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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 26, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, rattled nerves in southern california, as parts of a hospital are locked down because of reports of shots fired. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm kris nchez. >> i'm scott mcgrew. this all played out over the last three hours naval medical center san diego. that's 2 1/2 miles from downtown san diego. and moments ago the navy confirmed it to be a false alarm. navy spokesman says one person had reported hearing shots in the basement of the center's building 26. so the navy hospital immediately sent out word, posting on facebook page it was an active shooter, told people to run, hide, or fight. we are told an investigation found no evidence of shots
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fired, no spent shell casings, no blood, no injuries. still, investigators do remain on the scene at the medical center. happening now, also in the san diego area, a huge rv fire. these are pictures from el cajon, that's 15 miles east of downtown san diego. no report on any injuries at this point but we have been seeing smoke billowing into the sky. plenty of flames. the smoke was black at one point. it has turned white, which moons they're extinguishing it. right now it appears the fire is contained to just the rv and not the home next door. here in the bay area, you can see chunks falling on to the beach below as entire buildings precariously sit close to the edge. people inside the buildings are told to get out. >> nbc bay area's bob redell live in pacifica. more concern today as another big round after waves expects around the coastline. >> reporter: good morning to
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you, that's why the city of pacifica yellow tagged all 20 apartment units here at 310 esplanade in pacifica. you can see by the u-haul, people are heeding the warning to pack up and leave. one resident we spoke with is vowing to stay, in spite of the possible danger lurking in the cliff out back. >> this is my home. and a lot of us, we don't have a place to go anyway. there's rents too high, we can't move out, living pay collect to paycheck. what are we going to do? >> reporter: michelle stayed in her unit, in violation of the yellow tag order to do otherwise. she questions whether the apartment complex she has called home for past five years is truly in danger of toppling over this cliff and into the pacific ocean. >> the buildings next door have much further damage and they've been standing fine for five years. five years, nothing's happened to them. >> it's going to go, go quick. it's better we're not here when
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it happened. >> reporter: mike mchenry who lived a few doors down, agrees his unit is no longer a safe place to live. that's why he and others started packing up and moving out this morning. his beef, however, with his landlord, who has not committed to giving him back his $2100 deposit. he wishes the city would offer assistance outside the red cross. >> they gave us three nights in a place with no showers and we're on our own into the street. i went from having a nice, beautiful view, to now like living in my car and how am i going to keep my job? i have no idea. >> i don't have somewhere to pick up and go to. >> reporter: monica is going to leave, to a destination unknown. she doesn't want to be here next time part of the cliff gives way. >> all of this fell off a month and a half ago. that's why i said, they lost the dog, broke its vertebrae, had to put to to sleep. >> there's no further damage. why all of a sudden they decided you have to go?
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>> reporter: you might recall several years ago the city forced evacuation of the two next door apartment complexes. while they are still standing, the cliff has starred to erode underneath at least one of those structures. now we did leave a message with 310 esplanade, looking at live now, they will be refunding the security deposit for the 20 people who lived in his building. we obviously did not hear back. last night city council meeting he did tell the city he would be appealing their decision to yellow tag his building. live here in pacifica, bob redell, nbc pay area news. >> i think i was there five years ago on esplanade talking about the same thing. thanks, bob? we could learn identity of a body that washed up on the santa cruz county beach last night. somebody riding a bike near wilder ranch state park spotted remains a few miles south of
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where two college students were swept out to sea last week. the coast guard called off the search because of dangerous conditions. for the second time in a week, a hover board caught fire, damaging a bay area home. latest fire happened last night at a house in petaluma. this is a picture of the hoverboard after it exploded and caught fire while charging. the homeowner was able to put the fire out, but not before significant damage to the home. last week a hoverboard blamed for a if irthat destroyed a family's home in santa rosa and killed their two dogs. the u.s. consumer product safety commission says this is the 41st hoverboard related fire in the country. it is eighth in california. but the investigation will have to wait. the cpse shut down because of the winter storm on the east coast. some san francisco leaders get their way, a man with a knife, killed by police last month, would be memorialized with a day in his honor. the supervisor leading the effort to make yul july 22nd ma
