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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 26, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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i guess the issue is they have no place to go? earp many say they can't find an affordable place with no notice. some are moves, but others say they don't have the resources and they plan to stay until police force them to leave mike mchenry said he thought he had another year to enjoy this oceanfront view, but amid the relation storms, they've been a wake-up call. >> it feels like the ocean is in your bedroom. >> just steps away from his bedroom is a 100-foot drop. in the past couple months he said he watched his already minute wall yard go into the ocean. >> it's better that we're not here when it happens. >> mike and several of his neighbors spent the day moving out, while others refused to leave. >> a lot of it is that we don't have a place to go anyway. the rents are too high, we can't move out, we're living paycheck to paycheck. what are we going to do?
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>> reporter: pacifica police say they'll work with tenants to find a police, but eventually will force everyone to leave. >> it is an order. if there are still folks who don't wish to leave, there will come a point where they may fate criminal action. >> mike says he knows it's time to go, but wishes the city or his landlord would do more to help him land on his feet. we're being displaced forcibly. thank god they let us get our things, about you we have no money to forand nowhere to do it. >> reporter: i reached out to the landlord for an answer, but i didn't hear back. reporting live in pacifica, michelle roberts, anybody else bay areas news. a tragic update on the two bay area students who were swept away at sea. today authorities identified the remains of 19-year-old shrine sharon, she was one of the two
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uc santa cruz students caught up in a wave and thrown into the ocean. a cyclist came across her remains at strawberry beach yesterday. her family is preparing her memorial service. >> we absolutely, absolutely wanted to get her bam so there could be a closure to the family's grieving, anywhere from the youngest child to the older person in the family is thankful to god, and we have her back. >> the second student from san jose is still missing. well, it's no longer just the 49ers field. say hello to the broncos and carolina panthers, with new paint and new technology, levi stadium has been transformed, and we have the logos to prove it. we have multiple reports this evening. mark matthews is in san francisco with some last-minute political haggling, but first let's begin with scott budman. how does it look inside? >> it looks rick good, raj. you mentioned technology indeed.
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nfl officials tell us they will take advantage of the technology that's already here at levi stadium, while adding some of their own, they also tell us they know rain is expected to be on the way. they have plans and tarps at the ready. levi stadium is looking a lot like a super bowl site, inside and out, with new logos, and entirely new turf. the field is played the entire season, so it's accomplished everything they needed it to do. so for a super bowl, we always come in and replace the field. >> they're also tweaking the technology, getting ready for what the nfl is teasing as a giant halftime show and a new app for fans. >> we will have, you know, an in-stadium app that will be available to folks that is custom and unique to super bowl. it will be a super bowl look and feel to it. >> reporter: and with lots of rain expected between now and
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super bowl sunday -- >> we have covers to cover the field if it rains. >>. >> reporter: they're ready for action, rain or shine. nfl officials tell us they expect that app to be ready for download by the end of this week. they say 500 gallons of paint have been used, creating logos. reporting live in santa clara, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, scott. the field meanwhile, changing. so is san francisco. here's a live look where drivers are stupid in gridlock. the stilled shut down several streets to construct the free super bowl city. drivers say it's already creating gridlock. well, renegotiating, the debate over the cost of the super bowl ended today when one san francisco city leader's idea to get cash from the nfl got sacked. mark matthews is live in san francisco. mark, that decision pretty clear today.
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>> reporter: yes, they haven't actually taken the vote yet, but it is not going to go anywhere. santa clara got a deal from the nfl promising to pay the city's expenses. san francisco's getting the super bowl party, but they aren't getting that deal about the expenses, and supervisor jane kim is pushing for a renegotiation. as super bowl city is being build built on the embarcadero and the city prepares to host a week-long party. jane kim is questions week they were be pays an estimated $5 million for police, transit and public works costs. >> we want the super bowl, we just disagree about who should pay for parties for the wealthiest people. >> business says that increased tax revenues will more than offset the costs. >> only in san francisco do we life a gift horse in the mouth.
