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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 29, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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department, but they tell me an all points bulletin was put out for all officers to watch for a white gmc van that was allegedly stolen by the two remaining outstanding escapees from orange county and driven here to the san jose area. one escapee turned himself in, but at large, hossein nayeri and jonathan tieu. sources say both of them spent the night here at a local motel here in alameda, from the sap center, and may have stayed at a motel 6. now one escapee has ties to the fresno area so authorities are watching the central valley area. but right now, an all points bulletin is in effect here in san jose, because the police department and the sheriff's office believe that some of the two remaining may be here in
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town. at some point the three of them were together in the san jose area, that is correct. we're in contact with local law enforcement in those areas but at this point we don't have any specific information from anybody who has actually seen them up there. >> reporter: we have no new information on whether there were anymore sightings here in san jose, but my understanding is that that all points bulletin is still in effect here in san jose for officers on duty and possibly off duty to keep an eye out for the stolen van. also we're told that the authorities in orange county said they are quote, very concerned about the san jose area. so unsure if there is any resources here to help in the manhunt for the two escapees, we'll keep you posted. live in downtown san jose, i'm damion trujillo. okay, we'll follow this story, and ironic here in the bay area where there are so many federal agents and local agents here for the super bowl.
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but we'll watch for signs possibly in the east bay. and a standoff in san jose, we're getting information on how it all started and late word that police just ended this standoff happening in san jose, cambrian neighborhood near dartmouth middle school. and scott, what is the sjpd telling you and what are the neighbors saying? >> reporter: well, right now things are normal in the neighborhood again, raj, but things were quite tense as it came to a standoff. we're in the blossom hill area here in the intersection of harvard and princeton. and we'll show you a little bit what happened this afternoon, according to sources it started with a robbery and next a car jacking and then a car abandoned in the neighborhood and then a young man in his mid-20s who actually lives in the house. the action went down, he was immediately surrounded by police, there were cars on the streets, a helicopter up above
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and about 5:30, we were told he was taken into custody peacefully and that nobody was hurt. again, a standoff but at this point nobody was hurt and the suspect was taken into custody. back here in the neighborhood things getting back to normal, we're still hearing a little bit of helicopter activity but it seems like police officers after interviewing some of the neighbors have wrapped it up. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area face. well, was it bad sportsmanship or a criminal incident? tonight we get a look at an incident during a water polo game that landed an east bay high school student in criminal court. it is a story that caught national attention. our jody hernandez has more. >> reporter: we learned this water polo player was here in court to hear his punishment. we don't know what the punishment is because juvenile proceedings are highly confidential. but we're getting a look at the
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video that captured the incident. now, i've been talking to the victim's parents. they don't want to go on camera but they do want to set the record straight. a family friend spoke on their behal behalf. >> play respectfully. >> reporter: that is the message that others hope that this message will help with, an incident that left a family friend seriously hurt. >> intent to injure another athlete. that is what it showed. >> reporter: this is the video clip that led to the high school student facing criminal charges. payan describes how he and the family view it. >> he intentionally brings the athlete's head down towards his knee, and quickly drives the knee up towards the face. >> reporter: the maneuver left the victim, a 15-year-old with a
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broken nose that required surgery. >> that was one of the most calculated, callous, skillful acts intended to injure another athlete that i have seen. >> reporter: but that is not the impression to many in the water polo community have been left with. a letter e-mailed to thousands of water polo families characterized the player's actions as inadvertently and called the charges outrageous. while they clarified they did not authorize the e-mail many wrote letters to the district attorney urging him not to prosecute the boy. >> he received consequences for what he did, absolutely. >> reporter: the high school district associate superintendent says she was surprised the incident led to criminal charges. >> these things happen as we deal with adolescents and we deal with it on a school level. >> reporter: she says they know
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how to handle these incidents and he was banned from playing another game. >> these are teenagers who do not always make the best decisions. we want to help all of them develop good conduct and sportsmanship. >> if someone would have taken that maneuver outside of the pool and performed in the quad, so to speak, they probably would have been taken away from cuffs. >> reporter: payan believes the boy crossed the line and he says the consequences are justified. >> i applaud the d.a. for looking at that film and saying hey, we can't accept this in society. we certainly should not accept it in high school sports. >> reporter: he hopes players, coaches and players can learn from this case and become better for it. >> having him shoulder the responsibility, the consequences of his actions may be a good thing for him and more importantly it may be a great thing for high school water polo. >> reporter: now, we tried to reach the attorney for that student but he did not return our phone calls.
