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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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behind me following an overnight strip mall fireworks show that may have caused a fire. we'll have all the details in a live report. "today in the bay" continues now. 6:00. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. it's still early in the week. tuesday. so why not keep it easy and brief. get a check of the forecast with meteorologist kari hall. >> good morning. another warm one on the way with near record temperatures expected this afternoon. but it is cool as yes step out this morning. grab a light jacket in the north bay. the temperature is now 43 degrees. highs will be reaching 73 in san francisco, 76 in the east bay and peninsula and the trivalley today up to 78 degrees and still very warm in the south bay with a high of 79. we'll talk more about these temperatures and how long it lasts that's coming up in a few minutes. let's get an update as you head into san francisco a look at the morning commute. here's mike. >> hey, kari, stream of
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headlights, heavier than last week, the cars traveling into san francisco. last week we had a lot of folks taking mass transit but folks are back to their vehicles driving into the bay bridge. that's the curve right there. look at your map and the backup because the bay bridge meterering lights are on here. a build for the upper east shore freeway. more than we had last week. the build will continue. there's hayward and union city for the nimitz flowing through pleasonton for 680, south the northbound commute. 101 and 87 kicking in. the build runs a typical pattern and we expect a big commute today. back to you. >> we have an update to breaking news this morning. a young woman could die after she was shot in an apartment complex in san jose this morning. it happened near worcester avenue and east julienne street not far from 101 where we find kris sanchez live this morning with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: good morning, laura. we know the young woman is in her 20s and the man who police suspect pulled the trigger is
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also in his 20s. he is now in custody. you can see here behind me that police remain here on the scene for what is right now an attempted murder investigation. several people here at the apartment complex called 911 around 1:00 after hearing gunshots. what officers found when they arrived is the woman in her 20s with gunshot wounds serious enough it is unclear at this point whether she will survive. >> officers found a female victim suffering from life-threatening gunshot wounds. she was transported to an area hospital. we have one suspect in custody. >> reporter: that suspect is a man also in his 20s. he is now being questioned and officers are talking with witnesses here at the apartment complex this morning. police would not say whether the victim and the suspect lived here or what their relationship might be at this point. the apartment complex manager is not on duty just yet. we will talk with that hopefully
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after 9:00. the shooting investigation could become one of attempted homicide and could be more serious than that. it kris sanchez, "today in the bay." breaking news overseas, investigators looking through the wreckage after two trains crashed head on in germany. authorities say nine people have been confirmed dead and more than 100 are injured. rescue teams carried people on a rope across a river to waiting ambulances. all of this happening about an hour outside of munich. in the country's southern region. crews had a tough time getting there because it's in a remote part of germany. right now investigators are examining the train's black boxes to see if that will help them figure out what went wrong. meantime we're going to continue to track both of these breaking stories right here on "today in the bay" throughout the morning. for updates any time always follow us on all of our digital platforms. decision 2016, some votes have already been cast in new hampshire where the nation's first presidential primary is
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getting under way. three small towns voted just after midnight. on the democratic side bernie sanders appears to be a lock because he's from neighboring vermont. on the republican side, donald trump has a big lead in the polls but more than half of new hampshire's voters are still considered to be undecided. we will take you live to new hampshire for team coverage on the prime fri our next half hour. that video as you see an explosive scene in san jose as lunar new year celebrations turned dangerous and destructive in part of a packed strip mall that caught on fire. >> tesoro is live at grand century small. pete, prlenty of debris it left behind. >> yes. fire crews put this thing out at 9:00 p.m. last fight but there's a whole lot of debris behind me want to show you guys this parking lot of the grand century
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mall following the fireworks show. the car has been here the whole time. you see the tape around the tree that may have caused this. show you some of the video from the fireworks show that took place in the strip mall parking plot you can see what looks to be the tree that we showed you catching on fire and witnesses say the fireworks may have caused this, but this is still under investigation with san jose's fire department. hundreds of people were here in this parking lot. they say it's an annual show. one witness hopes this doesn't ruin the chances of the show maybe taking place next year. >> it's an accident. it wasn't -- this year actually they. >> next year for sure. >> they tried to protect the fireworks and firecrackers very good. they had security. the guy -- that's just an accident. >> reporter: now fireworks are illegal in san jose so we're really still trying to wait to get any information on who authorized this show. no injuries were reported and none of the adjacent buildings were harmed.
