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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 1, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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looking for answers after the deadly police shooting right now at 11:00, looking for answers after the deadly police shooting of mario woods. the announcement expected in just hours from the department of justice. good morning and thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon in for kris sanchez. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. in just three hours we'll hear from federal investigators opening a comprehensive review of the san francisco police department and its policies. this follows a series of controversial police shootings, including that of mario woods caught on camera by witnesses december 2nd. police say five officers opened fire after woods stabbed someone, then refused to drop the knife. stephanie chuang is in san francisco at city hall.
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there has been pressure to bring in some outside eyes. >> reporter: absolutely, scott and laura. city hall has been under fresh for some sort of review of the police department use of forth especially since that woods shooting. the mayor has called for that investigation and we will hear details this afternoon. san francisco police have said only one of the five officers who opened fire on woods is white. that, however, has not appeased protesters who accuse the sfpd of racism in the ranks. they have asked for two investigations, one into whether the officers criminally violated his civil rights. we're talking about a broader scope into whether there's a practice and pattern of discrimination in the sfpd. the woods shooting is the most recent bit of controversy but there is recently controversy over the text messages exchanged between officers back in 2012 who, by the way, were not fired
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because the chief took, according to the judge, too long to seek that. now, to understand what the department of justice investigation into san francisco pd will entail, we can look at the doj investigation most recently opened in chicago after a series of police shootings there, including one in december that killed a man and his 55-year-old neighbor who police said was accidentally struck. the federal review there focuses on the department's use of force, how it holds its officers accountable, training and practices related to using, reporting, investigating and reviewi reviewing reports and how they receive and handle misconduct. they got information directly from police officers, local officials, community members and other people. exactly how long this investigation will take in san francisco remains to be seen, but, for instance, in cleveland that's the doj investigation opened in march of 2013.
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it's very similar. it took almost two years for the doj to arrive at a conclusion and then come up with court-overseen reforms which included things like focus on deescalation tactics and the creation of a community-police commission. so we may be waiting before we see any results. the press conference is set for 2:00 this afternoon. stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. just into our newsroom, the world health organization says the zika virus is an international emergency. the outbreak is now impacting some two dozen nations and territories. zika virus, which spreads through mosquitos, can leave babies with extremely small heads and brain development. the last time the world health organization declared an international emergency was for the devastating 2014 ebola outbreak in west africa. also new at 11:00, the cdc says chipotle's e. coli outbreak is over but some mystery
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remains. the centers for disease control and prevention announced it has officially closed the investigation into the popular fast food chain, but the agency says it has not been able to pinpoint the source of the contamination. but there have been no new cases since december 1st. two e. coli outbreaks sickened more than 50 people across 14 states. now, that's separate from the restaurant's problem with norovirus. they are planning an ad and social media campaign to win back customers. now to decision 2016. all eyes on the hawkeye state this morning as the road to the white house starts in iowa. in just six hours the first americans will cast their votes on who they think should be our next president. >> tracie potts is in iowa, she's been talking with voters. >> this is our time. this is the time for the men and women of iowa. >> reporter: final arguments less than 24 hours before tonight's caucuses. >> there is a large turnout in caucuses all over the state.
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i believe we will win. >> i hope you will stand up for me. i hope you will fight for me. >> reporter: hillary clinton and donald trump have slim leads in the latest "des moines register" poll. >> we have to win this election and we have to win in iowa. >> reporter: but that same poll shows nearly one in ten iowans are like cassandra. >> i'm an undecided voter. >> reporter: they found a third of democrats and half of republicans here have favorites. >> i am rooting for marco rubio. >> reporter: but could still change their minds today. terrance is a democrat who may caucus as a republican. >> to make sure that a republican candidate we're not interested in is not included. >> vicki daniel interrupted her florida vacation to fly home for tonight's caucuses. >> it's important. i want to stand up for my candidate. >> reporter: that's what democrats have to do here, literally. unlike republicans, there's no secret ballot. >> you have to put your hand up and say i am for this candidate. that's really something.
