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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 17, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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night. what versiinvestigators know so. and who may be behind this. you see all that green and rain on the way. today in the bay starts right now. as we monitor changing conditions, good morning, thank you for joining us this wednesday, i'm sam brock. >> i'm lawyura garcia gannon. >> let's look at your forecast. it's been a while since you saw rain come through. everyone will see it. >> it's been about two weeks since we had a good soaking rain across the bay area. the rain develops this morning and by this afternoon we will have widespread rain for the entire bay area. may not reach the south bay until 6:00 or 7:00 this evening. the winds will start to relax. i will detail what to expect
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over the next couple of days in a few minutes. let's go across the san mateo bridge with mike. >> you're talking about the wind getting stronger and you can see the camera trembling a little bit. let's look at the map and not a lot of activity on the road. the san mateo bridge and a truck south bay on grand avenue, still no word on information because chp is not worried about it. we'll track that for now, very light right now. the south bay will remain lighter than normal because a lot of schools are off for that winter break. back to you. >> thank you. 5:01, new this morning, apple sending a big message, rejecting a court order to help the fbi unlock one of the cell phones used by the san bernardino terrorists. >> and the impact it will have on silicon valley. first, the new reaction from apple ceo, tim cook, who said he
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will fight this court order, bob. >> reporter: good morning, sam and laura. apple ceo writes his company has no sympathy for terrorists but argues the fbi's request to unlock an iphone would jeopardize security and encryption on all i phones. within hours it released this letter on his website from ceo, cook, to his customers explaining why his company will fight the magistrate's order to unlock the i phone of syed farook. investigators indicate they are trying to access data on his phone for the month and a half leading up to the attacks but can't because farook might have disabled the i cloud feature. they indicate the fbi wants his company to create a back door to what apple claim is a new
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operating system. that modified ios would be equivalent of a master key that could unlock and bypass security of encryption found on millions of other i phones. he says there's no guarantee the government could keep it conf e confined to just the terrorist iphone. i'm quoting on this literary frliterary -- letter, tim cook, while we believe the fbi's intentions are good, ultimately we fear that this demand would undermine the very freedoms and liberty our government is meant to protect. cook went on to explain his company has cooperated with the fbi in the investigation when it comes to providing data in the investigation and also making experts available to provide expert visa. reporting li ining live in cupe. bob rodell. and now to scott, on what's
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happening right now. we heard what cook had to say, essentially it's pandora's box in opening the software. apple is making a big stand here. >> this is the line in the stand we knew was coming for apple. i want to take you to stanford university, where tim cook was invited to a summit by president obama himself. tim cook stands up there in front of the crowd and makes his first major statement the sec t secrets on our iphone are our secrets and not the government. they don't know what's on our phone and cannot find out what's on our phone and will not build something to break into our pho phones. such an important moment in silicon valley there, we called it at the time one of the most important moments in tim cook's career. again the past new year, 2015, we said maybe the most important thing to happen in tech in 2015. now, it's going from principle to practice. cook's stand will help protect
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the phone used by what nearly every american thinks is a bad person and did undeniably bad things but a ltd. of people won't understand why an all american company like apple wil defend these people. so often you stand on a principle for civil liberties, the people can be distasteful even when the principle is honorable. >> there is a court order. >> but it is from a magistrate and all due respects to magistra magistrates, that is low down on the to temp pole. there will be a number of appeals and for now they will ignore that court order. >> to be clear, they're not defending terrorism. >> they're defending freedom. so many times when you're def d defending principle the person who represents that principle is not somebody you like. >> very interesting. we will keep tracking this latest story throughout the morning. online and on air, head to our
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website for constant coverage. an investigation continuing on a shooting in berkeley that le left -- involved three teenagers late last night. >> it happened near the san be a blow avenue intersection. stephanie is there, police still looking for the gunmen? >> reporter: that's right, sam and laura. we know these three teens are from berkeley, from 19 to 16 years old, very young. it's pretty dark. in the block behind me in the residential area, rwe are less than 2 miles from berkeley uc camp campuses. investigators focused on the bullet casings, showing multiple shots were fired. police say the gunmen knew they shot the three teens when they
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were sitting in their car but unclear what led up to that. >> we don't believe it was a random act but not specific if it was a drive-by or if somebody walked up and shot into the v k vehicle. >> reporter: the berkeley police department spent several hours canvassing the area and talking to any witnesses. police add there may have been more than one shooter. as for the victims, two are in serious condition and one suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. we did research on on this neighborhood and what goes on here and we'll share it in the next half hour. >> thank you very much. it is 5:07. it looks like santa clara leaders will appoint a repla replacement mayor today rather than electing one. the mayor stepped down even before the confetti could be cleared from the stadium.
