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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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at 11: red carpe now. and now here i am. wow! >> right now at 11:00, red carpet treatment in san jose, the super bowl players come face to face with fans. good evening, everyone, i'm jessica aguirre. and i'm rajai mathai. this is the testing ground in san jose, 27 bucks gets the fans inside with the players, a bit of a circus, but the fans seem to love it. >> we're kicking off the super
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bowl coverage in san jose, chuck, how did it go? >> reporter: itçó went very wel the sap center estimates 5 thousand fans were here in the arena also known as the shark tank. the colorado leprechaun joined the club of fans. >> we're trying to get everyone hear. >> reporter: everyone else was here disguised as reporters, including the pick boy, with a question for peyton manning. >> he comes from a football family, what happens at dinner? huddle up? >> reporter: thank goodness, ms. universe showed up. >> i ask if they have a dance or a hand shake. >> reporter: he didn't talk about handshakes but is recovering from his concussion.
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>> i feel good, i don't think anything is going on with that. as long as you take care of it it's not an issue. >> reporter: and just as football talk broke out there were puppets. >> i was going wow, that looks so cool. and now, here i am, wow! >> that is why you want to continue to do it. you want to put smiles on somebody's face. >> reporter: peyton manning finished by saying this could be his last game and then signed an autograph before leaving. media madness this year, called opening night. every player was here, all you had to do was walk up and talk with them except for the key starters who had their own little podium. and for those, fans could listen in with those little headphones, very high tech. it is the silicon valley, thank you, chuck. we know that the broncos' bus ride this evening was a lot smoother than the earlier one.
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three buses got into a minor crash there on the 101 after their practice at stanford. as the convoy approached the area there at moffett field, one cut them off and they ran into each other. >> kind of an exciting bus ride today. we got in a wreck today, our bus, exciting, which adds to the unique season that has occurred this year. >> and mans has a sense of humor, no injuries but quite a start to the super bowl week. this picture was tweeted out by demarcus ware showing some of the damage, well, the stars of the show, of course the two quarterbacks and one of theb](tc players who grew up in the area, mindy bach has more. >> reporter: without a doubt the two players most sought after, the two quarterbacks. >> i am certainly honored to be
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here, this team is honored to be here. i feel like i have a good understanding of the significance of playing in the 50th super bowl. >> we wouldn't be in this position if it did not take a collective group of men to come together and be not one humble, but work together as a team. >> my wife and kids, my mom right now, i don't have to buy hotel rooms all that stuff. >> nice to have jared allen back in the south bay. that was mindy bach reporting. let's look live at san francisco right there at super bowl city from atop our cnbc studios. a crush of people will come in wednesday and thursday anticipating the big game. it has been what? 31 years since we have hosted the super bowl? now we're just five days away from kickoff. and now decision 2016. a nail-biting day in iowa, the caucuses living up to the hype.
