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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 27, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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but a very small window. super bowl city opens saturday. they have plans for 40 different emergency scenarios and will monitor social media to coordinate federal, state and local first responders, including the national guard. but the monitoring here will be limited to reaction after something happens. >> if there were some kind of attack like we saw in san bernardino, or if we had el nino for five days straight, how would the city bring resources together to still make sure the
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public would be safe? >> metal detectors are being installed at check points where fans will enter on super bowl saturday. but security is still up in the air. >> that's still a work in progress. >> why is it still a work in progress less than two weeks away? >> because it's not my call. if it was my call, we would have restricted air space right now. >> the air space will be restricted on game day only, but with an exception of a police ban on drones, football from the city will be unguarded from the air for a full week before that. today people walk through the area easily, but by saturday bags will be restricted to 18 inches by 18 inches and there will be magtometers. >> the group comes in one at a time and assembles inside super bowl city, will they be kicked out? >> we'll have contingency plans
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inside super bowl city. obviously there is no designated area inside the event. >> reporter: that means protestors may be directed outside super bowl city. police will patrol areas around bait, at least those around the building. and no one on the force will be permitted time off, at least not yet. reporting live in san francisco, i'm chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. the traffic nightmare for the super bowl is just beginning. closures and detours across the bay area. and we're learning about new ones at levi stadium in santa klara. tasman drive will be closed between the convention center and kaya del sol. additional closures will go into effect on super bowl sunday. now let's go live to san francisco. a beautiful night, but several major streets already shut down for super bowl sunday.
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anthony slaughter is tracking the trouble spots. anthony? >> we want to start you off with a color scheme that's happening on this map. the blue denotes road closures where you can't get through, the red denotes traffic actually moving on the road, blut and yellow shows traffic moving without a problem. you can see the closing at embarcadero, market street is also closed. folks are trying to get around this. you can use battery at 1st street to get onto the bay bridge. you can also use 4th street, but keep in mind the masconi center is closed. it is stop and go trying to get around this mess. the best alternative, bart is running and will continue to run as we get toward saturday, the start of super bowl city, but if you're using the muni to get around, it will be closed at spear street 6:45 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. that's the only time it will be closed. back to you.
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wi-fi is coming around thanks to the super bowl. it's getting up grades around market street and at the five muni underground stations at market street. officials are expecting thousands around super bowl events. the area around justin herman plaza is why super bowl city is located. a giant super bowl sign is causing controversy right now in san francisco. verizon recently put up these massive ads on the two sides of the four embarcadero high rise. the problem is this type of ad is illegal under city ruldes. the city attorney wants it down. he sent a letter to verizon and the manager of the building. he said if the sign isn't removed by tomorrow, a city person will sue. verizon said they are working on removing the ad from the building. measures are being taken to make sure the ticket you have to the game is the real thing.
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let's look at countdown. there's just now 10 days left until super bowl 50. just into the newsroom tonight, tonight, it's not built yet but it already has a name. the new warriors arena is to be called the chase center. no word yet on what the bank paid to have its name on the building. it's not set to open for another three years. switching gears now, we are following a developing story in san jose where a man is accused of killing and molesting his girlfriend's two-year-old son. police arrested manuel lopez yesterday. the investigation started two weeks ago when the two-year-old died. investigators said the boy's autopsy revealed signs of sexual abuse. and evidence pointed to lopez. ian call is gathering information now and we'll have more on news at 11:00. more storms will be moving in, and while they're great news for the drought, they're horrible news for an east bay
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family. part of the hill their home is built on slid late last week. today inspectors were there today to see if they can keep it from happening again. damian trujillo is live on oakland road in the oakland hills. you'll get us a look at that slide, damian. >> all day hoping to prevent this hill from sliding even more as the homeowner waits and worries. >> there's nothing like, you know, seeing the bay. i didn't retire to lose my home. >> reporter: his view was spectacular, but kevin best now worries about the future of his home. the hill next to it already slid down the ravine. skb >> it's my house, you know. and, you know, you secure -- when you're not secure in your own home, it's absolutely the worst feeling in the world. >> reporter: yesterday a surveyor best hired had to be rescued after getting stuck in the mud.
