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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 10, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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the thefts. starts in the bay right now. thanks for joining us. >> a busy start to your wednesday. before we get to the news, a quick check of the weather by meteorologist kari hall. she has more reports. >> beautiful weather in the afternoon. it would be nice to get some rain but this is what we have instead. it starts in the 40s and 50s, 50 degrees in san francisco. a little cooler than yesterday with a mixture of more clouds and sun and eastbound, tr bay a tri-valley. that's a look at what's coming up and a look at what's happening with b.a.r.t. here's mike. >> we just missed the train traveling south.
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minor delays reported for the system and why we're checking. as we get to your maps, it should be recovering. the roadway is not taking extra time behind me. it's coming out of the altamonte pass and 580. easy drive. back to you. >> cleaning up on couture. a group of people came into a shop and snatched items right in front of employees. >> pretty aggressive. live in san francisco where it all happened last night. one of many incidents happening in the bay area. >> reporter: yeah. absolutely. we have had a string of what are known as grab and go thefts in the bay area. at the store here on post street where there are security came cameras, police will be taking a look at footage if there's any
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caught on the camera. investigators are studying this clue, handprints on the front door that can lead them to one of the estimated 10 men and women who came here at 6:30 last night and started grabbing pu e purses and belts and bolt out the door. there was one store employee who tried to stop them and the group of robbers fought back and got away with pan estimated 10,0$10 of loot. this is the latest happening in the bay area. look at the swains video. this on philmore street back in december, a group of women walking in, taking what they can and running out the door with about 15$1500 worth of merchandise. also happening in the east bay at apple stores in pleasantton and walnut creek. you're looking at footage from a security camera at the store in pleasantton, january 13th, four
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men walking in, grabbing what they can, 10 iphones on display and they have released four different videos from this grab and go from the same exact apple store. you're looking at these purchases from ferragamo and they go for 4$400 each and belt 3$300 each and they don't have o take much to do some damage here on the 200 block of both street. today in the bay. >> pretty aggressive there. thank you. 5:03. the super bowl now over, we're hearing about prostitution stings. joining fbi cracking down on prostitution and more than a dozen pinches were arrested as well as 85 people soliciting the
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prostitu prostitutes. now to decision 2016. bernie truand sers and donal-- sanders and donald trump. spin doctors on the second race for president is being called a decisive moment in the gop race and major blow for hillary clinton. >> they're throwing everything at me except the kitchen sink and i have the feeling that kitchen sink is coming pretty soon as well. >> sanders was a big favorite in new hampshire. he was about a 20 point favorite coming in, in part because he's from neighboring vermont. miss clinton is reminding voters there is still a long way to go, this is only the first primary. >> on the gop side donald trump won decisively but the real surprise could be john kasich. >> i overcame the darkness of
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negative campaigning. and also setting a record, something tra krirks e potts was talking about yesterday. meanwhile check out coverage from last night's primary and reaction from the candidates. download the free app from happening today, 5:05. president obama arrives in the bay area for two political fund raisers. air force one expected to arrive in the early evening hours and expected to stay in the south bay and attend each fund-raiser tomorrow. one at the home of steve wesley, venture capitalist and former state comptroller. this is his first visit to the bay area this year. condoms for san francisco middle school students would only be handed out -- and they
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withdrew it from the agenda after hearing concerns from parents. for now that means the vote would be delayed but did not say when they would reconsider the plan. a south bay problem gaining attention, garbage and waste from homeless camps pouring into waters and creeks. now, they're trying to clean it up putting together city and county leaders to fignd a solution to a problem insurmo t insurmountable. >> it would be a good idea if they can come out with a solution. there have been people out here the last 50 years or so and haven't found a good solution yet. >> water officials admit the issue is controversial and complex. the water crews will not send crews to homeless camps without a police escort. something that has to be fact factored into whatever solution they propose.