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live in san jose, "today in the bay." >> pete, thank you. developing in hong kong right now, dozens of people are hurt and under arrest as well after lunar new year celebrations there turned chaotic. people clashed with police as officers tried to clear out food vendors who set up on the street. police used pepper spray to disperse the crowds. protesters threw bricks and bottles and set fire. >> on the heels of hosting a successful super bowl, santa clara mayor jamie mathews says he's leaving office effective today. >> it's time that i need to step back and be with my family and, quite frankly, to take a breath and see what next chapters are for me. >> mayor mathews still had two years remaining on his term. city council now has 30 days to appoint an interim mayor. that mayor will serve out the remainder of the term. mayor mathews goes out on a high note vfollowing super bowl 50 i
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santa clara. they were cleaning up at levy's stadium. the cleanup is expected to last for week. by most accounts from fans and league officials the game was a success and the host committee wants to do it again. >> i think we showed the nfl and they are very happy with our performance that this is a region they can host events like the super bowl and do it again. >> no major problems in terms of security or crowd control. law enforcement officials say there were about 20 arrests at the game mostly for intoxication and counterfeit items. houston, we have a new host next year's super bowl will also be played or will be played in texas. >> not in space. >> mark kelly has something to say about that as you know also home to nasa's johnson space center, why the host committee asked commander kelly to accept the handoff or float into the handoff. >> pretty cool. >> you can toss it and catch it. >> like an acrobat up there on board the international space station, the third time that houston is going to host the
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super bowl. also happening today where mark kelly is not but plenty of people doing acrobatics this past sunday, the super bowl champ broncos back home and celebrates with hundreds of thousands of their closest friends, including the lombardi trophy which you see there. denver is holding a victory parade to celebrate the broncos' win and super bowl 50. they beat the carolina panthers 24-10 at levi's stadium. peyton manning was the guest of honor at disney land. no word on the quarterback's possible retirement. >> the big player he carries that trophy so easily down. >> i bet it weighs like a half a ton but you would never know. >> tumbling down. congratulations denver. >> congratulations us for another day of temperatures in the 70s. kari hall congratulating you, i suppose, thank you. >> don't blame me when it's really dry out there. and we are just hoping for some rain. as we take a look at these current temperatures, it's now 44 degrees in concord, oakland
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at 47, napa 55 degrees. san francisco 50. it's going to be another warm one and possibly more records set just like we had the past couple days. but we will have a little bit of slight cooling through the rest of the week. we've reached the peak of the high temperatures. still very warm out there today. we'll talk more about this and a look ahead as we go closer to, what is it, valentine's day. forget the holiday. let's check in now with mike to see what's happening on the roads. >> better you than me. over here in the bay area, the area past the coliseum, traffic flows well. northbound 880 nicely towards the bay bridge where the meters lights are on. southbound picking up volume. the san mateo bridge to the south, the bay bridge and the maze, heavier than last week on a tuesday. more cars heading towards san francisco but nothing dramatic. a build past golden gate at the top of your screen. move your map down looking at the slower drive towards hayward
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and the san mateo bridge. west 92 picks up the volume. there's the trivalley, the dublin interchange picking up a lot of traffic as well. this is where all the activity happens over here. the peninsula side not a big deal. we'll take a look at our live camera and san jose that earlier burst of traffic let up right now. holding steady about 15, 20 minutes we'll see the burst start to slow and a bigger look at the south bay coming up. >> thanks, mike. if you want to take that valentine on a trip, new tests under way, our guys in the bay area showing the scientists might be able to prevent one day jet lag. >> a new job opening perfect for someone in silicon valley. you cannot wear a hoodie. i will tell you about it coming up in business and tech. harmless prank or serious assault. the charges a man now faces after police say he toss and alligator through a drive-through window. to see the light... ==vo==
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. .l like to travel, when it comes to jet lag researchers believe they may be able to see the light. a study finds administers short flashes of light when people slept help prevented jet lag. tended to delay fatigue 90 minutes than those exposed to continuous light. researchers suggest flashing light therapy may be used before the night before you travel, the night before, to trick your brain's biological clock into
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adjusting to an awake cycle. >> unless you want to sleep through that. a job opening this morning that is sure to go to someone in silicon valley. >> very important fellow looking help for cyber security. >> he would be a boss. probably work out of his home at pennsylvania avenue. the. the wa-- the president wants to create a new position for top cyber security official. that job posted this morning and he wants to fill it within 90 days. the president's budget goes to capitol hill today and it includes billions more in cyber security spending. in a very unusual move republicans say they will not meet with the president's budget directors to go over the proposed spending bill. the first time in 41 years that's happened. both sides disagree on the priorities but for the last four decades they've at least been able to talk about it. yelp reported its financials monday showing it lost money again. yelp is a fantastic service.