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woods day. police officers are fighting the effort. >> stephanie chuang live where the board is set to vote at its full meeting today. what can you tell us? >> reporter: yeah, the contentious issue for sure, supervisor compose has five co-sponsors, six votes, means it would pass today. but the police officers association saying thises not only inappropriate, but hurtful to the officers killed in the line of duty who didn't get a day dedicated to them the december 22nd shooting of mario woods by police officer was caught on camera by witnesses and viewed thousands of times. supervisor says the video is why the community and some elected leaders were galvanized to act. there are several items on agenda today related to the woods shooting, including the urging of an independent federal investigation and resolution urging the sfpd to review use of force policies. the resolution says, while supervisors and police chiefs
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have privately expressed condolences the city and county of san francisco has not publicly apologized to the family. campos say is it's about the symbol woods would become, representing necessity and urgency of police reform. >> it's not for remembering the fact we have to do something but this resolution does something very important, it's the first time that the board of supervisors would be on record saying, we are committed to police reform. >> reporter: in a letter to the board of supervisors yesterday, the police officers association president argued against this mario woods remembrance day, pointing to three officers who died in line of duty in the last 12 years who didn't get any dedicated day. leading up to the shooting, woods, quote, ennic politicbly slashed a stranger with the knife. it will be a hurtful day to their families if this city's elected officials decide to recognize and honor an individual that preyed upon our
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most vulnerable citizen. honoring officers is a separate issue he would support but it's not mutually exclusive. there's something that the people of san francisco may be deciding on today, supervisor cohen is introducing a june 2016 ballot measure that would require the office of citizen complaints to conduct an independent investigation any time there's an officer-involved shooting. there's a lot going on here. meeting starts 2:00 this afternoon. stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> thanks. san jose zae police believe this truck may be the key to helping solve a murder mystery. they are asking anyone who may have seen the truck friday night or saturday morning to give them a call. investigators are treating the disappearance of 28-year-old kyle myric as a homicide though his body has not been found. his co-worker is in custody, and in a jailhouse interview yesterday he suggested he was framed by co-workers who drugged him. >> i think that they were
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putting in in intentionally so that they could discredit me and pin -- pin a murder on me essentially. >> hlebo and myric worked together for a few days in cambria neighborhood and that's where they found the crime scene. the family is holding out hope he's still alive. >> he's my baby, my only child. i really want him back. >> kyles a good and kind person, always will be to help pi friends out. we really want to bring him home. >> the search continues for any sign of him and now teams are turning attention to the santa cruz mountains and beaches there as well. investigators still have not indicated a motive. new details about the search for three inmates who escaped from southern california. police stepping up the manhunt and asking for the public's help. the manhunt began friday when inmates were discovered missing
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from a jail in santa ana. the three men likely cut through materiel b steel bars and pluming ducts. $50,000 reward offered to anyone who has information that leads to capture. >> we absolutely need the public's help. we need the public's assistance to look at these pictures. we know that somebody out there knows something. these three are extremely dangerous felons and need to be apprehended and brought back into custody immediately. >> investigators say they still don't know how thosen mates tools to cut through the metal. >> a sentlement in a class action lawsuit against the operator of the landfill, that deal ends years of litigation involves facilities on the border. homeowners complained of noxious fumes. under the terms of the agreement, $1.2 million will be shared among the homes that live
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within 1 1/2 mile radius of the fafk. final ruling is scheduled for april. next at 11:00, super bowl city traffic turning into a super traffic disaster. expected to get worse later today. plus -- returning to work after daddy leave. there's a chance facebook post will make you smile. i'm metrologist kari hall. calm, quiet weather across the bay area as temperatures warm up into the low 60s. but get ready for some rain and just in time for the weekend. details on that. coming up in the microclimate forecast.
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=tech= apple will report its profits after the closing beltha welcome back from tuesday morning. people from netapp, celebrating 20 years on the nasdaq. markets are higher. dow industrials up 200 points.