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>> the chamber's vice president says the objections are a political stunt. >> she's found the issue and so a few of them, her allies, are pushing a negative story to show that she is somehow a watch dog of the public pushes. >> reporter: she is running for the state senate, but she says it's not about posturing, but protecting the city. she was on the board in 2012 when the bid was put together. >> i acknowledge we got it wrong, so let's try to fix it. >> at the meeting, her proposal had no chance of getting the required unanimous support needed mayor ed lee responded, saying he is confident the super bowl will pay off for the city in increased tax revenues. >> every city that's hosted a super bowl has been eager to not only to host it, but to have it back. >> reporter: supervisor jane kim's resolution does have the support from aaron peskin and john avalos. that's three votes.
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all he needs is 11. they haven't taken the vote count, but trust me, it's not going to go anywhere. mark matthews, nbc bay area news. the super bowl will also impact our most famous landmark. the golden gate bridge is expected to be even more crowded. to keep traffic moving, bridge officials will close the parking lots at both the visitor center and at vista point. they parking lots will be off-limits beginning this friday morning and extending through super bowl sunday. speaking of super bowl sunday, take a look, 11 days -- excuse me, 11 days, 21 hours, that countdown continues until super bowl 50. nbc bay area has complete coverage both on air and online. we have a entire section of the home page dedicated to the big game. new at 6:00 tonight a neighborhood is crying foul, saying rogue roosters have taken over the area.
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year of kepg, there may be a solution, lee, that is one expensive -- they're growing in numbers and in volume, so now the city is deciding whether they should hire a contractor at a price tag of more than $7,000. >> they're at the neighbors right now. >> reporter: you can hear them. >> oh, yeah, one is right there. >> reporter: before you see them. >> i'm sorry, it's the truth. >> reporter: a chorus of roosters, constantly making noise in antioch. >> yeah, you hear them. >> reporter: just ask irma rodriguez. >> i just curse and tun over and go black to sleep. >> they both live in the eastern part of the city. >> it started maybe two years ago. >> they are two of the dozens of
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residents fed up with the wild roosters and hens. they've been caught between the county and city, while the two agencies were in the midst of annexing the area into city limits. >> it's an area that we annexed from the county last year. >> they're everywhere. >> reporter: now they wanted roosters gone, but antioch's police chief says animal control officers aren't trained to deal with the wild animals, so the city is considering hiring a contractor at a cost of $7,000. >> they would be either killed by the eradicator or given to you business disposal, but the argue that is it's the listen. >> because it's nonvicious wildlife, it's up to the residents to deal with that. >> if there was anything else, they would spend the money to do it. >> one thing everyone agrees on, the animals need to go. >> they're so cute when they're
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small, once they're big, they're just horrible. >> and the city council meeting to decide whether or not to hire this contractor is set to begin in about an hour. we spoke to some residents who say if the plan doesn't go forward, they're going to take matters into their own hands. we'll keep you updated. recording live, i'm elise kirshner for nbc bay area news. a cloud of black smoeg billowed for smiles all because of a fire in hayward. you can see from our nbc bay area chopper the charred roof of this building. 911 calls went out just before 4:30 on pacific street in industrial parkway. luckily no one was hurt, now firefighters need to figure out what sparked it. a santa clara woman is in custody, charged with murdering her young son. i'm robert honda. why a case thought to be an accident turned into a homicide. and is it a statement or a
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slig sleight to the police? a bay area approve tribute. also the trouble a retired firefighter encounters that has his old colleagues rushing to the rescue. i'm jeff ranieri, not one, but two different systems. we'll have the timeline on these storms and what it means for the weekend, coming up throughout the hour. murder charges tonig
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a santa clara mother is facing murder charges tonight for the drowning death of her son. police say she has confessed to the crime. robert honda is in san jose with the troubling details. robert. >> raj, it is a grisly accusation. police officials say they are still withholding details because of an ongoing investigation from what seemed to be an accidental death just a couple weeks ago. one thing is certain, it is now a murder case. today children were playing and laughing in the small park right across the street from where the alleged murder took place. santa clara police say on january 8th, officers and paramedics responded to an emergency call here at conner place. police say 51 years old tara mcneil-palajik said she found
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her 12-year-old adopted son. she confessed to killing her child under intense questioning. she was arraigned on january 14th. neighbors we talked to were stunned and upset. >> it's heart-wrenching, we're a small community, a big city, but small community feel, so it's really tragic when you hear someone that miserable and that bad off to do something to a child. >> reporter: police said they kept her out of the eye due to the sensitive nature of the crime and because the victim was a juvenile. she is do back in court on monday, possibly to answer a plea. live in san jose, robert honda, nbc bay area news. all right. thank you, passionate debate and anger in san francisco as supervisors vote to recognize the stabbing suspect killed by police.
