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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 28, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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story and we have the traffic and road closures. we start with kimmian knack a. you got a tour of the secret command post. what did you see? >> reporter: it wasn't just what we saw but what we lefrpd. the fbi doesn't want the command post out in the eye since it's the nucleus of their operation. if anything does go down during super bowl week or on gameday, agents say their next move will come from inside that command post. called the joint operations center, tomorrow is goes live. meaning, over 60 people from state, local and federal agencies will be here sitting side by side watching everything that goes on. >> local law enforcement will be sharing information in real time so we're all on the same page. that's critical to understanding what the situation is and responding appropriately.
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geographically the scope of the super bowl is challenging to secure. in some cases, venues are spread 50 miles apart. the fbi says this center is critical in terms of communicating to all of the different agencies involved. there is also air support and an extensive bomb squad at this location. agents demonstrated how their inspection robots approach a suspicious bag and showed us one of the actual robots they'd use in a chemical threat or to dismantle a bomb. the fbi says they prepared for every scenario, even though there are currently no known terrorist threats to the big event. even so, they encourage the public to speak up if they see or know of anything suspicious. >> we need the public's help. we don't know what people are thinking, we don't read minds. we don't know what the plots are that exist only in the mind of a lone offender. >> reporter: something
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interesting to note, the fbi will not respond to protests. they say that is the responsibility of local law enforcement. the feds will only get involved in a protest spirals into a criminal act. reporting live at levi stadium, i'm kim yonenaka. thank you kim. the fbi and the -- nbc news hit the water with the coast guard. they're on the lookout for anything suspicious offshore. what makes their job extra difficult is the large number of people that take to the water every day to enjoy the bay. coming up in about 20 minutes, we get an up close demonstration on the tactics san jose police will be using to keep the super bowl festivities safe. super bowl city in san francisco is days away from opening. we got an overhead view as crews rushed to make sure everything is ready along the embarcadero today. as we've been warning you all week, the roads in that area are closed. the traffic is only expected to get worse as more fans arrive. anthony slaughter is tracking the trouble spots.
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anthony? >> the bottom line, if you're headed down here in the next couple of days, super bowl city, denoted in purple, those streets are cut off. we have lots of red denoting stop-and-go traffic. you can see first street is stop and go. the next opportunity to get on the bridge is 6th street and then the next one after that is 8th street. all of that red showing folks trying to get on to the bridge. your best alternative as traffic gets worse the next couple of days is b.a.r.t. that would get you around as you get going and also muni. the e-line will be closed this weekend. the touristy spot. the f line will be open down market. you'll have a chance to ride some trollies. b.a.r.t. and metro, thank you, an thoi. not many homeless people in the embarcadero. were they forced out because of super bowl city? pete suratos has some answers. pete? >> reporter: yeah, raj, we're at 13th street and harrison.
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i want to show you along 13th street. you see a number of tents and folks. we've heard story after story as they've been moved as they get ready for super bowl city. they're waiting here until they're told to move again. as super bowl city descend on the embarcadero. >> we have to get up and move everything there and then. >> the homeless say they're being herded. >> why you have so many tent is because the police are moving them on this side of the area. >> tommy davis is one of the many who called these tents home. they're along 13th street and harrison. he says city officials and sfpd are actively moving them away from super bowl sfi. when they do move, they deal with the fear of belongings being thrown away as the city prepares for coverage of the nation's biggest sporting event. >> if it's down there, why are you messing with us? >> it's the most ridiculous thing. they're lying to the fans.
