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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 17, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> yes. and really great to finally start to get these rain drops here across the bair bay area. you can see the center of low pressure offshore. but it's the cold front that will provide some of the heaviest rainfall over the next 3 to 6-hour period. right now it's really beginning to pick up on a clip. this is the most active it's been all day when it comes to rainfall. you can see throughout the north bay not only some moderate pockets, a little bit of yellow and orange popping up showing heavier pockets from ravell to san rafael from the richmond bridge towards emeryville and terk lease and vallejo. you can seat rainfall beginning from oakland to orinda, lafayette, walnut creek, san ramon and beginning to see showers developing in dublin, pleasant ton and livermorliverm. bad commute from the san francisco airport all the way down towards palo alto. finally starting to get a few
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showers at our nbc bay area studios here in san jose. but some heavier rainfall on the way. it's not only the wet weather right now but the wind we've been dealing with. sustained winds out of the south. 15 to about 25 miles per hour. we're continuing to track this storm system and the heaviest tonight that's all throughout this hour. ladies? >> thanks, jeff. speaking of that wind it has been whipping up some problems. dashcam video shows a strong gust knocking down a side along the santa cruz mountains today. as the stormy weather returns, fema has a stern wantirning fory area homeowners. elyce kirchner has an important message. >> reporter: the rain just started pouring down here. with all the record rain we've been experiencing, a record number of californians have actually signed up for flood insurance policies but fema is warning it's just a drop in the bucket compared to how many people should actually be signing up. >> let's take a look.
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>> reporter: rene is getting a quote to trim four large trees on his property. >> the roots get saturated and they are toppling over. >> reporter: with an el nino weather pattern expected to continue he isn't worried about wind gusts toppling over his trees. >> you never know. we had this creek overflow us one time. >> reporter: he's considering flood insurance for the first time despite being in a low risk flood area. >> our area we've been lucky so far. we have this creek right here that overflows. but so far so good. we haven't really got flooded yet. >> we want to make sure that everybody understands you are at risk. it's whether it's low, medium or high risk. >> reporter: he's not alone. fema officials say insurers have written more than 55,000 flood insurance policies since august. translating into a 25% increase. but it's not enough. >> it's a drop in the bucket compared to the large population. >> reporter: many don't realize flood damage is not covered under the average homeowner's insurance policies. >> we hope to see that people
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take this seriously and take the steps necessary to protect their homes. >> reporter: and if we use the last major el nino season as a guide, which was 1998, fema officials say that the most damage didn't actually hit until the spring. and that damage triggered a federal disaster declaration. we'll see what happens this year. reporting live from walnut creek tonight, elyce kirchner, nbc bay area news. >> walnut creek where it's really come, down. the wind is creating headaches for travelers at this hour. flights are two hours late. 70 flights had to be canceled earlier today because of the gusty conditions. you can track the storm as it moves across the bay area this evening. click on weather on the drop down menu. there you'll find the latest forecast and you can watch the radar right on your phone. in other news tonight, they are called patrol specials. they operate only in san francisco and look almost identical to police. the once profitable profession
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is now vanishing. the few remaining specials are now suing the san francisco police department saying the department has cost them millions of dollars in business. nbc bay area's pete cerratos has more. >> reporter: janelle, i spoke to two of the patrol specials today. they've been doing this for decades. and they tell me business has been down. they're placing the blame on sfpd. now they want the city to pay for it. the badge and gear look similar to police. >> you protect and serve basically something similar to the police department. >> reporter: but these two men aren't sfpd. they're patrol special officers, a part of the city charter dating back to the 1800s. allen buyer and calvin wily have patrolled san francisco neighborhoods for decades. >> you develop a trust with people. >> reporter: the police commissioner placed the officers to a beat that they purchase and eventually sell to someone else before retiring. they're paid by the neighborhoods they serve.
