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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 18, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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of words. e pontiff qstions trump's relis right now at 11:00, the pope and the donald in a war of words and the pontiff questioning trump's religious beliefs. now the republican candidate fires back. plus lightning in our skies. meteorologist kari hall breaks down our morning weather. but first a grim discovery amid the ashes of a fire at an apartment in the north bay. the investigation into the death of a baby. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. this deadly fire broke out late last night at an apartment complex on kathy ellen drive. both police and firefighters on the scene investigating. >> stephanie chuang is live in
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vallejo. you talked with a pregnant mother who had to grab her kids and escape those flames from right next door. >> reporter: yeah, we're talking about a woman who's eight months pregnant. she also has a 2 and 4-year-old so she had her hands full. those were her top priorities. and the neighbors said the very same thing. firefighters got here around 11:30 last night at this three-alarm blaze. now you can see investigators inside the unit where they believe this all started. now, the question is how did a baby get left inside? to cover all bases, investigators waited on a warrant before going in this morning while neighbors recall the frightening moments when they heard loud noises before they saw the smoke. >> there was an explosion, like a real big boom. >> as soon as i opened up the door there was a bunch of smoke. >> reporter: the three-alarm blaze started in the upstairs
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left apartment. neighbors learned there was a baby trapped inside. >> i don't know if it was the mom but she said there's a baby inside. >> the flames were too big, no one was running in. >> not at that moment. first it was like it was flames and then just instantaneously just spread. unbearable. you could feel the heat across the street. >> reporter: the focus for these families was clear, get all the children out safely. >> me and my neighbor, after we got our kids out, we tried to jam back up there as fast as possible. there was nothing we could do. >> they woke me up at the sounds of like i said the police, fire department, police officers knocking on the door asking everybody to get out of the place. and i grabbed my children. >> reporter: and she had another child in mind as she ran out of the next door building. the mother of two is giving birth to a baby boy of her own in just a few weeks. >> i was scared.
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really scared. but what can we do? >> reporter: people who stayed and watched the fire said despite the pouring rain, they found they simply could not leave. >> it was sad. based on the fact that i got children, you know, i felt that to the heart. i couldn't even move. i was sitting out here in the rain feeling that. >> you are looking at a live picture there of the wreckage there in vallejo. we will continue to cover this story and just the tragic things that have happened there. new at 11:00, republican presidential candidate donald trump taking on a new opponent, pope francis. while headed back to the vatican today from mexico, the pontiff told reporters that trump's plan to build a wall along the u.s.-mexico border was, quote, not christian. it didn't take long for the billionaire businessman to fight
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back. >> to question a person's faith is disgraceful. i'm proud to be a christian. and as president, i will not allow christianity to be consistently attacked and weakened, unlike what is happening now with our current president. >> trump also accused the mexican government of using pope francis as a, quote, pawn and said the pontiff only heard one side of the story. turning now to our microclimate forecast, a rare sight in the skies over the bay area, lightning strikes. this was the view this morning from one of our cameras along 880 in fremont. >> yeah, you can see we slowed down that video just to get a good look at it, it's so very rare. meteorologist kari hall, this all has moved on, right? >> it has. we're still left with some light rain but i saw some information from the weather service and over the past 24 hours we had over 100 lightning strikes across the bay area, so really a big storm that moved through and
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dumped a significant amount of rain around mt. tam, gilroy had 1.25, menlo park a little over an inch as well as dublin and walnut creek. twin peaks in san francisco, 0.75 of an inch, and in napa we had 0.5 an inch as well. that system is winding up and moving to the east but there is light rain in parts of the north bay and parts of the east bay and moving over towards the south bay hills. most of us are not seeing any rain at this point but don't be surprised if you get caught in a quick-moving shower in the next couple of hours. i'll detail that and the next round of rain set to come around tomorrow. that's in my forecast. to track the weather in your neighborhood, download our free nbc bay area app. click on the weather tab and you can look at live doppler radar
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and your forecast as well. new details on the reroute of the california high-speed rail line. one that would have it running to the silicon valley first before southern california. this is what the station would look like as it becomes a grand central station. >> bob redell is live in san jose. bob, this bullet train could be up and running between san jose and bakersfield within ten years. >> reporter: amazing. yes, by 2025, which would be much sooner than expected for the past four years the plan had been to build the first segment between the central valley and burbank. but tomorrow the high-speed rail authority is expected to announce that the first segment will in fact head north and connect bakersfield to here in san jose. the "mercury news" said the authority changed its mind because the nor cal segment is cheaper to construct.
