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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> someone needs to pony up some money and resources and come to our aid, because this crisis is nowhere close to over. >> right now at 11:00, the cliffs are crumbling, and so is the community's patience. many people forced out of their homes during a state of emergency along the coast. good evening, everyone. raj is off tonight. moving fast, the city of pacifica wants tenants living on top of this cumberland bluff to move out now.
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bird's eye view gives you an idea of just how fragile living conditions are. pieces of the bluff fall to the beach below. with the severe weather expected in the next few days, the city isn't taking any chances. nbc bay area's reporter is live in the area. this is a tough go for them. >> reporter: it is, jessica. yellow tags are posted on all 20 apartment units in this building. city officials are concerned that this building could fall to the beach below as the bluff beneath it collapses. they are also concerned other things could also go. a crumbling bluff in pacifica is more than storm damage. it's an emergency for more than 20 people living in an apartment building on top. the city yellow tagged their homes today. >> we are being displaced. >> reporter: mike mchenry showed up at a packed city council meeting tonight to tell city leaders when his three-day hotel voucher from the red cross is
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up, he'll be out in the cold. >> i'm going to be homeless in three days with noplace to stay. that's just unacceptable. >> the city council approved a declaration of a local emergency. the apartments aren't the only concern. the big waves and rain have damaged the pacifica pier, and the seawall on beach boulevard, leaving a 40-foot hole in the sidewalk. as the apartment building at 310 espla nad teeters on the edge -- >> we are aware that what's at risk next is our city streets. >> reporter: while they seek emergency funding for repairs to the city property, the owner of the apartment building says he plans to appeal the decision to yellow tag the unit. >> to throw all the residents and tenants out in a couple of hours, that's just really unfair. it's very hard to them. and i am going to be filing an appeal on this decision made by the city. >> reporter: the police chief says at this point, enforcing the yellow tag is a matter of safety.
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pacifica police officers are keeping an eye on things out here, telling tenants they are not allowed to spend the night here but are allowed to move things out. thank you, jean. more dangerous conditions are expected this weekend along the coast. we are tracking what kind of waves they could be getting. >> they will be getting high here in the next five-day period. what we're seeing right now is a similar pattern to the past three months as el nino really started to get going. and that's very active pacific. all of these storms lining up continually have battered the coastline over and over again. so for tomorrow, we do expect an increase in wave height. but at the immediately coastline, we think it will stay below 12 feet. what we're watching is by friday, our next storm system lines up offshore. check out all of this red here. that correlates with waves that could be anywhere from 15 to 18 feet high. that will make it extra dangerous in pacifica. also high waves in santa cruz
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right up to point graves. we're tracking the next storm system on friday. also the 10-day outlook shows rainfall could top three inches in the north bay. we'll let you know when the systems are set to move in in about 15 minutes. with more rain in the forecast, you can track the weather in your own neighborhood by downloading our free nbc bay area app. click on the weather tab, and there you can find the live doppler radar. new at 11:00, a body washed up on santa cruz beach just a few miles south of where two college students were swept out to sea. someone riding a bicycle spotted a body around 6:30 this morning. authorities say it appears the body washed up onshore. two uc santa cruz students were never called. the coast guard called off the search last week due to dangerous conditions. the coroner is expected to identify that body that washed up tomorrow. well, he says he was framed. in a jailhouse interview, a man arrested for the death of his co-worker says he's innocent. the body of kyle myrick hasn't
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been found, but late tonight police told nbc bay area they believe his body may have been dumped in the ocean. investigators released pictures of a white pickup connected to the suspect. but the question is, did he use that truck to move the body? nbc bay area's reporter is joining us live with more on the investigation and that interview. cheryl? >> reporter: well, jessica, the family is numb tonight. they say they don't believe that the suspect was framed. and they are having a tough time believing that their loved one, kyle myrick, is dead. they have a lot to sort through tonight. police and the family are asking for the public's help. >> he's my baby. my only child. i really want him back. >> reporter: an emotional plea from a mother, kelly. her 28-year-old son, kyle myrick, has been missing since friday. and police right now are treating his disappearance as a homicide investigation. >> based on the nature of the crime scene discovered, homicide detectives and crime scene investigators responded to the scene.