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the shooting of mario woods was reported by witnesses, viewed thousands of times online. police maintain that woods, with a long criminal history, was carrying a knife and dangerous. however, late today the board of supervisor voted unanimous to declare july 22nd as mario woods' remembrance day. that's his birthday. he would have turned 27. >> this resolution does something very important. it's the first time that the board of supervisors would be on record saying we are committed to police reform. in this letter to the board of supervisors yesterday the police officers association argued against the remembrance day, saying officers who died in the line of duty didn't get days dedicated to their memories. supervisor campos says it's a separate issue, but would be happy to vote for days to honor their sacrifices as well. huge swells as high as 14 feet have been hitting the coast for weeks now battering the santa cruz wharf.
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it's been offlimbs for days because of a water main break, possibly caused by the el nino luv fueled waves. it provides drinking water for businesses in the area. the city works says it still needs to find a more permanent solution. a day on the lake fishing turned into a rescue. the fisherman says he reached for something behind him and the boat flipped over. this was at lake merced. he spent about 20 minutes in the water. he's a retired firefighter and ended up being rescued by his former colleagues. >> how embarrassing. >> reporter: what do you have to say to them? >> thank you very much. >> this is a fishing story he will never forget. let's turn things over to jeff ranieri. it was amazing to see the sun out all day today. >> i know. had the sunroof open, windows
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down, it was beautiful. everyone got in at least the blue sky, we do have a stream of moisture coming in from the south. it's providing rainfall just off to the north right now. but there's nothing that's showing us any raffle here for tonight or for tomorrow but if you want more rainfall, don't worry. we have an active pacific out here. two different ones brewing in the pacific. on our next chance of rainfall, but i want to go ahead and focus in on tomorrow specifically. you can see we will get some sunshine by the afternoon tomorrow for more of a partly cloudy to mostly sunny sky. a bit cooler in the peninsula with 63. tri-valley with 62. you'll be one of the cooler spots, likely due to the fact that you'll start off with fog tomorrow morning, take a little longer for you to warm up. i want to give you a/down view
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of what we'll see by tomorrow. at 3:00 p.m., you with see the cloud cover lingering around the east bay, maybe for the south bay, but generally partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. as we look ahead in the forecast, that next chance of rain arriving as we head through thursday, we're talking calistoga, middletown and gurnville, right down to about san francisco. the storm system is expected as to stall out, so we'll be hard pressed to independence if any major rainfall totals the way it looks now, but still expect a slight chance of some showers. when it comes to our ten-day rain outlook, we're looking pretty good here to get several different storms coming our way. maybe 3-plus inches for the north bay. so the big question, would we have rainfall for the super bowl? the way it looks like now, the friday and saturday before, a chance here of some rainfall,
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temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. at 3:30 kickoff, it looks like the possibility of rainfall is still in the mix. we have plenty of time before this, but right now i would prepare for some rain. >> better prepare for that rain. coming up, good news from the sierra snow pack growing by the week. will it be enough? the magic number we're getting close to. lotto fever and the gigantic jackpots, the new numbers out today that reveal what the lottery is doing for our public education.