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swept out to sea on our coastline as a man who was trying to save his wife, drowned himself. rescuers raced to save that couple. even a nesh surfer jumped in to help, bob. >> reporter: good morning, if it weren't for that surfer, it's possible that woman might not have survived. yesterday afternoon, this woman in a bathing suit, wade ing the water, a weave suckwave sucked sea and this man jumped in to save her despite his wife tell him to stay put and he was swept out to the ocean separating the two. a surfer, trevor griffis was checking on wave conditions seeing a woman floating in the water and not appearing to be in distress and until she got
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pulled in when waves got more violent and he went in and tried to save her. >> i ran in there and got hold of her. we both tumbled in shore break a minute or something like that and got sucked back out and tumbled again. when we got pushed up against the shore i wedged myself between her and the ocean to keep her there. >> another man help eed griffit drag her to shore. she mentioned her husband and a coast chopper found him much further out and further south. they lowered a man to bring him to shore and later declared dead at a hospital. he's been identified as larry moore resident of pacifica. lets brag in tod-- let's br
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in today in the bay kari hall. >> we've had rough surf. now that we have high pressure and calm weather, it is starting to calm down out there. we still have flows 4-6 feet and flows 1-4 feet and we will head to the weekend with more storms offshore. calming down for now we still have rip current and concern for any going to the beach in this warm weather. temperature 50 degrees into the 70s and half moon bay at 80 degrees. low 70s elsewhere. a few degrees cooler than yesterday. we'll talk about what to expect heading to the weekend, coming up in a few minutes. let's get an update what's happening with the morning commute with mike. >> we're looking towards fremont. you see a lot of lights just south of there heading towards
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mission. easy flow there. at the top of your screen, at the bottom, no delays to highway 101. and the dublin interchange doesn't show up just yet at the altamonte pass and no backup except for a few folks waiting to pay cash at the plaza. coming up next, locked out, no way in, the reason federal investigators have yet to crack into the san bernardino suspects cell phone months after the attack. google moves way ahead in automated cars. a follow up now... =sam/ots= in
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terror attack insan bernardino.s facing a major road block more than twoonthsfter the shootings. a ful ollowup in the investigation in the deadly california shootings. saying they cannot get into the shoote erers cell phones saying encryption and data lock technology is keeping them from information that could keep them from finding out how they carried out the plan. they killed 14 in december and the couple later died in a shootout with police. time to level the playing field. people say they've been taken advantage of by a south bay company. >> now, they have someone with a lot more muscle in their corner see. we told you people are facing
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six figure lawsuits for showing boxing matches in their businesses they don't have the right to broadcast. a company called j ach& j are ig them. they say they don't know about the law and never heard of j j & j. they do little to inform them and sue them when they make a mistake. he says he doesn't buy the ignorance excuse. we contacted north bay congressman, mike thompson after a business in his district was sued for 70,000 bucks and he said they need to do a better job informing business owners. you can click the investigative
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unit on our tab. i'm liz wagner. >> if you have a tip call them at 1-888-996-tips or end and e-mail to the a startling development and autonomous carbs. >> the feds took a first step endorsing robots on the road. >> a driver's license for a robot. we're not there yet but getting closer. the national highway administration just told google it considers the computer in the car to be the driver when it comes to interpreting rules of the road. this is huge. nhtsa published a letter it sent to goog wrl it walks the silicon valley through the interpretation what is and what is not a driver. the gist of the letter is computers can be drivers. one example is the brake pedal. federal rules say it has to be
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on the floor and accessible to the driver and study stuff. an autonomous car doesn't need a brake pedal. they say, that's fine, so long as the car can stop itself, good enough for us. one step closer to your robot choreographer. stick a -- robot chauffeur. coming up we will talk about when that more affordable tesla will be available. not this one. this is more expensive. there is a 30,0$30,000 car but a tells bloomberg that's without tax credit and may be more in the 20 thousands. and we will check in with landon dowdy live. good morning. >> good morning. wall street could get a bounce today after tuesday's session. the futures going higher and up and down and pushed and pulled
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by oil prices and never down by 100 points or up by more than 100. traders will be watching chair chairman yellin today testifying about the acadeeconomy. inside off 14. back to you. >> congress will have all kinds of question. 4.9% is considered close to or at full employment. we're so worried about the economy. why did her economy raise interest rates when some are lowering them into negative territory. there will be a house committee meeting today and senate tomorrow. we will bring you the highlights. i know you will be interested. >> it is interesting. janet jeyellin might say th story is not what i was anticipa
