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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 30, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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well. some showers coming across area bridges. keep in mind we're going to see a good amount of cloud cover today. it's not going to be overly sunny especially if you're headed into san francisco. keep the jacket handy and an umbrella, because we are going to see drizzle. the closer you get to the water, you'll have the best chance of seeing the drizzle. this afternoon, a few peeks of sunshine. temperatures stay chilly, 56 in san francisco, close to 60 in the south bay. tomorrow, another round of showers, primarily south of sf. that's going to lead to the super bowl forecast. we'll talk more about that in the next report. >> exciting, we'll stay tuned for that, anthony, thanks. super bowl fever is kicking into high gear. the game is in santa clara, of course, but the majority of the action is in san francisco, including at the moscone center beginning at 10:00 this morning. here's a look outside at the moscone center. all week, this will be home for
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the nfl experience, an interactive theme park that lets fans engage in football clinics and free autograph sessions. crews worked overnight to put the finishing touches on the embarcadero. the fan village is free to everyone. >> i think all of this is really cool. i've never seen this at all. >> city officials warn security will be tight. you won't be able to bring large bags in like large backpacks to super bowl city village. as you can imagine, traffic in san francisco is going to be challenging for the next eight days. it already is, in fact. several road closures are in effect around super bowl city, most around the embarcadero. th streets around the moscone center south of market are also
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closed to traffic. people are advised to use muny, b.a.r.t. and cal tran as much as possible. if you want to learn more about the street closures, go to the countdown continues. super bowl 50 is one week from tomorrow. in other news now, to a developing story, the manhunt for three escaped orange county inmates is now down to two this morning. one man is behind bars. the other two are still missing. the search for them has turned to the bay area. jonathan tieu and hossain nayeri escaped from a jail in santa ana last friday. police say the men stayed at this motel, the alameda in downtown san jose, earlier this week. officers say they were tipped off by the third escaped inmate who turned himself in yesterday. investigators believe the pair might be getting help from vietnamese gang members.
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>> the cops are here all the time, people are doing drugs and stuff. it's scary. i didn't realize they were across the street. >> we believe there may be some association of one of the suspects in the fresno area. we think there's a possibility that they may be destined for that area. again, nothing specific. we're really concerned about the san jose area at this point. >> the third escaped inmate, acx duong, made it back to the san jose area where he approached someone on the street and asked them to contact authorities. police believe one of the men still on the run has family in fresno. they may be driving this gmc van. the reward for helping catch these men is up to $200,000. a quiet street in sass owe hey's blossom hill neighborhood turned into a tense crime scene yesterday evening. police say a man ran into his girlfriend's home, then refused to come out. this standoff was near the intersection of harvard and princeton. police were able to track down the landlord who told nbc bay
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area that she tried to help. >> i just came back to check the status, to see what was going on. i guess i drew them the layout of the house. >> that wasn't necessary, the suspect surrendered peacefully. new information about yet another incident involving weapons stolen from a federal agent's car. this time the agent works for the fbi. his car was parked in a quiet residential neighborhood in benicia. now the fbi is offering a $5,000 reward for the recovery of the stolen item. police say the robbery happened around 8:30 yesterday morning. last night police were patrolling homes on mccall drive there in benicia. the thief stole three handguns from the agent's car along with fbi credentials and other miscellaneous items. >> there's no signs of forced entry into the vehicle. and that's still under investigation. >> stealing from law enforcement has become a disturbing trend in the bay area. earlier this week riot gear was taken from a storage room in