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follow-up investigation identified 39-year-old steve hlebo as our suspect. >> reporter: steve hlebo was arrested at his home early saturday morning. today, in a jailhouse interview, he says he is innocent and he believes he was framed by co-workers who put drugs in his coffee. >> i think that they were putting it in intentionally so that they could discredit me and pin a murder on me essentially. >> reporter: the two only worked together for a few days. police believe the murder happened this this burned-out building next to the motorcycle shop. even though police arrested hlebo on murder charges without the discovery of a body, they say they need the public's help. they believe these pictures of the suspect's truck can help them find myrick or lead them to his body. police are hoping someone saw hlebo driving it between 6:00 p.m. friday to early saturday
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morning. >> we know that the santa cruz mountains are a familiar area to our suspect. if we get more focused area, th that we think will be helpful to the public, we will provide that. >> reporter: myrick's family is not giving up hope of finding kyle alive. >> kyle is a good and kind person. always willing to help his friends out does. we really want to bring him home. >> reporter: again, police believe the that the body may have been dumped in the ocean or the santa cruz mountains. if you have any information, contact the san jose police department. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> if you'd like to watch more of the suspect's interview, go to our website. we have posted the unedited video in its entirety. should there be a day of remembrance for mario wood? the stabbing suspect was seen being shot to death by sd
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officers. tomorrow, officers will vote on whether to dedicate a day in his honor. david campos is calling for a day to be dedicated to the police officer. police say that wood had a kpief and refused to drop it. the police officer's association is balking, though, posting this on facebook. saying, quote, supervisors are seeking a day of remembrance for a convicted felon. those who have died a violent death in the line of duty serving this community have never received such acknowledgment. mayor ed lee has called for a federal investigation into the killing of mario wood. well, it certainly wasn't the super night for many drivers in san francisco, forced into gridlock around super bowl city. parts of the embarcadero market street and neighboring streets were officially shut down over the weekend. the pop-up super bowl city will host all kinds of shops. taking the ferry into the city
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is the easiest and best way to get into this part of town. no matter what, you'll need a lot of patience when you're there. >> it's horrible. absolutely horrible. >> reporter: where are you trying to get to? >> the water park. >> it's just a couple of blocks from here. >> i know. >> reporter: how long do you think it will take you? >> 20 minutes or more. >> drivers during rush hour took 30 minutes to go three blocks. they are optimistic that once super bowl city is up and open for business, the ferry plaza will be free flowing again. to get around the areas, you can go to our website for a list of alternative routes. >> they said, cj is in your class. and i was like, who is that? they said, he's the next star. i was like, why are you putting him in my class? >> tonight, we'll profile a couple of locals who'll be on
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the field for super bowl 50. for interesting insight into their success. and an emotional and touching moment that's gone viral. one boy's tears of joy after waking up from surgery. plus, hail like you've never seen it. the dangerous and record-setting discovery made here in california. and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist. storms continue to line up in the pacific. we're checking our next chance of rain. details in about seven minutes.
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could be the key to cracking a "jane doe case" in the south bay. ===vo sculpture=== the f-b-i produced this a sculpture of a young woman could be the key to cracking a jane doe case in the south bay. the fbi produced this bust of the woman based on forensic anthropology. her body was found in the hills in december of 2014. she is thought to be maybe 15 to 24 years old with brown hair. the woman was wearing a size
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small short sleeved peasant blouse and size zero jeans. her height is estimated to be at under 5'4". the body was found off highway 9, some three miles from downtown share toga. new at 11:00 tonight, president obama now promising to ban the use of solitary confinement for juvenile and low level offenders in federal prisons. the president says throwing those types of prisoners in confinement can lead to, quote, devastating and lasting psychological consequences. mr. obama wrote about the decision in an op-ed posted tonight on "the washington post" website. the reform would impact the 10,000 inmates in the federal system. officially a disaster. that's what lawmakers want to designate our coastal region because of the crab season fiasco. you may remember that the start of the season was indefinitely delayed last fall because of a toxic algae bloom. it still hasn't cleared up.
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california's coastal districts want governor brown to declare the area a disaster, allowing struggling crab fisherman to have access to federal aid. the big game is less than two weeks away. while there are no local teams in super bowl 50, there are some locals who will be playing a huge role on the field. sam mcsweeney will profile a couple of former golden bears who will have a big impact at the super bowl. >> reporter:. yeah. we should go back to the beginning. their lives come from two very different playbooks. >> and c.j. anderson. >> reporter: come super bowl sunday, watch out for bronco running back c.j. anderson. the former cal star will feel right at home in santa clara, just a long frun his hometown of vallejo. >> he is a very kind and humble young man.