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that's just such hands-on public democracy. >> reporter: democracy in action in iowa tonight. turnout may be the key, but keep in mind the best turnout they have ever had in iowa was 2008, the first obama election. only one in six iowans participated. tracie potts, nbc news in des moines, iowa. speaking of iowa, hey, if you can -- well, we'll talk about what's going on here. this is a live look at one of the kasich campaigns. when results come in, we'll update everything on our 11:00 a.m. news as well as tomorrow morning starting at 4:30. let's talk a little football this morning. super bowl 50 now just six days away. san jose's special event zone now in effect. cameras were outside the sap center this morning. you can see extra officers on patrol. the newly adopted ordinances designed to increase applicable
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safety during super bowl week. it bans mobile food vendors in a designated zone of the downtown area. the special event zone goes until next tuesday. in san francisco, the extra security around super bowl city means extra delays for people trying to get to work. >> damian trujillo is live in san francisco this morning. people getting off the ferries now have to go through metal detectors this week. >> reporter: yeah, the party is about to start here for the day along the embarcadero in san francisco as super bowl festivities are in full swing both here and in san jose all across the bay area. as we've been reporting, there are metal detectors all along the embarcadero to get into super bowl city, so people who are going in have to pass through them. many waited in lines after getting off the numerous ferries. some were visibly upset by the metal detectors and the long lines, but it is the only way
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for them to get to work. and those lines were longer during the peak rush hour. but as the ferries dock, you had streams of people lining up to get to work. others took the added security in stride. >> you know, i appreciate the effort. >> i think it's great. i think it's good that they're being careful and keeping everybody safe. >> reporter: super bowl city is a city within a city. there are food, games and beverages, a stage also where bands will be rocking the embarcadero all week long, so the gates are about to happen, inviting people to come to super bowl city. the opening night in san jose starts at 5:00 tonight. i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. well, this afternoon the teams will take part in nfl opening night at sap center in san jose. it used to be known as media day but will basically be the same thing with reporters asking
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players from both teams important and some not so important questions. >> and the players trying to stick their sponsorships in there as well. both broncos and panthers touched down at san jose international yesterday afternoon. their chartered plane taxied to the executive terminal where security is tight. dozens of media members lining the tarmac as denver and carolina boarded buses headed to their hotels. fans able to catch a glimpse by peeking through the chain link fence that surrounds the terminal. >> it's exciting. your adrenaline just starts pumping. we can't go to the super bowl so we might as well look at the buses of that the players. you can't even see the players in the bus. >> fans also greeted players at the temporary south bay headquarters. the broncos staying at the marriott in santa clara, the panthers are at the marriott in san jose. someone is vandalizing super bowl signs throughout san francisco, include the alamo square neighborhood. we showed you these poet ohotos
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twitter. this is the second time it's been vandalized. this statue was in the civic center. someone rearranging the letters to say soup row 50. just into our newsroom, speaking of thursday, thursday night football coming to nbc. we learned nbc will air five nfl games thursday night for the next two seasons. the deal is worth $450 million. >> that's a lot of football. we're counting down now to the game coming this sunday to the super bowl. kickoff at levi's stadium is now just six days away. and you can always head to for complete coverage of the super bowl. you can check out a slide show of photos from super bowl city. up next at 11:00, uber seizing on the super bowl.
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their latest offer that could have you playing football with a hall of famer. plus flames rip through an industrial building in los angeles. it was breaking news we brought you live this morning on "today in the bay." an update is next. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a lot of sunshine and temperatures headed into the upper 50s. it gets warmer. we'll talk about that coming up in the microclimate forecast.