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if the initial cost is lower, that might appease critics of the $64 billion price tag and attract more investors. >> this is a game changer for san jose, silicon valley and the bay area. we're talking about rapid rail at 220 miles an hour. that's a trip from downtown gilroy to downtown san jose in a matter of minutes. >> reporter: that's carl gardeno telling us that by getting high-speed rail, it will easier to fully secure the funds needed to electrify caltrain. if you're not aware, caltrain will be sharing the same track as high-speed rail. once caltrain is electrified, it will double its capacity to an estimated 120,000 weekday passenger trips, which means fewer cars on 101, 280 and highway 85. >> it's a game-changer to our economy because traffic cripples our economy and this provides
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rapid rail, frequent service improvements throughout a big portion of our state and throughout our region with those improvements. >> reporter: gardeno points out that high-speed rail will arrive here at around the same time as the b.a.r.t. extension, which will make it easier for people to ditch their cars and get around here in silicon valley. a man accused of shooting and killing two people at san francisco's twin peaks will be in court in just a few hours. richard contreras of richmond faces murder charges in connection with that double homicide on valentine's day. he allegedly shot and killed two people before then carjacking two others. another victim suffered life-threatening injuries. contreras already has a felony conviction and did jail time for crashing a stolen car into an ac transit bus back in 2014. that bus then slammed into a
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home. federal prosecutors want leland yi to spending eight years in prison for corruption. he pled guilty over the summer. as part of the plea agreement he acknowledged accepting bribes and talking to undercover agents about bringing automatic weapons into the united states. a former san jose police officer accused of rape on duty is waiting to find out whether he will stand try again. a jury deliberating the fate of jeffrey graves deadlocked yesterday, forcing the judge to declare a mistrial. prosecutors say graves raped a domestic violence victim in 2013. they say that graves was on duty at the time, took the woman away from her home, dropped her off at a hotel and then returned and raped her. graves' attorney says that sex was consensual. an east bay man accused of threatening muslims is scheduled to be in court today.
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police arrested william kelly after he made repeated threats against a local mosque. he posted this photo onloin of what appears to be a pipe bomb but that turned out to be fake. prosecutors charged kelly of making death threats with a hate crime enhancement. new details in the bizarre case of a former political consultant who once led authorities on a nationwide manhunt. ryan chamberlain agreed to a plea deal in a case where agents accused him of possessing materials to make a biological weapon. when agents raided his home back in 2014, he was called a domestic terrorist and briefly evaded authorities. prosecutors dropped most of the charges. last week he pleaded guilty to possessing a gun and biological tox toxin. they plan to recommend a two and a half year prison sentence. that means with good behavior, he could be released by this summer. up next at 11:00, a poll
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just released reveals the new republican front-runner. plus who stands with tim cook in apple's fight against the fbi? we'll go over the list. it's not going to take long. this round of rain is moving on out and we're getting ready for another round of rain. details on that coming up in the microclimate forecast. (scott ad libs markets)
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=tech= apple c tim ok has found welcome back. the markets mostly flat this morning. we had three up days in a row. believe it or not, that was our longest rally since last summer. that says more about how lousy the markets have been really lately. flat today. i don't think we'll see a win this afternoon. apple ceo tim cook has found himself mostly alone in his stand against the fbi. cook has staked his company and his career on a principle and it's going to be defining him and apple for quite some time to come. this is a new picture of cook as
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he did a "vogue" photo shoot. it's going to be less about design and more about privacy and the right thing to do. cook posted a letter declaring the company would respectfully decline to help the fbi crack into an iphone used by but not owned by terrorist syed farook. apple he said could not create a tool that made its own products security vulnerable. the only local tech executive to step up and support cook as the google ceo. he said important post by tim cook. we build security prosducts to keep your information safe and we give law enforcement access to data based on valid legal orders, but that's wholly different than requiring companies to enable hacking of customer devices and data. could be a troubling precedent. now, obviously i don't know what's in tim cook's mind, but i