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i use it all the time. it doesn't make a profit except for one brief moment in time it has never made a profit. to be fair, it lost less this quarter. wall street still suffering the dow fell as many as 400 points during trading monday before recovering a bit. still closed to the negative. oil prices have freaked investors out and this morning the international energy agency says there's even more oil out there than we thought. that could drive prices and markets lower. let's leave you with something happy. tons in redwood city they will relaunch the lights show at the san mateo county history museum. new design. so here is images from some of the past things that the artists have done. there's one at -- show at 7:00 tonight outside the san mateo history museum. another one at 8:00. it's great technology. it's super fun to watch. like i said a new design. >> wow. who pays that bill. that's a big one. >> art. >> almost christmas like in terms of the lights. a story right now with you
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might say teeth to it. but fortunately no bite. left a florida man in custody. >> it all started when you're hearing this right, when the man actually tossed a live alligator through a drive-through window. file this story under only in florida. that's where police recently arrested a man for tossing a wild gator from the back of his truck into a drive-through window as the server had her back turned. luckily no one was hurt. the man's parents said it had nothing to do with getting cold fries or getting overcharged. they say it was a prank that went a little too far. >> he's a prankster. he does stuff like this because he thinks it's funny. he's not a bad kid. he's a stupid kid that did a stupid prank. >> despite mom's passionate defense the man faces aggravated assault charges and unlawful possession of an alligator. >> is there a lawful possession? >> an alligator was not hurt and is now rooming in a nearby canal. >> i've heard the milk shake
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ones that people do. >> but not an alligator shake. >> they throw like chicken. >> how do you shake the alligator. it weighs 800 pounds. how does he lift it and chuck it through the window. >> we must investigate. >> but don't try this at home. >> yeah. >> we would like to get out of the home today because it's going to be nice weather. >> yeah. i think you will be spending plenty of time outdoors today. a nice start this morning. as we get a live look now at the bay bridge, to fog, mostly clear skies and it is cool. so a light jacket needed. and as we go into the day, we are expecting another warm one. we have several high temperature records set yesterday. here's a look at just some of them. these are the high temperatures that just smash those old records considering that they should be in the low 70s. we were in the upper 70s in oakland. san jose up to 78 degrees. the record was 72. check out santa cruz. awesome beach weather. we just need some rain in here. looks like as we go into the
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next several days it will remain dry but not as warm. a look now in san jose. 48 degrees. san carlos 48 and napa 55. san francisco at 50 degrees. heading hour by hour in san jose, it will be another warm one. and warming up quickly it goes from 49 at 7:00 to 59 at 9:00, 68 degrees at 11:00. you see ta trend there. we will be hitting the upper 70s once again. we will have more clouds moving in this evening. and that's a hint that things are about to change. high pressure is now sliding off to the east. that's what's kept it so warm. but we will have some weak and dry cold fronts moving through unfortunately these fronts as they pass will only bring an increase in cloud cover and not a drop of rain. may be a few sprinkles possible friday night in the north bay. the rest of us. not seeing a drop of that. so into the next five days, in san jose, we will be up to 78 degrees today. compared that to the average of
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63 degrees, these temperatures are more typical of may and june. rather than early february. as we go into the rest of the week, it will be in the low 70s. saturday looking at 71 degrees. so our trend will be going down. not only in the south bay but the rest of the bay area. in the peninsula, 69 degrees by thursday. san francisco dropping back into the 60s. we come down from those 70s and bring it into the 60s. still upper 60s and still well above average. and no rain as we go into the next several days. let's check in now with mike to see what's happening on the roadways. >> we don't have a lot of problems kari but more cars than last week. a lot of folks took a break from driving into the city we will talk about that in a second. i promised a look at the south bay. here it is a little slowing from 101, 87 not yet. if you leave in the next ten minutes you are beating traffic for the south bay and then the build is on. crash 101 on the expressway, may be an issue.
