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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 3, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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now. good morning. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's look at the cold start to our morning. here's kari. >> bundle up. the temperatures are warming up throughout the day. south bay, 39 degrees. we're looking at highs today in the mid to upper 50s with some rain moving in by the evening commute. we'll see the scattered showers through tonight and tapering off early in the morning. i'll detail that coming up. let's check in with mike to see what's happening on the roads. zooming in toward the traffic heading in toward san francisco you see a light easy drive, no backup at the toll plaza and no shake to the camera. we'll look over toward the maps and show you the traffic flow calm as well. 101 northbound at 280, that might be blocking the slow lane.
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haven't seen any problems and haven't seen any issues before the updates from chp. there was a fender bender reported through palo alto but no slowing for 101. happening now, police in the tri-valley searching for an elderly woman missing since yesterday afternoon. 76-year-old marlene haynes was last seen at her livermore home about 3:00 p.m. as you head out to work you will notice silver alert signs. she's described as having blond hair, blue eyes, 5'5" tall. haynes may be driving a toyota camera with a disabled place. she suffers from medical conditions and may become disoriented. the broncos player wrapped up in a south bay prostitution sting. this happened at a hotel four miles away from the team's hotel. bob redell is joining us live in san jose where all of it unravelled. the player was not cited by police he's still going home to watch the super bowl from the
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comfort of his house, this after the broncos are taking action anyway. >> reporter: san jose police said they will be stepping up sweeps of places they say are known for prostitution like this motel 6. this is by the san jose airport. now sources tell nbc bay area news that yesterday officers spotted rye murphy, a member of the broncos practice squad with his brother and a woman here at the motel. when the women went inside the motel and came back out, police detained the murphy brothers who were sitting in a car. investigators cleared ryan murphy of any wrongdoing and let him go. broncos head coach garry kubiak released the following statement saying it was best to continue the preparations for super bowl without him. the status as a practice squad
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player has not changed. as a member of the practice squad, his job is to help the team prepare. he is a bay area native having graduated from hokeland tech. bob redell "today in the bay." happening later today, the department of homeland security is going to be in san francisco to discuss safety effort for super bowl 50. secretary of homeland security jeh johnson is going to lead the session which includes officials from the nfl as well as bay area law enforcement. the department of -- the doh says that there has been no credible threats to any of the events leading up to the game. but there are roughly 230 law enforcement agencies taking part in the planning and protection during super bowl week. new this morning, concerns are mounting at a south bay university after two students came down with meningitis. now university leaders are racing to keep it from
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spreading. chris sanchez is live at the university where it's happening. >> reporter: good morning. well the back area that causes meningitis is pretty contagious, not as contagious as the common cold or flu. but this is very concerning here on a campus where students share such close quarters. later on this morning, about 10:30, we expect to learn more about the two confirmed cases of meningitis reported this week and the risk to other students here at santa clara university. according to the santa clara county public health officer, one student was admitted to the hospital on sunday. the other checked in to a local hospital yesterday. each was confirmed to have meningitis, which is an infiction of the lining around the brain and the spinal cord and which can also develop into septicemia. the university is working to find out who has close contact with the two students who have men joits. the university is planning three
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vaccine clinics later on this week. we'll put that information on our website. here are the symptoms to watch for. with meningitis the symptoms are similar to the flu, sudden fever, head ache, telltale stiff neck, vomiting and confusion. if it develops into septicemia, there's also fatigue, rapid breathing and a dark purple or red rash. if you see these symptoms, seek immediate medical attention. it's limited to two those students at this point though it is possible that other people are infected and they're not showing the symptoms yet because that can happen anywhere 2003 three and ten days of transmission transmission. anything like coughing or kissing or having extended long term contact say with a roommate or someone that you live with. but a reminder, not only on this