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>> because we don't have a roof doesn't mean we're not human. >> there was a news conference earlier today calling on the mayor and city officials to have a better game plan for the homeless. she says simply removing them from certain areas of town doesn't solve the problem. >> homeless people in san francisco, super bowl fans. guess what? that's our reality here. >> as for tommy, who has been moved twice in the last few weeks, it's been frustrating. >> how am i supposed to move all of my stuff? in a wheelchair? >> reporter: sfpd says all homeless matters are handled by the mayor. i have reached out to the mayor but have kbret to hear back. pete suratos, nbc bay area news. rain and high surf, expecting both tonight in the bay area. jeff ranieri is tracking the latest storm. jeff, what can we expect? >> showers beginning to start here right now. we have a cold front. the main branch offshore starting to stall out. we have sub tropical moisture
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beginning to feed in. it's not too heavy now. the best chance of any kind of activity would be in marin, napa and sonoma counties. we put a tracker on this. it's only .01 of an inch per hour. we're talking light showers towards 101 in the next two-hour period. the rain will pick up tomorrow. details on that in about 15 minutes. we want to highlight the surf will be getting high again for tomorrow, especially in pacifica. waves could top 15 feet. again, that full forecast coming up throughout this hour. thank you, jeff. you can keep track of the rain in your neighborhood any time. just download our nbc bay area app. it is free. the rain unwelcome news for dozens of people who live along the cliffs in pacifica. crews are racing to slow the erosion that's threatening to send an entire apartment complex into the ocean. we spotted crews spraying cement on the sandstone to try to slow
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down the damage. earlier this week, the city declared a local emergency and labeled more than 20 apartments on that bluff as uninhabitable. it is the third apartment complex on that street to be evacuated because of the eroding cliffs. new at 6:00, students from a well-known and prestigious san francisco high school are accused of racism. 13 students have been suspended in taking part in a racist party last weekend. the private catholic school sent out a letter saying the party had an inappropriate theme. it also condemned the gathering, saying it does not represent the values or ideals the school stands for. an administrator said, even though the party didn't happen on campus, he felt compelled to respond. >> there were students that were dressed in clothes that promoted very poor black stereotypes or stereotypes of black culture. that's not a party that we want
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to be associated with. >> they say the party was not organized by the students. it happened in the sunset district. it gained buzz after photos ghana peering on social media. a gut wrenching story in richmond. the father ran over his own daughter in their driveway. police say this was simply a horrible accident. he did not see her. the 2-year-old girl hit and killed by his pickup truck. the red truck there. this happened on beck and south streets near kennedy high school. was it simply theft or something much more sinister? the fbi is investigating the theft. among things taken, parts of a police uniform, riot gear and a gas mask. elyce kirchner is live where she's trying to get answers. >> reporter: we're talking about a uniform, even a gas mask stolen from a storage area here.
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it's so concerning, now the fbi is getting involved. they are items police use during a riot or dangerous incident. >> i don't know why someone would steal a gas mask. >> a gas mask, riot helmet and police uniform jacket with pants and boots were stolen from a storage area sometime between monday afternoon and tuesday morning. >> impersonating a police officer. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. declined to speak with us. they said a storage room door was found propped open, possibly left that way by an employee. they say every a b.a.r.t. station has storage areas, but only certain ones contain police department gear. >> it's scary. especially with the super bowl and everything. >> reporter: the transit agency is stepping up security efforts during the super bowl. but won't get specific. meanwhile, the fbi is now working with b.a.r.t. to track
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down the thieves. >> it's very much a concern for us. we're taking it very seriously. >> reporter: they're trying to determine if the items could pose a threat during the super bowl. >> absolutely no indication yet. but we're looking to make sure that's the case. >> reporter: and the fbi does not believe a terrorist is behind the theft. b.a.r.t. tells me they're going through surveillance video, but so far no arrests have been made. reporting live from concord, i'm elyce kirchner, nbc bay area news. i'm chuck coppola in menlo park where they're looking for mosquitoes that spread the zika virus. that story coming up ziefrnl an emergency tear-down of a $2 million home. the serious problem that may also threaten other homes in the neighborhood. a woman says she's being evicted because of a dog that helps treat her disability. we're looking for what could keep her in her home.