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anticipating. you might say all's well that ends well. > >> a bronco's fan reveals his journey. >> i spent 21,0$21,000 on the tickets. >> 21,0$21,000? i thought you said 21$2100. >> don't tell my wife. >> justin kerrigan had to tell his wife. he spent 4,0$4,000 on the ticke and didn't know there was a 3 0 $3400 processing fee. >> i was a little frustrated. at the end of the day, we're in it together, long haul. there's no doghouse. >> at the end of the day, there's my husband, justin. he personally spent 8,0$8,000 o the trip and his friends the responsible ones, they actually paid him back. >> sure, they would or she would
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have been calling the media again. >> good working relationship there. >> i think the wife had more strategies here. she knows valentine's day is coming up in what, five days now. she was super cool about this. how is justin going to deliver on sunday? >> everyone is waiting to see how their loved ones will make up. >> and not forget. what? what? >> is it sunday? >> we are going to have some great weather. so no matter what you plan to do for your circuit other, we will have beautiful conditions outside. you will want to make plans to get out there. as we take a live look now we are seeing mostly clear conditions. the 7-day forecast coming up the brought tom of the screen -- the
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bottom of the screen and you can see your temperatures for sunday. it's 50 degrees for san francisco and the peninsula and the south bay, as we get a closer look, 45 degrees in almadon. and san francisco. a little cool in some spots. hour by hour in san francisco we start out at 10:00 this morning. we're already makes it to the lower 60s. at lunchtime in the mission district we're at 64 degrees and the marina district at 4:00. it starts to come down, a mix of sun and clouds. we continue to stay high and dry the next several days. there will be storm systems offshore and we will only see slight increase in clouds and cooler temperatures. if you feel your allergies
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acting up, we have an increase in the pollen count. we will still have warm and dry weather and no major changes the next several days. with a look at what's happening on the roadways, to mike. >> getting all stuffed up looking at it. easy flow of traffic for san rafael. easy morning commute. easy flow past the tower. we will look at your map. san rafael, bay bridge and increased traffic in the area, slowing a bit coming into our area and south bay, no problem at the 101. back to you. >> 5:21, coming up. the zika virus spreading across the world and trying to fight the deadly virus and the states
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potentially impacted. >> just as dangerous and where the fogging will happen on the peninsula.
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i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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indiana, ohio, tennessee, a delaware. b new cases of the zika virus now confirmed in ohio, tennessee and the bay area. san francisco doctors creating a new test for that virus. blood samples containing zika arrived yesterday. right now, blood samples in the u.s. are sent to the cdc in atlanta and takes at least two weeks to get results. researchers hope to cut that
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down to six hours. experts say the zika virus most common in south america causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads and brain damage. meanwhile the uptick of mosquitoes as the world worries about the zika virus. what is being done. >> good morning to you. there's going to be some helicopters flying over the nature preserve. the idea is to tamp down the number of mosquitoes. we will show you the man. it is hard to see much. along 1 01 north to the water's edge and south to shoreline park. the idea is to get rid of as many as possible adult marsh mosquitoes. if you've ever been bit during the day, this is probably the kind of mosquito that got you. all the recent rain is allowing the rain to hatch earlier than
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usual and although this is not the zika virus so concerning to pregnant women and babies, this is those carrying the west nile virus and they say the fog should kill about 90% of the mosquitoes. you want to avoid them flying overhead. do your part with standing water where mosquitoes love to breed. if you're heading out, use repellent and long-sleeve shirts and pants if you're out for a period of time. they're going to fog with insecticide specific for mosquitoes and not dangerous for pets or people, maybe the same kind of substance in flea andtic medicine. if you're concerned, bring them inside and wash outside water dishes after they're done. it's supposed to last three hours but may fog again in the afternoon if it's not as effective, maybe even into
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tomorrow. kris sanchez. >> all right. thanks. now that we got that out of the way, voters scratched their itch at the polls in new hampshire sending a message to the country about outsider candidates and the presidential primary and what this means for the election cycle. >> reporter: it just took a matter of seconds and they were gone with thousands of dollars worth of stolen goods. i'm in union square where there was the latest of a string of grab and go robberies. wednesday ahead. stop resisting, stop resi resisting. >> in a confrontation with police, video can reveal the truth, but only if the camera is on. >> there should be ultimate transparency for men and women who serve as police officer officers. >> we investigate the flaw in police body cam systems that
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leaves the public in the dark. >> is that code for turn off your body camera? >> it is. it's an unwritten code. joining us. i'm sam brock.
