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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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and the fact the victim was a juvenile. the suspect is do you back in court to possibly enter a plea. live in san jose, ron honda, nbc bay area news. where is he? another day of searching for 28 years old kyle myrick. police believe he was killed business his co-worker. family and friends think he's still alive. today a high-tech tool joined in the search. we're live in los gatos with more on the search efforts today. ma ma maryanne. >> today several volunteers used their personal drones to scour the area. they're hoping thiol find something to lead them to kyle. >> a drone taking to the sky, offering over the santa cruz mountains. these volunteers hope their high-flying high resolution cameras will help find kyle.
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>> hopefully another eye in the sky, search more locations that are hard to access. >> 28-year-old myrick has been miss been since friday. hi father launched a third day of search efforts. they're also asking businesses if they have surveillance cameras that may have captured images of the suspect's white gmc truck with tinted windows. >> if we can get a sight of that guy's truck that night, it would help immensely in the search effort. >> steve leabo is now behind bars accused of homicide. in a jailhouse interview, he told us he is innocent. >> i am not a murderer, and i did not murder anyone. >> john sperry says he doesn't believe him and kyle's family will continue to search for him on foot and by air until they find him. >> we've just learned that
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kyle's family has reached out to marc klaas, with the foundation for help with the search. >> maryanne, thank you. a rescue in san francisco, this is at lake merced, a fishing trip gone wrong. the kayaker who fell overboard is a retired san francisco fire fighter. he said he was embarrassed by being rescued by his former colleagues, but of course thankful. to see our snowpack is faring better than any jane war since 2011, the second snow survey of the year is set for next week, but state water officials confirmed it is at 115% of the historical average. that sounds encurraning, but they also warn it's too soon to know if enough precipitation will have fallen be the end of the wet season to significantly impact the drought. while the snowpack is above average, what about about the
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strength of the ilanyone jo? >> the currents outlook shows it present in the equatorial pacific. so we're likely to see the conditions through march, and it will begin to weaking april, may and june. coming in second is 1982. that's all based on sea surface temperatures from october, november, and also into december. so how do we compare do that 1997, 1998 ilnino event when it comes to rainfall? we took a like specify at san jose. currently running at 3.9 inches. back in 1998, we had 3.8 p inches, so weir trending a bit above that. i'm not sure we'll best 9 the 1998 total, but we will get close. we're tracking not one, but two more accepts. i'll have details in about 15
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minutes. >> and you can stay connected on our nbc bay area app, just click on weather. you'll find the latest forecasts and temperatures. here we go. here comes the rain and the super bowl, rain or shine, it is happen. today levi stadium taking on its new look. the facelift continues at the billion dollar facility. yao sigh that giant tent to welcome the fans. inside the just painted team logos, and they at the 50 yard line, and the broncos and the panthers. the league says it's used about 500 gallons of paint to deck crate and there are plenty of tarps to protect the newly planted turf from the rain. >> the feel has played an entire season. it accomplished everything it need to do do so for a super bowls we always replace the feel. and they'll introduce a new app this week, from saercht clara to san francisco, this is a live look alternate super bowl
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city right there in front of the ferry building. it's a two-week party, but if you're driving near the embarcadero it's a headache. it's taken about 30 minutes to drive about three blocks. a lot of super bowl issues are unfolding this evening. mark matthews is at city hall, a last-ditch attempt to get more money. >> reporter: call it a hail mary. supervisor jane kim and john avalos and aaron pes kin are all asks why they can't get the same deal from the nfl as santa clara. santa clara is hosting the big game and the nfl has agreed to reimburse santa clara's expenses. san francisco is hosting the week-long party before the game, but the city is on the hook for costs related to public safety, public transit and public works, roughly estimated at $5 million.
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>> why should we put $5 million on the table? why should any public dollars pell subsidized for a party for the rich? >> she's renegotiating -- john avalos and aaron peskin are aligned with her, but business leaders are questioning their motives? >> i think it's a political stunt. >> today the vice president of the san francisco chamber of commerce said it's about jane kim running for the state senate. >> since she's found this issue, and so few of them, her allies are pushing a very negative story to show that somehow she is a watchdog of the public purse. >> kim's resolution today had no chance of getting the required unanimous vote in time to renegotiate with the nfl, but she and supervisor avalos told me this is about protecting the city in future deals. >> you can call it grandstanding or looking to the best interest
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of san francisco taxpayers. that's what we're doing. >> reporter: both avalos and kim were on the board of supervisors back in 2012 when the bid was put together. at 6:00, you'll hear her acknowledge they got it wrong back then, but as she said, why don't we try to fix it now? reporting, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. a live look at the golden gate bridge, which is expected to be jammed with even more visitors on super bowl weekend. bridge officials will shut down the parking lots at both of visitor center and at vista point. they'll be off-limits starting friday morning and extending through super bowl sunday into take a look at the countdown clock. there's just 11 days now until super bowl 50. stay with nbc bay area for complete coverage. on our web side we have an entire section dedicated to the super bowl. just go to and scroll down to that section.