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deputies are turning to twitter in the hopes of identifying a couple criminality. they say two men and two women were photographed cashing in stolen lottery tickets, which were taken in an armed robbery. the suspects were last seen driving a black per meds suv. the fight for immigrants rights brought traffic to a halt in two of california's biggest cities today. [ chanting ] >> this is what it sounded like in san francisco. more than a dozen people chained themselves together in the financial district. they began to block streets. police needed chain cutters, the demonstrators want help for central american immigrants
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seeking asylum. instead, they say president obama is deporting them in record numbers. >> what he's doing, again 2 million people have been deported. i.c.e. issued a statement saying they respect all the rights of the people to express their opinions. a similar demonstration drew people to los angeles. the day of action comes as 22 democratic senators wrote a letter to the president. they say the immigration sweeps are sending people back to el salvador, gawd malla hand honduras, where they fate violence and threats of death. there's a tentative settlement. homeowners have long been complaining about noxious fumes. under the terms of the agreement, 1.2 million will be shared among the homes located
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within 1 1/2-mile radium. a ruling is scheduled for april. volunteers used drones today to help search for kyle myrick. i'm marianne favro. the reason the republican front-runner says he's not going to thursday's gop debate. we'll explain. it's my privilege and honor --
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i hope we get another eye in the sky, search some more locations that are hard to access. that's the plan using high-tech tooling finding a missing and possibly murdered man. they're vowing to keep searching. where is kyle myrick? investigators believe his co-worker killed him. despite days of searching, there's still no signs of his bod i don't. today family and friends added a new high-tech tool, these drones, to the search. marri mar y marianne favro has following the story. what's new? >> reporter: today several volunteers used drones to scour the remote areas. it enables them to cover much more territory, hoping to find kyle myrick.
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alan alejandro is hoping his drone will make the difference. the 28-year-old was last seen at the motorcycle shop where he worked. police believe he was murdered, the body dumped somewhere else. a motorcycle enthusiast said he felt compelled to offering hi camera to help in the search for kyle. >> drones can cover a lot of area. >> in addition to scouring this video, volunteers searched near lexington reservoir and along the coastline in santa cruise. they're are they're also asking for the public's help. they want to know if anyone spotted this vehicle. it belongs to steve leabo, kyle's co-worker now behind bars. he claimed he was framed. >> i know that, um, there is more than one person involved. i don't know exactly why i was
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being framed. >> john sperry, the victim's stepfather says hess thinking leabo is lying. for now he's focused on finding kyle, who he says was always helping his friends. >> he was a fun guy, lots of friends, always willing to help somebody out. >> reporter: kyle's father even took kyle's own dog out with him to search the hills for his son. in another new development, kyle's family has reached out to marc klaas with the polly klaas foundation to help with the search. >> thank you marrian. the jumpers made a 300-foot jump off of billing surlast wednesday. deputies learned the pair was missing on saturday. they found the parachute and helmet of the male jumper.
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a camera strapped to that helmet captured video of connell landing in the surf and getting swept away. investigators now suspect both of those base jumpers drowned. we're looking at the scorched hoverboard in petaluma. it was charged yesterday when suddenly it exploited. investigators say the family was extremely lucky that someone was home and resourceful enough to get the fire extinguisher. fire efficiency are reporting both events to the consumer product safety commission. the reward has now quadrupled. authorities hope money will lead to the recapture of three dangerous inmates. it went to $200,000. three men escaped from friday. here they are, from a maximum security prison. they cut through steel vents in
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their cells before rappelling five stories using homemade ropes. >> this appears to be a very well-planned and very well thought out. >> the men were in custody awaiting trial for various crimes. a republican front-runner donald trump is boycotting this week's debate on fox, at least that's what he's saying. he made that remark today, saying that the moderators are biased against him, particularly megyn kelley. meanwhile, trump won a big endorsement today from jerry falwell jr. that's a blow to senator ted cruz, who is campaigning as a christian conservative. less than a year ago, cruz declared his candidacy at falwell's liberty university. >> why am i leading with the evangelicals and why here i'm leading him big nationwide? because he's really a nasty
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person. >> donald has engaged in a lot of personal attack. i have not responded in kind. i don't intend to. i don't think the people of iowa are interested. >> trump also picked up the endorsement of joe arpaio. in today's quinnipiac poll, trump leads by two points in iowa. the iowa caucuses are next monday. there are lots of investigations all focusing on how long the water was contaminated. nbc's jay gray has the latest. >> reporter: water continuing to pour into flint, michigan. bottled water, pallet after pallet, hundreds of thousands of gallons to replace contaminated water putting families at risk for nearly two years. today doctors continued testing children in the community, concerned about the level of lead in their blood after being exposed to the water.