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campus but off this campus, it is very easy to stop the spread by covering your cough, washing your hands. and if you're in a high risk situation living in close quarters with people, consider getting the vaccine. >> a very close eye on that situation. a driver involved in a violent crash near the cal campus last night now behind bars accused of drunk driving. a woman was driving her bike on bancroft avenue when she was struck by a car. the car dragged her several feet. she was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries and the man driving was promptly arrested for dui. a deadly crash caused a closure on an east bay free about 8:30 last night. two cars collided, one of them flipping over onto its roof. sadly the person in that car died. all southbound lanes before
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closed for a couple of hours. they're asking for witnesses to come forward. now to story only on nbc bay area. a woman arrested for allegedly stealing a campbell police car now revealing why she did this. the 26-year-old is now in jail after being on the run since saturday. maria says that she was a passenger in a stolen acura that rammed a police car on saturday. while the officers chased the two men who were with her, she jump into the driver's seat of a patrol car and ignored the officer trying to stopper h. >> he said get out, that was it. he kept hanging on to the door. i didn't mean to hit him. my things was not to intentionally hit him. my thing was to get away. i was under the influence of crystal. >> now the injured police officer was treated for head injuries and released from the hospital. maria says that she panicked because she was under the
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influence of krystle meth and didn't want to go back to jail. 5:07, real estate heir robert durst kpnted to plead guilty to a weapons charge in louisiana. that should clear the way for his extradition to california. he has been held in la l without bail ever since his arrest yesterday before the airing of an explosive documentary when he seemed to confess to three kilgsz. today he's expected to appear in a new orleans courtroom on the weapons and drug charges tied to the arrest. 5:08. kari, it's clear to start out the wednesday here. wait a minute, what day is it. four day away from the super bowl. >> it's clear now but the day will not end that way. we'll start out with chilly temperatures and then we'll be watching the next weather system to bring in some rain. also this cold front will just bring in some even more cool
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air. but it's a weak system and we won't see much of a drop in the temperatures. scattered rain will start to move in lasting into tonight and wrapping up early tomorrow morning. we'll talk more about that and what to expect for the super bowl weekend in a few minutes. let's check in with mike to see what's happening in palo alto. i found the incident over here. i sound happy about finding a crash. but it's just before the university off-ramp for northbound 101. you recognize the sign for the shopping center right there. watch the slowing. it's partially blocking cars. distraction for the southbound side, we have a billboard right there. we're looking at the rest of the bay, a smooth drive, northbound 101, disabled vehicle reported before the 280 interchange. but chp doesn't seem too
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concerned about it. we'll leave it there for a few more minutes but if there are no developments, we'll clear it. back to you guys. 5:10. coming up one the zika scare reaching new heights. the fight to contain the virus as we inch closer to the olympics. >> yahoo! confirms its plans to lay off and a strange twist to the hillary clinton e-mail schedule. we'll take a look at the business tech. i'm here at the media center for the super bowl 50 event. a lot of glitz and glamour here in a vip room and this no ordinary black hat. we'll tell you what makes this so special coming up on "today in the bay." four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth--
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get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic, plus same-day delivery, and sleep train's love your mattress guarantee. sleep train's presidents day sale is on now. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ kick off at levi's stadium.. and super bowl hype is in full swing across the bay area four days and counting until kickoff at levi stadium administration super bowl hype is in full swing across the bay area this morning. >> "today in the bay" stephanie chong is live. we can't wait to see you throw the football, steph. good morning. >> sprierl. >> reporter: too much pressure, sam. i can't do that. but there are some pretty nice footballs i will show you those footballs in a little bit. we're here in a v.i.p. room. it's in the back. it requires a key to the red carpet. we've got special access this morning. this is what someone just told me is called a retail trainment.
