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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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southwest oregon. the second sinkhole, right across the street. that section of the highway had to be shut down and drivers obviously had to be given detours. other related problems here in the bay area too. right now at 6:00, an active landslide has forced an emergency demolition of this $2 million home in san francisco. the troubles, not over yet. i'm stephanie chung, live with what names have to do now. >> i will tell everybody that he has been found. >> a hopeful vigil turns into a sombre remembrance as the family of kyle myrick announced searchers found his body. the new information that led crews deep into the santa cruz mountains i'm bob redell with how law enforcement plans on keeping the bay air why secure in the days leading up to the super bowl 50. "today in the bay" starts now. a very good friday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia cannon.
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>> i'm sam brock. the rap is back. mother nature trying to keep the bay area saturated. let's get a look at your micro climate forecast with kari hall. >> some of the heavier rain will stay over the north bay while the rest will see off and on showers throughout the day. we have yet to see the rain make it into the south bay. we will see that as we go into this afternoon. temperatures starting out very mild. we'll hold steady in the upper 50s to lower 60s into the afternoon. we'll talk about this weekend with another round of scattered showers moving in. that's coming up in a few minutes. let's see how the traffic is moving now with mike. >> kari, i'm glad you are holding off. i'm glad we are holding off on the rain in the south bay for now. we have that crash. that would add to the slowing. this is north 101. unexpectedly slow for a friday at 680. it is starting just before you get there. right around tully road.
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northbound 101 at oakland, the rest of the south bay showing friday light as you would expect. a slower drive, 880 southbound, slowing around 80 and kicking in towards whiple where a crash is trying to get to the right shoulder over the last few minutes. friday, light for mostly commute. we will show you the shot where the miss is kicking in for the roadway. watch for slick conditions here and some weather conditions a little farther north. coming up, back to you. >> at 6:02, new this morning, one rough night for a walnut creek homeowner. police say he woke up what he believes was an erarthquake. instead this, massive oak tree falling down on his house. everyone inside the home escaped injury. police did not give an estimate on the damage however to the home. the wet grounds wreaking havoc in more ways than one. right now, a dream home reduced
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to rubble on purpose. crews are expected to finish demolishing what's left of that home today. it sits on a san francisco hillside but the home started to slide down the hill. >> "today in the bay's" stephanie choung, live "today in the bay". >> reporter: very light rain. the ground is already soaked. with more rain on the way, the other homes here in this cherwood forest neighborhood are threatened. in san francisco, they confronted this home that went for more than 2 million in october is on an active landslide. it moved 14 inches in four days. you are seeing the rubble after the demolition began. as the homeowner looks on, he said his family hadn't moved in. they were planning on remodeling, not rebuilding. last week, a neighbor called city building inspectors to m
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report a massive m crack in an exterior wall and a growing crack between the driveway and the sidewalk. >> the water pressure pushed up the dirt here and the gravel by about six inches or so. yesterday, it was only out to about here. so it has doubled the width. >> reporter: that neighbor along with four others are tasked with getting an engineer to inspect the soil in their yard. the city said this house is on an active landslide and they are warning crews will be back to continue the emergency demolition. the plan is to leave the foundation in place to hopefully help keep this hillside intact. >> live here in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." now, to an emotional candlelight vigil in san jose where friends and family, all gathering to honor the life of 28-year-old kyle myrick. he is the south bay man that police say was killed by his co-worker.
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at this very vigil his family made the sombre announcement acting on a tip that search crews had found his body deep in the santa cruz mountains. >> the love that's been shown in the last few days for him as his father has been overwhelming. i did not realize how many people my son had touched. >> investigators found myrick's body in the jameson creek area near boulder creek, 25 miles southwest of where he was last seen. hope now shattered among his loved ones. >> my body aches. i feel like my heart has been ripped out, because this crazy man suddenly attacked my son. i guess it was very violent. there is no reason, because he was a good boy. . >> still, so tough to deal with. myrick worked at a motorcycle shop in the south bay. his co-worker, steve libo-p has
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been arrested moving on to a developing story. an investigation underway following a deadly plane crash in sonoma county. after a single engine plane came spiraling down at about 7:00 last night into someone's backyard. the crash happened near the end of wood branch road less than two miles south of the son knom county airport. two people in their 60s died in that crash. weather conditions were reportedly soggy when the plane went down. no word on the actual cause of the crash. at 6:06 right now, today, a case to dismiss the case against the undocumented p immigrant. juan francisco lopez is facing multiple charges, including second-degree murder. police arrested him a few hours after the shooting.