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>> businesses, homeowners association, apartment buildings. >> reporter: but that's changing. according to a complaint filed in january by 14 former and current patrol special officers, sfpd is taking away clients and costing these specials millions. the case is now headed to federal court. >> if you lose business, that's automatically. >> reporter: the city attorney's office says this is nothing new. businesses have paid sfpd for services since the 1970s. >> what they're talking about is a procedure that the board of supervisors adopted in 1973. >> they're estimated to be in the millions each. >> reporter: that's daniel picante. the lawyer representing the patrol specials. explaining the value of these neighborhood beats. he also claims the original charter should supercede any ordinance. >> it's sad to say. but i think the city just wants to have -- destroy the program. destroy the retirements and get
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away with it. >> reporter: as this case moves on, these two men will just have to put their retirements on hold. >> well, i have two choices. either keep working or just give up and go away. >> reporter: this suit will take place in federal court and set for march 21st. jury deadlock. the future unknown tonight for a former san jose police officer accused of rape. the judge in the case against jeffrey graves declared a mistrial in just the last 90 minutes. nbc bay area's robert handa is live outside the courthouse in san jose with more for us. robert. >> reporter: jessica, this case always depended a lot on how the testimony on both sides would resonate with the jury. both jeffrey graves and the alleged victim had a chance to tell their version of what happened more than two years ago. at that time, graves a san jose police officer, had responded to a domestic dispute then drove the woman involved to a nearby
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hotel at her request. as we reported then, the woman was reportedly drunk, spoke limited english, and was in the country illegally. graves came back to the hotel still in uniform and according to the prosecution graves raped the woman. graves in his testimony said it was consensual. regardless. the police force fired him but the two versions led to a hung jury today. and now the prosecution is weighing its options to decide whether it wants to retrite case. graif graves was not available to get this reaction today. robert handa, nbc bay area news. on the peninsula police want your help to catch a suspected arson icist in belmont. this is a picture ofs suspect. a witness snapped this photo as he sprinted away from the flames. prosecutors said they also found a lighter at the scene. the fire luckily knocked down quickly, only burning about 100 square feet of brush. if you recognize the runner,
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call police. happening right now. spring has officially sprung! giants pitchers and catchers started arriving today in arizona. there's the manager bruce bochy. brandon crawford arrived a little early and madison bumgarner ready to go with a new haircut and his cowboy hat. let's bring in ahmed faried. he is live in scottsdale. ahmed a pretty exciting day for baseball fans. >> reporter: janelle, a couple of things we learned in scottsdale. number one mad bum did come with a cowboy hat in tow. number two they're already dealing with their first injury. their manager bruce bochy has a shoulder injury. it's minor shoulder surgery. his arm was in a sling. good news he'll be good to go for tomorrow the first workout. that is a very special time for him. >> it's such a great time of here. it's a family that at the end of the season we go our separate ways. but it's always good to get back
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together and catch up and get back on the ball field. >> the first day you get back and you're with all the guys and just in the room again with the spirit, the energy so to speak. there's a lot of excitement around spring training. all 30 teams think they have a shot at beings a world champion. i love the positivity that surrounds spring training. anywhere you go. but certainly there's a lot of it here. >> reporter: one guy we didn't see was one of their big free agent signees, johnny quedo. he is expected to get in sometime tonight and be there for the first workout tomorrow for the pitchers and catchers. reporting from scottsdale arizona with the giants, ahmed faried, nbc bay area news. two weeks after santa clara's mayor stepped down the council member expected to fill his seat. why some people aren't happy about how they're doing it. to pick a new mayor. the city
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of santa clara is scrambling after the surprise an emergency meeting tonight to pick a new mayor. the city of santa clara is scrambling now after the surprise resignation of mayor jamie matthews. matthews made that announcement the day right after the super bowl. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is live in front of city hall. michelle, some of the residents there say they're kind of being left out of the process. they'd like their say. >> reporter: i spoke to many people today. they say they would like to vote. but the city says they will be appointing the mayor likely tonight because of the way to
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save a little bit of money and get a leader in place as soon as possible. >> an empty picture frame hangs in the lobby of santa clara city hall. former mayor jamie matthews stepped down from office just after the super bowl saying he wanted to spend more time with family. leaving some taxpayers wondering if there was another reason for the sudden resignation. >> the timing of it to not wait for a new election is suspicious. >> reporter: last night the city council decided to appoint a new mayor at an emergency meeting scheduled for tonight. city spokesperson says several other options were also considered. >> whether they wanted to have a special election, put it to the november election, have a mail only ballot election. >> reporter: she says a special election was rejected due to the time and costs associated with it. >> if the remaining council members can figure out who they want on an interim basis that would make sense. >> reporter: the new mayor who may be sworn in as early as tonight is expected to be one of
