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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 10, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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candidates from both sides of the aisle respond to the first presidential primary of the year. today in the bay starts now. very good morning to you. thanks for joining us. >> if it feels a little balmier than usual, that's because it most certainly is. we're pushing record temperatures. a check of your forecast. >> good morning. another day we will be very close to setting records. it will be a touch cooler than yesterday with more clouds moving in. it's 47 degrees in the southbousouth bay and east bay, 71 degrees, 75 in the tri-valley and south bay and peninsula at 72. the next few days we will still have very warm weather. i will detail that and what you can expect as you make your weekend plans. let's check in with mike and what's happening in parts of the peninsula. >> that's right.
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we're looking for a crash in palo alto northbound. just outside this screen area. you don't see flowing on the area and our sensors don't show fl flowing. it is blocked at 101, oregon expressway and i will continue to track that in the next few minutes. on 238 northbound, it is unusual, the result of a crash there, northbound 238 just off the 580 split, a motorcycle is down and we will try to get information on the status of the driver and the backup is already formed. metering lights are on. back to you. >> thank you. right now, the search is on for a group of people who ransacked an upscale store in union square and took off with merchandise. it happened at the ferragamo
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store. >> the latest victim of the so-called grab and go robberies. >> reporter: that's right. there have been a string of these and tough for security to stop them because you have multiple people going each way. it happened at the store here where there is a security camera at the very front entrance of the store where this all happened. investigators looking at that and also studying this clue, a handprint left behind on the front door they're hoping to lead them to one of the estim e estimated 10 men or women that came here at 6:30 and started grabbing purchases and belts. one employee tried to stop them but they fought back and did get away with an estimated a lot of more than 10,0$10,000. this is the latest in the bay area. look at the december surveillance area in japantown in san francisco on philmore street. three women walk in, take what they can, run out the door with
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at least 17$1700 of stolen good. and the apple store in pleasantton and the same store in the mall. this footage thursday night, four men seen coming in and taking off with 10 iphones on display. they have 10 different videos of these at the same apple store. we will see if they have any connection and people involved in multiple, but so far no arrests. >> thank you so much, steph. happening today, concerns over the zika virus grow worldwide. one company taking action to help slow the spread of mosquitoes. crews will start to work in about 90 minutes. good morning, kris. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. can i start by saying this story is making me feel very itchy.
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it should improve later this morning as vector control flies a helicopter over this area. you can see the map a little hard to see this morning. we're talking about the nature preserve area south to the water's edge and south to shoreline park. investigator control wants to kill off the salt marsh mosquitoes hatching early because of our recent rain. these are not the kind of mosquitoes that carries the zika virus so concerning for women and babies but they can carry the west nile virus and bite during the day. you want to avoid the fogging area while helicopters fly elsewhere in the bay area. you can do your part by getting rid of standing water so they have fewer places to breathe and you can fight outside with insect repellent and lemon or
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youk leucalyptus oil. you might be wondering whether the fog is dangerous to people. they say it is specific for moerks and not dangerous for people and pets. if you want to find out more on that you can find a link on the information on my twitter feed on kris@nbc and we will be following the fogging later in the morning. >> thank you. we're talking about concerns relating to the zika virus, new cases in tennessee, ohio, and delaware. it could be the key in the bay area. a new test for the virus. blood substantiamples arrived y. right now blood samples are sent to the cdc in atlanta and takes at least two weeks to get results. researchers hope to cut that
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down to six hours. experts say the zika virus most common in south america causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads and brain damage. it is decision 2016, donald trump and bernie sanders celebrating big victories. it's being called a decisive moment and big blow for hillary clinton. >> they threw everything at me except the kitchen sink and i have the feeling that kitchen sink is coming pretty soon as well. >> sanders was a big favorite in new hampshire in part because he's from neighboring vermont. clinton is reminding voters there's still a long way to go. on the gop side, trump won decisi decisively. the surprise might have come in second, john kasich, stating a positive message. >> tonight, the light overcame the darkness of negative
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campai campaigning. >> voter turnout appears to have set a record. a live report from new hampshire in our next half hour. >> here's the plan. bernie sanders might back this. san francisco leaders are already making plans to spread the wealth when it comes to the revenue boost from super bowl 50. introducing a new resolution for super bowl week revenues to help the homeless and clean tent city encampments and help some street vendors displaced from super bowl city. and it could be months before we know the full economic impact. raiders fans hoping the team can work out a deal to stay in the east bay. here's a look at the coliseum now. they're expected to meet to discuss a possible one year lease extension for the 2016 season. it's looking for a short term home while it explores options for a new stadium.
