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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  January 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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right now at 11. from southern california... to san jose. the state-wide manhunt for theow centered here in the bay ar. right now at 11:00, from southern california to san jose, the statewide man hunt for these fugitives now centered here in the bay area. tonight their hideout uncovered and the search under way to find the two still on the run. the story still developing tonight. thanks for joining us. i'm janel wang in for jessica
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aguirre. >> we have confirmed the escaped inmates hold up at a hotel at the al media. not far from the sap center that will host the super bowl event. >> it's the almeida motel. the motel manager probably did not know it at the time but in that very office behind me here on tuesday night he rented a room that led all the way down to practically the last room of this motel. he rented that room to three escaped inmates from orange county. two of them are still at large. tonight 20-year-old jonathan tieu and 22-year-old dwayne nayeri. and the fourth man who paid for the three men in cash came here to the almeida hotel tuesday
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night. now, the white gmc utility van they were driving stayed parked here until thursday morning. according to the manager, the men stayed in their room, did not threaten anyone. only after they left did they recognize them from the news. >> killing people, no, no, that was scary. i didn't realize they were across the street. >> we believe there may be some associations of one of the suspects in the fresno area. we think there's a possibility they may be destined for that area but, again, nothing specific. we're really concerned about the san jose area at this point. >> one of the fugitives, is believed to have returned to san
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santa ana where he turned himself in today. investigators have not ruled out that the two may still be in the san jose area or may return to southern california. both men have been on the run for the week. both men considered to be armed and dangerous. reporting live in san jose, chuck coppola. >> a gruesome robbery in the parking lot of a vallejo safeway star. a woman was shot in the head off i-80. the victim was unloading her groceries into the car when the suspect approached her. he fired one shot to her head and then took off. now, she is expected to survive. canine units searched the area but the suspect remain on the loose. >> an fbi agent was robbed of his gun. it happened in a quiet
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residential neighborhood. cheryl hurd, this is a disturbing trend. what do we know? >> it's very disturbing as the bay area prepares for super bowl week. police here are telling me tonight that the robbery happened at about 8:30 this morning. the fbi is asking for your help in tracking down these stolen items. >> benicia police patrolling this area where a thief broke into this agent's car in this neighborhood. >> the officers's credentials were stolen. >> reporter: stealing from law enforcement has become a hot crime in the bay area. earlier this week a bart police uniform and riot gear taken from a storage room at a stage in concord. and last july, a hand gun used
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in a crime was stolen from a law enforcement officers's vehicle. the fbi have had 53 weapons stolen nationwide, at least two from the bay area. >> very often stolen firearms fuel other crimes. they're specifically targeted for other crimes. >> so if you live on mccall drive, police are asking for surveillance tape in that area. the fbi is offering a $5,000 reward for the recovery of those stolen weapons. i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> our investigative unit revealed the growing problem with stolen or lost weapons. >> private gun sales now banned
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on facebook and instagram. it also includes a ban on ammunition and gun parts. this new policy only applies to private citizens. they can still maintain facebook pages and posts on instagram. facebook prohibits the sale of marijuana, prescription and illegal drugs. >> look at the rain tonight in vallejo. and then moving into san francisco, wind and rain may be to blame for a serious mess. this large tree came crashing down on some cars parked on lincoln and third avenues. thankfully no one was hurt. >> with the ground saturated, we could be seeing more downed trees around the bay area. jeff ranieri has the forecast.
