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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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and took care of the beast, so i could escape. and that's what happened to your breakfast croissant. and yours? it survived. share it with yourself. freshly cracked egg with ham and bacon, or sausage, get two breakfast croissants for four bucks. san jose -- the scene of a prostitution sting. it involves a player on the nbc bay area news starts now. >> a motel 6 in san jose, the scene of a prostitution ring. it involves a player on the broncos. the player was sent home to denver. >> i'm raj mathai.
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>> ian cull is outside of that motel 6. >> murphy has been a member of the denver broncos squad since november, a team on its way to the super bowl. as for murphy, after an alleged stop at this motel, he'll be watching the game from home. our sources say murphy was spotted with his brother and a woman at the motel 6. the woman entered the hotel and came back out. that's when police swooped in on the car murphy and his brother was in. murphy was let go. tonight head coach gary kubiak
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released a statement saying "although practice squad safety ryan murray was not cited by the police, we thought it best to send him back to denver." stings done by santa clara county have netted ten citations over the past few days. >> meanwhile rapper snoop dog's show went without a hitch tonight despite his gear being ripped off. he rented an suv and it was broken into tonight.
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snoop dog is hosting a few super bowl related events, including a private viewing of the game. >> we're following breaking news in the east bay. just minutes ago the chp reopened all southbound lanes of 880 after this deadly crash. this is in san leandro. it happened around 8:30 this evening. officers still doesn't know exactly what happened. we're just now getting this video in. we know two cars somehow crashed into each other. one, right there, flipping on to its roof. the person was killed. all second lanes were closed. >> we just learned a driver involved in a violent crash near the cal campus has been arrested for drink driving. a woman was riding her bike on bancroft and fulton avenues when she was hit by a car.
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the man driving was promptly arrested. >> now a story you'll see only on nbc bay area. a woman arrested for alleged live stealing a campbell police car is revealing why she did it and stop herself. chuck? >> jessica, the patrol car was found near parkmore and meridian. it was part of a sting. she blames drugs for what police call her reckless behavior. she was the passenger in a stol
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stolen acura that rammed into a patrol car and ignored an officer that tried to stop her. >> didn't mean to hit him or nothing. my thing wasn't to like hit him or nothing. i was under the influence of crystal. >> reporter: she blames a number of her past on crystal meth. >> because i don't want to go to drugs. i already done like six months in custody. >> the injured campbell police officer was treated for head injuries and released from el o
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so. >> one suspect identified as 35-year-old kristen hernandez is 5'8". she said she turned to drugs while fighting with her husband about spending more time with the family. >> chuck thank you. more jail deputies could be arrested. they are investigating claims that inmates beat them --
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tonight a chp officer is still recovering with his family by his side. we have new information on his condition and the man accused of stabbing him. jean, first and foremost how is the officer doing? >> i'm told the officer is listed in stable condition but his wnd pipe was cut during that stabbing. it's a serious injury that's adding to the current debate about the police use of force. san francisco police arrest 44-year-old noel korbit minutes after police say he stabbed a chp officer. police recovered a large knife. a witness said he seemed mentally ill. >> he was acting like --
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>> the violent attack on the officer comes during a debate on use of force. the president of the police officer association highlights how dangerous people with knives can be. >> this just goes to show you how quickly. >> the county should look out for them to provide health
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services and get them treatment. >> until that's done, you will have individuals that will attack innocent bystanders or attack uniformed officers. >> investigators tell me they believe this officer here at the hospital is facing a long recovery. in the meantime, the suspect is facing a list of charges, including a attempted murder and ag gray vated all the. >> the san francisco who may under up getting. >> st. laurence academy announced tonight it's been done in by crushing debt and with no
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way as to raise enough money, it closing its doors. >>. >> education is ex. >> and good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're tracking exactly how much rain for your wednesday commute. plus details on what it means for super bowl weekend. >> also, some local bank customers lost thousands of dollars and now a bank tell a.
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>> burrito run. take a look, the super bowl star sighting in downtown san jose. it's about time the taco...came out of its shell.
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the elderly or deceased. in this case -- sn inside job at a san francisco wells fargo. not all bank robbers hide their faces. some target the elderly or deceased. in this case it's an inside job at a san francisco wells fargo. cheryl hurd is in the city this evening. >> well, the san francisco district attorney is dealing with the case involving a bank teller and his friend. that friend is right now behind bars. the bank teller is out of jail tonight. both are facing some very serious charges.
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>> all of the charges originating from this wells fargo bank. according to court records, j d jafd. >> we're worried that we're going to begin to see an increase in case involving this type of conduct. >> tellers have extraordinary ak s is sprk because in order for bank customers to be protected,
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laws need to change. >> there probably have to be this type of can't down for city. . >> our struggles continue for yeah how. right now it's stocks are buon. in i in. even though she spent more than $3 billion to bring in more traffic top officials in dallas,
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texas, say they have. >> --. >> back to our super bowl coverage. the world's biggest broncos fan got a super surprise today. [ laughter ] . i am he took a little break to interrupt allison's house tahj page. he wrote he would freak out if he got to meet a bronco. so what did the two talk about? quarterback eighthon manning, of course.
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he's a true leaderer. he's everything you could possibly want in a quarterback. not on is he a good football player burr he's a great person. >> before he left, vernon davis signed a football for alex, which is a big time souvenir. nice for vernon to be home, too. >> take the. leaders gave away two tickets to union sunday's game. the tickets were the grand prize for a contest promoting local shop during the assume bowl week. >> thank you, forecast difficult
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l l . >> lady gaga will be joined by actor marnie matlin. >> panther star cam newton started in downtown homosexual last night. good job, ditch the hotel food. it's a famous late-night start
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home that their their own. >> going to need that jacket if you're up early, especially in the south bay. back into the east bay, that's where the coldest temperatures will be and 37 for san francisco. in the north bay, that's where we'll find some differences, possibility of a few shoddy spours. >> you'll likely see the chance of scattered showers. but the best chance by far of getting any activity will come around 5:30 in the afternoon. check it out here down across
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san jose, east bay and peninsula. it scattered at best. do not expect a major storm system tomorrow. >> after that we begin to clear out. here is how low u oonl from and fran 0.4 for. high pressure prish felts late off to the north opinion that's the cupertino coming in at 56th.
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up here to nasa, best chance of rainfall throughout the day. for the east bay oakland coming in at 58 and the tri-valley, a beautiful day in pleasant, high pressure builds in for that dry weekend. and we'll likely see more el nino returning them. and then wet weather by the mid part of the knives. >> did we hitting the kak --
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>> hey, guys! we have a great show. do not change the channel! >> happening now on our digital platform, a heart felt mother after the mother' r. >> wayne -- win a new camaro for your valentine. passengers aboard "daallo
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(dah-lo) airlines" y they heard
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loud bang while flying from mogadishu, somalia to djibouti (jee-boo-tee). the pilot managed to make a safe landi. s that a gaping hole on the side of this jet. they heard a loud bang. but it did not detoneighth ahmad freej wem. >> eva longoria. rate night with "self-."
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>> he had a tremendous college career. he was number one pick in the draft. you want to be that player for the team that drafts you. you want to make them happy with their choice. and he is off to an awesome start and making -- i assume making the panthers very happy they drafted him number one. >> i think so. now on to the 49ers. they say colin kaepernick doesn't want to play with the 49ers anymore, with his third des nate, beating the new york clents. >> yet same is really box in to.
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>> ryan garbutt, final score in that one, 3-2. yahoo! sports reporting if kevin durant left, the doves would be significant front-runner yet. >> speaking of the dubs, they'll travel to the white house on thursday. more news after the break.
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