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got rumor of something going on there. i will track it for you. meanwhile southbound 880, union city and hayward, 680 both heading towards fremont, we have the build, typical pattern for a tuesday. slowing westbound 92. we'll talk about that in a second. i want to show you the rest of the bay, build for walnut creek, 680 out of concord and pleasant hill, the upper shore freeway shows slowing. highway 4 out of bay point towards concurred as well. the bay bridge toll plaza your metering lights are on and the backup out of the maze for the west 580. we slow you the san mateo bridge with a live look at westbound picking up the volume slowing just a tad bit on the flat section. no problems on the foster city side. 101. look at 101, palo alto, a nice easy drive northbound past university towards san francisco remember that closures around the super bowl city area continue all week because they have a lot to clean up and equipment to move. back to you guys. >> won't be as smooth there. thank you very much, mike. coming up, the new request
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from president obama in hopes of fighting the dangerous zika virus. >> the outrage from some in san francisco who many say not in my backyard. i'm stephanie chuang with more on a plan to move a sex offender rehab clinic into a neighborhood. there's growing concern about
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how police officers are using chokeholds. now the n jose lights. there is growing concern about how police officers are using chokeholds. the police department making a change. the issue caught national
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attention after a chokehold by a new york city police officer led to the death of eric garner. the death actually spawned protests nationwide. san jose police say they never permitted the use of a chokehold but also did not have a rule expressly forbidding it either. it was formally banned with one exception they may use the chokehold to defend themselves in a life or death situation. happening today, the man accused of stabbing a chp officer in san francisco will be back in court. noelle allegedly stabbed the officer several times including in the neck near a homeless encampment along an on ramp to the bay bridge. it happened a week ago. the chp says the officer has improved and is no longer in critical condition. the motive for the attack still remains unclear. also in san francisco, growing outrage this morning over a proposed clinic for a paroled sex offender. that clinic would be on church
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street. s stephanie chuang is live in our newsroom. many turned up at a packed meeting to express their concern. >> they did, sam. and some parents and grandparents brought kids to the meeting to really fully express their point saying sex offenders even those trying to get better are not welcome in their neighborhood. >> not our neighborhood and not any other neighborhood. it's not appropriate for a residential neighborhood. >> reporter: the operators of the sex offender counseling center called sharper future has a permit to move into 100 church street. its office at market and van ness is set to be demolished and the new location is next to the triangle muni stop a popular transfer location. a lot of commuters. the clinic would serve nearly 100 paroled sex offenders who live in san francisco and attend court mandated counseling. a clinic open three days a week. operators trying to assure neighbors last night everything would go smoothly. >> we know where they are and they're coming and going and they're engaging in a
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therapeutic relationship which makes them safer. >> it's enough going on in the neighborhood right there already. we don't need nothing extra. >> reporter: and many are pointing an angry finger at the property owner, a well-known care facility for aids patients in the city here. a board member told the crowd he thought because it planned to replace one medical tenant with another it would be a clean process. some outraged because neighbors saying you isn't do community outreach. board of appeals considering a stop next week. stephanie chuang "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. 6:26. coming up as the zika virus continues to spread the president has a specific request from congress. >> the polls officially open. in fact they opened at midnight in new hampshire and votes are pouring in in the first primary of the year which is under way. we're live in the granite state with a look at how all of the candidates are faring so far.
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>> i'm kris sanchez in east san jose where police are investigating the shooting of a young woman. they have a suspect in custody. we'll tell you what we know coming up. >> and the cleanup will happen this morning after enormous fireworks fire in san jose. what started it all. a live report coming up. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit call 888-996-tips. or e-mail the
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good morning. a post super bowl world on this tuesday, thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get a quick check of the forecast with kari and another nice day ahead. >> beautiful day once again. it is cool so grab a jacket before you head out. and also the sunglasses. you'll need them later today. it's now 48 degrees in the south bay and peninsula. looking at highs again in the mid to upper 70s. we'll be at 73 in san francisco and the north bay. east bay 76 and the trivalley today up to 78 and possibly more records falling again this afternoon. i'll detail that in a few minutes. getting busy on the roadways. >> we're looking towards the maze. a lot more drive nears san francisco than this time last week. the east shore freeway and a slowdown out of the maze. the map and upper east shore
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slowing as well. the map shows you through oakland slowing 880 towards the san mateo bridge. and in the south bay your break might be over the build is on we'll show you those speeds coming up. back to you. >> something happening now, a pivotal point in the race for the white house and the nation's first primary of the 2016 campaign season. officially under way. right now, in new hampshire. voters are making their way to the polls as we speak. >> we have team coverage from new hampshire this morning. andrea mitchell will break down the democratic race but let's start with "today in the bay's" tracie potts in manchester where there's a toss up for second behind donald trump. >> no question about that. let's talk about those republican because there are so many of them who are sort of bunched up in the polls right behind donald trump. marco rubio and text cruz vying for second and maybe ohio governor john kasich and jeb bush, chris christie is a possibility,' any of them an
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analysts tell us could end up second or fifth we don't know because of how tight the polls are. the other thing we're watching here is turnout. we've already seen people lining up very early. we visited one yesterday. they're expecting a record turnout at the largest district here in manchester. we're told as you look live at the polls here where people had been standing outside when the doors opened this morning, the secretary of state says that they could top half a million people, maybe 550,000 people in this state voting today. that would be a record. it would mean two out of every three voters here came out to participate in this primary. republican and democrat. but the republican race is going to be a horse race. it will be interesting if we're here for a long time waiting on the results could mean that it's very, very tight. sam and laura, back to you.