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the six current council members. some santa clara residents plan to speak out at tonight's meeting and call for an election. >> if this can happen i just wonder what other things can happen without people having their voices heard. >> i think we should all have a chance to vote on who the mayor is going to be. >> reporter: if one of the council members is elected tonight, likely the city will open up for application for that empty city council seat. reporting live in santa clara, i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. a slow down on the vta tonight after a violent confrontation. the mckie station in san jose is closed right now after a knife fight between two men. the fight happened around 11:00 this morning. both men are hurt and are both in the hospital. the station remains closed as investigators try to piece together what happened. there is a bus bridge right now between the penitencia and allen rock station. riders can expect some delays. struck on the way to school. today rescuers in dublin used
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the jaws of life to pry a car off a 12-year-old boy. the boy was riding his bike near dublin high just before 8:00 this morning when he was struck by that car. police say the drive had just dropped off his granddaughter at the high school and was pulling out of the parking lot when the crash happened. investigators believe the child may have been riding his bicycle on the wrong side of the road. >> then that's when i felt something under my car. i jumped out of the car and moved to the back and i saw the kid underneath my car. >> what was he talking? >> he kind of was moving. >> reporter: the boy is being treated for a broken arm. he also suffered some scrapes and bruises. so is apple protecting your privacy or ignoring national security? a battle being fought in silicon valley after apple refuses a governor order to open up a terrorist suspect's iphone. this is leading to protests. this is what the apple store in cupertino looked like just a short while ago. in front of the company's flagship store pardon me in
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downtown san francisco. business tech reporter scott budman is live outside of apple headquarters with a fight that's just getting started and really has a lot of people divided, scott. >> reporter: yeah, jessica. there are two sides to this story. on the one side the government that says it wants to use technology to help solve a case. on the other side, apple which says it wants to protect the private data of its users. we bank on them, we post personal photos on them. we basically live on our smartphones. and we expect our private data to stay private. but in the wake of the san bernardino shootings, the fbi is ordering apple to access one of the shooter's phones. changing the way the tech giant handles security. silicon valley reaction was swift. >> once apple bends for this one device, this one time, that's it. that's the end of the execute of our devices. >> reporter: apple ceo tim cook also responded with a firm no, writing on the company web site "the u.s. government has asked us for something we simply do
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not have, and something we consider too dangerous to create." >> it's either secure or it's not secure. >> reporter: inside palo alto's v vera security, the fbi request is being called a slippery slope. >> that is a pandora's box that we have to think very carefully before we open. because once it's open there really is no going back. >> reporter: vera ceo says such a move could compromise security for all of us. >> and giving anyone that kind of key to be able to get access to that basically is unlocking your entire life. >> reporter: it's the latest fight between tech and the government. one that will be closely watched by many smartphone users. and early this afternoon we saw some tech executives weigh in executives from both google and what's app voicing their support for apple online. congresswoman zoe lofgren putting out a statement supporting apple. but senator diane feinstein said she supports the fbi. stay tuned. reporting live in cupertino,
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scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you, scott. okay. let's get a check of our forecast. the rain is definitely coming down in many parts of the bay area, now, jeff. >> it is. after that dry break we are seeing a lot of oil getting brought up on the roadways right now with heavier pockets of rain. you want to be extremely cautious over the next four to five hours as the system continues to move in. you can see over the past 30 minutes we've seen this substantially step up in terms of its overall size, the rainfall shield that is. most of the bay area right now covered in at least light to moderate rainfall with a few heavier pockets. what i want to do right now is take you into where we're seeing some of the worst right now. that would be slowing commuters down the most. that's right here throughout oakland, emeryville, right on the 24 corridor through orinda, towards lafayette. this is headed on a clip towards wa walnut creek and danville is. that also includes san ramon as well. another spot we're continuing to watch is right here throughout
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the southern peninsula. palo alto, woodside, back towards los altos. while we haven't seen too much in san jose right now, we do expect that rainfall to eventually fill in and get you wet. you're just going to have to wait about another 30 minutes or so in downtown san jose. as we look ahead towards the rest of the forecast for tonight, what you're going to be able to see is through about 10:00 we still keep some of this heavier rainfall with us. so it's really all about this evening in terms of picking up some of that heavier rainfall. once we hit 1:00 a.m. that storm will be pushing off to the south. for tomorrow morning's forecast specifically we'll start with temperatures in the upper 40s and also low 50s with a scattered chance of rainfall. and through the afternoon tomorrow it stays cool. temps in the 60s. and keep that umbrella handy. we're going track more of this rainfall coming up in about ten minutes. >> okay. you can track it for us, jeff. you can also track the rain with the nbc bay area bay area app. terry mcsweeney shows you how. >> it's easy to get connected to