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well, we might have hoped that the first day of training in february was different than february. it wasn't. the markets are once again moving lower. a terrible, terrible january for the stock market. president obama today will propose spending $4 billion to teach children computer science. the president mentioned the plan in his weekly radio address over
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the weekend. he says he'll ask for that money for k-12 schools in the budget he's sending to congress. the president says computer science is as important as the 3 rs, reading, writing and arithmetic. the latest talk about twitter has the company offering a board seat to oprah. it's just rumor and talk at this point. as long as we're gossiping, there's also talk a private venture fund will buy twitter outright. mountain view's alphabet will report profits today. the company formerly known as google. this will be the first time it will break out some of its other companies like google and nest into their own categories. we'll talk more about that in the next couple of days. lots of interesting things happened this week. i mentioned alphabet. yahoo! reports tomorrow. i don't need to tell you the drama there and we get the all-important jobs number on friday. it will be more political than usual. a good jobs number will help the democrats, no doubt. uber never misses an opportunity to self-promote.
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it's using the super bowl in its latest push. tomorrow uber will offer touch football games with former 49ers quarterback joe montana and trent dilfer. now, if you see the qb icon on your uber app, you can go play with the guys. it will only open in san francisco. ellen powell took a lyft ride but her driver was one of her former jurors who voted against her. she lost her case against the venture management firm she worked for. she tweeted about this ride and asked if she should tip the regular amount to her lyft driver and most people said yes. treat him the way you want to be treated. >> i wonder what she ended up doing as well. >> she didn't say. in southern california, we showed you this earlier this morning, a massive fire that engulfed an industrial building north of downtown los angeles this morning. propane cylinders and combustible storage items fueled
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those flames. more than 140 firefighters responded. they declared it a knockdown two hours later. luckily no one was hurt and no homes were threatened by the fi. a hoverboard may be to blame for another fire here in the bay area, this time in san leandro. it happened at a house on glenn drive. firefighters knocked it down quickly but then found a burned hoverboard. the exact cause of the fire not known, but the homeowner said he was charging the hoverboard before the fire started. there's been other fires started by hoverboards in the bay area. just last week a hoverboard caught fire in a petaluma home. did some damage before the owner put it out. in santa rosa, a family lost their home and two dogs after a hoverboard caught fire. wild weather yesterday. winds up to 70 miles an hour knocked down trees and took out
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of power. one person died when their car was crushed by a large oak tree in san diego's pacific beach neighborhood. the tree crushed three parked cars as well. it also brought new concerns about potential mudslides in areas where wildfires have recently burned. interstate 80 in reno at a stand still yesterday after a huge pileup at the state line. at least four big rigs and couple dozen cars were involved in that wreck. no one seriously hurt but the shutdown lasted for hours. those biting winds felt closer to home this weekend. a big tree fell across a yard in redwood city. luckily no one was hurt. residents say timing played a crucial role. >> me and my husband and stepson were underneath the tarps in our driveway. it could have came down a little bit before and it would have got probably all three of us. >> winds in the neighborhood approached 40 miles an hour. across the bay area, it left
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utility cruise scrambling as fallen trees and utility lines were ramp ability. it also left sleet and hail in some places. i took a sneak peek behind us, kari, it is a -- >> beautiful. >> the tourists visiting san francisco have no idea they're missing so much rain. >> that and they're really having to bundle up out there because it is cold and the wind is just whipping. i took a walk earlier this morning and just saw little tree branches down everywhere, so that's what we are dealing with as we clean up from that system that moved through yesterday. now we are taking in this sunshine, a gorgeous shot there. our temperatures slowly warming up. we are now at 53 degrees in oakland, 52 in san carlos and also in san francisco. as we take it hour by hour in san francisco, by 2:00 we're at 54 degrees, mostly sunny skies all throughout the day and still breezy with temperatures in the low to mid-50s. heading into tonight, cool once again as the winds start to calm down and our temperatures
