not up to us. >> reporter: the folks in charge boasted it's going to be worth it but today lunchtime business was slower than usual around super bowl city. because of the construction, you think? >> exactly. >> reporter: just up market, the owner is counting on a big week before the game. >> got tons of product, specials, give aways. >> reporter: not everyone is so
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optimist optimistic. is the super bowl going to be good for business or no? >> i don't think so. >> reporter: right now a lot of hoping for the best. at the hyatt there are rooms available but if you want a view of super bowl city like this, figure to pay about double the rate, as much as $900 a night. great business for hotels but for residents not into the game or the tourist industry. >> just a mess. that's all. >> reporter: here is a live look at super bowl city from above. this is from the cnbc live location and you can see the ferry building in what looks to be a football field down there on the southbound lanes. my advice for getting around super bowl city is during super bowl week by bike or by foot because getting around by car is not working today. reporting from san francisco, mark matthews, in,nbc bay area news. airports are expected to be
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jammed pack. 1.3 million passengers will pass through the terminals. the busiest day will be monday. the airport expects to see a 50% increase. if you're one of the thousands preparing to check in, do it three hours before your departure time. don't feel like waiting? just in time for the super bowl there is a new more luxury option for folks. in a story you'll only nbc bay area scott budman is looking at the new executive terminal. >> reporter: welcome to the high-end way to fly, the hanger where nfl teams will store their jets, then decamp to a quiet terminal with no security lines. this is the new 10,000 square foot executive terminal recently built for $82 million around the back of san jose international airport where the broncos and panthers will arrive in the bay area ahead of the super bowl.
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>> it sounds like so far we're going to have excite. >> reporter: maria president of signature flight support showed us around. this is much different than the way most of us fly. >> the entire focus of this team has been driven around the schedule for the super bowl to make sure that we were open in time, operationally that we were doing our best with service. >> reporter: the super bowl teams will fly into and out of here during the next two weeks after the game, these hangers will largely be used by high-flying silicon valley techies. >> there are many companies here in silicon valley that own their own private corporate jets and their executives want to fly at times around the clock and they want to fly to certain destinations that may not be on an airline schedule. >> reporter: it's not how we usually get around but thanks to the super bowl, it's about to get a lot of attention.
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>> that was scott budman reporting. this luxury delivered new jobs. the new terminal created some 200 construction jobs while being built. about 100 other full-time jobs now that it's up and running. >> wait, there is more. super bowel 50 inspiring bay area hotels to get creative to lure the big spenders. the million dollar super bowl package at san francisco's fairmont includes six game tickets, four nights in the penalty house suite, luxury transportation to levi stadium with your chef and bartender. the sir francis drake hotel is offering lots of super bowl swag. package is priced at under $10,000 a person. too much still? try this. the surf motel has two rooms left for less than $350 a night and you get cable tv and unlimited ice from the machine down the hall. okay. let's count our clocks. super bowl clock. there are just 12 days left until super bowl at levi
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stadium. the raiders continue to negotiate with the city of lock land about staying in the east bay while flirting with other cities about moving. the team met with the coliseum authority today to discuss a possible lease extension for the 2016 season. early they are month, the nfl approved the ram's move to l.a. that left the raiders with a task of trying to work out an agreement with oakland. city leaders say they are willing to work something out provided davis is negotiate income good faith. >> ready to pack his bags and help him carry his bags out of oakland but at the same time, the fan base and those of us who live here want to keep him here. >> the chargers negotiations to move to l.a. if they decide not to go, the raiders might be offered a spot there in 2017. police just wrapped up a press conference asking for the public's help in finding a murder victim's body. i'm marianne farrow, i'll have
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that story coming up in a live report. crab catastrophe, the state lawmakers are pushing to help save their livelihood. police offered new information
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we have new details tonight on a homicide investigation. minutes ago police offered information about the case of a missing man.