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today, his attorney will request the charges be dropped, arguing a judge last year made he procedural mistakes. >> with the super bowl comes super concerns. today, the fbi is going to open up its command post officially in the hopes of keeping everyone safe. that location is secret. "today in the bay's" bob redell live at levi stadium. undercover agents will be everywhere, all over the bay area. trying to keep us safe. >> starting tomorrow, the federal agents will start getting in place here at levi stadium and other venues in preparation for super bowl 50, you are well aware is a week from sunday. as you mentioned, that command center will open up as well today. this is the command center being run by the fbi in a secret location. it is officially called the
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joint operation center. it will house 60 members from the local, state levels. p not ju they can correlate not just levi stadium but all the areas. >> local, state and federal law enforcement will be sharing information in real time so we are all on the same page. that's critical to understanding what the situation is throughout the bay area and then responding appropriately. >> the feds have brought into the bay area bomb squads equipped with robots. yesterday, san jose police also took us inside their command center which is located inside police headquarters. from there, officers can monitor the video cameras that have been set up throughout the city and communicate with other law enforcement agencies on a secure network. san jose's merge unit, which is their version of s.w.a.t., also demonstrated their readiness in taking down an active shooter, if that would become necessary.
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reporting live in santa clara, bob redell in the bay. >> super bowl festivities ramping up across the bay. tonight in san jose, a super bowl 50 celebration kicking off at plaza day cesar chavez park. our krcrew stopped by. it will include live music, food trucks and games for kids. the celebration continues from noon to 10:00 p.m. each day tomorrow through super bowl sunday. >> that's just this tip of the ice burg. >> tell me more. >> when it comes to the super bowl, no need to wait until next sunday. >> we have been in a constant state of partying. some of the other big events, san francisco has super bowl city at justin herman plaz. >> and the nfl experience at the moscone center which opens tomorrow. bait bridge lights are going to return this weekend and a free fireworks slow is planned for tomorrow night at 7:30.
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the best location is right around the ferry building. >> >> media day is getting a supersized makeover this year. it is now called opening night. that's happening monday night at the s.a.p. center in san jose. well, the game is now just nine day as way 19:60. super bowl, super fun, super soaker. i don't think so. >> we have been watching the system moving in. it hasn't been that impressive, just enough to make the roads wet. grab the umbrella. we will see this rain off and on all throughout the day. futurecast shows that by 9:00 or 10:00, we have rain in the bay area. looks like it misses out on san jose for the most part. into the day tomorrow, cloudy skies and a couple of spotty, light showers. temperatures today reaching
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right around 60 degrees, anywhere from the coast to the inland areas and also for the valleys. we'll be talking more about what to expect this weekend coming up. let's check in now with mike with what's happening on the roads. >> the roadway itself is wet. it is friday. a lighter overall commute. look at your map. areas where it is highlighted in green. the slick roadways will continue after the light rain. the bay bridge metering lights in the east bay. farther north, i just got word of a crash in vallejo around the canyon that could affect folks heading to the bridge. meanwhile, past the san had mma bridge. a distraction as we see more traffic there. unexpectedly slow there and unexpectedly slow north 101. all the way up to the crash scene still in the center
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divide. we'll send it right back to you guys. >> thanks, mike. coming up next, draymond green making the all-star team. not a surprise to a lot of nba inse insiders. he has had a great year. it was the way that he found out that nearly brought the charismatic star to tears is san francisco getting a stinky deal from the nfl? we'll take a look coming up. new this morning: ==sam/cu== a
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billinaire and h boat - in hot hot water over the apparent it's a quarter after 6:00 on your friday.