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>> if it's treated it reacts with the chemical. >> reporter: today a worker with east bay mud also showed up to test the faucet water and the groundwater. >> i'm testing for ammonia. high levels of ammonia will indicate the sewage. >> reporter: the tests are to see if in the middle of the slide that slide was caused by a sewage leak or a break in the main. >> it's not reacting so. most likely it's coming from a natural underground spring. that means there's not many repairs kevin best can make. keeping his sense of humor even though he doesn't know if his home is about to slide away. and the homeowner now has a new small creek running through his backyard. he's hired geologists and structural engineers hoping to find a solution. we're live in the oakland hills, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay
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area. it's a big thing coming to the bay area bringing thousands of jobs with it. it's apple, building a giant new campus. the city council approved the company's plans to build on an 86-acre parcel of land along 1st street and highway 87 in north san jose. we'll talk to scott budman, our business tech reporter. how long will it take before we see this new campus. >> reporter: it's a good question. it will probably take a few years, but eventually these fields will be filled with apple employees bringing a lot of business to north san jose, which now has to deal with what to do when all those workers start to drive here. this might be the second most famous field in the south bay right now. part of a huge section of land in north san jose, the tech giant apple plans to build on, growing its company and hiring thousands of people. >> the inclusion of apple and
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the fabric of san jose is incredibly valuable. >> reporter: that's nancy klein, who led negotiations between the city of san jose and apple. negotiations that led to a deal where apple buys more space in san jose than it owns in its home city of cupertino. which means the company and san jose will have to deal with even more traffic concerns. >> it really speaks to the cash of talent that is in san jose and the opportunity not only to have workers live closer to where they're working, take them off the road, as well as use the bike trails which are very prevalent in north san jose, and light rail. >> reporter: as for other local businesses -- >> for us it means more mouths to feed. >> reporter: -- the influx of thousands of techies means for opportunities ahead.
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>> it's better to have more than less, and with the niners it's a good deal. >> reporter: it's a good time for north san jose. >> it's a good time for north san jose. >> reporter: a good time that could stretch out even more tech growth in the future. under the terms of the agreement, apple could continue to build on the land for the next 15 years, so we could see job growth here for some time. live in north san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. the city council is getting an 8% pay hike. citing that they took a pay cut during the recession, they just received a salary hike. the mayor is getting almost a 4.5% bump which puts sam ricardo at $125,000 a year. steve lieber, the man who said he was being framed, was officially charged with murder today. we'll show you why it's still a murder case even without a body and why his words could hurt his
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own defense. east bay mud apologizing to those so-called water wasters. coming up. good evening. i'm jeff meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're tracking a storm offshore, a decent amount of moisture with it. we'll show you who gets the most rainfall in about 10 minutes. the los altos man, accused of
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killing a co-worker made his first appearance in court today. steve hlebo (lee-boh) faces murder charges in the death of
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kyle myrick. and tonight, troubling the man accused of killing a coworker made his first appearance in court today. steve lnbc's barry honda is liv on the gruesome evidence and the ongoing search for meyrick's body. robert? >> reporter: the case of the suspect became much clearer after his court appearance this afternoon, but some of the information staggered his family members as they launch aid search effort in san jose today. new police information showed why steve lebo was in a santa clara courtroom today even though the victim's body has not been found. lebo was found in the murder of a coworker at gp sports, kyle meyri meyrick, on january 22nd. even though lebo told police he was framed, state investigators
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believe lebo killed meyrick when the two were behind the shop working. the court said the crime scene had all types of blood evidence, including a severed human ear with a trail that looked as if someone dragged meyrick's body to where lebo's white truck had been parked. prosecutors said he had killed meyrick and disposed of his body in the ocean. >> it makes our worst fears come true. i would still like to hold out a little hope that we could find him, but the likelihood of that is slim to none. >> each morning we're meeting at 8:00 a.m. and we're staying after dark. any and all volunteers, please, please come out and help us bring kyle home. >> reporter: legal analyst steven clark said lebo's interview with nbc bay area could haunt him. >> by placing him running around santa clara county and santa cruz in the middle of the night, he placed himself with an opportunity to dispose of a
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body. >> reporter: lebo is being held without bail and is scheduled to return to court february 16 to enter a plea. live in san jose, robert honda, nbc bay area news. we posted the entire police report today on our website. we want to warn you the details are graphic. if you want to read it for yourself, you can log onto and click on the top story. she was caught on video abusing a dog, but she says she is not guilty of animal cruelty. investigators say she is this video angrily flinging the dog. fairfield county did file a charge of abuse against her. she is scheduled to be in court next week. millions of dollars are pouring in to help the victims of the valley fire.