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now, they need someone to fill his term. they said there will be an emergency meeting to appoint a replacement tonight and if they cannot do it by march 10th, there will be an election. >> we will have the wind ahead of the rain and feel the wind increasing through the morning and early afternoon. we're starting to see the rain stretching into the north bay. mainly light showers. we will see it getting heavier in the morning and winter advisory 7:00 this evening. and gusting 50 miles an hour in the hills and possibility of tree damage and power outages, too. let's see what's happening on the roadways with mike. we see cars on dublin. no surprise.
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a nice easy drive and dry roads. we see slowing at the altamonte, where they have wind mills and that's not where the advisory is, on the bay bridge shaking. and the dublin interchange here and watch for gusty winds and easy drive to and from the north bay without incident. back to you. >> thanks. coming up next, taking a stand, saying no to short term ren tams and events that led up to that decision. the new health craze submerging patients into subzero temperatures. does it work? a look after the break. a rare sight. the pope getting flustered. what upset the pontiff during his trip to mexico?
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firefige at 5:12, breaking news out of dallas right now. pictures of firefighters battling a massive 3-alarm fire. flames continue to grow and trying to tackle this from all angles on the ground. they have ladders to go into this building. we don't know exactly what the structure is so far. you can sekacan see the interna
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has been affected so far. we will continue to monitor this morning. followup as expected. danville leaders approve a ban on short term housing rentals. they voted to ban all short term rentals less than 30 days. and it forced leaders to take action because of complaints. opponents of the ban argue it will infringe on private property rights. it is 5:13 right now. one of the bay areas hottest trends includes extreme temperatures, cryotherapy not regulated by the state of california. it involves stepping into a cryochamber, liquid nitrogen. temperatures can drop to 350 degrees below zero. people who vouch for it say it reduces inflammation and may help with weight loss. a neat fun ride to be part
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of. we literally change people's outlook on their day in less than three minutes. >> the problem is we don't have much research on it and the research out there is not very convin convincing. >> while the jury is still out on the benefits of cryotherapy, the death of a salon worker last year in an actual chambermaid many people question if the chamber is worth the risk. >> very scary. new information showing the united states is ready to launch a cyber attack against iran if they didn't agree to its nuclear program. >> it involves thousands of dollars. >> a filmmaker tells new york city the plan involves software back doors and viruses that had already been planted in iran's power grid and air defenses and nuclear program itself. america would have used it if
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iran had refused to shut down the program or israel attacked iran by conducting a cyber war and hoping we could stay out of a shooting war. the plan will be revealed in an upcoming documentary called "zero days" but the reporters of the newspaper said they verified the facts of the film independently. the national security agency may not be as powerful as we first thought. the report showed the nsa is reading far fewer americans e-mails than earlier reports said. potentially, that could affect lawsuits filed by americans who think their privacy was violated. let's check your news before the bell and we turn to landon dowdy. welcome back. >> scott, thanks. good to see you. the markets may add to tuesday's gains, higher this morning and set for a second day despite a drop in oil prices with tech names such as boeing and yahoo!.