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new this morning, a billionaire and his beau in hot water over the apparent destruction of protective coral reef. microsoft co-founder and seattle seahawks co-owner facing a possible stiff finest. a boat's anchor and chain caused extensive damage to about 14,000 feet of protected coral reef. roughly the size of three basketball courts. according to some reports, he was not on board the yacht and his firm is cooperating with authorities walgreens has sent a stern letter that says, don't test our customers blood in your north california lab. >> we told you about that thursday. the government telling the formerly hot silicon valley start-up its labs were a mess.
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based on that report, the walgreen's drugstore chain has told them not to use the newark labs to run tests for the customers. it is also shutting down the only instore testing center in the bay area that we were even aware of. that one is in palo alto. it is another blow for elizabeth holmes, who at one time was sort of the poster person for young tech entrepreneurs. she made billions on paper for her invention, a machine that could test a single drop of blood for dozens of ailments. first, it was alleged the invention may not return accurate results. then, a newspaper reporter revealed the company may not even use the special machine for the test. instead, relying on machines you would find in any medical labs. government inspections called into question the quality of her lab ns general. >> the obama administration will unveil new rules requiring any company to disclose how much it
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pays its employees by gender and ethnicity to better understand how big the pay gap is, particularly between men and women. this is another instance of the president using executive action when congress would not act. opponentses point out there are already laws against discrimination in the work place. san francisco's super bowl city opens tomorrow leaving the city with a large bill. san francisco will not be reimbursed by the nfl the same way santa clara will be. that's caused a bit of controversy. i gathered some of my best financial reporter friends to talk about that. >> even the very element tall questions, such as who negotiated this deal, are being flatly not answered by the mayor's office. the mayor's office is -- >> now that this deal is seeming so stinky. >> i am not going to say it is so stinky but certainly there is an aroma around it that isn't very good. >> you heard it hear, stinky
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deals, coming up after "meet the press" this sunday 6:17 and then there were three. nba star, steph curry, will have some buddy as longside him. >> clay thompson announced as a reserve. marks his second straight all-star appearance. it is not just clay. dray monday also made the team. this is going to be green's first all-star appearance. it is the way he got the news which is groundbreaking. with his mom back in michigan, all of it unfolded exclusively on comcast sports net. >> dra-dra, how you doing? >> just wanted to come through here and tell you that we love you, "d." guess what? you an all-star.
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>> what's up? >> did you hear what she said there, draymond. your mom just gave you the news. >> how does she know this and i don't know this is my question. wow! y'all won't catch me crying on tv. y'all almost got me but y'all are not gonna get me this time. man, it's amazing, though. i don't know. i'm lost for words now. >> i love that. >> can you get a better messenger than your mom? this is the warriors first time with three all-stars since the 1970s. >> no one will ever love you like your mother. we'll tell you that. >> you shot a couple tears out there. >> i love when he talks to the press, because he let's us know what's going on. >> what is he feeling. >> we are sincerely tracking
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what's going on. we look at some of the mist going across the bay bridge. soggy in the north bay and san francisco. as you head out the door, check the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. temperatures are now in the mid to upper 50s. a look at that rain. not a whole lot of it. we will see this in and out of the bay area all throughout the day. with some clouds in between. we will continue to see those showers as we go into today and into tonight. it starts to taper off. staet is looking fairly dry. then, as we head into sunday, there will be another round of rain moving in. mainly for the south bay. the spots that kind of missed out on this first round of rain. we may see some of that moving in on sunday morning and then ending by sunday afternoon. the rain forecast shows not a whole lot, maybe up to a quarter of a of an inch for the east bay and the rain is lingering longer.
