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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 1, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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the police department under the microscope. the details we could learn on a justice department investigation into san francisco police. the biggest show on earth is only hours away. live outside the sap center for opening night of the super bowl. that's next. and a very good monday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. a very busy week ahead. we're rocking and rolling on a monday morning. let's get a check of your microclimate forecast. >> the wind will start to slow down and chilly out there this morning as you head out bundle up. temperatures are right in the lower 40s. todays highs in the upper 50s all across the bay area with some sunshine, breezy winds and feeling a little bit milder. but into the next few days, we'll have some more rain and
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temperatures warming up. i'll detail all of that coming up but those winds kind of shaking around those bridges, mike. >> that's right, kari. look at our bay bridge for our emoryville camera. let's get off of this shot where you see the easy drive. a smooth flow of traffic from the city and the wind advisories for these spans, bay bridge, san mateo bridge and even coming across vallejo an easy flow of traffic and tiny bit of slowing. i'll check on san jose where there might be a traffic break going on highway 7. >> mike, thank you. we'll check back with you soon. meantime happening later today details will start to unravel on the department of justice investigation into the san francisco police department. this coming after months of community backlash following the death of mario woods. "today in the bay" stephanie chuang joining us live from our
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newsroom at what federal investigators could reveal at a news conference in a few hours. good morning. >> the mayor, police chief and mario woods' family has all pushed for the usdoj to get involved and those who will leave this federal investigation. now, this, of course, following that shooting death of 26-year-old mario woods that was caught on camera by some witnesses. police say woods just stabbed a stranger and ignored their commands to drop the knife. the sfpd one of the officers that fired the guns but racism in police ranks have continued since that shooting and a couple weeks ago the woods' family through its attorney demanded two federal investigations. one into whether the five officers criminally investigated the rights and whether there is a practice or pattern of discrimination in the sfpd. calls for firing, disruption of
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the mayor's inauguration and a brief shut down you may remember of the bay bridge that was back on january 18th. protesters say they're not done. in fact, they were protesting at super bowl city over the weekend and are promising more action this week leading up to the super bowl. as for that department of justice press conference, that is set for 2:00 this afternoon. live in our san francisco newsroom, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." at 5:03. happening today a former san jose police officer is back in court. jeffrey graves had been on paid leave until he was fired from the department in september. prosecutors accused him of raping a woman in 2013 after responding to an early morning disturbance at her home. he took the woman to a san jose hotel where he sexually assaulted her. braves was not arrested until last march. he has pleaded not guilty to the charges. an apparent random act of shooting in eastbound san jose takes the life of a young
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father. police are not saying right now if they are looking for anyone, but "mercury news" reports 20-year-old jamie martinez died in the shooting just before 1:00 yesterday afternoon. the shooting happened right outside the home where martinez, his girlfriend and young daughter all live. a family member says it appears to be a drive-by shooting and a random act of violence. a shooting in vallejo hurt a 30-year-old man happened on sutter street. he drove to a nearby gas station where he called for help. he is expected to survive. officers say they're looking for a silver or gray four-door dodge charger. witnesses say the car that was carrying three suspects at the time of the shooting was last seen driving east on main street. happening later today, a man accused of hitting and eventually killing a cable car operator while driving drunk is going to face a judge in san francisco. william slammed his motorcycle after he got off of his cable