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good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: thanks for waking up early to join us. we've got special things going on. because of super bowl 50 i want to start off with this black hat. can you talk to us about this? >> it's no regular looking hat. it's a lamb skin hat that's especially for the super bowl 50 and it is -- has an 18 karet gold pin on it, $2500. one of the most expensive caps we've had. we're so excited. >> reporter: this is the most expensive cap made for the nfl ever. >> yes. and we really wanted to do something special. we wanted to have really good quality high end items for super bowl 50. >> reporter: and if someone scores this hat, you're of a very small group, only how many people can get this? >> there are 30 going on sale today. we wanted to keep it limited because we wanted it to be
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special. >> reporter: a lot of this is not just about selling but also we've got good causes. and here we've got this shiny looking football. sam, i'm not going to throw this one. this one is not for sale. it's a tiffany football. >> we had 50 designers and brands that designed footballs for us reimagining the duke, if you will. this is one that really stands out from tiffanys. the cause is for the nfl foundation. people can bid for the footballs. as of yesterday this was up to $11,000. >> reporter: wow. and laura was asking in my ear, sterling silver? >> this is the real deal, the same as the trophy. but tiffany's did a phenomenal job. >> reporter: i think there is a theme here. some of the things in this footballs are part of the nfl and super bowl experience, including, i'm -- over there is the golden football and the patch where you see the 50 has
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actual gold in it. that's what makes it $1,000 ap and that patch is what super bowl players wear on their jerseys. no joke here. i'm going to be very careful stepping around this shop. in 30 minutes we're going to a different part and there's a special guest and a clue is katy perry. it's not katy perry but that's the clue. >> by the way, i know maybe your girlfriend, your wife doesn't like football. >> but we always like the tiffany tboxes. let me tell you that. >> if you want to enjoy the fan experience without the crowds, head online. you won't be able to see the sterling silver football. we have complete coverage on a new twist this morning in the hillary clinton e-mail controversy. >> scott mcgrew, it's not about what she said, it's what she received. >> that's right. at this point everyone is
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familiar with this controversy, right? then secretary of state clinton set up a personal e-mail server. well this morning revelations one of those e-mails came from john kerry and he was using his ipad to send it. the hill newspaper which covers the capitol says that then senator john kerry used his personal ipad to send an e-mail to then secretary of state clinton and that e-mail was classified as secret. kerry is of course himself now the secretary of state. the state department says secretary kerry only uses the state department's official e-mail server. you're looking at the webcast that yahoo! does ever quarter enand yahoo! is announcing it's going to cut jobs. about 40% of its workforce is gone over the last couple of years. loun don dowdy is live at
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headquarters. >> good morning to you. the markets will look to reverse tuesday's loss. stock fell sharply yesterday with oil once again the culprit, crude prices falling 5%. oil has lost 10% this week, the biggest two-day decline since the financial crisis. looking for data on earnings from comcast and gm. the dow dropping 290 points, the nasdaq losing 103 to 4517. >> sam and laura, i want to show you something. hint, katy perry. no, not kactually. i want to get your opinion. what is that? i think it looks like a bank card or something. that is uber's new symbol, its new icon for your iphone if you want an uber. that will be updating to your iphone today. people hate it. a lot of people say it looks
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like it's still load. it will no longer be a u, it will be that. i know sometimes finding the uber icon can be challenging when you need an uber. >> we want to make it easier for you. >> be aware of that when you're looking throw your phone at midnight going, i really need a uber. >> that's interesting. >> everything looks brurry at that point. thank you, scott. all right. you said that the clover leaf on there. >> it looked like a clover leaf. >> are clover leaves good luck, by the way? >> not when they're jammed up with traffic. >> we're looking for charming weather to come through here and we're getting that on saturday and sunday. >> let's get through the rain today. we're going to have another round of showers passing by and then this weekend it clears up