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it burned hundreds of homes. it caused millions of dollars in damage. fema is also giving $85 million to help victims of the butte fire which burned at the same time. that one was in talavarus county. a list that no one wanted to be in may have been flawed. east bay mud apologizing tonight. the water company says its list of water races may have been inflated. we're joined live where a number of homeowners are on that list. okay, how could this mistake have happened? >> jessica, there are only two cases of these inflated numbers, but they say they're still in violation of excessive water waste, and they say it's a case of oversight. it's east bay mud's water waster list, a monthly compilation of east bay's most excessive water
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users. meaning your household uses over 1,000 gallons of water each day in a six-day period. that is a violation of the water usage ordinance. >> the excessive use is acceptable but the building is complex. >> they are notifying 6,000 names on that list that were released since october, after the time period being measured was much longer than 60 days. however, she said all the homes were still in violation. but for some the amount of water wasted may be inflated. >> we apologize for that. this is an oversight on us. >> my first thought was, good god, what have we done? >> reporter: he voted against releasing these lists last summer, the only board member to do so. he said this is a prime example of why naming names publicly is a bad idea. >> we need to make certain that if their name is being put out there that it is accurate
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information. it cannot be wrong. >> reporter: but don't expect the ordinance or these lists to go away any time soon. >> the excessive water use penalty ordinance has been successful in helping customers identify leaks and helping us to reduce our use during this critical drought. >> east bay mud will add another section to reflect that billing cycle in that next report. that next report is due in mid-february. reporting from larinda, bay area news. jeff ranieri will talk about when we get our next rainfall so we don't have to worry as much about wasting water. we still have to conserve but the hills are definitely getting greener. >> we're seeing the result of some of the rainfall we've had over this winter and the next storm system set to arrive by friday. you can already see right now the cold front is just offshore right now, and check out these subtropical taps of moisture that stretches possibly 2500 miles out here in the pacific. now, the way it looks at this point, a lot of that subtropical
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moisture will be aimed right towards california and oregon, but the bay area likely could get it from some of the heaviest. we'll take you right into tomorrow's forecast after some clouds to start. we'll get some sun in the afternoon. south bay 67, tri-valley 65, and notice on your micro climate forecast, the north bay will be the only spot tomorrow with a slight risk of some showers by the afternoon and also the evening. so let's advance things in that possibly rainfall by friday. in the morning it's up toward the north bay, even by the afternoon, it's namely north bay down to about san francisco at half moon bay. then eventually by 6:30 on friday, we get the chance for some scattered rainfall down toward san jose. we talked about the incoming rainfall totals and the disparity we're going to see across california. you can see for friday's storm maybe only .400 of an inch in santa fe.