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the mayor said any deal for a new stadium cannot include taxpayer funds. we know the oakland as are definitely in town. it's baseball season. we're entering spring and hope springs eternal. >> everything is beautiful and everything is blossoming already out there. >> near record temperatures for the past few days, we will be back there this afternoon. it is cool, as you head out the door. parts of the east bay, livermore, 41 degrees, 49 degrees in oakland and napa at 42 degrees. after a cool start, warming up later today, we're up to 75 degrees in san jose. 72 degrees in palo alto and the financial district up to 69 discretion. 70 in fairfield and hayward and danfield. we'll be up to 75 degrees. we won't see much change going to the weekend. mike has a heads-up for east bay
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driv drivers. >> better news, even though it's a slower drive through the castro valley. the miracle driver in this crash is reportedly all right but that's a bad spot. it will add to the slowing off that 235 split. there's a little recovery for the speeds. the better news is a break for folks traveling south through hayward and it means less traffic just for the time being. no big surprises, we have a crash clearing highway westbound chicago highway towards corn cord. you kind of expected that, maybe not that much. we look to the rest of the bay and not a lot of problem and south bay and 101 san jose. a quick look and we are showing you south bay pick up volume and flowing out of novato toward the curve. back to you. coming up, the u.s. could take action today in response to
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the north korea satellite launch. >> could you give a computer a driver's license. and this interview with our very own bob goes viral, stirring up trouble at least temporarily after he admitted spending more than 20,0$20,000 trip to the super bowl without telling his wife. this morning, she's responding.
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i'm a customer relationship i'm roy gmanager.ith pg&e. anderson valley brewing company is definitely a leader in the adoption of energy efficiency. pg&e is a strong supporter of solar energy. we focus on helping our customers understand it and be able to apply it in the best way possible.
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not only is it good for the environment, it's good for the businesses' bottom line. these are our neighbors. these are the people that we work with. that matters to me. i have three children that are going to grow up here and i want them to be able to enjoy all the things that i was able to enjoy. together, we're building a better california. tougher economic
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sanctions against north korea. ==vo== icomes in thwake of as early as today, senate lawmakers may vote to impose tougher sanctions on north korea in response to so-called sabre rattling. they may target north korea's access to money it desperate needs to develop warheads and missiles. house members passed a similar measure last month and there is said to be strong support on both sides of the aisle. creating a safe zone for purchases online. an internet safe sale is going to be on 90th street, the area is under 24 hour surveillance. city leaders say the idea has been in the works since a daly city resident was killed selling a sony playstation.
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an economy car program took a huge step forward. >> a computer said to be a driver. >> we tried to look what that driver's license might look like. i think the google car takes a much better picture than mine but he's like 3. we are moving towards this future. the national highway traffic administration sent google a letter in which it said under the rules of the road, it will consider the computer in an automated car to be the driver. this is an enormous step forward for both the scientists and for the regulators. let me give you an example what this means as far as robots and rules. federal rules say the brake pedal has to be on the floor. accessible to the driver. study stuff. in an autonomous car, you don't need a brake pedal.
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knits sa s tonight tonig tonig nhtsa says that's fine. if the driver gets a ticket, who pays for it? is google going to be on the hook for traffic tickets or car accidents? what if it's the car's fault? we have questions we never had to ask and don't have answers to. janet yellin will speak to congress for two days this morning. we have a copy of her testimony ahead of time. the former berkeley professor will tell lawmakers she and her committee are likely to slow the pace of future rate hikes if we continue to see signs the economy is slowing. the market should like that news very much even if it's a bit obvious. tesla and twitter and cisco report profits today. a busy day for silicon valley. >> thanks. >> they can't get enough of
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janet yellin. you know the saying all's well that ends well? seems appropriate here. you can apply to the next story. >> a bronco's fan who revealed a journey to super bowl 50. >> i spent 21,0$21,000 on ticke >> i thought you meant 21$2100. >> don't don't tell my wife. >> bob was getting him in trouble with his wife at home. it went viral but he had to call his wife. she knew the ticket cost 41$410 but didn't know there was a processing fee and he was covering it for his friends who paid him back. >> i was a little frustrated with him at first but at the end of the day, we're in it together, no doghouse. >> take that. >> justin says he ended up sp d spending 8,0$8,000 on the trip his friends responsibly, have all paid him back.