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and is looking beautiful. as we take a live look now at the bay bridge and everyone is getting the day started with clear conditions and hopefully they have their umbrella for the commute home because it does look soggy with the showers moving in. our temperatures are still cool. check out san jose and the east bay. temperatures in the upper 30s. as we take it hour by hour into the rest of the day, we will have the right around 40 degree temperatures at 6:00 and then the sun comes out, we'll have a nice little warmup by lunch tame, in the mid 50s and then look at what happens by 8:00. we may see the rain holding off a little longer for parts of the south bay because it does start first in the north babyby by 2:. we may have spotty showers early tomorrow but things clearing out as we get ready for a little bit
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of a warm upcloser to the weekend. tomorrow the temperatures will be a couple of degrees warmer than today. we're looking at light amounts of rain with the next system. it doesn't measure anything for the south bay. and the north bay may get up to a quarter of an inch. this is a week system passing by. and the high temperatures today reaching into the mid to upper 50s, a mix of sun and clouds for most of the day and the showers moving in later. heading into the rest of the forecast, we'll have a couple of weather systems moving in and that will keep things choppy offshore and then heading into the weekend, high pressure moves in and that will help us warm up into the lower 70s. let's see what's happening on the roadways now as we check in with mike. there's a great drive right now across the san mateo bridge. this sign lit up like you seal see many around the bay. we've told you about the silver alert. i wanted to show you an easy drive across 92 right now as well. there's 92 across the san mateo
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bridge and an easy drive through livermore right now. westbound coming toward me out of the altamont pass, a little slowing. we're looking at the south bay with no major incidents but in palo alto not a lot of slowing but i want to show you we still have the disabled vehicle over here sticking out in the slow lane. folks are moving over and then getting back over. a quick look at the north bay, easy drive through san rafael. an alarming development in the ongoing zika virus. the new revelation that has doctors all over the world on alert. now to a developing story:
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laura/ots the sumr olymps are now concerned about the rap spread of the zika virus. now to a developing story. 5:25. summer olympics now concerned about the rapid spread of the zika virus. the brazilian government is recommending pregnant women avoid going to rio this summer. the zika virus is linked to birth defects of thousands of newborns in brazil. an alarming development in the ongoing zika virus. health officials in dallas has identified a case of zika virus that was sexually transmitted. decision 2016 presidential candidates now setting their sights on new hampshire, one of the smallest states in the country but it's going to be magnified under the microscope
5:26 am
of national politics. political experts still raving about senate ted cruz's ground game that the used to protell him to victory in iowa. cruz says she'll continue with the same strategy in new hampshire. florida senator marco rubio hoping to build off of his strong third place finish in io iowa. the former front runner trying to regain his top spot. trump says he's going to win on tuesday. >> got the biggest vote every in the history of a primary in iowa. 60,000 people came out extra. i'm not going to say that was me but believe me, it was me. >> and he's not shy about telling you. on the democratic side, hillary clinton frerk off of her tight victory, raise zor thin over bernie sanders, is hoping to close the gap in new hampshire by tuesday. she's trailing in the polls by double digits in the granite sate. >> such an interesting rate this
5:27 am
year. 5:26, coming up a chp officer attacked in san francisco. how the incident is reigniting the debate over how police handle armed suspects. and i'm bob redell. i'll tell you why being caught at this local motel results in a denver bronco being sent back home. that story coming up.
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cannon. =sam/2shot= and i'm good wednesday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. you're feeling good now because you're inside and cold here in the study. a lot of you are going to be colder outside. does that say 39 degrees behind you in one area of the bay this morning? >> it is in the south bay. and in the tri-valley. we've had temperatures dipping into the 30s. so some spots may be frosty this morning. you have to scrape the frost off of the windshield before you get the day started. temperaturing warming up slowly as we watch rain move in. we'll have scattered showers in time for the evening commute. 55 in the tri-valley. let's check in with mike keeping on eye on the tri-valley. 580 moves well. we're getting more traffic volume.