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=laura/2shota i'm laurgarcia ca. boxes boxes ad lib toss to wx good wednesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm gloria. >> we will have slightly cooler in spots and not as much sunshine. it will still be a nice spring-like day across the bay area. temperatures are in the mid-40s in the north bay and 50 degrees in the east bay and peninsula highs reaching 71 degrees in the east bay, 72 in the peninsula and 70 in san francisco. now, my guess, i take a look at that camera, looks like there is a listed bit of business going on. >> taking care of business so there won't be funny business on the bridge. there are the metering lights. just a pause here filling
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towards the toll plaza. this happened just 90 seconds ago with a backup. and the toll plaza moving very well. it's just the approach to the toll plaza has the backup. the only thing other than that would be the altamonte pass to 580. lymph and the middle of your screen, we look at san mateo bridge, the shot showing no problems but we're picking up some company. >> thank you. 5:31. decision 2016. bernie sanders and donald trump came out on top in the new hampshire primary. as we get into the midst of this campaign season, new hampshire sends a powerful message to the country with several surprises where donald trump can for the first time in this election legitimately call himself a winner. this is a big win for him.
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>> reporter: it is. he calls himself a winner with legitimate numbers now. and republicans were fighting for a breakout to see who would break out of that pack and be number two. now we know, it's john kasich. >> i want to thank you, we love you. >> more than a third of republicans said yes to donald trump's bold not so politically correct brand of politics which he says will work anywhere. >> we are going now to south carolina. we're going to win in south carolina. >> john kasich beat cruz, rubio and bush in a four-way battle for second place. he across a positive message. >> tonight, the light overcame the darkness of negative campaigns. >> hillary clinton suffered a huge, though not unexpected defeat. no come basic this tiback this . she lost by double digits to bernie sanders and insists it's
5:33 am
not over. >> with will fight for every vote in every state. >> sanders heads to harlem this morning to pick up key african endorsements that could help him pick up key endorsements in south carolina? >> they're throwing everything at me except the kitchen sink and i have the feeling that kitchen sink is coming pretty soon as well. >> massive turnout lined around the block, in one case a mile long led to outsider victories in both parties. >> reporter: in many precincts around the country, the secretary of state predicted beforehand with all the new registrations and we saw even more last night, that they could break a record here. we're waiting on the official numbers to confirm that. >> thanks. you can check out our digital platform for coverage on the primary including more reaction from the candidates.
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anybody to a holy highway robbery, federal prosecutors say a south bay couple swindled their church out millions. 60-year-old jonathan change was -- jonathan chang was a church elder at the home of christ. they are accused of stealing $7 million from that church and wealthy donor. he was in charge of the church finances and transferred the money to a phony foundation he set up over a 12 year long period. that couple was released on 200,0$200,000 bond. both are expected back in federal court tomorrow. meantime, a bold and brazen robbery in san francisco. police say a handful of people snatched at least 10,0$10,000 w of merchandise right in front of employees. live where it all happened last night near union square. it happened at a pretty high end shop. apparently the thieves had
5:35 am
pretty fancy taste. >> yes, pretty fancy taste that they can sell for a pretty penny. the handbags can go for the same amount as someone's rent. there is actually a handprint here on the front door. that is what police are trying to lift fingerprints off of. it was clearer last night when the store was off-limits and crime tape stretched outside. the men and women came here at 6:30 and started grabbing belts and purchases and one employee tried to fight them off but they got away with at least 10,0$10, worth of stolen merchandise. this robbery by force has been happening the last few months with this one caught on camera on philmore street in the middle of december they run in and grab all they can and bolt out.