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would imagine that he was sort of hoping for more support from silicon valley. that said, tim cook is the most important ceo in silicon valley by a factor of ten, so he's well capable of going it semi-alone. the fcc voted this morning to approve a plan to open the cable box business to anybody. this means some day you'll be able to buy a cable box from google or apple or amazon and not be forced to renting it from your cable company. it also means your cable box of the future may have extra features your cable company doesn't want to give you now, like access to netflix. >> i would expect our parent company has strong feelings about that one. >> comcast is the owner of our owner basically. >> indeed. to decision 2016 now. we started the newscast with donald trump in that war of words with pope francis over trump's immigration policies. things are just as heated on the
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campaign trail where it appears donald trump's straight talk may not have the same traction nationwide. for the first time in months, there's a new national front-runner. you're looking at him. the new poll shows ted cruz with a two-point lead over donald trump. however, trump still holds a commanding lead in south carolina, the site of saturday's primary. >> republican voters are taking one more moment to take a pause and decide whether donald trump is the person they want to nominate for president or not. >> meanwhile south carolina's governor endorsed marco rubio last night over jeb bush. on the democratic side, both candidates are campaigning in nevada ahead of tonight's town hall meeting. you can watch that live from las vegas on msnbc. voters in nevada caucus on saturday. and now to an investigative unit exclusive. teen suicide at the heart of a new study by the centers for disease control this week centered in a bay area city. the investigative unit has
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learned that it is the same city that spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to hire security guards with criminal pasts to protect teens. records show city leaders paid $700,000 to val security over the past four years as part of a program called track watch. it was created because of student deaths. some of the guards had questionable criminal histories, including drug charges and armed robbery. police even arrested one guard accused of burglarizing several homes while on the clock. >> so knowing that the city is hiring people that aren't really going to be able to help these people or are supposed to be watching are stealing from the community around us, that's really hurtful. >> val security did not respond to our request for comment. tonight at 11:00, we investigate why palo alto still has not made changes to how it screens the new guards now patroling the tracks and how the city is
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responsible for doing background checks on those workers. if you have a tip call us at 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to a fly infestation has an arizona neighborhood buzzing. >> these are called midge flies. despite spraying to kill those tiny flies, they continue to pester the homeowners there. they like to live in water, but they bloom when the water and the weather heat up. some say the problem is so bad, they can't even go outside at dusk when they're most active. they're not harmful and don't carry disease, but they will fly into your ears, your mouth and your nose. just overall annoying. i had to read it like this. >> yes, i grew up with mosquitos. one more reason that northern california is such a great
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place. >> okay. well, let's get to the weather because we've had some off-and-on rain this morning and now those waves are still churning up as we take a look at the picture from ocean beach. we do have a high surf advisory in effect and that continues until 8:00 tomorrow evening. we may have some waves up to 15 feet and temperatures are much cooler so we may not have as many people going to the beach but if you have a wet suit, you want to keep in mind that those waves may be dangerous at times. we've seen scattered showers all across the radar and we will start to see this activity tapering off, not expecting any more thunderstorms like we had this morning, but we do still have some rain in parts of the north bay. it's very hit or miss and light as well and we'll continue to see this activity until the storm system wraps up and winds up towards the east. we're looking at the possibility of having the umbrella handy the rest of the day.