5:31 am
let's look at your map. just outside of the camera shot, that's where the speeds are dipping down below 60 miles an hour approaching livermore and behind me coming out of the altamont, of course there's the build. you know this pattern. the metering lights should be on right now. if they're not, they'll be on by the time you get there. here's the south bay with no incidents. back to you. happening right now, police in the tri-valley serging for an elderly woman missingy since yesterday afternoon. 76-year-old mayor lean haynes last seen at her livermore house at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. as you head out to work you'll see silver arert signs including this one on interstate 880 in fremont. she's described as having blond hair, blue eyes, 5'5" tall. she may be driving a beige 2010 toyota camera with a disabled plate and she suffers from medical conditions and could be
5:32 am
disoriented. a denver broncos player won't be anywhere near the game this weekend. bob why he wasn't cited by authorities he'll still be watching the game from home. >> reporter: the broncos sent home ryan murphy, a member of the practice squad after he was detained yesterday in a prostitution ring at this motel 6 in san jose. sources tell nbc bay area news that officers spotted murphy with his brother in a car outside the motel while a woman went inside and then came back out. police questioned murphy, determined that he did not break any laws. though officers did cite his brother and the woman. the broncos still decided to send murphy back home to denver. brob kos head coach gary kubiak released a statement, although
5:33 am
ryan murphy was not cited by police we decide it was best for the team if we continued our preparations for super bowl 50 without him. ryan is returning to denver but his stat tis as a practice squad member has not changed at this time. as a member of the practice squad his job is to help the team prepare. he would not have dressed for sunday's game if he were still in town. murphy is a bay area native, a graduate of oakland tech. 5:33 right now on your wednesday morning. a chp officer recovering this morning after suffering very serious injuries in a san francisco stabbing attack trying to keep things safe during super bowl city festivities. it all unfolded yesterday not far from justin her man plaza. witnesses say a man who seemed mentally ill attacked the officer who is a seven-year veteran. the officer suffered a slashed trachea and stabbed multiple types. the chp does expect him to
5:34 am
survive. san francisco police arrested a 44-year-old man and officers say he had a large kitchen knife on his person. some believe this latest int accident is raising the stakes further in the ongoing debate of police use of force in san francisco. the city's police commission set to meet tonight to discuss that skrr topic. a spokesman for the police officer's union points out that yesterday's attack highlights the danger when someone is harmed with a knife. critics are lisz understanding. >> this goes to show you how quickly an attack can happen. >> we have to come to a common ground to understand what is enough and what is left. >> and you'll remember san francisco police shot and killed mario woods in december when they say he refused to drop his knife. that prompted the police department to review its use of force policies. more jail deputies could be arrested. this comes as the santa clara sheriff's department
5:35 am
investigates numerous claims by inmates that deputies beat them. it's a story you'll only see on nbc bay area. sheriff lori smith says the investigations revealed significant results but would not elaborate. the findings have been turned over to the prosecutor's office. the jail has been under scrutiny. all new this morning, a health care at a south bay university after two students come down with a form of meningitis. today in the bay's kris sanchez joining us live at santa clara university with what the school leaders with doing it right now to contain it. kris? >> reporter: yes, of course. this is a pretty contagious bacteria, not as contagious as a cold but far more dangerous because it causes the lining around the brain and spinal cord to swell. at 10:30 this morning we expect to learn more about the two cases of meningitis reported this week. at this point we know that one student checked into the
5:36 am
hospital on sunday, the other yesterday. the university is tracking down who had contact with them while planning two free vaccine clinics this week. meningitis symptoms are similar to the flu, sudden fever, headaches, stiff neck, sometimes vomiting an confusion but it can also develop into septicemia. there are only two cases at this point but sit possible that other people are infected and not showing symptoms yet because that can take anywhere from three to ten days from infection. it's spread person to person primarily through salivsaliva, kissing and coughing will do it. 5:36. happening today, a special meeting when the coliseum authority and the raiders to talk about a lease extension for the 2016 season. here's a look at the coliseum
5:37 am
this morning. raiders' owner mark davis will be on hand as the team looks to finalize plans for the current future. the lease expires in two weeks. the oakland mayor would like to work with the raiders on a new stadium deal by the end of next season. angry homeless folks and their supporters planning to protest recent relocation efforts they believe are tied directly to the super bowl. last week critics held a news conference at a tent city 3 miles from super bowl city. the homeless believe that police are purposefully moving them away from heavy traveled areas. organizers plan to protest closer to the action right near the old sinbad's restaurant where they plan to put up a homeless super bowl city area. that is supposed to happen at h:30 this afternoon. super bowl fever taking over the bay area and is now reaching milpitas. last night city hall was the place to be if you wanted super bowl tickets.