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in the sierra, the rain xhangs to sn changes to snow today. there will be the possibility of some spots above 8,000 feet getting up to 2-3 feet of snow. as you go below 7,000 feet, a foot of snow in many spots. a look at the weekend forecast. it will be fairly mild today. as the rap movin moves out, we have cooler temperatures by the end of the weekend. let's check in with mike to see how the rhodes aoads are lookin >> around the north bay, we are looking toward vallejo, a crash of the american canyon just above this map. you jump on south of highway 29, you are okay. the bay bridge metering lights are on. slick conditions around many parts of the bay. in san francisco, aside from the slicker roadways, we have the closures around super bowl city, which will open. more folks heading into town. keep that in mind. we will see that build over the
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next hour in san francisco. the south bay moves well. so does the route down there through hayward. union city, causes more slowing around wiple. san jose shows volume, continues to be slow. from 680 to the south bay, slowing. no problems for 101. we see traffic going nicely for the bayshore freeway. we will be back with more news after this break. i
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i'm a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly. ben, you are a terrible surgeon. now that we have gotten the donald trump portion out of the way. >> pretty interesting debate with donald trump. did trump's competing event just down the street draw even more attention? for that part of the story, let's bring in "today in the bay's" tracie potts live in washington, d.c. what's the reaction this morning? >> he had hoped, donald trump had hoped that he would draw more attention without going to that debate. now, the official numbers are yet to be in. we have been checking social media. looks like trump didn't really register on facebook, because they just focused on the candidates on stage but on twitter, lastnight, even though he wasn't there, most people were talking about donald trump.
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>> look at all the cameras. this is like the academy awards. >> side by side, donald trump's veteran fund-raiser. >> isn't that better than this debate that's going on right now? >> during the fox news debate where candidates mocked his absence. >> i'm a maniac. everyone on this stanl is stupid, fat and ugly. >> i kind of miss him i wish he was here. >> he is probably plolooking fo me. has anyone seen trump? where is he? where is he? >> do you miss donald trump out there tonight? >> not at all. it was the best debate we have had of all of the debates. >> issues like immigration. >> you changed your position on immigration. you used to support a path to citizenship. >> so did you. so did you, marco. >> with trump gone, ted cruz accused the moderators of targeting him. >> gosh, if you guys ask one more mean question, i may have
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to leave the stanl. >> don't worry, i'm not leaving the stage no matter what you ask me. >> the last debate before iowa makes its choice. >> trump says he raised $6 million at that event for wounded warriors. >> tracy, thank you very much. you did okay filling up the empty space. coming up, l.a., san diego, san antonio, maybe las vegas. the meeting happening later today, this could take the raiders a step closer to leaving down. why the nfl is saying, not so fast. >> a possible solution to the crumbling cliffs along our coastline. what crews are doing in hopes of protecting the pacifica homes in danger of toppling into the ocean below. joining us. i'm sam brock
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garcia cannon.and i'm ura ==laura/live== a live look over san jose.... hope you enjoyed - the warm - dry weather the good friday morning. thank you so much for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia cannon. a live look outside overlooking san jose waiting for the sun's arrival. hopefully, you have been enjoying the warm, dry weather. the wet they are is back. where is the rain falling right now, kari? starting in the north bay moving into san francisco. main mainly mist and drizzle. we won't see any heavy rain today. it will be off and on throughout the morning and afternoon. in some spots, continuing into the evening. as you take a look at some cameras, you can tell the roads are wet as our temperatures today get ready to rise into the
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upper 50s to lower 60s. let's check in with mike. the light rain hitting anywhere north of the south bay. in the south bay, with crashes, when it rains, i guess it kind of pours. we are talking about the second crash, northbound 101. two folks reported out of their cars discussing things. so that will be a distraction. i don't know whether or not they have cleared the first two cars. we may have as many as four vehicles just shy of 880. this distraction continues with the build north 101 at capital expressway is where it starts. more folks towards monterrey and 87. we don't see any major problems. we'll watch for the shift and more traffic on capital expressway. the rest of the bay looking really good. another unexpectedly slow spot. this is hayward south. the lanes are clear. we still have the extra slow drive. in fremont, around the parkway, just off the freeway, we are hearing about power issues. there may be signal disruptions.
