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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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we look all across the bay area, 46 degrees with a few spots of fog in the north bay and south bay at 48 degrees and a few clouds. highs in the high 50s and 64 in the east bay peninsula. we will have more weather like this tomorrow. it quickly ends friday. i'll talk about that coming up. let's see what's happening on the roads. >> looking outstanding today and tomorrow and we will stop at that. no stopping on the span. hold that for a second. we'll look at the maps. getting there may be an issue for two spots. debris reported here but we haven't seen any, maybe little bits on the roadway. another crash in hayward. sound like just the slow end affected as they move the shoulder.
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meanwhile, we'll look at the maps at 580. crash in richmond over on the shoulder for san pablo, westbound 80, and showing no fog or clouds like yesterday so far hasn't been an issue. back to you. >> thank you so much. the desperate search for kyle myrick now entering its fif5th day. now, while the family and friends look for the 28-year-old man live, at the hall of justice, steve hlebo, bob, is due in court this afternoon. >> reporter: for his first court appearance in downtown san jose, you might recall during a jailhouse interview earlier this week, the suspect, steve hlebo, says he believes his co-workers drugged him and now trying to
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frame him with the murder of kyle myrick he only worked with a few days last week. >> i am not a murderer and i did not murder any one. >> reporter: the victims family thinks hlebo is lying and was involved in the disappearance of 28-year-old kyle. yesterday, john sparry organized another search and the search was in other areas of santa cruz. you can see someone flew a drone around the res va and woodland. they believe hlebo, a 39-year-old man from los altos killed myrick friday in a burned out building next to the gp motorcycle shop they both worked and believe he dumped the body
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elsewhere. they're asking people to call if they see the white gmc truck with tinted windows any time between 6:00 friday night and 2:00 saturday morning. >> thank you, bob. a taxi driver is under arrest for driving under the influence with a toddler in the back of the car. the chp says the driver was likely drunk. authorities looked into the back seat and found a young boy who was not in a car seat and the seatbelt had become tangled around his neck. the toddler was not hurt now in protective services. the driver is in jail facing dui charges and felony child endangerment. a month-long standoff in
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oregon takes a deadly person. one person dead, several other demonstrators in custody following a shootout. chris, authorities planning on speaking in a few hours. >> right. they will at 10:15 this morning and it started about 45 miles away from that refuge. the fbi will reveal how that stop came to end with gunfire. some supporters say the victim who was killed had his hands up in the air. in the last hour or so we got the mugshots of the government protesters charged with felony conspiracy to impede officers through force, in ttimidation a threats. this is the man who was killed according to his daughter. he was quoted during the nearly month-long standoff he'd rather be killed than go to jail. there are reports he had his hands up in the air but no
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official collaboration with that. they were on their way to a meeting yesterday afternoon when they were pulled over by the state police and fbi. ammon bundy was leading the occupation and refuge that started january 2nd and among the people arrested. his brother was arrested and two other people arrested in related but separate incidents and an eighth person turned himself in. he said he's not sure how this occupation will end. >> peaceful resolution is what you hear over and over again. now, one of my friends is dead. doesn't sound very peaceful resolution. they say you can leave, yet somebody's left and now arrested. >> other pro-festers had been allowed to come and go to the refuge. they were in a community meeting
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and some showed support but also in that conversation many residents said it's time for you to go home. there is an fbi and other law enforcement press conference scheduled for 10:30 this morning. any new details we bring them to you this morning. >> thank you. it is 6:06 right now. happening today, a former restaurant worker accused of using his phone in a restaurant is in court. >> a customer said she thought about calling police when she noticed the phone in a unisex restroom. it also shows other images. they arrested bach, and he is now fired. throwing a dog is now going to face a judge. if you haven't seen this video,