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meanwhile, the victim's father tells me that they're just looking forward to putting this all behind them. his son has a water polo game this weekend. reporting live in martinez, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. troubling to see the video, thank you, jodi. and looking outside at san francisco it looks beautiful with clouds hovering over the city. it's a soggy drive home for many of us. let's talk to our meteorologist jeff ranieri. and the cold front we're tracking tonight is off to the north stalling out meeting up with a lot of sub-tropical warmth, and bringing drizzle from the north bay down to about half moon bay from contra costa and alameda counties. the one spot left out is san
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jose, and we expect rainfall to move your way. this moisture is so low in the atmosphere, we have consistent drizzle here across the bay that should be making it your way through tonight. again, never advertised to be a big storm system but you will still get something coming your way. impressive in the presidio, down towards soma, 2200ths, and our buoy reading 12 feet, they could go as high as 12 feet tomorrow. offshore, the waves could hit as high as 25 feet. boaters, experienced swimmers and surfers should the stay out of the water then. and a great tool you can check the micro climate specific to your neighborhood and watch the live radar that we use and you can have it right on your smartphone. and we'll follow up on san
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francisco's decision to demolish that $2 million home, neighbors are wondering if theirs are at risk. this is held on the hillside with sweeping views. this is the sherwood forest area. the home slid in the past four days threatening the homes below it. right now at least five more houses are tested for similar slide concerns. >> it worries you to put it mildly. but we have to also have some kind of hope and faith that we'll find an answer. >> reporter: and they are waiting for some answers, geologists say there are possible reasons why the ground appears to be giving way but they're waiting for tests to understand the news. and somebody broke into an agent's car overnight, where the thieves stole two .40 caliber
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glocks, an fbi badge and other weapons and fbi property happening early this morning in the water neighborhood off rose drive. the sacramento area is offering a reward for up to $5,000 for recovery of these stolen items. earlier this week, somebody stole riot gear in concord. the fbi is also helping the bart police investigate that case. our investigative unit uncovered just how many guns are stolen from police and then used in other crimes. the senior investigative reporter has been reporting on this story for months, the problem is far more extensive than people realize. >> we asked for records from every major law enforcement agency located here in the bay area, local, state and federal agents. what we got back revealed how bad this problem really is, and how the problem of guns being stolen from officers is
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disturbingly common. in total from all law enforcement officers that complied with our public records request we added up more than 700 law enforcement weapons lost or stolen just in the last decade. that includes 53 weapons, lost or stolen from fbi agents nationwide just in the last three years. 144 weapons from ice agents nationwide. and 134 weapons from dea agents nationwide just in the last five years. 35 guns were lost by california highway patrol officers, ten from san francisco police officers and 324 guns from san jose's police department just in the last five years alone. the experts we talked to say almost every one of these guns stolen from an officer ends up being used in the commission of another crime. we'll stay on this story. okay, thank you, steven, and to see steven's entire story go
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to our website and click on the story at the top of the page. i'm michelle roberts, in san jose where a high school asked for help from the health department after dozens of students came in sick, more details on the illness. and super bowl festivities set to happen, we'll have all the details on what to expect coming up. dozens of sick calls have a
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south bay high school asking the health department for some help. dozens of sick calls have a south bay high school asking the health department for some help. today, valley christian high school in san jose sent a letter home saying more than 40 students have been out sick in the past few days all with similar symptoms. nbc bay area michelle roberts has more on the symptoms. >> reporter: well, typical stomach flu symptoms you don't want to have to deal with, that is why parents have been keeping children home and school officials have been spraying things down and wiping things down trying to protect more students. >> it seems to hit and run quickly. >> reporter: valley christian's vice president says on a typical winter day about 3% of his students call in sick. on wednesday more than 8% of the junior high and high school students were absent. >> most of them it was the stomach flu, throwing up, no fever, no headache necessarily and they went home.