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>> thank you, traci. on the democratic side of the race, bernie sanders dominating hillary clinton in the polls. the new hampshire is where clinton became the comeback kid in 2008. as the "today" show's andrea mitchell explains clinton is hoping to do it again. >> reporter: good morning, laura and sam. finally primary day here in new hampshire and hillary clinton already at a polling place today said she will be working until the last vote is counted. if the polls are correct, this will be a setback for her. bernie sanders has had a lead for months but she is trying until the last month to at least narrow the gap into single digits and then heading to south carolina, the next primary, after a caucus in nevada, she has a much better chance at least because of her stronger operation there and the minority voters who have been traditionally her support. here in new hampshire this is going to be a reals test for her against bernie sanders. he has been enormously popular. her only hope really there are
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40% of new hampshire voters who say they are independent and so many are late decideders she is still at least hoping for some kind of an upset after what happened in 2008 when she was the surprise victor. a lot more coming up on "today." thank you. of course you can find all of today's results as they come in on and we'll have updates starting on nbc bay area news at 5:00. laura, we've been feeling the burn on the stock market in recent days and weeks. a live look right now at what's going on here. the dow jones is down about 130 points to start off the day. scott mcgrew was telling us yesterday it dropped almost 400 before recovering a little back. we're going to check the with scott to get more context on business and news in about ten minutes. in the meantime a developing story the cdc issues its highest possible alert for the zika virus. today, president obama asking the congress for $1.8 billion in emergency funding.
6:35 am
the money would be used for mosquito control programs, vaccine research, and improving health services. some of the money would be diverted to central and south america where the virus is spreading rapidly. there's growing concern ahead of this year's summer olympics in brazil which is the epicenter right now for the zika virus. >> it's very difficult to give advice to people who have devote the last x number of years training for that and what we can do the cdc and nih can do is give them the facts and evidence-based information. >> the cdc now reports that 51 known zika cases in the continental u.s. zika is not a big health risk for most people but it can be extremely harmful for pregnant women and their babies who could suffer neurological complications or born with abnormally small heads. a bizarre and brazen robbery on a local highway. police say two masked men forced a couple to pull over, then took
6:36 am
their money and phones at gunpoint. it happened fundamentsunday on between san mateo and san gregorio. >> i call the police station and ask if there is a cop behind me because you never know. >> police say the suspects were driving a black crown victoria similar to a squad car shown in this picture. another crime along our coast that could be linked to that highway 1 robbery. two armed men targeted a jewelry story the gold works jewelry store on main street hit about 10:00 a.m. yesterday. here's a look at the surveillance video. you can see one of the suspects. police say this is the second suspect who appears to be on the lookout. and illegal fireworks show in the south bay became dangerous. it happened last night in the parking lot of the grand century shopping mall in east san jose near 101 and story road. as you can see, even a tree caught fire. here's a live look at the
6:37 am
shopping center this morning where fire crews were able to put the tree fire out but look at the damage left. we're told hundreds of people gather here every year to celebrate the lunar new year. >> this happens every year, of course. so we know what we're doing and we ended up having the information given to all units so we're all quite aware of it. >> officials want to remind you that fireworks are illegal in san jose. pete will join us with an update for the story in less than 20 minutes. mounting concerns right now over crumbling concrete inside the bay bridge's island tunnel. see the hole left behind by the two-foot chunk of concrete that fell directly into traffic. this caused minor damage when it came down ten days ago, but nobody was hurt. it is, though, sparking a conconversation about whether this could happen again. we show this image to a met lurnlg klg engineer who believes its determination was caused by a rusted support beam. >> it's concerning because the steel provides a lot of surface
6:38 am
