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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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storm. >> the cold front associated with this storm system is moving so slowly off to the south, and it's a complex pattern associated with that cold front a long fetch here of subtropical moisture. if you've been tracking it on your phone, it hasn't materialized to what you're seeing out there because this low level moisture is so low, the radar scan is missing it. but we're finding consistent rainfall from san francisco down to half moon bay and also for the east bay. this really is the corridor over the next hour from san mateo over to fremont, back to livermore that will have the best chance of this continuing. event wally we'll get some down to san jose. some of the highest totals, some isolated amounts above a half inch like in sonoma and tiberon coming in with 0.39. the surf is extremely dangerous. high surf advisory until 4:00 a.m. on saturday.
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waves 14 to 17 feet. and no reports that some deep water waves just offshore could be as high as 25 feet. surfers, swimmers and boaters not advised to go in this water. i'll have more in the forecast in about 15 minutes. >> thank you. robert handa joins us from pacifica where it's moving day for the last of the residents at a crumbling cliffside apartment complex these units are expected to be red tagged soon. >> reporter: that's right. they're trying to get out before that actually happens. we've seen many residents braving this weather to try to get the last of their possessions. and if they needed any reminders about the erosion threatening their building, today's crashing surf drove the point home. the walls of water slamming into the pacifica pier gives you a good idea just how much force is hitting the coastline cliffs, including the one underneath the apartment complex on esplanade
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avenue. a 40-year resident of pacifica, michael calbreath, says the coastal town is used to getting hit by waves, but the ones he saw today are the biggest and the most violent he's seen since the last el nino in 1997. >> just the massiveness and just the power, the power of the water, the actual, you know, the physical power of it is amazing. >> this is all water and this is bad. >> reporter: the waves were the last straw for michael mchenry who was moving out the last of his furniture today. >> i've lived here long enough to know when the surf is just being the surf. when you see the quarter mile or so of straight whitewater and the lack of beach, this is what takes the cliffs out. >> reporter: as we reported emergency agencies are trying to slow down the erosion including applying concrete yesterday on the cliff slope. but longtime residents aren't impressed. >> i can remember there used to be swimming pools out beyond those apartment buildings that are now in the ocean.
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>> reporter: while the waves keep churning and the rain keeps coming down, but the residents here are more worried about those looming red tags. coming up at 6:00, the limbo many residents faced. live in pacifica, robert handa, nbc bay area news. in san francisco a demolition crew is finishing its work to tear down a home in the sherwood forest neighborhood. the house slid more than a foot in the past four days threatening to take out the homes below it. more neighbors are waiting to see if their homes are sitting on similar shaky ground. they're expressing grief for their neighbor. >> i feel really bad. i'll be honest with you. some of them, a fire jo no problem, got to get torn down. this man paid $2.2 million for a home here and didn't even get to move in. >> geologists say there are several reason ys the ground appears to be giving way, but they're waiting for soil tests. the santa clara health
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department got involved. a lot of students have symptoms. we're at valley christian high school. what's the sickness, do we know, and what's the plan? >> reporter: right now they're just calling it the stomach bug. every parent received one of these today. an exposure notice, asking them to keep their kids home if they are feeling sick. meanwhile, the school says they have been very busy wiping down any surface that students may touch. and they think at this point they're starting to get a handle on it. >> seems to hit and run very quickly. >> reporter: valley christian school's vice president steven mcmoon says on wednesday administrators noticed an uptick in sick calls. yesterday more than 8% of the junior high and high school students were absent. >> most time it was the stomach flu, throwing up, new fever, no headache. >> reporter: the santa clara health department is working with school officials to minimize the gastrointestinal outbreak. none of the students have tested
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positive for the norovirus, also known as the stomach flu. but the norovirus is extremely common during the winter months and california has reported a spike in cases this year. >> it's very important that they go home as soon as possible so that they don't get anybody else sick. and they should stay home until a day or so after their symptoms have resolved. >> reporter: the health department also wants to remind people that hand sanitizers are not effective against the norovirus. they just want to urge people to wash their hands for at least 20 second. reporting live in san jose tonight, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. this could throw a wrench into your morning routine, the san jose starbucks closed. an employee had the norovirus, which is extremely contagious. a spokesperson said they learned of the illness last night, notified the health department and shut down the store for a thorough cleaning. the store is in san jose at bernal and santa teresa.
