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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 27, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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but that's not slowing down the legal process--- his almost a week and still the search goes on for kyle mire -- kyle myrick. that's not slowing down his accused killers. a man forcing his way on to a public bus. swooping in from washington to try to help out in pacifica as the city continues to take cover from pounding waves and more erosion. a local congresswoman to help brainstorm a solution. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock.
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>> good morning, cakari. >> we start out the week at least another couple of days before the rain starts to move in. a live look right now at our temperatures, 46 degrees in the north bay and 56 dress in the peninsula. 68 degrees in the south bay and up to 62 in the trivalley. not as much fog this morning as yesterday and we'll see how that's affecting the commute as we check in with mike. >> so far so good. this is the san mateo bridge over the highway and you can see it. we're not seeing problems so far. over in stockton on our maps, not across the bay or san mateo bridge, webster is closed and you can't get to oakland over or under water and typical
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maintenance there an south beuno problem so typical light flow. mrk m a missing south bay man will face a squaunjudge for the firs. allen myrick has been missing since last week and his co-worker has been arrested and he says he's been framed and a drone is being used for any information. closing southbound in leandro, everything stopped on the hagighway. the chp got reports of a man swinging a stick on the highway. the man managed to stop and board a transit bus on the freew freeway. after nearly an hour officers were able to get him off the bus and into custody.
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>> 48 people under arrest after a massive drug best in san francisco's tenderloin district. arrests were made in san francisco, daly city and oakland and living in one home in oakland. >> they were all working together and living together and all knew what they were doing. when we arrested them and served those search warrants we didn't find just one person, we found multiple people. >> all the suspects were from honduras. they did not reveal their immigration status and not clear whether they're part of a gang or drug cartel. san francisco police started investigating the complaint last august after complaints of several people living in the tenderloin. cracking down on parties at cal. discussing an ordinance to limit parties to 200 people and force them to end by 10:00 p.m. on weekd weekdays, 1:00 on weekends. the ordinance proposing banning alcohol in common areas where
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minors live. all this stemming from recent incidents of drunk students at cal. one proved to be deadly. according to "the daily cal," the city council will vote on that ordinance in two weeks. congresswoman, jackie spear, will be in specific ca. facing tremendous uncertainty as the coastline continues to crumble and some residents already forced out of their homes. spear will address their concerns in a town hall meeting at the chambers and what can be done to mitigate the damage from recent and future storms. state and county representatives will be in attendance. turning into a rescue mission yesterday, a man was p mapping the erosion when his feet got stuck in clay soil. firefighters had to quickly jump in to rescue him. >> the first time i've been on a mud rescue where a person was
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actually stuck in the mud and that was all that was wrong with him. he didn't slip or fall or anything and he didn't have any injuries. >> fire crews had been out to that area last week when the hill gave way and they had to notify the man who owns the land and lives next to it before it was too late. >> we heard crackling sounds, crack crack crack crack, i sh e shined a light outside just in time to see the entire hill syed and trees rolling down the ravine. >> the homeowner says he will tarp over the mudslide today and hired a geologist to come up with a solution until the rainy season is over. >> where the end is not exactly in sight, the middle of your week on a wednesday morning we know in the middle of the weekend, we're expecting more rain. >> yes. for now we've enjoyed quiet weather and nice conditions and mild temperatures. as you walk out the door, 50 degrees and 52 degrees in san francisco and 48 degrees in san
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jose. another warm one with temperatures above average in the south bay, 66 degrees in san jose and 64 in palo alto. castro, 62 degrees. 60 at santa rosa. oakland tops out at 64, we have 60 degrees in pleasantton. as we go to tomorrow, we start to see clouds moving in and rain not far behind. i will tell you exactly when to expect it. what's happening on the roadw roadways? >> that's great news. no incidents. we have a closure from downtown oakland to alameda and it should be toward 5:30 and the coliseum looking at that right now. we should have hopefully celebration on the bay bridge celebrating because there's no backup. over there in the north bay but in the south bay we have fog regist registering. that's it, out of our area and dublin. yesterday, we did have trouble
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seeing any good distance but today we can clearly see out past elcharles and livermore. coming next, a violent traffic stop may mark the beginning of the end of the oregon occupation. and the move the san francisco leaders just made to end a knife wielding suspect shot by police. got a tip for the bay area's investigative unit?