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apple will report its profits after the closing bell this afternoon. apple obviously going to say it made billions but some investors are concerned the best days of growth are over for apple. now we've worried about this before. this time it feels more real. people love iphones, we know that, but are they buying new iphones? will they continue to buy new iphones? the difference is whats apple from hot growth stock to dependable stock. there's nothing wrong with it, just not sexy for silicon valley. we'll find out more when apple opens its books. funding for companies led by women in silicon valley fell 30%. just 16 women-led companies got what we call series a or first-round funding in bay area. now, this is first glance, the number is falling and it sounds shocking but keep in mind, we've seen a lot of venture capital
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drying up lately. there arests to. >> et that money to women. intel put this executive in charge of a big fund designed specifically for start-ups led by women and minorities. mark zuckerberg spent his first full day back at work monday, after returning from paternity leave. he posted a number of pictures to facebook. he's been out for two months after his wife gave birth to their daughter. there is his closet. he said briefly, i wonder what it is that i should wear. of course his closet is full of nothing but gray t-shirts and gray hoodies. >> you go, the one without the spit-up. >> if you can find one. >> right. a new high-tech stroller is lending parents a helping hand. take a look. designers working on self-propelling stroller called the smart bead. all electric engine make going uphill easier and features bottle warmer, built-in music,
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rock and other cool gadgets it will cost you about a cal three grand. super bowl a50 beginning to mean super gridlock for drivers in san francisco. it's only going to get worst. parts of the embarcadero and neighboring streets shut down over the weekend. later today, streets around the moscone center will shut down as well. if you can take the ferry into the city, that is your best bet to get into that part of town, no matter what tbe patient in you're in the area. >> it's absolutely horrible. >> where are you trying to get to? >> the water bar. >> a couple of blocks from here. >> i know. >> how long do you think it will take you? >> probably 25 minutes the way the traffic's moving. >> during rush hour yesterday, it took 30 minutes to go three blocks. we have information on how to get around those closures. go to, find a detailed map and list of
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alternative routes. >> list of events leading up to the super bowl is long. key dates, nfl experience saturday, a theme park with games and exhibits. also opening saturday, super bowl city, the free fan village, find concerts. and there's super bowl opening night, used to be called media day. that's monday. and finally nfl honors conan o'brien will host the award ceremony the night before. super bowl. and the countdown continues. 12 days to the super bowl at levi. stay with nbc bay area for coverage an air and online and digital platforms. >> kari's saying it's too far out to reliably predict the super bowl. >> reliable, we won't bug you. >> but we can look at the weekend which people are planning to go to super bowl city. looks like you may need the
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umpqu umbrella. the rain rdoes return for frida and saturday. san jose, clear blue skies and clearing up there. we have yet to shake low clouds in the north bay. tiburon, can barely see anything. low clouds over san francisco as well. temperatures are now in the lower 50s in san francisco. east bay and the peninsula, that 55 degrees. a closer look at north bay, it's in the lower 50s. as our temperatures have been warming up very gradually. it will be a very nice afternoon once that sun breaks out. i expect that to happen by 1:00ing 2:00 in san francisco. we will have a few hours of sunshine as our temperatures make it into the upper 50s to lower 60s and more clouds and fog moving in once again tonight. so looking at the next three days, temperatures are above normal, especially in south bay where we get up to 70 degrees tomorrow. 69 grows on thursday.
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and the peninsula, mid-60s. san francisco, lower 60s with a mix of sun and shower clouds. north bay 60. east shore, in the low to mid-60s there as well. also, for the tri-valley. but we will have some changes and once again, in time for the weekend. and we are looking at the storm systems well offshore. even though we haven't had moving inland, they're still out there producing high wins and waves. high surf for today, tomorrow as well as thursday as a breaker could reach 15 to 20 feet. coastal erosion will be possible. and we are looking at the system starting to bring in some rain late thursday night into the day on friday. here we are friday, showers move in. widespread. breaks in between. and then on sunday, it looks look we'll have heavy downpours along with some chilly temperatures and the rain outlook for the next several
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days brings us anywhere from inch and a half to 2 1/2 inches for most of the bay area. a few days to dry up, we will get quite a bit of a soaker heading into the weekend. we'll take a look at what's happening in the sierra as we take a look at the beautiful shot from heavenly. of course, expecting more snow as we go into the weekend. if you have weekend plans there, you'll want to listen up coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. next at 11:00, spurs no match for the golden state warriors. hyped up match turns into a rout. reaction from the mvp next. when we're in a nbc bay area microclimate alert, we made it easier to get information on smartphone. click on the bar that says weather alerts. that will take you to what you need to know, when you need to know it.
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that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend.
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unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. unfortunately you're not the only one who wants your money. kris/2 well, you're not the only one who want yours money. >> taxpayers fighting against refunds. bob hanson has a warning. >> reporter: only excitement of doing taxes is possibility of getting money back from the irs.