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oil is still trading for 3$30 a barrel and new housing costs. the inside up 98 to 3436. back to you. >> thank you very much. sam and laura, we continue to coveri cover the interesting news out of apple this morning with a court order from a magistrate to unlock a terrorist iphone. coming up in a few minutes. >> very interesting. >> we look forward to that analysis. new this morning, pope francis perhaps showing he's human after all. during his trip to mexico he had to show his sterner side when a rush of people tugged on his robe. it nearly toppled the pontiff all above a young person in a wheelchair. that might have triggered his frustration. he told the crowd, don't be selfish but also stayed a few more minutes before moving along. >> to be reprimanded by the pope, can you imagine?
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>> as you pointed out, when we were talking about it before the show started, it seemed like the reaction was towards someone in a wheelchair being hurt. >> reaching over it. exactly. still, you know. >> i'm sure but he will forgive. he's a forgiving man. >> as you said, he's a holy man. >> i feel like i have to go to confession. >> a touch from above here, basically a little bit of rain after a couple of weeks. >> yes. it's been two weeks since we had a good soaking across the bay area. here we are again with cooler temperatures moving in today with showers. you can see the camera shaking here at the bay bridge. and this evening it may go to early tomorrow morning. we'll talk about that. right now, 65 degrees in san francisco while 55 degrees in the north bay. as you head out, you may not need a jacket as temperatures hold steady this afternoon. be sure to grab the umbrella
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especially if you're out later on. the north bay starts out with light showers. you can tell by the light shades of green moving to swroanta ros and san rafael and the north bay. and it will move into san francisco by this afternoon and the rest of the bay area may not see it until later this afternoon and we could pick up in intensity and thunderstorms as well in the gusty winds. the rain will be tapering off but still a possibility of lingering showers into tomorrow's commute. >> we have a ciara travel alert for winter storm warnings and up to 20 inches of snow above 7,000 feet. a look at what the computer model puts in spots, twin bri e bridges, 19 inches and possibility of 22 inches in
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kingvale. after this system is through, we will have a couple of more chances of rain heading to the weekend and friday rain moving through. another cold front passing late sunday night to early morning and fizzles out. temperatures cooler looking at upper 60s to lower 50s friday and saturday a touch warmer with mostly sunny skies. let's see what's happening on the roadways with mike. >> a lot happening for just about two minutes. wow, the camera is shaking. hold steady, folks, and keep your eyes right here if you need something to look at. the freeway moves well and we had a traffic break and slowing traffic because there was debris reported at coliseum way. no one stopped on the roadway but chp says it's good to go. we will show you the camera trembling on the bay bridge.
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and chp issued their advisory for the bay bridge and the wind comes in as well. hold on. there's the camera shake as well. there's no delay and the bay bridge we talked about. no problems reported just yet. palo alto and 101 moves well. back to you. we are about to meet america's newest multi-millionaires, the second ticket holders will come to claim the powerball jackpot. >> the winners will be introd e introduced in florida. a total of three winning tickets will split that 1$1.5 billion jackpot. the first came from tennessee and opted to take a lump sum share. a cool 1$187 million after taxe. the third winning chikt sold in chino hills but the winner yet to come forward. >> if you split that ticket between 300 people everyone
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would still be okay. and a north bay high school raising questions. ve==
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firefighters are battling a at 5:23, back to breaking news we are following out of dallas this morning. take a look at pictures coming to us, firefighters battling a massive 3 alarm fire burning at a church right now trying to
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douse the flames from the air and any point they can get to. you see a lot of smoke and a sh debris and not a lot left of the church. still no report of the cause and we will continue to follow. and exclusive now. he disappeared and failed to resurface even in court. multiple clients tell us a south bay defense attorney dropped the ball on their cases and landed them in legal limbo. just the past year, people from l.a. to hawaii tried get answers but their lawyer wouldn't respond. they say clients are getting scammed by this so-called "ghost attorney." >> based on my experience, he ripped them off. he takes your money and runs and hi hides. >> tonight at 11:00. the investigative unit sheds some light why this lawyer might be on the run. give us a call at tihe tips lin.