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sweeping ocean views -- reduced to rubble. our nbc chopper -- over a bizarre situation in san francisco. a maive cck wasfounde sweeping ocean views reduced to rubble. our nbc helicopter over a bizarre situation in san francisco today. a massive crack was found in the retaining wall of this house in the city's sherwood forest neighborhood. the house slid 14 inches in the past week and the city was worried the home will slide into others downhill. so an emergency demolition was ordered. the homeowner was told his home
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was being torn down while he was out of town at a funeral. >> yes. it's horrifying news. it's horrifying news to receive when you're a couple thousand miles away at your father's funeral. >> the home was just bought two months ago. inspectors say five other homes may also be in danger. sounding the alarm tonight over the zika virus. the world health organization now says the disease is spreading explosively. the organization estimates there could be 3 million to 4 million cases in the americas over the next year. it's calling a top level meeting next week to decide whether the rapid spread of the zika virus is a global emergency. it could be especially dangerous for pregnant women causing them to miss carry or deliver babies with abnormally small heads. the larvae was spotted as recently as last spring. chuck coppola is live with a look at the eradication efforts.
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chuck? >> reporter: the mosquitoes they're looking for have black and white stripes, bite during the daytime and are a kbrggress. the cemetery behind me in menlo park is where the first one was found in 2013. because of all the rain that we've had, it may show up again. recent rains in the bay area have left a lot of standing water. the perfect breeding ground for these two striped mosquitoes species. at holy cross cemetery in menlo park, each water container is checked for larvae monthly. technicians are going door to door in the neighborhood to make sure two types of mosquitoes with black and white stripes do not breed here. >> the last time we found an adult mosquito was in august of 2014. the last time we found eggs or larvae was back in may of 2015. >> reporter: the mosquitoes are not native to california but detected in parts of u.s. and latin america. public health officials here are
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concerned that travelers may bring the mosquito back. the virus transmitted by the mosquitoes has been linked to birth defects in thousands of babies in brazil whose mothers were bitten while pregnant. >> zika is spreading quickly and because of the way that people are with air travel and the movement, we know that not just zika itself, but the mosquito that carries zika can easily move from place to place. >> this is the time of year when mosquitoes are usually least active. with more rains to come, leaving behind puddles, pools and more standing water than we've had recently, the public is now asked to empty any containers in their yards weekly. >> fish ponds, any containers or bowls that people leave outside. >> reporter: generally, the virus is not dangerous we are told to adults. that's according to health officials. there's no treatment nor is there a vaccine for infants. last year in california, there was one confirmed case. right now, there's a pregnant
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woman in berkeley undergoing testing. i'm chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. >> here's a look at the countries highlighted on the map, including mexico and brazil. but also guatemala, puerto rico and the virgin islands. if you're among them, if you're pregnant, ask your doctors before you head to these countries. many airlines are also offering refunds for pregnant women who have booked a trip to these affected countries. they're able to rebook at a later date without penalty. airlines include spirit, american and united. some cruise lines are doing the same thing. a bay area woman is fighting to keep her home after adopting a service dog she says she needs to stay healthy. she was told she's being evicted for not complying with her rental agreement. an agreement that says no pets allowed. nbc bay area jodi hernandez is in martinez where the woman says the dog is much more than just a family pet.
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jodi? >> reporter: janelle, victoria clark says her service dog keeps her calm and centered. she's lived in this apartment complex tore the last two years and never had any trouble until she adopted the poodle back in october. now, she and her dog face eviction. >> he's just a love. >> victoria clark says her little dog rascal has changed her life in drastic ways. clark, who struggles with bipolar disorder, panic attacks and ptsd took the advice of her doctor last october and adopted a service animal. a therapy dog that's helped her deal with her mental disabilities. >> he has brought me so much joy and strength and empowerment. >> but now clark is facing eviction from the housing program that placed her in the martinez apartment for a reduced rent. she's told she's violating rental agreement.