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the weather outside by going inside to the nbc bay area app on your smartphone. click on the weather and your own neighborhood to see if it's raining there. it givious what you need to know when you need to know it. i'm terry mcsweeney. that's how to stay informed with the nbc bay area app. police officers spend their days looking for bad guys. now they're looking for more good guys. the places the department is turning to to recruit more officers. and then renters in limbo. the reason they're worried that the new owners of their apartment complex could leave them out in the cold. four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth--
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happening now. rain spreading across the bay area right now you can track the rain in your neighborhood on our nbc bay area app. also getting a lot of buzz on facebook. dozens of die hard fans camped out in san francisco for a new pair of kanye west designed sneakers. we just posted photos of the lod long lines on facebook. stay in touch with all our digital platforms. we'll be back in a moment. for
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going near an airport. this we are following some breaking news right now. busted and booked again for going near an airport. this time it's at shig's o'hare. we're talking about serial stowaway marilyn heartman. authorities arrested her today after her electronic monitoring bracelet alerted them. a judge had allowed her to move out of a mental health facility to a less restrictive one that
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allowed her to come and go as she please. but she was ordered to stay away from airports. that's because the 63-year-old bay area woman has tried many times to fly across the country without a ticket and at least three times was successful. she's been arrested at airports in chicago, florida, arizona and right here in the bay area. closing the pay gap. lawmakers now considering a bill that would force employers to pay everyone the same wage for the same job regardless of race. the move comes after governor brown signed a similar bill that closes the gender wage gap. according to a 2013 study, african-american men earn 75 cents to every dollar that a caucasian man earns. >> if you have a job and someone else is being paid a little higher for the same job, i don't think training has anything to do with it. >> state senator is dore hall says if the bill is passed it would be the strongest wage equality law in the nation. a major property deal on the peninsula has 2500 families very nervous tonight.
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a local developer is on the verge of buying the largest block of rental housing in east palo alto. renters say historically when owners change their rents go up. now they're worried they could be priced out of the market. woodland park apartments, 1800 units, may soon change hands from chicago-based equity to palo alto's sand hill property company. the impending sale isn't sitting well with those who have rent-stabilized rates. >> when they change owners, the first time, our rent went up like a lot. >> the complex has changed owners twice in the last ten years. in one case the tenants filed a class action lawsuit alleging owners charged unlawful fees. michelle gonzalez's parents fought the increases. they've been living in a one-bedroom apartment at woodland park for ten years. >> for me and my mom, my dad and my brother. >> reporter: mother of two rosa velasquez is looking to leave saying the complex has had its
6:26 pm
problems like flooding. >> they didn't want to fix it. >> she feels stuck by the sky high prices of bay area rent. >> because we can't afford it. >> city leaders say protections are in place to keep rents from going up more than 2% this year. >> so the tenants will be equally protected. that is not a concern. >> still, city manager carlos martinez says the city can't control what a private company does with affordable housing units in the future. >> it's not for us to keep it in the area or not. we don't control that. but we hope that these units will continue to be affordable. >> sand hill property company confirmed it is in talks to buy woodland park apartments but cannot comment during negotiations. the chief investment officer did issue this statement. "our intent is to continue to run the property in the same manner as it has been, honoring all rental contracts and the rent stabilization ordinance in the city." michael cramer also says the company is in it for the long haul, and does not have any immediate plans to make any big
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changes to the complex. he was on the verge of ending up on the streets with his family. but after our story aired last week military veteran ricky rivera will be able to keep his home. his landlord in san jose raised the rent. rivera was not having any luck finding anyone else who would accept his veterans voucher. it pays for most of rent for veterans. according to the city of san jose, lots of landlords aren't willing to accept those vouchers. today nbc bay area learned the santa clara housing authority will put up the difference that rivera needs to meet the rent increase where he currently lives. the county and city of san jose are partnering to end veteran homelessness and they hope to do it by the end of this year. the man accused of killing an off-duty police officer makes his first court appearance. i'm jodi hernandez in fairfield with a look at the charges coming up. and we continue to track the rain. here's a live look at the radar. the conditions are lots of green
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on that radar which means lots of rain. jeff rainieri is up with another look at the forecast.