6:32 am
we'll let you know how the homes and businesses are affected as we find out more details. for now, we send it right back to you sfwchlt cl. >> developing right now, a dream house turned into a public safety hazard. crews are expecting to finish demolishing the house that sits on a san francisco hillside. the reason why? the home started moving a foot down the hill. >> to the surprise of the brand new owners. stephanie chuang live. officials are now watching other homes nearby. >> reporter: after what happened to this home, he bought this four months ago for more than $2 million, it is sitting on an active landslide. it slid more than one foot in four days. you can't tell much of what's left. in the distance there, you can see remnants of a bathroom cabinet and a mirror. just a little bit of what this used to be. yesterday, this emergency
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demolition. the homeowner, ronald martell, looked on as machines tore apart his new home. last week, a neighbor contacted the department of building inspection after a massive crack in an exterior wall and a growing gap between the driveway and the sidewalk. now, martell and his family, they are stuck in limbo in a nightmare situation that began when he was out of town and got the call. >> yes. it is horrifying news and horrifying news to receive when you are a couple thousand miles away at your father's funeral. >> this may be a reality or something like it for five of his neighbors who have to protect their homes. they must each get and bring an engineer to inspect the soil in their yard. again, emergency demolition continues this morning here at this avenue. they are not going to get rid of everything. the plan is to leave the foundation here. the hope is that it helps to stabilize this hillside. right here in san francisco,
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stephanie chuang, today in the bay. a gut-wrenching story out of richmond. a father hit and killed his daughter with miss pickup truck. it happened yesterday afternoon near kennedy high school. the father was driving out of the driveway when he hit his 2-year-old daughter. the little girl was running after him to say good-bye. a police chaplain was called out to provide support for the family. >> utter heartbreak there and also here too. new this morning, a woman's body found in east bay water. oakland police made the discovery shortly before 3:00 yesterday afternoon behind a home on fernside boulevard in alameda by the san leandro bay. the victim has not yet been identified and no word on the cause of death. alameda police say there were no signs of trauma to her body. a man found dead in his antioch home. officers surrounded his home on par
6:35 am
pair periwinkl ebay. this is antioch, first homicide of the year. >> well, you can call it a long shot at best but apparently the oakland raiders are now flirting with vegas. just sin, baby. that's where oakland raiders owner, marc davis, will be later today when he sits down with city leaders to talk about the raiders and a planned new stadium. some call it a bargaining chip to get a better leader out of oakland city leaders. if you know the nfl, you might call the entire plan a long shot. they have vigorously m prevented teams from considering las vegas due to the tie to the sports gambling community the fbi is opening their command post for super bowl 50, meaning undercover agents will be swarming events from san francisco to san jose. we were given access to the center at a secret location. the command center is a bomb
6:36 am
squad complete with robots. the fbi's message for super bowl week. if you see something, say something. bob redell is live with all the preparations happening ahead of the big game. he is going to join us for a live report coming up in less than 20 minutes. >> laura, this guy has seen more than his fair share of action. a super bowl super fan. the san francisco man has gone to every single super bowl game. he is 76 years old. his name is larry jacobson. they have named themselves the never miss the super bowl club. there are only three members left. jacobson says he is happy he doesn't have to travel very far to, levi stadium. it will save him some money on airfare lodging and bail money. at super bowl vi in new orleans, he got into an argument with the police officer about parking. >> i said, don't you think you are being a little chicken bleep about this. he said, did you call me chicken bleep? i said, yes, i sure did. he says, you are under arrest.
6:37 am
>> jacobson bailed out and he still managed to make it to the super bowl. it was a good game. this year, the nfl is comping the club's tickets a new policy will be in place because of the super bowl. starting today through super bowl sunday, you will not be able to park at vista point or the golden gate bridge's visitor center during peak hours from 11:00 in the morning until 5:00 at night. you must take a tour bus, taxi or other ride sharing service. the idea is to keep traffic moving along the brinl as 1 million people are expected to flock to the bay area for the largest football game of the year. on our website, we have an entire section dedicated to the super bowl. head to and scroll down. laura, waves have been flocking to the coast in pacifica. crews are spraying concrete on a
6:38 am
bluff in a desperate attempt to try and stabilize it as the next storm system approaches and the surf expected to kick up again today. our nbc chopper flew over the eroding cliff showing the almost 100-foot drop. they yellow tagged an entire apartment building because of that emotion. >> that high surf ad vivisory in effect until this evening. we will see that in effect until this evening, wet waves up to 16 feet, light rain move ng out ahead of a storm system. we will continue to see the rain off and on throughout the morning commute and into the lunchtime hour. rain, hit or miss. you may not see it at every point of the day. we will still see this off and on throughout the afternoon into the evening. it tapers off by tomorrow morning. that will set the stanl for the weekend. we will talk more about what to expect as we head into sunday. let's see what's happening on the roadways with mike.