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the apartment owner has a no pet policy. >> breaking my lease agreement for -- it's all about rascal. >> shelter inc., the nonprofit that runs the program will review the case in their appeals process. they claim they never got documentation that rascal is a service animal but hope to work it out. >> our goal is not to immediately get rid of someone if there's a blip on the radar. >> but clark's worried. she needs housing and she needs crass rascal. >> i'm worth it. and this little guy has helped me get there. >> reporter: now, the property owner tells me that clark is actually violating several policies. he says that she doesn't clean up after her dog properly. now, clark also has two cats. but the property owner notes that cats use litter boxes. again, shelter hopes to work this out. they may even consider
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relocating her. an appeals meeting is scheduled for next week. reporting live in martinez, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. the recent rains have our local creeks flowing and that comes with some dangers that we haven't seen in a few years. you can hear there, some rescuers trying to save a man from drowning. he got stuck? san leandro creek behind bancroft middle school. this happened late last night. firefighters aren't saying how the man ended up in the creek, but they did rescue him. >> if you went outside today, the changes are happening. a change in the forecast. we saw cloud cover. no more blue skies. here's jeff ranieri. >> that's right. the next storm system is lining up. the small creeks throughout the bay area, that can be one of the most dangerous locations when we get storms moving in, because the water can rise fast and suddenly. if you have one behind your house, it's not -- lets get a look now, you can see the storm
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offshore. what makes this different than any old regular storm is the tropical moisture tap feeding in some 2500 miles offshore well back towards hawaii. again, where that sub tropical moisture tap aims, that's where we'll find the heaviest rainfall. our forecast for tomorrow, we'll see the chance of rainfall by the afternoon in the south bay for the peninsula. by midday and 60 and san francisco in the north bay, a good chance of rainfall from the morning right into the afternoon. also notice the cooler temperatures primarily in the uppup 50s to 60. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, mainly about marin, napa, sonoma counties, down to san francisco. at 11:30, the rainfall enters contra costa county. by the evening hours, it pushes across san jose as well. when it comes to the rainfall, there will be some areas that get more than others. we talked about the sub tropical
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moisture. only .14 of an inch expected on friday in san jose. .27 in or inda. it looks like up towards the northern coastline back to redding, that's where some of the heaviest rainfall will go. we'll talk more about snow totals and another chance of rain by sunday in about 25 minutes. >> see you soon. thank you, jeff. zeroing in on parking problems. the changes that could be coming to drivers as lawmakers try to crackdown on expensive tickets. a super bowl mistake. it's all about this sign. why san francisco says it's illegal and what's now being done to make it right. it may soon be illegal -- in
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california -- to issue parking tickets at broken meters. =vo= that'ju it may soon be illegal to california to issue parking tickets at broken meters. that's one of the reforms packed into a new state legislation. the lawmaker proposing them, these reforms say cities are gouging drivers with these fines. >> this is a penalty for people who break the law. i think cities are increasingly viewing it as another tax, a way to bring revenue to their coffers. >> the legislation would ban valet services from blocking spaces on public streets and towing companies would be banned from charging fees to those whose cars are stolen and then dumped on to the street. if you need a job, ac transit is hiring.
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its buses run through alameda and contra costa counties. it needs at least 125 new drivers and mechanics, both positions come with a benefits package of 30 bucks an hour. a promise that's life changing. that's what oakland leaders are offering to students to boost the city's college rate. city, state and university leaders gathered to support the cradles to career plan. the goal is to triple the number of low-income kids who complete college within a decade. supporters say the oakland promise has the potential to break the cycle of poverty by opening thousands of college savings accounts, investing in scholarships and working with colleges. >> this is something that i think oakland should do because oakland always had a bad reputation of where they came from, the neighborhood, but with this here, i really think they got a chance. >> educators are embracing the plan. the peralta colleges are offering free first semesters to
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eligible students and cal state east bay will guarantee enrollment. >> reporter: i'm michelle roberts live in san jose where police are getting ready for super bowl sunday. get a behind-the-scenes look at an active shooter training drill. >> reporter: i'm scott budman. technology, jobs and a peek into the future coming up. the public has its say when it comes to driverless cars. the founder of jefferson airplane has died. we're looking back at the mark he made on the bay area music scene and rock'n'roll in general. nats of active shooter drill.