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but check out what's going to be happening near the california border, perhaps 2 and a half inches in crescent city. we'd like to see it down here, but at least someone in the state is getting that. i'll have my 7-day outlook in 20 minutes. still to come, prison overcrowding is costing the state millions of dollars. the solution governor brown is proposing to help fix the problem he helped create decades ago. plus, don't get taken by those tickets. a look at what's building done to keep scammers from ruining your trip to the super bowl. as hundreds of thousands
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converge on the bay area for the super bowl, prosecurs want tmakn traffickers" are not among them. ===take vo=== as hundreds of thousands of people converge on the bay area, prosecutors want to make sure that human traffickers are not among them. four bay area district attorneys gathered today to announce they're collaborating to fight human trafficking. a key location is where homeland security has been holding training sessions showing hotel workers, drivers and even hotel workers what they should be looking out for. >> i think it's important to note we all have a responsibility to look for the signs, and we all have a responsibility to report when we see something that doesn't quite make sense. >> signs of abuse could include people who look neglected or have few possessions. trafficking happens every day of the year, not just when a big game comes to town. we are less than two weeks
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away until super bowl 50. a time when 80% of tickets are sold. in a rush to buy, counterfeiters are getting ready to take advantage of excited football fans. that's why the nfl says you haven't seen what the actual tickets look like until now. you've had a sneak peek of what the field will look like on super bowl sunday. now here's a sneak peek of the tickets before next week's big game. but you can't see everything, the thumb purposely covering the security code, so counterfeiters won't have enough time to copy the exact design. >> the technology in printing some of the counterfeit tickets is amazing. >> reporter: counterfeit tickets are an issue at every super bowl. but the homeland security believes the problem is growing as scammers are getting better at copying holograms and codes, like the ones you see here on these phony tickets. >> phony tickets for brokers a big day for the dishonest.
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>> reporter: they are expecting to fuel dozens of questions about fake tickets. >> for example, smeared numbers, whiteout, crossed out information, inferior materials, inferior paper. >> resale ticket places like stub hub recognize less than 1% that are fake, but it says there are no such thing as taking too many precautions. >> every ticket has a different color depending on the section, there's special ink, there's special paper that they're printed on. they have seals. we go through them with black lights. it's very sophisticated. >> stub hub's super bowl tickets arrive on tuesday for inspection. still, they won't give any of them out until super bowl sunday when they can hand buyers physical tickets. if you're unsure of a seller, you can see if they're reputable on sites like, the national association of ticket brokers, or -- dot org,
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excuse me, the better business bureau. el nino storm damage is being compared to the destruction left behind by a hurricane. i'm michelle roberts in pacifica. coming up, lawmakers who are fighting for federal dollars. plus a deadly shootout in oregon. the leader of the armed protestors is in jail. the next move for the occupiers and the federal agents trying to get them out. you can stay on top of incoming storms by setting the home screen on your smartphone to weather on the bay city app. here's how. just click on the icon on the top corner of your screen, then the button that says start screen. then set weather and click done. that will get you exactly what you need to know when you need to know it. the need to stay informed on the app.
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when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? great proposal! let's talk more over golf. great. how about over tennis? even better. a game changer! the ready for you alert, only at compared to the destruction of a hurricane. the potential damage along the coast in pacifica is being compared to the destruction of a hurricane. today congresswoman jackie spear toured the coastal areas of pacifica and is calling for emergency funds to protect vulnerable areas along that shoreline. michelle roberts is live at the pacifica pier that lawmakers say is overdue for an upgrade. >> reporter: the pier is just one place that's vulnerable with
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these big waves crashing in. jackie spear says money is eligible for funds, but they will likely need to fight for those moneys. >> it's a nice area and i hope they do everything they can to protect it. >> reporter: he knows hope is not enough to keep the ocean from his backyard. >> i always think it's not going to happen to me, but it's happening to people here. >> he lives across the street from 310 pacifica. he's watching his neighbors pack up and move out. today jackie spear toured the damaged areas during the el nino storms. and met with mike mchenry, one of 40 people being forced to move out of his apartment building, dangling on the cliff's edge. >> we've got to be on the side of looking ahead at what might happen. >> reporter: speier is calling for federal dollars in pa sifrk a to be spent to protect land in