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>> reporter: the school administrators say once they notice the uptick in sickness, they try to clean everything. >> anything the student may touch we wash it down with a bleach solution that they recommend. >> reporter: the santa clara health department is working with school officials to control the gastrointestinal outbreak, none of the students tested positive for the stomach flu, but the health department says the norovirus is very common in the winter months and california has reported a spike in cases this year. >> it is very possibility they go home as quickly as possible so they don't get anyone else sick and they should stay home a day or two after the symptoms have resolved. >> reporter: the health department says that hand cleaner is not effective to protect against the norovirus so just make sure you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.
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reporting live in san jose, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> caffeine addicts could not get their fix out of the starbucks here after the store was closed there when an employee was sick with norovirus. they made the discovery last night and shut it down for winter cleaning. norovirus is known as the winter vomiting bug and is very contagious. the cafe will open again tomorrow. and roll out the red carpet. the players arrive this weekend and so do the crowds. the super bowl parties are just getting started, in fact one begins tonight. in san jose, one festivity kicking off tonight in front of the fairmont hotel on the right side of the screen you can see there. in san jose, the crews are putting the final touches on the san jose experience that starts tomorrow morning, also we'll get a look inside the super bowl city. so far we're just showing you to renderings like you have seen here for months. but now it is alive and here are the key points.
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it's free for everyone, and it's essentially a football-themed village filled with booths and food. a mile away is the nfl experience, at the mosconi center, pete is there, you have the best assignment of the day checking out both locations. >> reporter: indeed, raj, and of course, super bowl city is free. you can test out the 40-yard dash skills tomorrow, that is a paid event. but if you want to get to any of the events it's a good idea to get here early. >> reporter: the excitement surrounding super bowl city is at an all-time high. >> everybody welcome to san francisco, the host of super bowl 50. >> reporter: san francisco mayor ed lee speaking at a news conference today from the site. and the event along the embarcadero is free and will serve as the main location for concerts, food and interactive fun for the family. >> i am glad to host this and
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glad to represent a city. >> reporter: above super bowl city is visa's everywhere lounge, which is invite only. >> different touch. >> reporter: showcasing demos of their latest technology. >> we have a pretty strong vision of where commerce is going. >> reporter: and over at the mosconi center, you can see if the people are as fast as the players taking part in the 40-yard dash. even if your team is not playing in the big game you can take part in the football drills and learn about the nfl. >> it's really from anyone from two to 92. >> reporter: but to enjoy the events it's important to be prepared. >> don't bring large backpacks or other types of things that ultimately won't allow you into super bowl city. >> reporter: public transportation is suggested to avoid traffic. save some stress so you can enjoy the fun. >> once you're in the gates you will have such a fun time at super bowl city. >> reporter: now th@i gates ope for the nfl experience in super bowl city at 10:00 a.m., and
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guess what, guys, they expect more than a million visitors to the city of san francisco in the upcoming week. pete suratos, nbc bay area news. all right, traffic will be challenging for the next eight or nine days. several road closures are in effect especially in and around super bowl city you see on the highlighted map there. uber may be surge pricing so let's just bart everywhere. >> yeah, in fact bart will probably be the best bet because you can see the traffic behind me all lit up in red, we have the stop and go traffic along battery and broadway heading down to california. that is really a thoroughfare that is crowding up. also you can see 6th street, 8th street, and van ness are crowded. of course it's your best bet to use bart and muni to get around, of course you wouldn't have to
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worry about the traffic. back to you. good tips, thank you, anthony, and here is a look at the events, super bowl city opening to fans at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow and then around 7:30 tomorrow the bay bridge lights officially will be turned back on, a free fireworks show will follow that. then singer chris isaac will take the stage, which is the first of several free concerts planned at super bowl city over the next week. we're counting down to the super bowl. kickoff at levi stadium in santa clara now just eight days away. and maybe jeff ranieri is on the payroll, because the forecast is looking good then. >> it is definitely looking drier and drier. you can get a preview of what we expect at least by next friday, on the forecast at the bottom of the screen. right now as we take you out to the pacific you can see the sub-tropical moisture we're tracking stretching some 2100 miles from california back