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car right near taylor and francisco streets last june. he succumbed to his injuries and died two weeks ago. he had been a cable car operator for less than two years. happening today the world health organization holds an emergency hearing to look for ways to combat the zika virus now spreading across parts of the globe. world health experts say the outbreak is now impacting some two dozens nations and territories. it's been declared an international public health emergency yet, something many medical experts know very little about. one big fear is many people have no immunity to the virus, which could leave babies with extremely small heads and limited brain development. super bowl l now less than a week away. both teams are waking up in the bay area this morning. here is some video of both of them landing. peyton manning in a suit and tie and cam newton rocking the zebra
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print pants as they landed as sjc yesterday. little contrast in styles there. >> get you a pair of those fancy pants there. as we inch closer to the big game, security only about to get tighter. >> damian trujillo is live. i understand you've already seen some officer os patrolling that area this morning. >> they arrived about an hour ago. bomb sniffing dogs around the perimeter of the sap center and primetime and opening night of the super bowl is here in about 12 hours when the doors will open. the san jose police officers did arrive about an hour ago and they are, again, going to secure the inside and perimeter of the sap center with both teams arriving at san jose maneta international yesterday. things are in second gear which means a lot of restrictions. san jose's special event zone
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goes into effect this morning in about 50 minutes or so. the newly adopted ordinance to prohibit sales of counterfeit products, mobile food vendors and the use of drones on public property in a designated zone of the downtown area. the special event zone goes into effect at 6:00 this morning and lasts through next tuesday. the panthers practicing this week at spartan stadium and the branchso will head over to stanford stadium. and you can bet both teams will be buffered by tons of security. the biggest show on earth is in town and san jose says it is ready for it. i did ask my contacts here at the sap center if they would allow me to go live inside this morning but sap is no longer under our control for this week. it is now under the control of the nfl. sam, if anybody can pull off
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those versauchy pants, i think it would be you. >> we can put you on the list, too, damian. i heard they are sold out. >> the versace pants. the stripes on the side. we're counting down to the super bowl kickoff at levi stadium now only six days away. head to nbcbay for complete coverage of the super bowl. right now check out a slide show of photos from super bowl city. click on the top left box. welcome to the bay area players greeted by wicked weather across northern california. vicious winds knocked down trees as people brace cold temperatures and hail. in the meantime further north in the sierra snow blasted interstate 80 leaving dozens of cars trapped for much of yesterday. >> like you had to go skiing through the streets there. how much weather or how is this weather going to change, i guess. the course of the morning. let's turn now to meteorologist kari hall tracking all the
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latest developments for us this morning. >> not as busy as we go into this morning and start off with chilly temperatures, even some frost this morning. so, you may have to allow extra time to scrape that off of the windshield before you head oout to work. 38 degrees now in livermore, but much milder this afternoon with highs reaching into the upper 50s. mostly sunny skies. overall, a beautiful day after having to deal with such windy weather and chilly temperatures over the weekend. let's see how the roads are moving now with mike. >> kari, we caught a glimpse of flashing lights and thanks to ben in our operation center use flashing lights in the center divi divide. there was a traffic break and see the headlights travel north, again. a distraction as you're coming up 87 and heading towards 280. downtown san jose right here. we don't know how long it will take to repair whatever is going on in the center divide. a look at the map and the south bay not affected. the rest of the bay looks great. oakland area, 880 and also the
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camera shakes gusty winds at times, guys. hold on and we'll send it back to you. >> thank you, mike. 5:09. a day that could set the stage for the rest of the presidential election. the iowa caucuses happening tonight. we're live in des moines with a preview. january was horrible on wall street. we'll take a look ahead to this month coming up in "business and tech."
