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tv   Today  NBC  February 4, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PST

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we might make it heavier than it's been all week. that's what's happening "today in the bay." back in half an hour with a local news update. >> meanwhile sunrise over that bay bridge. see you in 25. g good morning. face-off, hillary clinton and bernie sanders at a forum in new hampshire. clinton asked why she took those massive speaking fees from wall street. >> that's what they offered, so -- >> donald trump accusing ted cruz of stealing the election. >> he is losing. we are liable to wake up one morning and donald, if he were president, would have nuked denmark. >> the battle getting more heated every day. bomb on board? what blew a large hole on the commercial jet? one passenger allegedly sucked out of the plane. the growing fears it was a terrorist attack.
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state of emergency. florida's governor taking new action after at least nine cases of zika are reported in that state. how did a virus you knew about just weeks ago become such a threat? and hello kitty. for the first time ever, the only jaguar known to live in the u.s. is captured on camera. the big cat scientists have been trying to spot for years. td, thursday, februa"today," th 4th, 2016. from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on a thursday morning. we have covered campaigns in the past where it has gotten rough. the charges and countercharges going back and forth especially on the republican side is getting really intense. >> and we have nine months before election day. >> exactly. >> the stakes are high. that is why we are seeing it get
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so heated. that is the top story. hillary clinton and bernie sanders at a town hall. they have a debate tonight. ted cruz laying in to donald trump for accusing him of illegally stealing the iowa caucuses. we begin our coverage with hallie jackson in manchester, new hampshire for us. hallie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. you and matt said it. today there is a new tone to the front runners feud. donald trump and ted cruz will be barnstorming new hampshire but trump is stuck on iowa calling cruz a cheater. air trump grounded for engine trouble in tennessee. that didn't stop the turbulence on the trail. donald trump now demanding a do-over after his second-place finish in the iowa caucuses. >> actually, i think i came in first. because if you take a look, okay, you know. oh, that voter fraud! you know, these politicians are
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brutal. >> reporter: trump now accusing ted cruz of stealing iowa, not winning it, echoing ben carson's complaint about some cruz staffers, carson headed home to florida after the caucus. the implication? that carson was out. but he is not. >> i think it was a disgrace that he did it. i don't think it should be even allowed. i think those votes should be taken away. and there were plenty of them. he really lies. i don't like to use that term but he really lies. >> reporter: cruz who is not under investigation came back with his own one liner. >> it is no surprise that donald is throwing yet another temper tantrum or trumper tantrum. >> reporter: cruz didn't stop there. he is calling you a cheater, a fraud. does this cross the line for you? >> listen, donald's insults get more and more hysterical the more upset he gets. look, we need a commander in chief not a twitterer in chief. my girls are 5 and 7.
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i have to tell you, caroline and caterine are better behaved than a presidential candidate who responds by insulting everyone, every day, when he loses. >> reporter: the texas senator also taking a dig at sarah palin, after she accused his campaign of a dirty trick. >> it seems if you spend too much time with donald trump -- [ laughter ] -- strange things happen to people. >> reporter: a new tone to the feud. on the establishment side jeb bush expected to get backup from george w. bush, giving his brother a helping hand, just when he appears to need it. >> send a signal that we are prepared to act in the security of this country. to get back in the business of the world. please clap. >> reporter: and today, two fewer competitors for bush and the rest of the republican field. rand paul and rick santorum
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both dropping out, guys. paul is not expected to endorse anybody before the new hampshire primary. but santorum is. he is backing now marco rubio. savannah? >> hallie jackson, thanks. hillary clinton and bernie sanders fielded tough questions in a town hall forum. andrea mitchell is at the university of new hampshire where tonight's event is being held. andrea, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. tonight's msnbc debate will be their only head-to-head debate and the only one before next week's new hampshire primary. they did warm up appearing separately wednesday night. >> this is hard for me. >> reporter: a different side of hillary clinton was on display wednesday night. >> i have had to be in public dealing with some very difficult issues and personal issues. >> reporter: saying she relied on a jesuit parable
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to get her through those times. >> be grateful for limitations. listen to critics, answer questions but at the end be grateful. >> reporter: critics pounced on how she explained taking $675,000 from wall street for speeches. >> well, i don't know. that's what they offered. >> reporter: a closeness with wall street that's become a big issue for bernie sanders. >> i do not know any progressive who has these super pacs and takes $15 million from wall street. >> reporter: sanders and clinton have been trading jabs for days over who is the real progressive. >> some of my best friends are moderates. i love moderates. you can't be a moderate and a progressive. they are different. >> i was somewhat amused that senator sanders set himself up to be the gatekeeper on who is a progressive. >> reporter: with days away from the primary, clinton is far behind, in a state she has won years ago. >> this state has been so good to me and my family. i care so much about what happens in new hampshire.
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>> reporter: trying to narrow the gap here, but counting on sanders momentum three weeks from now in south carolina, where bill clinton was already campaigning wednesday night. >> who is the best change maker? >> reporter: tonight's debate is really hillary clinton's last chance to re-introduce herself to new hampshire voters, who are so far overwhelmingly supporting bernie sanders. she will be on the stage face-to-face with sanders at the debate moderated by rachel maddow and our own chuck todd. >> thank you very much, andrea. appreciate that. good segue. chuck todd is in new hampshire co-moderating tonight's debate on msnbc. we have msnbc political analyst nicole wallace with us in studio. chuck, i will start with you. donald trump accusing ted cruz of stealing the election in iowa. number one, is there anything on the substance of it?
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and is it a smart political attack? >> i am shocked that political campaigns try to win elections. there is not a lot of there there. did they take advantage of the situation with carson? yes, but a lot of stuff goes on behind the scenes there. a lot of the charges are overwrought. it's donald trump playing a little bit of politics. that said, i have to say the more they fight, the more this helps one candidate. not ted cruz, not donald trump but marco rubio. the private polling i have been hearing about over the past two days post iowa indicates that cruz hasn't gotten a bump, and i think partly because trump has been beating him up. trump has been eroding a little bit and there's only one guy on the rise -- marco rubio. >> nicole, we know the voter base in new hampshire is different than iowa. are the new hampshire voters -- let's stick on the republican side here -- are they emotional voters or are they pragmatic voters? in other words, are they going to go for cruz or trump or look
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for someone, the best person to beat hillary clinton or whoever the democratic nominee is? >> historically -- and i feel like i need to give that carveiate, because nothing has been historic. for two reasons, they are practical voters. in new hampshire independents can participate in each party's primary. you will read in these polls about people not just choosing between rubio and kasich. kasich is doing well in private and public polling. you hear between hillary clinton and marco rubio. they are making a completely different appeal. it moves at the edges. and the knife fight between cruz and trump runs a risk of not just each man destroying the other but totally alienating the kind of voters they need to bring into their camp. >> and i don't know if you would call it a knife fight, chuck, but maybe a label fight. >> right. >> you hear bernie sanders and hillary clinton saying who is the most progressive person in the race, who is getting the better of that one? >> i think it really depends on who you are in the democratic electorate right now.
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what you're seeing is sanders and the idealism and the bold ideas saying take it to washington and do those things. that's appealing to the younger generation. that's why he's doing so well there. the pragmatic argument should be one to work well for hillary clinton here in new hampshire particularly on the democratic side. democratic primary voters, for years, in new hampshire have been a bit more pragmatic, a less idealistic. it should play well here. it hasn't so far. i think tonight's debate will go a long way to deciding if it will. >> nicole, not a lot of time left. bernie sanders heads to new hampshire. he's flush with cash. big lead in the polls. he is the guy next door but hillary clinton has faced this before and done well in new hampshire. she is going to pour an enormous amount of resources into the state. if she closes the gap substantially, is it a momentum victory? >> this is where each candidate is judged on how successfully they manage the expectations game. bernie sanders should take a
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peek at what marco rubio did in iowa. if he lets the expectations stand, that he has to win by a whopper of a double-digit figure, will he lose if he wins. >> in 1992, nobody remembered that. we'll see you tonight. the debate begins at 9:00 eastern time. >> good luck, chuck. have a good evening. the mystery deepening this morning over an explosion shortly after takeoff that ripped that hole in the side of a passenger plane in somalia. was it caused by a bomb? nbc's keir simmons has new developments on the situation. hi, keir. good morning. >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning. we're still trying to figure out what happened here. officials tell us no shrapnel was found inside the plane, so a bomb is unlikely. experts say damage from outside damage suggests an explosion did occur. this morning the airline says the aircraft was 15 minutes into the flight, still climbing, when
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a hole was blown in the fuselage. experts say passengers may not have survived if plane was at a higher altitude. officials say one passenger is missing. witnesses say a passenger was sucked out of the plane. indicating an explosion from inside. passengers describe seeing smoke. >> i saw white smoke. in a few seconds i did realize what it was. and then when it calmed down, of course, we saw a hole in the plane. >> reporter: in the past u.s. bound planes had been targeted with bombs smuggled into the cabin. richard reid tried to detonate explosives in his shoes on a 2001 miami flight. and in 2009, on a detroit-bound
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plane, umar farouk abdul mutallab hid explosives in his underwear. in this case officials have not ruled out a failure of the aircraft. we are aware of the reports about the daallo airline flight. a spokesman told nbc news air bus has a team on stand by ready to join the investigation but is waiting for an official request from authorities in somalia. and the turkish airlines flight from the same airport was canceled due to heavy tail winds, they tell us. and most of the passengers were transferred on to the ill-fated flight. they weren't meant to be on that plane, and then escaped with their lives. >> very lucky. new developments in the fight against the zika virus. florida's governor rick scott declared a public health emergency on wednesday in four counties where people have been diagnosed with the mosquito-born virus. there have been at least nine cases in florida. scott says he wants officials to be prepared for the possibility that zika could spread. health officials believe all of the cases are from people who contracted the disease while
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traveling to latin america or the caribbean. former pharmaceutical executive who raised the price of a drug by 5,000% is appearing on capitol hill today. we don't expect to hear much from him. natalie has more on that. >> that's right, guys. that temporary price hike had critics calling shkreli the most hated man in america. known for speaking his mind his legal team wants him to keep quiet. the former drug company ceo known for astronomically raising drug prices and his voice, now uncharacteristically quiet. >> from hence forward he does not speak to any member of the press. >> shkreli's new attorney imposing a gag order after the client appeared on charges of security fraud. the charges are not related to controversial price hike for life saving pill for hiv. he increased the price from $13.50 to $750.