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why a high school video is becoming a big issue because it's gone viral. it happened last week. it show as girl from creekside high school kicking and punching a boy from sonoma valley high. both schools share a campus and the video ended up on facebook. it's now been seen millions of times and that has parents upset. they believe high school fights should remain a private matter. >> i think the parents of the children should definitely be involved. as far as everyone else, once again, i think it's blown out of proportion. >> the incident is bringing up issues about privacy in the digital age. the schoolbook asked facebook to remove the video but it refused and asked parents about what happened reiterating school
5:26 am
safety remains a top priority. a concern after darts hit two people on the golden gate bridge and concern about what might have been in those darts. visiting san francisco from mexico when he and another tourist were suddenly hit. this happened when he went for a walk on the bridge last friday afternoon. >> didn't bleed, i guess because it was direct hit like an injection. right now, i feel slight pain and it did go in my body about 2 inches. >> ouch. the department of justice te testing those darts now but could be a couple weeks before results come in. investigators are reviewi inini surveillance videos but onto show much. and now a live report. >> reporter: i'm bob redell and why the apple tech giant is fighting a request to uplock
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a -- unlock a terrorist cell phone. we're getting wet weather but later today conditions that will affect how you prepare with kari after this break. joining us. i'm laura garcia
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cannon. sam/2shot= and i'm sam =sam/live= first a liveook outside at san francisco this morninng good morning, thanks for joining us. >> on this wednesday, things getting a little wacky. see the camera shaking a little bit. things are generally calm for now. we're in for a rude awakening in a matter of hours. meteorologist kari hall checking all the rain. >> we do. we start out with calm showers. let's look at the timeline for rain and when it's moving in. the rain develops across the northbou north bay and we see it more widespread into this afternoon. we will have the rain lingering and winds start to calm down and gusts at 50 miles an hour in the hills. let's check in with mike. >> the metering lights have been
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turned on seconds ago. we're looking at the bridges. where chp says you will get caught with gusts of wind, be careful. we don't see slowing except the altamo altamo altamontpass. >> new this morning, apple not cracking under pressure. we learned the tech giant is refusing a court order to unlock the cell phone used by the san bernardino terrorists. >> and the impact on silicon valley. live from apple headquarters, bob, a defiant response from tim cook this morning. >> reporter: apple ceo tim cook is calling the request to unlock the iphone a dangerous precedent. just after midnight, apple
5:32 am
released this letter from its website explaining why they will be fighting the federal magistrate's order to unlock the cell phone of syed farook, one of two people who shot and killed 14 people last september. and they have been trying to unlock the iphone to read e-mails for a month and a half prior to the shooting but can't because he disabled the cloud feature. and they said unlocking the modified ios is too dangerous to create that could bypass security and encryption found on millions of other i phones and points out there's no guarantee the government could or would keep the master key confined to the terrorist iphone.
5:33 am
we are challenging the fbi's demands with the deepest respect for american democracy and love of our country. we believe it would be in the best interests of everyone to consider its implications. he quoted he has no sympathy for terrorists and cooperated with the investigation and also making available engineers to provide expert advice. reporting live from outside apple headquarters in cupertino. bob redell. >> thank you. let's bring in scott mcgrew now with the impact of the decision. >> earlier, you talked about why apple didn't want to comply. tell us how someone goes about unlocking a phone. >> the iphone actually belongs to san bernardino county, not to sayed farook. they gave him the phone so it would unlock up to 10.