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investigators believe kyle is dead but no sign of his body. that hasn't stopped him from arresting his co-worker. marianne favro joins us with she spoke to the suspect during a jailhouse interview. marianne? >> reporter: well, jessica, san jose police just wrapped up a press conference asking for help in the finding the murder victim's body. here is what acting police chief eddie garcia had to say. >> as the investigation continues, there has been information that suspect may have disposed of kyle's body in the ocean but this has not been confirmed. we also have learned that suspect levo is familiar with the area around the santa cruz mountains. >> reporter: specifically police are asking you to come forward if you spotted this white gmc pickup truck with tented windows driving in the area between 6:00 p.m. friday night and 2:00 a.m. saturday morning. the truck belongs to murder
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suspect steve lebo. earlier today i did a jailhouse interview with lebo and he told me he's not a killer. in fact, he says he was framed. wearing handcuffs and shackles inside santa clara county's jail, he says he is not a killer. did you kill kyle? >> no, i didn't. i'm innocent. >> reporter: police arrested lebo early saturday morning on suspicion of killing his co-worker, 28-year-old kyle myrick. they worked a couple days together in san jose. lebo tells us he was framed by several co-workers he claims drugged his coffee with psychiatric medication. >> i think they were putting it in intentionally so that they could discredit me and pin a murder on me. >> reporter: police say the homicide happened inside this burned out building next to the motorcycle shop and while they
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arrested hlebo for killing him they have not found the body. family, friends and strangers met to continue to search for the 28-year-old concentrating on the bay's edge. after viewing the jailhouse interview with her son's accused killer, kyle's mother says she doesn't believe him. >> i think he's lying, and, you know, he's putting blame on other people. >> reporter: kelly sperry says she's convinced hlebo knows exactly where her son is and she's frustrated he's not telling police. >> to be honest, i just wanted to reach my hand through and strangle him. i have a lot of anger towards him and a lot of pain because i don't know where kyle is and i feel like he's somewhere still alive but hurt and in pain and i just want him back. >> reporter: i reached out to gp sports to ask co-workers about the accusations that hlebo was making. they refused to comment.
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san jose police say they are convinced they have the right man. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro. >> if you'd like to see more of the interview with that suspect, just go to our website we posted the unedited video in it's entirety. this is what it looks like. it shows where kyle disappeared and police arrested the suspect and volunteers are searching for the body. again, you can find it on investigators want you to see new evidence that they hope will crack a jane doe case. the fbi produced this sculpture. her body was found in the hills above sarah toga in 2014. she's believed to have been 15 to 24 years old with brown hair. she was wearing this size small
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short sleeve present blouse inside size zero jeans. no word on how she died but her death was a homicide: a disaster decoloration, for seafood. that's what lawmakers from california's coastal districts are asking for. they want governor brown to declare the region's federal disaster areas because of crab season. toxic levels of algae found in crabs delayed the start of the crab harvest. warmer ocean waters were to blame and there was hope the season could resume but the toxins are still there and the holidays are behind us now when demand for crab is the highest. a disaster decoloration, would allow crab fishermen access to federal aid. >> the president's disaster decoloration,s def vvastated bye wildfires. the fires killed six people and forced thousands to evacuate.
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state insurance department puts the estimate of the insured losses at more than $1 billion and that's a preliminary number. final total is still months away. and it's not the whole story. the figure does not include losses that were not insured. it also doesn't cover damage to public roads or utilities. okay. we have a break from the rain but more on the way later this week. let's get a check of the micro climate forecast. >> high pressure offshore and that is helping to deflect any kind of storm activity and send that off to the north. so primarily for tomorrow, we'll start off with fog in the morning but by noon into the afternoon partly cloudy skies that will leave us with a high on tuesday of 66 in the south bay and into 63 and san francisco 61 and the north bay also at 60. so again, we're not done yet. check out how active the pacific is. another storm system offshore and several more as you get deep into the region, as well. so let's go ahead and get a k loo. you can see the next storm