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also some showers moving through concord and parts of the east bay. in between we do have sunshine. and we're also seeing quite a bit of snow still falling in the sierra so this is still producing quite a bit of rain and snow all across the state. and temperatures today are much cooler than earlier this week. remember when we started out this week, we were breaking records and had highs in the 70s and 80s. today we're struggling to make it up to 60 degrees in many areas. we're up to 58 in santa rosa while oakland is at 60 degrees and 60 today in livermore. really cooling down. and we'll have another cold front arriving as we head into tomorrow. you can see the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen but we will be warming up by the end of the week. we start to see those showers moving into santa rosa by tomorrow afternoon and it looks like a lot of this rain fifzzle out. it may not even make it to san jose. if you're in the north bay you'll see the highest amount of
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rain. in north star we've been tracking the snow coming down. we just got information from them that they had 21 inches of snow in 24 hours. they lost quite a bit of snow with the warm weather we've had recently and there's still a possibility of more snow with that next system moving in. but of course not as much snow. so putting down some fresh powder and all the people heading to the sierra for ski week looking really good once again. i'll take a look at the weekend forecast and show you that coming up a little bit later. >> all right, thank you very much, kari. up next at 11:00, a role reversal. teachers, not students getting scolded. we'll show you how a joke between teachers got into the hands of parents. first, happening now, how often do body cameras record use of force incidents? our investigative unit digs deep into those numbers. you can watch and read the whole story on our website. plus the serial stowaway
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arrested once again. this time not at an airport. find out where officers found marilyn hartman. and outside the box, we have tweeted a link showing how a local girl scout is pairing with restaurants to create cookie-inspired dishes. hackers held a hospital hostage
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-- forcing it to pay welcome back. hackers held a hospital hostage
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forcing it to pay thousands of dollars in ransom. this happened to hollywood presbyterian medical center in los angeles. hackers infiltrated and disabled its computer network nearly two weeks ago. the hospital ended up paying about $17,000 in about bitcoin the password to unlock their own computer system. the fbi is on the case. some delaware teachers may find themselves in the principal's office. >> at the very least they have some explaining to do. that's what happened when one inside joke wound up in the wrong hands. teachers in wilmington created what they thought was going to be a very private hurt feelings report. a mock form meant to ridicule elementary students who got their feelings hurt. or as the documents read with the purpose of assisting whiners. >> one staff member mistakenly attached the document to an e-mail for all parents and now
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those higher up are calling the whole thing a big mistake but when you're trying to teach kids about bullying, probably not the best thing. for one australian surfer, hanging ten is kind of ho-hum. >> that is what you do when you are a dog trainer and former pro surfer. the surfer has four dogs in all. so when his hands are full, he can provide his pooches a boost on his shoulders. he loves to take them on surfing safaris as a way to teach peach el about strengthening the bond between dogs and their owners. wow. up next at 11:00, a historic moment for president obama as he prepares to do something no other president has done in nearly 90 years. potentially deadly radioactive
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material that
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welcome back. iraq is searching for potentially deadly radioactive material that was stolen from an oil company late last year. >> its disappearance has raised fears that the material could fall into the hands of isis fighters who control parts of that country. nbc's kelly cobiella reports. >> reporter: it's a nightmare scenario, isis packing radioactive material into explosives, making a so-called dirty bomb. now a key ingredient used by the oil industry to check for leaks in pipes has vanished in southern iraq. an iraqi government document seen by nbc news confirms that a highly dangerous radioactive material was stolen from a storage facility linked to weatherford oil company in november. u.s. based weatherford oil told nbc news we dongt own, operator or control sources of it or the bunker where the sources are stored and that a different company held the material. nbc news has not been able to
11:30 am
reach them for comment. >> we've not seen any indication the material in question has been acquired by daesh or any other terrorist groups in the region, but obviously we continue to take these reports very seriously. >> reporter: the state department said there's no evidence that isis, which holds mosul in northern iraq but no territory in shiite-dominated basra, pulled off the theft. at this point the iraqis don't know who did. security sources told reuters news agency it looks like an inside job, no broken locks or signs of forced entry. a little more than a year after reopening ties with cuba, president obama plans to travel there next month. >> he will become the first sitting u.s. president to make a state visit to the island in nearly nine decades. nbc's ron allen reports the trip will mark an end to decades of strained relationships between the cold war rivals. >> reporter: an historic visit
11:31 am
ending nearly a half century of estrangement. a senior administration official telling nbc news that president barack obama will visit cuba in march as part of a larger tour of latin america, marking the first time in 88 years a sitting president will visit cuba. >> after all, these 50 years have shown that isolation has not worked. it's time for a new approach. >> reporter: warming relations began after face-to-face meetings between president obama and raul castro. the para nounsiir announcing th normal ties. >> over time, it's possible for us to turn the page and develop a new relationship between our two countries. >> reporter: last august the american embassy was reopened and a u.s. flag raised in havana. since then secretary of state john kerry has traveled to the island and just this week u.s. and cuban officials signed a deal to resume commercial air traffic for the first time in five decades. still, there are hurdles. tourists cannot visit the island
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and trade cannot resume until congress lifts the long-standing embargo, something republicans have vowed to block. marco rubio and ted cruz both of cuban descent were quick to pounce on the announcement. rubio saying he would not go if he were president. >> not if it's not a free cuba. i'll tell you the problem with the cuban government is not just a communist dictatorship, it is an anti-american communist dictatorship. >> i was sad to hear but wasn't surprised. >> mr. obama said he will not go to cuba unless there was progress on human rights and he could meet with opponents of the regime but it's unclear if that will happen. it's not homicide or gangs or drugs, the number one p priority right now is recruitment. >> hundreds of officers have left the force. damian trujillo looks at how far the department has to go to find a few good officers. >> hey, weber, what's your schedule like tomorrow?