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it is unsettling. police arrested brandy jchin, te woman in this video thrown to the ground understood. it's her boyfriend's pug thrown during a heated conflict between the two. chin faces animal abuse charges. two bay area students swept away at sea. cruz recovered one body on the beach. 19 new zealand ahsan and her boyfriend were thrown into the ocean. a cyclist came across her remains monday about three miles from where they were seen earlier. her family is preparing her memorial service. >> absolutely absolutely wanted to get her back so there could be closure to the family's grieving anywhere from the you g youngest child to the oldest person in the family is thankful
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to the god now that we have her back. >> the secokcond student is sti missing and presumed dead. new this morning j possible crack down on frat parties at cal discussing a proposed ordinance to limit parties by 200 people and forced them to end by 10:00 a.m. weekdays and 1 1:00. and also alcohol where minors live and stemming from two incidents, one deadly. the "daily cal," city councilors should vote in two weeks. the legal age is going up from 18 to 21 for smoking cigarettes. other jurisdictions in the bay area have been doing the same
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thing. locally they join santa clara and hillsboro who suspended its law over concerns about fighting and expensive legal battle. smoke clogging up your vision or sight. kari, it is awfully cool out there. >> yes, it is. you have to look out for the fog and chilling temperatures out the door. make sure the kids have on a nice jacket, temperatures, 45 degrees, 46 in the south bay, 45 degrees willow blend and santa clara. 47 degrees. after this cooli start today it will be nice and warm. gilroy, 63 degrees. 60 in santa rosa, oakland up to 64 and livermore looking at a high of 59 degrees. this warm and dry weather will not last.
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we are in for rain and much cooler temperatures. i will give you more on that in about 10 minutes. a pleasant news for the bay bridge. the span itself has recovered after the earlier crash about 5:40 cleared from the treasure island and san francisco area. this crash looks like this direction but it is actually counter. and it is not slowing counter-commute, and this is why we see more slowing there. southbound it an 80-92 will cause slowing to hayward and san mateo bridge. 101 and peninsula, was an ea earlier crash. we will track it for the t
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trivalley through pleasantton. >> more traffic south 880 and shows the early slowing you would expect. >> thanks. coming up, fire on a hover board and firefighters come up with a new recommendation for people who own the gadget. >> can you maj people not wanting a new i-phone? >> reporter: i'm in san francisco how you can arrive in style and how much it will cost you coming up in the bay. new details now ... =sam/ots=
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on a story we first td youabout. the petaluma fire depart we have new details on a story we first told you about yesterday morning. the petaluma fire department now asking hover board owners to store them away from the house and keep an eye on the device when it's charging, coming after a fire in petaluma. jim beal say his daughter's hover board was charging about 20 minutes when it caught fire and started shooting batteries all over the room. it marked the walls, cabinets and melted the carpet. he was able to put the fire out with a large fire extinguisher and nobody was hurt. >> it went from being a cool toy to evil firing shooting off these projectileprojectiles.
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>> that's one of the biggest danger, we don't know how many are out there or when the next event will happen. >> amazon stopped selling them months ago. now the company recently started full refunds returning those tech is to. >> -- tech toys. >> the list of manufacturers continues to grow. kn >> you have been keeping a list of them. >> yes. if your hover board explodes, keep it in a safe place. they want to take a look. many hover boards are perfectly safe. nobody knows according to the government which are the safe ones or knockoff the. most people never heard of any of these companies. the hover boards already under investigation, one stop electron electronics. glide boards, digital gadgetses, swag way, irene and kitates kit.