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here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. decision 2016. a live look right now at the capital in des moines, iowa, where we are now just a few hours away from the caucuses. we saw the camera shake a little bit there. a lots of emotions going back and forth. we'll set the scene now for the
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2016 campaign season. "today in the bay" tracie potts joining us live from des moines. tracie, if there was only hype for this event later today. what are you hearing from the ground? >> right. well that there are a lot of choices and some people really don't know who they're supporting yet and we're just hours away from these caucuses. the numbers tell us a significant number of people not only undecided, but people not married to their first choice because which before this caucus process is over tonight, what all of that tells us is there are no guarantees. >> this is our time. this is the time for the men and women of iowa. >> final arguments less than 24 hours before tonight's caucuses. >> there is a large turnout in caucuses all over this place. i believe we will win. >> i hope you will stand up for me! i hope you will fight for me! >> reporter: hillary clinton and
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donald trump have slim leads. >> we have to win this election and we have to win in iowa. >> reporter: that same pole shows one in tenni iowans. almost hafl of republicans here have favorites. >> i am leaning towards marco rubio. >> reporter: but could still change their minds today. karen may caucus as a republican. >> to make sure that a republican candidate we're not interested in is not included. >> reporter: vicki daniel interrupted her florida vacation to fly home for tonight's caucuses. >> it's important. i want to stand up for my candidate. >> reporter: that's what democrats have to do here, literally, unlike republicans. there is no secret ballot. >> you basically have to put your hand up in public and say, i am for this candidate. that's really something. that's just hands-on public democracy. >> reporter: democracy in action in iowa tonight. now, keep in mind, we spent a
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lot of time talking about these iowa caucuses and how important they are, but most people in iowa, they don't participate in the cauaucuses. you have to be there at 7:00. you have to be in line or you can't do it. the biggest turnout they ever had, sam, was 2008. the first obama election. only one in six were part of these caucuses. >> such a small percentage of the eligible voters there. tracie potts live for our coverage from des moines. a close race tonight in iowa and tech giant microsoft will be tallying the neck to neck votes. the new microsoft app to tally the results. cut down on human error and speed up the results and apparently a hit with most of the candidates. both parties have recently voiced confidence in microsoft after a suspicion corporate influence from democrat senator bernie sanders. how about this scott mcgrew has caucused and used to be,
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it's not that hard to count. >> we are talking about the late '80s. you're talking about the various candidates and then someone says, in the case of democrats, okarx everybody for bernie sanders stand over near the lamp. if you're for hillary clinton, go into the kitchen. in my case ducaucus and bush. google will report its profits for the first time as something called alphabet. the combination of all those google companies put together. now, why do we care about this? we care about this because this is our friends and neighbors. 24,000 of them will be working for google this year in our area. so, we'll watch that very carefully as will wall street. let's check your news before the bell. landon dowdy is live at cnbc world headquarters.
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good morning. >> hi, there, scott. good morning to you. could start off on a down note. oil prices fall this morning. stocks ending higher on friday, but still close out the worst january for the and s&p 500 since 2009. and the nasdaq since 2008. look for data on personal income and consumer spending and from alphabet. on friday the dow jumping near 400 points and the nasdaq rising more than 100. scott, back over to you. uber never misses an opportunity to self-promote using the super bowl in the latest push. tomorrow uber will offer touch football games with joe montana and dillford. if you see a qb icon on your app you can go play with the guys. this will only work in san francisco. ellen took a lyft ride but her
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driver was one of her former jurors who voted against her. against the venture capital firm she worked for. she tweeted about it and she asked if she should tip. two thoughts. number one, of course, you should tip the regular amount. you should treat that person the way they want to be treated. do you tip on uber and lyft. i didn't know that was a thing. >> how do you tip? >> take a few bucks out of your pocket. the whole point is that you just say, okay, see you later. i feel like i'm a bad guy now. i feel bad. >> i feel like i'm a cheapskate, too, scott. it's all on your app. in minnesota right now, some students are lucky enough to take school field trips on the slopes. what happens when a disability prevents some from taking part? here's your answer. some nonprofit programs arering
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them allowing physically disabled children a chance to ski along with their friends. professionally trained volunteers assist and control the ski speed and direction. >> just seeing their smiling faces as they're coming down. hearing their favorite part of the trip down the hill or even if it's the ride up the chairlift. >> well, adoptive skis do run a bit pricy. they're about $4,000 and they weigh roughly 60 pounds. but they also allow students who would otherwise be physically able to take part being able to be left behind. >> the thrill on being on the snow and going down. isn't that cool? >> i love that. >> exactly. >> pretty awesome. skis of all kinout in tahoe. >> snow moving through will bring us aidational rain to the bay area and snow to the sierra. feels very chilly as we head out