11:24 am
but these days, tax fee thieves are trying to get your refund before you do. >> someone other than you filed a tax refund using your information and then absconds with that money. >> reporter: all the thief need is name, social security number, birthday and pretend to be you when filing for a refund. >> but they don't need to know where you work or where you live or any of those other details. >> reporter: identity theft resource center says that sad thing is, most taxpayers have no idea their refund has been stolen until they file their own return. >> thief would get in first, legitimate taxpayer try to file their taxes and be told, that's already been filed. >> reporter: if the bad guys do get your tax refund, you will get your money. but it will take some time. >> we've heard from people who have had it resolved as early as three months. we've heard from some folks who it's been over a year. >> reporter: what can you do to
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stop it? your best bet, file refund early before the bad guys can file using your name and information. >> our number one tip is file first. beat the crook. >> reporter: you want to make sure you use qualified tax preparers who will protect personal information. irs is working on the problem but getting a jump on your refund is critical. >> live look now at oracle arena. tomorrow night the warriors take on the dallas mavericks at home. but this morning, all talk is about the ws rout of the spurs. all stars showed up for the much anticipated showdown but turned into a laster as the warriors jumped on top early and never looked back. steph curry led with 37 points in 28 minutes. he didn't have to play the fourth quarter because the warriors cruised to 120-90 victory. >> for us, this for our mentality, a big win. just understanding, emotions of
11:26 am
the game and buildup, for us to back it up with great play, it says a lot about our mentality right now. >> the ws are 41 and 4 on the season. >> crushed them. next at 11:00, more than just classic information. new alerts that could be critical to anybody in the bay area during the super bowl. candidates are making their
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final push this week... democratic presidential candidates are making their final push this week for participating in a town hall style forum where they took questions from voters and tried to explain controversial aspects about the campaign. >> in separate appearances democrats went into tough questions when tried to win over undecided voters. andrea mitchell reports. >> reporter: within minutes hillary clinton faces a blunt question from a young voter
11:29 am
leaning toward bernie sanders. >> i've heard from people my age they think you're dishonest. i'd like to hear from you why you feel then thus asm isn't there. >> i've been around a long time, people have thrown all kinds of things at me. if you're new to politics, if it's the first time you've paid attention, you go, oh my gosh, look at all of this, and you have to say to yourself, why are they throwing all of that? well, i'll tell you why. because i've been on the front lines of change and progress since i was your age. >> reporter: sanders asked how he defines being a democratic socialist. >> creating a government that works for all of us, not just a handful of people on the top. that's my definition of democratic socialism. >> reporter: and each was asked to react to the others' tv ads. >> she's the one lead who are has what it takes to get every part of the job done. >> reporter: sanders countered for all of her foreign policy experience, she et voed for the i vac war. >> i was not secretary of state but experience is important but
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judgment is also important. >> reporter: clinton had nothing but praise for his simon and garfunkel themed ad. ♪ >> i think that's great. i think that's fabulous. i loved it. >> reporter: in these final days, sanders' economic message is resonating with voter whose are hurting. >> it's so hard to do anything to pay -- pay your bills, you're ashamed all the time. >> to millions of people who are experiencing exactly what you guys are experiencing, do say that, we don't make change. >> reporter: while president obama was politico seemed to be tipping scales towards clinton. >> she can start here day one more experienced than any nonvice president ever been who aspires to this office. >> orlando police released video that showed how dangerous a routine traffic stop can become. a teenager ignored police orders
11:31 am
to stop. then drove toward an officer, resulting in the officer opening fire. >> nbc's natalie morales has more on that ongoing investigation. >> reporter: the foot. >>s a striking. [ gunshots ] >> shots fired! >> reporter: police officer shoots at a car in an orlando florida shopping center. >> stop. orlando police, stop! >> reporter: police say the january 16th incident started when officers spotted the driver not wearing his seat belt. this newly released police body cam footage. >> put your hands up. do it now! >> reporter: when the suspect didn't stop, cops used batons to smash the car's windows. >> police! >> reporter: still, the suspect then backs up into a parked car. before trying to make another escape. [ gunshots ] >> reporter: that's when the car comes towards one of the officers, who says he was forced to fire four shots to protect