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concord. last july a woman was killed along san francisco's embarcadero. officials say the handgun used in the crime was stolen from a federal officer's vehicle. our investigative unit revealed the growing problem of stolen weapons. to watch our report, go to private gun sales now banned on facebook and instagram. the menlo park based company made the announcement yesterday. it includes a ban on ammunition and gun parts as well. this new policy only applies to private citizens. we want to mention it doesn't apply to licensed gun dealers. facebook, by the way, already prohibits the sale of marijuana, prescription, and illegal drugs. they have escaped death before but this time they were not so fortunate. we have new information about the victims of that deadly plane crash in the north bay. donald mackenzie was piloting his single engine plane when it
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crashed near the sonoma county airport in santa rosa. the 69-year-old was well-known in the area, an engineer, a pilot, and a member of the pacific coast air museum board. mackenzie was with a wine tourism operator. both were killed. the faa and the ntsb are investigating the cause of the crash which happened during thursday night's storm. >> we're taking a look at environmental factors that may have played a role in the accident, including lighting conditions. archived weather data, including visibility. >> this accident wasn't the first for this couple. back in 2008, mackenzie was flying from arizona to palo alto when his plane's engine suddenly died. he made an emergency landing near morgan hill off 101. police are looking for a man said to be driving around redwood city and trying to pick up teenagers. they say there have been three separate attempts so far. the first happened near red
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morton park. the other two incidents happened both this week near sequoia high school and near roosevelt elementary. the teenagers, two girls and one boy, say the man is white or hispanic. he drives a blue or dark colored sedan. in each case the man pulled up, asked for directions, and then offered the teens a ride. all three teens turned down the offer and kept walking. in santa rosa, police are looking for a man accused of sexually assaulting an 11-year-old girl. police say he approached the girl on wednesday in the front yard of her family's home. her mother was inside the house. he grabbed the young girl, made lewd comments, and tried to drag her into his car. she was able to get away. he's described as white or hispanic, with glasses. he drove a black two-door car that sounds like it needs a new muffler. coming up, bold, daring, and caught on camera. a vandal targets an art display
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right in the middle of a san francisco bar. plus an unusual number of sick students. the symptoms and the risk to their classmates.
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welcome back. we appreciate your joining us on this saturday morning. we're getting a live look at san francisco. cloudy skies, a bit gloomy this morning and a bit drizzly. anthony slaughter says the rain will stop and it will remain gloomy the rest of the day. take a look at this, caught on surveillance video, a masked man tearing down artwork on the wall of a bar wednesday near san francisco's haight district. the vandal was chased out by staff. the artwork is by sawyer forbes. forbes himself got into trouble for insulting customers at the bar last month. he bar owner has decided to remove that art installation. a south bay high school is
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turning to the health department for some help after dozens of students have fallen ill. it's at valley christian high school in san jose. they sent a letter to parents saying more than 40 students have been out sick in the past few days, all with similar symptoms. "today in the bay"'s michelle roberts explains. >> reporter: valley christian's vice president says on a typical winter day about 3% of his students call in sick. on wednesday, more than 8% of the junior high and high school students were absent. >> most with the stomach influence, throwing up. no fever, no headache, necessarily. they went home. >> reporter: school administrators say once they noticed the uptick in sick calls, they tried to minimize the threat of infection. >> tried to clean door handles, sinks, basketballs, anything a student might touch, we washed it down with a bleach solution.
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>> reporter: the health department is working with school officials to control the gastrointestinal outbreak. none of the students tested positive for the norovirus, also referred to as the stomach influence. the health department said, though, the norovirus is extremely common and california has reported a spike in cases. >> it's important that they go home as soon as possible so they don't get anybody else sick and they should stay home until a day or two after it's resolved. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, the bay area is getting a makeover ahead of super bowl 50 as week-long festivities kick off today of. gray skies in place this morning, and areas of drizzle. we won't see much sunshine today. that will lead to another storm system for tomorrow. your full weekend forecast coming up.
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welcome back.