area for corrosion to form. >> it's one of the things that we're investigating. as i said at this point we're not ruling anything in or out. >> and caltrans will not speculate on a fix until they're convinced that they know the extent of the problem. in the meantime you can drive through that so be careful. want to check the forecast. you may be looking at the sun in your eyes get the sunglasses. >> sunglasses today. a light jacket this morning. absolutely. short sleeves this afternoon. and we're looking at temperatures now in concord at 44, oakland 47, 48 in san jose. it will be another warm one. possibly some more record high temperatures set. gilroy up to 76, san mateo 74 degrees, the presid yo 69 degrees. in the low 70s in napa as well as 76 in oakland, pleasonton today looking at 78 degrees. our temperatures cooling down slightly as we go through the week. i'll detail that coming up in a
6:39 am
few minutes. an update on what's happening on the roadways with mike. >> we tried to warn folks about 15 minutes to get out before this happened. and 15 minutes later this happened. 20 minutes actually. there's northbound 101 at the 680, 280 interchange. sun coming up and looks beautiful. look at the map, that's not the only issue for the south bay. the slowing here and for capital expressway, 101, 87 shows the building into downtown. north 85 at winchester a crash reportedly involving three or four vehicles. the distraction as the bulk of the commute starts to hit for 85 should start anyway. we see that complicating things. meanwhile a typical build for 680 south and 880 south both pushing towards free month slowing towards the dumbarton bridge and highway 92, the san mateo bridge. another map before i show you the bridge because we have slowing also for disabled vehicle as you come through richmond on the center divide. a distraction and slowing out of
6:40 am
hercules and pinole. the bay bridge metering lights and the east shore heavier than last week at this time. the san mateo bridge westbound across the span a slower drive develops. slowing on the peninsula at 101 because of all the people heading over there. thanks. celebrities have been hanging out in the bay area for the past week. for super bowl 50. many have stuck around to play a little golf. >> do they have their clubs sent with them. how does that work. apparently they have people for that. the pebble beach pro am in monterey. the celebrity shoot-out starts at 1:30 this afternoon. players from the giants an the 49ers are participating in this week's event. some other names to watch out for, oh, he's bringing golf back. justin timberlake, mark wahlberg, ray romano and bill murray to name a few. big names. former 49ers coach jim harbaugh and niners legend steve young also going to be there as well. >> it's nice to see some of the guys return here. >> coming back here. >> it's fun to go out there.
6:41 am
6:40 right now. take a look at the blurry photo. it's actually taking the internet by storm not because of where it was taken but by who took it. >> and we're watching the markets this morning. man, it's just been a tough 2016. out live to the big board. dow industrials losing 76 more points. we've been negative all week people are not cutting apple c-
6:42 am
6:43 am
e-o tim cook a lot of slack. . ite the op folks this morning not cutting apple's ceo tim cook a lot of slack. quite the op it sit. he's feeling the wrath of the web because of one photo. here's the picture that tim cook shared with his nearly 2 million twitter followers. as you can see he was on the field at levy's stadium at the
6:44 am
end of the sooeb super bowl. perhaps the commotion and excitement caused him to take a blurry snapshot. the twitter sphere roasted cook for that photo and he's deleted it. >> despite cook's efforts there were fewer tweets about the super bowl this year than last. >> this is the first time we've seen that. >> it is. twitter and facebook have been getting more and more popular. marching up, more people joined. this year fewer tweets and posts about the super bowl, the first time ever that the number has gone down and they were down significantly. what caused it? well, it could be the teams. as year was the patriots/seahawks. the teams this year may be less popular. tv ratings for the game were down slight as well. seems like a good theory. the teams' fault. investors are nervous about twitter in particular, peaking. those who are using twitter but very few people are joining. i don't know what to make of this but cnbc are reporting
6:45 am
sales at red lobster are up after beyonce mentions the restaurant in her line. the headquarters for red lobster is on the embark dare ro in san francisco. dow industrials down about 80 points, the nsa falling as well, it has been a really rough month so far for the markets. we do remember while the stock market investors do lose their money when the stocks fall, obviously, right, the money doesn't doesn't cease to exist. it moves into gold, moves into bonds. the dollar gets stronger good for americans traveling overseas, not good for those coming to visit america. >> go to red lobster. >> or new orleans. >> laura's buying. she's been diversifying her portfolio. >> lent is coming. probably why. long john silver will be popular too. filet of fish anyone. >> there you go. happening now, live look from above new orleans this morning. yep, we were talking about it.