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bernie sanders and hillary clinton in a dead heat, no winner declared. martin o'malley far behind and dropping out. and ted cruz, trumping donald trump, and steve handelsman is in iowa with more on tonight's race. >> reporter: ted cruz is the projected republican winner in iowa after relying on the state's many christian conservatives. >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. >> reporter: across the state, turnout was heavy. and republican caucuses like this one in des moines and the democratic caucus across town and hundreds like them statewide. but donald trump who thought a big turnout thought a big win for him would mean a loss. >> we finished second, i want to tell you something i'm just really honored and want to congratulate ted. >> reporter: marco rubio finished just a point behind trump. >> this was the moment they said
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it would never happen. >> reporter: rubio instantly becomes the hope of the gop establishment. on the democratic side, bernie sanders was tied for the lead. >> and while the results are still not complete it looks like we'll have about half of the iowa delegates. >> reporter: hillary clinton glad not to get badly beaten like she was here in 2008. >> so as i stand here tonight, breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you, iowa. >> reporter: dropping out of the race tonight, democratic martin o'malley and republican mike huckabee. now on to new hampshire with ted cruz and marco rubio, getting a big burst. and short of a win. in des moines, steve handelsman, nbc bay area news. all right, thank you, steve, we have extensive coverage across the digital platforms
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including reaction from the candidates as well as expert analysis. and you just need to go to and follow us on twitter and facebook. new at 11:00, a 5-year-old child in the hospital with severe injuries. police are now looking for the hit-and-run driver. this is a car involved in the crime, this is a brown or gold four-door sedan, witnesses say the child was hit near fairfield. police say the driver never stopped and instead just took off. the child is expected to survive. a bizarre scene on the freeway. a suspected gunman arrested by a bart police officer. his gun trained on the suspect. this is the video you're seeing. this happened along concord on highway 4, investigators say the man caused four cars to crash and injured several people. the bart police officer noticed the man firing the gun from the car. soon after that that man
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crashed. >> he was coming flying down like that, those vehicles were stopped. and no brake lights, nothing, so i knew he was going to try to fly through the intersection. and i heard the collision. >> reporter: remarkably, no injuries from the gunfire, it's not immediately known who that man was firing at. a freak accident tonight, investigators now want to know what caused a tree to topple on a man in san jose killing him, happening in the bay area of san jose at a popular park there. more on the story. >> reporter: tonight, investigators trying to find out what made this 70-feet eucalyptus tree fall over and kill a man in the state park. >> i handle seen anything falling from a tree. >> reporter: the coroner has not identified the man yet but police say he was older than 60. the tree itself was on the southern bank of this creek bed, water running right by the roots, now exposed.
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>> really did not expect this. terrible situation. >> reporter: many people tonight concerned the tree's health may have played a role and want other trees around it to be inspected. >> you know, it's happening all over, it's just dangerous, something that needs to be looked at around here, there are a lot of kids around here. >> reporter: investigators say they're looking into a number of factors including the recent winds and drought. witnesses say it could have been much worse. >> there were words that we got that there were kids in the area able to move out of the way to safety before the tree hit the ground. >> reporter: city officials were not able to tell us if this tree was supposed to be cut down. they plan to have those answers by tomorrow. in the morning, a tree inspector will be out here on site to try to determine what happened. in san jose, ian cole, nbc bay area news. and good evening, i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, our storm system is lining up just off to the north. we'll have details on the
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microclimate, how much rain and storms in the area. and a plan to protect middle school students that has local parents concerned. the condom controversy playing out in san francisco. and a fight in a hotel room that helped the police zero in. thank you.
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leaders in san francisco so what do you think of condoms for middle school children? it's an idea that school leaders in san francisco are considering, and as you might imagine parents have a strong opinion about it. nbc bay area has more on the controversial condom plan. >> reporter: jessica, most parents of middle school-aged kids don't want to believe those kids are sexually active, but some of them are and school officials here in san francisco want them to be safe, so they're
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making condoms available on middle school campuses, which could be part of the plan. the sound of middle school kids on the playground doesn't make you think of adult behavior. but san francisco school leaders say survey results tell them some young students are sexually active. >> we have a very small population of our middle school students, only 5%, who have identified as being sexually active, and only 3% of that population are using condoms. >> reporter: knowing some students risk pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, san francisco unified is looking into expanding its high school condom availability program to middle schools. condoms would be on campus, but not exactly easy to get. >> a student could have a face to face discussion with a nurse or a social worker. and then decide if this is the time and the place to begin a sexual relationship. >> reporter: middle school parents are quick to react to
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the idea. >> go for it, they need to be speaking to an adult. >> they're only in sixth grade, sixth or eighth grade, no, i'm not in favor of that. >> reporter: the condom program is sure to sparkheated debate, members say educating the kids is life-saving. >> i was sexually active and had my children at 16 years of age. programs like this help our children make healthier responsible decisions and choices. >> reporter: the proposal now goes before the full board of education. and if it passes, there will be some training before the program is rolled out. reporting live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. and the mystery appears to be solved. a broken water line may have caused the soil underneath this home to be unstable.