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towards hawaii. and again, it also has brought in a little bit of humidity today especially towards the south bay. look, this has not been a major storm system but we have had consistent rainfall throughout marin, napa, sonoma counties and contra costa and alameda. san jose, you missed out. gradually, we'll see the light rain and drizzle making it out to you. and check it out here in contra costa county, the winner, orinda, 4500th, and here less in alamo with 1400 as the rainfall hits the higher elevation in the east bay, squeezing out a lot in lafayette and orinda, not leaving a lot in alameda or danville. tomorrow, you will need a jacket, after spotty showers in the morning should be dry by the afternoon, san francisco, mid-50s, what is happening after this on sunday's forecast we
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have a storm system sneaking in from the south. looks like san jose will have the best bet of some rainfall with this. maybe even some low snow from mt. hamilton and the santa cruz mountains. we are tracking what you can expect for the super bowl. and we'll have details on that coming up in about 20 minutes. >> okay, thank you, jeff. still to come, a bug that can kill citrus trees. and some angry pet owners growing impatient for justice, the latest turn in a cat torture case and the disturbing new details we learned today. the signs for the bathroom --
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might be a little different. singwmaker hes make all nooshafari rafa the signs for the bathroom may change. a law enforcement hointroduced phil tang says will make bathroom access more convenient and fair for everyone. the bill would not affect bathrooms that have multiple stalls, other laws are already in place. beware of a bug, a destructive bug moving into the bay area, not good for citrus trees. this is what it looks like, first discovered in southern california in 2008. but as recently as three months ago the insects were found in
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daily city and pacifica. just a few can destroy entire trees, so multiple counties are under quarantine. so stop the spread of the bug you can't move the citrus trees or their branches out of that quarantined area. and ntsb investigators in santa rosa trying to determine what caused a small plane to go down killing both people on board. coming up, what they are trying to determine. the surf rose up today in pacifica bringing big waves that crashed against the shore. i'm robert honda in pacifica. coming up, we'll tell you how it affected residents evacuated in an apartment. and we continue to follow breaking news, the escaped inmates from southern california have been spotted in san jose. damion trujillo joins us live next with inside information he is getting from his sources about these suspects. :47 we're really concerned about
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the san jose area at this point in the bay area.= they m be that word from authorities in orange county, o but we're really concerned about the san jose area at this point. >> yes, they may be in the bay area, which is the word from the authorities in orange county on the hunt from the inmates who put together an elaborate escape from jail. this evening, we learned the three men came to the south bay and two may still be here. the third inmate surrendered earlier today back down in southern california. nbc bay area's damion
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trujillo joins us from san jose with some should have information, damion. >> reporter: yes, we understand about 2 p.m. this afternoon the police department here issued an all-point bulletin to its officers alerting them that the two escapees from orange county were seen in san jose, they say at a model not far from the sap center, home of the san jose sharks, hossein nayeri and jonathan tieu, two suspects are still at large, one of them has connections to fresno valley, they're checking all the areas here, but for now, the all points bulletin remains. the officers are told to watch out for a white gmv van that the suspects allegedly stole from the l.a. area and drove it up apparently here to the south bay. no other sightings at this point. they do believe that maybe there was another sight at a motel 6
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also in san jose. but in the last couple of hours we have not heard any other reports of the sightings from the two escapees from orange county, we'll keep you posted. live from downtown san jose, i'm damian trujillo. thank you, dam iian, and wee getting information on a plane crash that happened at the sonoma county airport in santa rosa. investigators combed the site of the crash today near the town of windsor. nbc bay area's christie smith has more. >> reporter: well, good evening to you. a team of six investigators arrived this morning and they have spent the day documenting the accident site. they know there was no fire involved in the crash when the plane went down but they say there are still many unanswered questions. >> our team arrived this morning. >> reporter: ntsb air safety investigator steven stein is gathering facts on the deadly plane crash that killed two people, a man and woman. he is looking at a number of