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right now.. slick roads and downed trees. a wet commute forrivers arain r right now, slick roads and towned trees, a wet commute for drivers as rain returns to the bay area. it's coming down in many parts of the bay area right now. a live look at our radar. you can see the green covering most of the bay. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff rainieri. jeff how long does this storm
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system last? >> really the worst of it will last the next three to four hours. after that we're into a scattered rainfall situation for thursday. i want to take you to some of the heavier pockets and we'll track where this is headed. we know in the past hour this has been developing very fast. we went from no rainfall at all to heavier pockets now to the south of mill valley, also near san francisco. this is going to be continuing from the south off towards the north headed through sausalito through 6:38, tiberon 6:49. kosta county being nailed from mirinda to lafayette about .65 inches per hour. right now it's hitting concord and walnut creek super hard. we saw elyce there earlier tonight. this will continue through concord at 6:40 tonight. off toward the south we have some heavier rainfall across los al toes.
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it will move into portions of santa clara and through couper tino at 6:30 for tonight. so downtown san jose, the only spot untouched by rainfall. but it is going to get you over the next 45 minutes. we'll have more on also the wind and the sierra snow coming up in about 25 minutes. >> and we'll see you then. thank you, jeff. drivers heading to the mountain should prepare for some slick roads tonight. this is i-80 at kingvale. live look. more snow expected to fall later tonight. right now truck drivers must be carrying chains with them. there's also a high wind advisory for highway 50. that starts at the yolo sacramento county line. you can track the storm as it moves across the bay area yourself. click weather on the drop down menu. there you'll find the latest forecast and you can watch the radar on your phone as well. he faced a judge today the man who's accused of killing an off duty richmond police officer also the grandfather of his child. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez was in the courtroom for that hearing. she's live in fairfield.
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jodi emotional day. the victim's family also in court today. >> reporter: it was a tough day for friends and family of both the victim and the suspect. the suspect waited a lot longer than normal for his first court appearance because of the long holiday. >> it's difficult to see somebody that has taken a life of another. >> reporter: six days after he allegedly shot and killed an off-duty police officer, 30-year-old robert vega came to court to face charges. >> charged with murder, additionally there's a charge of kidnapping. >> reporter: investigators say vega killed richmond police officer gus vegas, the grandfather of his 6-year-old son. the shooting happened in the officer's vallejo home last thursday morning. >> it's alleged that he personally and then intentionally fired the gun that resulted in the victim dying. >> he did not deserve this at all. it's extremely emotional.
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>> reporter: vegas's family says the alleged shooter was considered part of their inner circle. he even called vegas "dad." tonight we're also learning the suspect is a decorated army veteran who served in iraq and kuwait. his sister came to court she says to support both her brother and the vegas family. richmond police also came to support the fallen officer's loved ones and to see the man who allegedly killed their colleague and friend. >> at the end of the day, everybody wants to know why. what caused this? >> reporter: the suspect faces 50 years to life if convicted. now, at one point today the suspect said he had something he wanted to say. but the judge wouldn't let him speak. the court hearing was continued until march 2nd. reporting live in fairfield, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> tragic for both families. well, the hunt is on for a shooter who opened fire on three teens in berkeley. happened last night around 7:30 on parker street.