11:32 am
himself. and another angle from store surveillance shows the driver of what turned out to be a stolen car getting shot at but still managing to get away. witness described the incident to our affiliate but did not want to be identified on camera. >> everything happened so fast, i just froze, went in a state of shock, because i wasn't expecting them to pull out guns and open fire. >> well, people may be digging out from the big blizzard that hit over the weekend. many finding they've got to place to go. travel days ripple around the country d.c. area may be the toughest yet. >> some 60 hours since the storm and many people still stranded in houses, cars still buried. nbc's miguel almaguer reports some people can't get home. >> reporter: first -- >> one, that was it. >> reporter: now really piling on. >> it appears they stopped working. >> reporter: amid the first
11:33 am
melting, a virtual meltdown. >> all of our driveways, we are ready to go but roads not cleared. >> reporter: travel on ice. subway rails stopped, 13,000 flights frozen. >> still melting snow. melting snow for the next ten days. >> reporter: at washington's reagan airport, runways are clear but there's nowhere for cars to park. >> we want to make sure everything was okay so we came last night. >> reporter: travelers trap at airport, along with cleanup crews. >> we sleep in our shops, in our offices, bunk rooms, file rooms, some guys sleep in their trucks. >> reporter: lucky few who got out captured a winter wonderland below. pretty from the air. but a different story on the ground. back roads buried, even snowplows stopped. >> i shoved all of this stuff. >> reporter: in washington, the nation. second busiest subway system resumed service today. amtrak is an entire -- isn't
11:34 am
back on track. >> the train's not coming. it's not good. opposite of good. >> reporter: even with exhausted crews still on the job. >> i think we're going to have maybe couple more days. >> reporter: from boston to new york to d.c., some haven't seen a plow for days. >> this is the only way in and out, huh in with neighborhoods bu bu buried in snow, locals are brimming with frustration. >> you can't abandon people, you can't leave them here. >> wow. moving on to something more cheerful, the big game less than two weeks away here at levi's stadium. while there are no local teams, there are locals playing a huge role on the field. >> terry mcsweenny profiles a couple local golden bears who have a big impact on the super bowl. >> anderson. >> reporter: from super bowl sunday, watch out for c.j. anderson, the former cal star will feel at home in santa clara, a long run from his
11:35 am
hometown of vallejo. >> he's a very kind and humble young man. >> reporter: elaine faucet knows c.j. from superstar day as the bethel high school. she was c.j.'s p.e. teacher. >> they told me, c.j.'s in your clasp i said who is that? they said, he's the next star? really? why are they putting him if my class? >> reporter: he hung out with her son jo-jo. >> you had to be an athlete, you had to keep grades, you had to be, you know, smooth, you know, you had to take care of your business. >> reporter: elaine's book, $21 with a bullet" a chapter about the get there boys. goal, do something positive with their lives. she says, all of them got there. panthers' coach and former cal all-american ron rivera from seaside monterey county. >> a great, young man. >> reporter: now he has known
11:36 am
rivera sin high school days where he's now the football coach. they exchanged texts. >> proud of him, community's proud of him. proud of him more as a man are more so as a coach, he's been an example. he just -- thank you, i appreciate it. >> reporter: now football players want to sigh the local legend in person. >> he's going to be busy during super bowl week down here. >> reporter: terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> in time for the super bowl, a luxurious option for folks flying into the bay area. >> scott budman has a look inside the new executive terminal. >> reporter: welcome to the high-end way to fly. the hangar where nfl teams store their jets, then decamp to a quiet terminal with no security lines. this is the new 10,000-square foot executive terminal, recently built for $82 million, around the back of san jose
11:37 am
international airport. where the broncos and panthers will arrive in the bay area ahead of the super bowl. >> sounds like, so far, we're going to have some excitement. >> reporter: maria, president of signature flights support showed us around. this much different than the way most of us nigh. >> the focus of the team has been driven around the schedule for the super bowl to make sure that we were open in time, operationally, that we were doing our best with service. >> reporter: the super bowl teams will fly into and out of here during the next two weeks, after the game, these hangars will largely be used by high-flying silicon valley techies. >> there are many companies here in silicon valley that own their own private corporate jets and their executives want to fly at times around the clock, they want to fly to certain destinations that may not be on an airline schedule. >> reporter: it's not how we
11:38 am