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the ocean's path. the pier and highway 1 are two of the most vulnerable locations. >> and el nino is just like a superstorm sandy except it happens over a greater portion of time. >> reporter: while speier fights for federal money -- >> hopefully i'll be sleeping on couches. if not i'm not going to allow myself to live in the street. >> reporter: they are grateful that the city is offering financial housing assistance to help them find a new place. and across the street -- >> i'll keep my fingers crossed that the plants dig into the side of the cliff here. >> reporter: he is hoping time and a little luck will be on his side of esplanade avenue. >> soon enough that the ocean will be here. >> reporter: none of the city or state leaders talked about a timeline for when this money might come in or how long any of these projects will last, but they did say the need is urgent. reporting live in pacifica, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, michelle. not guilty. that's the plea of a couple
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charged with the double murder of two children in salinas. tammy hentsman and her boyfriend are accused of murder and conspiracy charges. they are accused of killing her little boy and little girl and hiding their bodies. they are also accused of killing a nine-year-old child. if convicted, he could get the delt penalty. she could get life in prison. governor brown wants to change the way criminals are sentenced. he tried to fix a law he made nine years ago. he said that law has led to record prison overcrowding. he's now pushing to lend a measure to the ballot. that would let lawmakers, not juveniles to decide if they are
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in court. and prisoners who complete programs could earn credit toward early release. please stand down. that is a message a policeman is sending to the occupiers after a deadly shooting last night. alan bundy and several others have been staging a protest at a wildlife refuge for weeks now. bundy and six others were arrested last night by a federal agent that also left a protestor dead. his attorney read a message from him, afterward urging the armed protestors to go home, yet some are still refusing. >> peaceful resolution is what you keep hearing and peaceful resolution is what we expect. >> reporter: this group has been harboring in the refuge since january, saying the federal government has no right to that land. a standoff is expected between donald trump and fox news.
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meghan kelly is hoping for that for the upcoming democratic debate but trump says he is boycotting it because of her. trump says he is trying to terrorize her employees. part of a favorite san francisco park reopened today. delores park has undergoing a $2 million renovation. park goers couldn't ask for better weather, especially since the reopening was supposed to happen this month which had to be postponed because of lots and lots of rain. coming up, a new computer breakthrough. google's artificial intelligence gets smarter. the 2,000-year-old game is the
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master. car thieves have always been controversial in california. so just imagine what reaction might come out of this. the state is asking for transportation dollars and might stick you with a newbill, one you probably don't even know about yet. reality check is coming up next. and i'm anthony slaughter tracking that commute, helping you get around for super bowl saturday expected to open on saturday. traffic trying to get across the bay bridge, your bestial alternate tive will be bart and muni. we're back after this. san jose state university has a
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new president tonight. "mary papazian" ( puh-octor pah-zee-uhn ) is coming bac her home state after a career on the east coast. the los angeles native is currently president of "southern connecticut state university," and is a
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u-c-l-a "alum." she takes-office on july-first. so does sonoma state university's new president-- doctor "judy sakaki." ( suh-cock-ee). she previously served as "vice president for student affair for the university of sonoma state university's newest president served as vice president of student affairs in california. she started her academic career at csu. lyft has settle ad a lawsui with its drivers. it would guarantee them minimum wage and other benefits as well. lyft will pay out more than $12 million to its drivers, and it will no longer be able to fire drivers at will. the company has to have a reason to be able to fire them. investors are definitely liking facebook. the company's shares soared today after reporting record profits bringing in nearly $6 billion in revenue. that's up 30% from the previous
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year largely by gain in the social division. sorp it is one of the oldest games being played by the newest creation. google has developed the first computer capable of mastering the chinese board game go. the game was invented more than 25 years ago. the search giant has already created artificial intelligence to people mastering backgammon and chess. go has presented a challenge because of the complex strategy it takes to master that game. >> i'll take on google. >> you do that. >> jeff is taking on the rain because apparently it disappeared for a few days. >> it has been nice, a little bit of a break for us, but definitely is coming back in the next 72 hours, and some areas will get a lot more than others. we have your full rain forecast and also details in more dangerous waves that are building in the pacific right
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now. pg&e is committed to clean energy and part of that commitment is our partnership with habitat for humanity. our mission is to build homes, community and hope. our homeowners are low-income families, so the ability for them to have lower energy cost is wonderful. we have been able to provide about 600 families with solar on their homes. that's over nine and a half million dollars of investment by pg&e, and that allows us to provide clean energy for everyone here. it's been a great partnership. together, we're building a better california.