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that's right near san pablo avenue. someone shot the teenagers. they were sitting in a car. two of the victims, a 16-year-old and a 18-year-old boy, have critical head injuries. the third victim, a 19-year-old, is expected to recover. it's not homicides or gangs or drugs. the number one priority for san jose police right now is recruitment. hundreds of officers have left the force over the last three years. nbc bay area's damian trujillo looks at how far the department is going to find a few good officers. >> hey, weber. what's your schedule like tomorrow? >> reporter: they're constantly working the phones, trying to recruit and convince people to become san jose cops. >> are you taking your agility this weekend, too? >> reporter: they're even hitting the road. these are pictures of san jose officers recruiting in new orleans last month. this is them at a vietnamese tech festival in southern california last week. >> our priority right now is recruiting. it's important to us to expand our efforts and really start
6:36 pm
building up those academy classes. >> reporter: gone are the days when a san jose academy looked like this. the current academy which got under way on friday has only seven recruits in it. >> it hasn't been easy. and as people can see from our small academy sizes, that recruiting not only here in san jose but across the country has been very difficult. >> reporter: so san jose is rethinking almost everything, even taking part of the hiring exams on the road as well. that way a candidate in say new orleans can take part of the required written, agility and oral exams at home rather than having to fly to san jose. and they'll even help the candidates prepare for those tests. >> i think we have an oral board workshop on saturday. >> whatever we can do to be successful in this process and make our pool of candidates bigger at the end. i mean, we're all going to be better off for it. >> reporter: in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> well, that injured colt that pulled on bay area heart strings
6:37 pm
is said to be improving tonight. valentine is going stay at u.c. davis veterinary school for maybe four months. he'll undergo physical therapy for his fractured pelvis. fremont firefighters rescued the foal from a ravine on valentine's day. that's why he was named valentine. they believe the little guy was stuck there for two days, still no luck identifying valentine's owner or figuring out what happened to his mom. now, they have raised $15,000 to take care of his medical bills. >> glad he's on the mend. >> he's so cute. >> i know. still to come, it's a different kind of detective work. the lost art being uncovered in san francisco and the people making sure all that lost art isn't forgotten again. plus getting the heave ho. the latest university to ban those hover boards and what will happen to you if you're caught cruising on one. corrosion is what caused an oiln
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southern california. th's what federal investigators are saying in its preliminary report about corrosion caused an oil pipeline to burst in southern california. that's what investigators are saying now about last year's accident. findingses are show that 140,000 gallons of oil spilled, not 100,000 as first estimated. the spill covered miles of coastline in santa barbara and los angeles when it happened back in may. well, pink slips handed out today to ya here employees. the company handing out the slips to employees in the media division. it comes a week after yahoo! announced it would be cutting 15% of its workforce. nearly 1600 employees will be gone by the end of the year. today round one. the tech giant is trimming operating expenses to try and turn that beleaguered company around. hover boards get the heave ho at another bay area college. san francisco state has now banned the devices on campuses and in the dorm rooms.
6:41 pm
fire concerns have prompted bans at a growing list of locations including at universities. consumer products safety commission says it's investigating 48 hover board fires in 20 states. google is now bringing fresh groceries to your door. that's the latest addition to its google express service. this allows going toll compete with amazon and instaycart which also offers fresh grocery delivery. google is launching the service in some san francisco and los angeles neighborhoods first. and if all goes well it will expand to other areas. >> expanding to lots of areas is the rain that we're seeing tonight, jeff. >> i know. it's so great to finally see the return of this rain with our el nino in place and not too much rainfall so far in february. very welcome. just take it super slow on those roadways tonight. it's dangerously slick. you can barely make out the golden gate bridge in this view. looks pretty, though. we'll have details on how long this rain chance lasts in just a few minutes. some of the greatest painters
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6:43 pm
and muralists in history, have le their gnatures alover the bay some of the greatest painters and muralists in history have left their
6:44 pm