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dipping into the upper 40s. now, speaking of the wind, it's coming in from the northwest. these numbers show you the wind speeds in miles per hour and the winds at 15, 20 miles an hour, a little higher right along the immediate coast. into this evening it picks up once again so sustained winds are expected to right at about 30 miles an hour for an hour or two. it's ahead of this next storm system that will be moving in. it's a weak one and will start to bring in some light rain in time for the morning commute. by 5:30 it's raining in santa rosa, approaching san francisco. moving into parts of the south and east bays by 9:00 in the morning, as many people get out on the roadways. we will see that rain starting to scoot off to the south giving us a cloudy day as that rain moves out. there will be two systems moving in this week, so once again that first one moves in tomorrow. it doesn't look to bring us much rain. about a 10th of an inch, maybe 0.3 of an inch. the second one heads in
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wednesday. it also doesn't look like a very strong one. a couple of waves of rain as we go through the week once again on tuesday and then again on wednesday. and then we'll just clear it out for the rest of the week. we are going to see those temperatures warming up. you can see how those temperatures warm up as you take a look at the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. and the rainfall totals aren't looking like a whole lot. once again, maybe up to a quarter of an inch in some of the spots to get the highest amounts of rain. over the next three days, we will have temperatures going up a little bit each day, with the exception of tomorrow, because it will be pretty soggy, especially during the morning. but during the afternoon we'll still have those clouds overhead and temperatures won't warm up much more than the mid-50s. and then by wednesday we'll start to see those temperatures heading in the right direction and it is looking like we are going to keep it dry for the super bowl with some very warm temperatures. we'll talk more about that. also if you want to get away and head to the sierra, i'm have a look at that forecast.
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that's coming up a little bit later. scott and laura. >> our travel planner as well. i love it, thanks. up next at 11:00, something you have to see to believe. the amazing video and how this big wave surfer managed to walk away with just a broken board but no broken bones. we're in an nbc bay area microclimate weather alert. we've made it easy for you to get the latest information on your smartphone. click on the bar that says weather alert. that will take you right to what you need to know right when you need to know it. i'm vicky nguyen and that's how to stay informed with the nbc bay area app. right now on the nbcbayarea website, a murder mystery in san jose. a young father shot and killed on his birthday and police are looking for the gunman. one of the top videos on our nbc app is san francisco police catching southern california escaped inmates and a plan to hand out condoms to middle school students in san francisco. what do you think? join the conversation on our facebook page.
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our next digital update in one hour. when it comes to "the soccer
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pitch" - the latest pitch in san jose does away with grass welcome back. when it comes to the soccer pitch, the latest pitch in san jose does away with grass altogether. according to the mercury news. youth soccer leagues that play on san jose park and rec fields might play on dirt, which any parent with a kid whose uniforms are white will point out that turns to mud when it's wet.
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dirt fields also have a third world look. the idea of going grassless is not a done deal. it will be considered only if local communities embrace the idea and the lower costs to maintain them. a preliminary meeting takes place wednesday. the girl scouts of northern california have a strategy of their own. starting today girl scout cookie booths will be up near super bowl city and other activities. it's likely to be a win-win because there's always lots of hungy cookie fans. many fans have been stopping by levi's stadium to snap a pick with the big 50 sign. take a look at that one. wave to the cameras there, nice pose. mighty regularly visits sick children at the children's hospital. a frightening scene in a surfing competition off the
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coast of maui. a huge wave knocking a surfer off his board. >> he's fine but take a look at this video. he caught that 40-foot wave which he later described as a sea monster rising out of the ocean. the monster won this time. you see him bailing off the board. it had witnesses holding their breath to make sure he was okay. amazingly he just came home with a stiff neck and broken board. what a dedicated surfer. he was out gent very next day. >> that was like two stories in a building. up next, the spca needs your help tracking down a dog thief. coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00, "access hollywood live" followed by "days of our lives" at 1:00 p.m. decision 2016: laura/2shot in
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5-and-a-half hours -ians will caucus. back to our coverage of decision 2016.