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it's scheduled to reopen tomorrow. a troubling spill tied up traffic for hours today and could trigger an investigation. the department of fish and game was called to altamont pass road to investigate a chemical spill. they found 55 gallons of used auto fluids had spilled into a small waterway next to the roadway. our nbc bay area team found workers in haz-mat suits laying down a material to mop up the mess. they're investigating to see if the chemicals were dumped there intentionally. super bowl celebrations will kick off tonight in the south bay. this is a live look at cesar chavez boulevard near the fairmont hotel. a friday night festival will soon get in full swing. a lot of food and entertainment. keep in mind the carolina panthers will be checking in downtown san jose this weekend. they're staying at the san jose
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marriott. the nfl experience kicks off tomorrow at the moscone center. pete suratos is there. this is a great event that stands out for families. >> reporter: i think it was the 40-yard dash at the nfl experience behind me at the moscone center. i didn't bring any running shoe, so i didn't give it a shot. we had a pretty busy day getting sneak peeks around town. but we started at visa headquarters in downtown san francisco. that's just for clients during the week. they had a phenomenal view of the bay bridge, then over to super bowl city. that's a free event in the embarcadero that's open to the public. gates open at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. this is where the concerts will take place and sort of serve as that central meeting spot in the city for super bowl activities. then, of course, like i just mentioned, there's the nfl experience at the moscone center. you have to pay to get into that one. those doors open tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. fans can participate in football
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drills and learn about the history of the game with this hall of fame exhibit. and all the folks who made this possible around the city are thrilled to see it come together. >> everybody, welcome to san francisco, the host of super bowl 50. that has such a ring to it. >> super bowl city will represent everybody that's great about the bay area. our technology. our food and our wine. our diversity, our arts, our music. >> they're expecting about a million visitors, so getting around the town could be a headache. coming up at 6:00, why it's a good idea to get here early. we're live in san francisco, pete suratos, nbc bay area. let's take you live over san francisco right now. you can see the city is socked in with fog and stormy skies. also down there a lot of people stuck in traffic. as we mentioned all week, several major streets shut down as the city gets ready to open super bowl city tomorrow. anthony slaughter is tracking the trouble spots.
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>> not only talking about slow going this evening but we've got the rainfall that's adding to the evening commute slowing. you can see broadway is really stop and go with that red headed over to battery street. that's your worst commute. your next opportunity sixth street. you can see that's stop and go as well. all of that red from california over towards van ness denotes stop and go traffic. the best bet for getting around is, without a doubt b.a.r.t. the spear street exit will only be open in the morning. there will be no e-service for the muni. that's right along the emba embarcade embarcadero. you won't be alto ride some of those famous san francisco cars especially since we won't have the e-line, we'll have the f-line headed down market. >> thank you so much. if you are heading to san francisco, here are some additional information for you. super bowl city is taking place at the plaza. that's free to the public. the nfl experience is taking
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place at the moscone center. there's an admission charge for that. the bay bridge lights return this weekend and a free fireworks show is planned for tomorrow night. the best location for that is around the ferry building. media day is getting a supersized makeover this year. it's now called opening night. and for the first time it's now open to the public, but tickets are already sold out, sorry. what's happening monday at the s&p center in san jose. >> it will be like a big party here for the next two weeks. the clock is ticking for the big game. there are eight days and 22 hours remaining until kickoff super bowl 50 at levi's stadium. our coverage continues at 6:00 with a close are look at the race to beautify a city. to make that graffiti disappear before the new guests arrive coming up at 6:00. good afternoon. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. a huge fetch of sub tropical
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moisture continuing to move into california tonight. what you can expect for the super bowl. also new drone video of a crater-like sink hole that's swallowing up a heavily traveled highway along the west coast. plus -- >> are we going away? >> no. >> owners growing impatience for justice. the latest turn in a pet torture case and the disturbing new details we learned today. an ntsb investigators released information about a deadly small plane crash near santa rosa. breaking news now that's sure to