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thanks for joining us. you're getting a live look in san francisco at the moscone center where the nfl experience will open this morning at 10:00. you can see people already lined up there. it's a chilly morning out there, a little bit damp outside. the gloomy weather will remain, the rain will leave. if you're headed to the moscone center, the nfl experience isn't free, you have to pay to get in, but once you're in it will be a lot of fun. the city of san jose, speaking of the super bowl, has been working for the last few weeks to make sure it looks spotless for the thousands of people coming for super bowl 50. "today in the bay"'s damian trujillo has more. >> reporter: they've spent the last two weeks erasing virtually every tag, wearing graffiti-protective clothing. how busy are you? >> more busy. >> reporter: that's been the plan for the last two months. >> a really concentrated effort
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to put our best face forward for super bowl. we're directing our emphasis and priorities to gateway areas, downtown areas. >> reporter: the focus, areas that will be most visible to the hundreds of thousands of people expected for super bowl week. >> i think it's good. it's awesome. >> reporter: chris larson has seen his share of graffiti tagging. he brought his friend to enjoy the super bowl plaza. >> this should be here year-round. >> reporter: the cleanup is in high gear. you might not recognize this bridge. it's the highway 101 railroad overcrossing at 13th street, which is almost always covered in spray paint. the city says it didn't hire extra painters, just redirected resources to the gateway areas. for those wondering why they don't do this all the time, the city says they do. >> it's something we're doing every day anyway, responding to calls on the areas with the greatest impact and visibility. >> reporter: hoping this paint
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dominates this paint on the streets of san jose. damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. this was the scene last night at plaza de caesar chavez. the city will host media day, where fans can watch both teams take questions from media from across the world. the three-hour event is at 5:00 p.m. on monday. tickets are 50 bucks. and from the south bay to san francisco, here's a closer look at the super bowl week kickoff events. super bowl city opens to fans at 11:00 this morning. 7:30 tonight, the bay bridge lights officially will be turned back on. a free fireworks show will follow. chris isaac will take the stage. his concert is the first of several free concerts planned at super bowl city over the next week. that's along the embarcadero along justin herman plaza.
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let's check in with santhonsanthoanthony slaughter. >> it will stay cool for most of the day. we may see drizzle off the bridge. we'll mix in sunshine and blue skies behind the deck of cloud cover. it will be a mixed bag as you get going this morning. by this afternoon we'll see more sunshine. this morning, gray skies in place. a few areas of drizzle especially in the foothills and san jose. there is a cold front sitting on top of us. this steady plume of moisture extends a thousand miles off the coastline. that means another storm system will move in tonight and tomorrow morning, not a big one. it will impact the south bay more than the bay area. it will scoot to the south today and tomorrow. right now, clouds in place and drizzle across the parts of the bay. we'll continue to hang on to the drizzle for the first half of the day. 58 degrees for the south bay
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today, 57 for the tri valley. 56 for san francisco. that plume of moisture extends down towards hawaii. our next storm system will come from that plume of moisture. that's going to move in tonight. we'll zoom in closer. y'a you'll see areas of spotty showers. the sierra has winter storm warnings, keep in mind if you're traveling that way, keep the chains handy. the cold front will swing on through today. that's going to keep the clouds in place all day long. then tonight, this is at 9:00, watch this area of moisture that will move through, scooting off to the south. we may get clipped by this thing as it moves to the south. that would be tomorrow morning. by tomorrow afternoon we'll start to clear out, kind of like what we're expecting for today. again, minor accumulations from both sets of storms. really not even classified as a storm, because we'll get clipped by both of them. we'll be a few hundredredths of
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an inch. higher elevations could be above 7,000 feet. let's talk about this pattern we're in the next a couple of weeks. in fact you'll notice the storm system scoots towards the south tonight. tomorrow, we'll start to clear out. by tuesday, another storm system dives in from the north. it looks like it will fall apart. you'll notice that in the seven-day forecast. we're expecting a stray shower tuesday night into wednesday. look at this, this is sunday. as we get towards super bowl, virtually clear, as high pressure starts to move into the bay area. we'll get rid of this wet pattern as we move towards this next week. mild temperatures move back into the bay. we're talking 60s returning to san jose by wednesday. it will stay dry in the east bay valley towards tuesday and wednesday. mostly cloudy skies as the next storm system swings this way. tomorrow we'll see a brief shower in san francisco in the morning hours.
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then by the afternoon we clear out. that leads us to this, an early look at the forecast for next week. super bowl sunday looks to dry out as temperatures stay around 60 degrees in san francisco. so picture-perfect weather across most of the bay. again, this forecast, the super bowl will be held in san jose. this is against the silicon valley. >> good to know, anthony, thanks. much more ahead on "today in the bay." opening their doors to women who have nowhere else to go. the churches going to great lengths to keep women warm this winter. looking at homelessness... and
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leading by exampl welcome back. some bay area churches are looking at homelessness and leading by example. >> reporter: there are all sorts of ways that churches help the homeless, each praiseworthy in its own way.