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in five and a half hours, iowans will caucus. it's the first round of voting as america starts deciding the presidential race. >> for republican candidates, it's their last chance today to persuade iowa caucus goers. here's peter alexander. >> reporter: in a little more than 12 hours we'll know, will it be donald trump? >> you haven't had a winner in iowa in 16 years. we're going to have a winner, you better believe it. you're going to have a win are this time. >> reporter: or ted cruz. >> we need to take power out of washington and back to we, the people. that is what this campaign is all about. >> reporter: or can marco rubio turn his late surge into tomorrow's surprise story. >> we are going to win this state in the general election and turn america around. >> reporter: this morning with polls showing trump clinging to a five-point lead, a growing controversy over a mailer sent by the cruz campaign. the letter labeled voting
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violation claims to be an official record based on how often residents have caucused. there's no violation for not voting. the iowa secretary of state blasted the cruz campaign insisting it misrepresents iowa election law. trump teed off. >> i thought real estate people in new york were bad. these politicians were the worst liars, wow. it's a fraud as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: cruz remains defiant. >> i will apologize to nobody for using every tool we can to encourage iowa voters to come out and vote. >> reporter: with trump landing in style, his wife by his side -- >> he will be unbelievable. the best deal maker. >> reporter: this weekend the cruz into victory bus got stuck in the mud. the cruz camp hoping it doesn't foreshadow tonight's results. heading into tonight's caucuses, hillary clinton and bernie sanders in a statistical tie. >> the issue will be turnout getting their supporters to show up. here's nbc's andrea mitchell. >> please come out and caucus.
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>> reporter: with only hours to go, hillary clinton and bernie sanders were working into the night, making their closing arguments to iowa voters. >> this is a campaign of the people, by the people and for the people. >> reporter: sanders, speaking to thousands of supporters in des moines. just six miles away, it was a clinton family aware. >> senator, secretary of state and the next president of the united states, hillary rodham clinton. >> reporter: clinton drawing her biggest iowa crowd yet. >> i am a better candidate and thanks to you i will be a better president. >> reporter: clinton's final pitch, experience. >> when you go to caucus tomorrow night, you're not only selecting a president, you are selecting a commander in chief. >> reporter: sanders is change, rallying young people who have never caucused before. >> join in the political revolution. thank you all very much. >> reporter: at a student rally saturday, sanders even sang with the band vampire weekend. ♪ this land is your land
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>> reporter: clinton is counting on older women. in the past her most loyal supporters. but this time even some women have clinton fatigue. >> ultimately it's not just being the first woman, though we need one, it's being the right president at the right time. >> reporter: both camps are relying on armies of paid staff and volunteers to turn out the votes, and the clinton team has gone high tech with a new app to spot precincts where they can take delegates from sanders by steering voters to the third candidate, martin o'malley. >> that was andrea mitchell reporting. the final poll has clinton three points ahead. both have plenty of money for what could be a long primary battle, especially if sanders scores an upset tonight. we know it is going to be a close race tonight in iowa. tech giant microsoft will be tallying the neck to neck votes.
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their app is supposed to cut down on human error. both parties recently voiced confidence in microsoft after suspicion of corporate influence from democrat bernie sanders. the ongoing migrant crisis playing out near the greek islands continues every day. every day greek residents ris can you their own lives to rescue those migrants. >> that has caught the attention of a lot of people now petitioning for those people to be considered for the nobel peace prize. >> reporter: overloaded with syrians fleeing war, another boat lands on lesbos, the island in the eye of the refugee storm. their relief is clear. safe in the arms of islanders, whose compassion is now in line for a global prize. the freezing winter temperatures aren't deterring these people. 50,000 people have come ashore already this month. a quarter of a million in the
11:34 am
last three months. many owe their lives to the island people who rescued these men from their sinking boat. >> we've seen bodies from many accidents. >> reporter: volunteers have seen people drown trying to get here, others dying from extreme cold. >> it's almost like a war zone that we're in. we've had lots of people that have not made it. >> reporter: anotherrescue, this one a boatload full of children under 12. volunteer medics rush babies to a clinic where the island's doctors despair of a war without end. >> i feel very sad and i'm very angry about this. >> reporter: everyone here has been deeply affected. >> people just walking their dog on the beach, you don't expect to find a body of an 18-month-old child in the morning on a dog walk. it's not good. >> reporter: for their courage and sacrifice, the islanders are now being nominated for the
11:35 am
nobel peace prize. >> when they make a certain honor, that means a lot. >> reporter: but not everyone on the island is celebrating their nomination. >> we need to stop this. i don't want the nobel prize because people are dying this way. >> reporter: the island's life blood, tourism, is dying too. they fear the nobel prize won't bring that back. >> i am afraid. >> you're afraid for your livelihood. >> family. >> reporter: but nothing, not fear or a peace prize will stop them. rescuing the victims of war. bill neely, nbc news, lesbos. on most smart phones there is a feature or app that emergency personnel wish you'd use more often. >> it could be a life saver. nbc's chris clackum has details. >> reporter: most of us use the lock screens on phones to keep out the bad guys. but what if it's the good guys who need vital information to save your life?