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factors. >> he is taking a look at environmental factors that made -- played a role in the accident including lighting conditions. archived weather data including visibility. >> reporter: weather conditions shows there was a light rain and calm. the piper comanche plane was coming towards palm springs towards the sonoma county airport when it crashed last night near eric morris' home. >> there was not a fire but there was a little bit of smoke coming off the rear of the airplane or what was left of it anyway. >> reporter: and investigators say there was someone in the tower. >> there was one entity here. >> reporter: but it is not clear if a distress signal was sent. it was about a after a mile from the runway from what is called an instrument landing approach. >> the type of instrument designed to assist in landing in -- in instrument conditions, instrument conditions can be
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fog, rain, low visibility. no visibility. total visibility. people use it a lot for -- for many different types of reasons. >> reporter: now, investigators say they will take away they gathered here to a secure location in sacramento. they say they have interviewed witnesses but are still looking to talk to more. reporting live in santa rosa, christie smith, nbc bay area news. christie, thank you, we have disturbing new information now in the case of an accused cat killer in san jose. today, dozens of pet owners gathered outside of a san jose courthouse. you see them there. this was where robert farmer was expected to enter a plea but the hearing was postponed. farmer is accused of killing and torturing several cats last year and at least one pet owner is now claiming he may have sexually assaulted one cat. the claim is based on evidence including in the reports. >> i can't describe -- how i feel. for what he did -- to our cats.
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and the more we read the court documents, the uglier it gets. >> reporter: farmer's next court date is at the end of february. the man accused of shooting and killing a woman at san francisco's pier 14 wants the charges dismissed. the lawyer for lopez sanchez, who says the gun he fired was an accidental shooting. and as each wave crashes into the cliffside their apartment complex continues to crumble. a lot of frustrated people in pacifica. authorities will likely red tag this 20-unit complex at the edge of the cliff meaning the residents will not be able to return at all. they scrambled today as the huge waves kept crashing ashore. nbc bay area's robert honda has more from pacifica. >> reporter: well, residents here are used to seeing big waves but today the waves seemed to rise up to chase them out
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whether they had someplace to go or not. the waves pounding the pacifica pier today showed the sheer power eroding the cliffs, including underneath the yellow tag departments. 40-year pacifica resident michael says the waves remind him of the el nino in 1997. >> it had had that much power on this earth to watch it in action it's a very moving experience. >> reporter: this is all bad. the apartment complex resident agrees eis moving because he has seen and heard the waves in action. >> we started hearing cracking and popping and seeing large amounts of land disappear right before your eyes. >> reporter: gordon king is also moving today, but with the red cross closed he has had trouble affording a hotel. >> super bowl is here, $170 a night. okay, and i live on social security. my represent here was 1800 and i
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get 2200 social security so do the math. >> reporter: mckinley says the rising surf gives them no hope. >> i lived here when the surf was just the surf, but now what is going on is the quarter mile straight water and the lack of beach is what takes the cliffs out. >> reporter: this man shares that view. >> i think they will go down this year. >> reporter: tonight, the residents tell me they are not worried when it is red tagged because they will already be gone. thank you, a traffic tie-up in the east bay area and it could trigger a criminal investigation. this morning, the department of fish and game is investigating a chemical spill, they found that used auto fluids spilled into the area. workers in hazmat suits were laying down the absorbing materials to wipe up the mess. the authorities are trying to
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determine if the chemicals were dumped on purpose. and a tribute for paul cantner, one of the driving forces behind jefferson airplane died yesterday. now as you can see flowers decorate the chair at one of the favorite hangouts in san francisco, where he sat almost daily drinking espresso and smoking cigarettes. cantner was 74. and still to come, attracting younger voters. the candidate they are testing out right here in the bay area. >> also, apple wants them back, why they are recalling more than a decade worth of products. and just eight days before super bowl city. you can see the best work around this week and next week will be embarcadero and muni. we'll be right back after this.
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together, we're building a better california.