11:33 am
>> reporter: they're constantly working the phones trying to recruit and convince people to become san jose cops. >> are you taking your agility this weekend too? >> reporter: they're even hitting the road. these are pictures of san jose officers recruiting in new orleans last month and this is them at a vietnamese festival in southern california last week. >> our priority right now is recruiting. it's important to us to expand our efforts and really start building up those academy classes. >> gone are the days when a san jose academy looked like this. a current academy which got under way on friday has only seven recruits in it. >> it hasn't been easy. as people can see from our small academy sizes, that recruiting not only here in san jose but across the country has been very difficult. >> reporter: so san jose is rethinking almost everything, even taking part of the hiring exams on the road as well. that way a candidate in, say, new orleans can take part of the required written, agility and oral exams at home rather than
11:34 am
having to fly to san jose. and they'll even help the candidates prepare for those tests. >> i think we have an oral workshop on saturday. whatever we can do to be successful in this process and make our pool of candidates bigger in the end, we'll all be better off for it. >> damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. a major property deal on the peninsula has 2500 families feeling very nervous. the local developer is on the verge of buying the largest part. >> historically when owners change their rents tend to go up. as janelle wang shows us, they're now worried they could be priced right out of the market. >> reporter: woodland park apartments may soon change hands from chicago-based equity to palo alto's sand hill property company. the impending sale isn't sitting well with those with rent stabilized rates. >> when they changed owners the first time, our rent went up a lot. >> reporter: the complex has
11:35 am
changed owners twice in the last ten years. in one case the tenants filed a class action lawsuit. they have been living in a one bedroom apartment for ten years. >> for me, my mom, my dad and my brother. >> reporter: mother of two, rosa velasqu velasquez, is looking to leave saying the complex has had its problem, like flooding. but she feels stuck by the sky-high prices of bay area rent. >> because we can't afford it. >> reporter: city leaders say protection are in place to keep rents from going up more than 2% this year. >> so the tenants will be equally protected. that is not a concern. >> reporter: still city manager carlos martinez says a city can't control what a private company does with affordable housing units in the future. >> it's not for us. we don't control that. but we hope that these units will continue to be affordable. >> and that was janelle wang
11:36 am
reporting. now sand hill property company confirmed that it is in talks to buy woodland park apartments but cannot comment during the negotiations, they say. the chief investment officer, though, did issue this statement. our intent is to continue to run the property in the same manner as it has, honoring all rental contracts and the rent stabilization ordinance in the city. michael kramer also says that the company is in it for the long haul and does not have any immediate plans to make any big changes to that complex. well, it's one of the most notable cities in the bay area, now santa clara has a new mayor. >> a well-known councilmember was voted in as mayor at an emergency meeting just last night. as jean ellie shows us, her tenure, though, might be short-lived. >> upon which i'm about to enter. >> upon which i'm about to enter. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> after a unanimous city council vote, santa clara city councilperson lisa gilmore is
11:37 am
sworn in as santa clara's new mayor, replacing former mayor jamie matthews, who suddenly resigned after super bowl 50. gilmore says she knows she's stepping into a controversial position. >> there's a definite mistrust in terms of the amount of development, the ron raoperatio the stadium. >> even her supporters gave her an earful about trust. >> the general plan has been twisted and modified to the point that developers tell us what, where and when they will build. >> i know right now there's a lot of congratulations, but going forward it's going to take more than just one person to bring this council back together. >> gilmore says with billions of dollars of development possible around levi's stadium, it's time to end back room deals and debate the future of santa clara in chambers. she wouldn't confirm published reports about a possible civil grand jury investigation into the misuse of public funds to pay for operation costs at levi's stadium but says she
11:38 am
plans to ask for an audit to answer questions about alleged violations of measure j. >> to make sure that we are not using any general fund moneys for the operations of the stadium, i'm going to propose an independent audit. >> how about a blast from the past. the first time in three decades a delorean is going back to the future. >> reporter: it was ahead of its time. >> wait a minute, doc. are you telling me that you built a time machine out of a delorean? >> reporter: and when a dumb founded marty mcfly asked that question, it was immortalized. >> are they a thing of the past? >> it is not only a thing of the past but it's a thing of the present. it's a thing of the future.