11:36 am
>> with a medical emergency, we're the first ones there from a medical standpoint and so it's vital. >> reporter: it turns out that information can be easily accessed on your smartphone. on iphones, it's right there in the bottom left-hand corner of the lockops up for a quick call to say 911. or if you're unconscious, someone like a paramedic can tap on medical i.d. and up pops info on yourself that could prove crucial. it's a standard app on iphones where you input whatever info you deem important, like your name, the person to call in case of emergency, your height, weight and most importantly medical conditions. >> if you have epilepsy, we want to know that. if you have pre-existing heart conditions. if you have strokes. if you are diabetic. all of those major medical situations that could actually determine the outcome of why you're having a medical emergency in the first place. >> reporter: certain android phones come with similar apps or
11:37 am
there are plenty online to choose from. but the advice is do it, now. chris clackum, nbc news. >> got to check your phones. well, taken right under spca's nose. now they need your help tracking down the dog snatcher. a man stopped to ask about little daisy mae. they chatted for a bit and that's when the man snatched her, threw him in his car and sped off in a brownish gray sedan. it happened at the east bay spca in oakland at 11:00 yesterday morning. making the matter worse, daisy mae is scheduled to have surgery this week to remove a mass. if you know anything about this snatching, call the spca. february is heart month, the time to raise awareness about the nation's number one killer, heart disease. >> exercise greatly reduces the risk for heart disease, but as erica edwards reports, many of us aren't getting enough of it.
11:38 am
>> reporter: to borrow from sir isaac newton, a body at rest tends to stay at rest, and that greatly increases the risk for heart disease. >> physical inactivity is a killer. >> reporter: a new survey from cardiologists at the cleveland clinic finds 40% of us are not meeting the minimum recommendations for exercise. 30 minutes a day, five days a week of walking, biking, lifting weights, any moderate physical activity goes a long way in improving measures of cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure. start small and stay realistic. >> don't expect to lose 20 pounds in that first month. don't expect to go to every class five days a week right in a row. >> reporter: just as exercise can help prevent heart problems, it's equally important for people already living with heart disease. they should be getting just as much physical activity any anyone else. >> the one caveat i would say to that is that they should build
11:39 am
an exercise program with a professional, so with their cardiologist, with their sports cardiologist. >> reporter: if you have days that are impossible to work in a workout, don't take it sitting down. studies have shown simply standing for two hours a day can reduce heart disease risks by 10%. erica edwards, nbc news. up next at 11:00, helping disabled children enjoy snow sports. the invention that's making it possible for them to hit the slopes. controversy in hollywood. we'll show you the strong message some screen actors guild winners are sending to the academy. as you look out the window, it looks like a beautiful day, but it is chilly out there. but temperatures warming up as we get closer to super bowl sunday. i'm have a look at that forecast coming up.
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some say there are two parent durg this weekend'"screec welcome back. some say there are two hollywoods and that was apparent during this weekend's screen actors guild awards. several minority actors won awards. >> and that is a stark contrast to the all-white academy award acting nominees announced this month. it has led to criticism, even boycotts. there is a message some s.a.g.