6:39 am
>> i took a while. it is tough to see the lighting. i will try to get a better shot. one patch of shadow is not moving. there is a stalled or disabled vehicle westbound. your commute just as you are coming down the high rise. it is jammed up. i will show you from the hayward side, you can see all the folks backing up. a flat section is starting to build. you see the brake lights after the toll plaza and you hit the water. 92 westbound is going to be tough. use the dumbarton bridge. you are slow getting there because of an earlier crash that caused backup in hayward. in the south bay, we had traffic rippling back as well because of two crashes for the morning, north 101 at oakland road. a lot of activity in the center difficult vice. no major injuries. that's good stuff. the backup continues to build. we will have more folks taking capital expressway. things look like they are moving well and 87, not so bad getting
6:40 am
up into downtown. we sometimes see that shift. a lighter commute might be saving things. let's jump back over here to the bay bridge. we have the backup at the toll plaza. a bigger issue is wet roadways to the north. keep that in mind. slick conditions and get noog t getting into the city. we will check on the area around super bowl city. back to you. >> it is 6:40. coming up after nearly a week of searching, crews find the body of a south bay man deep in the santa cruz mountains. we are live at a growing memorial for kyle myrick high school students accused of racism at a very prestigious school that led to the suspension of a dozen bay area students one of the bay area chefs response to a scathing review in "the new york times." an emotional, candlelight vigil
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in san jose last night - where friends and family gathered to honor the life of 28-year old kyle myrick. at this very vigil - myrick's family an owe motional candlelight vigil where friends and family gathered to honor the life of 28-year-old kyle myrick. his family made the sombre announcement search crews found his body deep in a santa cruz
6:44 am
mountains. paola reyes is live in san jose where a memorial continues to grow and an outpouring of support. paola. >> reporter: that's right, sam. people have been coming here to leave candles for kyle. this is a place where a week ago investigators found a crime scene and now 25 miles away in the santa cruz mountains, his body has finally been located. investigators were led to that site because of a tip that came in. we are still not sure how that tip came to them. we are expecting more details today. his father got the news yesterday as a group of family and friends had gathered for a vinlil vigil. it was an emotional moment for those that spent a week searching for kyle. >> all the love that has been shown in the last few days for him as his father has been overwhelming. i did not realize how many people my sop had touched. >> reporter: a lot of those people had joined a search for him. kyle, who loved motorcycles, had
6:45 am
worked at gp sports for just a couple of days when he disappeared. meanwhile, the man accused of killing him, his co-worker, steve labeau, remains in jail on murder charges. a tragic end for kyle but his family can rest until they know exactly what happened to him. reporting live, paola reyes, "today in the bay" high school students accused of racism. a kron t a controversial party is causing an uproar. some of the students involved are from a well-known and prestigious high school. st. ignatius has suspended 14 stew dpent students. >> this is something we can't and won't tolerate. we categorically name this as inappropriate and unacceptable. >> i don't necessarily think the people are racist. i don't think they have racist
6:46 am
values. so much so it is just like the ignorance that needs to be talked about. >> the party took place saturday at the grove, a rec area in the city sunset district. students from at least five different high schools were there. so far, st. ignatius is the only school to respond. >> as the stock markets start to recover, we have some piping hot new financial news this morning. >> scott, new information on how hard we are all working. >> the latest data on gdp, was pretty terrible, gross domestic product, is all of our national combined effort, the food we make, the tables we serve, the cars we build, movies we make, gps reports we file, it was pretty miserable. up less than 1%. should we try harder? no. the good news is, it is really not our fault. a strong dollar means other countries are less likely to buy our stuff. we are doing what our parents told us to do. we are saving but that means we are not spending. wall street is going to look at that and then there is the bay