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celebrities, corporations and service organizations continue to donate water and cash to the struggling city. >> the outpouring has been amazing. >> reporter: still, though, the outrage is building. >> people want to have me shot. well, i mean, it's true, so again that doesn't help solve the problem. >> the governor suspended two state employees and yesterday the michigan attorney general appointed people to lead the investigation and possible cover-up. >> we're going to ask the tough questions. what did you know and when did you know it? we're going to get to the bottom of what happened in this situation. >> reporter: a dang are you, potentially deadly situation that continues in flint. jay gray, nbc news. not only are jobs and home sales bouncing back after the recession, but so are sales of lottery tickets. lotto sales have more than doubled since 2008.
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a portion of every ticket goes to education here in california. you would think that would be good news, but the portion earmarked for schools is relatively small. this year's budget is about $72 million, but the share from the lottery money accounts for about 1.5% of that budget. coming up, the fight to clean up tons of trash. the homeowners who refuse to wait for a city to come up with a solution for what's a growing environmental problem. plus always on. would you want this? a knew partnership that could make it easier for anyone to live stream every moment of their lives. stay on top of incoming storms by setting the home screen on your smartphone to we realize. just click click on the icon, and click on the button that says set your start screen. all you have to do is select weather. that will give you what you need to know when you need to know
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it. that's how to stay informed on the nbc bay area app.
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the dow closed nearly 300-points higher, the s-and-p and the nasdaq both gained more than one percent today... wall street boosted by oil's rebound. good news virtually everyone's retirement accounts up more than 4% s. the price spike started oil producers in saudi arabia, canada, china and russia said they would consider cutting back supply. apple is making investors a little nervous. the record-breaking profits today, but also forecasted the first sales drop in more than a decade. apple says revenues could fall by nearly 9% this quarter as the
6:39 pm
demand for iphone slows down. last quarter was the largest ever by a corporation. go pro collaborating with periscope. go pro hero 4 now have the ability to connect to periscope, but you need an iphone and wifi to link up. periscope is owned by twitter and has about 10 million users. go pro's stock took a big hit last year, but took a spike after this news. the late robin williams' estate in the hills above napa has just sold. it went for more than $18 million. the actor called the property a villa of smiles. the buyer paid in cash, apparently quite the deal. two years ago the 6340-acre lost with vineyards and horseback
6:40 pm
riding trails listed for nearly $30 million. all right. the sunshine is here, but it will give way to some rain as we might expect. >> right now dry weather, we'll let you know when the first raindrops arrive in just a few minutes. my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community
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and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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well, there's no whining in wine country. some people got tired of complaining about a constant problem. >> joe rosato jr. shows us how they took the matter into their own hands and got dirty, too. >> reporter: there are two views of the small resort town of guerneville. there's the view of the russian river gracefully gliding past, and then the darkside. numerous homeless encampments leaving mounds of trash. >> there's always been homeless
6:43 pm
here. >> reporter: the small resort town is shouldering the homeless problem that per capita is four times san francisco's. >> today we're going to drive down outside of town. >> reporter: area resident chris broke kay got tired of talking trash. >> going after the stuff that's been left behind. let's watch our step, everybody. >> reporter: so he started picking it up. >> there's a lot of clothes, a lot of canned goods, trash. >> reporter: he began organizing twice a week volunteer cleanups along the refer. >> we're now calling ourselves the garbage patch kids. >> you just have to have a good sense of humor and willingness to pick up trash, and you're in. >> i was just horrified at the trash that ends up down there. >> reporter: even when hauling away filthy mattresses, clothes and garbage, they whistle a happy tune.