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the door. taking a live look at the bay bridge after lighting up this weekend and you can tell the camera is shaking around. still pretty windy outside, but i'm just kind of mesmerized by this view here and looking at the lights rolling across the bridge. as we step out the door this morning, it is 45 degrees in the south bay. the peninsula at 46 degrees. let's drop in on the east bay now where temperatures in some spots are dipping into the upper 30s. yes, if you're from out of town, this is very cold for us. it's 38 degrees in dublin and livermore 39 degrees and in the north bay it is 42 degrees. it's also been breezy and stay that way with winds coming in from the north behind that system that rolled through yesterday. our winds staying up and makes it feel you have to keep the heavier jacket on through most of the day. even though our temperatures will be a little bit milder. even into tonight, winds coming in from the northwest at about 20 miles an hour. let's take it hour by hour in
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oakland today as we start out in the mid-40s and warm up to 50 degrees by 10:00. mostly sunny skies all day long ands reaching into the upper 50s. a few more clouds as we into tonight. we will have a couple of storm systems moving in this week. although they will be very weak and won't bring much rain for this first looks to arrive on tuesday and looking at 0.1 and then the second one moves in on wednesday afternoon and could bring up to 0.25. so, the way that plays out, we see the rain on tuesday and again on wednesday afternoon and then all dry just in time for super bowl and temperatures will be warming up this weekend, too. let's check in now with mike to see how the roads are moving. >> they are moving very well now. not to say that you don't have company. 580 livermore through dublin now you're pretty much at the speed here. it doesn't look like the speed limit. speed indicators do indicate that speed. there you go we're looking at a slow down towards the dublin interchange and a little build.
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a tree reported down inside the city itself. coming into the area, we have slowing out of the altamont and watch for gusty winds. meanwhile, the rest of the bay looks really good. bay bridge also getting gust advisory and show you our camera in emorivillemorivilly ville. let's get it back to you guys. the hunt for three escaped inmates now over. two of them caught here in the bay area. but now the is shifting into how they managed to get out of jail in the first place. the details we're retulearning morning. next.
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secure area of the facility where they escaped -- after police in the bay area arrested two t three southern california inmates now in a far more secure area of the facility they escaped after police in the bay area arrested two of them over the weekend. san francisco police arrested yesterday and rebooked. we are learning more about the moments that led up to that capture near golden gate park. an alert citizen saw their stolen van. one exchange between a dispatcher and officers giving chase.
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>> still running eastbound. >> code four. >> 37-year-old hossein nayeri and jonathan tieu escaped ten days ago. he surrendered in southern california on friday. guards are now housing all three separate inside the jail. now investigators are trying to get to the bottom of not only how the three escaped but how they got by on the lamb. this is the facility's first jail break in nearly 30 years. investigators believe the inmates got help from a female english teacher inside the facility. so far no disciplinary action against department personnel. investigators still have not indicated where the men got such things as money and clothing once they were free or if they received help. recent testimony before the cpuc raising new questions about pg&e record keeping history. testified to a judge that it lost 12 years of gas line repair
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records. that covered records from 19731991 in the utilities deanza division that served parts of the south bay. federal and state rules require that it be kept for the duration of the pipe line life. the missing records are expected to play a key factor and whether the judge finds pg&e for its shotty record keeping. coming up the super bowl hype. the extra security measures are getting under way this morning in san jose. and that controversial shooting death of mario woods has led to a new federal investigation into the sfpd. and the announcement by the department of justice today coming up on "today in the bay." ed
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. rise and shine on a monday morning. >> stretch. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> we did it, you can, too. i'm laura garcia-cannon. it's a cold one. it makes you want to stay in bed a little bit longer. >> especially as you head out the door this morning and you feel that cold air. yes, it does make you just want to come back in and get under those covers. it is now 42 degrees in the north bay. and 46 degrees in the east bay. san francisco and the peninsula. we're up to 57 today in the south bay, east bay, as well as 56 degrees in san francisco. some cool temperatures today,
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but it gets better as we go through the week. let's check in with mike taking us through the east bay. >> look at the oakland camera and you showed a glimpse of that and a nice, easy drive. northbound is not a problem with these taillights and the camera trembles a bit from time to time and rooftop across from the s coliseum. the bay bridge westbound we should see the metering lights turn on the typical time and we may see different traffic flow all week and some folks may be avoiding the city and some folks heading into the city for different occasions. we see slowing heading up into the area and check on anything special going on. back to you guise. a developing story we're following this morning in the south bay. the hunt is on for a gunman in an apparent random shooting that look the life of a young father in east jose. happened off of store the road yesterday. paola reyes is live in san jose