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>> was that take that directed at bob rodell? >> everyone bashing him on social media, i'm sure. >> all the haters going to hate. meantime we play the game. >> 6:13 right now. we are having pretty stunning weather so far. >> yes. everyone was raving how awesome the super bowl weather was. we see that continuing and getting even warmer. today, it backs off, a few clouds moving in. as you head out the door now it is in the 40s and 50s. a light jacket the next few hours and we feel it warming up. the 7-day forecast the bottom of the screen, you will see how temperatures really don't change the next few days. it's 44 degrees in petaluma, napa, 43 degrees and we take it hour by hour in san jose. we see those temperatures quickly jumping up every couple
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of hours at 7:00. 49 degrees and 56 degrees at 9:00, many people heading out the door at 11:00. it will be at 64 degrees and 70 at 1: oe clo:00 this afternoon. we will start to see more clouds. high pressure kept it dry continues to weaken and move off to the east. it's also allowing for a couple of cold fronts to move in. for the next couple of days, the only thing we will see out of those fronts will be more clouds. there is a slight possibility we could see sprinkles, spotty light showers in parts of the north bay and that's about it. now, year keeping an eye what's happening in the sierra. this is a look at the squaw v valley alpine meadows report. this is how warm it is out there. we have lost about 8 inches of snow since last week. the statewide average is still slightly above average. this is the highest snow pack since 2011. the northern doing the best at
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109% of average in the southern ciara still needs work. we're at 96% of the average amount of snow pack at this date and we may be getting more snow heading to the end of next week. we'll keep you up to date on that. let's check in with mike to see what's happening as you head out the door. >> the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights creating a backup here. it is not a surprise but more traffic than last night. we see it change from green to yellow. a little slowing expected for the morning commute. a little more expected slowing. concord to pittsburgh, not a major crash but a lot of slowing and slowing after an earlier motorcycle crash did clear. should have a bike and another car there and slowing a distraction.
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but hayward get through the area. we look south of the san mateo bridge you see an even drive here, fender-bender west 237, congestion point and we will check that carefully while it clears. the san mateo bridge weimbledon pi westbound bound picks up the volume. in 10 minutes, it's when it changes from green to yellow and then to orange. back to you. >> thank you very much. coming up next, air force one touching down at moffet's field and a presidential visit said to take place in just a matter of hours. >> we will tell you about the danger a local surfer put himself in to save a woman in distress. that story coming up. good morning, coming up on a "today," complete coverage of the new hampshire primaries and
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john kasich joins us to talk about his surprise second place finish and marco rubio will be with us well and how did bernie sanders landslide victory change the race and what changes could be coming to hillary clinton's campaign and we have serious star power. penelope crews and ryan stopping by when we get started on today. just yesterday - a man died -
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while yi to save hiwife t today is expected to be another dangerous one along our coastline. just yesterday a man died while trying to save his wife after a wave swept her out to sea. >> today, live near the pacifica
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pier where it all happened. bob. >> reporter: if it weren't for a surfer who happened to be wa walking by on the beach south of the pacifica pier a woman might not have survived as well. yesterday afternoon she was in her bathing suit according to a witness wading in ankle deep water by the pier when a wave snuck up and pulled her out to sea. her husband jumped in and tried to save her. in spite of his wife telling him to stay put he did so anyway. he was able to grab ahold of her for a short time before a rip current pulled them apart and swept him further out to the ocean. a surfer named trevor griffith happened to be checking on the ocean when he spotted a woman in the water and not appearing to be in distress initially until she got pulled into an area the waves became more violent. that's when he heard her cry for help, jump in, risking his own
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life to try to save her. >> i ran in there and got hold of her. we both tumbled in shore breaks for a minute like that. got sucked back out. tumbled in again. when we got pushed into shore i wedged myself in between her and the ocean to keep her there. >> another man help eed griffit grab the woman on shore and she mentioned her husband and they sear search ed for him and a coast guard chopper found immuch lahi later, much farther out. they brought him back to shore and later declared dead at the hospital. he's been identified as larry moore of specific ca. i -- of pacifica. i will turn this over.