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but when a group of churches, instead of reaching out, invites them in, well, that sounds like a bay area proud. >> practicing is always harder than preaching. even those who do it for a living, like father brendan mcguire, will tell you that. it's why he's so proud of what his holy spirit congregation is doing these days. or more accurately, these nights. after the last sermon of the day is done, father brendan's parishioners walk his talk right into the church. and they place 15 cots among the pews, for 15 homeless women who for this month at least will call this house of worship their home. >> because if your brother or sister were in trouble, you would open your house. >> reporter: father brendan says the motivation to do more about
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homelessness in his community came after a chance meeting with a homeless man in portland, oregon. >> he was about 19 years old, had been on the street for five or six years. i was at one point shocked, saddened, and deeply moved by that experience. >> reporter: so father brandon brought the idea to his congregation, and they ran with it. 500 parishioners have signed up to volunteer, offering not just shelter but food and a host of other services. >> at least for a moment, you're going to try and make your life a lot better than it has been. and that's our gift. >> reporter: there is, however, a legal limit of 30 days they can provide temporary shelter. so holy spirit formed a coalition with three other south bay churches to take turns
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sheltering the women this winter. father brendan with a like to see others come on board. >> it changes us. what if every house of worship chose to help? >> reporter: until then, he says, his church at least will continue doing what it can, giving a lucky few the chance to sleep under saints, watched over by angels. this is not the first time that churches have opened their doors to the homeless. in fact there was a group of churches that used to do it in the south bay up until about ten years ago. the folks at holy spirit, though, said it was about time they did it again. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> as always, if you know of someone doing something nice for others, garvin would absolutely love to hear from you. go to and search "bay area proud." we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, why a billionaire inventor is asking college students for help.
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plus a look at all the events happening over the next eight days as super bowl week kicks off today.
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>> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." it is 7:29. good saturday morning to you. this is a live look outside at the moscone center in san francisco. that's the home of the super bowl nfl experience. it takes place as super bowl festivities kick off today. good morning, thanks so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. anthony slaughter is here with the forecast. you say if i'm hypothetically headed to super bowl events today, i won't need the raincoat. >> no, but you'll need a hoodie or jacket to keep you warm. it will be cool in san francisco today. we have a few areas of drizzle this morning. we'll get rid of that towards the afternoon. we'll hang onto the cloud cover as we get going today. we'll have temperatures that
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stay in the 50s through most of the day today. 56 in san francisco later this afternoon. 58 for the north bay, the east bay, and the south bay. most of us today will get close to 60 but the cloud cover will prohibit us from moving a whole lot. tonight, another chance of rain late tonight into tomorrow morning. if you're going to be headed to san francisco once again tomorrow morning, we may see a few areas of drizzle. by afternoon, more sunshine. then super bowl sunday a week away. >> i can't believe it, so soon. >> so soon. >> anthony, thanks. in less than four hours, at 11:00 a.m., super bowl city village will open to the public. panthers and broncos fans will be mingling near justin herman plaza in san francisco. the event will be filled with booze and food. the fan village is free and open to the public, all by one embarcadero center. it opens at 11:00 a.m. around 7:30 tonight, the bay bridge lights officially will be turned back on.
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there is a free fireworks show afterwards and then chris isaac will take the stage. this is the first of several free concerts planned over the in the case week. the nfl experience opens at 10:00 at the moscone center at san francisco. we have another live look for you. you do need to pay to get in. once inside, fans can attempt to kick a winning football, meet some players, even take a selfie with a vince lombardy trophy. of course that's where you can stock up on official souvenirs for game day. fans are expected to spend $80 each for food, apparel, and events. all the fun starts at 10:00 a.m. at the moscone center. leave your car at home. there are road closures downtown around both super bowl events. take a look at this map. all that red, streets are closed from battery to the embarcadero. plus howard street is shut down
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in two separate areas. so just save yourself a headache and use muny, b.a.r.t. or cal train. there are eight days until super bowl 1r. find a complete coverage of events across our digital platform. now to continuing coverage of the manhunt for two escaped inmates. this morning one man is back behind bars. the other two are still missing. we're talking about these men, hossain nayeri and jonathan tieu. they escaped from a jail in santa ana last friday. now authorities are refocusing their search on san jose. the men stayed at this motel, the alameda in downtown san jose. police say they were tipped off by the third escapescapee who t himself in yesterday. >> we believe there may be some associations of one of the suspects in the fresno area. so we think there's a possibility that they may be destined for that area.