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this morning. paola, family members say this was a random act of violence. >> that's right, laura. that's what family members are saying. police will only confirm that a man and a woman were shot. investigators were that scene of the apartment complex in east san jose where it happened shortly before 1:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon. family members say that 20-year-old martinez was celebrating his birthday along with his girlfriend and young daughters when shots rang out a bullet hit him in the neck and he was pronounced dead at the scene. his girlfriend was grazed by a bullet as she suffered nonlife threatening injuries. this appears to have been a drive-by shooting. we'll hear for more details. reporting from san jose, paola reyes. happening later today a department under the microscope. the department of justice expected to announce its investigation into the san francisco police department. this coming after months of community backlash, following
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the death of mario woods. "today in the bay" stephanie chuang joining us with what federal agents might reveal at a news conference this afternoon. stephanie? >> what we know is we're set to hear directly from the federal investigators who will be leading this review by the boj to scope, focus and timeline among the things we will hear about. now, the mayor, the police chief and mario woods' family has all pushed for a department of justice investigation since that december 2nd shooting of woods captured on cell phone video. woods just stabbed a stranger and ignored their commands to drop a knife. of the five officers who fired their guns, only one is white, but that has not calmed the accusations of racism in police ranks and protesters who even temporarily shut down the bay bridge back on january 18th. they called for the firing of police chief and that spread of the video did spark outrage and
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follows other controversy. the ho and a judge recently ruled that the police chief could not fire those officers because the one-year statute of limitations had already passed. so, again, we're to hear some details from the department of justice. maybe going into other controversy from the department from the san francisco police department. that press conference is at 2:00 this afternoon. live in our san francisco newsroom, stephanie chuang "today in the bay." now to decision 2016. here we go, iowa, who is it going to be? all the handshaking and grandstanding as the race for iowa gets down to business and the nomination season begins. began caucusing at 5:00 p.m. pacific. many polls list donald trump and hillary clinton as the frontrunners but in both cases their leads are narrow. iowaers say what separates the caucuses from presidential primaries is democracy in action. >> you will basically have to
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put your up in public and say, i am for this candidate. that's really something. just such hand-on publicmocracy. >> one thing that may impact the turnout, bad weather. a snow storm is due to roll in tonight and if that is the case, some analysts believe hillary clinton and senator ted cruz would benefit the most. all right, laura. super bowl l in action, or at least it will be in less than a week. both teams are waking up in the bay area this morning. here's some video of their quarterbacks respectively landing at sjc yesterday and coming down on to the tarmac as we inch closer to the big game, security is only expected to get tighter. "today in the bay" damian trujillo where police are already visible, damian. that's the way they want it to be. >> that's bright. patrol cars cruising around the sap center and bomb sniffing dogs around the perimeter of the
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arena here and lots of police officers inside making sure that everything is okay. here's something you haven't heard before. er bowl 50 opening night in san jose. the city is getting ready for that big event later on this evening. san jose police officers arrived about 4:00 this morning here at sap. they're securing, again, the perimeter and inside of the arena. but with both teams arriving at san jose menetta yesterday this is now tepicenter of football. the special event zone goes into effect this morning. in fact, just a few minutes from now the newly adopted ordinances are designed to increase public safety during super bowl week. it prohibits sales of counterfeit products, mobile food vendors and the use of drones on public property in designated zone of the downtown area. the special event zones go into effect at 6:00 a.m. and they last through next
5:37 am
tuesday, after the super bowl. the panthers will be practicing this week at spartan stadium and brockoes head over to stanford stadium for their drills before super bowl l on sunday. getting close it will not be as easy with security blanketing them every step of the way. opening night here tonight at sap and your chance to get up close to the participants of super bowl l. a lot of players in and around downtown san jose last night. my twitter feed and my facebook page filled with photos of fans trying to take pictures of all the players in downtown san jose. we're live in downtown san jose. >> lots of people trying to track down cam newton out there. we are counting down to the super bowl kickoff at levi staid now just six days away. head to for complete coverage of the soup bowl. check out a slide show of photos