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outside of the u-s -- are at the center of a rare recall issued by apple. apple is issuing a rare recall, plugs mostly sold outside of the united states are at the center of this recall by apple. the company says the faulty two-prong adapters seen here on the left could break and cause an electric shock, they were shipped mostly to australia, and parts of asia between 2013 and 2015, apple will either exchange the adapters or give you a refund. the las vegas raiders? most likely not happening, but the owner is playing the field chatting with the owner of the sand corporation who is
6:42 pm
considering building a building as part of the campus. the raiders are said to be working on a short-term lease to stay in oakland. the san diego chargers have news that could change everything for the raiders. we'll explain that coming up in sports in about ten minutes. okay, jeff ranieri is here with us for the weekend. we're looking cloudy and another chance of rain, but i know you're happy about this, raj. the super bowl may not actually get rainfall the way things are panning out here. yeah, a lot of folks here excited about it. you can see a live look in san jose, we'll talk about our rain chances in just a few minutes. presidential candidate donald
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trump headed to new hampshire today, gi now to decision 2016. presidential candidate donald trump headed to new hampshire today bragging about boycotting last night's gop debate in iowa. >> i did something that was very risky and i think it turned out great, because i'm on the front page of every paper, i'm getting
6:45 pm
more publicity. >> as for the debate, pundits noted that ted cruz was a big target, running second to trump in iowa. the caucus, just three days away. and hillary clinton dealing with more fallout from her e-mail server scandal, today, the department revealed they're withholding 22 e-mails from her server saying they contained top secret information. in the silicon valley they call it surge pricing. in the presidential race they call it age pricing. mrs. clinton is returning to the bay area next month for another campaign fundraiser, but this time slashing prices for some people. the goal is to get younger voters to contribute and show up to her campaign events. >> reporter: hillary clinton wants to get younger as in attract younger voters. >> hi, hello. >> reporter: in iowa, polls show she and bernie sanders are in a dead heat? the iowa campaign that is
6:46 pm
generating excitement. >> reporter: both are trying to lure voters under 49 years old, the ones likely to be impacted by student debt. most political pundits believe that senator sanders is winning that fight. mrs. clinton is returning to the bay area. to get in, 2700 bucks which include a photo with the secretary of state, the prices vary, a thousand for a ticket for those over 35, and 500 bucks if you're under 35, they're targeting women and young people in the tech industry. at a conference in mountain view, young female tech experts say more people would go if they had the cash. >> i would definitely take advantage of the opportunity. >> reporter: others say 500 bucks is still too steep. >> i think it says she is in a different world. >> reporter: this political analyst says he has seen the
6:47 pm
strategy play out in the nonprofit and sporting worlds but not in politics. >> but it makes very good sense, let's remember, young people, millenn millennials, we often call them today, are likely to get politically involved and generally have less money. >> reporter: but will it work? >> i don't know, we'll have to see how many people come out. >> reporter: well, experts say this is an investment on mrs. clinton's part, with the idea of getting voters in the long run. okay, the weekend is here and so is the rain. let's talk to jeff ranieri. and right now through the peninsula and san francisco back to contra costa and alameda counties, down the peninsula and san carlos, and redwood city, not super heavy rainfall but a consistent drizzle as well as light rain. it is eventually going to get down towards san jose, slow going, everything shows some sort of moisture moving your way over the next two to three hours. we'll talk more about a better chance for san jose's rain
6:48 pm
coming up. we'll get outside with the sky camera network right now. clear skies for the south bay. and then we've also got clouds continuing in the east bay for san francisco. by tomorrow morning we still keep that chance of scattered rain across the region and starting as low as 44 in the north bay, south bay at 51. so let's take you to the future cast and time line this all out for you. 10:30 tonight, this is when the south bay will have the best shot of getting something out of the current storm we're dealing with. as we head through 3:30 p.m., scattered showers are likely, tomorrow morning, hit or miss activity. by the afternoon it will be cloudy on saturday forecast, i think the radar is underdoing it here. likely we'll have a little bit of spotty showers activity for the afternoon on saturday with clouds staying in place. but here is the real wild card the way we see it now on sunday. a storm system will hit central and southern california. going to get very close to the
6:49 pm
bay area. looks like it will move in here to the south so that means san jose up to fremont and half moon bay will have the best chance of rainfall sunday morning. and check it out. low snow levels, possibly some snow here across hamilton. once we cross the morning hours, speaking of snow what is about the sierra heading there this weekend. saturday and sunday, treacherous conditions out here on the roads. anywhere from nine to maybe 17 inches up across some of the highest elevations. let's go ahead and take you to the microclimate forecast on saturday, san jose, topping out at 57 degrees. little bit of sun breaking through the clouds and again upper 50s here right into cupertino, the peninsula, pacifica with a slight chance of showers 54, and san francisco will keep the chance of spotty activity and also low-to-mid 50s, north bay, east bay and tri-valley,ñi with a slight chae lingering from napa, and oak
6:50 pm
creek, the tri-valley keeping a slight chance of activity in pleasanton. again, the possibility of rainfall maybe through tomorrow morning sunday morning a chance for the south bay. next tuesday and wednesday a few possible showers. then by super bowl weekend the way it looks now it is trending dry. i still think we need about another two to three days of forecasts before we can really verify this. but right now, that is what we're seeing as of tonight, you guys. >> okay, very nice. the panthers and broncos are practicing at san jose state. and directly impacting the raiders' future. in oakland, we'll explain what happens now. coming up next.