5:34 am
they want to hook up a computer to try thousands at once. this can be done by putting a new operating system on the phone, a special one time operating system created by apple with apple's security signature. apple is willing to do that. apple ceo said it will not build that back door, not for all pho phones, not for one phone, not for this particular phone, because as bob points out, if you create this new ios with the ability to enter infinite number of passwords, how far could they take this? we think if you make this statement online you take it all the way to the supreme court. >> you're taking your stand. >> you can't back away from the stand. this is a line in the sand. it's going to the supreme court. >> interesting. >> thank you. we will be tracking this story on air and online, download our nbc bay area app
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and check online for constant coverage. to a developing story we've been tracking. berkeley police investigate what happened to a shooting of three teenagers last night. near the san pablo avenue intersection. stephanie, police don't think this is a random act? >> reporter: they don't. they don't know if all three were the intended targets. we know they are frombergly from 16 years old the youngest victim, in serious condition at the hospital this morning. this shooting happened around 7:30 last night, less than 2 miles from berkeley high. they investigated bullet casings around the car when the gunmen opened fire. the victims do seem to have been targeted but the motive remains
5:36 am
unclear. >> we will look at it to see if there are any gang ties to this and some things investigators will look at and see if there are any victims related to that. >> they spent several hours canvassing and talking to people and looking at evidence. shootings are pretty rare by san pablo avenue, which is busy. i checked the berkeley stats in the last couple of months and in a quarter mile radius, only two in the last couple of months, two violent assaults, two last week and one last month, that makes this shooting very unusual. back to you. 5:36. a court date for a man accused of killing an off-duty richmond
5:37 am
police officer. robert vega has been in jail since he was arrested hours after the shooting. joining us now with what we can expect in the court and the community later this week. >> good morning to you, laura. the richmond police community and vallejo community where the officer lived still trying to make sense of his killing. today's court hearing for the suspect will not likely provide answers. robert vega is going to be charged and he will ask him for a plea and set bail. accused of killing richmond police officer vegas, different name and different spelling. he responded as a dad and not a policeman. he showed up in his daughter's room after hearing her fighting with vega, interstate of her child and police sauve ga was shot on the spot and died instantly. there will be a public memorial
5:38 am
service. the family has asked for privacy at the burial and reception to follow. we will respect that. you can find a link to the memorial fund online if you'd like to show your support that way. as for the arraignment for robert, we will be in the courtroom and our cameras will not. the judge denied our request to record it on video. >> thank you. it is 5:38. winter storms yet to cause damage to the bay area, one ripple effect as more homeowners have flood insurance. fema says across california nearly 300,000 people now covered with flood damage and some related to the el nino pattern and it is still active and they plan to address it in oakland. >> you want to be prepared and we want you to be prepared for the start of your day today as we see more wet weather coming through. meteorologist, kari hall with a look at wind and rain.
5:39 am
>> yes. we have a very warm start to the day with temperatures in the mid 60s and stretching in from the north bay with light sprinkles to start and rain getting heavier through the day and looking closer to the radar and wet rain in santa rosa. i will give you an idea of the timeline for the rest of the day in less than 10 minutes. the roadways with make. >> volume starting to build. my high-tech wind tarp maybe an issue. dunbarton bridge and bay bridge gusty winds so keep that in mind. no problems for sprinkle kari talks ability, just a sprinkling here. back to you. we can finally say it. baseball is officially back.
5:40 am
giants and as report back for spring training in arizona. as have to wait a few days, however giants are getting things going later today. pitchers and catchers report to scottsdale stadium. there are some new high-priced faces to look out for. pitchers johnny cueto and one other signed and fans have become very optimistic now that the team can continue the recent tradition of winning a world series s in even years. we're up. >> good looking team. pope francis, what happened to cause the pontiff to lose his temper during his trip to mexico?
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four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth-- [train horn blares] to the continent -- ... a new nation.
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of death metal" --eagles >> finishing what they started, the eagles of death metal, the band from california was back in paris last night, their first concert since the november terror attacks. the band returned to france to finish the concert cut short by the violence. they invited all survivors to the come basic performance, many showing up at the olympia
5:44 am
theater put under tight security. >> we were shocked by this situation. it was a good thing to live it again and finish the story and say, okay. >> many who survived the november attack said the show gi gave them closure and enabled them to "finish the story." >> no doubt an emotional time. we also want to get to numbers on weathall street. >> we can check those numbers since they're positive. dow gained another 202 points tuesday, technically the first time back on inside. the dow gained 98. i would love to tell you why yahoo! did so well yesterday but i do not. i'd rather talk about the swimsuit models. we have to get to kanye news. fans have set up a fund to help the singer who says he's $53
5:45 am
million in debt. when we last checked they raised 2 $289. i would like to remind you a horse got 10,0$10,000 yesterday about an hour. as you point out, we continue to cover the fascinating developments coming out of apple this morning and everything it means. bob redell and i will have more coverage in just a bit. >> for a second when i said no more kanye news, i meant it. that was okay. >> when you have to be physic physically revolted to see how much money was raised for kanye and you realize no one feels much sympathy for kanye. hope francis perhaps showing he's human after all. this is during a visit to mexico. he had to show his sterner side when too many people tugged on his robe and nearly toppled over and there because a young person in a wheelchair below him. and he said, don't be selfish.