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runs :03 ==jan/takvo== unprecendented emergency training in the south bay. it's all meant to ensure super bowl crowds don't have to worry unprecedented emergency training in the south bay. it's all meant to ensure super bowl crowds don't have to worry about anything except getting to the big game. tonight we go behind the scenes to see how san jose is preparing for the parties and crowds that come with america's biggest event. >> from armored vehicles to bomb sniffing dogs, police are putting everything they have on to the streets. let's bring in michelle roberts who joins us from police head quarters in san jose. michelle, how big is this operation? you've seen it firsthand. >> reporter: i really have. they've been planning for this for an entire year. in just the last month they say they have devoted a lot of time to training, making sure that each officer is mentally and physically ready for anything
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that may arise. >> describe a white male adult with a white shirt with a semiautomatic rifle. >> reporter: they train like it's the real thing. >> around the crowd. >> today a handful of officers closed in and took down potential threats during an active shooter drill at sjpd headquarters. >> right here in the forehead. good hit. >> reporter: the san josue knit trains for emergency situations one week every month. but this month, they participated in emergency drills every day to be mentally and physically prepared for the week of super bowl events. >> it's going to be a grind over the course of nine or ten days. but we're ready. >> the department's armored vehicle will be stationed at events. nfl players and tours will also
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see jerry, a 2-year-old dog trained to sniff out explosive materials. >> she's showing an interest in that bag. >> if she is calmly and intently in front of a bag, police will likely call in the bomb squad to investigate further. >> we're going to be everywhere where the teams are going doing explosive sweeps prior to their arrival. >> any suspicious packages found in the sweeps will be reported here at their command center at police headquarters. >> anonymous threats to the super bowl itself. >> intelligence officers will be monitoring cameras throughout the city and communicating with other law enforcement agencies on a secure network. >> the officers are ready physically, mentally and based on the training that we put on, we think they're ready for anything that comes up. >> reporter: police in phoenix, the host of super bowl xlix have told officers they received about 15 to 20 threats every day in the week leading up to super bowl sunday. so far i'm told they don't have
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any known threats for next sunday. reporting live in san jose, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. michelle, thank you. our first super bowl slip-up. the super super bowl ad is coming down in san francisco. take a look. we'll show you a side by side of the ad yesterday and today. actually, this is just what happened today. you can see that was a verizon ad draped on two sides of the 4 embarcadero high-rise. they're taking down the ad. it violates city rules. not allowed to post ads of this size and scope on san francisco buildings. verizon and the building managers were told to have it down today. they are complying. a verizon spokesperson says it was a miscommunication between the super bowl committee and the city. vandals left their mark on a super bowl statue. someone rearranged the letters on this statue of pacific center. it doesn't say super bowl anymore. it just says is up bro. >> there are ten of the statues
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in t in. a man accused of molesting and killing a young boy was arraigned on charges of sexually abusing and killing his girlfriend's 2-year-old son. police believe the child was abused and killed as his mother slept in another room. he did not enter a plea today. a man run over by a steamroller in san francisco. firefighters immediately performed cpr when they were on scene. the man in his 50s was working on a road project on 18th avenue up from stern grove. he was rushed to san francisco general in serious condition. he lost consciousness but paramedics were eventually able to speak to him inside the ambulance. they're futuristic and controversial. perhaps you've seen them around town. the driverless cars are back in the spotlight after the dmv
6:35 pm
opened itself up for comment and criticism in light of recent rulings. our business and tech reporter scott budman joins us in san jose with the latest on both sides of this hot debate. scott? >> reporter: good evening, raj. that ruling you speak of that a driverless car has to have a driver in the car came under fire at a public forum today. here is the latest on the regulations and why some say driverless cars could cost california jobs. you see them rolling around the bay area, driverless cars. and they're on the way to our dive ways eventually. >> it's a great thing for california. >> reporter: first, the arguing continues. the dmv, which held a public hearing in sacramento, says a licensed driver will have to be in the self-driving car. those who would be helped by autonomous cars, like the blind disagree. >> had the opportunity to drive an autonomous self-driving car down at google. it was amazing. it was awesome.