6:46 am
it's fat tuesday. the big easy gearing up for one big party. the celebration in new orleans is said to be the biggest since hurricane katrina. >> forget about the lobster, get craw fish. "today in the bay" sarah is live above bourbon street and has her beads and excitement building kind of quiet right now but expect that to pick up. >> we're calling this on a party on pause as people who were out all night head home to get a couple hours of sleep and parade crews are just now coming out. the celebration and the security this year are being described as unprecedented. as more than a million people are expected here in the big easy. the costumes. >> welcome to new orleans, baby. >> reporter: the parades. and, of course, the beads. >> thank you. >> reporter: all part of an iconic mardi gras experience. a feast for the eyes and ears.
6:47 am
♪ >> beyond our expectations. >> reporter: visitors and locals alike. >> i'm always here every year and we dance a lot. >> you may not know the person on the side of you, you get to know them, where they're coming from. >> reporter: security is tighter than ever before with so much surveillance the fbi says visitors should always assume they're being filmed. in addition to agents some 1100 new orleans police officers are on patrol. many under cover. >> we want you to have a good time but we will not tolerate violent behavior. >> reporter: the weather this season has been cool and rainy, not perfect but not enough to affect any of the scheduled events. a little rain on these parades, not even slowing the celebration. and all of this adds up to big bucks an estimated $840 million into the local economy. that is reason for businesses to
6:48 am
rejoice at least until the mardi gras madness clears out. >> quite the party. >> lot of beignets and crab cakes, $840 million. from new orleans, thank you very much. >> probably a lot of other things too. we can all share one big sandwich. >> or po boy. >> yeah. the fact that i lived in louisiana for as lot of years i learned how to make a king cake from scratch. >> well, good to know. >> yeah. >> hurry up with the forecast. got to do baking. >> hurry up so i can make a king cake. now as we take a live look now, beautiful sunrise as we wake up to some chilly temperatures on what will be another warm day. we are once again on track to set some new record highs this afternoon. but not after starting out with 44 degrees now in concord and it's 47 in oakland. san carlos 48 and san francisco at 50 degrees. let's take it hour by hour in oakland. as we start out in the low 50s,
6:49 am
our temperatures jump quickly throughout the morning. 11:00 we're already up to 75 degrees. noon, 70 degrees. we will continue to see those highs in the 70s for at least the next couple days before this high pressure that's kept it warm starts to slide off to the east. it will allow for some cold fronts to move in, but unfortunately, as these fronts approach, they're dry and it will only bring in an increase in clouds, but it will drop those temperatures a few more degrees as we go through the rest of the week. our highs today, will still be well above average. up to 73 degrees now. keep in mind for early february, we should be at 59 degrees. we still even though our temperatures will be cooling down, will be above average into the start of the weekend. so the next three days, our highs will be in the 70s and the south bay, we've already reached the highest temperature we will get this week with the peak of the heat yesterday. in the peninsula, up to 69 degrees on thursday. more clouds moving in, san francisco, 66 degrees.
6:50 am
and in the north bay, we're up to 65 on thursday. as you see we go through the week it will be a little more comfortable. heading into the weekend, sunday is valentine's day, don't forget about that. i almost did. in the east bay will be up to 70 degrees on sunday. 73 degrees in the south bay. still some very nice weather and definitely make some plans to get outside. hopefully, though, after this stretch of some dry weather, we can start to see some wiet weather moving in next in week. an update on the roadways with mike. >> thank you for admitting you almost forget. the boys aren't the only ones. i almost forget too. looking towards the bay bridge, we won't forget about this, the metering lights won't let you everybody is waiting to show you that. look, the last to fill in, lighter slol ume off this stretch as you approach the east shore freeway look at your map from the berkeley curve, slower drive or for our sensors. recovering from an earlier disabled vehicle in the center
6:51 am
divide. richmond now releases traffic towards berkeley. walnut creek interchange and 24, the build is on. much more traffic than we had this time last week. south 680 and south 880 pushes towards fremont. overall the commute was lighter last week folks were worried about anywhere super bowl related. in san francisco as we look at your maps in san francisco, those roadways are closed towards super bowl city. that is not open for that stretch. whe wheen while, 87 towards sky port a crash there as well. the end of the guadeloupe parkway. 85 north towards winchester a crash blocks one lane. a look at palo alto the volume on the peninsula not a concern. >> thank you, mike. news we've been following all morning. an update to breaking news. a woman shot this morning in san jose. the latest on her condition and the suspect police now have in custody. happening now, a lunar new year's event with fireworks gets out of hand at a strip mall. on facebook we posted a collage
6:52 am
of the aftermath and no matter how much we want to back the bay area won't be hosting super bowl v. female viagra ad yanked before the super bowl. even if you don't believe it, you'll laugh as you look on our home page. an update to breaking news:
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
==sam/2ot== a woman in the hosp update to breaking news, a woman in the hospital this morning after she shot at a san jose apartment complex. >> "today in the bay" kris sanchez live at the scene with the latest for us. >> we're told that woman in her 20s is fighting for her life as we speak. ==laura/vo== more breaking newhi the man that police suspect pulled the trigger is in his 20s. police remained at the park side terrace apartments not far from highway 101 and not far from up with of the rocket ship academy campuses. several people at the apartment complex called 911 around 1:00 this morning after hearing gunshots and when officers arrived they found the woman in her 20s with gunshots so serious it is unclear whether she will survive. the victim is in the hospital. the suspect was arrested on the spot and police are still talking with witnesses. one resident told us police knocked on his door to find out whether he heard or seen
6:56 am
anything. at this point police have not revealed whether the victim and the suspect knew each other, whether they lived in the apartment, where this happened, nor whether they -- what the nature of their relationship might have been. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." more breaking news, this time overseas where two commuter trains collided in germany killing at least nine people. more than 150 others are hurt. most of them seriously. it all happened this morning about an hour outside of munich. investigators are now looking at the train's black boxes to figure out what went wrong. >> a lunar new year's fireworks show may be to blame for an overnight strip mall fire. plenty of fireworks debris and the cleanup process will soon begin. you're watching video from the fireworks show that took place last night in the parking lot of the grand century shopping mall in san jose.
6:57 am
you can see what looks to be a tree catching on fire that may have been the cause. witnesses say the fireworks caused it but that's under investigation with san jose fire. hundreds of people were here in the parking lot for the annual fireworks show and want to point out that fireworks are illegal in san jose. no injuries were reported and none of the nearby buildings were harmed. live in san jose, "today in the bay." and i'm stephanie chuang live in our san francisco newsroom. here in the city angry people are fighting a move that would put sex offenders in their neighborhood. >> why should we trust you now about how you're going to -- [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: you're hearing from some of the neighbors who showed up angry at last night's community meeting. some bringing their kids to make a point that they don't want sex offender counseling center sharper future to move into their neighborhood. sharper future has a permit to move into 100 church street this month. the protest is there because the location is residential and next to a popular muni transfer spot. the clinic would be open three days a week to serve nearly 100
6:58 am
paroled sex offenders who live in san francisco ordered by the courts to attend counseling sessions. clinic operators will know where their patients are and this is a ther puttic relationship that makes the community safer. next week the board of appeals will consider putting a stop to the move. live in our san francisco newsroom, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." decision 2016 now, some votes have already been cast in new hampshire where the nation's first presidential primary is taking place right now. three small towns voted just after midnight. that's when the polls opened. many hours before polling places opened across the rest of the state. now more than half of new hampshire's voters are still undecided or at least considered to be undecided. the "today" show will bring you complete coverage of the new hampshire primary from new hampshire starting in a few minutes. >> in new hampshire this morning, in the bay area, maybe just a light jacket shed it by later. >> absolutely. we've had some of the warmest temperatures of anyone in the
6:59 am
country. just across parts of the west. so now as you step out the door, it is still cool. we start out every morning that way. 42 in the north bay. high of 73 degrees in the north bay and san francisco. upper 70s in the south bay and we'll be watching the thermometer for the possibility of new high records set again today. >> nice temperatures. been so dry though. >> it has. >> rain dance here pretty soon. how is the dance on the roadways? >> folks kind of making their way through some of the congestion but it's there more than last week. look towards san jose where these folks watch the bottom of your screen for a second. they make this crazy weave and i would not suggest it. you should obey the traffic laws especially when on camera. this is on the on ramp to 101 north. folks making sudden changes sometimes. your map not the worst of it. the bottom of your screen 85 jams up. earlier crash at winchester has cleared. slow from 85. the rest of your bay typical tuesday pattern. much more traffic than last week. reminder in san francisco, those roadways have not reopened.
7:00 am
closures around continuing through this week. >> along the embark dara. >> meantime beautiful sunrise from san bruno. enjoy the day. good morning. high stakes. new hampshire votes today. trump and sanders ahead in the vote. a late-night rally, a trump supporter uses a vulgar term to describe ted cruz and trump repeated it. >> she said he's a [ bleep ]. terrible. bill clinton taking the gloves off with bernie sanders, sounding like he wishes co-go at it even harder. >> sometimes when i'm on a stage like this, i wish we weren't married. then i could say what i really think. michael bloomberg said


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