6:44 pm
>> ♪ i'm happy when i'm trashing ♪ >> it breaks meal hard. i hate to see anybody living like this, too. >> on occasion the homeless pitch in, using trash bags he provides. >> it beats digging and hole and buries it. >> reporter: the trash problem is especially urgent in winter when the russian river is famously known to climb its banks, one high rise and it gets swept to our beaches. >> this has consumed guerneville. in the past month the town has been hit by five suspicious fires, including an argon fire at a health care facility that helps the homeless. >> i could yell and scream and whose fault is it? or i can pick up a bag and get the stuff out of here. >> we're doing it because it's there. >> that man, he makes me want to cry. he has done so much. he has so much heart. >> last year the garbage patch kids put 80,000 pounds of trash
6:45 pm
from the river. >> adversity is nothing new to our area. we flood, and we rebuild. >> reporter: only now the rebuilding paradigm. one bag at a time. joe rosato jr. >> i'll sleep better tonight. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. as you might have imagined california has more snow that is the drought-stricken state has seen in five years. the snowpack is at 115% of the historical average. the sierra snow pack contributes nearly one third of the state's water when it melts in the spring. officials warn that reservoirs remain far beloaned average levels for this time of year. they say the snow pack has to be 150% of normal by april 1st to ease our four-year drought. let's bring in jeff ranieri. i was in lake tahoe yesterday. i almost didn't come back. it was beautiful. >> it is so stunning out there. a bit of blue sky mixed in with some of that snow. it made it picture perfect. we do have a parmer storm by
6:46 pm
friday, but by sunday that's the better chance to add to our sierra snowpack. currently 57 degrees in the south bay, we have hazy conditions, east bay at 53, san francisco also coming in in the low 50s, and six-mile visibility for the north bay. tomorrow morning's forecast does have fog coming back, namely for the east bay, san francisco in the north bay, you want to be on the lookout for patchy dense areas of fog. and you'll want to jacket, as cold as 44 in the north bay. peninsula begins at 47, and also the south bay. let's take you to what's happening in the pacific. the next storm system is out here. coffee pulling in some subtropical moisture, and that's why the friday storm doesn't look like it will produce too much snow. subtropical moisture tends to be warmer, but back behind that once again, another storm system
6:47 pm
for sunday. let's look at the timeline. right now we have a weak area of high pressure offshore, so tomorrow morning, maybe some drizzle with fog moving into contra costa and alameda counties. then by the afternoon partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. you can see near guerneville, middletown, also calistoga, but eventually pushing down here. the cold front will stall out across the north bay. so it's not going to be locked in here for any kind of major rain down towards san jose. you can see by 2:00 p.m., still mainly dry conditions, but at least showers down here to walnut creek. also for fremont. week look at the better chance of rainfall over the next several days arriving as we head through sunday's forecast. that should bring us at least a quarter inch of rainfall. we could say forecast modelings have been back and forth on the storms coming in, so we'll continue to nail down the timing as we get closer, but what you
6:48 pm
will see in the rain estimate by friday of that storm, the best chance of at least a half inch will only be across napa and also santa rosa. south of that we're talking about trace amounts to maybe about a tenth of an inch. let's take you to the microclimate forecast, we get sunshine by the afternoon. warmest location here across the south bay. morgan hill close to 70 degrees, a bit of sun, maybe some shorts weather for you. you never know, nod needed there in pacifica, the jacket with you, 59 degrees over towards palo alto. san francisco upper 50s and also low 60s. north bay, east bay and also for the trivalley, stasis hazy here throughout napa, and the most sunshine throughout pleasanton and 61. the next 15 days, i know a lot of you are anxious about what could be happening. high pressure keeps it dry into thursday. friday and saturday, a chance of rain returns, a better chance by sunday, and still a wet weather pattern likely february 2nd into
6:49 pm
the 9th. so we're going for more storms, we just got to wait for the rainfall to get here, it's been nice to enjoy this bit of a break. >> it's been awesome. up next the 49ers making a key hire. the warriors, dysthis last night? the big showdown? today they did something pretty unusual at practice. jim companies i more is next.