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put bay area law enforcement and residents on edge. on cam just moments ago, authoti we have breaking news that should put bay area law enforcement and resident here's on edge. just moments ago authorities in orange county say they believe two very dangerous inmates escaped from an orange county jail last week are likely in fresno or here in the south bay san jose. they narrowed the search to those two cities. a third inmate involved in the daring escape. schiff's arrested duong. he said he wanted to turn himself in. investigators believe all three were living in a stolen van but split up some time in the past few days. so far no sign of that van or the other two men, but they
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could be here in the san jose area. last night the crash, tonight the investigation. two people died as their small plane crashed during that rain storm near the santa rosa airport. investigators combed the site of the crash today. here's the map on the outskirts of santa rosa near windy. christie smith is at the charles schulz airport with the newest details. >> reporter: raj, ntsb investigators are here along with inspectors from the faa. and there are still a lot of unanswered questions about what went wrong in this crash, but they do say that it appears that this small plane went down about a half a mile to a mile away from the runway here at charles m. schulz sonoma county airport last night about 7:00 killing both the man and the woman on board. their identities still haven't been released, but they were in a piper pa-24260 co-mamanche
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airplane. flying from palm springs. investigators say there were people in the tower at the time tracking the plane, but they're still looking into whether a distress signal was sent. an air safety investigator described the debris field as very small. investigators will likely be here tomorrow gathering facts then moving items to a secure facility in sacramento. they're going to be reviewing the pilot's flight credentials, experience, they'll examine the air frame, the engines, look at visibility, that sort of thing. and will also be looking at radar and voice data. also speaking with witnesses, and they say they're still looking for witnesses to the crash to come forward. reporting live in santa rosa, christie smith, nbc bay area news. a follow-up as the man accused of killing and torturing south bay cats faces a judge. disturbing new information is further angering pet owners. with signs is and photos of their late and missing pets they rallied outside the courthouse
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demanding justice. they're frustrated after a third postponement in this case. robert farmer is accused of killing and torturing several cats last year and he may have sexually assaulted one. that's the filing in a necropsy report. >> i can't describe how i feel for what he did to our cats, and the more we read documents, the uglier it gets. >> prosecutors tried to reassure pet owners postponement is no cause for concern. his next date is in february. during this el nino year, a close call, another one in walnut creek where a tree crashed on to a home overnight. people were inside that home when the oak tree toppled, but thankfully no one was hurt. they thought the crash was actually an earthquake. the tree didn't belong to the homeowners. it wasn't on their property. it was part of lancaster park that backs up to their property line. this new video is a drone's
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eye view of that sinkhole that's detouring a section of 101 in southern org dwon. heavy rain caused it to open yesterday. it's 50 feet from a separate singhole, but as locals have observed, the two holes have gradually joined to become a monster crater. a detour is in effect around that area and repairs should take about a week. >> looks amazing to see from above. here in the bay area, it's hit and miss. we saw pete suratos, he was in san francisco. it looked rainy and drizzly, then our other reports have nothing at all. >> yeah, it has been very hit and miss. that's all due to the slow nature of this storm system. you can see the doppler satellite right now doesn't look too impressive. but as the radar scan goes around it's missing a lot of the low level moisture. san francisco, east bay right to around half moon bay as well. so here's how we see it at this point. with that low level moisture moving in and that subtropical
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moisture, san francisco to about san mateo and palo alto, the consistent areas of drizzle and light rain that continues back here across conta costa and alameda county. san jose on the cusp of getting some rainfall. and we do think it will be coming your way. let's take you outside to the sky camera network, currently 66 and just cloud ne the south bay, but all other micro climates dealing with that rainfall. we talked about that low level moisture that's hard for the radar beam to go through. you can see just how low this moisture is. transamerica building not even in view right now. winds gusting up to 20 miles per hour. so what can we expect as we head through saturday morning's forecast? we do still have the possibility of some scattered showers in the forecast. we'll start as low as 44 in the north bay. san francisco at 51, the peninsula 53 and for the south bay also low 50s. as we get a look at the futurecast, you can see best chance of any rainfall in the south bay in san jose tonight will be right here at 8:30.