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system is not lining up until friday and at that it's mainly a north bay event. any kind of major accumulations until saturday and also on sunday. speaking of which, i took a look at the ten-day rain estimate. we'll give you a longer look at this now. for the south bay we'll be good for at least 1.25 and up towards san francisco from 1.5 to 2 inches and north bay could see from 2.75 to maybe four plus inches of rainfall. healthy amounts coming as el nino continues to stay active. we thought we would note on the super bowl a lot of us involved even if you don't like football or watch it a lot, you may be engaged in this because it's going to be happening in santa clara. friday before the super bowl, rain in the forecast, saturday before the super bowl, rain and on super bowl sunday for the 3:30 kick off, rain is expected,
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janelle, just the way models are playing it, we may have heavier rainfall on super bowl sunday. the full forecast in about 25 minutes. >> thank you. still to come, telling on your neighbors. numbers show how some people are calling to campaign about water wai wasters. >> three inmates escape from a jail and where they were able to repel down several floors and just vanish. despite all the rain we've been
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seeing, we're still in a drought. many water districts are running below normal in rai despite the rain we've been seeing, we're still in a drought. many water districts are running below normal in rain and snow totals. since last spring the water district has been pushing for a 30% cut in water use but 2015 fell short of that goal. the district saved only 27%. that's even after hiring more water inspectors and creating a hot line to report water wasters. last year officials relieved more than 3800 calls and e-mails. they say june was their busiest month with nearly 700 calls and e-mails. hopefully, eventually california's drought will end but then what happens? that's the end result question for federal lawmakers and even california's own delegation, there is an impasse over the issue of water. larry joins us and larry, let's talk about the nature of what stalemate is. >> a collision of two huge
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interests in california on opposing sides. the environmental movement is rooted here with respect to water and air. the see yar ierra club based he california. at the same time, agriculture is critical to the state and nation. more than half the nation's fruits, nuts and vegetables come from just california, which is also the nation's number one dairy state. so these two mega interests, if you will, have difficulty co-exciting given different attitudes about water. they want to preserve it, the farmers want to use as much as it can get and there lies the clash. >> with all these stark differences in such different perspectives on what they want and interest, how can lawmakers even come up with a balanced water policy that will satisfy everyone and help california and the west? >> that's the problem, of
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course. that's the problem. what's balanced in the eyes of one group will be seen as unbalanced and unfair by another. two plans have emerged from california of all people in congress. in the house of representatives, republicans, democrats, republican david from central valley has authored a bill that would move more water around the delta for farmers and weaken environmental protection. thus far, it's been a non-starter in the senate but in the senate, california's diane is working on a more modest bill to produce more water for farmers. the bill would not weaken perception per se still worries environmentalists concerned about the delta. the fact is both bills are stuck. >> so anyway to move these bills forward or find a middle ground on something else. >> despite the need, there isn't seem to be movement more over,
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the likelihood of resolution has been dimmed for two big reasons. first, because we know this is election year and no one wants to go out on a limb and second, the fact is that the rains have come which removed the crisis believe it or not. why worry about it now. guess what? el nino as you know will come and yes, will go. unless congress wraps its arms around the water issue once and for all, today's problems will only get worse in the future. >> we don't know when another el nino will be coming our way, either. thank you very much, larry. drivers in the east bay hit more than a bump in the road this morning. tonight, caltrans warns potholes could set a major damper on this year's storm season. a live report coming up. cars line the side of a busy
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east bay highway... tires blown out - it's the price some drivers a cars line the side of a busy east bay highway, tires blown out, the price some drivers are paying for all this rain. we're talking about the potholes left afterwards created by the days of rain and caltrans says the one that created problems today is just one of many. jodi hernandez is live where people are being told to expect a very bumpy winter. jody? >> reporter: about a half dozen
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drivers had a very rattling ride along highway 242 here in concord this morning. a pothole caused their tires to blowout right on the freeway. tonight, caltrans says we could see a lot more of that this storm season. >> like a big boom, i hit something or something like that. >> luis describes the bumpy ride he and other drivers in concord had to deal with this morning. he was among a half dozen commuters who got flat tires after driving over a big pothole on the tree way. >> pulled another car. pulled another car. almost like seven, eight cars. >> we were just driving and we saw the hole on the freeway and we hit it. >> miguel guzman and his buddy hit it, too, blowing out not one but two tires. >> imagine there was seven cars having the same problem at the same time.