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le cam. and my twitter will post it. apple says for the first time in 10 years, iphone sales are expected to fall. they haven't yet. sales growth is throwing but will reverse itself at some point. tim cook on a call with a reporter says they will reverse themselves sometime soon. approving an expansion of san jose campus already planned for the north 1st street near paypal area across from the airport. apple was already renovatine ii several buildings and will now get bigger. >> facebook announces its profit today. the fed has a meeting but we do not expect an change in rates this time like last time. i will call off my fed rate
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party but do it again in march. >> yellin is gelling at your house. >> no question ant thbout that. we have another time of dry weather and then rain. >> we have another time of dry weather and pretty soggy sunday. take a look at the bay bridge, a nice start to the day and it will be a beautiful afternoon with temperatures warming up to the low 60s. that 7-day forecast is coming up the bottom of the screen and you can see how the weather will be changing through the week. it is cold to start off the day. in the mid-40s in the eb. it is 43 degrees in hillsboro. as we take it hour by hour in oakland, in the lower 50s. we have sunshine coming out and
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warming in the low 60s. we've been talking about some rain and here we go. friday morning, it will be soggy and starts in the north bay and elsewhere throughout the day. saturday, not looking as wet. still, maybe lingering light showers and the next storm system moves in and it looks like it will be south of san francisco, where we could see some of the heaviest rain moving through. the rain outlook brings us potential of a half-inch to inch and a half across the bay area, where we will get another good so soaking. where we have rain here, we have snow here. temperatures are warm for the next couple of days. unfortunately some of that snow is melting. we do have a snow depth about 120-inches at the summit and at the base, it's about 70 inches more snow will be falling friday to the weekend where it looks like we have potential anywhere up to at least to foot of snow
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in southlake tahoe and tahoe city and gets less going down the summit. in kingville, we're looking at 8 inches of snow. the weekend photographs looks wet on sunday. saturday, we may catch a break but temperatures cooler and won't have highs in the 60s like today. let's check to what's happening on the roadways. >> the volume of traffic causing slowing, the typical traffic and low visibility we had yesterday. >> you see the same thing with green speed indicators, the c contrast is east bay. it jams up halfway down. this is the counter commute. it will take about a half more or maybe more to clear this right now blocking the three right lanes. that's distraction all the fl h
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flashing lights and why you have the slowdown in this direction even though the roads are clear. overall they used to not be looking so bad on this portion of the span. slow still south, where the crash blocks the slow lane near hey wrard and the toll plaza where we had the earlier debris reported. we see slowing steady accredits the high-rise. we'll look at the map right now. 101 moves well on the peninsula despite the crash, on the shoulder northbound at peninsula. no other issues. start to build 101. there's capital. 180. and we expect that to kick in, in five minutes. it is 6:20. coming up, mothers and depression, new recommends before, during and after
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a follow up now: =sam/topvo= on a controversial decon for sanfr supervisors. yesterday-- they a follow-up now on a controversial decision for san francisco supervisors. yesterday, they officially did declare july 22nd mario woods remembrance day. supervisors anonymously voted to recognize the stabbing suspect shot and killed by police last month. officers say woods had a knife
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and refused to drop it forcing them to open fire ultimately killing him. woods family calls the shooting unjustified. the supervisor says it calls attention to the need for police reform. meantime the police officers association says it's a slap in the face to officers who die in te line of duty and receive no city declaration. it is 6:24, new of its kind declaration for expectant mot r mothers and women just given birth advising they be screened for depression before and after giving birth. mental illness is now thought to be more common than first thought and may start during pregnancy. experts warn severe mood disorders can be detrimental to children if the symptoms go untreated. the zika virus vaccine is on the way. it's expected of causing an
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unusual birth defect and spre spreading across latin america. currently, more than 16,000 people are affected by that virus including pregnant women. don't expect protection any time soon. the vac tin takes years to complete and the u.s. is just now looking into it. >> a retired firefighter is home nice and dry this morning. he looked behind him and his boat flipped. he spent about 70 minutes in the water. -- about 20 minutes in the water. they raced over. >> how embarrassing. >> reporter: what do you have to say? >> thank you very much. thank you! >> he might have a little bit of bruised ego but good news he's okay. >> happy to see that. 6:25. an elementary school principal hit and killed by a bus now being hailed as a hero this