usually get around. but thanks to the super bowl, it's about to get a lot of attention. scott budman, nbc bay area news. bronco and panther fans head to the bay area, excitement for super bowl 50 continues to build. so are concerns over traffic and safety as mentioned. >> fans and everyone else may have a way to receive real-time alerts about the game. send a text. >> reporter: the teams are set. crews at levi's stadium are setting football's biggest stage. one thing public safety leaders recommend you do, even if you're not headed to the big game. police agencies partnered with a free notification service to send out special alerts just for the super bowl. >> text 888777 sb 50 and opt in to receive alerts. >> reporter: the lieutenant with santa clara police say out of towners and locals can find out about super bowl-specific incidents as they happen. >> we have over 1,000 followers
11:39 am
picked up opting in to receive alerts. we're ready to go. >> reporter: the captain with sunnyvale's department of safety says, since yesterday, when the teams were decided, sb 50 subscribership almost doubled to 2000. messages start going out today about changes to vta and caltra caltrain. >> could be anything from major traffic information to major event occurring around super bowl-related activities. >> reporter: police departments from san francisco to san jose have partnered up to push critical information through the messaging system. >> people that could be coming from denver or carolina to attend the super bowl that aren't familiar with our area, they don't need to subscribe to our typical resident, they can subscribe to this and be informed. >> interesting. that was janelle wang reporting. the super bowl nixel to push out alerts but police say, if, for
11:40 am
example, there's a suspect they're looking for they may send out a description to subscribers to see if anyone has tips in that area. next at 11:00, reunion 20 years in the making. how a woman finds out a homeless man ended up being her father. new study looks at difference between heart attacks in men and heart attacks in women. what women in particular should watch out for. clouds are starting to peel back from berkeley, giving them sunshine in other spots around the bay area. dry weather is about to end in just in time for the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up.
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new warning about the number one killer of women which is heart disease, and big gender gap when it comes to having a heart attack. >> symptoms, very different between the sexes, leading some women to ignore signs body is telling them. as anne thompson reports, knowing those signs could save your life. >> reporter: when it comes to treatment for heart disease, it is still a man's world. in a first of its kind report on heart attacks in women, today the american heart association
11:44 am
says heart disease remains undertreated and underdiagnosed in women. it starts with a difference in symptoms. men tend to have severe chest pain before a heart attack. women's signs can be subtle, including shortness of breath, nausea, jaw pain. >> happy day? >> reporter: katharine, an active mother of two with hereditary high cholesterol was 39 when a heart attack sent her to the hospital. >> i had a challenging time getting even the hospital at the time to accept me because i didn't look like someone who should be suffering from an event. >> reporter: with the new information, cardiologist hopes treatment of women will improve. >> this statement gives us a road map as a clinician to look at some of the gender differences with heart disease. >> reporter: take risk factors. researchers say women with high blood pressure have a stronger risk of heart attack than men. a young woman with die beat her risk is four to five times
11:45 am
higher compared to young men. the risks are even greater for minority women. >> those communities, african-american, hispanic, high incident of hypertension, diabetes, obesity, inactivity, and exposure to chronic stress. >> reporter: the good news is simple lifestyle changes can make a huge difference and astonishing 80% of heart disease and stroke are preventible. anne thompson, nbc news, new york. >> idaho woman got the shock of her life when she made an unlikely connection with a homeless man. >> turned out to be her father who she had not seen in 20 years. >> reporter: it wasn't the first time show shanna saw this man. >> as far as i knew, another gentleman on the street, coming in. >> reporter: but then, he handed her his food stamp card, and that changed everything. >> he asked me what his balance was. i saw the name.
11:46 am
my heart dropped and i said, what's your middle name? he goes, eugene. i hit my knees and sigh said you're my biological father, i've been searching for you for over 20 years. >> we started shaking, oh my god. >> reporter: tearful yet joyful neither one was sure would ever happen. >> i don't want to cry. >> reporter: did you miss? >> a lot. >> reporter: once they knew, there was never a question. >> i never thought the day would come, i never thought i would get the chance to see what he looked like. >> i'm going to be there in every way, whatever it takes. >> cath lynn reardon reporting. she plans to keep her dad in his life, if all goes well, she plans to invite him to live with her. >> that's a nice story. a promise of a look at ski weekend. >> people have plans to get out of the bay area to avoid all of the traffic and all of those headaches.