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you are expecting much higher waves? >> yes. we have had calm over the bay area allowing for waves to relax a little bit. there still will be sneaker waves, but we are looking at swells 4-6 feet getting higher as temperatures warm up and more people head out to the beach. you never want to turn your back to the ocean and always be mi mindful of everyone around you. sam and laura. >> good advice. joining us with today's forecast in a couple minutes. you can always track the dangerous surf and forecast from our bay area apps. then click on the weather tap. i want to thank you. we love you. >> a strong message from the granite state, donald trump and bernie sanders, victorious in new hampshire. the so-called outsiders.
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the surprise second place finish has everyone talking this morning. i'm live in san francisco, in front of the union square store where a large group of robbers stole thousands of dollars worth of goods last night. and the police tracking down at least one of them continues. joining us. i'm sam brock
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=laura/hot= ani'm lau garcia cannon. let's get a check of the forecast with kari. good wednesday morning. thank you for joining us.
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i'm sam brock. >> let's get a look at the forecast this morning. >> a beautiful day again as our temperatures continue to warm up. it won't be as warm as yesterday but we will still be close to record highs keeping in mind we should be right at 60 degrees this time of year. we're already at 51 degrees in san francisco. we're up to 70 degrees today there and in the north bay, 71 degrees in the east bay and 75 in the south bay as well as the tri-valley. i'll detail what to expect over the next few days coming up. let's see what's happening on the peninsula with mike. >> thanks. we have cameras tracking palo alto north. there are flashing lights. there is a vehicle back and forth crossing lanes. i was watching for any activity because i see slowing and a crash reported there. back and forth. when you see this happening on the roadway, that means slowdown because there is something up ahead they want to clear. we see a traffic accident
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happening right before our eyes, southbound 101, you are earned. you can use central and alma an alternate and get on further south from here. >> that will change for our sensors and southbound coming up about right now. recovery for north 238 and 580. castro valley slow from an earlier crash off the split. and the bay bridge metering lights are on and concord with an earlier crash at chicago highway. back to you. >> thank you, mike. a high end heist in san francisco square and a search is on the way for those responsible. >> the ferragamo store the latest victim in a grab and go robbery. >> we're talking about an italian store so one bag is 1 to
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2,0 $2,000. police have a good bit of evidence to work with. there's a handprint left on the front door of the store on post street. they're trying to lift fingerprints off and trying to track down one person. this handprint was clear last night when the store was o off-limi off-limits. they started grabbing 10,0$10,0f purses and belts and ran out. an employee tried to stop them and they got away. >> near philmore street, they also tried to stop another group of robbers but couldn't. they were caught on camera the end of december. their women walked into that store and grabbed handbags and walked out with an estimated 0 $700 worth of stolen goods. in the east bay, these at apple stores in pleasantton and walnut creek. this is at the stone ridge mall
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at apple store in pleasantton, january 14th, four men seen walking in and suddenly grab 10 iphones on display and run out. since october, they released four different videos of the grab and go robberies at the same apple store. at least one of the security came cameras, i see another one as well. investigators will review any footage caught on these cameras. police in different departments are doing that with all this swains footage and using facial recognition software to try to track down these people. >> thank you very much. from security coverage to political coverage, decision 2016, both bernie sanders and donald trump riding high this morning in big wins of the first presidential primary of this year. >> peter alexander is in south carolina where the presidential campaign heads next. traci poe potts is live in
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manchester, new hampshire where voters rejected traditional politics. >> reporter: yes. the outsiders won. good morning, everyone. good day for donald trump who won on the republican side with a pack of republican candidates right behind him all vying for that second place spot here. >> i want to thank you. we love you. >> reporter: more than a third of new hampshire republicans said yes to donald trump's bold not so politically correct brand politics he says will work anywhere. >> we are going now to south carolina! we're going to win in south carolina. >> reporter: john kasich beat cruz, rubio and bush in a four-way battle for second place. he across a positive message. >> tonight, the light overcame the darkness of negative campai campaigning. >> reporter: hillary clinton suffered a huge though not unexpected defeat. no come bahrback this time.