5:38 am
♪ boy those players get younger and younger. city leaders gave away two tickets to sunday's game. the tickets were a grand prize in a contest to promote local shopping during super bowl week. the winner delores day leon. >> thank you jesus to think that our city did something like this for our residents. it's one of the most exciting things i've seen so far. >> she's a 49er fan but excited about the super bowl being played right here in the bay area. taking her husband to the big game on sunday. basically we had this major lotto. >> he wins every day just being married to delores. >> it's a win-win situation. we're watching more rain come in but kind of on the lighter side. >> it will be a light rain and we need a pretty good soaking
5:39 am
before we head into dry warm weather this weekend. all of this clears up and temperatures warm up in time for the super bowl. but we'll be watching scattered showers today moving into the north baby this evening. and we'll still have some light rain overnight and some mist and drizzle starting out the day tomorrow, especially in the north bay and in san francisco. temperatures will be only in the mid 50s again today but it gets so much better as we go into the weekend. we'll be talking about those temperatures and i'll let you know if there are is any more rain in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. let's check in with mike to see what's happening on the roadways. >> everything was clear with the incident but apparently there was one more vehicle to remove north 101 university after off-ramp. another set of lights arrive. there's a little slowing registering. folks are moving over one lane to the left as they pass by. we want to show you the map. just a tad bit of slowing. a little build typical at this
5:40 am
time, north 101 at 680, lasting until 6:00 and then kicking in at 6:30. that's the regular schedule there, as well as the rest of your commute. back to you. coming up, a good deed rewarded. the big tip that police said could land a san francisco homeless man in big money. a big controversy in the world of mayonnaise. we'll take a look coming up. i'm stephanie chuang at one of the experience where you might see some history on display, recognize this getup, the gold suit here. definitely this guy. we'll have more kcoming up on "today in the bay." super bowl 50 is now just days
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
away.. as morftivities geunderwe here we go. super bowl 50 now just days away. as more festivities get under way, more fans are starting to flood into the bay area. >> stephanie chuang is live at the nfl experience in san francisco where it looks like you found some clothes straight out of cam newton's closet. and you also have some new gadgets. what have you got over there? >> reporter: yeah, i mean that's pretty close. you'll see one gold getup that was reminiscent of what he wore the ore day on the plane. we're in a different section now of the envelope experience. this part is almost like a museum into super bowl history. >> we were trying to give fans a sense of what the last super
5:44 am
bowls were. we started with the first super bowl halftime show and moved all the way through history, different eras and you end up with some really cool fascinating pieces. and a shark wins the day. >> reporter: and you beat me to the punch. here we are. it's left shark. this was of course the big katy perry performance and he became an accidental pop cultural phenomenon. kind of speak to the big stage of halftime show. >> absolutely. her show was absolutely phenomenal. it's a tribute to how big the halftime show is. fans can see how far we've come. >> reporter: and this speaks to also the fun. you were talking about a big photo op. people got to take pictures and it wasn't just left shark getting attention. right shark made an appearance. >> i was a lot of fun. we had fun last night with the
5:45 am
ladies night. it's a little fun we vick to have with the fashion of super bowl. >> reporter: i get that as a theme. you don't come here just for the shop but random things can happen. some nfl players were dancing last night and you never know what you get. it's free here. this part of it here is free to people. >> it is free and open to the public from 10:00 to 10:00. come out and see the costumes. it's just fan tasic. >> reporter: thank you so much. and so basically some other costumes we've got are from national anthem singers. so a lot going on here. we'll have more for you in the next half-hour. "today in the bay." >> got to match watch out for the wardrobe malfunction ones. >> we remember that from a few years ago. lady gaga is singing the national anthem this year. we're talking about crazy wardrobe selections?