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that newly imposed silence likely to extend to his appearance before congress. >> on advice of his counsel, he will be invoking his fifth amendment rights. >> he was talkative tuesday on a half hour appearance on radio station power 105. >> i'm telling you i'm from the streets. >> where he spoke about everything from donald trump -- >> he hasn't been a good businessman. >> -- to a video he released last week. >> you think it's okay to beef with me. >> if he were here right now i would slap him in the face. >> you wouldn't. >> he has been feuding with the rapper ever since spending $2 million for the one and only copy of the latest album. >> he is taking shots with me. in the hip hop game it's not easy to be on the receiving end of those things without jumping back. >> but you're not hip hop. >> whatever. it doesn't matter, man.
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>> and while he is still tweeting out insults online, when it comes to legal matters his lawyer is doing the talking. >> we don't know that he knowing ly broke the law or defrauded anyone. >> his high profile persona impacting profits. the stock portfolio dropped from $45 million to $4 million. such a bizarre guy. >> see why the lawyers are like enough of the chatting. >> thanks, natalie. the criminal sexual assault case against bill cosby is moving forward. a pennsylvania judge refused to throw out the case on wednesday, rejecting the defense's claim that the former district attorney promised not to prosecute cosby a decade ago. the judge found that promise was not binding on the current d.a. and does not prevent the current charges. cosby is charged with drugging and assaulting a former temple university employee at his home in 2004. he denies any criminal wrongdoing. an update to a story last week.
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calgary flames defenseman dennis wideman, the man who claimed he was woozy after a hit and accidently cross-checked a linesman. the leagued looked at it, didn't think it was such an accident. they suspended him for 20 games. so that is what happens when you accidently cross-check a linesman. >> might have seen that one coming. to the video we showed you at the top of the show. for the first time ever, we are getting a glimpse at the only known wild jaguar in the united states. he lives in tucs. n, arizona. the adult male has been seen by remote censor camera before but until now has never been captured on video. conservation activists say jaguars have all but disappeared from the u.s. due to habitat loss and population control. >> very cool. >> much rather see it on video. >> going for a little walk. >> hey. >> hello! what's going on? >> we have more wet weather to talk about and maybe a little
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snow storm, too. just a brief one. look at what happened in the carolinas. this is winston-salem, north carolina. strong winds, heavy rain combining to bring down power lines, trees on to homes, knocking down massive structures, really making a mess. and tlaegs mohere's more on the today. look at what we have on the radar. some areas may be looking at three to four inches of rain and this is all streaming up along a frontal system that will lay along the coast. as we get into cape hatteras and norfolk, we are talking about some areas picking up to three inches of rain. so we are concerned about a little flash flooding. here is another thing we are watching, a mini winter storm threat in the southeast massachusetts area. rain and wet snow move in from the south tonight. tomorrow this low pressure system will move up the coast about rush hour tomorrow morning from atlantic city, much of long island, montauk on to new england, even boston. we could be looking at snowfall
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rates of an inch per hour during rush hour. then this moves off. this is a quick system that will move through. it will be just cold enough to snow. as you can see, we are looking for anywhere from one to four inches. boston may see up to five inches. chatham, mass, six inches of snow. rootmetrics, in the nation's largest independent study, tested wireless performance across the country. verizon, won big with one hundred fifty three state wins. a t and t got thirty-eight, sprint got two, and t mobile got, zero. verizon also won first in the us for data, call speed, and reliability. a t and t got, text. stuck on an average network? join verizon and we'll cover your costs to switch. good morning, i'm kari hall. a heavy jacket needed as you go out this morning.
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temperatures now in the mid 40s. we have mostly clear skies and all of that sunshine today will warm up our temperatures into the low 60st for most of the bay area. the south bay up to 64 degrees. the tri-valley also in the low 60s and san francisco in the 50s. >> that's your latest weather. coming up, we take a look at a possible other nor'easter for early next week. >> thank you. justice in the jinx case? the courtroom deal that could have robert durst standing trial for murder. plus in the wake of a tragic story out of virginia, are you monitoring your child's online activity closely enough? we'll tell you about some apps that you might want to delete from your children's phones. first, this is "today" on nbc. ' first this is "today" on nbc.
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when you buy your diamond at jared. the one ring that's unlike any other is waiting for you... this weekend only... at jared. today: ==topvo== the icing on the cake for warriors and their championship season: they're headed to the white good morning to you. happening today, the icing on the wake for the warriors championship season. president obama will welcome every member of last season's championship team, even david lee who is now playing with boston. the warriors fans will never forget how they dispatched the cavaliers and lebron james. they will also come bearing gifts for president obama including a jersey. the ceremony starts a little before 11:00 this morning, we will stream it live on let's check the forecast right now with kari.
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>> all of the sunshine that we're starting off with, a beautiful start to the day. it warms up with the sunshine. we're now in 50 degrees in san francisco, 46 in san carlos. highs today in the mid 60s in the south bay. so still a day to wear long sleeves, especially in san francisco. let's get a update on the roads now. >> i will be honest with the folks at home, our crews just arrived at the scene of a deadly crash. i don't want to show you what's on camera right now. the two left lanes are blocked, all of the way down to 92. it's on the southbound side but visible from the northbound side. we don't have a word on when it will reopen. it may send some folks to the north back there. somebody 108 at oyster point has cleared. back to you. thank you, i'll be back with
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another local news update for you in half an hour. hope you enjoy your morning.
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7:30 now on a thursday morning. it's february 4th, 2016. big crowd outside. the rain from yesterday has passed us by. getting ready for what al says is a little storm tomorrow. >> just a little. >> just a nip. here is a look at today's headlines. donald trump accusing ted cruz of misleading iowa voters to win monday's caucus. he is now calling for a do-over. cruz responded. he did it during a news conference, saying it amounts to sour grapes. he called it a trumper tantrum. >> gets more and more hysterical. at the end of the day, the iowa people spoke. donald trump guaranteed a victory in iowa and then he
7:31 am
lost. he doesn't like that. >> those two candidates will be side by side when the republicans debate in new hampshire saturday night. democratic candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders took part in a town hall in new hampshire last night, senator sanders questioning his rival's liberal credentials. >> i do not know any progressive who has these super pacs and takes $15 million from wall street. that's just not progressive. >> i said i am a progressive who likes to get things done. and i was somewhat amused today that senator sanders has set himself up to be the gatekeeper on who is a progressive. >> sanders and clinton will debate tonight face-to-face tonight on msnbc. another night of severe weather across the south. a tornado touched down at ft. steward in georgia. damage to several buildings and vehicles, but no injuries reported. this morning a guilty plea
7:32 am
from robert durst. that plea is paving the way for durst to stand trial for murder. with the latest on that, morgan radford. good morning. >> good morning, matt. good morning, savannah. from manhattan millionaire to convicted felon, 72-year-old robert durst is expected here in los angeles to face an entirely new trial, which may put an end to a decades-old murder mystery. out of luck and out of of options, convicted felon robert durst looking frail and sickly pleaded guilty to having an illegal gun in new orleans. >> as someone under indictment, you can't possess a weapon. he had two. >> reporter: durst will head to los angeles to face charges for a bigger crime, the murder of susan berman. >> bob durst did not kill susan berman. he does know who dilld and wants to prove it.
7:33 am
we want to get to california as quickly as we can. >> reporter: berman is the key to unlocking a mystery that started in 1982 when durst's first wife disappeared. >> durst said he will give $100,000 to anyone who can help him find his wife. >> reporter: he claims she took a train and he never saw her again. and then, berman, a friend of hers, was shot in the back of the head in her los angeles home, days before she was supposed to speak with police about kathleen's disappearance. >> if he thinks susan might say something. >> reporter: in 2001 durst was charged in texas with killing his neighbor, her body in pieces. >> he hung around homeless shelters and with transients and knew how to dismember a body. >> reporter: durst said it was in self-defense and was acquitted. >> we, the jury, find the defendant, robert durst, not guilty.