5:36 am
there have been robberies in the east bay as well at apple stores and pleasantton and you're looking at the stone ridge mall apple store, men walk in and grab 10 iphones on display and walk out. police have released four different videos of them gr grabbing them from the very same apple store. that's a pattern. you're looking at a security camera where it all happened. police aren't release footage. they're doing the same thing with footage using facial recognition software and sometimes the footage is too small and hoping witnesses will phone in tips. >> thank you. a story we brought you yesterday as breaking news. a woman shot at an apartment complex should survive. >> she's in stable condition after undergoing surgery.
5:37 am
a man in custody in connection with the shooting, they believe the two knew each other. so far, the police have not released a motive. it happened yesterday morning at an apartment on julian street and highway 101. >> a follow-up that some security cameras are decoys, we filed a public request to find out how many are fake. 70% are not in use. the agency installed dummy devices back in the '90s but never upgraded them. the issue came last night when a rider was shot and killed. but the camera was fake. they're spending more than a l million dollars to install cameras in every car. supervisor scott introduced the resolution to use added super bowl revenues to help the
5:38 am
homeless and clean up encampm t encampments and help some d displaced from super bowl city. it could be months before we know super bowl 50's economic impact. >> raider fans are hoping the team can work out a deal to stay in the east bay. a live look at a darkened coliseum this morning. they're expected ed ted to mee today to discuss a possible one year lease extension just for the 2016 season. the team is looking for a short term home as it explores long term options for a new stadium. their current lease expires in a few days. the mayor said any deal for a new stadium cannot include taxpayer funds. >> it feels like baseball already. i love it. >> pitchers and catchers in five or six days, very exciting. >> crazy.
5:39 am
it feels like spring but we are not there yet. think about it. early february estimate temperature 44 degrees in the eastbound bay. it's 45 degrees downtown san jose, morgan hills, 47 degrees, campbell at 44 degrees. it will be another warm one. we will get close to setting some records. i don't think we will see as many widespread records set as yesterday. palo alto, 72, mission district at 70 degrees, 71 in napa, hayward, 70 degrees and lymph high of 68 degrees. let's get an update what's happening as you head out the door with mike. >> south bay it should clear up in a half hour from now and get a little break. let me show you what's going on.
5:40 am
101 northbound things ease up and 6:30 it builds in the entire stretch. so far so good. hayward, a little build 80 south and slowing south. coming into livermore, your traditional slowing. and san rafael picks up a few more cars as well. back to you. >> thank you. >> 5:40, the chipotle promotion that caused one man to be bomba bombarded. coming up, business and tech. >> reporter: we'll tell you how a surfer risks his life to save a woman from the violent waves on shore. four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth--
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coastline-- as a man trying pbs 0 to save his wife-- drowned himself. =boxes= today in the bay's bob at 5:43, swept out to sea, a man drowned trying to save his wife couldn't save himself. even a nearby surfer jumped in to try to help. >> reporter: that's right. first that surfer thought he was looking at a seal caught up in the surf. he soon realized it was a person, women witnesses said had been swept out by a sneaker weave on the beach. initially, she did not seem to
5:44 am
be in distress according to the surfer until she got stuck in fairly heavy waves. she floated there and called for help. trevor risked his own life to save her as the two were thrown about in the violent surf. he was eventually able to get her to shore with another man on the beach. once she caught her breath she mentioned her husband jumped in the water to try to save her as well. >> she mentioned she told him to go back and not come out after her. but i never saw another person floating in the water near her and saw her from pretty early on drifting out a little bit. i thought it was somebody just going for a swim. >> reporter: a coast guard helicopter spotted the husband floating unconscious in the water, way out there, way south of the pier. a rescue swimmer with the coast guard hoist him back to the shore. he was declared dead at the hospital. the coroner's office has
5:45 am