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>> reporter: google weighed in also arguing against the extra driver while admitting more testing is needed. >> we really do believe that safety is a first priority here. we need to get more experience on testing on public roads before we're ready to make this broadway available to the public. >> what about jobs? even the former chief technology officer of california, otherwise very pro driverless car, says lots of jobs will be lost when these cars get going. >> there are a lot of people out there that make a living being a driver. and so those jobs clearly are going to disappear over time. the numbers are pretty large, actually, cab drivers, bus drivers, truckdrivers. it's about 5 million jobs in the u.s. >> reporter: the driverless future is down the road. we don't know how far down the road just yet. we should mention that california's former cto says the driverless cars could initially cost jobs but then he says it will launch an entire industry, thereby creating new jobs.
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reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. a rock'n'roll giant and pioneer of the san francisco music scene has died. ♪ >> my first band was jefferson airplane. >> that was paul kantner talking to us from his favorite seat outside of a cafe in san francisco that he loves. the co-founder of the rock'n'roll hall of fame band jefferson airplane died today at the age of 74. kantner went to santa clara university and san jose state. the man's most enduring classics including white rabbit, somebody to love and volunteers of america. jefferson airplane was the only band to play all three iconic musical fess valles, monterrey pop, woodstock and altamont. more trouble for they are knows. the troubles found inside the bay area lab. the best thing about having
6:38 pm
the super bowl in san francisco is two weeks of hype. >> call him a super fan. we'll introduce you to a man who has been to every singing super bowl. what made the first one so very special and what makes the 50th so unusual. with just days away from super bowl city opening, we've got lots and lots of traffic piling into the city. of course, we're going to continue to track this as we get closer to opening day. the best alternatives, the b.a.r.t. and muni. we have more on we'll have more news after this. once a silicon valley darling,
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now under the watch of the federal government. eranos had some visitors once a silicon valley darling, now under the watch of the federal government. theranos had visitors today.
6:41 pm
the center for medicaid and medicare services inspected the company's newark lab in the east bay. vice president joe biden, you see here, toured that same facility in newark with ceo elizabeth holmes last year. holmes is a stanford dropout and self-made billionaires. theranos makes a blood test that is supposed to reveal various types of information for the patients. however, the government says theranos is so deficient it poses an immediate danger to patients. they say the blood test does not work as advertised. it's the newest target for taggers. a brand new wall covered in graffiti. this is happened at the interchange the 880 and 280 in san jose near santa clara valley medical center. people living nearby are fed up and say something has to change. >> the fence should probably be raised higher. i think that's how they're getting over. it keeps getting more full and
6:42 pm
more full. and i just think it's disgusting. >> well, graffiti includes nicknames to gang symbols. the si of san jose say this is cal trans property and problem. cal trans has not returned our calls for comment. okay. jeff ranieri is with us. i met with some of the super bowl officials today. they said they were tracking your forecast every hour. they're a little nervous. >> you know, the good news for anyone dealing with the super bowl is the forecast model put rain in, they're taking it out. it gets put back in. right now it's out. we're not totally sold on this rainfall chance just yet. it's going to be an evolving forecast over the next couple of days. one thing for sure, rain is back tomorrow. full details on that in a couple of minutes. fan. san francisco's larry
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6:44 pm
jacobson has gone to every single super
6:45 pm