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she lost to bernie sanders by double digits but insists it's not over. >> we will fight for every vote in every state. >> reporter: sanders head to harlem, new york to pick up key african-american endorsements that could help him compete against clinton in south carolina. >> they're throwing everything at me except the kitchen sink and i have the feeling that kitchen sink is coming pretty soon as well. >> reporter: massive turn up a mile around the block in one case led tomas civic torys in both parties. that's the one thing so many people are talking about a lot, which is those lines. we saw them in many precincts. the secretary of state here had said it look like they could break a record based on the people that registered before. a lot more registered last night. we're still waiting on official numbers to see if in fact they
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broke a record with turnout. sam and laura. >> the turnout one major topic and john kasich another, a major big winner finishing second behind trump. >> kasich faces an uphill climb as the race to the white house now heads to south carolina. >> reporter: good morning, laura and sam. a pair of political earthquakes overnight, donald trump and bernie sanders winning en rou routes. here in south carolina i flew down with john kasich, a surprise second place finisher on the republican side. he faces a war ahead in a state where ads on television is a huge influential element of the campaign here. he and rubio and jeb bush will fight things out as trump and cruz are duking out again. we will have a revolution as we witnessed last night, a shot across the bow in both political par parties, both political establishes we see coming up
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today. >> you can watch a full report along with analysis from kristen welker and "meet the press" moderator, chuck todd, coming up on the a"today" show at 7:00 ths morning. president obama arriving in the bay area for two political fund raisers. air force one expected to arrive in the evening hours. one is expected to take place at steve wesley, silicon venture capitalist and former state comptr comptroller. this is his first visit this year. a couple swindled their church out of millions. jonathan chang was a church elder at the home of christchurchris christchurch in saratoga and accused of stealing $7 million from a wealthy donor and
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transferred the money to a phony foundation he set up over a 12 year period. they're released on a bond and both expected back in court tomorrow. police in morgan hill asking for help identifying this woman. she's accused of stealing hundreds of dollars in baby formula from a safe way before driving off in a u-haul van. morgan hill p.d. tweeted out this picture if you recognize her, call police. half moon bay and massive swe swells, known as the titan bay competition and super bowl of su surfing. they received 24 hours heads-up, how long they have to get to the bay area competition set for friday. it last took place two years ago. last year's swells weren't big enough to hold the contest if. >> we saw how dangerous those waves were yesterday with the
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couple getting swept out to sea. today, calmer. >> great temperatures we're having. great weather and it continues as we head to friday for the titans of maverick vi viewing. temperatures cool to start in the morning but keep in mind, this is only for very experienced surfers. we expect those waves to come to 10 to 13 feet. today, all calm, warm temperature, half moon bay up to 80 degrees and mission district, 70 degrees. santa rosa, 71 in oakland and 71 in pleasantton. we'll talk about this weekend, valentine's day coming up in just a few minutes. let's see what's happening on the roadways as we check in with mike. >> we have the red and white valentine's day. through the palo alto area. it is bunched up because of the traffic accident we showed you on camera. it does sound like everything is off the shoulder and perhaps off
6:40 am
the oregon expressway off-ramp just south of this shot. north bay picks up volume. there's not a major impact as far as slowing but more than you expect to see. we'll track that closely. the volume building northbound as well. a recovery for northbound 238 coming off the castro valley. why the earlier crash caught additional slowing for west 580. and typical build for 680. over here earlier crash. two crashes to the chicago highway, no big slowing. the study at the bay bridge toll plaza and average building. the lanes are going slowly but the commute much bigger this week than last week. still have the closures around the whole super bowl city area. new out of this world type lapse video may not exactly be lightning in a bottle but it's
6:41 am
pretty close. >> a british astronaut shot out from the international space station showing a dazzling array of storms and lightning strikes across europe and africa. the astronaut who shot it is on a six month mission at the iss. he recently became the first british astronaut to carry out a spacewalk. >> scoop it up in a bottle. coming up next, an elephant on the loose. the building damaged and vill e villagers on the run in india. the people who do the screen protectors might want to find a different job. the dow in the positive as janet jeyellin testified before congress. are decoys -- we filed a public
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records request to find out how many are fake. turns - 70 percent o a followup after discovering some computer cameras are fake. turns out 70% are not in use on b.a.r.t. they installed dummy devices back in the '90s but never upgraded them. the issue came up when a rider was shot and killed on a san francisco bound train. b.a.r.t. was unable to capture images in that car because the camera was fake. now, they're spending a million dollars to install working cameras on every car. silicon valley. >> companies excited about this. cisco reports profits. cisco is san jose's biggest