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but again, nothing specific. we're really concerned about the san jose area. >> police believe one of the men has family in fresno, and they might be driving this white 2008 gmc van. it's stolen. the reward for helping to catch these men now stands at $200,000. in santa rosa, police are looking for a man accused of sexual assaulting an 11-year-old girl. police say he approached the girl on wednesday in the front yard of her family's home. her mother was inside the house at the time. he grabbed the young girl, made lewd comments and tried to drag her into his car. she was age to gble to get away. he drove a black two-door car that sounds like it needs a new muffler. the fbi is getting involved after someone broke into a fbi agent's car. the thief stole two 40-caliber glocks, an fbi badge and other
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credentials and other fbi property. it happened early yesterday morning in benicia's waters end neighborhood. investigators are still trying to figure out how the thief got into the locked car. >> there's no signs of forced entry into the vehicle. that's still under investigation. >> the sacramento fbi is offering a reward of up to $5,000 for any information leading to the recovery of these stolen items. and a gruesome robbery in the parking lot of a vallejo safeway. a woman shot in the head around 7:00 last night. this is at i-80 and redwood parkway. the victim was unloading groceries into her car when someone approached her, firing one shot into her head. he took off. she is expected to survive. k-9 units searched the area but the gunmen remains on the loose. in the east bay, a 2.4 quake shook lafayette this morning. no damage reported so far. this comes after a pair of
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earthquakes hit off our coast yesterday afternoon. no one was hurt. first we're talking about the super bowl coming, and first, we're two days away from the iowa caucus. those results could give an early hint at which presidential candidate voters think have a shot at taking over the oval office. democratic candidate hillary clinton is getting most of the attention thanks to new information about e-mails the former secretary of state had on her private server. yesterday investigators labeled 22 e-mails as top secret. a state department spokesman said the information wasn't top secret at the time the messages were sent. before those details were announced, clinton had this to say about the e-mail controversy that continues to follow her. >> you just don't see it as anything that will in any way cause any voter to -- a voter with an open mind to have any concerns. >> at least one candidate is taking clinton's advice to move
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on. bernie sanders, tied now with clinton in iowa polls, says he will not make e-mails an issue. new this morning, a live look at san francisco international airport. that's where a new united airlines route to singapore has just been announced. it will be the long ester regularly-scheduled flight by a u.s. carrier. it also will be the only u.s. nonstop flight to singapore. the route begins june 1st. this weekend, a team of stanford students are going head to head against teams from hundreds of other colleges for a chance to work for spacex's ceo elon musk, to create a pod that would work with musk's hyperloop. you remember that plan to transport someone to l.a. in 35 minutes in a tube? students jumped at the chance to influence the future of transportation. >> we have trains, planes, cars,
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boats. that's a really small number. the opportunity to work on a fifth fundamental mode of transport is a rare and special thing. >> the contest ends today. spacex says winners will be invited this summer to test their designs at the company's headquarters in southern california. great minds thing alike. in the president's weekly address, he touched on the importance of keeping computer science in elementary, middle, and high schools. >> in the new economy, computer science isn't an optional skill. it's a basic skill right along with the three r's. nine out of ten parents want it taught to their child in school. yet right now only a quarter of our k-12 schools offer computer science. >> president obama went on to call on congress to provide funding for the next three years to support and train computer science teachers. obama also plans to get governors, mayors, ceos, and tech leaders to get involved in that effort.