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it was noisy and it blocked traffic. more than a dozens immigrant rights activists made their point today. you can see it and hear it. they chained themselves together in san francisco's financial district. that forced police into using chain cutters to free them. the demonstration is a statewide day of action. them help for asylum seekers. they do not want deportation. immigrations and customs enforcement issued a statement the right of all people to express their opinions are respected. passionate debate as supervisor voted to recognize a man killed by police. the december 2nd shooting of mario woods was reported by witnesses and viewed thousands of time online. late today the board of supervisors voted unanimously to declare july 22nd mario woods remembrance day. that was his birthday.
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some vehemently objected. the supervisors say it's to call attention to the need for police reform and send the message that city leaders acknowledge the issue needs attention. it's moving day for a handful of families after their building has been deemed unsafe. hear what the police chief says about people who refuse to move out. good afternoon. i'm meteorologist jack ray neari. we have another no storm system, that's coming up in about eight minutes. and we'll tell you about the south bay church that's going to great length to keep people warmth winter. where to go. that's what some
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tenants in pacifica ar forced to move out and nowhere to go. that's and you have their apartment building was yellow tagged during the building. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is at those oceanfront apartments. beautiful location, but very dangerous. >> reporter: especially in the last few weeks. they said they moved here for the incredible views. many people say they don't have anywhere else to go. some say they will wait until police kick them out, because they just don't have a place
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like most of his neighbors, mike men henry moved in for the sprawling oceanfront views. >> we're being displayed forcibly. >> he's moving out of the hi apartment after the city yellow tagged the building. >> the surf breaks so hard when it comes up, the whole place shakes. >> reporter: just steps from his back porch is a 100-foot drop. with each storm comes massive waves, separating the ocean from mike's bedroom window. >> i went from a nice beautiful view to now i'm living in my car. >> reporter: while several families spend the day moving out, some refuse to leave. >> a lot of us, we don't have a place to go anyway. the rents are too high, we can't move out, wee living paycheck to paycheck. what are we going to do? >> reporter: pacifica police say they'll work with tenants to find a new place, but will
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eventually force everyone out. >> they have it is an order. they have no choice being to obey it. >> mike says he knows it's time to go, but now has to figure out what's next. >> we have nowhere to go. no money to do it with. >> reporter: many of the tenants are waiting to hear from the landlord. they're hoping to get the security deposit back. i reached out to the lal for an answer, but did not hear back. >> thank you, michelle. for the second time in a week, the fire department has been called out to a hoverboard fire. this was in petaluma. the family says they were lucky that someone was at home. last week a hoverboard fire destroyed a santa rosa house and killed two dogs. well, sometimes you have to
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walk the talk. some south bay churches are stepping up and leading by example. >> the issue is homelessness. what are they doing? garvin thomas is showing us tonight in "bay area proud." each church praiseworthy in its own way, but when a group of churches invites them in, that sounds like a "bay area proud." >> a ministry is simply to be presence. >> practicing is always harder than preaching. >> to be simply present. >> reporter: even those who do it for a living like father brendan mcgwire will tell you that. that's why he's so proud of what his holy spirit congregation is doing these days. or more accurately these nights. after the last sermon of the day is done, father brendan's parishioners walk his right into the church and place 15 cotts
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among the pews for 15 homeless women who, for this month at least, will call this house of worship their home. >> if your brother or sister were in trouble, you would open your house. >> father brendan says the motivation to do more about homelessness in his community came after a chance meeting with a homeless man in portland, oregon. >> he was about 19 years old, been on the streets for five or six years, and i was at one point shocked, saddened and deeply moved by that experience. >> so father brendan brought this idea to his congregation, and they ran with it. >> you were here at 6:30 -- >> 500 parishioners have signed up to volunteer, offering not just shelter, but food and a host of other services. >> at least for a moment, we are going to try and make your life a lot better than it has been.
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and that's our gift. >> reporter: there is, however, a legal limit of 30 days they can provide temporary shelter, so holy spirit formed a coalition with three other south bay churches to take turns sheltering the women this winter. father brendan would love to see even more come on board. >> it would change us. so wouldn't it be the same if every house of worship chose to house? >> reporter: until then he says, hess church will do what it can, giving the lucky few a chance to sleep under saints, watched over by angels. it must be said, this is not a unique idea. in fact in the south bay up until about ten years ago there was a coalition of churches that did something similar, but eventually ran into not enough money to keep it going. this is restarting this idea, looking around at all the wealth in silicon valley, saying it
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shouldn't be like this for these people. >> the spirit of teamwork, is wonderful. >> yes, it is. >> thanks, garvin. let's bring in our chief meteorologist as we're talking about the super bowl field. they have a lot of tarps there, they said. >> we are still calling for the possibility of rainfall on super bowl as you said and you can get more details on the scrolling seven-day forecast, as that continues to populate. right now outside of san jose and santa clara, we have some high clouds returns after blue skies today. it was definitely very refreshing after a lot of floe -- currently 61, back towards san francisco at 5, and currently the north bay checking in at 56. tomorrow morning we will start again with areas of fog, makely throughout the east base, temperatures down in the 40s with some of our coldest weather in the east ways, and in the north bay at 44. for the south bay, we'll begin at 45, a few clouds ernie on.