7:34 am
>> fast forward to last spring. durst was interviewed for "the jinx" and in a stunning final episode was caught on tape mumbling -- >> i killed them all, of course. >> reporter: but durst has slipped through the legal sha shackles before. >> it's a tough case. certainly not a slam dunk. it will be a very fiercely fought case. i think he will be convicted out there. >> reporter: with his next trial set to begin in los angeles, experts say prosecutors may finally have the evidence and the motive to put durst behind bars. they say it's not the age of the case but rather the quality of the evidence. >> thank you very much. a check of the weather now from mr. roker. >> today's weather is brought to you by soma, your new bra destination in sizes 32 a to 44 g. >> we are looking at really mild temperatures coming on into a good chunk of the country for the weekend. bismarck, you will see temperatures peaking at 52 on
7:35 am
sunday. 41 in chicago on sunday. monday 54 in lexington. 47 here in new york city. big changes coming. trough of low pressure going to dig down, jet stream to the south. we are looking for cold air reaching as far south as florida. then early next week, along this jet stream, we're looking for a low pressure system to develop. could be another potential nor'easter. certainly going to have impacts for the new hampshire primary on tuesday. we'll have to watch and see, but a couple of models agreeing we could be looking at a significant snow storm in the we're seeing sunshine across the bay area. chilly temperatures to start. we will see the highs in the 60s for most. a breezy wind into the north bay. 62 degrees but 64 in the south bay and into the weekend we'll continue to see our temperatures
7:36 am
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7:41 am
erica hill will talk about the story and give parents information they can use. >> practical take aways. 13-year-old nicole lovell will be laid to rest. the body found over the weekend. while the investigation into her murder is ongoing, her use of certain messaging apps is the focus of attention. as nicole lovell's family and community mourn the loss of a 13 year old they are searching for answers. >> these individuals took my daughter from the planet. i want to know why. >> reporter: long before nicole snuck out of her house friends suspect a predator may have snuck into her life through social media. while police have not mentioned specific evidence authorities say nicole was active on twitter on teen dating and flirting and showed friends texts from an 18-year-old man she planned to
7:42 am
meet just before she disappeared. kik with 40% of american teens using the app. it is one of many apps fbi agent and father of three warns parents about. >> i will tell you, the spectrum from cyber bullying to exploitation all the way to overseas terrorist recruiting is happening on applications like this and social media sites. >> kik issued the following statement. we have a dedicated team working 24/7. we are involved in a broader effort to educate parents, kids and law enforcement about online trust and safety. kik says it developed new safety features to block, filter and report inappropriate behavior. last year a convicted sex offender reached out to nbc
7:43 am
affiliate wood warning the app could easily be use today prey on potential victims. >> the first thing i thought was i can be whoever i want to be. >> reporter: a number of sexual misconduct charges have been linked to using similar apps. >> the youngest victims are as young as 9 and 10. >> reporter: while many parents monitor their kids phones experts warn the efforts may not go far enough teaching them. experts say for years we were told to keep computer in the open. now the same thing with phones. don't let them take it to bed at night and without your supervision. >> i have a 13 year old, 14 year old and 9 year old. the first app you want people to know about is kik.
7:44 am
we are not say tg is a horrible app. >> they have a great intent. it is when people use them for nufarrious purposes. this one the attraction you just have a user name and you can chat with all kinds of people. but there are concerns about other people who could contact children. >> there are apps within the app and that is where you can get in trouble. >> there are great things like news and information but there are other things that are not great. we reached out to kik. they say we take a proactive approach to trust and safety and continue to develop and implement technologies and partnerships to keep kids safe. >> yip yap is anonymous. you can post things anonymously. there is a gps locater that shares your text with anyone else in a certain radius. that is a concern that this could be used -- >> this seems to be the case.
7:45 am
it starts out fine but then the comments seem to become derogatory. >> the idea here is great. you have questions. you post them. people answer them, a q&a format. you can block anonymous users if you want. the concern with a lot of parents and educators here is there have been a lot of reports of bullying on this app. we reached out to them. they told us millions of dollars is spent on user reporting and moderation tools in order to strike the right balance between safety and privacy and say the vast majority of whom are teens and young adults. >> whisper. a lot of young people use this as a way to confess things and get things off of their chests anonymously. it can be cathartic. >> it is what it is for. >> i did this for a friend and shouldn't have. >> it is intended for those over
7:46 am
17. the problem is it can become graphic and expose location. that is a major concern. we reached out to whisper. we did not get a response. the last one here has a number of parents extra concerned because it exposes the opportunity for the so-called ghost or hidden apps. it is called best secret folder. it looks like a utility folder but helps hide content from parents. they did not respond to requests for comment. experts say you may have passwords but there could be other accounts that kids are setting up. >> so important for parents to educate themselves about these things. thank you very much. coming up, consider of cruelty. a college student video about why she quit her sorority touching a nerve across the country. and carson on what life was like before facebook. ♪
7:47 am
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you put the time in. you put the work in. day in and day out. so when your tax refund arrives, make the most of it. low prices on everything you need to put the fun in your tax refund. happy tax refundays from walmart. we are back. carson is at his post marking a date that changed the world. >> facebook turning 12 today and to celebrate they are out with
7:51 am
new stats including community doubled in size in the last five years. and at this point there is only 3.57 degrees of separation between two users on facebook. if you watch our comedy central he took a look back at life before facebook and created a hashtag before facebook i and became a top trend. chris kicked it off before facebook i didn't "like" things like funerals and divorces. and jeff writes in before facebook i knew who my real friends were but not what they were eating. richard adds before facebook imagine it would have been weird if you'd come home and i was looking through your photos. happy birthday to facebook. what do you get a 12 year old worth $300 billion?
7:52 am
>> adolescent now. the music superstar set to join on "the voice." rachel hunter on the trip around the world that has given her a new perspective on beauty. first on a thursday morning a look at your local news and weather. pb&j. it's just pb&j. unless you make it right. then it becomes a sandwich as mighty as it is humble. easier to make than a mistake. as simple as a sunny day, but just as perfect. when you make a pb&j with smucker's, that's the difference between ordinary everyday and exquisitely delicious in an everyday sort of way. because with a name like smucker's, it has to be good.
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good morning, i'm kari hall, we're looking at low clouds and fog in spots. overall sunshine and temperatures that are starting out in the 40s for most of the bay area. wear an extra layer as you head out. we'll be taking that out today. 60 in napa and oakland. san ramone, a high of 62 degrees. let's get a update on that crash now from mike. >> i want to start with this video. the chp investigation continues here. this is something 880 at 92. a box truck and a motorcycle are still blocking the left two lanes. let's get out to the map and show you what is going on. the coroner is set to arye in
7:57 am
the next few minutes. both trying to get over to the san mateo bridge, they're able to do that again but the distraction causing jamming through the area. all crashes both directions at oyster point boulevard. and the south bay moves well, but you do have 101, 280 all building into the silicon valley. happening now, trending at nbc bay, the south bay schools higher up now in hot water. the relationship authorities were left him facing legal charges. on our facebook man, one man says he is being stiffed to a man to the tune of $63 million. that is ahead of a lottery debate that may have no winner at all. and the warriors are getting a trip to the white house. nbc streams it all for you and you can relive the warriors victory parade on our home page.
7:58 am
another update for you in half an hour. avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes?
7:59 am
client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf. craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert, only at
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it's 8:00 on today. sororities in the spotlight. >> no one should be made to question selfworth because they don't look a certain way. >> the decision to quit that has some rethinking greek. pulling back the curtain on the life of a supermodel. >> when you think back to those years what type of memories do you have? >> really bad hair. i look back and i was a kid. >> rachel hunter opens up about life as a cover girl and why she is seeing beauty in a new light. what is in a name. we have an a to z guide on the brands you are probably mispronouncing. today is february 4, 2016.
8:01 am
♪ >> good morning montana. >> good morning st. louis. >> good morning. >> happy birthday uso! [ cheers and applause ] >> it's 8:00 on today, february 4. great to have you joining us on a wet morning here in new york city. what a great crowd we have in our plaza. members of the uso right here. so honored to have them. >> we can barely hear your awesome throwback thursday song
8:02 am
"rock with you" by michael jackson. >> a great choice for today. >> what were the other choices? >> sting. but all over michael jackson this morning. >> coming up, a parenting how-to. they will show you how to make a game out of anything from cleaning up to making healthier food choices, even teaching your kids about finance. >> start today's kid's edition. first a check of the top stories. once again donald trump demanded on twitter that ted cruz be disqualified as winner of this week's iowa caucuses. in arkansas wednesday trump accused cruz of stealing victory and suggested that some cruz staff members misled iowans by telling them that ben carson was pulling out of the race. >> that voter fraud, these politicians are brutal. they are brutal.
8:03 am
they are a bunch of dishonest cookies. >> it is no surprise that donald is throwing yet another temper tantrum or trumper tantrum. >> jeb bush finished sixth in iowa is expected to be joined by his brother, former president george w. bush. hillary clinton is trailing in the polls ahead of tuesday's primary. tension between the two appeared to escalate wednesday trading jabs over who is more progressive. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super pac and takes $15 million from wall street. >> i was somewhat amused that senator sanders set himself up to be the gatekeeper on who is a progressive. >> the debate is at the 9:00 eastern time on msnbc.