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power plugs mostly sold outside of the u.s. are at the center of a rare recall issued by apple. the company says the faulty two-prong adapters seen here on the left could break and cause an electric shock. they were shipped to europe, australia, and parts of south america and asia between 2003 and 2015. the plugs were also included in the apple world travel adapter kit sold in the u.s. apple will either exchange them or give you a refund. we have much more ahead at "today in the bay." coming up, a lot of autographs signed. a father and son's unique idea to get the star's signature, next. take a live look outside at the
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>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." welcome back. you're taking a live look at the sun shining over oakland coliseum. raiders fans still awaiting word on whether the team will play
7:41 am
there next season. a change of heart by the owner of the san diego chargers is making waves in oakland. the future of the raiders is tied to the chargers. yesterday the chargers said they're staying in san diego, at least for now. if they stay beyond next season, that means the raiders will get the green light to move to l.a. in 2017. meantime raiders owner mark davis is exploring other options. he reportedly met with las vegas businessmen about a move to nevada. he's in talks to sign a temporary lease to stay at the oakland colonel i seiseum for n season. these fans are fishing for seth curry's autograph. a father and son dropped down pictures on clipboards. seth signed them and father and son reeled them back in, furthering curry's reputation as a nice and well-rounded superstar. he is the best. much more ahead on "today in
7:42 am
the bay." coming up, a small town with big city problems. we'll tell you how their homeless plight could soon be yours as well. and we're starting to dry out across the bay area. we had some showers overnight. skies are starting to clear out. what to expect for the rest of the weekend, plus a look at the super bowl forecast for next weekend, coming up after this.
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welcome back. you can see very clearly we've got lots of clouds in place this morning and even some areas of drizzle long the coastline in the north bay. keep in mind we'll stay cloudy for most of the day. some sunshine here and there but the clouds will win out the battle today. still cool in the north bay at 47 degrees. you can see we're going to keep the sunshine, mixing now from the peninsula to san francisco. north bay starting to see sun as well. that will be the general trend, temperatures close to 50 in many
7:45 am
locations. it will stay cool, 58 for most of the bay area. moisture extends towards hawaii. that's our next storm system that will push in late tonight to tomorrow morning. it will push to the south so most of us won't actually see that rain. the showers in place earlier this morning will clear out through the day today. mostly cloudy skies are expected. you can see on the futurecast, not a whole lot of clearing. now, as we get going towards tonight, our next storm system is going to scoot off toward our south. we may get clipped by that in parts of the south bay tomorrow morning, around 7:00. by tomorrow afternoon that will scoot on out of here. rainfall amounts really minor with these two systems. in fact we've already seen a few hundredths of an inch with this storm system this morning. most of the next storm system will miss the bay area. we'll see more clouds than anything this weekend. the rain not going to be a huge issue. if you're doing traveling to the
7:46 am
sierra, they have winter storm warnings posted. above 7,000 feet, they could see as much as 2 feet. as we put the futurecast into motion, this upcoming week, the storm system will scoot towards our south tonight. that's going to keep the clouds in place tonight and tomorrow as well. we'll clear out completely on monday. but then tuesday, another fast moving system is going to push in, bringing more clouds back to the bay area, and maybe a spot shower for tuesday night into wednesday. then look what happens as we head towards this next week. virtually clear as we get towards next weekend for super bowl sunday. things looking really good, especially considering we're in an el niño year. it could be a whole lot worse. things continue to dry out towards next week. tomorrow, a brief shower is possible for the morning hours, same in san francisco. temperatures will be cool, though, staying in the 50s today and tomorrow in san francisco. next week are super bowl city open, it's going to stay cool and cloudy, but in san jose, friday, saturday, and sunday,
7:47 am
especially nice and comfortable temperatures, chamber of commerce weather, kira. >> anthanthony, thanks. coming up, the fight to clean up tons of trash. the homeowners who refused to wait for the city to come up with a solution for a growing environmental problem.