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falling gas tax revenues. to make up that funding, he's talking about switching to a moving into the red. governor brown is warning about falling gas tax revenues, and to make up that funding, he's talking about switching to a mileage based program where drivers pay by the mile. >> sam brock explains while the mileage program is grabbing headlines, it's actually new seas that could have you shelling out money. >> one way or another, the roads must be fixed. >> reporter: driving into a new year and governor brown has already hit a speed bump. the state's transportation budget is strapped for cash. at least, that's what the administration claims. here's how much california's gas tax revenues have actually generated according to the non-partisan legislative analysts's. a peak of 5.5 billion two years ago, 5.4 billion last year, and revenues are expected to dip to 4.4 billion by 2017.
6:44 pm
that's a loss of about a billion dollars, largely because half of california's gas tax revenues are tied directly to gas prices, which continue to fall. now, here's governor brown. >> that means at some point sooner rather than later, we have to bite the bullet and enact new fees and taxes for this purpose. >> reporter: the governor's office has talked a lot about testing out a mileage program docking drivers based on how much they drive. but here's what's actually proposed in the budget for this year. $65 more per driver per car in registration fees pending legislative approval. that's a fee that's expected to drum up at least $2 billion or double what california is projected to lose. >> i was not aware that far fof at all. >> we have to work hard to pay that kind of fee. >> reporter: while you might be
6:45 pm
i recolle irked at the idea of an added fee, now is the time to kickstart this conversation. >> what this highlights for me is the need to find new revenues, but because we still have significant revenues from the gas tax, it's the perfect time. >> reporter: camon says you can roll out a vehicle tax or use the mileage program since both affect drivers. the key is to give more money regarding fuel. >> if you're in a regular gas-powered vehicle, perhaps it's in the highest category. and that's something which is no more difficult to manage than things we're already used to doing. >> reporter: and california leads the nation in electric vehicles, but they're still only a tiny fraction of cars on the road. for now. clearly we're moving toward cleaner vehicles, which is going to dry up gas tax revenues even further. bottom line, we have to switch our formula for transportation money, and there's several good
6:46 pm
options. but that whopper of a registration fee that could come down the pike a year from now, california voters once booted a governor out of office for a similar hike. for "reality check," i'm sam brock. back to you. i hope you enjoyed the sunshine because more rain on the way, right? let's go to jeff ranieri. >> you're right on the money, janelle. that rain coming in the next 48 hours. you can get a preview of that on the scrolling forecast on the bottom of the screen. i want to jump right to tomorrow morning's forecast. we do have high clouds returning but no rainfall to speak of for the morning commute. we start with 43 in the north bay, san francisco 50, the peninsula 46. i want to get to a warning tomorrow, and that's the fact that waves will gradually be building. we are tracking the damage in pacifica and some of the hillsides are beginning to crumble at the immediate coastline. by thursday evening, it will start to intensify, and we think by friday as our next storm
6:47 pm
approaches, we likely could be dealing with waves that may hit 15 feet in pacifica and possibly around 10 feet towards santa cruz. that's something to think about if you live in pacifica and you've been asked to evacuate from those apartments or you were heading the plane out to go surfing or anything like that, you want to watch the coastline. now let's bring in the storm system coming our way. you can see for thursday morning, there's the high clouds we're tracking. by evening hours on thursday, maybe a spotty shower in marin county, but we'll hold out any hope of rainfall beginning to accumulate until friday at 10:00 a.m. the storm system is going to stall out. it will be super slow to move to the south. we think by 2:00 p.m. on friday, still maybe only rainfall toward san francisco down to about half moon bay. then eventually by the evening hours, we'll have a better chance of scattered rainfall here across the bay area. as we hit saturday's forecast, spotty shower here and there, cloud cover lingers as well. and then by sunday we'll have
6:48 pm
another chance of wet weather. it looks like the south bay with this one toward the santa cruz mountains would have the best chance of getting any kind of rainfall. speaking of which, the big question with our drought is how much rainfall will we pick up? it's not the largest storm in recent memory. you can see four-day estimated rainfall total puts us at a quarter inch by sunday evening in the south bay. 35/00 in marinda. it's expected to feed into crescent city an inch and a half up to three inches along the coastline. what about sierra snow? by this weekend we're looking at possibly around a foot of snow for the higher elevations. let's go ahead and head into that microclimate forecast as we head to thursday. it stays mild in san jose, 67 degrees. partly cloudy for the afternoon.