8:04 am
a dark night in orlando. the man flashed what appeared to be a real gun and left without hurting anyone. police are searching for the wannabe caped crusader. a car ended up in an unusual spot. it struck several vehicles parked, went air borne, landed on the roof of that garage. police say the driver suffered a medical emergency before the crash. a crane had to be brought in to remove the car and driver from the roof. not sure about the driver's condition. now to a call to revamp sorority experiences nationwide. >> it started with this video from a student and it is going viral. hoda has the story. >> she joined a sorority to join a welcoming community on a huge college campus. instead she says she encountered
8:05 am
a culture she described as disappointing and hateful. some may rush to judgment. >> preppy and like to go out a lot. >> like party. >> reporter: a former sorority member is pledging to expose what she calls a culture of cruelty. >> one of the worst was hearing a sister talk about hydroxy cut. >> reporter: since she posted this youtube video she says she received an outpouring of support. she quit her sorority after 2 1/2 years. >> i decided to join and give it all a try, but my values didn't align. it was really the way the women were treating the other women. to see women in leadership roles telling us we should care more about what other people think
8:06 am
and what we look like. hearing sisters telling sisters to dress sluttier at the next formal. >> reporter: ohio university delta gamma chapter using photos to launch a campaign called define stereotypes. >> committed to holding each other to a high academic standard. our motto is to do good in all aspects. >> reporter: university of louisville also lending a hand. >> being a sorority sister is being the best version of myself that i can be, upholding values. those that are not in greek life aren't able to see all of the positive things we do. >> reporter: and the national conference tells nbc news sorority membership has changed the lives of millions of women and has improved graduation rates adding it shares the call for a thoughtful dialogue.
8:07 am
>> i want to focus on the positive and what we can do to change. right now it is about opening up the conversation. >> she said she made the decision not to name the sorority but wants to promote change. we reached out to syracuse university and was told we respect alex for speaking out and applaud her for having the confidence to do so. we have taken a number of additional proactive steps in recent years adding this is important work that will continue. i think there are probably good sororities and bad sororities all over the country. >> unfortunately, they end up on this show when they do things that are disappointing and for fraternities, as well. >> there is a real sisterhood. you two were in sororities. >> tridelta. had a great experience. >> stop giving me the secret handshake.
8:08 am
coming up next, a life lesson that one intern received on the very first day of the job. >> good to know. jenna bush haguer catches up with supermodel rachel hunter. first, these messages. th superh ithat's so interesting honeyf mybecause i'm going to share p. a photo of my eggo waffle when it pops up. l'eggo my eggo l'eggo my eggo (answering machine) hey! leave a message. hi, i know you're there, 'cause i can see you. i'm calling you to tell you to l'eggo my eggo! anncr: some things are too delicious to share. golden crispy, warm and fluffy eggo waffles. l'eggo my eggo. now becomes skinactive. new garnier skinactive clearly brighter. the active daily moisturizer with antioxidant vitamin c, that smoothes, boosts radiance and protects. see brighter skin in just one week. new clearly brighter from garnier. skinactive.
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8:12 am
of you the teacher's pet? >> no. >> i was not. >> you were. >> i was not. >> anybody voted best singer? >> there you go. >> what about most likely to succeed? >> mr. roker. >> employee of the month? those titles are meant to encourage you. a little boost to your ego. a new study from harvard and uc berkeley so the real deal, they say actually when some people in a group are praised it is damaging to other people. simply other people see you get ag label and they give up. >> especially with kids i think they are sensitive to that. >> it's supposed to be motivating. >> i would take it that way. >> that's the way i would take
8:13 am
it. >> apparently just simply say he is always going to be the teacher's pet no sense in my trying. >> young girls are so impressionable i think they give up more. >> things that make you go hmm. one way to not get employee of the month. this guy fell asleep on the job of a tech startup. it was his first day. the co-workers took this photo. he posted the picture on reddit. >> it does happen. i captured a video not long ago of our co-executive producer, tom mazzarelli in his office. >> that's great. >> he said please remind people i wake up at 2:30 in the
8:14 am
morning. >> that is some of his best work. are you mispronouncing the names of some of your favorite brands. a lot of people were shocked to learn something about a store. some people say zara. actually it is pronounced what? it is a spanish company. how about this one? how do you say this? >> american way to say that. >> we say adidas. >> and this is a good one.
8:15 am
how do you say this store in. >> papyrus. >> some people think it is paper r us. >> that is good. now what bernie sanders is saying about larry david and the grandma who just went dancing in the dark. >> i know your parents told you not to talk politics during pop start. bernie sanders made a confession during a town hall. >> i understand larry david is hosting "snl." he does a good imitation of you. do you do a larry david imitation? >> i am larry david. >> we all knew. >> the real larry david
8:16 am
"snl." an interview with vulture revealed someone suggested it at dinner and larry's agent called out of the blue saying larry wanted to play -- >> look at them. >> raise your hand if you think there is better than even chance that bernie sanders shows up on "snl"? >> absolutely. i do not know anything. >> don't they have a debate on saturday night? >> he can get in after it. next wrecking ball is joining us. miley cyrus announced as key adviser. >> did you know this? >> i did. >> we have blake and miley tweeted a photoof herself
8:17 am
licking the button. >> you know they push the button to turn the chair around. >> what did you just say? >> i have to tune in more often. >> i think the miley booking worked. we have one more viewer here. finally, bruce springsteen making one lucky woman's dream come true. you remember dancing in the dark. it happened tuesday performing in toronto. who did he bring on stage? an 89-year-old woman celebrating her birthday. the boss gave her a big hug and led her in a dance. nice moment. that is your pop start today.
8:18 am
>> i do have something. thank you for that. i want to wish my wife a happy birthday. >> happy birthday. >> are you making dinner? >> absolutely. >> pizza sound good? i'll call, on me. >> happy birthday. all week long we have been getting you set for the big game on sunday with the super bowl commercial kickoff. this morning we have two more ads. ♪ ♪
8:19 am
>> you need to hold in the account. >> i liked it. >> i can do aerobics to that. >> do you have another one? this one from toyota for the prius. >> my name is todd got to do my job bet you never thought a prius could feel so bad. it's mayhem on the road. so little gas.
8:20 am
get on wheels. ♪ tech on wheels. >> toyota, let's go places. >>. >> we posted the full toyota commercial. it runs longer than that on you know how much it cost to buy a 30 second ad during the super bowl? >> $5 million. . good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're now right at about 46 degrees across most of our microclimicr microclimates with mostly sunny skies. the temperatures will warm up to the low to mid-60s especially in the south bay. we're up to 64 degrees, in the
8:21 am
east bay 60 and 62 in the tri-valley. the peninsula today looking at a high of 61 while we stay in the upper 50s in san francisco. in the north bay, a lot more sunshine there, too, and a high of 62 degrees. that's your latest weather. we are catching up with supermodels to find out where they are now. >> this morning we are talking to rachel hunter. >> i have a major girl crush. rachel hunter began modeling 30 years ago. it was a trip back home that inspired her to create a new show that has her seeing beauty in a whole new light. that fresh face, sun kissed glow and beachy hair landed rachel hunter on the cover of countless magazines for much of the '80s and '90s. >> you were the first class of true supermodels.
8:22 am
when you hear the word supermodel -- >> like a halloween costume. i don't know what it was. i think it was like thismerging moment that happened with fashion where everybody was a superstar at that time. >> reporter: discovered at 16 years old hunter wasn't always so sure this career was for her. >> honestly never dawned on me the impact of what clearly this would end up being in my life. >> reporter: were you immediately happy with this career or were there times you were sort of disappointed by it? >> i was like i'm going to go in and make money and get out and done by six months. here we are 30 years later, clearly sucked me in. was i happy doing it? it was a job. i'm embarking on a journey around the world.
8:23 am
>> reporter: the 46-year-old model is searching for a new definition of the word. she just may have found it while shooting her new show "rachel hunter's tour of beauty." >> as much as i thought i understood beauty i never fully understood it until after i went on this journey. >> possibilities are endless. why aren't we drinking this? >> reporter: how did this project change you? >> you fall in love with these people and you get to walk in their shoes for a moment and understand what their passion is in their life, why they think this is important. >> choosing to dress like this. we are proud of who we are and where we come from. >> the experience of giving hunter a new take on perfection. after traveling the world and learning about beauty and other cultures what did it teach you about america's fascination with plastic surgery? >> i went from wanting it to absolutely no longer wanting it
8:24 am
and also understanding that is what you need then how can you judge somebody. >> reporter: one thing remained constant throughout is where hunter finds her hapness, here at home with son and daughter. >> you became a model really young. got married really young and had children really young. when you think back to those years what type of memories do you have? >> really bad hair. i look back and i was a kid. i lived with my heart and i lived very passionately. i would never change it. >> reporter: what do you think it means to age with grace? >> what makes you happy. to actually live them is very hard. if i can be happy and excited
8:25 am
and a full human being that's a good thing. >> so the main secret that rachel shared with me and i took these shots, she says it helps her have a healthy glow. i took two of these and woke up perfectly healthy. it is a little strong. >> like a vodka shot? >> i have a cold. i hope it works. >> sugar up in that. >> not the one she took. >> are you kidding me? >> the price of beauty. >> you think it is terrible. >> like licking a penny. >> how many times have you licked a penny? >> i haven't but it is what i would imagine. >> the oddest thing i have heard. >> and by the way, -- >> i'll take another. on wednesday we heard fromig
8:26 am
today: ==too= a very good morning to you. 8:26, i'm laura garcia-cannon. happening today, the icing on the cake tore the warriors, they're headed to the white house. president obama will welcome every member of last season's championship team, even david lee who now play was boston. warriors fans will never forget how the w's got the cavs and lebron james. they'll come bearing gifts as in a warriors jersey for president obama. the ceremony starts a little before 11:00 this morning. we'll stream it on and air it live during our midday newscast at 11:00 a.m. let's check the traffic. this is chp doing their
8:27 am
investigation. the coroner has arrived on scene, this is going on in lanes of southbound 880. this is a bad backup from the san leandro past 238 where the northbound side slows into the mess and we have two lanes blocked still. sounds like we should have just a few more minutes of clearing and cleanup. there is fluid on the roadway. we'll track that. more folks heading to the bay bridge. peninsula looking slow but clear through oyster point that was tied up earlier. the south bay in general slowing, there's 101. back to you. >> thank you very much. another local news update in half an hour.