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>> reporter: elaine fawcett knows him from his superstar days in high school. she was his p.e. teacher. >> they told me c.j. is in your class. i said, who is that? they said, he's the next star. i said really? why are they putting him in my class? >> reporter: she knows him better from when she hung out with her son. >> you have to be an athlete. you had to keep your grades. you had to be, you know, smooth. you know, you had to take care of your business. >> reporter: in elaine's book, 21 with a bullet, there's a chapter about the get there boys. their goal, do something positive with their lives. she says all of them got there. panthers coach and former cal all american ron rivera is from seaside in monterey county. >> he was always a great young man. >> reporter: al has known rivera since their high school days at where he is now the high school coach. >> we are all proud of him.
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the community is proud of him. i'm proud of him as a man and even more as a coach, what he's done and how he's been an example. he's responded back, thank you, i appreciate it. >> reporter: now football players want to see the local legend in person. >> he's going to be pretty busy during super bowl week when he's down here. >> reporter: the carolina panthers will be practicing here. imagine cal alum rivera practicing here. you might have seen that as a bad omen. now when everyone gets back to the bay area, along with their teams, this is where they'll arrive. this is the new 10,000 square foot executive terminal on the backside of san jose international. $82 million terminal was built by signature flight support. that's where the two super bowl teams will go when they land as well as the rich and famous who fly into town for the big game. when the super bowl is over, the hangars will largely be home to high flying silicon valley
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techies. and the countdown continues. just 12 days away from super bowl 50 at levi's stadium. we ask you to stay tuned for full coverage. we may have gotten a respite from the rain, but it still impacted today's commute. drivers say it was a scary way to start their monday morning. >> another car. another car. almost like seven, eight cars hit it at the same time. >> if you were one of those, you can submit a claim to caltrans. crews say they have been slammed with roadway damage. they have been filling potholes on various freeways this past week. imagine this. yeah. falling out of the sky. it is some of the largest hail ever recorded in california. it fell over the weekend in red bluff, more reading. some of the hail clunks measured three inches in diameter.
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the largest hail ever measured in the u.s. fell in south dakota in 2010, coming in at eight inches and weighing nearly two pounds. that would be horrible to be hit on the head with that. jeff is joining us now with the microclimate forecast. we're not expecting any hail, right? >> no severe weather throughout the next four to five-day period. we do have some rain coming back, though. currently 50 in the south bay. cloud cover. seven mile visibility in the peninsula. san francisco, light winds and 53. just a shade cooler in the north bay right now. for tomorrow morning, we do expect some changes, namely fog returning. if you're an east bay commuter, watch out especially in contra costa and sideliny i salina cou. patchy fog in san francisco and also for the north bay as well. across the south bay, we start at 45 degrees. let's look at the futurecast. tonight, it was all about the
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area of high pressure just offshore. that stays in place tomorrow to keep us rain free. but you can see in the morning hours, check out how dense this fog is. this is the opposite of what we normally see. it's not the classic san francisco fog rolling in. it's that thick central valley fog that we think is going to come on in here throughout the contra costa and down towards san francisco tomorrow morning. that's where it will be the thickest. it likely could hang out until about 10:30 in the morning. after that, we'll get some sunny skies tomorrow. it looks like a great afternoon. now beyond this, our next chance of rainfall will have to wait for it. it doesn't look to arrive until friday. and we will likely see the most accumulating rainfall by saturday and also on sunday. now we've had a lot of back-to-back storms. november, december, and also in january. we've been updating you on the snow. and new numbers coming in today. the highest snowpack to date since 2011. so let's go ahead and look at how great the numbers are.