11:43 am
winners had for oscar organizers. >> the night could be summed up with one sentence. >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome to diverse tv. >> actor -- one of several statues awarded to a nonwhite nominee at this year's actors screen awards. this was hollywood's night to showcase diversity. >> look at the stage. that is what we talk about. we talk about diversity. >> all in direct contrast to this year's academy awards nominee. not a single actor of color up for an oscar in any of the major categories. viola davis says diversity is an ongoing battle. >> we have become a society of trending topics. diversity is not a trending topic. >> but this oscar season it's become a viral discussion. the #oscarssowhite sparked for
11:44 am
the second year in a row. now a hollywood boycott with the academy making changes, diversified membership. >> it's okay to evolve and change and go. >> i think the s.a.g. award winners was an absolute rebuke to the academy in their failure to nominate any nonwhite actors. >> reporter: between the two award shows there's a sizeable difference in voters. the s.a.g. awards have four times as many voting for its nominees. >> i think a message was being sent by the actors that they want a more diverse group of candidates and they want more diverse winners. >> reporter: last night's celebration of color adding more fuel to the fire for critics that come oscar night all we'll see is gold and white. steve patterson, nbc news, los angeles. school field trips can be the best part of going to school for some children, but students with disabilities can sometimes be left behind. >> in minnesota, two students with mobility challenges were
11:45 am
able to participate in a class ski trip thanks to adaptive skis and volunteers. ashley bishop has more. >> we're going skiing. >> reporter: hailey and skyler are both fifth graders. they are found excited to hit the slopes with their friends. the two girls are disabled and get to participate with a special adaptive ski. parents of children with disabilities say this is a special outing because they don't always get to go. >> they get left behind quite a bit. it's better now than it used to be for sure. >> reporter: craig is a volunteer with hope, inc. he doesn't have any children participating in the field trip or that are disabled, but he took the day off from his job so hailey and skyler could come. >> what a great opportunity to take the day off. it's our first day on the hill this year, so a lot of energy, a lot of excitement. i was happy to help. >> reporter: it costs about $4,000 and weighs about 60 pounds. dumer and other volunteers must be trained to use it. the volunteer controls the speed
11:46 am
and steers the ski. he says taking off was well worth the experience. >> just seeing the smiling faces as they're coming down, hearing their favorite parts of the trip down the hill or even if it's the ride up the chair lift, it's a lot of fun hearing them. >> mother liza says the volunteers are angels. >> to see the looks in their eyes coming down the hill, it's really priceless and there are no words. >> how happy are you to be here with your class? >> so happy. >> oh, i love that. it's such a great feeling to slide down a mountain like that. >> we're going to get some snow out in our own mountains there. let's check in with kari. >> if you're heading there trying to get away from this madness in the bay area, yes, we'll have a look at that forecast. right now we're taking a look at sunol and all of that sunshine is not doing that much to warm up our temperatures. we're in the low 50s now. let's head to the north bay now.