8:28 am
my name is melissa snyder, i'm a customer relationship manager with pg&e. i've helped customers like plantronics meet their energy efficiency goals. so you save energy and you can save money. energy efficiency and the environment go hand in hand.
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[ cheers and applause ] 8:30 now on a thursday morning. big chance for us to say hi. >> coming up, fun ways to keep you happy, healthy and informed from the four js. we have a new take on pizza, the quick and easy recipe for
8:31 am
the ultimate super bowl snack. it's like a little blast from the past from a viewer right here. >> very nice. thank you. >> look at this. >> i don't know what i'm holding there, some kind of a juice. >> that's pretty good. let's get a check of the weather. >> just want to -- anniversary of the uso. how important is the uso? >> everywhere we go across the world the uso is there. we can't thank you enough to celebrate the 75th anniversary. >> how do you support? >> #usoconnects. >> thank you very much. certainly put that on.
8:32 am
with jay leno and our good friend -- let's show you what is going on as far as your weather is concerned. for the weekend friday wet weather in the pacific northwest and saturday some sunshine dropping east half of the u.s. sunday wet weather on the southeastern atlantic coast. look for sunshine along pacific northwest coast. angel guardian school it is catholic schools week. thank you so good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. taking a live look from mt. tam. beautiful sunshine, great way to start out the day. but temperatures are chilly, in the 40s across the bay area, oakland at 46 and 43 in napa. but it will be warming up this afternoon. a few degrees warmer than yesterday in san jose, a high of 64. palo alto, 60 degrees, the
8:33 am
embarcadero looking at 58 degrees. some of us staying in the 50s, but we will have low 60s for spots like santa rosa. >> from north carolina -- >> thank you very much. get ready to read. a writer is soaring to the top with a series of books that a lot of people think could become the next 50 shades of grey. no one is more surprised than the author herself. >> reporter: she is the new darling of the publishing world. most nights you can still find her doing dishes. she is sky rocketing on best selling lists with some are calling the next 50 shades of grey. >> i loved it. i absolutely loved it. and i thought this woman, a
8:34 am
mother could leave the corporate world and write a story. >> she was your motivation? >> reporter: a california mom with two energetic little boys and full time fundraising job. she wrote after the kids were in bed and self published her steamy stories online. >> i didn't think that anybody would want to publish me. >> reporter: then came "calendar girl" a story about a high priced escort earning money to pay off her dad's gambling debt. some might call these books soft porn. >> i despise it. >> there is a lot of sex in it. >> anything that you are embarrassed about? >> i wouldn't say embarrassed. i have been raised in being open
8:35 am
minded. my kid's teacher found out i write. she said i want to read your books. i said you like hot books. she goes absolutely i'll read that. calendar girl is being translated into 15 languages. >> it's a little frightening and exciting. >> but her husband just started the book certain he knows the origin of the gorgeous leading man. >> as the main man based largely on myself. >> did he just say that? >> despite her success audrey says little has changed in her life. >> do your neighbors know you are writing these books? >> actually, no. >> reporter: her friends do. doing what she loves writing full time, her dream turned reality. >> the most important thing i want to tell anybody else who
8:36 am
wants to write or do anything is go after it, make it happen. go for it. do whatever you want because you can. >> for today janet shamlian, nbc news. >> coming up next, get off the couch great ideas but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
8:38 am
we are back at 8:38. today's parenting team is joining forces with our start today four js help get your year off to a productive start and now getting your kids in on the action. let's talk about money. we have a question from our
8:39 am
parenting team. rachel e. says how do i teach my child the value of money? how do i explain that we are very fortunate but we can't always have what we want? >> that is the key money question. money is always a lended resource. you want to teach your kids that you have to make choices from the time they are little until adults and have to live with them. the great way is board games. >> you have to be age appropriate. you love using monopoly. >> so much more than just being the banker. monopoly teaches you all about diversification. you don't want to put all of your eggs on park place and broadway. you want to spread them out. >> i used to love sorry as a kid. >> i bet once in a while you walked away because you were so frustrated. it teaches you to stick with it, persevere, really important in the markets. >> katan. >> a newer game. teens love it. college students love it.
8:40 am
it teaches you how to leverage resources. it is about building cities in catan. it is a fantastic game. >> dealing with finances not a game but games can help kids get better with it. >> thank you very much. now let's move to kids and cleaning up. jill martin is here to tell us how to do that. we have a question from a member of our parenting team. how do i teach my daughter to clean up her toys without making it feel like punishment. >> we were allowed to make as much of a mess as possible. at the end of the day we had to put the toys in a basket. 30 seconds and then we would get a gold star. at the end of the week whom ever had the most stars got a prize, something they asked for $5 or $10. you both want this jewelry kit. the winner will get that. we are going to put 30 seconds
8:41 am
on the clock. whom ever gets the most toys in the bin wins. >> start the clock. >> one, two, three four. >> five six. >> seven. nine. >> 11, 12. >> mr. potato head. >> double hands. >> 20 over here. >> 18 over here. >> so she'll get the star. grace gets the star. so it is 3-2. we have two more days and you said you would share the prize at the end of the week, right? it works.
8:42 am
matt, let's go to you. hard to get your kids to eat right? joy can help with that. let me read you a question from amanda. amanda says how do you help kids start making healthy food choices on their own and get them to try new things? >> first and foremost as a parent you want to be a healthy role model. it seems so obvious but it is powerful. educate your kids. in other words, when you are serving healthy foods make a connection between that healthy item and some sort of health payback. they don't care about cholesterol and blood pressure but do care about being smarter and stronger and faster. >> instead of putting something in front of them and saying this is what you are eating today get them involved in the process. >> definitely. the more involved they are. i want to focus on breakfast. breakfast tends be a meal we have a lot of control over. you want a cool spin on something healthy.
8:43 am
this is my happy toast. you start with whole grain bread and then put toppings on top. this is breakfast pizza. kids love pizza. you do it with a tortilla. you make the tortilla. you build it like a regular pizza. this is a morning milk shake. who doesn't want a milk shake in the morning. we know this is basically a fruit smoothie with a stunky store -- funky straw. >> or a store. we have tips on getting them to work. >> my son hates all the sports and exercise he has tried. how can i get him moving and find some exercise he actually enjoys. >> i wasn't a natural gifted athlete. >> nor was i. i am not the pro. with i was little i would go for bike rides with my dad, night
8:44 am
walks. we would put on lights. one minute. and we put on head lamps. as parents you are the first example. mommy is doing exercises. she sees me moving so she will. come to free classes. have them try karate and tennis. maybe not push. let them find their own passion. the other thing that is really fun and i did this as a teacher is yoga. we have billy, blake and -- chloe. you are louder than that. let's do the tree pose. there we go. they are better than i am. tree pose -- yoga brings good energy, concentration and teaches them how to calm themselves. >> downward dog. what do we do when we do
8:45 am
downward dog? wrangler sees it. my personal favorite -- you can go into cobra. chloe -- my favorite is dance party. let's do it. dance party. by the way, if you want to hear more go to dance party is on. tree avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf. craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert, only at
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thank you. imagine if the things you bought every day... ...earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, two united club passes, priority boarding, and 30,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you.
8:47 am
back at 8:47. love is in the air and no time like the present to invest in your relationship. for more than 20 years our friends have helped 25 million couples plan their weddings. a friend here, hoda. >> good morning. we are going to have great
8:48 am
advice for couples of all kinds coming up. >> we have teamed up with "the knot" and made this music video called "little romance" we had coupled married 50 plus years. it is an epic sweeping beautiful music video. it will be next week. it is so much fun. >> what do you do? are you the director? >> i am moral support. you are going to love it. >> let's talk about how to keep your relationship successful. with three different kinds of couples to talk about. couples with no kids. your first tip has to do with -- >> we know that laughter is the best medicine. that goes for relationships, as well. start early. incorporate humor into your life. >> that ends up working a lot. reaffirming love.