11:39 am
>> reporter: that fumble is unholding at humble, texas. >> when do you expect to be back in production? >> this time next year. >> reporter: steven nguyen is the ceo and says for the first time in three decades the company will build deloreans. >> what is most unique about these cars? >> everything is unique. >> reporter: the doors, the steel, the history. >> everybody has a delorean story. >> reporter: that begin in the mid-'70s. in 1982 the original manufacturer went bankrupt, but years later he started a new company, bought up all the spare parts and brought them to texas. >> this is jeff, can i help you? >> reporter: now demand is hotter. >> it's definitely real, it's definitely here. >> reporter: even though the new souped-up replicas are expected to cost around $100,000.
11:40 am
>> is a capacitor an option? >> no. >> reporter: ernie klein can't wait to buy one of the first models. he's a writer in austin who's driven his across the country. >> the first time that i took it out for a drive. i pulled up to a stoplight. there was a guy in the crosswalk that turned and started bowing to the car. >> reporter: it's a time machine that's already had a wild ride. >> wow, that was fun. that was awesome. >> reporter: a blast from the past. >> it's a dream come true. >> reporter: going back to the future. for "today," gabe gutierrez, humble, texas. up next at 11:00, it's a different kind of defective work. the lost art being uncovered in san francisco and the people making sure all that art isn't forgotten again. we do still have some clouds hovering over san jose as we take a live look now, and the
11:41 am
rain is winding down. but get ready for another round. i'll detail that coming up in a few minutes. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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le eir signatureall overthe bay welcome back. some of the greatest painters and muralists in history have left their signatures on the bay area. >> but only some of that work survived. much if the is already lost to history. joe rosato jr. introduces us to art lovers who are ensuring that the rest of the lost art is not forgotten. >> if you want to sail back into the bay area's sea-faring history, san francisco's maritime museum is a place to do it. the gallery is filled with models of wooden ships and pieces of the real thing. but aside from tales of vessels, one of the biggest mysteries is out of public eye just up the stairs. >> this ought to come off too. >> reporter: in a room once filled with nautical-themed murals from the 1939 opening, preservationists are scratching the surface of what was once here. >> i don't think a lot of people
11:45 am
knew this room was up here. they certainly didn't know that it had murals in it. >> reporter: the murals were painted by artist richard ayer, but over the years most were painted over or destroyed. artist dan rosenthal is slow low turning back seven decades, one brush stroke at a time. he is carefully restoring parts of the mural that are visible, chipping away to find the parts that aren't. >> since 1976, these designs have not been seen. >> reporter: like detectives, they are trying to repiece the many murals. >> pulled back this piece of plywood and there was that tugboat panel. >> reporter: there was few pictures showing what they looked like before. >> so we've been able to reconstruct this image. >> reporter: the biggest head scratcher, though, what had been on this now empty column. >> it had been painted white. >> reporter: but then a newly
11:46 am
digitized video surfaced of the cal berkeley class of 1919 holding its 20-year anniversary in this very room. >> this is showing this wall. >> reporter: one image got the eye of rosenthal. >> this is one of the stills from the video. we think that is one of the shark carvings that we have in our collection. >> seeing that little clip, we're pretty sure that the sharks now belong over here. >> reporter: the preservationists believe they'll be able to restore 99% of the room's original detraaidetail. raising another piece of the maritime history from the death of the past. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. a stunning scene in the great outdoors. take a look at the snow and ice cascading down the mountain but what happened over the weekend was really a sight to see. a hiker says he heard a loud boom while walking nearby and
11:47 am
saw this from more than a thousand feet up. >> like a water fall from the middle of the summer but all over yosemite. let's check your weather this morning with kari. >> we had some storms moving through this morning. one crossed right over the golden gate bridge and lit up the sky with a lot of lightning. kind of weakened as it moved off to the east. but looking at some of the rainfall totals we had from the past 24 hours, at mt. tam 1.6, gilroy had 1.25, over an inch in menlo park, bub lydublin and wa creek. so a pretty good soaking and we're still seeing spotty to light rain across parts of the bay area. we've seen it mainly in the north bay, so don't be surprised if you're out, it looks sunny and then a few minutes later it starts raining. but this rain has been very light and hasn't been producing
11:48 am