bowl game. he is the super bowl's ultimate fan. san francisco's larry jacobson has gone to every single super bowl game. the ticket cost 50 years ago, just 12 bucks. >> 50 years later, i could have invested in an apartment house. >> larry jacobson can't wait for super bowl 50. >> the best thing about having the super bowl in san francisco is we get two weeks of hype. >> the fan, the football and the fact he doesn't have to travel this year. >> i'm saving money on airfare and hotel and on rent-a-cars. >> it's a hail mary from his first super bowl in los angeles where he took a young woman on a first date. >> i put the whole thing together for less than a hundred dollars. that's the tickets, the airline fare. the long and the short was she wasn't impressed with football or with me. >> the 76-year-old is a member of an ultraexclusive group called never miss a super bowl club. the five met after a newspaper article about super fans came out in 1999. they saw each other the next
6:46 pm
year at super bowl xxxiv in atlanta. >> i had never met these guys before i didn't know whether they were going to drink up a storm or what was going to happen. >> larry hit it off with the group right away, including don cristman of maine. >> i said whom do you write for? >> he said the for at the time i can magazine. i said to myself immediately, this guy is a phony. he's my kind of man. >> buthe process hasn't been ea. he got into an argument with a police officer about parking. >> i said aren't you being a little chicken bleep about this? >> he says you're under arrest. >> he bailed out before the game started. this year, year 50, the nfl is come pg the club's tickets. larry said football and great friends never came at a steep price. >> i don't know and i don't want to know. >> so much fun. we love larry. well, larry says the trio never
6:47 pm
makes bets but this year he is rooting for the panthers. >> are we allowed to say chicken bleep on air? >> chicken bleep. >> it continues. there are nine days remaining until super bowl 50. nine days, 20 hours. you see our countdown clock. you can find complete coverage of the events and the parties and the road closures across our digital platform. >> he gets to go to all those super bowls. >> he's committed. good for him. i'm glad they're comping the tickets for them. jeff ranieri is dedicated to our forecast. everybody watching closely to see if we'll see rain the next week and a half. >> if they want somebody to stand on the field to give weather reports, just give me a call. you can get me on twitter. let's get a look at the doppler radar and satellite combined. a few spotty showers with the pre-super bowl happenings at the current moment. we have a larger area of showers moving in towards santa rosa, eventually petaluma and san
6:48 pm
rafael in the next two hours. more after that. the highest chance of any rainfall will continue across the north bay in san francisco with low 50s to start. the possibility of spotty showers in the east bay and peninsula and mainly cloudy to start the south bay and 52 degrees. let's take you to futurecast beginning at 7:00 a.m. what you're going to find here, again, is that possibility of rainfall for the north bay peninsula, also for the east bay. as we progress through 11:30, you can see this trail of moisture will continue right up into the north bay and will gradually we will see heavier pockets moving towards contra costa, alameda counties and eventually by the afternoon hours, everyone should have had rainfall at this point and we'll continue the chance here of scattered rain into about 11:30. again, the bulk of it is expected to happen in those early afternoon hours. as we hit saturday's forecast, mainly hold on to the cloud cover. the chance of maybe a stray isolated shower. nothing big. then on sunday's forecast,
6:49 pm
another storm bubbles up to the south. but check this out. some of the heaviest rainfall really is only about 75 to 100 miles from the bay area. this moves a little to the north and we could likely get heavier rainfall across the area. how about the rainfall tote apples. well, not super impressive. look at .3 of an inch with the two storms an friday, and sunday. about a half inch in san francisco. close to 3/4 of an inch in santa rosa. larger bull's-eye of moisture. that could mean 9 to 11 inches for the higher elevations. let's go to the forecast as we head throughout friday. everyone expecting the chance of rain. temps cool off, about 5 to 7 degrees from today. 60 in cupertino and 62 in san jose. the peninsula, 59 in san mateo. 62 in palo alto. san francisco remainingme in th
6:50 pm