signatures all over the bay area. >> but only some of that work survived. much of it has been lost to history. nbc bay area joe rosato jr. introduces us to art lovers ensuring that that lost art isn't forgotten. >> reporter: if you want to sail back into the bay area's sea faring history, san francisco's maritime museum is the place to do it. the gallery is filled with models of wooden ships and even pieces of the real thing. but aside from tales of old vessels and salty characters, one of the building's biggest mysteries sits out of public eye, just up the stairs. in a room once filled with nautical-themed murals from the waterfront buildings' 1939 opening, preservationists are scratching the surface of what was once here. >> i don't think a lot of people knew this room was up here. they certainly didn't know thought had murals in it. >> reporter: the murals were painted by artist richard aayer
6:45 pm
but over the years most were painted over or destroyed. artist dan rosenthal is now slowly turning back seven decades one brush stroke at a time. rosenthal is carefully restoring rts of the mural that are visible, chipping away to find the parts that aren't. >> since 1976, these designs have not been seen. >> are these the same color? >> reporter: like detectives, rosenthal, national parks architecture todd block are trying to repiece the room's many murals and reliefs. >> back this little piece of plywood. there was that tugboat panel. >> reporter: though there is a photo showing workers painting over the murals, therepainfully few pictures showing what the looked like before. >> we've been able to reconstruct this image. >> reporter: the biggest head scratcher, though, what had been on this now empty column. >> had been painted white. >> reporter: then a newly digitized video surfaced of the cal berkeley class of 1919 holding its 20th anniversary in this very room. >> this is showing this wall.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: one image caught the eye of block and rosenthal. >> this is one of the stills from the video. we think that is one of the shark carvings that we have in our collection. >> seeing that little clip we're pretty sure that these sharks now belong over here. >> reporter: the preservationists believe they'll be able to eventually restore 99% of the room's original detail. >> the ultimate goal is just to showcase it again as it was intended. >> reporter: raising another piece of the city's maritime history from the depths of the past. joe rosato jr. >> we've come a long way. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. well, at the san francisco interior looks familiar that's because it is a miniature version of the nation's most famous architectural feature, the spiral ramp likinking the second floors to new york city's guggenheim museum.
6:47 pm
the san francisco version was built 10 years earlier. the store is located on maiden lane near union square and it's empty. but preservationists want to make sure whoever moves in doesn't do anything damaging or any renovations out of tone with the store. the rain is coming down. let's get a check of our microclimate forecaster jeff rainieri to show us where it's coming down the hardest right now. >> janelle and jess on the doppler radar we have heavier pockets developing denoted by the yellow and orange on the doppler radar. we'll zoom in and get you one of the areas that's picked up in intensity the past five or ten minutes. across the east bay san ramon to dublin. heavier rainfall near you here in pleasanton. some heavier rain by 6:57. near san ramon it's just to the south of you right now. that is expected to move in at 6:54 tonight. while a lot of us have moderate rain, again there are some pockets of heavier rainfall
6:48 pm
reducing visibility and making the roadways super slick. picking up anyone from the airport over the next hour or leaving on a flight, check this out. heavier rainfall on the tarmac in south san francisco. this is going to be heading off to the north here impacting brisbane by 6:56, bay shore by 6:59 and through downtown san francisco within the next 15 minutes as well. off to the south we haven't seen really too much in downtown san jose. but you can see the rainfall is starting to fill in right now with a decent amount of moisture here from the south. this will continue as we head through the next three to four hours, keeping it wet through the rest of the evening. even as we get a look at tomorrow morning's forecast you can see we'll keep the chance of scattered rainfall for the north bay at 48 to start. maybe an isolated thunderstorm. keep the umbrellas handy for the east bay, peninsula and also for the south bay with temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. let's take you to the futurecast where you can time this out for you. you can see on the futurecast this line that is showing at 7:30. that's the cold front moving to the south. that's where we get the most
6:49 pm
uplift, the most energy. that's why we're starting to see heavier pockets of rain develop. this will move off to the south here through san jose at around 10:00 tonight keeping the heavier rainfall in the forecast. here's the thing. once we pass midnight we'll start to see that move out and we're just in the scattered rainfall situation for thursday morning. also thursday afternoon. then as we hit friday another system arrives. this should bring some coverage of some light to moderate rainfall here from middletown toward san jose. not a big storm system but enough to keep those roadways wet. how much rainfall are we looking at? with the storm moving in from the south tapping into sub tropical moisture it's pretty evening coverage of the rainfall totals. .56 inch in san jose. about .5 inch in half moon bay and san francisco. you're starting to get into higher amounts near santa row say, napa, with .7 inch. microclimate forecast for thursday keeps a mix of sun, clouds and possibility of scattered rain. temps in the 60s across the