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morning. that crash happened at an elementary school in indiana. the principal was killed when a bus suddenly jumped a curve. she pushed several students out of the path of the run away bus before it fatally struck her. two 10 year-olds hospitalized but expected to be okay. still no word how the driver of that bus lost control. coming up, a drug bust on bay area streets nets nearly 51 suspects. >> back to full swing for a san francisco park, join the celebration of delores park. stuck in the mid. what they're doing to make sure no one else gets stuck in this dangerous situation. joining us. i'm sam brock
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garcia cannon.and i'm laura let's get right to that forecast a good wednesday morning. thank you for joining us. >> let's get right to that forecast. >> good morning. we don't see the dense fog we had yesterday. it is still patchy but not as thick. temperatures still very cool. in the upper 40s in the north bay and 51 degrees in the east
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bay. a heavier jacket needed this morning but not this afternoon as we warm up to 68 degrees in the south bay. 62 in the tri-valley. 60 degrees for a high in san francisco as well as the north bay. we'll take a look at the rest of the forecast, which includes rain for the weekend. let's check in with mike to see what's happening on the roads. >> getting pretty busy. the bay bridge toll plaza we had the metering lights. that's not the worst of it. westbound 80 slow traveling down to san pablo. the incident is on the eastbound direction. that's the cab and the trailer detached in the eastbound lane. the fire truck stopped to help with the distraction. you have one lane maybe two g getting by out of san pablo and
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the bridge. that's a problem for both in the upper east shore. this earlier crash still has activity around the connector and half moon bay. more details coming up. i wanted to show you 101, 87, 85 and 280 all kicking in, guys. >> thank you very much. the desperate search for tile myrick -- kyle myrick happens against today. the man they say killed myrick will face a judge today. bob is live where steve lebe hls due in court this afternoon. >> reporter: good morning. even though police do not have a body, they believe steve hlebo is the person who killed him scheduled at the hall of justice
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at 1:00 behind me in downtown san jose. yesterday, the search continued for kyle myrick. a volunteer flying a drone with a high risk camera over the woodlands to look for the 28-year-old man. kyle's stepfather, who has been organizing these searches since sunday is asking local businesses to check their business swains recordi ining te if it captured the white gmc truck with tinted windows any time between 6:00 friday night and 2:00 saturday morning. they're not giving out much detail but investigators believe hlebo killed myrick in san jose where both men worked. in a jailhouse interview this week hlebo, a 39-year-old man from los altos professed his
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innocence and believes he's being framed by people at work. >> i know there was more than one person involved. i don't know exactly why i was being framed. >> reporter: myrick's family has reached out to the marc klaas foundation to help find kyle. reporting live, bob redell. >> thank you. a santa clara mother charged with the unthinkable. she's accused of drowning her own 12-year-old son in a bathtub. police say now she's confessed to the heinous crime. they say the 51-year-old tried to play it off as an accident, tara palaiic. she confessed two weeks ago and
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the police say they kept it quiet because the victim was a juvenile. in the ender loin district, there was massive drug bust. most of the suspects were living in one home in oakland. >> they were all living together and working together and you'll knew what nay were doing. when we arrested them and served the search warrants we didn't find just one person, multiple people. >> all suspects are from honduras although they did not reveal their immigration status and not clear if they're part of a gang or drug cartel. they wrecked it out after complaints of people living in the tenderloin. regulations for tour bus safety in the wake of a deadly crash recently. it comes following the death of a man two weekends ago hit by a
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bus. they are looking to tighten regulations across the state of california. the status of california's high speed rail project. the committee will look at the cost projections and delays and acquired land needed to build it. the chair is expected to testify and they will lay out the 2016 plan to lawmakers next month. san jose will introduce its new president this morning after a six month-long search. it will unveil its decision a couple hours from now. the school is looking to hire a permanent replacement after a departure this summer. later today. back in full swing, after a
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two year nearly $20 million renovation project, the park is opened today. renovations are an off leash dog play area and bathrooms. it was delayed because of recent storms and the celebration be n begins today at 4:00. a mud rescue yesterday as man was mapping the erosion of the sequoia golf course when his feet got sook in the mud. fire crews had to jump in to save him. >> a mud rescue, a person stuck in the mud, that was all that was wrong with him. he didn't slip or fall or anything or have any injuries. >> fire crews have been out to that exact area. fire crews had to alert the man who lives along next to it before it was too late.