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from super bowl city in san francisco. click on the top left box. welcome to the bay area. here's some wicked weather we have been having. hope you brought your jacket. vicious winds knocked down trees in san francisco. people in the east bay brace cold temperatures and hail, as well. in the meantime, look at the sierra there at the bottom of the box. getting blasted with snow. interstate 80, in fact, into reno was at a standstill yesterday and a very huge pileup at the state line. accidents, as well. at least four big rigs and koppel dozens cars were involved in a wreck. luckily they say no one was seriously hurt. the shut down lasts for hours. whipping winds proved deadly yesterday in southern california. winds up to 70 miles per hour knocked down trees and took out power. one person died when their car was crushed by a large oak tree in san diego pacific beach neighborhood. the tree crushed three parked cars, as well. the storms also brought new
5:39 am
concerns apotential mudslides. weather back here at home a little calmer this morning as we take a live look outside. beautiful bay bridge glistening with the bay lights, once again. they were turned back on over the weekend. let's bring in meteorologist kari hall for more on what we can expect on this monday morning. >> still breezy and very cool as that cold air behind that system that moved through yesterday continues to settle in. and now temperatures in the east bay and north bay down to 38 degrees. and highs today will be warming into the mid up toer 50s. now, this is cooler than average, but that sunshine will make it feel a little bit better. we're up to 57 degrees today on the embarcadero and oakland and oakland 51 degrees. we have a couple more chances of rain and talk about all of that coming up in ten minutes. let's see what's happening on the roads as we check in now with mike. >> see that slowing and just cleared up a fraction of the
5:40 am
second after we took it off the camera. getting towards the super bowl city closures and that was my concern. just a couple slower moving vehicles that made their way down howard and back over across there at first where you can access market. looking at a smooth drive. for those folks taking mass transit and muni and adjusted about a block or two because of those closures. the rest of your bay looks great as far as the speed sensors go. fremont and southbound 880. picking up the volume a tad bit into the south bay and slowing 101 through san jose. back to you. >> thank you, mike. coming up next, an urgent warning to parents in redwood city. the suspected predator police say is roaming the streets and targeting teenagers. >> seems like everybody is coming to silicon valley. the latest may be oprah. we'll take a look, coming up in "business and tech." flames engulf a san leandro home. why flames might be to blame for another bay area house fire.
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happening today. oakland police planning on driving on the message of pedestrian safety. police wanting to crack down on drivers who do not yield to people walking through city crosswalks. traffic patrols will focus on oakland's more troublesome spots and ticketing jaywalkers, as well as drivers who speed on through intersections, make illegal turns and fail to stop for signs and signals. icate 5:45. a warning for parents on the peninsula. police say a man is targeting teenagers from his car around redwood city. three sketches were released, all supposedly of the same suspect. since mid-january there have been four instances of a man offering rides to teenagers walking alone to or from school. three of these incidents happened just in the past week. the most recent, just a couple
5:45 am
of days ago. in each case, the man asked for directions then offers to give the teens a ride. he's approached both boys and girls as sequoia soccer practice. all the teens gave slightly different descriptions of the man. in each instance, the man was driving a dark colored sedan. a dog taken right under the spca nose. this is daisy may. a volunteer was taking her for her daily walk when a man stopped them to ask about daisy may. they chatted for a bit ask that's when the man snatched the dog and threw her in his car and sped off in a brownish gray sedan. now making matters worse, daisy may is scheduled to have surgery this week to remove a mass. if you know anything about this snatching, please, call the spca. hoverboard may be the blame
5:46 am
for a fire in san leandro. they knocked it down quickly but then this. the exact cause of the fire is not known, but the homeowner said he was charging the hoverboard before the fire started. other fires in the bay area, just last week a fire caught fire in a peta luma home. that fire spread. a week earlier in santa rosa a family lost their home and their two dogs after a hoverboard caught fire. all right, scott mcgrew. we take this opportunity to say speaking of things that blow up in your face, let's talk about wall street. >> lousy january coming to a close. >> the worst january, laura, in six years for the dow, seven for the nasdaq. the stock market ended the month friday on a high note. the dow was up 400 points. but that wasn't enough to make any difference in the long run. low oil prices and worry over china made for a very tough
5:47 am
january. president obama today will propose spending $4 billion to teach children computer science. the president mentioned the plan in his weekly radio address over the weekend. he says he'll ask for that money for k-12 students in the budget that he'll send to congress. the president says computer science is important now as the three rs. reading, writing and arithmetic. a board seat to oprah. just rheumer and talk at this point, but so long as we're gossiping a private venture fund interested in buying twitter outright. alphabet will report profits today. the company formally known as google. this is the first time it will break out some of its other companies like google and into their own categories. we'll break it down for you in half an hour. a lot of interesting things this week. alphabet today and yahoo! reports tomorrow and i don't need to tell you the drama there. the all-important jobs number on friday. more political than usual, guys.