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there was a big accident over there. >> you never know when the potholes are going to open up or where. >> reporter: caltrans had to do emergency pothole repairs on four freeways this morning. they are inevitable during storm season and with el nino in the mix, crews are swamped. >> we're just getting started. it's going to be a long winter for us. if the predictions of el nino are right, we'll have a long few months. >> reporter: caltrans tells drivers to be alert and ready to react. those caught off guard this morning say it was rattling. >> it was so scary. >> reporter: again, caltrans says potholes can spring up suddenly, especially right after a rainstorm. again, they are urging drivers to be extra cause shooe cautiou storm season. >> thank you, jody. someone knows something
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authorities are saying about a daring jailbreak that launched an intense man haunt. they are making a plea to help track down these three men who they say are violent and dangerous. they escaped on friday. they most likely cut through steel bars and plumbing ducts before climbing to the roof and plummeting down several stories using a rope. >> a disturbance occurred around that time, potentially as a way to district staff and delay the second physical body count. we haven't confirmed it's related but we suspect there is a possibility. >> the inmates are serving time for violent crimes including mutilation and murder. authorities believe two may have gang ties. >> a bomb left by the san bernardino terror suspects was built too poorly to detonate. they drove around after the december 2nd attack apparently
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trying to detonate the remote control bomb. the device left in a bag at the social services center consisted of three pipe bombs. investigators found the remote control in the couple's suv after a deadly shootout with police. the great blizzard of 2016 is gone and the cleanup is well underway but for millions of americans, life won't get back to normal for a few days. nbc's brian moore as more from washington d.c. >> reporter: across the northeast today, there is something in the air. the sound of heavy equipment moving mountains of snow after a monster weekend storm. for millions, this morning was a rude awakening. >> i looked out the window and my car wasn't there. >> reporter: from new york and philadelphia to baltimore and washington, highways are slowly reemerging but many aren't going anywhere any time soon. the storm is blamed for more than three dozen deaths including a new jersey mother and child claimed by carbon monoxide in the snow-covered car. the monetary toll is estimated
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in the hundreds of millions. with flight cancellations topping 10,000, many airports resemble makeshift camp sites. rail travel isn't much better. >> definitely not good. the opposite of good. >> reporter: kids, of course, are finding the storm's silver lining with plenty to do on an inprompt day off and some are going off the deep end making the best of the blizzard of 2016. brian moore, nbc news, washington. decision 2016 now tonight former president bill clinton is in the bay area raising money for his wife's presidential campaign. the hillary for america fundraiser is happening at the home of congresswoman jackie spear. it's $1,000 to attend. nearly $3,000 if you want a photo. mr. clinton will be at a breakfast reception tomorrow in san francisco hosted by investment bank er sandy robertson. political shakeups just a
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week from the caucus. outsiders are seeing a sudden jump in the polls. ted cruz and bernie sanders are edging ahead of competitors plus there is growing buzz that another candidate could be joining the ranks. former new york city mayor and billionaire michael bloomberg says he may consider running if trump or cruise will the gop nomination. bernie sanders will be the nominee, democratic candidate hillary clinton had this quick response. >> i'm going to relief him of that and get the nomination so he doesn't have to. >> it is going to be a busy week. candidates from both sides scheduled 100 iowa appearances. a mosquito born virus linked to birth affects is expected to spread to north and south america. it's in 21 countries and territories, mainly latin america and the caribbean. the world health organization expects zeka will keep spreading
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because many people lack any kind of immunity to it. the virus is linked to a neurological condition. babies born have abnormally small heads and brains. u.s. officials are currently pushing to develop a vaccine for the virus. coming up, a shakeup at twitter out with the old and in with the new personnel changes. that could breathe new life into that social network. more than just traffic information, the new alerts that could be critical to anyone in the bay area during the super bowl. oc: bells trt: 2 jess/cont. vo another down day on wall street.
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another down day on wall street. the dow lost more than 200- poi nasdaq gave up 72-points. investor say the drop is
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becauseoil prices are continuing the dow lost more than 200 points. the drop is because oil prices just continue to plummet. among those in the red is twitter, the san francisco company stock down more than 4% today and a shake may be to blame. several executives have left. they include the head of product engineering, media partnership and human resource teams. the company plans to bring in two new board members. twitter is struggling to increase the user base that stalled around 30 million users. twitter stock has fallen nearly 70% since just last april. a tragic story of audrie pott will be shared at the sun dance film festival. pot committed suicide after being cyber bullied. embarrassing photos surfaced and were passed around. it premieres tonight.