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the $2 million home with sweeping views drifted down hill last week. you might recall the story. it forced crews to be an emergency demolition. the work is not over, crews still need to drill into the ground and make a well to help with the pressure on the hillside. now water samples will be taken to see if something else could be causing that home to slide. and another twist in the escaped story of the inmates. all three recaptured escapees appeared in the santa ana courtroom today. investigators say the inmates planned their jail break for months. they kidnapped a taxi driver with his cab and drove to san jose. this was from southern california. two of the criminals then got into a fight in a motel room near the sap center over whether or not to kill that cabbie. eventually one escapee and the taxi driver returned to santa ana where that fugitive surrendered. the two remaining escapees then got caught in san francisco.
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the u.s. department of justice will look into the san francisco police department's use of force. the probe in the wake of the shooting death of mario woods, but the doj will examine whether racial factors play a role in policing in the city. now, the city will not be required to adopt any of the recommendations the feds make. the review will take about eight to ten months to complete. back to our super bowl coverage, the country is watching and protesters are taking full advantage of that. >> with thousands of fans in the bay area, they're taking no chances. nbc bay area cheryl herd is at super bowl city in san francisco. >> reporter: well, jessica what you see behind me is what sports fans will see all week long. groups with the message know that. many causing disruptions to make sure their voices get heard. >> you want to work for 3.25 an
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hour? no, right. >> reporter: a protest on the streets of san francisco, not just any protest. this one involving uber drivers who are protesting pay cuts. >> this will wake them up, you know, it's like david and golia goliath. >> reporter: this gave the disgruntled drivers a platform to show the world why they're angry into they're constantly lowering our fares and we can't survive. >> there are 40,000 driving partners throughout the bay area. and for many of them our message to them is we realize price cuts are difficult. >> reporter: while uber drivers attempted to snarl traffic during the evening commute? the justice for mario woods coalition welcomed the nfl to san francisco on sunday. police reform, not super bowl mania, taking center stage.
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police say that the public has the right to protest, but so. >> if you're there to block traffic and cause problems and break the law then we'll have plans to assess that. >> reporter: in san francisco, cheryl herd, nbc bay area face. >> well, treourists are not the only ones enduring the security checks. even the locals who are just trying to get to working feeling the pinch. long lines, even for those returning from lunch, officials and companies are urging everyone if you can to telecommunicate or just take a few days off. and over the next couple of days, a tiny bit of weather. >> we escaped a huge issue which would have been rainfall. the forecast models showing the potential of rainfall on super bowl. but again, the forecast looks dry.
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you get a preview of what is coming up. the big thing we're tracking at this very moment, the cold temperatures outside. i know you felt it if you're visiting out of santa clara. out at the sap center, 40 degrees, a few clouds. the east bay, 37, the wind kicks up, feels like 33, back into san francisco, 48, and the north bay at 45, the cloud cover moving in right now should stop any kind of dramatic dropoff from that current temperature. the big thing we'll find as we head through tomorrow morning's forecast, the rainfall returning. the north bay, a cold rain, areas of scattered rain for san francisco, the chance goes down for the peninsula and the south bay. we can drive you through this next incoming storm system. you can see at 6:30 a.m., the heavier rainfall, marin, napa, sonoma counties and then pushing down into san francisco maybe a few drops towards san jose as well. once we hit 10:30 a.m., the cold front really begins to push to
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the south, the best chance across san jose the peninsula and contra costa counties, alameda, to get activity for tomorrow. by the afternoon, likely the cloud cover, we'll see breaks on the drying side of this storm system. another system quickly behind it arriving at 1:00 p.m. to the north, rainfall back by wednesday, how much rainfall will the two storms see? i would like to see a whole bunch more but doesn't look like it's possible. the way they're moving in there is dry air associated with it. this is the best we can do in terms of the totals, 6700th of an inch in san jose, san francisco, about the same, napa, 1200th, and santa rosa, 1800th. and that looks like about it over the next three days. let's look at the forecast throughout tuesday heading to san francisco super bowl city, you may need the umbrella in the