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you can see across the northern sierra, 129% of average. central sierra, including lake tahoe, 118%. and the southern sierra, 99%. last year at this time, just 27% of average. so definitely making some headway here. we just need to keep with some of these colder storms to continue that snowpack to stack up. for tomorrow's forecast, some of the warmest weather in the south bay. you're not expecting too much thick fog. the stars still have plenty of time to warm up. 65 in san jose. 67 in cupertino. the coast line, a chilly 58. palo alto, 64. 59 in the marina in san francisco and 51 in the financial district. north bay, east bay, and trivalley, fog in the morning. that will be slow to push out. likely begagain you will not se temperatures jump up too much tomorrow. the trivalley will top out at 59
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in livermore. winding things out, dry weather on friday with high pressure off shore. rain will return. and possibly february 2 to the 9, a potential wetter weather pattern. there's no better way to track the storms than our nbc bay area app. when rough weather hits the bay area, you can stay updated with personal alerts on your smartphone or ipad. go to our app and click on the nbc bay area icon in the left corner. then hit the gear button. on the dropdown menu, touch the alert settings. from there, choose from a list of weather events you want to know about. for instance, you can get alerts for lightning or alerts for when a dangerous storm is approaching your neighborhood. that's how you stay informed with the nbc bay area app. >> and turning on the lighting, it's super cool. i have already engaged that on my phone. and within seconds of it happening within a radius of
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you, it will let you know so you can head inside. this is so ado dorable. a dog goes for a walk and makes national headlines. that's ahead. kate hudson is my guest tonight. also, dan patrick. it's a great show. do not change the channel.
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number one killer of women...heart disease. ===take vo=== a new warning tonight about the number one killer of women. heart disease. in a first of its kind report on heart attacks in women, the american heart association revealed heart disease is undertreated and underdiagnosed in women. and heart attack symptoms are often missed. men tend to have severe chest pain before a heart attack. but signs in women can be more subtle, including shortness of breath, nausea, and jaw pain. experts are hoping the new
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report will help improve diagnosis and treatment of women. at the age of 15, trevor sullivan is starting a new life. >> so, so happy. >> it's so touching. the detroit teenager shown waking up from a heart transplant. he immediately started feeling better, thanks to his new heart. surgery took place back in november, but his dad didn't post it until last week. now tens of thousands of people are watching it and sharing it. trevor says he hopes the video will encourage more people to be donors. well, the warrior fans waited all year for tonight's game, and they were not disappointed. sports is next. it was billed as a showdown at
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oracle. for the spurs- it s just a major let down.the dubs e they've treated most ther tes this season. it was billed as a showdown in oracle for the spurs, a major letdown. two best teams in the nba, two best records. didn't look like it. jay-z was there. drake at courtside. wonder how they got those tickets? the mvp was there as well. and no tim duncan for the spurs. i don't know if it would have mattered. early first. stephen curry getting the hand off from bogut. i'll shoot it from there, thank
11:29 pm
you. 9-4 dubs. a minute later, curry with the steal and defense turning to offense. curry does that early in this one. a lot of turnovers for the spurs. and then curry behind the back. dubs up four. curry had 15 in the first. more mvp behavior in the third quarter. curry showing off the handle. dribbles around demarcus aldrich. and the drop is good. the floater makes it a 15-point game. two possessions later, steph taking over. deep three off the screen. warriors up 20. and curry is jumping for joy, and so is the sold out arena crowd. under five to play. again with the dribbling. taking it to the bucket and the foul. a good season for the mvp. a good game for the mvp. he had 37 in three quarters. warriors roll by 30. >> it was one game. we played well. it's great to have a huge home
11:30 pm
victory. we're going to face them three times this season. we have other teams to get through. but for us, this is a big win. the emotions of the game and the build-up, for us to back it up with some great play. it says a lot about our mentality right now. >> the 37 curry scored the most he's scored against the spurs in his career. they snapp san antonio's 37-gam win streak. warriors and spurs meet again in march. a lot of time until then. that one might be closer than this one, but you never know. that will do it for sports. more news after the break. thank you.
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impressive feat. especially ify. a bloodhound in alabama named okay. running a half marathon is an impressive feat, especially if you're a blood hound. that's right, a bloodhound in alabama somehow escaped a backyard and for some reason ran up to the starting line of a half marathon, where it was set to begin and decided, oh, i'll join them. the runners took off, and she did too. she led the pack for a while and
11:34 pm
eventually crossed the finish line in seventh place with a time of one hour and 30 minutes. the owner says the dog is usually laid back and lazy. next year's race will be renaped the hound dog half, and a special prize will be given to the seventh place finisher just like the bloodhound. >> so cute. i can see that as a trend. like all the marathon runners taking their dogs along with them. >> i think that would be a disaster. >> it could be. yeah. >> one dog is good enough. that will do it for us. we hope to see you tomorrow. bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kate hudson, dan patrick,


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