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the movie titled "audry and daisy," the second half of the film was about a missouri teen harassed when she pressed charges after a sexual assault. the parents of audrie potts cooperated and say the documentary is very powerful. for the first time ever a group of women rode across the pacific ocean and only took them 235 days to do it. these british rowers started off in san francisco last april. today they finished the trip in australia. the first female and four-person group to do it and did it be rowing 24 hours a day in two-hour shifts. they were over joys to be out of the water. >> we're here and not getting back on the boat. >> we had sharks shicircling. >> yikes. the only top were in say moomald hawaii. >> they are bad ladies, can't believe they did that.
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wow. >> you know how long it would take you and me -- >> we would never make it. >> yeah. >> my arms hurt thinking about that. >> that's a lot of work. >> sunburned. >> yes. >> we got some sun today. >> just a little bit. a nice break after the rain. finally blue sky and mainly clear skies. we're talking about the return of rainfall and when those will roll in in just a few minutes. are speeding ahead in the south
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bay. the banner for the big game is now firmly in place on levi's super bowl preparations speeding away in the south bay. there is the banner for the game firmly in place. one of the many transformations taking place. let's give you a live look where it's turned into an outdoor
6:44 pm
cafe. there will be a mini football field. the party at the park begins friday and extends through super bowl sunday. >> as bronco and panther fans head to the bay area, excitement for super bowl 50 is building and so are concerns over traffic and safety. but now football fans and everyone else has a way to receive realtime alerts about the big game. all you have to do is send a text message. >> the teams are set and crews at levi stadium are setting footba football's biggest stage but one thing to do. police agencies have partnered with a free notification service to send out special alerts just for the super bowl. >> text 888-777-sb 50 and opt in to receive alerts. >> reporter: lieutenant kirk clark says out of towners and locals can find out about super bowl specific incidents as they happen. >> we're very excited. we have over 1,000 followers
6:45 pm
that picked up opting in to receive alerts, so we're ready to go. >> reporter: captain jeff hunter with the department of public safety says since yesterday when the teams were decided, subscriber ship doubled to 2,000. messages will start going out today about changes to vta and ca caltrains. >> it could be traffic information to a major event occurring. >> reporter: police departments from san francisco to san jose partnered up to push critical information through the messaging system. >> people that could be coming from denver or the carolina to attend the super bowl that aren't familiar with our area don't need to subscribe to our typical resident pixel. they can subscribe to this. >> if for example there is a suspect, they may send a description out to see if anyone
6:46 pm
has any tips. let's check in with jeff ranieri. >> that's right. several more storm systems coming as we head throughout the next two weeks and we'll detail that and remember, you can get at least the next seven days with the scrolling seven-day forecast as that continues to arrive. as we look at the doppler and satellite, dry conditions here from santa rosa down to san jose and take you to the side of the sky camera network. a few clouds in the south bay and 57, east bay 55 and across san francisco 54. the biggest change as we head through tomorrow's forecast will be the return of fog. not the classic fog but rather thick ground fog otherwise known as fog that will impact the east bay with 42 and areas of patchy dense fog for the north bay and 41 and back here towards the south bay 45. the jacket and watch out for low visibilities. let's take you to the future
6:47 pm
cast. we can detail what is going to happen. high pressure offshore activityo the north and you can see it picking up on the central valley fog and like i moving through contra costa and the thickest pushing over toward san francisco. right near walnut creek into concord until 10:30 in the morning and by 3:30 we get blue sky coming back for tomorrow looks like a real fantastic afternoon. now beyond this, when does rainfall return? we'll develop showers by friday morning mainly off to the north bay then eventually by saturday and sunday we'll see accumulating rainfall return. now with our storms lately, we've been updating you of course on the sierra snow. let's go ahead and get a look and major news. the highest snow pact to date since 2011, which leaves our current numbers at 129% of
6:48 pm
average. central sierra and lake tahoe, 118%. keep in mind the statewide average last year was just 27%. so we're making strides, hopefully we can keep on this pace over the next two months. as we take you to the micro climate forecast, temperatures in the 60s. one of the warmest locations. should be able to heat up to 65 in downtown and 58 pacificia. san francisco 59 for the marina and 62 in the mission and we'll take you to the north bay, east bay and tri-valley. the fog tomorrow morning, may clear out the slowest in walnut creek and you'll only hit 59 degrees. so what's going to be coming our way over the next 15 days, let's take a look. you can see high pressure keeps us dry into thursday. friday through sunday rainfall returns and then february 2nd into february 9th, four possible
6:49 pm
storms that would mean the way it looks now wet weather for the super bowl. so if you're doing anything with the super bowl, playing for rain on that thursday, friday, saturday and also on sunday. of course, more updates at nb a brks krrbc bay the warriors getting ready to take on the spurs. we'll tell you why the warriors should have an edge between the absolute best in the west.