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>> we heard a crackling sound and i shined a light outside just in time to see the entire hill syed and trees rolling down the ravine. >> the homeowner says he'll cover the mudslide today and hired a geologist until the rainy season is over. this morning, a critical meeting set to take place to try to figure out what the people living in this city should do next. joining us live in pacifica. congresswoman jackie speier holding a town hall in a few hours, trying to deal with difficult questions. >> reporter: yes. as you have been covering, there are a few residents behind me refusing to leave and one filed an official appeal. the big question, how long will police allow them to stay here?
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that remains unclear. we spoke with the police chief who said there's no firm timetable. city officials said they plan to be out here twice a day inspe inspecting the land and building to make sure it's safe. it is used to it. two other apartment buildings were evacuated and stayed unoccupied since then. residents insist this is safe, while many do plan to comply with the evacuation order and others aren't so sure and refuse to budge. we expect many to move out today. >> there has been erosion on what he said is very dangerous, coming up on the "today" show in 20 minutes. now for the weather report. >> it is dry for now. we are expecting rain to arrive for the weekend and possibly
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more coastal erosion. now, it's 45 degrees in limp and 48 in concord. reaching the mid to upper 60s will feel very nice with all that sunshine. this will be the last time we get full-on sunshine and the rain starts to move into the north bay. i'll detail that and what you can expect coming to the weekend. in less than 10 minutes. let's check out what's happening on the roads? >> roads look good but a couple key spots. we have the crash eastbound and san pablo down the lane and a big distraction causing the westbound commute to slow down out of hercules. they said we know about that one and expect a backup out of the maze. the earlier crash here looks
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like it's on the shoulder jud judging by the traffic pattern although the chp hasn't said that. keep in mind this if you're going to or from the hill. starting the build with 81, 87 and 85. there's northbound 280 approa approaching 17 that way, 880 that way, different numbers. back to you. >> back to cash in for the democrats, president obama will return to the bay area and soon. exclusive details of his visit next. >> many people looking for a place to crash when they come to town for super bowl 50. how big is your biggest. one homeowner's creative way to bring in an extra 500 bucks a night. >> let's take you out to the big board in new york city.
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dow industrials losing about 100 points. ==laura/vo== nbc bay area has
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confirmed president obama will be back in the bay area next month -- raising money for the d-n-c. he'll be in town on february11th new this morning, nbc bay area confirmed president obama will be back next month to raise money for the dnc at the home of politician steve wesley. tickets range anywhere from 2$20 to 10,0$10,000. you have tickets to get to
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the super bowl and ride or two. we have 11 days left before the broncos play the panthers. something is more critical to the super bowl itself, some say. >> steph has special delivery today. >> reporter: that's right, good morning, laura. there have been deliveries all morning dropping off equipment. you can see the officers on traffic control, some jamup. one coming in a half hour is something special delivering something the super bowl cannot do without, game day footballs, that's taken care of by mr. chambers driving them for 20 years. he is expected to arrive here to drop off the game balls. this second he can check out the balls used in the super bowl before they move to levi stadium.
6:45 am
speaking of moving ahead of the big game you can move around in style if you charter a jet. the ceo of status jets says there are 20 charters dean and 10 more in the works. a group of carolina fans paying 40 grand to come to the bay area. as for a nice ride, 15$1599 eac day. if you have that you can get a ferrari, if bentley is more your style, 2,0$2,000 a day for that. beverly hills rent-a-car is n d needing supply to meet demand and bringing cars up from los angeles to take care of that. you can ride these to the super bowl and super bowl city that starts saturday. saturday also when the center opens and you need tickets for that and you kind of need the extra pass to do that.