6:45 am
employer. twitter may respond to profits and talk it may be bought by a bigger company. tesla releases profits ahead of how many cars will be sold and soon to release model 3, the so-called cheap tesla will be cheaper than we thought. when they said it would be 30,0$30,000 or more it wasn't including tax across to bring it down to the high 20,0$20,000. bad news for those guys outside apple devices at the mall to put new screen protec r protectors on your phone because apple says they will start doing it inside the store. apple teaming up with belkin to put a screen on your iphone as you wait. apparently it will be inside some stores today. a fascinating development in the world of autonomous cars. the national highway traffic
6:46 am
safety sent a letter to google about cars without a driver, a big for wart move at knits sa, a major move toward the chauffe chauffeured car. if your robot is in the car you don't need a legal car and kids some day could take their robot car to the school. if your car gets in a fender-bender and it is the computer's fault, who pays the ticket? the owner? google? >> parents tell the kids to buckle up and don't spill that. >> any can pay the ticket. >> does google want that liability? >> right. >> maybe they will start their own insurance company. >> just branching out. thank you, scott. new this morning, a wayward elephant's wrong turn and images going viral. >> this actually happened today far far away in a place called west india. the elephant wandering into town
6:47 am
from a nearby forest. as they say, chaos ensued. structures smashed and people running for cover. nobody was hurt. a ranger believes the quest for food might have attracted her. authorities eventually ran down the elephant and tranquilized it and brought a crane to deliver her back to the wild. >> more than a bull in a china shop. >> you want to go running with the bulls but i don't think running with the elephant. >> 6:47, a quick check of your weather. we've seen 70 degree temperatures all week and continues today. >> no major changes. even though we won't have as much sunshine we will still have very warm temperatures and near record highs another day we've had since sunday. we look at sunrise near the golden gate bridge. beautiful way to start out the day. it is cool but very warm
6:48 am
temperatures. it's 51 degrees in san francisco and 41 degrees at livermore, san jose, 47, and 43 degrees in santa rosa. as the forecast comes up the bottom of the screen the 7-day, you will be able to make plans for the weekend and i think you will want to get outside. as we go hour by hour, 11:00, 65 degrees, you see how quickly these temperatures warm up. you start out wearing a light jacket and peeling it off and later on today all you need is short sleeves. we had high pressure keeping it very dry and warm and giving us a persistent offshore flow. that's weakening for at least more clouds to move in with several weak cold fronts farther to the north. there is a slight chance we could have light sprinkles for parts of the north bay late friday night to early saturday. other than that, we continue to have dry conditions. all this dry weather, winds blowing around and very warm
6:49 am
temperatures with everything blooming causing high pollen counts and a high amount of cypress. if you're sneezing and wondering why, maybe you're allergic to cypress. in san francisco, we're up to 71 degrees. the average high is 60 degrees. we will still be above average. cool and some clouds. this valentine's day looking very warm, up to 71 degrees in san francisco. let's check in with mike giving an update what's happening in the peninsula. >> unusually slow. heads-up. southbound one101 around willowd past university and oregon express. starting to see recovery from the earlier traffic break. there was a crash right around oregon expressway pushed to the off-ramp what i understand. nothing dramatic. we will look at your map and
6:50 am
doesn't look different but it will feel very slow through the area. 280 all clear, a nice alternate if you can get there farther south northbound. fremont shows some build and so does dakotas westbound 84 dunbarton bridge and west mateo bridge and 880 and 680 towards fremont, unexpectedly slow. it was cleared involving a motorcycle. no injuries but the impact on commute. a pretty study build there toward richmond and berkeley curve. in the north bay, san rafael, not a lot of slowing but as far as the map shows volume right now and should see a dip over the next half hour. back to you. >> good to know. a south bay pollution problem getting extra attention now. garbage and human waste pouring
6:51 am
into rivers and creeks from h e homeless camps. the islamsanta county water dis is coming up with a solution so far insurmountable. >> be a good idea if they can come up with a solution. there's been people out here for the last 50 years or so and they haven't found a good solution yet. >> water officials admit the issue is complex and con voluted. the water district maintains it won't send crews to homeless camps without a police escort something else to be factored into whatever slolution they en up proposing. and your phone number off from one digit from a huge burrito give away. >> very important digit when chipotle offered free burritos and you text a six digit number
6:52 am
very close to a phone number used by a d.c. attorney. it has already resulted in 400 missent texts all saying the same thing, rain check. he's trying hard to reply but at wits end. chipotle trying to take out some of the sting by giving him free could you pleasefree -- coupons. a grab and go robbery and how people pulled off the heist in front of customers and employees. how a surfer risked his life to save a woman in the violent surf off the pacifica, coming up. happening right now, the bay area getting ready nor a visit from president obama, his first of the year. a new bay area effort getting under way to wipe out mosquitoes. you will find a link to the maps that shows where the fogging will take place.