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after that we'll gradually see this cold front moving to the south and your chances at least will diminish for tonight. but here's the thing. there's wrap-around moisture as we head through early tomorrow morning that could bring a few more showers and as we head through 8:00 in the morning. doesn't look like widespread coming but we can bank on areas of drizzle. then as we continue throughout saturday's forecast, there's the cloud cover we'll deal with. not the sunniest day. then check this out. we talked about how tricky this sunday storm is because it's going to move in from the south. it looks like we'll see some of the moisture bubble up as we head through 7:00 a.m. on sunday. san jose has the best chance of getting that. and also very low snow levels that could bring us a dusting across the santa cruz mountains and also for mt. hamilton. 7:00 a.m. we'll start to clear out for the storm system. talked about low snow here. what about the sierra, an impressive punch on saturday and sunday. we could see from 10 to maybe 17 inches up across the higher
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elevations. so your micro climate forecast for tomorrow doesn't have too many huge variations. we'll have 57 expected in san jose, a little bit of sun, cloudy in morgan hill and 56. the peninsula pacifica, that's the one spot throughout the day you'll likely hold on to some drizzle and in san francisco temps in the 50s. keep your jackets and umbrellas handy also across the east bay and tri-valley as those temperatures trend into the upper 50s. the next ten days? let's get a look. a chance at showers saturday morning. sunday morning the possibility of some rainfall, namely for the south bay. next tuesday some showers. and then by super bowl weekend, it is now trending dry. we're going to show you each and every day what we're seeing for the super bowl. and right now it looks like sunshine might be on our side. >> jeff, thank you. we're following breaking news about that elaborate jail escape down in southern california. we're now learning two of the three escaped inmates may be in the bay area. we have new information just
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into our newsroom. we'll share that with you next. plus a worldwide recall. the problem with some of apple's adapters and how the company plans to fix it. a reminder for you -- >> we're in an nbc bay area micro climate alert we've made it easy for you to get the latest information on your smartphone. click on the bar that says weather alerts. that will take you right to what you need to know right when you need to know it. that's how to stay informed with the nbc bay area app. an update on our breaking
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news... 2 dangero inmates,who e orange county jail last week may be righter an update on our breaking news. two dangerous inmates who escaped from an orange county jail last week may be right here in the south bay. the duo stayed at a san jose hotel as late as last night. the hunt is over for the third inmate involved in that daring escape. today sheriff deputies arrested bac duong in santa ana. he flagged down a citizen on the street and wanted to turn himself in. all three were living in a stolen van but split up some time in the past few days. authorities believe two of the inmates were or are still in the south bay. they're looking at the possibility they could be in fresno, which one of them has
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ties to. new at 5:00, another twist in the raiders saga. the chargers are staying in san diego at lease for next season. the chargers future impacts the future of the raiders here in oakland. in the chargers build a new stadium in san diego, the raiders would be free to move to l.a., but for now raiders owner mark davis is play the field, so to speak, and shopping for a new home. he was reportedly in las vegas today talking with the sands corporation about building a billion dollar stadium right off the vegas strip. they're said to be working on a short-term lease to stay at the oakland coliseum. power plugs mostly sold outside of the u.s. are at the center of a rare recall issued by apple. the company says the faulty two-prong adapters seen here on the left could break and cause an electric shock. they were shipped to europe, australia and part of south america and asia between 2003 and 2015, but the plugs were also included in the apple world travel adapter kit which was sold here in the united states.
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apple will either exchange the adapters or give you a refund. >> rain or shine, the fireworks show will go on. up next, here's a behind the scenes of the supercity spectacular. we're following two breaking
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stories. the first o...fedel
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the 3 l agents belie 2 of tonight at 6:00 we're following those two breaking stories we've been talking about. the first one federal and local agents believe two of three escaped suspects from that orange county jail might be in the bay area. specifically in san jose. they broke out of an orange county jail. once again, two of the three suspects might be in san jose. the other breaking news story we're following, a possible hostage situation in the cambria neighborhood of san jose. this is near the intersection of princeton and dartmouth next to dartmouth middle school. we'll have a crew on scene and bring you a live update at 6:00. finally at 5:00, i left my heart in san francisco is the theme for the free fireworks show tomorrow night. nbc bay area got a special behind the scenes tour today at pier 50 in san francisco where there are two specially rigged barges. thousands of fireworks are being wired into that firing system. some are almost a foot thick and weigh 35 pounds. it's going to be an impressive
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show, but rain or shine, it's going to go on and it will kick off at 7:45, a 12-minute fireworks spectacular. breaking news tonight. top secret bombshell. a major twist in hillary clinton's e-mail scandal has the campaign scrambling, and we're with her exclusively three days till iowa. also the fight night fallout. donald trump declares victory and ignites a new firestorm with a controversial comment about ted cruz. captured. after that daring jail break, a dangerous escapee turns himself in. two more on the run as a jail employee is accused of aiding the escape. we're at the outbreak epicenter of this zika pandemic where the virus is spreading explosively. children and families living in fear. and a dramatic takedown on camera. anti-government protesters. a chase, a crash, and the moment fbi agents opened fire. "nightly news" begins right now.


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