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well, take a look. would you pay $200,000 for this? it's luke skywalker's blaster, the same model used by han solo. the dl-44 blaster was featured
6:52 pm
in "the empire tribes back." it's due to hit the auction block. minimum bid, 200k. >> that's something. we all know the real force is the warriors. jim kozimor joins us from the comcast sportsnet newsroom. we're still all talking about the game. >> everyone is. you can't get enough of them. monday night's warriors/spurs game was supposed to be an epic battle of two nba titans, and turned out to be another game. the spurs got played and warriors fans can't get enough. the showdown ended up being the most wachd game in csn bay area history. they led from start to finish blowing out the spurs by 30. as gregg popovich said afterwards, at the boys against men. proving without a doubt who the best team of the nba is, telling smith i want more. >> reporter: a day after blowing
6:53 pm
out the spurs, steve kerr kept things like. it was more of a shoot-around with guys getting their own work in. they didn't even watch film. instead they had a special film session in honor of andrew bogut and members of the training staff to celebrate australia day. >> this is what we do. we try to keep them entertained and try to get them to laugh once in a while. >> i was disappointed. i thought we were going to watch film on -- >> two days ago, so pretty disappointed. >> are you satisfied? >> yeah. terrible coach. >> reporter: hopefully you sense the sarcasm. it's the relaxed environment kerr has created that has the warriors flewishing. monday's win put the ws back on pace to -- >> it's not worth discussing until it's -- you know, there's a few weeks left in the season and it's actually a possibility.
6:54 pm
>> yeah, we're 41-4, that's great. a great start, but we're nowhere near where i know we're going to get. that's encouraging. >> reporter: what's also encouraging is the experience the team gained from last year's championship season. >> now that we have been through that, we remember how tiring it was, how difficult it was. we won 67 games, and we were down 2-1 in two different series. our guys know, and you can't take anything for granted. >> reporter: in oakland fallon smith, anybody else bay area. let's hid the grideyen. chip kelly has hired jim o'neal to the same position. last season the browns ranked 27th in yards allowed, 29th in points allowed. there's this. tim lincecum is still a free agent, but he'll by a giant guess if the founder of myspace has anything to say about it.
6:55 pm
tom anderson took to twitter -- can we keep lincecum if i pay for it? that is so cool. the myspace guy willing to chip in, then the friends terr said he d. and then the time-out dude offered money for jeff samardzija, and then zynga and aim were not available for comment. >> thanks, koz. >> i'm hip with it, kids. i know the latest stuff. we're following a developing story from burns, oregon, where the standoff at a national wildlife refuge has been going on for four weeks. there are reports of gunshots being fired and am mon bundy is now in custody. the situation is far from over. our nbc affiliates are reporting that a hospital is on lockdown and authorities are saying
6:56 pm
prepare to stay up all night. a medical helicopter has also been dispatched. those are indications that there's potential injuries on the ground. we're attempting to get mohr details. of course we'll continue to follow this breaking story online and on air. we'll get the details as soon as they come in. before we leave, with you look more look at the forecast. >> how does the outlied sound? >> it looks great. >> you can see dry weather into thursday, with high pressure offshore, friday through saturday rain returns. it will be a warmer storm, so don't expect a huge amount of sierra snow, but by sunday a kohler system, and sunday will be the best day tots widespread rainfall, then february 2nd into the 9th, a potential wetter weather pattern as well. we'll continue to track all that. >> super soaker super bowl. >> possibly. see you at 11 clk. >> bye-bye.
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the donald, ducking megyn kelly? >> his new threats he'll bail on the next debate if megyn moderates, now on "extra." >> here we go again. >> do you really think she can be fair at a debate? >> the donald's new shots at megyn. why he's demanding she steps down from the next gop showdown. >> fox standing behind kelly today, claiming trump is just scared. >> new couple alert. courteney cox and matt leblanc, more than just friends? and liam hemsworth on the rumors he's engaged to miley. >> do you have any date for the wedding yet? >> major backlash over the o.j. tv


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