5:48 am
a good job's numbers and some good jobs numbers lately will help the democrat get some on the candidates in the election. >> all right. helping the local bay area businesses, of course, the super bowl. in most cases. but right now the vandalized super bowl statue in san francisco alamo square is no where to be found after taken away by the city. we showed you the photos posted to twitter and it was knocked down and the letters to say oops. this is the second time it was vandalized. it previously said superb owl 50. this statue was in the civic center. what's up, bro. there are ten of these statues around the bay area. many of them vandalized. >> must be easy to take off those letters and rearrange
5:49 am
them. >> etching it in concrete. 5:48 right now. let's find out what is going on in the weather front. we have seen all over the map. >> we have wild weather over the weekend and now things are starting to calm down and we need it. as we take a live look now at the south bay. we are start out with mostly clear skies and chilly temperatures, too. and check out that seven-day forecast as it comes up at the bottom of the screen. we have a start to the week. we'll have a couple of days with some rain chances and then dry out and warm up in time for the big weekend. now, it's 42 degrees in the north bay as you head out. 46 in san francisco and the east bay is 38 degrees. let's drop in on the north bay where it is now 37 degrees. frost and some of the valleys, though. we'll have to spend some extra time scraping that off of the windshield before you drive this morning. and as we take it hour by hour in san francisco, at 10:00 we're in the lower 50s. though you still have to wear some extra layers and it will be
5:50 am
windy and by noon and we're right at about 55 degrees and then we will see highs reaching into the upper 50s, but just in a few spots and then later on tonight, we're cooling it back down. we will have a couple more chances of rain. this one moves in tomorrow and it brings in some light accumulations up to maybe 0.3. and then as we go into wednesday night and early thursday, another one, but it also looks fairly weak. this is the way it pans out as we take a look at the futurecast. by tomorrow morning right at 6:00, we do have some rain moving in. it will be fairly quick and in and out of here. by 7:00 on wednesday, we'll see the next round moving in and then we have some dry weather as we get ready for the weekend. once again, those temperatures will be warming up as high pressure moves in, as well. the rainercast doesn't show a whole lot. especially for the north bay. santa rosa measuring in the 0.1 and then in fremont more of the same. walnut creek maybe 0.25 in total
5:51 am
and futurecast for the sierra. if you're getting out of here heading east, there will be a couple of rounds of snow moving in tomorrow, as well as wednesday. and in between those two, it looks like not a whole lot of snow, but will be just enough to make those roads very slippery and the expected snowfall expected to be maybe about two to four inches for some of those higher spots, especially along 80. we'll be keeping track of this and a look athead the weekend coming up. but let's see what's happening on the roads now with mike. >> hey, folks, looking near san jose where northbound 101 shows traffic building and see this ease up as we look at our map. you know the traditional pattern just before 6:00 and a burst and then just after 6:00 things let up and 6:30 when things will kick in. 87 we hope this trend improves. local capital expressway and bite my tongue there because it went from yellow to orange. speeds slowing a tad bit and some construction going on and the traffic right at 87 and 280. still trying to get word because
5:52 am
all lanes are clear. we'll see how long this is going to last or at least how long it is expected to last. 580 through the tri-valley. a build for south 680 and watch chp gave a warning for the altamont pass and westbound 580 through the area for a possible wind. looking at the maze, a smooth drive. the bay bridge metering lights are on and 580 off of 24. the berkeley curve starts to slow a tad bit getting into the city. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. the girl scouts of northern california, well, they got their own super bowl strategy, thank you very much. sell early and sell often near super bowl events. starting today cookie booths will be up near san francisco super bowl see and other super bowl activities. it is likely a win/win for the organization and a lot of hungry fans. >> are you a tagalong kind of guy. thin mints here.