5:46 am
>> it comes at an historic end to the pope's visit today. >> and just across the border, jay is live from where the pontiff stopped. more than a million people expected to be there. >> reporter: more than a million people just across the border. a few miles away from here, the sun bowl on the campus in el paso. 50,000 expected for what is predicted to be a unique mix of theology as well as technology here. they will have a two-way video feed. the pope can see those that gather in the stadium here, when they cheer and they will be able to watch the mass he performs later this afternoon. we expect to see many show up early this morning for songs and prayer celebrating the papal visit here. should be an exciting day. a lot of people along the border
5:47 am
here. back to you. >> expecting an inspiring message as usual. thank you. the commercial dungjen ness crab season will take a little longer. the task force is still considering lifting the ban. it was put on hold when they found potentially deadly toxins and they are considering opening each region one by one as reg n regions improve. recreational crab fishing was opened last week. and capturine ining hearts bay area, vets say he doesn't need surgery after all after being found in a ravine sunday. he was examined by some of the best doctors in the country. they found he has a fracture near his hip, which will need 4 to 6 months of therapy.
5:48 am
>> that's fantastic for him. this is about him. the fact he doesn't have to have surgery. >> thousands of dollars were raised to help valentine with surgery that he no longer needs. animal services is now asking for public input to decide what to do with their funds. more than likely it will be used to fund to help valentine with his recovery effort. over 10,0$10,000 was raised. >> as we were talking about all morning -- >> kanye needs some. >> i watched the whole newscast and you know what, no. >> kanye has his 2$289 for his valentine and recovery process. >> we're getting a check of changing conditions on the weather front. we knew it was coming but not this morning, a little bit later. >> for the north bay we are seeing it this morning. the rest of the bay area may not see it until this afternoon or this evening and just enough to wet roadways but not making it
5:49 am
to the groelden gate bridge. cloudy skies and breezy winds, make sure you have a tight grip on the steering wheel across the brid bridges. we see it stretching closer to the coast and once again, we're starting out with very light activity, barely picked up on radar and it will get heavier through the day. here's a look at the hour by hour forecast as far as measurable rain. we may not see that stretching to san francisco until 2:00 this afternoon. some heavier downpours reaching the peninsula. south bay and east bay will be happening going into this evening, looking at the timeline, 7:00 this evening and potential for thunderstorms along with gusty winds. we will still have a few spotty showers until the start of the day tomorrow but the forecast shows we will have winds rushing into the cold front and winds at 30 to 40 miles an hour and could
5:50 am
top 50 on the hilltops where we could have downed trees as well. it stays windy this evening as we start to see the shifted in the wind as cooler temperatures move in. highs today in the mid to upper 60s. this is a huge change from yesterday. we were in to the lower 80s, coming down from those records and back to average. we will have another weaker system moving in on friday after this one and will bring in showers and kind of fizzles out moving across the bay area and another chance of sprinkles and upper 50s to lower 60s and wa warming up sunday with mostly sunny skies. let's check in with mike too see how the roads are moving. >> this was completely stopped up for about a minute and a half and almost not moving at all. we are starting to see this
5:51 am
again, 101, the first burst very dramatic on the live shot but not so much for the sensors, starting to recover already. south bay as expected. and wind advisories from the dunbarton bridge and san rafael bridge and watch the bridge with the high-rise there and we give you a look at the north and talking about bay area with center patches and terra linda, no problem but it clearly has started. >> thanks. one of the area trends is going mainstream, cryotherapy, even though it is not regulated by the state of california. it involves stepping into a chamber filled with liquid nitrogen and temperatures can drop to 350 degrees below zero and some say it helps with
5:52 am