5:46 am
stay tuned. >> we'll see. if you want to enjoy the fan experience without all of the crowds, you can head online. we have complete coverage on nbc bay right there on the front page. just click away. the super bowl has become a lot more than just a championship game. a lot of folks watch obviously just to see the commercials. we'll getting an early sneak peek at a theme of some of the ads. >> each 30-second ad costs upward of $5 million. they want you to watch them. it all costs that money just to run during game coverage. last year featured several ads that pulled at the heartstrings. this year appears to more trend toward humorous. >> comedy is a safe haven for beer companies and car companies. and when it works it can be really effective. so risk but in general funny is, you know, a crowd pleaser for mur. >> experts say more celebrities
5:47 am
are appear in super bowl ads that year than last year. so we all know the super bowl getting really close. we keep talking about it. it's going to the bears. zoo animals starting to make their predictions, including ozzy the grizzly bear at zoo montana. ozzy close the broncos. yep. making a prediction of sniffing out a fish cake or something? >> what did they put on there? >> going after the horse were not the panthers. the zoo actually says ozzy is often right but he did pick the brown cost last year they were in a super bowl and we know how that ended. the broncos were crushed. >> ozzy didn't just go for the broncos. he went right at the broncos. he hit it right square on the logo with conviction. speaking of superstar animals, scott mcgrew you've
5:48 am
been tracking down a video you want to show us. >> it turns out big stars are hard to track down. this dates back to monday. you'll recall ms. piggy opened the new york stock exchange. she then went down on to the trading floor and somebody got video of her with their iphone. i've been spending the last couple of days trying to get permission to use it which meant going through miss piggy's people. miss piggy is a puppet. i know. right. the people are real and they've given me the go ahead. >> wait a minute. i'm looking at it upside down. buy a million. buy buy buy. >> maybe not the best trader. the markets were crushed yesterday on low oil prices, the dow was down 300 points. heldmans the may nas people are going to create a vegan may nas, no egg. this puts heldmans in an awkward
5:49 am
position. the parent company sued san francisco's hamp con creek over its just mayo egg else mayonnaise. heldmans said may nas can't be eggless and now it's going to make the exact same thing except they're going to call it carefully crafted dressing and sandwich spread, which is quite a name. so pot calling the kettle black, all of those things. heldmans doing what just mayo has been doing for a long time. >> hold the mayo all together. not my favorite condiment. >> it goes to say it's all about how everything is packaging. welcome to marketing 101. his tip led to the arrest of two escaped inmates. now he could get a reward. the san francisco homeless man may end up getting $100,000 in reward money. the chronicle reports that that
5:50 am
man, matthew chapman alerted police to the van stolen by two southern california jail escapees. the 55-year-old citing led to their arrest in what was a statewide manhunt for three violent fugitives. >> you want to see who it goes to. >> i hope mcdonald's gives him an endorsement too. >> this guy is never going to be homeless again. but in the bay area, what does this get you. half of a room? >> three tanks of gas. >> cool start out there this morning. >> yes, you had to bundle up this morning. grab the umbrella before you head out. it's not raining now but we'll see scattered showers moving in by this afternoon. a live look at the bay bridge, the mez more rising lights. we'll see how things are rolling on the roads. we're seeing a weather system rolling toward the bay area with
5:51 am
a light rain. we're not expecting a good soaking as we get ready for the start of the weekend. now temperatures are very chilly. in the upper 30s now in livermore, san carlos and in san jose. but as we take it hour by hour in san francisco, our temperatures will be slowly warming into the 50s by 11:00 and then the rain moving in by noon. we seal stee the light showers off and on through tonight and then it wraps up early tomorrow. it starts in the north bay first, taking its time making it into the south bay. by 8:00, a few more showers moving in. it looks like some of the heaviest rain is over the north bay. we're talking about total rainfall accumulations of about a quarter of an inch and it doesn't show much for parts of the south bay. highs today reaching into the upper 50s. and as you take a look at the
5:52 am
seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, our temperatures going way up from here. so enjoy the cool weather because it will be out of here soon. let's check in now with mike to see how the roads are moving. we're glad to see the rain is going to stay mostly north. the setup going on at levi stadium, it would be a pity if they got rained on. oakland, traffic moving good. no problem. we do have the backup at the toll plaza, a slowing on 580. we'll zoom out south 282, a fender bender on the shoulder, another incident at tennisson. sounds like it's a field initiated incident. this means i think they pulled somebody over. a slight build out of the altamont, no surprises there. a 101, a little build north of 680 and we still have the vehicle blocking at university.