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a follow-up now on a controversial decision for san francisco supervisors. yesterday, they did declare july 22nd as mario woods remembrance day. they voted to remember the sta stabbing suspect shot and killed by police. he had a knife and refused to drop it forcing them to kill him. family calling it unjustified and the supervisor say it's the need for the police reform. associn e police officer'sasso slap in the face to officers who die in the line of duty. an occupation took a violent turn last night. one of the officers is dead
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after there was an apparent shootout with the occupiers. six people arrested in all, five in the traffic stop and another man a short time later in oregon. the group's leader, ammon bundy was among the arrestees. he was identified as an arizona rancher. breaking details last night. two people dead, three others injuries when shots rang out at a homeless camp at seattle. two opened fire on the camp and one person arrested at the scene and another to the hospital where a second ultimately died. investigators are still looking for the shooting and says this incident is not random. seattle's mayor has been under pressure to deal with the homeless problem in that city. the famous niagara falls could soon turn into just a
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trickle. meeting to discuss temporarily turning off the raging waters and talk about closing the bridge linking the falls. the arch bridges provide access to millions. but repairing them would reduce the fall on the american side and the niagara river on the canadian side. next up, making a grand entrance to the super bowl. how you, too, could live in the lap of luxury.
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here we are, a quarter to 5:00, we are three days away from the weekend. never too early to start looking ahead. you're smiling to me. >> why not? >> even though it will be a wet weekend at times, but, you know, we've had dry weather for long enough. we need the rain to come back. we will see that, but that may ruin some of your outdoor plans so we'll talk about that. let's take a live look outside with the golden gate bridge. not as much fog as yesterday but we may see some more rolling in the next couple of hours. we'll give interest time to see what -- give it time to see what happened. the 7-day forecast at the bottom of the screen and we may have cooler air along with the rain. we've been tracking the fog to the east and delta and we haven't seen much low visibility towards concord and antioch and
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fairfield and we see dark shades of gray on the map. for the most part, visibility looking a little better than yesterday, as we take it hour by hour in limvermore, 46 degrees, sun peeking out behind the clouds late morning early afternoon and mostly clear skies as we drop back to the upper 40s. a mixture of sun and cloud, warm weather and 60s in the south bay. friday is when the rain starts to move in. san francisco, we see highs from lower 60s to upper 50s in the north bay to 57 degrees on friday. we'll be turning cooler with showers off and on throughout friday. here's the weather system and center of low pressure and clouds screaming in. as we go to tomorrow, we start to see rain moving late tomorrow night and all throughout the day on a friday. it looks like we could take a
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break from some showers saturday. you may be able to get outside. sunday pretty wet but it is taking the storm system to the south end what the previous models showed and we could have really heavy rain. still shows potential of a half-inch to inch and a half as we go to the next several days. also, in the ciara, looking at a pretty good amount of snow between now and early next week. >> we have a calm easy drive around the bay. i want to show you center field, no lights and no problems. and the fog rolls in later on we'll keep track of that but we will look at the golden gloate shot as well. they wanted it on camera and we gave it to them. keeping you off embarcadero and
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the mission and surface street traffic. yesterday, we saw a shorter duration for metering lights on the bay bridge and may have been less sunday after the big jam up the area. we'll see how things play out so far. apple shares may be the one to watch when it comes to the market whin less than two hours >> they barely eked out profits year-to-year but they did again. they eked outgrowth year-over-year. they clearly made a profit, good morning, landon. >> there you go. maybe do some business there. good morning to you both. wall street, one day up, one day down for the market. futures up early this morning thanks to a rebound in oil prices, however oil is trailing today on a key government report
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on supplies. and we will hear from boeing and facebook, rising 282 points tuesd tuesday. tuesday, the company reported it sold feweriphones as expected in its later quarter and expects its first quarterly sales to decline in nearly a decade and apple worries it doesn't have another blockbuster product in the works. google made a patent of a drone to drop off panels and take them to a safe place such as a garage for pickup and google said it could start delivery by next year. >> invitation accepted. i'm coming down there, landon. we will do business together one of these days, stay tuned for that. she's like, okay. >> let's do it. if your visiting the bay area for super bowl 50, you
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might as well do it in style. that has high end companies doing serious high-fiving. with so many high rollers our way, business is booming for some companies like luxury transportation. tooling around in a ferrari will run-about 15$1500 per day. if you prefer the luxury of a bentley, closer to 2,0$2,000 a . beverly hills rent a car is boosting supplies to try to meet increasing demands. >> most large suvs are sold out and even had to bring most from los angeles to san francisco just to have enough vehicles for the super bowl. >> that is not all bookings are taking off right now for private charter flights. we talked to one company that has at least 30 super bowl related private flights in the works, some running in the tens of thousands of dollars. 11 days, 10 hours, 39 minutes for those keeping track at home.