6:49 pm
for san francisco a cool breeze, 59 in the marina, 62 in the financial district. tri-valley and the bay, better chance of a shower tomorrow evening would be na a and sapa rosa, otherwise in the 60s throughout the afternoon. dry on thursday, chance of rain on friday, saturday, sunday scattered rain, and some potential on again-off again wet weather. none of these storms look overly strong but we'll continue to track the rain of the storm as it comes in. coming up in sports, it's been a full year since the warriors lost at home. why you can expect another win tonight. the car, which was featured in
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"back to the future" is about to go back into production. the company's owner is planning to produce about 300 of it doesn't have a flux decapacitator, but the delorean is about to go back on the market. the asking price? about $200,000. jim has pretty views to tonight's game. hi, jim. >> how many jigowatts go into that flux decapacitator. >> it's been one calendar year since the warriors lost a game at home. since then nothing but winning. the last time the warriors
6:53 pm
played the mavs was on december 30. the champions remember that night in big d. >> it was tough watching because of the way we got beat. they beat us for 48 minutes. it wasn't even close. it was a long time ago, but we remember that, and we just want to, you know, obviously in a better state now, only missing fesses and mcadoo. but like i said before, we remember how that loss was and we don't want that feeling again, and mostly we don't want to lose on our home floor. >> people are starting to come up with the same energy, but they beat us bad in dallas so we nt to make sure we come back with business. they had eight players, seven players. we should have went in there and
6:54 pm
had a better effort, but tonight we have a better one. >> it's an emotional game. we wanted to win that one but it's also a team that handed us one of our four losses. they kind of smacked us, too, so we want to kind of get even. >> the mavericks come in short-handed. peculian is going to miss the game because of an injury. off the court the warriors keep winning. they just landed a new arena naming rights sponsor. the new arena in san francisco still three years away from its target date of opening, but when it does is, it's going to be called, ta-da, the chase center. spurs coach greg popovich will host the western conference. he gets the nod because warriors coach steve kerr is ineligible because he coached last year.
6:55 pm
pop said, i don't do chula. we are just 11 days away from super bowl 50. if you took my temperature, you would see that i've got a fever for football. i'm excited about super bowl city opening this weekend. i can't wait for the teams to get here. while the panthers and broncos have yet to arrive for super bowl 50, the footballs are here! the footballs are here! wilson delivered them. there will be more than 100 game balls available for you at super bowl 50. ron rivera hopes the panthers carry a few of those into the end zone next sunday. mind i ba mindy bach with a look at carolina. oh, i guess we're not going to see mindy bach. official super bowl 50 host attire. how jelly are you over there? >> very jelly. are you on the committee? >> i am now, i've got the shirt. >> you need to steal one of
6:56 pm
those official nfl footballs. >> i will do that next. >> we'll get the bail money for you. >> we looked at the delorean. guess what? 1.21 jigowatts. >> you were right. i like that reference, sister. you did a great job with that one. >> 1982, mike. >> i peaked too early. final check of the forecast. >> we do have some rainfall coming our way. we have that chance of rain sunday morning, some scattered rain february 3rd into the 10th, off and on rain. how does that super bowl forecast look? night before the super bowl, chance of showers. saturday looks likely for scattered rain and the super bowl may have to avoid heavy rounds of rain. that's going to do it for us. we hope to see you at 11:00.
6:57 pm
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7:00 pm
. megyn kelly fires back at trump. >> why megan says it's a mistake to ditch the debate. now on "extra"! he says he's out. because of her. >> do you really think she can be fair at a debate? sbl whether he's there or not there. the show will go on. >> aj's got trump's nemesis, megyn kelly, her first words about all the donald drama and she's taking on every question. >> can trump go all the way? >> ples melania trump opens the door to their private life.


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