6:53 am, katie holmes doing her best beyonce impression. look at last night's fallon entertainment headlines. stories before we send you off
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to the today show in just a few minutes... ==sam/boxes== 6:55, welcome back. one more top story before we send you to the "today" show.
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>> live in san francisco at union square where the ferragamo, the latest victim of a grab and go heist. >> reporter: yes. there is a smudged handprint tough to see now but clear to see last night when the store was off-limits. men and women came in at 6:30 run ugh out with 10,0$10,000 wo of purses and belts and an employee tried to stop them but they got away. there have been other grab and go thefts showing three women walking into the store before taking off with 17$1700 worth o handbags in the philmore area. there have been grab and go robberies east bay as well at apple's store and this store january 14th when four men were seen walking in and grabbi grabbing iphones on display.
6:57 am
today in the bay. >> reporter: i'm in palo alto, where in about a half hour a helicopter will spray the marshy bay land nature preserve for mosquitoes. look at the area we're talking about. high 101 and south of shoreline park. investigator control wants to kill off the winter salt marsh mosquitoes hatching early because of the recent rain. they do not carry the mosquitoes virus but can carry the west nile virus and bite viciously during the day. the fogging carry the same insecticide as flea and ticks most of us use on our pets. they will spray this afternoon and perhaps tomorrow if the f fogging doesn't take the first time. bob redell, live in pacifica where a surfer risks his life to save a woman caught up in the
6:58 am
violent surf here. this happened yesterday afternoon. the woman swept out to the ocean by a sneaker wave just off the beach here. initially, she did not seem to be in distress according to the su surfer, trevor griffith until she got stuck in fairly heavy waves. she called for help and trevor risked his own life to save her. as the two were thrown about in the violent surf he was able to get her back to shore with the help of another man on the beach. she mentioned her husband as well and the coast guard helicopter spotted the husband floating unconscious way out there south of the pier and he was brought back to shore and unfortunately declared dyed ead the hospital and was larry moore. as mentioned early today
6:59 am
there is no surf advisory today but the risk will remain. >> and we will see the waves coming up again in time for the weekend as temperatures stay warm. keep that in mind making beach plans. right now, cool out there. 44 degrees in then north bay and highs in the mid to low 70s. another very nice one but well above average. recovering from a traffic break earlier. >> we saw that live on camera. back to palo alto, the headlights slowing approaching the university off willow and into palo alto, slow but roarinroarin -- recovering. and the typical pattern and san mateo getting a typical pattern off 880 and slow in castro valley, from an earlier crash there, a motorcycle involved, but injuries minor but not serious. >> that is very good news there.
7:00 am
that's what's happening in the bay and we will be back at 7:25 and every hour after that. >> and a shot from the golden gate bridge. see you tomorrow. good morning. landslide. donald trump and bernie sanders win big in new hampshire. >> we are going to make america so great again. maybe greater than ever before. >> thank you, new hampshire! >> for hillary clinton, a crushing feat. >> i know i have some work to do, particularly with young people. >> reason john kasich, energized by a second place finish. >> if you don't have a seat belt, go get one. >> marco rubio riding high after iowa, admits his debate performance cost him. >> i didn't do well on saturday night. listen to this, that will never happen again. >> how will the outcome change the race? who stays in? who calls it


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