inflammation and weight loss. >> a fun thing to be part of because we change people's outlook on their lives in three minutes. >> the problem is we don't have much research out there and the research out there is not very convin convincing. >> while the jury is out on benefits, the death of a salon worker last year made many question the benefits with the ri risks. frozen ice, if you will, when it comes to bling. one discovery in south africa pretty much outshines them all. >> this is a record find in angola. almost 3 inches long, valued at more than $14 million. experts call the 27th largest diamond ever discovered. found in a diamond mine and part of what makes it so rare it is virtually flawless making up 1%
5:53 am
of the world's diamonds. your girlfriend would like that very much. >> i think that would pretty much seal the deal. coming up, what could be a make or break weekend for several candidates with the south carolina primary on the horizon -- and the video some are fa t faulting facebook for going viral showing a fight at a south county high school. you can sign up for weather alerts on our nbc bay area app. what makes jimmy fallon tick? raj goes behind the scenes with the bay area host and how long it took for those two to get that promo right. ==laura/anim== an
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investigative unit exclusive: ==laura/ots== disappead and failed to resurface-- even in court. ==vo== multiple clients tell the investigative unit a south bay an investigative exclusive. he failed to appear. an viv exclusiinvestigative exc in court and people who said he dropped their cases and they landed in legal limbo. people from l.a. to hawaii tried to get answers but their lawyer would not respond. clients getting scammed by the so-called ghost attorney. >> based on my experience, he
5:57 am
ripped them off. he takes your money and runs and hi hides. >> tonight at 11:00, the investigative unit explores why this lawyer might be on the run. if you have tips, give us a call at 1-888-996-tips. or send us an e-mail. politics now. this could be a make or break weekend for several presidential candidates. donald trump holding a double digit lead in the latest nbc poll leaving the other five candidates fighting for second. it was once a very crowded field that started with 17 republicans. polls show ted cruz is battling it out for second with marco b rubio. jeb bush is currently running a distant fourth. >> i will be a commander in chief, not an agitator in chief. >> this is an important state for us.
5:58 am
>> president obama talked about donald trump and his chances of becoming president. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. it's not hosting a talk show or reality show. it's hard. >> mr. trump responded to the president by saying he took it as a compliment on the democrat's side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders facing off in nevada's democratic caucus this weekend. on friday, mourners will be able to visit the casket holding the body of supreme court justice antonin scalia. in washington. the 79-year-old died from natural causes over the weekend in texas. his courtroom chair is now draped in black wool. in the meantime the debate about nominating a replacement judge shows no signs of letting up. president obama is reiterating he does not plan to wait long. >> the constitution is pretty clear about what is supposed to happen now.
5:59 am
when there's a vacancy on the supreme court. the president of the united states is to nominate someone. the senate is to consider that nominati nomination. >> republicans maintain the next president should nominate scalia's successor and plan to block any nominee. >> i'm not in it. i've not submitting my name to it. >> that's california's attorney general kamala harris, saying she's not interested scalia's seat instead she's focused on her senate run. harris does say she has great respect for the supreme court. >> the work of the united states supreme court made the difference whether i'd be standing here as attorney general of california or not, because it was the united states supreme court that made the decision on brown v. board of education that allowed me to be the second class to integrate berkeley public schools.
6:00 am
and kamala harris hoping to replace barbara boxer this november. overnight, apple's strong rebuke to a judge's order to unlock a terrorist cell phone. coming up. stephanie live in berkeley while three teens are shot in a car in a residential area. the shooter or shooters still on the run. what we just learned from police. the return of the rain. looks beautiful outside now. wet weather and strong wind making its way toward the bay area as we speak. the full timeline right now on today in the bay. good morning. dust off the umbrellas and raincoats. thank you for joining us this wednesday. i'm sam brock. >> or let the rain do that for you. i'm laura garcia canon. >> we start out with mild temperatures stretching to the north bay. we see it looking at the


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