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bowl n we'll get to the super okay, here is my dilemma, guys, i used to work for the chargers and grew up a raiders fan. my teams are a mess. >> they are, they don't know where they're going right now. >> no, we're still trying to sort it out and get to the raiders move next. chargers owner announcing the chargers will remain in san diego for at least the 2016 season. however, he also said a deal was in place for the rams to stay if the chargers and rams can't work out a deal. for the next season they can't play in san jose or oakland remaining the most likely spot. super bowl 50 fast approaching means a lot of people will land here and join us, most notably,
6:54 pm
the broncos and panthers. before that, the panthers fans in charlotte giving them a proper sendoff. cam newton not there. greg olson not there, but thomas davis was. >> hey, and we cannot thank you fans enough for always believing in us. we told you we were going to continue to work hard and keep pounding and we were going to get back to this point. and now we're here and we have unfinished business. and trust and believe, next sunday, we're going to give you guys everything that we have to make sure that we bring that championship back to charlotte. >> all right, how about the warriors, they begin a three-game road trip in philly, then a big game in oakland, steph curry, the charlotte native looking forward to that game and going on to the stadium
6:55 pm
to cheer on the panthers in the super bowl. here are steph's comments on that and then the thunder's reaction. >> we'll see the team from carolina in town, right? >> correct. >> will you be able to handle yourself? >> i'll be all right, i think. the panthers being in the super bowl, and bringing that out to the bay area, i know you have some other panthers fans in the stands. it will be a lot of fun so i'll save my energy next weekend and be able to go. >> you have a game on saturday. >> it will be a good 48 hours, a win and a win. >> i like it when he talks that. >> any other questions -- >> we play tonight. we'll see -- we still got to play a game tonight. we got those guys coming up.
6:56 pm
what else you supposed to say. everybody -- i'm just going to leave it -- >> i think we in the media had had a little part in maybe escalating that. that will do it for sports. i'm ahmed fareed, nbc bay area. thank you, we'll get back to away we talked about for the last 90 minutes, the three escaped inmates from orange county, we have more information, they have been spotted in san jose in the last 24 hours. we also confirmed the three stayed at a motel 6 in san jose. the man on the right turned himself in. but the two on the left, those gentlemen are on the loose, they were spotted in san jose and did stay at the motel 6 in san jose last night. >> an all-out manhunt for these men right now in the south bay. the reporters are on this story. we'll have a full report on nbc bay area. >> thank you for joining us. have a great evening.
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sorry, mr. trump. did fox news apologize to the donald? >> his new interview aboard his private jet, now on "extra." donald trump's feud with fox news over -- >> you got an apology? >> yes. >> the surprise twist as the candidates and megyn kelly unleash on the gop no-show. >> the elephant not in the room tonight. >> the greatest show on earth. >> the trump voldemort comparison. and why he's getting a pie in the face from "scandal's" kerry washington. lady gaga's italian wedding plans revealed. >> the dream i do's she's


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