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- mosne >> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." welcome back on this saturday morning. a live look at the moscone center in san francisco. temperatures across the city will be in the 50s today, anthony slaughter says. if you're going inside the nfl experience, it opens at 10:00, you have to pay to get in. once inside you can try to kick a winning field goal, meet nfl players, check out past super bowl rings, even take a selfie with a vince lombardy trophy. on the embarcadero near justin herman plaza is super bowl city village. that opens at 11:00 this morning. plenty to do as super bowl festivities kick off today, eight days away from super bowl 50. now to some people who live in wine country. they got tired of "wine-ing"
7:51 am
about a constant problem. joe rosato jr. has more. >> reporter: the river graces a gliding path. and then the dark side. mounds of trash. >> there's always been homeless here. >> reporter: the small resort town is shouldering the homeless problem that's four times that of san francisco's. >> today we'll drive outside of town. >> reporter: this area resident got tired of talking trash. >> going out to pick up the stuff that's been left behind. watch your step, everybody. >> reporter: he started picking it up. >> a lot of clothes, a lot of canned goods, trash. >> reporter: he began organizing twice a week volunteer cleanups along the river. they even have a name.
7:52 am
>> we're now calling ourselves the garbage patch kids. >> you just have to have a good sense of humor and a willingness to pick up trash, and you're in. >> i was horrified at the trash that ends up down there. >> reporter: even when hauling away filthy mattresses, clothes, and garbage, volunteers whistle a happy tune. >> it breaks my heart, you know? and i hate to see people living like this too. >> reporter: on occasion the homeless pitch in. the trash problem is urgent in winter, when the river is known to climb its banks. >> the stuff gets swept down onto the beaches. >> reporter: the homeless issue has consumed the town. they've been hit by five suspicious fires, including an arson fire at a healthcare
7:53 am
facility that helps the homeless. >> i could yell and screen, whose fault is it. or i can pick up a bag and get this stuff out of here. >> we're doing it because it's there. >> that man makes me want to cry. he's done so much. he has so much heart. >> reporter: last year the garbage patch kids pulled 80,000 pounds of trash from the river. >> adversity is nothing new to our area. we flood. and we rebuild. >> reporter: only now they're rebuilding paradise. one bag at a time. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. now to a san francisco lawmaker who wants all single-person restrooms across the state to be gender neutral. assemblyman phil ping introduced a bill he says makes bathroom access more convenient and fair for everyone. it would not affect restrooms that have multiple stalls. he says boston and philadelphia
7:54 am
already have similar laws in place. now to southern california where an unwanted customer waddled into a store. it was a sea lion. the mammal climbed 145 stairs and marched through the front door of the store in la jolla, located next to a sea cave. employees chased it to get it out. when that didn't work they are lured it back down the tunnel with some salmon. clever. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, our friends from pets in need are here. we'll introduce you to dakota. stay tuned.
7:55 am
(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday... (instrumental)
7:56 am
>> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." >> welcome back this morning. some special guests from pets in need are here with dakota.
7:57 am
you've got to see this cutie. he is ready for his forever home. he is a german shepherd mix. he's a little rambunctious. he's a 2-month-old puppy, so he's down here. he's actually doing very well. tell me a little bit about him. you recently got him into the shelter. >> yeah, he's only 2 months old and just got fixed. he's microchiped. he's up to date with his vaccines and can be ready for adoption today. >> he's so fluffy. he is so sweet. you know that he's a german shepherd but you're not sure of the other -- >> the other mix. we're thinking maybe husky. >> he's fluffy like a husky. and you think he's going to get bigger? >> really big, probably 60 to 70 pounds. >> wow. somebody with a big house, a big yard, someone maybe who likes to go on runs. >> an active lifestyle.
7:58 am
>> get this dog out and going. he brings up a good point, dakota does, you're getting a lot of big dogs recently, a lot of breeds you can't typically have. >> exactly. we have a border collie mix right now, an australian shepherd coming down soon. we have variety in our cats too, cats of all ages, a few white kittens that are really cute. tons of variety. >> and you spay and neuter them all, you microchip them so they're all ready to go. we hope you'll check out for more information. dakota is ready to go home with you today. thank you so much for joining us, as always. dakota, hopefully you find a forever home. thanks to you for making us a part of your morning. we hope you have a great saturday. enjoy the super bowl festivities at kickoff today. join us today at 5, 6, and 11, and i'll move my foot.
7:59 am
join us on all day. we hope you have a great day. ♪ the sun is coming out a new adventure ♪ along with me ♪ by my side ♪
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