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coming up, a turn of events, rescuer being the rescued. a boat accident leaves a former firefighter slipped on the water.
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4:53. halfway through your work week right now. another dry one, kari? >> we will be looking to see what's happening this weekend. we've been talking about the rain coming back to the bay area. it looks for saturday we will have a slight chance of rain and more widespread rain sunday. those outdoor plans for now are looking okay for the first half of the weekend. we'll talk more about that coming up. let's check in now with mike and see how the roads are moving. >> in short, great. 880 fremont, great.
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heading for the south bay and showing speed sensors. one crash shows up in discovery bay, around hoffman and not a major commute concern and the toll plaza is clear. 101, take a live look out here. there you go, easy drive. it was worth waiting for. back to you guys. >> some things are worth waiting for. public officials in oakland want to spread the word to residen residents, wait for us to do it. wait for them when it comes to filling potholes. this after a discovery this week of potholes in oakland found filled with brick fragments. public works department wants to remind people it is illegal to take matters into their own hands. in stead, they have to call and report a problem. a report last year showed oakland's roads are among the worst of any urban area in the
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country. >> it is 4:54. san francisco taking steps to improve tour bus safety in the wake of a crash. the supervisor is calling for hearing on tour bus enforcement. it comes after the death of a man two weeks ago hit by a bus in pacific heights. it has resulted in action from three lawmakers in the bay area and working for measures to tighten rules for tour bus operators across the state. two bay area students swept away at sea. crews recovered the remains of one body on the beach. the remains of the 19-year-old from a wave that hit her and the two were swept into the ocean. a bicyclist found the woman's and ahsan's father preparing the
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memorial service. >> we wanted to get her back so there could be a closure to the family's grieving anywhere from the youngest child to the oldest person in the family is thankful to the god that we have her back. >> the second student from san jose, still missing. he is presumed to be dead. >> it is 4:56. a retired firefighter is home, warm and dry this morning and actually had to be rescued by his former colleagues. he said he reached for something behind him and his boat slipped over at lake merced in san francisco. he spent about 20 minutes in the water waiting for his former co-workers. they raced over from the fire station he used to work at. >> i knew them all unfortunately. how embarrassing. >> reporter: what do you have to say to them today? >> thank you very much. thank you! >> you know the right people at the right time. the retired firefighter might have a little bruised ego and otherwise thankful and okay.
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there's his buddy and they harassed him. >> what are friends for if not saving you. coming up a search for all angles of a missing san jose man. no one has been able to locate kyle myrick, the person accused of killing him will face a judge today. a deadly traffic stop turns into a confrontation with the feds in oregon how a land standoff for land rights hit a breaking point. search goes on for kyle myrick.
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but that's not slowing down almost a week and the search still goes on for kyle myrick. that's not slowing down the legal process, his accused killer set to appear before a judge today. a violent traffic stop may be the beginning of the end of the oregon occupation. >> reporter: i'm in san francisco. in a short amount of hours there will be something the super bowl can't do without. today in the bay starts right now. >> good wednesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia canon. >> i'm sam brock. it's been dry all week and that will continue today but not too
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much longer. >> we have a clear start to the day, not as foggy as ned. we'll see where the fog rolls into the bay the next couple of hours. we see temperatures starting out at 44 degrees in the north bay and 51 degrees in the east bay today and reaching 68 degrees. the tri-valley, up to 62 degrees. looks very nice today. once again, that rain is not far behind. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. let's see what's happening on the roads with mike. >> the roadway is moving really well. this is past the coliseum. i want to talk to you about the barth station, police -- bart station and this is this hop in the city through that area and we will track it. a 10 minute delay, minor delay reported just now. we'll get more details a


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