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>> the cold front is beginning to break um but there's still enough sub tropical moisture behind it. you can see widespread coverage down to half moon bay but most numerous showers happening now and expected to continue over the next two hours, also 580 corridor from hayward back into livermore. it has been slow going to get you any kind of rainfall here in san jose. doppler radar, we're starting to see a line push through and eventually east san jose as we head throughout the next 45 minutes. it's a good, slow soaking rain. so at least it will help out your plants. you had to go way off to the north to get anything substantial. the -- right now wave heights
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currently reading 12 feet. they could go asigh as 17 feet tomorrow morning and just offshore, isolated deep water waves may go as high as 25 feet. experts are saying if you are a swimmer, you're pretty confident or a confident voter, you should still stay away from this water. my full microclimate forecast coming up in about 15 minutes. >> thank you, jeff. you can track the weather in your neighborhood. just download our free nbc bay area app. >> they've escaped death before but this time they weren't so fortunate. we have new information about the victims of that deadly plane crash in the north bay. donald mackenzie was on board when his single engine plane crashed near santa rosa. the 69-year-old was well known in the area, an engineer, pilot and board member of the pacific
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coast air museum. he was with a wine tourism operator, marsha gastwirth. this accident wasn't was first for this couple. this was back in 2008 mackenzie was flying from arizona to palo alto when the plane as engine suddenly died. he made an emergency landing in an empty field near morgan hill right off 101. >> a man driving around in redwood city is offering teen-agers a ride. the suspicious activity has police looking for him. police say there have been three separate occasions. the other two incidents happened near sequoia high school and one by roosevelt elementary. the teen-agers say the man is hispanic. in each case the man asked for directions and then offered
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rides. all three teens turned down those rides and kept walking. >> in santa rosa, police are looking for a man accused of sexu sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl. her mother was actually inside the house. the suspect dragged the little victim, made lewd comments and tried to drag her into his car. she was able to get away. the suspect was described as a white or hispanic man, has glasses and drives a two-door car that needs a new muffler. >> police say a man wanted for a robbery and carjacking ran into his girl friend's home and refused to come out. the standoff was near the intersection of harvard and princeton. police tracked down the landlord who told us she tried to help. >> i tried to check the status to see what was going on. >> that wasn't necessary. the suspect surrendered
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peacefully. >> next at 11, bold and daring and caught on camera. a vandal targets an art show at a popular san francisco bar. why the owner says enough is enough. >> also, they'll be working through the night. we're going to take you inside super bowl city and the nfl fan experience before those venues open to the public tomorrow morning. >> and stueph curry signs a lot of autographs but rarely like this.
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side of the screen? he's actually tearin take a look. new video to show you. you see that masked man on the left side of your screen? he's tearing down some of the art on the wall of a bar. now, this bar is at madrone's.
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the suspect was eventually chased out of there by the staff. the art work is by sawyer forbes. forbes had gotten in trouble at this bar for allegedly insulting some customers. it happened last month. the artist was escorted at that point out of the bar. tomorrow the doors open. the super bowl city will be in business. tonight the pressure is on. las last-minute preparations as the spotlight turns to the embarcadero. jean, ready or not, that party starts in the morning. >> reporter: that's right. i'm going to call it controlled chaos. crews are here working, they're going to be working through the night. lie shows are being tested. in the middle of it all, curious fans coming down here to check it out. it feels like football fans are ready to experience some super bowl action. lights, camera and there's still
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lots of action. crews say they will be working through the night in the rain to get super bowl city ready for the opening ceremony tomorrow morning at 11:00. >> it's amazing! >> fans are already checking out the free fun zone. >> i'm not looking forward to the traffic during work hours but i think after work hours, it's going to be really great to walk around. >> so far i just think all of this is really cool. i've never seen the embarcadero like this at all. >> super bowl city and the nfl experience are years in the making. mayor ed lee is ready to welcome football fans from around the country. >> everybody welcome to san francisco, the host of super bowl 50. that has such a ring to it. >> from training drills and nfl history to cononcerts, there's t to be excited about.
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>> don't bring large back packs that won't allow you in to super bowl city. >> with just hours to go before a week packed with super bowl activity begins, crews are racing for the end zone. >> i talked to a lot of very tired workers tonight who say they are confident things will be ready for the opening ceremony tomorrow morning. the gilroy marching band will be part of that ceremony. >> in the south bay a super bowl kickoff party in san jose tonight in the downtown area. thousands came to celebrate the week of activities ahead. san jose is working hard to portray a spot lit city for people coming in to remove dpra feety. you're looking at one example of what one area looked like before and how it looks now. crews spent -- now, the
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countdown continues. threw. >> well, keep your sick kids home. that's the message from san jose's valley christian high school. they sent out a letter today saying more than 40 students have been out sick in the past few days. that's more than double this time of year. the kids all have symptoms similar to the stomach flu but no one has tested positive for nor owe virus. >> the starbucks at santa theresa was closed today. that's because one of them caught a virus. it will be reopened tomorrow.