8:49 am
>> absolutely. this can be as simple as just saying i love you. those three words can be so powerful. >> show a united front. you're a team. when you get married never put yourself down and always be respectful. >> certain things happen when you have children. >> your first tip is break the routine. that is a good one. >> relationships do not need routine. for date night switch it up. take over the plans, keep them a secret and it will add a bit of excitement. >> dress up. >> get out of the sweat pants. >> make an effort. put on the outfit you know they love. we see each other at our worst and more reason to look our best. >> do you think they care? >> i think we should care. makes us feel good.
8:50 am
>> what about unexpected gestures? >> and they can be completely free. >> get up ten minutes early and surprise your spouse. send him a text message. >> you have other ideas? >> send i love you text message throughout the day. >> let's move to our empty when kids are gone you wonder if you have things in common. >> absolutely. this is take on something new. take golf lessons together. it can be very simple. >> show affection daily. it can be a little smooch. >> a little something. just a small kiss or a couple that i talk to they dance every day when they come home. >> and be supportive. let's not talk about this music video one more second. it's all dancing. we've got everybody in long ball
8:51 am
gowns and it's like their own lovely dance party. i'm so excited about this. >> you are going to debut it next week? >> we will do behind the scenes and have some fun. >> thank you so much. coming up next, you will want to stick around for this, super bowl snacks with a french twist. first this is "today" on nbc. >> yes, it is. increase speed, full throttle! (over intercom) ann, are you coming in? negative! stay on target. what are you guys doing? r2, thrusters! they're closing in! i'll guard the base.
8:52 am
for every family that lives star wars, this is the place where star wars lives. where a galaxy far, far away... closer than ever before. move along. come join star wars awakens. and right now you can save on premium rooms at the disneyland resort. back now back now with our "today"
8:53 am
food countdown to super bowl 50. instead of picking up a phone and ordering pizza, make your own with a french twist. annabel langbein is the author of "the free range cook" and hosts a show by the same name. we are making pizza. this is not your typical pizza. what do you call this? it is a french pizza. let's start with the dough. look at the ingredients, nothing out of the ordinary. >> really simple dough with flour, baking powder, oil and water. so it's a vegan dough. >> okay. >> we pop this in here. salt and baking powder. >> you're going to whisk that a little bit? >> just make a little hole in the middle and combine that together. basically a ratio of two parts flour to one part liquid. and i've got a third of a cup of oil and two-thirds of a cup of water. >> is that warm water? >> lightly warm, not hot, hot. it just comes together. you just won't believe how easy it is.
8:54 am
>> how long should it take that to get that to the consistency you're looking for? >> it just comes together like that and it's done. >> perfect. >> that's our dough. bum, bum, bum. then you pick it up and it's a nice dough. >> here is one that has been sitting for a little bit. >> you can feel how supple it is. it's a vegan dough. these days everybody in your family is going to eat differently. >> okay. now what do we do? >> now the toppings. we have some nice olive oil. drizzle that in the pan. everything goes on there. >> i will help you. >> beautiful. these are red onions. cook them nice and slow. i can put the garlic in at the same time. it won't burn. it's going to cook down. it's going to taken 15 minutes. >> perfect. you've got your dough here. >> my dough. >> you're going to roll that out. >> i'm going to give you a job. >> okay. >> you're going to make the other one. >> while you're rolling that out and showing people how easy it is, i will start to build the
8:55 am
pizza on the dough that has been prepared here. >> see the onions there? they are going to keep in the fridge at least a week. so it makes it so simple that you can have it prepared ahead of time. >> let any me mention to you we have our team of tasters downstairs digging into your pizza annabel. how is it, guys? >> very good. >> very gourmet. >> i like it. >> i think everybody wants to be out having fun. you don't want to feel this time of year that you're stuck in the kitchen while everyone else is having fun. >> and can we mention here people realize you're not from around here, you're from new zealand, and if they wonder what you know about a big game like the super bowl, the rugby world cup was last year. >> we had the rugby. >> who won? >> my team, the all black. >> very good. i'm assembling this. >> and i'm assembling that. i'm going to make this the same. i think one of the big things about cooking is it brings everyone together. you get this chance that we can
8:56 am
hang out and it isn't rocket science. it looks good. >> okay. now let's come over here to what we would have put in the oven. let's take a look at what it looks like when it's done. this is beautiful. the colors, even. >> it makes it really light and means you can eat it at room temperature. sometimes when you cook cheese and eat it cold, it can be claggy. >> what is this version? >> this is a vegetarian version made with zucchini. cooked down. saw today them and you're done. >> annabel langbein, thank you the icing on the cake for a good thursday morning at 8:56. i'm sam brock. it's the icing on the cake for the warriors and their championship season. they're headed to the white house. president obama will welcome every member of last year's championship team including david lee who now plays for boston. warriors will never forget how the dubs dispatched lebron and the cavs to win the title in june. today they'll come bearing gifts
8:57 am
as in a warriors jersey for president obama, maybe number 44 because he's the 44th president. the ceremony starts a little before 11:00. we'll air it live during our midday newscast at 11:00. we'll stream the ceremony on c nbcbayarea.c speaking of which, happening right now on, you can relive the victory parade, confetti and curry. also, some consider him the most hated man in america. today he got a grilling for gouging drug customers. he rolled his eyes. see for yourself on our facebook page. last, a deadly motorcycle accident this morning snarled traffic on 880. sign up for alerts when you sign up for the nbc bay area app. that will do it for us now. see you again in 25 minutes.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on today's take george clooney and rihanna on never i have ever. we have everything you need for your big super bowl party this weekend. all that and more coming up now. from nbc news this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall. live from studio 1 a in rockefeller plaza. >> it is thursday morning, february 4, 2016. some folks out on the plaza this morning. tamron on assignment in new hampshire. natalie, what do we have?
9:01 am
>> brand new by ben rector. he was on our show. i just love this song. i love him. it's "brand new". it's a brand new day. >> i have to download it. let's talk politics because that is what is happening right now. >> really? >> donald trump and ted cruz back at it right now after trump finished second in iowa. you remember he gave a pretty gracious speech, thanked the people of iowa and congratulated ted cruz. it all changed yesterday in a series of tweets when donald trump accused of ted cruz of fraud in iowa echoing ben carson's complaint that some cruz staffers spread the word that carson headed home to florida suggesting he was getting out of the race so why vote for a guy getting out of the race. last night donald trump spoke on fox news about this issue. >> i think it was a disgrace
9:02 am
that he did it. i don't think it should be allowed. i think those votes should be taken away. he really lies. i don't like to use that term but he really lies. >> so ted cruz, they are not investigating this. ted cruz came out and said i apologize, but the way he apologized was saying cnn reported this. we took breaking news and told our grass roots supporters to take the word out. he said he is not going to discipline anyone inside of his campaign. trump is not buying it. he wants a re-election in iowa which is not going to happen. >> it is no surprise that donald is throwing yet another temper tantrum or another trumper tantrum. >> he is calling you a cheater, a fraud. does this cross the line for you? >> listen, donald's insults get more and more hysterical the
9:03 am
more. we need a commander in chief, not a twitterer in chief. my girls are 5 and 7 and are better behaved than a presidential candidate who responds by insulting everyone every day when he loses. >> senator cruiz talking to jackson last night. anderson cooper asking hillary clinton about speaking fees from firms like goldman sachs after she resigned as secretary of state. >> one thing senator sanders points to is you were paid $675,000 for three speeches. was that a bad judgment? >> i made speeches a lot. i told them what i thought y. answered questions. >> did you have to be paid
9:04 am
$675,000? >> i don't know. that is what they offered. every secretary of state that i know has done that. to be honest, i wasn't committed to running. i didn't know whether i would or not. >> you didn't know you were run frg president? >> i didn't. >> let's face it, a lot of times speakers have a certain price list if you want a speaker you look on their website and there is a price list. it's what the market will bear. >> usually when they sign you up there is the added bonuses perhaps down the road this is support for her campaign. >> a little access. >> and there is a debate tonight on msnbc. chuck todd and rachel madow, bernie sanders and hillary clinton standing on a stage together having a debate.
9:05 am
this is fascinating. back on the republican side jeb bush yesterday speaking at a town hall in hanover, new hampshire. donald trump accused him of being low energy and perhaps awkward at times. >> the signal that we are prepared to act in the national security interest of this country to get back into business of creating a more peaceful world. please clap. >> please clap. >> like holding up the applause sign for himself. >> one thing i will say, jeb bush has kind of a dry sense of humor if you watch him. the jokes don't always land. i think he was make ag joke there. >> i do like the casual wear that the candidates are all -- except for donald trump. >> there was a thing trending about that. >> they all dress like joe.