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today in the bay. >> if you haven't blown your life savings on a super bowl ticket already. levi stadium sporting a new look. this is what a million dollar makeover for the super bowl looks like. you would be pressed to find anything that looks like 49ers. that is all red and gold. and 49 gallons of new paint on the field. super bowl pretty good business for hotels and people looking to rent out their homes. >> all kinds of homes. you might call this a home, going for one as a treehouse. one we spotted, cozy spot for two built in 150-year-old cha charming oak tree in burlingame. have to order in for pizza but centrally located to san francisco and santa clara and going for the bargain basement prices of 4$495 a night.
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>> maybe you need a little more room for your friends. what about this estate in los gatos hills, 13,000 square feet for a full week you can rent for 150,0 $150,000. 10 bedroom home comes with a pool, tennis court, basketball court and nine restrooms. all you need is a 20,0$20,000 deposit. the count down continues, just 11 days to super bowl 50. >> to help your friends share the house with you would be the right thing to do. lyft and uber. >> they kind of won when they settled the case. you're not supposed to win when you settle but somehow lyft pulled it off. the workers were asking to be employees and not contractors.
6:48 am
and uber is in court with the same driver making demands. this morning, lyft came to an agreement with those drivers and those drivers will remain contract workers. the tension between contract workers sometimes called 109999 workers because of the fax forms they use and regular workers has been tearing some apart. the shift from contractors to full employees by one company says it was the right thing to do. other companies claim employees like that contract agreement so they can work or not work when ever they want. for the first time in 10 years, apple expects sales of i phones to slow. >> improving apple's plan to expand its north campus on 1st street in san jose. >> they will be our neighbors. thank you very much, scott.
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>> take a bite out of apple. >> now to check out the traffic, let's check out the forecast. >> it is looking good to start out the day. we don't have rainfall we had yesterday but you may see pat patches of it this morning. a live look at the south bay, not a lot of weather going on to start out the day. beautiful sunrise with the purpole hues in the sky. temperature warming up to 48 degrees in the south bay and 49 in the peninsula and san francisco area and we're in the mid-40s as we drop in on the south bay. look at the 7-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. cool to start and warms up nicely and we will get cool air moving in. let's take it hour by hour, livermore, with clouds and sun peeking out. at 55 degrees, up to 62 degrees by 3:00. we will start to see temperatures dropping back from there and mostly clear skies
6:50 am
tonight. we are getting ready for changes starting tomorrow afternoon with more clouds moving in and rain here with the north bay on friday. it looks like that's the heaviest but all of the bay area will see shotters off and on on friday. see showers. saturday, we have a break waiting for the next storm system and this looks farther south with the heaviest rain and we will see showers sunday for most of us? maybe a little bit of break for the north bay. we're all looking at the potential of anywhere from a half-inch to inch and a half between now and the start of next week. with those weather systems moving in, a pretty good so soaking. if you're heading to the sierra, temperatures warm for now and we will see the snow moving in friday and chilly with temperatures moving to the teens and additional snowfall and a
6:51 am
foot in tahoe city and 16 inches of snow for the start of next week. the weekend forecast will be much cooler. once again we have the possibility of a break on saturday and sunday looks wet with high of 50s. >> our palo alto camera shows a good amount of traffic past willow towards marsh. i want to let you know i'm wa h watching. over the last 10 minutes we haven't had major snow in the area. heading northbound to 101, 85 and the like, that's your san jose and silicon valley commute, right on schedule. the crash here at skyline is off the map and there is activity there. >> and 101, it is cleared and the crash cleared for hayward and we had all lanes cleared
6:52 am
about five minutes ago. moving the map up to the bay bridge toll plaza, with your metering lights on. eastbound it continues to block three of our four lanes and only fast lanes get through. everything slows down in that scene. in the backup a nyoew crash at hill top and watch for more s w slowing at the carquinez bridge. much clearer than yesterday but in the city, reminder we have super bowl city and nfl experience at moss coconi. back to you. >> the judge in the mysterious murder case. and a taxi driver driving drunk but what officers found in the back of his taxi has them particularly concerned.