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>> the demolition of. >> now at least five more houses are being tested for similar slide concerns. residents are awaiting soil tests to determine the exact cause of the slippage. >> scary to see that. let's bring in our chief meteorologist with our microclimate the coverage of these light to moderate showers is pretty wide spread here. the thing to remember about most of this activity today is the moisture was so low and as the doppler radar stands around, it missed a lot of this activity and that's just the way it is.
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as we get a look right now, you can see consistent showers from ran ramone do. >> it has it and a long time. you can see some moderate rain right over downtown. let's go and take you to the morning forecast. as we mentioned, everyone will still have the chance here. >> we'll get you to the futurecast. if at some reason you're up at 3:30 in the morning, we do expect more moderate rain full that there's so much of that
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low-level. we may still hang on to some. >> so it really a mix mixed bag situation on saturday's forecast. and we've been telling you how tricky this storm system is. it's going to move just off towards the south. right now san jose, free mount to north boone. >> once we hit sunday afternoon, best part of the weekend if you want some sun. >> be ready for some tresh er
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dick seam thing goes here for the peninsula as well. san francisco stays in the 50s. if you're headed out to that super bowl. >> over the next ten days here's how things play out. we have the possibility of rain on saturday morning and sunday morning, the best chance of rain in the south bay, nest tuesday and wednesday, possibly showers. and then check this out. looks like high pressure is putting up a strong defense. likely now dry super bowl weekend and sunny. we'll see how things go the nks couple days but looks pretty good for some sunshine. >> they had a reference to the broncos defense there.
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>> thanks so much. >> father and son go fishing for steph curry's autograph. zit good video. back in a moment. (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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all single person restrooms neutral.he statto be gder a san francisco lawmaker wants allsongle-person rest rooms across the state to be gender neutral. assemblyman introduced the bill yesterday that he says makes bathrooms more convenient and fair for everyone. it would not affect restaurants that have multiple falls. >> what happens in san diego directly impacts oakland. the futures of the raiders is tied to the chargers and today they said they're staying in
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sad. at least for you some fans are willing to do just abouting in to get stefan curry's autograph. do you see what they're doing? they're fishing. a father and son baited the point guard by you see steph curry actually taking video of this. you hear how nice and grounded he is? it is all through. >> what a standup guy. than per per length.
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hi, everybody. i'm dave feldman.
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super bowl 50 is approaching, which means people will soon be arriving in the area. thomas davis got the crowd fired up. >> we cannot thank you fans enough for always believing in us. we told you we were going to continue to work hard, we were going to keep pounding and get back to this point. and now we're here and we have unfinished business. and trust and believe next sunday we're going to give you guys everything that we have to make sure that we bring that championship back to charlotte. >> the warriors began a three-game road trip saturday in philly. steph curry, a charlotte native, is looking forward to both that game and levi stadium the day after to chill on his -- that
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miss carolina in town. will you be able to handle yourself? >> i'll be all right, i think. i know i got some other panther fans in stand. it will be a lot of fun. so i'll save my energy next weekend and be able to go. >> you kind of a big game on saturday. >> it will be a good 48 hours, a win and a win. >> ooh, i like it when he talks trash. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]. >> [ bleep ]. we still got -- i'm just going
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to leave it at that. >> yikes. >> i'm dave feldman. more news after this.
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into a store in southern california. it was a sea lion. last week, the mammal climbed 145 stairs and marched right through the front door of the "cave store" in la jolla. the store actually located right near a sea cave -- hence its name. employees chased the sea lion for a little bit to get it out. when ttidn't work, they lud it back down the tunnel with some salmon. =janelle/3-shot= thanks for joining us =raj/3-shot= our next newscast is >> thanks for joining us. have a great weekend. >> bye, folks! ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- tyler perry, wagner moura,


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