6:47 am
area chevron. low oil prices hurt its business. chevron lost money. no profits. the first time that has happened in more than a decade. chevron is measured on the dow industrial. the famous bay area chef, thomas keller is finally responding to that terrible review of his restaurant in "the new york times." he is most famous for his restaurant, french laundry. the "times" not only cut the rating of his new york city restaurant from four stars to two, it compared his mushroom soup to bong water. yes, i said bong water but only because "the new york times" said it first. keller in an open letter said, we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards. we make mistakes along the way. we are sorry we let you down. the reviewer guys, pete wells, pretty famous for his tough revees. he wanted to ask guy fee airy if he had ever eaton at his times
6:48 am
square restaurant. truly, the answer was no. >> people can be pretty mean. >> particular ply restaurant reviewers when they find an awful restaurant. >> how would he know what that kind of water tastes like? is that a weird question to ask. >> you have to ask the hard questions 6:48. p shining light on a potential health threat. >> that's how an arizona mom found out her baby, rider, had cancer. she noticed a recurring glow in her son's left eye whenever she took pictures to him. at first she blamed it on a bad camera phone. the problem still popped up with other cameras. a doctor's appointment revealed that flash was reflecting out of a tumor. >> his owe was glowing, it looked almost like a tiny flashlight in his eye. >> good thing the mom did the head's up approach and made sure
6:49 am
he was okay. ryder now receiving chemo treatment 6:48. pretty nice week so far. the rain is making a reappearance. >> yes, it is. >> we are back to winter. it has been a nice week with warm temperatures and sunshine. now, comes back the rain and cool temperatures as we take a live look at the golden gate brin bridge. people have to turn on the windshield wiper as you drive across. as you go he into tinto the dayn hit or miss across the bay area. the rain hasn't been really heavy. we are not expecting any really heavy do you know poors unle heavy downpours. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. we will see them warming up from here. we will see them rising another couple of degrees and holding steady into the afternoon with mostly cloudy skies. dublin looking at a high of 6
6:50 am
1 degrees. we will have future rain, for the north bay and parts of san francisco. it will take some time before it works its way into the south bay. as we go into tonight and tomorrow, we see a little bit of a break there into the day on sunday. there will be another approaching storm system that may bring some rain farther to the south. it looks like that rain will be very hit or miss. we are not expecting a washout of a weekend. rainfall totals may reach about .5 of an inch in napa. santa rosa, quarter of an inch and 3/4 for ukiah. the rainfall totals slow down. it will be treacherous where you will see snow off and on above 8,000 feet and of course, tire chains will be a requirement. let's check in with mike to see road conditions here. we are going to the san mateo bridge where it looks like
6:51 am
all lanes might have cleared. all traffic is moving well. i just got confirmation from my twitter friend, thank you. she said there was a disabled vehicle on that decline that was causing a big mess. now, we see traffic moving well here. look at the hayward side of the san mateo bridge. that's where things are gummed up all the way across the span. the map will show you that red section and one of the few that shows up for this morning's commute. it is friday late. in the dumbarton bridge, by comparison, a good option for you. in san francisco, we show you the closures for super bowl city that will be open this weekend. the closures started last saturday and we see some slowing on 6, very popular as that keeps you clear of all the closures there as well as moscone. folks in san francisco might be surprised when they arrive to find out that super bowl city in the city is not the city where the super bowl is. that's way down here in santa clara. moving very well. 101 shows the slowing.