any of the thunderstorms like we had earlier today. much of the energy has moved off to the east and it's still snowing in the sierra, which is great news. it looks like they'll continue to add on to those snowfall totals with some spots getting over two feet in 24 hours. now it's in the upper 50s to low 60s. we are also seeing those big cotton ball looking clouds out there, so beautiful weather and highs today reaching into the low 60s. mid-60s too. as we take it hour by hour in san francisco, the sun continues to peek out from behind those clouds, but it won't be a very warm day. only reaching the low 60s once again and a breezy wind. more clouds as we go into tonight as we drop back into the mid-50s. it is still breezy too so that makes it feel cooler. our winds by 4:00 will be coming onshore at 15 to 20 miles an hour. as we go into tonight we start to see the winds calming down a bit and picking up once again tomorrow as the next system
11:49 am
approaches from the north. and we have this system now once again moving to the east that brought in some much cooler temperatures, a reinforcing shot of some cool air will also being additional snow to the sierra, but this will be much weaker. not expecting any thunderstorms. and i do think that as the showers move to the south, we will see a lot of that rain weakening before it moves into san jose. we do keep it very active into the start of next week, so it looks like we are not done with our rain chances. a look at the weekend forecast. a lot of sunshine here both saturday and sunday. sunday will be a touch warmer with highs reaching in the mid to upper 60s. up to 69 degrees in the south bay on sunday. and once again a lot of sunshine will hopefully start to see more showers moving through next week as our temperatures will be warming up. we could be hitting the 70s once again. something that we shouldn't be having in the beginning and middle of february across the bay area.
11:50 am
guys. >> like most things we shouldn't have, we really like that. >> warm weather, ice cream, beer. >> up next at 11:00, one man loses his wallet but miraculously gets it back. nothing was missing. we'll have the bizarre explanation. it's easy to get connected to the weather outside by going inside the nbc bay area app on your smartphone. just click on the radar on the weather page and there you can zero in on your own neighborhood to see if it's raining there. it gives you just what you need to know when you need to know it. i'm terry mcsweeney. that's how to stay informed with the nbc bay area app. a free speech win for a centrala
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11:52 am
en welcome back. a free speech win for a central
11:53 am
california teenager. 16-year-old taylor victor was sent home after she refused to change out of this t-shirt that says "nobody knows i'm a lesbian." school administrators say the shirt was an improper display of sexuality and might be disruptive, but the aclu made a claim that the public schools cannot censor students' personal beliefs. victor took the matter to court but there was a settlement. under that settlement, the manteca unified school district has agreed to update its dress code. the new policy allows students to wear clothes that celebrate cultural identity. a missing wallet and a dose of brutal honesty is what one new york man got two weeks after losing his wallet at a concert. >> a mystery envelope recently showed up at riley flattery's door. he mailed his licenses and credit cards to him. other items were missing.
11:54 am
i kept the cash because i needed weed, the metrocard because the fare is $2.75 now and the wallet because it was kind of cool. >> basically i'm a good guy but kind of giving you the middle finger and keeping anything with any currency behind it. >> he posted the whole thing to instagram. this post certainly going viral. >> he did give him back the stuff that might have kept him up at night, the driver's license, the credit cards and very sweetly signed it toodles. >> we'll be back.
11:55 am
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welcome back. animal news. a 14-year-old boy and his pet donkey are causing quite a stir in a village in egypt. >> the teen has been training his donkey named rihanna every day after school. he trains with the animal about 30 minutes where he slowly raises the obstacle higher to test rihanna's limits. the family says the young rider does have a real talent and they're hoping he'll be able to work professionally with horses. rihanna will be so hurt. >> that's right. donkey. there's no other way to say that. >> thanks for joining us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. >> of course all the latest information at we'll see you tomorrow. >> bye. plan plan
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday... (instrumental)
12:00 pm
stand by billy and kit, stand by camera two. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. welcome to "access hollywood live." as i was yesterday, i remain today billy bush. >> i believe i'm kit hoover on this thursday, but we don't know. >> we have to keep saying our names every day. >> they put it up on the thing every day. that's us. >> i'm giving up the name. >> we'll just say welcome to the show. let's start off by talking about the two sides of kanye west. this guy's unbelievable. now page 6 has released audio of kanye going off on the set of "snl." that was the crazy rant we'll play for you later. then he was at lax and the paparazzi caught up with him yesterday and he was mr. nice guyov


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