9:06 am
>> they have the names. do we really need the -- we know who you are. >> where did that all start? i go back to chris christie after superstorm sandy, the fleece that says governor. we know who you are. who am i? i'm governor. >> i have to be governor today. >> president gets the nice leather jacket. that's the one you want. >> that's what they are all fighting for. it is not about ruling the free world, but about the jacket. what else is happening today? facebook is turning 12. happy birthday to facebook. took a look back at life as we knew it before the social network by creating a hashtag
9:07 am
before facebook i. everybody weighed in. i wasn't constantly reminded of random events from years ago that i no longer care about. before facebook i knew who my real friends were but not what they were eating. richard writes before facebook i imagine it would have been weird if you come home and i was looking through your photo albums. don't forget to like our facebook page. before facebook what were you doing? and after facebook. >> i was probably i don't know drinking somewhere in atlanta. >> before facebook i. >> i was going to say -- >> i'm on facebook and i appreciate the power of facebook and i know a lot of people rely on it to keep in touch. i am more instagram twitter. >> have you liked our facebook
9:08 am
page? >> people have been liking it rapidly. >> willie, you are going to do it now. go to'stake. you can win a $600 jewelry package. go head to the sweepstakes tab to enter. we are doing a facebook live chat shortly. you can ask us questions. we will try to answer them. >> really first big facebook -- >>'stake. >> these gifts. >> $500 gift certificate to k mart. speaking of games george clooney and reanna are on "ellen" playing never have i ever. >> never have i ever texted a nude selfie.
9:09 am
>> yeah, right, george. >> never have i ever hooked up with someone over 50. >> never have i ever seen a rapper naked. >> totally. >> stop lying. >> one time. >> it's true. >> the two of them together. >> george clooney and rihanna together. only "ellen." let's show you what is going on as far as your weather is concerned. our walk today "forever tonight." we are watching this front weighing across from florida off the east coast bringing more heavy rain to our friends in the carolinas. golly, they are going to get
9:10 am
pounded. some areas pick up to three to four inches of rain in several hours. we are also going tawatch a little low pressure system develop along this tonight. we have winter storm watches out for the southeastern massachusetts cape cod area. wet snow starts to move in from the south. it starts tomorrow morning about 7:00 a.m. look at this. new jersey through long island, connecticut, rhode island and into boston we got snow. we could see snowfall rates of an inch per hour in these areas. if this shifts further west, new york city, parts of new jersey also could get involved. then it moves offshore fairly quickly. the snowfall amounts from four to six inches. boston two to five. plymouth two to five and chatham may see three to six inches of snow. i'm not going to start about what might come on tuesday next week. willie might get stuck in
9:11 am
good morning, i'm meteorologist carrie hall. temperatures are right at about 50 degrees. we're starting to warm up. a high today in the peninsula to 60 degrees. 64 degrees in the south bay and east bay. we'll see a high of 60 degrees in the try valley, 62 and san francisco in the 50s, and long sleeves all day. north bay, 62 degrees but the temperatures will continue to warm up as we head through the next few days with more sunshine into the weekend. let's see how we are doing. we are cranking up there. go to our today's take facebook page and like us and register for the sweepstakes for a $600 certificate for jewelry at sears. >> 200,000 by tomorrow. end of the week. >> we have been averaging about 25,000 folks a day. >> big prizes.
9:12 am
no whammies. just ahead procrastination, quantity over quality and more leisure activities. there is a shared trait of history's most successful innovators. we explain surprising findings next. g findings next. look, the wolf was huffing and puffing. like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function. symbicort is for copd, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol increase the risk of death from asthma problems. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections, osteoporosis,
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the lines are blowing up! we've got deborah from poughkeepsie. flo: yeah, no, it's flo. you guys realize anyone can use the "name your price" tool for free on, right? [ laughing nervously ] ♪ [ pickles whines ] i know, it's like they're always on television. what? when you think of great american innovators you might assume they were born with a gift the rest of us don't have. adam grant, an acclaimed professor has found there is hope for the rest of us in his new book originals how nonconformists change the world
9:16 am
uncovering the surprising secrets of successful trail blazers and how you may be one, too. >> 34-year-old adam grant is teaching some of the brightest young business minds to be productive by being creative. >> the first step to an original idea, he says, is to poke a hole in the status quo and see what is behind it. >> orig nality starts with looking at the world around you. take initiative to not only have the idea but make it a reality. >> in 2010 four students did that. they wondered why a pair of eye glasses should cost hundreds of dollars. that question and the answer gave birth to the popular eye ware company. >> said we would like you to invest in this company to which you said? >> no. >> that hurts right now.
9:17 am
>> it is valued at over a billion dollars. now my wife handles our investments. >> 1.2 billion to be exact. the moment was an inspiration for the book set out to investigate what he admits. >> i thought all original people were dare devils. most successful entrepreneurs and anybody who champions an original idea, most people hate taking risks. they like playing safe. >> reporter: another finding so-called experts don't always know best. we know "seinfeld" as one of the most successful tv shows of all time. executives and test audiences were ready to leave it for dead before the show saw the light of day. >> the show is about nothing. >> a lone nbc executive whose focus was not sitcom thought they were worth the shot.
9:18 am
>> came from special department. he was working with different formats of shows. wasn't stuck on a mindset. when he watched the show instead of evaluating it he experienced it. he lived it and it made him laugh. at the end of the day people will watch a show that makes them laugh. >> what does this mean for you and your original idea? he has a list of suggestions. first take your ideas to disagreeable people. >> those are people who will challenge your ideas more and criticize you more which will help you improve the idea. >> don't be afraid to procrastinate. >> most of the time it is about waiting for the right time to act, not rushing in saying i have to make progress or i have to get this done but giving yourself the full window to allow creative ideas. >> make time for leisure hobbies. >> nobel prize winners are 22 times more likely to be performer, actor, magician, dancer than anyone else. why is that? >> part is reflection of having
9:19 am
a really strong sense of curiosity. and the same curiosity we tend to explore leds them to interesting artistic. >> who knew the real secret to success is in your web browser. >> firefox and chrome have better job and stay in the job longer. take a tiny bit of initiative. that is a window into the initiative you take on your job. >> i am a chrome user and have been since before i read this book. >> my work here is done. >> were you really? >> i was an original. just fascinating guy. he is so smart. one of the big things he said is go with high volume of ideas. he talks about thomas edison having more than 1,000 patents. most didn't work. keep turning out the ideas and a couple may become --
9:20 am
>> risk takers, too, being risk adverse. >> if you are starting up your own company keep doing what you are doing first. hedge your bets a little bit. >> i love the hobby idea. einstein was a ventriloquist. >> few people know that. >> he wasn't. >> fascinating, check it out. we have food, drinks and a whole lot of fun for your football weekend coming up after this. g up a
9:21 am
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just ahead, want to score extra points with friends and family this sunday, go the extra yard with football inspired food, fun and decor. >> thanks a lot. our pal ryan engingold. >> you can hit the big blue button. cupid, meet george washington, match made in heaven. big holiday weekend. we show you affordable get aways after your local news and weather. is your head so congested it's ready to explode?
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university is providi ee meningitis vaccinations to students today. it good thursday morning. santa clara university providing free meningitis vaccinations to students today. this coming after two students were diagnosed with that con tanlous bacteria. the vaccine clinic runs from 2:00 to 8:00. if you're a student, go get it. the clinic will continue tomorrow, 10:00 a.m., to 6:00 p.m. police are xekting an explosion at the vallejo mobile park to a hash lab between highway 29 and highway 37. officers say one man suffered burns to his face and hands. investigators now believe he was making hash oil in a shed that was not properly ventilated and he blew the shed to pieces. the fire damaged three neighboring homes. also happening today, the
9:27 am
icing on the cake for warriors and their championship season. they are headed to the oval office, technically to the white house, president obama will welcome every member of last season's championship team, even david lee, who is now playing with the boston celtics, warriors fans will never forget how the ws won the title back in june and now trying to make it two in a row. they will come bearing gifts and warriors jersey for president obama. it starts before 11:00 this morning. we'll stream the whole thing on and air it live during the midday newscast at 11:00. if you missed the game last night, curry hit 11 threes, tieing a franchise record. he's still got it. we have your weather and traffic after the break.
9:28 am
good morning, i'm kari hall. we're looking at the outer sunset, clear blue skies but it is chilly out there. temperatures only in the 40s and
9:29 am
low 50s but to the 60s in the south bay. half moon bay, 58, also 58 degrees in san francisco. upper 50s for the east bay and low 60s for the north bay. tri valley looking at 62 degrees. let's check in to see how the roads are moving. >> san mateo bridge seeing traffic off the south 880. slowing than you might expect with the couple of days with minor flow. we'll look at the map and crash, all lanes cleared recovering from both directions. they may turn off metering lights soon. the south bay moves well but slowing around redwood city, crash clearing from the roadway.