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morning, by the afternoon a few breaks of the sun and looking at the coast for the embarcadero, palo alto, back to pacifica, 54 degrees, if you're here visiting you will get a view out there. chilly, up in the south bay, san francisco expects 57, for the tri-valley and east bay no major differences for the microclimates. oakland coming in at 57 and the tri-valley, livermore at 54. let's look at the next 15 days with the current el nino pattern in place. everybody is always anxious for the next round of big storms and once again we have that rainfall returning next -- tomorrow morning. also this wednesday evening, dry super bowl with high pressure moving in. that is on saturday and also on sunday. then it looks like february 12th into the 17th, that could be a much wetter weather pattern returning. so i would like to let the santa clara stadium know if they need
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a weather report out there even with the sunny skies i'm here to do it. >> you are going to get a sun tan on sunday. >> yes, that is why he volunteers. all right, thank you, jeff. all right, still ahead, google rise, changing of the guard in silicon valley. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call or e-mail the unit at nbc bay nbc bay area, we investigate. caucuses. we've getting reaction from and happens now on our digital platforms a wild night at the iowa caucuses. we're getting reaction from all the candidates at as we mentioned go to our twitter page to see superstar cam newton play a little trivia, elsewhere, details on our facebook page and digital updates every hour through the night.
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morning, alphabet is ready to pass apple as the world's most valuable okay, mountain view is about to trump cupertino, they are about to pass apple. the company's stocks surging today, they announced details of the newly formed parent company of google. it gained about $37 billion in value, now, they're valued at $54 billion, apple connecting in at around $534 billion. and the zika virus is now a global crisis. main concern is for infected pregnant women. zika is believed to cause new babies to have small heads and
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under-developed brains, the untreated virus is spreading explosively across latin america due to mosquitos, health experts say up to 4 million people could be infected within a year. okay, we're not done with our super bowl coverage. feldy joins us next. stay with us.
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hi, everybody, i'm dave feldman, super bowl media day or at least night. a year ago media day produced this gem for pete carroll. is this a must-win game, coach? that is my favorite. there was a reporter, a ms. universe, a clown asking questions. there was everything. an eventful night. but it was especially exciting for the players and coaches with local ties. >> i grew up in a time when the raiders were the thing. and then the 49ers became that. so there are so many great coaching legends here from john madden and bill walsh, you got to see those things, how they did things. >> i had to just gather myself for a moment.
11:30 pm
i thought well, i'm actually back in san jose, i get to go home and sleep in my bed. and i'm playing in the super bowl. this is amazing, really amazing. >> steph curry is going to the super bowl, not root follow vernon davis, grew up in charlotte, a beloved panthers fan. he cheered for the panthers most of his life, last year he got to beat the drum, this year he gets to go to the big game. >> 15 and 1 regular season, and obviously super bowl appearances pretty special. i've been rooting for this team since '94, '95. the second opportunity to hopefully bring a lombardi trophy back to charlotte. so we'll root for them down in santa clara at the stadium. should be a great experience not only for those players to be able to lay in a game like this, but for the fans. they are so die-hard and loyal. >> and we'll have extensive super bowl coverage right here
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raj, already looking at the morning commute -- >> i know the super bowl is coming, but you know we're happy the rain is here. you can see tomorrow morning the rain returns, wednesday evening another chance, dry weather for super bowl weekend. and possibly some more storms coming february 12th, through the 17. so specifically for the super bowl, 67 degrees and partly cloudy skies winds out of the northeast at about five to ten miles per hour. so pretty perfect, considering we are in el nino. >> this was the ticket. >> thank you for joining us, have a good day tomorrow. >> good-bye. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kevin hart, noel fielding, tech expert joshua topolsky,


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