50s. what about the next 15 days? again, friday's rain chance, another chance sunday morning with scattered rain. then by next tuesday, showers, nothing big and for super bowl weekend, still looks like some possibility of rainfall. but as far as any kind of major storm happening on the big gameday, it's just too early to call right now. the forecast models today really frustrating. brings in rain, takes it out, brings it in. i prefer rain but nothing huge at this point. >> we'll keep watching, jeff. steph curry was already an all-star, of course. but today a few of his teammates joined him on the team. we'll show you how draymond green got the good news. when we're in an nbc bay area micro climate weather alert, we've made it easy for you to get the latest information on your smartphone. you click on the bar that says weather alert. that will take you to what you need to know right when you need to know it. i'm scott budman. that's how to stay informed with
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good evening everyone. i'm jim kozimor. let's talk sports and more specifically the warriors. when you're the best team in the nba and on pace to break the record for the most wins in a season, the accolades usually come with it. steph curry was voted an all-star starter. will any teammates join him north of the border in toronto in february? let's start with klay thompson. yes. klay named to a second career all-star game. thompson averaging just over 20 points a game. ranked as one of the top three-point shooters. but could they get a third
6:54 pm
all-star for the first time since the '70s? the answer is yes. draymond green was named to the all-star team for the first time in his career. his numbers are amazing this year. averaging nearly a triple double. even more amazing, draymond got the news from his mom back in michigan. it all unfolded exclusively at csn bay area's sportstalk live. >> baby. >> mom. >> how are you doing? >> just wanted to tell you that we love you, d. >> hey, guess what? you're an all-star! >> whoo! >> did you hear what she said there, draymond? your mom just gave you the news. >> how does she know this and i don't know this is my question. >> wow. y'all won't catch me crying on
6:55 pm
tv. almost got me. not going to get me this time. man, it's amazing though. i don't know. i'm loss for words now. >> he wouldn't cry. i was a little teared up, though. more good news for the warriors. today at a rally for the new stadium, they announced. the new mission bay arena will be called chase center when it opens. the warriors hope in the fall of 2019. >> it was honestly quite highly competed for. it really went quite fast. chase is just such an amazing organization. we really hit it off with them. their global financial player. global financial player. had experience, also, in doing these kind of arena naming rights deals before, as you know. madison square garden in new york. they got it. we got who they are. honestly, it's going to be a fantastic partnership. world class. >> it's a profound statement.
6:56 pm
a huge financial institution that they believe in the mission and method of the team and the business. i think that's what's important. it's really critical to align yourself with those kind of brand stories to be successful in the marketplace over a long time. >> all right. i am looking forward to the new arena opening in san francisco. my question for you three, who will be the first entertainment act in the building? any guesses from you guys? i'm going with nickel back or creed. >> you're like grunge. >> it will be taylor swift. >> beyonce. >> that was great, jim. >> draymond green's mom is so fun. that was great tv, jim. >> that was great time. they're lovely people. i thought we had draymond with a tear. i was trying to get him to cry. it's my job. >> janelle with a tear. >> it is heartwarming, isn't it? >> it is. >> guys that does it for sports. >> thanks a lot, koz. >> that does it for us as well. >> hope to see you at 11:00.
6:57 pm
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trump gets in one last jab at megyn kelly right before the gop debate. retweeting her lost "gq" lingerie photos. donald's new slam, now on "extra." >> trump takes to twitter with a new bimbo bomb aimed at megyn kelly. >> i have zero respect for megyn kelly. >> a.j.'s got megyn firing back today and getting personal from chopping her hair off to her "vanity fair" cover. >> a tear came to my eye. >> and why she's saying this. >> that's why i am who i am. >> mom! then, tyra's a mom. her surprise news today about her new baby boy via surrogate, and her struggle


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