9:30 am
big news in the search for cure of type i diabetes johnson & johnson joining forces to speed development of first stem cell treatment. they have begun testing it in a small number of diabetic patients. a new study found girls with adhd are twice as likely to become obese adults. the impulsive behavior makes it harder to have good habits. cleaning up your kitchen might help you lose weight. researchers asked a group of stressed out women to wait in a
9:31 am
cluttered kitchen while another group waited in an organized kitchen. the messy kitchen group apparently ate twice as many cookies in just ten minutes than those in the clean kitchen. we have an important recall to tell you about. more than 158,000 dirt devil vacuums are being recalled due to electrical shock hazard. a prong on the electric cord plug can detach and remain in the electricaloutlet. no injuries have been reported. consumers should stop using the vacuum and contact dirt devil to receive a free replacement vacuum. mcdonald's and partnership with reading is fundamental is swapping out toys for books in their happy meals from now until february 15. this isn't the first time mcdonald's made the switch. the chain did the same thing in
9:32 am
2013 and will have distributed more than 50 million books. the subway sandwich chain $5 foot long special is no long. starting today it costs $6. online back lash was immediate and fierce. subway says the $5 sub was launched nine years ago and costs for ingredients and overhead have gone up. let's look at our weekend outlook. expecting a few snow showers tomorrow. look for wet weather in the southwest. saturday we do have lake effect snow showers around the great lakes. beautiful weather around much of the country. sunday, sunday more snow, beautiful out west. we look for wet weather making its way through the southeast which may make its way up the
9:33 am
eastern seaboa our temperatures are right at about 50 degrees across most of the bay area. a lot of sunshine and breezy wind. into the rest of the day we will continue to see our temperatures warming up. eventually hitting 60 degrees in the east bay and also 60s in the tri valley. the warmer spot will be in the south bay, up to 64 degrees while san francisco stays in the up are 50s. in the north bay look for a few clouds and high of 62 degrees. our temperatures will continue to warm as we head into the next several days. >> and that is your latest weather. what is football's biggest weekend whether rooting for the broncos or the panthers you will want to throw a winning party. >> and we have food, fun and great ideas. >> hi. >> let's start. you have a warm drink to start things off sdprmpt when we have a warm drink. we are using the crock pot a
9:34 am
little differently. we put a crock tail. it has apple cedar. we use mason jars. you can get this as any home store and duct tape. you can use a green table cloth to set the table. and you will see you are drinking out of the team straw that you can get overnighted. you can have it in time for this weekend. water for a party. might seem like a no brainer but have water out for your guest. these are easy prints made into referee water bottles. >> this is our snack stadium. so all of your favorite dips. we put out lots of veggies. we have a baby one for the kids table or one in the living room and one in the kitchen. >> the amazon commercial where
9:35 am
alec baldwin is building a snack stadium. >> this is cool. for the broncos fan the toaster and the diy snack station. >> look at that. go broncos. >> we put out a cheese platter. this is so easy even the kids can get into doing this. honey and mustard and carolina pulled pork. and then end up on something sweet we have brownies that are either just a small paring knife. >> then, of course, fun and games. you want to keep everybody involved. this is halftime commercial bingo. you have the big advertisers. everybody can play as commercials come on. >> where do you get that? >> you can download it online, also. >> check it out online. everyone has an end zone
9:36 am
celebration. end zone celebrations ranging from a cart wheel to break dancing. with halftime dancing we have a dance off. you have your move? >> come on. >> putting the music on. >> all right. >> let's see some moves. >> end zone dancing. >> come on. >> let's see it. >> really? >> that's what they are doing? >> you spike it and do this. >> woo! >> nice! >> a little heisman. >> excellent. >> wow.
9:37 am
for more of these ideas and there are more -- >> let's see that one more time. >> you can go to our website. coming up next the bad guy turned good now? good guy now. one of our favorites around here spilling some of the beans of the new season. a few of his own. >> very impressive. >> very imp jane didn't like restrictions. not in life. and not when it came to watching her calories. why settle on taste? jane thought. that's why jane loves light & fit greek nonfat yogurt. bursting with rich creamy awesomeness and 12 grams of protein. all for 80 calories. no settling here. what else does jane love? that you could win a fitbit flex from light & fit. learn more on specially marked packs. light & fit. feel free to enjoy. your hair is still thinning.
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9:41 am
last week we got shocking news. >> we don't want to spoil it so mute your tv if you haven't watched it. mute. tom is the father of liz's baby. >> willie, i like that you were mouthing the words. >> you were communicating silently. >> tom is willing to do whatever it takes. >>. >> i need the job y. need the money. >> this is his -- you --
9:42 am
>> i think we should call. i was desperate. >> you notice -- >> that cheesy moment where it was like -- >> we were drawn in. >> in the words of maury povich, you are the father. >> i am the baby daddy. the character is -- their relationship is so complicated it is amazing to throw another complication into it. >> i watched it last night. without giving anything away the relationship between you and gina is so terrific you can be your own show. then you have one on the show.
9:43 am
>> he is so fantastically fantastic. >> i was a little in awe of. >> he did great work on the show. he is fantastic. >> meanwhile, megan boon is expecting in real life a little girl coming soon. >> you are not the father. >> not the father. >> well -- >> [ laughter ] >> hello. >> what happens? >> not at all. >> such a lovely guy. >> fantastic. change how she is able to approach the role? she is known for doing stunts. >> we were joking the other day because she couldn't sit a certain way. she had to lean up. and she was like i can't do this let alone jump over a car or whatever it is. >> we will make up for the action elsewhere. >> we have to ask you about this
9:44 am
pinterest thing. you were like one of the two or 32 emost searched things on pinterest, more popular than homecoming hair styles and strawberry ice cream cake. >> which i thought was big win for me. >> i discovered pinterest because i have been renovating and working on my place. why? >> there is something because you are remodeling your own place so maybe you should start pinning yourself as you are remodeling. >> with no shirt on.
9:45 am
>> more pinteresting, more pinning. pinterest is a black hole of type. you get sucked in and never come back out. seven hours later you have 1,000 couches pinned. >> or you send a picture directly to natalie. >> ordering a couch. >> always so good to see you. >> new episode 9:00/8:00 central. love is in the air and creepy cupid has his art on our founding fathers. what am i looking at? what am i ?
9:46 am
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and dan is back! good, clean food pairs well with anything. the clean pairings menu. 500 calories or less. at panera. food as it should be. next weekend packs a punch with two holidays in one, valentine's day and president's day. travel leisure magazine has nice ideas. >> special project editor here with affordable trips for the family or a romantic get away or combine them. >> pack ag one-two punch. everyone will have monday off. >> we have a special guest to help us. bring in cupid. >> don't do anything. >> somehow i expected more. >> we have violinests, too.
9:50 am
>> what is our first location? >> our first location is here in new york. this is a beautiful part of upstate new york known, 11 lakes the most popular. the wineries. for couples going wine tasting what an amazing experience the winter and spring are slow season. this is a great time to get an affordable deal. $179 a night. they throw in lots of value added amenities like a glass of sparkling wine, a bottle of wine and complimentary tastings. >> fantastic. >> what's next. >> it's wisconsin. >> wisconsin. this is perfect for a family. known as the water park capital of the world. that is a title that holds true even during the winter time because there are several indoor water parks. for families 600 acre wilderness
9:51 am
resort. you can check out the wild water dome and families can rent private cabanas. you can hang out, lots of outdoor activities, cross country skiing, $240 a night. that gives you passes for four, too. >> pretty amazing. >> are we going to mt. rush more next? >> i hope so. >> romantic trip in the big city. >> chicago. the windy city a great place for couples to go because you have the great restaurants, museums, you can go to the john hancock center. a really cool hotel there. this is a hotel hostile combination. $106 a night gets you a private room, funky colorful decor, lots of locals love to go here. this is great for couples or
9:52 am
with a group of friends. now mount rushmore. >> no. >> what are we doing? >> just the presidents for president's day. >> this is just a beautiful town in the coast. >> president's day. west coast. beautiful property. $119 a night. it is three inns in one. you can go for long walks on the beach. you can go hiking right there on the property. it is great for families because they have fire places. >> romantic. >> finally, for a couple trying to get away, last location. >> durham, north carolina.
9:53 am
it is really north carolina's it city. tons of great restaurants and the hotel is called the durham. it is $199 a night. it is an old mid century building. the lobby is cool, a variety of colors. they are doing lots of local touches like turn down services, local coffee. go to durham. >> thank you so much. thank you to south dakota's mount rushmore mascots and cupid and the music. we are back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. this is
9:54 am
9:55 am
one last look at our facebook page. =trx at ck=
9:56 am
ck bay bridge we've had a lot of sunshine to start out the day and we're looking at highs that will be warmer than yesterday, reaching 60 degrees in the east bay. san francisco will stay in the upper 50s and the south bay, 64 degrees in the tri valley also looking at the low 60s.
9:57 am
heading into the next several days, we'll continue to see highs warming up especially in the south bay, even above average. we have had cooler than average temperatures all day long. tomorrow at 67. low 70s in the forecast for the weekend and of course all eyes will be on super bowl sunday. let's get an update on the roads from mike. >> i've got my eyes on the bay bridge toll plaza. last five minutes we've seen a crash and tow truck and little slowing but no metering lights. this is a little obstruction right in the middle of the fast track lanes. a little slow through hayward down through san leandro and san mateo bridge as you drive across the bay, not so bad. back to you. >> happening now on, the south bay school's higher up in hot water. on our facebook page, one man's
9:58 am
claims he's being stiffed to the tune of $63 million. linked to the lottery ticket drama now playing out ahead of the deadline that may leave no winner at all. in about an hour, the warriors get v.i.p. treatment at the white house.
9:59 am
10:00 am
♪ from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ what is that? >> zach by blurry. it's thursday thursday, february 4th. we have a loaded, loaded show today. this lady from new zealand is with us. she is like the biggest thing in all of new zealand. >> she came all the way to see us. >> she has flown in from new zealand to be with us today. and boy -- no, we're not going to say, and boy, are her arms tired. no!


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