11:47 am
it's 56 degrees healdsburg 53, novato 51. we've had some gusty winds the past 24 hours. it's starting to calm down just a bit but it's still breezy. we'll have winds coming in throughout the afternoon into the evening at about 25 miles an hour. heading into tomorrow we're getting ready for more rain and it comes right in time for that morning commute. by 6:00 we start to see that rain moving into the north bay in san francisco. by 9:00 it's pretty much covering most of the bay area. but it does start to roll out of here by noon. we'll still be left with the cloudy skies and breezy ones and cool temperatures to go along with it. right now we're experiencing some temperatures cooler than average behind that front that moved through yesterday. and our highs will reach into the upper 50s but a lot of sunshine. we'll start to see the clouds moving in later on tonight. once again, that rain during the morning. there are a couple of systems out there, the first one is fairly weak. it will only bring a 0.1 to 0.3
11:48 am
of an inch of rain as it moves in. the second round moves in wednesday afternoon and looks to have light rainfall totals. as that rain moves in, we will of course have snow in the sierra and then dry things out for the rest of the week. once again, we've been talking about a nice, dry super bowl as our temperatures warm up. in the futurecast, we will see some of the scattered showers moving into the sierra, creating some light snow. it doesn't look like a heavy snow, but it may be just enough to make those roads very treacherous. heading up 50 or even i-80, and we are looking at the snow between tuesday and then again on wednesday with a potential of not a lot, 1 to 4 inches of snow. once again, it will be just enough to make things slippery if you're going in that direction. by this weekend it all enclosures oenclosure clears out and look at those temperatures. up to 68 in the south bay on sunday and also some mid to
11:49 am
upper 60s elsewhere, so as we break it down going into the game, well, we'll be at 68 degrees by the time the game kicks off. then into the mid-60s. i don't know if it gets any better than this. a lot of sunshine, comfortable temperatures and i think that's probably the reason why they set the super bowl right here in the bay area. we are going to have some awesome weather for it and it looks like at this point we really lucked out. scott and laura. >> thanks, kari. up next, professional cuddling? yeah, that's a thing. we'll show you the unique business opening in north dakota. stay on top of incoming storms by setting the home screen on your smartphone to weather on the nbc bay area app. just click on the nbc bay area icon in the top left corner of your screen. then click on the button that says set your start screen. click weather and then done.
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that's how to stay informed on the nbc bay area app. getting in bed to cuddle with a
11:51 am
11:52 am
stranger might sound a little strange. it's not about romance. getting into bed to cuddle with a stranger might sound a little strange. certainly not about romance. >> it rarely is. well, professional cuddler in bismarck, north dakota, says the sessions are about the healing power of touch therapy. megan hahn has more. >> reporter: amber rose is a cna by trade, but she's turning in her scrubs for something a little more unorthodox. >> the typical touch of cuddling helps lower your blood pressure. i do offer back scratches because who doesn't like a good
11:53 am
back scratch and also a light massage. just like you'd receive from a significant other just to help relieve a little stress. >> reporter: while hugs for hire may seem like a strange concept, amber rose says many people simply need the companionship. >> when i had a client, actually the resident over there at night she would cry. and pain medicine can only do so much. it can't relieve the heart and that loneliness. i would go in there and she would talk about her family and i would massage her legs for her. everyone from young to old needs this, regardless of where you are in life. >> she says more and more calls are coming in and she plans to open a store this spring. >> what it would be is just a very relaxed environment that someone could come in after work. instead of going for a beer you come in and cuddle someone. >> with a woem heart, amber rose
11:54 am
shares she hopes to drive home the idea of hugs as a form of therapy. >> we've heard of that before. it's an interesting idea. >> everybody needs a hug. >> we'll be right back. scott/2shot we'll be right back. =i unit promo omni!!= many people clean their dentures
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with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula
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works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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the annual 'tough guchallge' is an epi-m it's been called the toughest race in the world. >> the annual tough guy challenge. it's an epic nine-mile obstacle course. competitors must overcome challenges, including a 40-foot vertical wall climb, underwater tunnel and series of pipes. it was staged in 1987 and draws competitors from all over the world who want to test themselves in grueling conditions. last year's runner-up, connor hancock from england pushed hard to win this year. >> it could be tough ladies as well, right? that's allowed. >> and i was all about it until i saw them jumping over fire and stuff. >> the electrical wire hanging down, that's funny to watch. >> that's going to do it for us. go out there and enjoy this gorgeous day.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
today on "access hollywood live," we've known this beauty, this woman, a long time, long time. >> too long. >> i think you serenaded her, right? >> i said not long enough. >> at my 30th four years ago. >> i crashed your room with tequila shots. >> i want in on that. talking about the new show telenovela, which is hysterical, also newly engaged. >> sleepily hollow's nikki reid is here. she's been talking about her twilight role, how it gave her self esteem issues, we'll talk about that. >> plus, the sag awards this weekend. green was the color of the night. >> best dressed. >> did you watch


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