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that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. of killing his first court r.... will make his happening today, the man accused of killing his own co-worker set to make his first appearance. >> live at the hall of justice, bob, the suspect facing murder charges even though kyle myrick's body is yet to be found. >> reporter: without giving details, san jose police believe steve hlebo is the prime suspect making his first court
6:56 am
appearance at the hall of justice in downtown san jose. you might recall earlier we spoke with hlebo during a jailhouse interview. he believes his co-workers dr drugged him for whatever reason and now framing him for the murder of trading-year-old kyle myrick. >> i am not a murderer and i did not murder any. any one. >> the victim's family thinks hlebo is lying and believe he killed their 28-year-old kyle. yesterday, sparry organized a search for his stepson at other areas all the way to santa cruz and a volunteer brought a drone to help out in the search. hlebo, a 39-year-old man is thought to have killed myrick at a motorcycle shop both men worked and believe he dumped the body elsewhere. they want to know if you've seen his white gmc truck with tinted
6:57 am
windows between 6:00 friday night and 2:00 saturday morning, police would like to hear from you. bob redell, today in the bay. >> thank you, bob. in oregon, now, a month-long standoff took a deadly turn as gunfire erupted between authorities and protesters. one protester killed and the group's leader arrested. >> chris has been tracking it for us. despite this turn of events, a protest is still going on? >> reporter: right. there are still men at the refuge in oregon and the tv station has a reporter inside. at the press conference we expect to see more. see a bulldozer there. still dark video. that bulldozer leading out of the refuge in place some of the protesters who were there this morning. at a press conference this morning we expect to learn more about the shooting death of
6:58 am
finnegan. we have more on him because he was part of this, a rancher from arizona shot and killed from a traffic stop yesterday. supporters saying he had his hands up and tnbc news not confirming that. and the others will be charged with felony conspiracy to impede officers through force, intimidation or threats. they were on their way to a community meeting yesterday afternoon when they were pulled over by oregon state police and the fbi. there is going to be a press conference at 10:30 this morning. we are going to be covering that in our 11:00 a.m. newscast for you this morning. if anything else develops, we will bring it to you in our updates on the half hours as well. this is still a volatile situation because there are ranchers holed up in that refuge. >> hard to believe it's still ongoing. at 6:00, a tax compai driver un
6:59 am
arrest. there was a toddler in the back. >> a police officer pulled him over on 101. they said he was likely drunk. when they looked in the back seat and found a young boy who was not in a car seat and the seatbelt had become tangled around his neck. the toddler is not hurt. the driver is in jail facing dui charges and child endangerment. we have mostly clear conditions throughout the day and up to 60 degrees in san francisco and 68 for the south bay. >> on the roads, a mess. >> the biggest issue is the east shore freeway. a tractor-trailer left a trailer in the roadway and chp is trying to get it off but it slows your commute off the bridge. >> we will be back with a live local news upd at-- update at
7:00 am
7:25. >> you can see the sunrise in san jose. we will see you in just 25 minutes. of that group of protestors occupying a federal building in oregon shot during a roadside confrontation with police. one man dead, the group's leader and seven others behind bars. the standoff at that wildlife refuge still not over. he's out. donald trump says he's going to skip tomorrow night's republican debate on fox because he doesn't like one of the moderators. >> they can't toy with me like they toy with everybody else. >> ted cruz calling his rival scared and challenging him to a duel. >> i would like to invite donald now to engage in a one-on-one debate with me any time between


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