5:53 am
coming up next, a concerning new trend. the bank teller now under arrest accused of scamming the elderly. why this particular case has police on alert. happening now, bay area authorities looking for a missing elderly woman. that alert came out just a short time ago. we just tweeted her photo and one clue that may help find her. a woman accused of stealing a police car, blames it on meth. more rain is on the way. e we you can sign up for alerts when you download or nbc bay area app. not all bank robbers hide their
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
faces with masks and carry it's not like all bank robbers hide their faces with masks and carry guns. right now we're learning more about the new way thieves are stealing your money and in some cases the victims are elderly or even deceased. san francisco's district attorney is dealing right now with a case involving a bank teller and his coconspirator. they're tase faces charge of embezzlement and grand theft. now according to court records, bank material david ga dare vich used his position as a bank teller to allow his friend to access accounts belonging to elderly or recently decreased customers. the bank transfers and
5:57 am
withdrawals totaled more than $800,000. >> we've seen that this is a growing problem in san francisco and across the country and we're worried that we're going to begin to see a increase in the number of cases. >> and just in terms of the reach, the d.a.'s office right now not revealing how many victims that pair targeted. it's 5:57. a south bay catholic high school closing its doors after 40 years. st. lawrence academy announced it's being forced to sht down because of crushing debt and declining enrollment. one parent understands why rn. >> we don't have the funds to continue. >> the roman catholic die cease in a statement saying they're deeply sorry for the disruption and are working to place students in an academic settings to finish their high school education and prepare for college. new details on a case.
5:58 am
southern california utility company facing misdemeanor charges in a gas leak. prosecutors yesterday filed charges against the southern california gas company. the utility faces three counts of failing to report the release of hazardous materials, one count for the discharge of air contaminates. a guilty verdict would lead to steep fines. that leak forced nearly 4500 families from their homes. state attorney general also filing suit to cover the costs for both the blowout and the methane gas still spewing into the air. decision 2016 presidential candidates setting their sights on new hampshire. one of the smallest states in the nation will become magnified. political experts are raving about senator ted cruz's game that carried him to a win.
5:59 am
cruz says he'll continue with the strategy in new hampshire. mar yo rubio hopes to build off of his strong third place finish in iowa. and former front runner donald trump is drying to regain his top spot. he of course predicts a victory on tuesday. >> -- to vote ever in the history of a primary in iowa by like 60,000 people came out extra. i'm not going to say that was me but believe me, it was me. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton fresh off her tight victory hoping to close the gap in new hampshire by next tuesday. sanders holds a double digit lead in polls. someone is about to lose outon $63 million. >> dig through those tickets. time running out for california lottery winner to claim their prize. someone bought a winning super lotto plus ticket in chatsworth in southern california back in
6:00 am
august. now that ticket must be redeemed at a lottery office by 5:00 tomorrow night or the winner loses out of the jackpot. how many of those do you buy and you just kind of file away. >> or not realize were winning tickets. exactly to your point. but if it's not $1.5 billion i'm not interested. 6:00, missing and at risk. the search is on for this woman last seen leaving her livermore home. what authorities want you to look out for on your way out the door this morning. santa clara unit students are in the hospital with meningitis. what the risk is to public health and the symptoms you should be watching for. and i'm bob redell live in san jose where a denver bronco is sent back home after being questioned during a prostitution sting. "today in the bay" continues now. a very good wednesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock.


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