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as we look right now, that next storm system is will have already in view. probably stretching over 1,000 miles. out ahead of this it's pulling in warmer subtropical air. snow levels will definitely be high, and it's also going to mean that rainfall is definitely on the way for us here as we head through the next five-day period. most immediately high pressure, a weak region of high pressure is just offshore. that will keep some morning fog with us tomorrow, and then by the afternoon on wednesday we get more sunshine building back in. again, we need to wait for that rainfall. we'll advance the futurecast, mainly off towards the north, we'll gradually see the rainfall shift here to the north bay in san francisco by 6:00 a.m. here's the thing with the storm. it looks like the cold front will stall out here on friday
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morning so we'll be hard pressed to find any sort of accumulation. friday is like it's about marin, napa and also sonoma counties. we think or better chance for accumulations will not be on saturday, but on sunday's forecast, and we'll be good for at least a quarter of an inch. stay tuned for more evolving numbers on this wet weekend weather, as we get closer, because there are some forecast model inconsistencies. overall expect that rain friday, saturday and sunday. as we look at the microclimate forecast on wednesday, some sun building in, warmest temperatures down across the south bay, going up to 68 in morgan hill, for san jose 65, cool at the immediate coast, pretty typically, over to palo alto of 4. headen into san francisco, you're part of this pre-super bowl press. you have a job in there, headed toward the financial district, may need alternates skrakt.
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we keep haze up towards the north bay, and napa is at 57. the most sunshine will be in pleasanton at 61 degrees. how does the next 15 days play out? let's get a look. high pressure offshore keeps us dry into thursday. rain returns friday and saturday with a storm system, then another chance by sunday. that's our better bet for widespread bay area accumulation, and then february 2nd into the night, potential wet weather pattern. right now prepare for rain on the super bowl, for everyone else continue prepare to get your lawns get wet. apple is recording record-breaking profits, but what is taking a bight out of its stock this evening? we'll explain. plus on the hunt. the announcement authorities made today how it will help them track down three dangerous inmates in southern california. 50-thousand to 200-thousand
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dollars for information leading to the capture of 3 dangerous inmates. the men escaped last frid f authorities in orange county hope money talks. the men escaped last friday,
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authorities saying they cut through steel bars before rappelling from the roof. the men were in custody awaiting trial for separate crimes, ranging from kidnapping and torture to murder. a tragic update for the family of a uc santa cruz student who was swept away at cease. authorities identified the remains of the 19-year-old, who was from palo alto. she was thrown into the ocean last week. a cyclist came across her remains yesterday. the second student, he's from san jose, and his body is still missing. twitter as a crime-fighting tool. deputies posted these photos of suspects linked to a armed robbery, posted them on twitter. they were photographed cashing in stolen lottery tickets which were taken in an armed robbery. the suspects were last seen driving a black mercedes suv.
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from cupertino to wall street, it's bracing for its first sales decline in more than a decade. that decline is projected for this current quarter. apple says revenue could fally nearly 9%, this as demand for the iphone is slowing down. that's bringing apple stock down in after-hours trading last we're apple raked in $18 billion, the highest grossing quarter in history for a public corporation. it is the ultimate movie memento, the "star wars" prop that's about to go on the auction block. that's next. a neighborhood nuisance. ==take
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vo== the reason a localitys suddenly spending tonight at 6:00, a neighborhood newsian, the reason a local city is suddenly spending thousands to get rid of some wild roosters. like these guys. that's tonight on our 6:00 newscast. "star wars" fans will have a chance to own one of the most iconic prop. luke skywalker's blaster is going up for auction. it was featured in the 1980 movie "the empire strikes back." the same model used by han solo. it's due to hit the block this thursday. the minimum bit, $200,000.
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did you say $200,000? >> i'm out of the bidding for that. >> i'm out, too. >> anything for luke skywalker and han solo. >> good luck to the fans out there. >> it was a great day. >> we didn't have to feel gill, because -- so good news there. we're still looking for -- dry into thursday. friday and saturday, rain returns, mainly for the north bay down to about san francisco on sunday. that's a better chance for the entire bay area to pick up wet weather. as we head through february 2nd into the 9th, it looks like a potential wetter weather pattern. that could still mean rainfall for the super bowl. you have a temporary job, setting up the catering or anything like that, i think tents are a great option. for everybody else, if you have nothing to do with it, it's
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great news for the lawn. >> win-win. thanks for joining us. lester hold is next for nightly news. tonight, unstoppable. ted cruz's dire warning about donald trump as the front-runner surges and nabs major endorsements just six days until iowa. cliff hanger. evacuations under way with an entire community on edge. fumbling into the sea. a state of emergency as el nino unleashes its wrathd on the califoia coast. where's the response. nbc news has learned amid the toxic water crisis in flint, no pipes are being replaced. we asked the governor why not. warning signs for pregnant women and mothers of newborns. a big announcement from doctors about diagnosing depression. and remembering abe vigoda. sadly, this time it's for real. from "the godfather" to barney miller, the legendary actor is


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