6:52 am
87, shift of traffic. a little extra slow this morning. you wouldn't expect that compared to the rest of the south bay. looks very good. back to you guys. >> competing super bowl cities. >> speaking of unexpected. an unexpected wakeup call as they come toppling down on to an east bay home. >> reporter: i am stephanie chuang live in san francisco where this $2 million home is sliding down a hillside. emergency demolition yesterday p the work begins for neighbors. a final look at today's top
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
stories before we send you off to the today show... in just few minutes. ==sam/boxes== weather and traffic in a moment... right 6:34. welcome back. a look at today's top stories before we send you to the "today" show. let's get right to stephanie chuang in san francisco. >> reporter: i am live in front of this $2 million home bought in october that has been reduced to a pile of rubble. just minutes ago, the homeowner and crews arrived here as work is set to begin at 7:00 this morning. at this house on an active landslide. it moved 4 inches in four days. homeowner, said his family didn't move in yet. they reported a massive crack in an exterior wall and a growing gap between the sidewalk. they are ordering five p neighbors to get an engineer to inspect the soil to determine what, if anything, must be done to protect their homes. the plan is to leave the
6:56 am
foundation in place to help stabilize this hillside. they are hoping to get this done before major rain comes this way. i'm here in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today" in the way. >> i'm bob redell, live in santa clara where we are expecting to see an uptick in super bowl security. it is our understanding that federal agent s in uniform will descend upon the area as the week of festivities gets ready to kick off tomorrow. yesterday, the fbi gave is a sneak peek inside a secretly located joint operation center which will house 60 agencies allowing them to share information at the same time. the fbi is also asking you at home if you see something suspicious, say something. san jose police also giving us a look inside their command center where they have video cameras throughout the city. they made an interesting point
6:57 am
to us. they said last year at super bowl 49 in arizona, there were 15 to 20 threats per day aimed at the super bowl. so far, as we are just about 9-10 days away from super bowl 50, there have been no direct threats as of yet. reporting live, bob redell, tuz in the bay. developing right now, invest fwa tors searching for glues and answers regarding the deadly plane crash in sonoma county. a single engine plane came spiraling down about 7:00 last night into someone's backyard killing the two people on board. the crash happened near the end of wood ranch road less than two miles south of the sonoma county airport. the plane was headed towards the airport as it was flying from palm springs to santa rosa. weather conditions reportedly soggy when the plane went down. today, a request to dismiss in the case against the undocumented immigrant accused in the deadly shooting of kate
6:58 am
steinle on san francisco's pier 14. juan francisco lopez is facing multiple charges, including second-degree murder. today, his attorney is going to request the charges be dropped arguing that a judge last year made procedural mistakes during a preliminary hearing new this morning, a rough night for a walnut creek homeowner. police say he woke up to what he believed was an earthquake. instead t was a massive oak tree falling down on his house. it happened early this morning on lancaster road near 680. everyone inside the home escaped injuries. police did not give an estimate on the damage to the home. >> an issue right now as we see another storm coming through. we have seen trees collapse. a lot of people watching the weather. >> i think this storm system moving in won't be a major one. we will see light rain off and on throughout the day. some of the heaviest rain has been north of ukiah. i think that is pretty much
6:59 am
where it will stay with spotty light rain for the afternoon into the evening hours. we will have nor spotty showers heading into the day on sunday. >> a stall and crash. we are watching for more detail. we could still see the jam. the lighting is really bad. we can't make out what's going on. the slow lane is blocked as you go down the decline. the map will show you by comparison look at the dumbarton bridge. highway 84, completely clear, no problems. try that. good option for you. the south bay recovering after the earlier crash. north bay at oakland have cleared out of the roadway. overall, a lighter friday commute. unexpectedly slow. in san francisco, we continue to follow the surface street traffic not so bad right now. the purple zones are the ones that are closed. super bowl city, that big purple zone over by the ferry building open for business. it was closed for traffic all week. you should see more congestion as folks come in from out of town next week.
7:00 am
we will welcome them in with more traffic. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." good morning. the main events. good morning, the main event. >> let's address the elephant not the room tonight. >> no-show donald trump in the cross hairs at the republican presidential debate. >> i'm a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly. and, ben, you're a terrible surgeon. >> meanwhile, the republican front-runner digging in at a rally of his own. >> when you're treated badly, you have to stake up for your rights. [ cheers and applause ] >> this morning, what trump was asking fox to do. the confrontation, the fbi releases shooting of an anti-government protester in oregon.


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