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facebook was trying to figure out today's outfit for his decisions, decisions, mark zuckerberg trying to figure out today's outfit for his first day
6:52 pm
back after paternity leave. zuckerberg snapped a photo and posted it on his profile that shows his vast wardrobe choices. maybe it's a joke. identical gray shirts and hod die -- hoodies. big game in oakland right now. top two nba teams face-off tonight. dave feldman is live from oracle arena. hi, dave. >> reporter: hi, jessica, hi janelle. it's the nba's best offense, the that's the golden state warriors average over 114 points per game against the stingiest defense, the san antonio spurs. something is going to give and few you look at the standings it's very tight. they have a two-game lead over the spurs a combined 78-10
6:53 pm
record and by the way, the spurs have not lost at home, either. so they have a very good streak. here is steph and clay on today's markey matchup. >> we want to win for sure. like i said, you better protect your home court against the team right behind you in the standings that's fun basketball, that's -- those are big games quote unquote but i think the focus is just how we're going to play and feeding off that energy will be a great atmosphere obviously, and we want to win and get it done however we can. >> it will be a great game. relishing these moments because it's where you get a moment like this in the regular season. record-wise that, you know, feels like you created separation but you haven't and only two games behind us. a lot goes into this game. we're excited to play.
6:54 pm
a great test for us to see where we're at. >> warriors will not be facing tim duncan. the veteran center out with a sore right knee. gregg popovich has been known to rest his senior vets to prepare them for the post-season and speaking of gregg popovich, his thoughts on playing the best team in the nba on their home court. >> when you're playing, you know, the best team in the league, it takes on a little bit more maybe competitiveness or a little bit more fire in the belly, i would imagine and makes you stand up and take notice a little bit more because you don't want to walk in there and get your fanny handed to you. >> it will be a great challenge, you know, in the regular season you want to play this kind of game, just judge where you at and that was one of the games at home and this one is one of them. it will be a great test.
6:55 pm
>> is it amazing that you are in franchise history and still in the playing -- [ inaudible ] >> it happens like that. >> reporter: other nba news, sacramento kings damarcus cousins took home honors and lead behind the nba leading 36.0 per game and added 14.7 boards per game. that was ranked second in the nba but all eyes are here on oracle for the spurs and the warriors, it's the best game in the nba in quite sometime. jessica and janelle, back to you guys. >> always in the captain seat and the best seat in the house, always. >> thanks so much, dave. >> thank you. jeff is going to be predicting you have like esp. >> yes. >> the next 15 days. >> we'll give you a look. we can expect minor fluctuations but everyone wants to know when
6:56 pm
the next storms will come in and friday through sunday, a quarter to a half inch in the time frame and february 22nd into the 9th, four possible storm systems. >> wh ocoa. >> yes. what would that mean for super bowl? rain on friday. rain on saturday. at 3:30 kick off on super bowl sunday if the gfs forecast model had it's way now, we would have heavy downpours for the kick off. so it's going to be something we're watching closely because we're still several days out from that. >> it could change. >> it could. i would get the poncho ready now. >> a jeff ranieri poncho. >> i like it. now we're talking. >> thanks so much. hope to see you tonight at 11:00. >> bye, bye.
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is that kim kardashian? the new photo setting off a frenzy of rumors. >> now on "extra." >> "extra." >> kim kardashian's surprise new look in her first selfie since giving birth. what's different about her face? lady gaga's bombshell confession. >> it affected my family tremendously my whole life. >> gaga goes secret with a dark secret. >> making a murderer, steven avery's new letter from prison. why nancy grace is going off today. >> it doesn't even make any sense. >> and the two bernie madoffs.


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