6:50 pm
board. in san francisco the marina at 62, palo alto 67. toward san jose 65. let's get you to the north bay, east bay and trivalley. we have the best chance of thunderstorms tomorrow in napa and also santa rosa. for the trivalley we'll come in at 66 for pleasanton. as this latest system continues to move in and eventually out on thursday, sierra snow is also a huge point right now. check this out. maybe one to about two feet of snow expected. that is the best news for the drought, because jess and janelle as you know we've had snow melt most recently. this will at least boost it back up to over 100% at this point. >> let's pack in that snow. thanks, jeff. after several high profile additions for the san francisco giants this season, up next hear from some of the new guys. that's pitchers and catchers report for their first spring training in orange and black. ports net.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
==boxes== kelli johnson wh comcast sports net joins us now. reporting for duty. spring training has begun for the giants. kelly johnson joins us now from comcast sportsnet studio. hi, kelli. >> reporter: hi. i'm excited for giants fans. like christmas get all the new is to in the off-season get to see them for the first time. today marked the first day for spring training for giants fans and pitchers and catchers officially reported for duty in scottsdale, arizona. they've revamped their roster in rotation with big signs. everybody excited about the possibilities this year. fans definitely anxious this morning to meet this year's club like up early for the chance to see their favorite players and some of the new faces like starter jeff samardzija and outfielders who showed up early
6:54 pm
as well even though position players aren't due for six more days. >> looking forward to just the atmosphere. i've heard the fans are great here. heard the travel is good. so just looking forward to having a healthy spring training as well. >> the week before you get going you start getting ant ant antsy. step foot here today it's go time. there's no rest until the end. so it's exciting. and i'm really excited to get in here and get to know these guys and grow these relationships and get ready for the season. 49ers news now according to espn the team is close to signing tight end garrett selleck to a multiyear contract extension preventing him from becoming an unrestricted free agent. he made three touchdowns in 11 games, eight of those starts before ending the season on injured reserve with a high ankle sprain. warriors return to practice this afternoon. the best team in the nba has caught the attention of many,
6:55 pm
including spurs head coach gregg popovich who called golden state unsolvable this past weekend. quite a compliment coming from one of the best coaches in nba history. now, according to our insider monta poole, the man of course who's guided the dubs for the first 3 1/2 months of the season luke walton, told them he wants to be a med coach but he's willing to wait for the right job and situation that he can be successful in. also one of the hottest coaching candidates led the warriors to a 39-4 record as interim head coach. that is a 98% winning percentage by the way. but of course, steve kerr gets credit for all of walton's wins. one thing to keep an eye on, the nba trade deadline is fast approaching. that's tomorrow at noon pacific time. all appears to be quiet right now around the warriors. they are plenty loaded. but as you guys know things can always change. they are thin right now with azili out. but they have great chemistry. don't mess with that. >> they've got a great thing going. thanks so much, kelly.
6:56 pm
>> everybody knows walton did it. we all know. >> he did a great job. totally great job. >> he did. >> you did a good job with the rain. it's really coming down in some places. >> we love what's happening outside right now. such a nice change. we do have some embedded thunderstorms rolling across the bay area. look at that camera down towards the road. you can see the rain is coming down in sheets, it's making the traffic at a crawl in both directions on the bay bridge. normally a slow commute is going to be extra slow tonight. san mateo bridge wet and also windy. gusts as high as 30 miles per hour. so you want to take it slow. not only right now but at least for the next three hours as this storm system hangs out. so as we go ahead and get a look you're going to be able to see those heavier pockets of rain at 7:30 tonight. then that will likely stay until about 10:00. we'll keep some scattered rain in the forecast thursday and friday. >> lose good. thanks so much, jeff. >> be careful driving out there. we hope to see you tonight at 11:00. announcer: through sunday
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nicole brown-simpson's chilling abuse diaries unlocked. >> her explosive hand-written confessions as america is swept up in the o.j. murders again now on "extra"! threw me into walls. you're going to pay for this, expletive. a battered nicole brown-simpson detailing the physical, mental and sexual abuse at the hands of o.j. and her fears he would kill her. >> my sister documented years of abuse. >> nicole's sister, tanya brown, her close friend, kris jenner. >> she never told me the whole picture. >> rihanna's meltdown before the grammys?


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