identified him as larry moore, a man who lived here in pacific ca. reporting live here. >> tragic. >> it is. >> the things you'll do for love. let's bring in meteorologist kari hall, calmer conditions than we saw yesterday. and we've been seeing side effects of the el nino winter season. >> it has been kicking offshore and creating high waves for our coastline. it won't be high throughout the day, 4-6 feet. as we go through the weekend, it will be friday, the mavericks viewing friday. they called the event only for those very experienced surfers. we will continue to have high waves for the weekend as temperatures stay warm and we will have more of this warm
5:46 am
weather heading into the next several days. >> kari, right now, there is an upside to the big waves. get ready to watch the world's big surfers carve and shred massive swells at half moon bay, talking about the titans surf competition also known as the super bowl of surfing. 24 competitors got their 48 hours heads-up yesterday how long they have to get to the bay area for the surfing event set for friday. the mavericks surfing contest wasn't held because the waves weren't big enough. is it time to quit your job? a lot of people are. >> i thought you shouldn't quit you day job? >> quit your day job. a lot of people are doing this. it means people are confident enough they can find another job. this quitting job metric is measured by something called the
5:47 am
jobs opening and labor over to survey, or jolt. the jolts number is the highest we have seen in nine years. people are confident they can leave a low paying job for something better because there are so many jobs out there, there are not very many people to fill them. a couple jobs you probably don't want to take, the guy that sells hover boards at the mkiosk, people not wanting to buy them these days and apple's kiosk. apple will start selling screen protectors inside apple stores. apple is teaming up with belkin to do it using their machines. it will be available in some stores anyway, starting today. on tuesday, i told you to check out the late light display at the light and history museum. a lot of you did last night. super cool.
5:48 am
little did i know yesterday this technology was also used in the super bowl halftime. i was talking a short time ago with a guy who set up this equipment. >> able to bring in about 1,000 plus people a night to enjoy something they have never seen before, in most cases, 3d m mapping is a pretty new thing. you might have seen it on the stage for cold play during the super bowl halftime show. a brand new art form that mess mer rises people. i kind of describe it as a fireworks show off a building. >> who knew? the redwood city actually bought their own equipment, improvement district, so they can do it any time they want. >> quite an investment. >> the aerial shock on the stage -- >> how far we've come on some super bowl shows. >> yes. and there were no electric elephants this time. turning now to a story that shows you how one digit can make
5:49 am
all the difference in the world lighting people's faces up promised free stuff, especially when your phone number is one digit away from a burrito give away. >> you had to text the words rain check to a six digit number and turns out to be way too close to a d.c. attorney. that attorney received about 400 missent texts and counting. he said he's trying to reply to each one of them, a nice man but at his wit's end. chi chipotle is trying to take out some of the sting by giving him free food. we have been watching one digit or two off the record high temperatures the past few days. we've had many new records set all across the bay area.
5:50 am
even as more clouds move in today and we will have slightly cooler air, it is still well above where we should be. as we start out the day, mostly cool skies. still on the cool side. grab a jacket as you head out. you will need it later on today. as the forecast comes off the bottom of the screen, we don't see major changes even the start of next week. san francisco, 45 degrees and 48 degrees in the peninsula, as we get a closer look at the east bay, walnut creek, 44 degrees andest andest -- east bay, 44. warming up nicely. palo alto at 75 degrees. we head to santa rosa, 70 today, pittsburgh, 73 degrees and livermore looking at a high of 68 degrees. we had this persistent area of high pressure giving us an
5:51 am
offshore flow and dry weather into the next few days and start to see more clouds moving in and high pressure to the east. still no rain in this forecast the next several days, with the lack of rain and everything blooming, you may notice your allergies starting to act up. notice your pollen forecast and a high amount of cypress in the air. if you start sneezing, maybe that's what you're allergic to. 60 degrees in san francisco, up to 70 today. and 60 degrees in the week and so comfortable even as we go to valentine's day, highs in the low to mid-70s. now, with an update on the morning commute, here's mike. >> the volume builds all around the bay. we talk about mapping speeds are not a problem for fremont.