5:53 am
grab extra change before you park at b.a.r.t.'s parking lot fees are going up. it will only affect three stations. parking fees will be increased by 50 cents. that includes those who buy monthly and long-term parking permits in oakland. take a look at your screen. shows you how much using b.a.r.t.'s parking lot will cost you now. go towards lot nns and improving b.a.r. stations. helping disabled children enjoy snow sports. the invention that is making it possible to hit the slopes. but, first, happening right now on check out video showing the wicked weather that rolled through the bay area, including some hail. plus, viewers posting weather video on our facebook page. people are talking about a four-legged friend getting in on the super bowl 50e action. happening today: ==laura/vo==
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federal investitors ll release new evidence in e release new evidence in the deadly train derailment that killed eight muters in philadelphia. another 200 were hurt in last may's derailment. why the train took a sharp curve at twice the posted speed limit of 50 miles per hour. among the documents expected to
5:57 am
be released today include black box data and interviews with the train's engineer. three southern california inmates now in a far more secure area of that facility where they escaped from after police in the bay area arrested of them. the last two over the weekend. san francisco police on saturday. they were rebooked into the santa ana jail thattey escaped from. police say an alert citizen saw their stolen van near a whole foods on eighth street. here's one exchange between a police dispatcher and officers giving chase. >> he's running eastbound. still running. still running eastbound. >> code four. code four. got him down. >> 37-year-old hossein nayeri and jonathan tieu along with bac
5:58 am
duong. he surrendered on saturday. this marks that facility's first jail break in almost 30 years. a case of very mistaken identity. santa clara police have been on the hunt for a male stabbing suspect. turns out the suspect was actually this woman. stephanie sotelo. recognized her from a police sketch. she issed with the attempt ee a. the victim first identified her attacker as a man. raising new questions about pg&e record keeping history. they testified to a judge that it lost 12 years of gas line repair records. that gas covers paper records from 1979 to 1991 in the utilities deanza division. federal and state rules require those records be kept for the duration of the pipeline's life.
5:59 am
the missing records are expected to play a key factor in whether the judge fines pg&e for shotty record keeping. some schools are lucky enough to take field trips on the slopes. here's your answer, adaptive skis. some nonprofit programs offer them allowing physically disabled children a chance to ski along with their friends. especially trained volunteers assist and they control the ski's speed and correction. >> just seeing the smiling faces on the children as they're coming down and hearing their favorite part of the trip down the hill or even if it is the ride up the chairlift. >> adoptive skis are pricy. they run about $4,000 and weigh about 60 pounds but also allow students who would obviously be unable take part in these events avoid being left behind. >> leave lots of smiles there. right now at 6:00, the road to the white house starts in iowa as the first americans vote
6:00 am
for their choice for president. live in iowa as the caucuses are set to ged under way in just a matter of hours. i'm stephanie chuang with more on the new federal investigation into the san francisco police department sparked by that controversial shooting death in december. details on today's announcement coming up. super bowl l opening night in san jose. i'm damian trujillo. live outside the sap center. "today in the bay." continues now. and a very good monday morning. thank you very much for joining us. a busy week in store. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the bay bridge this morning. look at the lights, they're back on for good. our camera bouncing around justilajusa little bit, as well. want to check the forecast with kari. >> it will still be breezy cool as we start out this day and now temps in the lower 40s as you


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