11:47 am
we'll have some wet weather moving in here and you know rain here means snow in the sierra. temperatures warming up, the clouds are finally clearing out of san francisco. and the temperatures will top out in the low 60s today. and even some mid-60s for parts of the south bay. but even though we don't have rain moving in, there are storm systems offshore that could create large waves. not only today but for the next few days. and may get even more rough as we go into the day on thursday. so we'll be talking more about that. as we go hour by hour in oakland, we see a lot of sunshine and warming temperatures into the low 60s for the next couple of hours. and clouds rolling back in, once again, with fog developing by the morning. temperatures are above average in some spots even reaching near 70 degrees in south bay. and the peninsula, highs in the mid-60s, san francisco, looking at some low 60s. mixture of sun and clouds for the next few days and then we
11:48 am
get ready for the changes. we are looking at this cluster of clouds off to the west that will be moving in and hear's a way it pans out on computer models. we will see rain moving in, we see the bright reds, that's heavy rain that moves into the north bay by late thursday night. on friday, the rest of the bay area sees scattered showers and they take a break saturday for some parts of the day. on sunday, it looks like a widespread range of pouring all throughout the day. so looking at how much rain we could see during that time period, the computer models are showing potential of anywhere from inch and a half to 2 1/2 inches of rain for most of us. maybe lighter amounts in some spots less than 2 1/2 inches. a lot of skiers enjoying this time with the break in the snowfalling but a lot of snow on the ground. taking a look at north star. you can see a couple of people out there. heading into the weekend with the next storm system, we will have a significant snow.
11:49 am
this is what computer models are picking up on, between saturday through tuesday. up to two feet of snow like in south lake tahoe. we may see up to 25 inches than of course means if you're going that direction, you need those tire chains. here we will have some wet weather just pouring off and on throughout the weekend. cooler temperatures moving in as we head into sunday. it looks like we'll only see high temperatures in the tri-valley sunday reaching 53 degrees. and once again, it looks pretty soggy. so if you're making plans to get outside, well, you'll want to keep checking in on that's forecast. >> we like checking in. we'll be right back. >> it's easy to get connected to the weather outside going to nbc bay area app. text radar, there you can zero in on your own neighborhood to see if it's raining. that gives you what you need to know when you need to know it. that's how to stay informed with the nbc bay area app. with the super-bowl less than
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two weeks away, you may be wondering what to do with your free time! talked about the super bowl, two weeks away, thereabouts. you may be wondering what to do with free time. >> a time to cap up on movies you may have missed. the home video preview. >> if you practice, people will try to have you killed. >> bradley cooper can't take the heat but won't get out of the kitchen in "burnt" flambed his career in paris so he's in london facing a third star alongside allies, old enemies and maybe even a girlfriend. >> many don't know this, but
11:53 am
abond nimble snowmen love sweets. >> based on the children's books unleashes the creatures of r. r.l.stein. >> land of pain, misery. >> reporter: samuel l. jackson tells the tale as old as time as chi-rak. a modern day political argument, women of chicago tired of gun violence and decide to with hold certain intimate benefits until they give up their gun. >> run the place as it should be run. >> reporter: the final season of "downton abbey" the piece wraps up its sixth season with bitter sweet farewell to the talented cast. that's the video news. >> imagine this falling out of the sky, largest hail ever recorded in california. fell over the weekend in redding. some chunks measured three inches in diameter, largest hail
11:54 am
measured in the u.s. fell in south dakota in 2010, 8 inches and 2 pounds. interesting shapes. >> pretty, right? >> ask kari about that. >> we'll be right back.
11:55 am
11:56 am
welcome back. kaleigh slushe kari hall, we talked about this earlier, we were talking about hail, i thought it was round. >> it doesn't have to be.
11:57 am
picked up into the updraft, freezes, when it gets heavy enough, falls back down, picked up again. goes up and down. so it may have an interesting shape. we seen all kinds of shapes. >> really pretty. >> really. almost like crafts. >> a pack mental can get you in trouble or in shape real quick. >> the bloodhound in alabama that escaped from a backyard just key moment, right at start of a half marathon beginning near her home. when runners took off, so did she. she led the pack for a while. she did finish in seventh but her time was not much to howl at 1:32. the organizers plan to call it the half hound dog. >> like everybody else is running, i'll just run. >> cute, too. >> thanks for joining us. next newscast tonight at 5:00. >>
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
today on "access hollywood live," zandaya is back hanging out with bryan cranston. >> also a phone call from cher. >> and they star on one of the most popular shows on hgtv, women love the property brothers. >> jonathan and drew scott are here. they are getting into country music, getting into an album. >> i thought one was getting in a hot tub to get on the bachelor. >> from sundance, katie couric is here to talk about her new film on gun control. >> "access hollywood live" starts right now. >> we're live in five, four, three, two, one.


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