5:52 am
1 on -- 101 will clear up again. no incidents reported through the area and we'll check on that. you have the human factor to double-check the computers. 238, the build south from there to union city. a little slow for 238 and we will track that as well. tri-valley not showing problems just out of the altamonte pass. you have the toll plaza off-ramp, a little more than last week but no surprises. a quick look at palo alto and the headlights, there they are back in motion. >> thanks. a wayward elephant's wrong turn and some images that followed now going viral. >> it happened today far away from here in west india. the elephant wandered into a
5:53 am
town from a forest and chaos ensued, structures smashed and people running for cover. luckily no one was hurt. >> the quest for food may have attracted the elephant. crews eventually tracked her down and tranqualized her and delivered a crane to track her back to the wild. >> people are scared but intrig intrigued. >> don't see that everyday. a new man enters the ring for pay-per-view boxing, the reason why local businesses have a federal lawmaker in their corner. a new bay area effort under way to wipe out mosquitoes and where fog is taking place. also what fireworks can leave behind. the cleanup from last friday's super bowl extravaganza. more warm weather on top. we're getting ready to post our weather alerteds. one of the largest cruise ships
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
in the world is headed back to port -- after awerful storm damaged the ship and had passengers and crew one of the largest cruise ships in the world headed back to court after a storm damaged the ship and had passengers and crew on edge. the anthem of the seas from the royal caribbean cruise line s w showed these pictures after a storm hit sunday. they reported howling winds and
5:57 am
waves as high as 30 feet. there were more than 3500 passengers and crew members on that ship expected to return to cape liberty, new jersey later tonight. in investigation of the terror attack in san bernardino, the fbi is facing a major roadblock months after the sh t shooting saying the fbi agents cannot get into the shooters' cell phone. the enkremgs acryption and data technology is keeping them from seeing their plans. they shot and killed 14 people and the couple died later in a shootout with police. an investigative unit exclusive this morning. time to level the playing field. people say they have been taken advantage of by a south bay company in the boxing business. >> you're looking at the wrong
5:58 am
video there. they say they have someone with legislative muscle in their corner. our investigative producer joins us to explain how. >> maybe. >> we first told you people are facing six figure lawsuits for facing boxing matches in their businesses they don't have the right to broadcast. a company that owns the production rights say those that fail to pay a fee for the program are violating federal law. the problem is many people have never heard of the law and never heard of j & j. they do little to inform businesses choosing to sue them when they make a mistake. j & j's president says they are out to get out of it. bar owners and the district sued for 170,000 bucks, thompson says the punishment doesn't fit the
5:59 am
crime and licensing companies need to do a better job educa educating business owners. you can watch our full investigation online right now, head to and click on the investigations tab. with the investigative unit, i'm liz wagner. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit give them a call. 1-888-996-tips or e-mail us. ==laura/vo== plus: first the results, now th now at 6:00, san francisco police looking for a large group of robbers who hit this high end store in union square in san francisco. the latest in the trend of grab and go robberies in the bay area. >> reporter: i'm in san francisco where a fog will descend on some marshy areas here but not the kind that shows up in kari's forecast. we'll show you where mosquito fogging is going to happen today. >> plus, first results, now
6:00 am
reaction. candidates from both sides of the aisle respond to the first presidential primary of the year. today in the bay starts now. very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. >> if it feels a little balmier than usual, that's because it most certainly is. we're pushing record temperatures. a check of your forecast. >> good morning. another day we will be very close to setting records. it will be a touch cooler than yesterday with more clouds moving in. it's 47 degrees in the southbousouth bay and east bay, 71 degrees, 75 in the tri-valley and south bay and peninsula at 72. the next few days we will still have very warm weather. i will detail that and what you can expect as you make your weekend plans. let's check in with mike and what's happening in parts of the


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