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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 19, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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remembering a fallen bay ar police officer. a memorial underway at this hour right now at 11:00, remembering a fallen bay area police officer. a memorial is under way at this hour in honor of officer gus vegas. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. right now hundreds of citizens and law enforcement officers are paying their respect to richmond police officer gus vegas, who was shot in his own home in vallejo last week. >> bob redell is at the richmond memorial auditorium where the memorial service is under way. bob? >> reporter: good morning to you, scott and kris. it's hard not to sit inside the richmond memorial auditorium without getting a lump in your throat or tears in your eyes as you listen to family, friends and fellow police officers talk
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about and grieve over the death of officer gus vegas. moments ago richmond's police chief said about vegas' 15 years with the department, i'm quoting here, eternally grateful, raeft -- rest in peace, my friend. they escorted the body to the memorial service. his sons carried the casket out of the hearse, into the auditorium. the entire richmond police department and members from other departments have come here. didn't know the officer but has tremendous amount of respect for law enforcement and his family is in attendance as well. the chief praised vegas for being so comfortable in his own skin, credited his amazing talent for connecting with people on the street an his ability to solve problems which is why he rose from the ranks of
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patrol officer to homicide detective, a position reserved for elite members of the department of the then the officer's five sons and five daughters each took a turn to remember their father. >> since you passed, dad, i felt empty. who's going to be proud of me now? who's going to listen to me now? and i realized, dad, my son. i felt you tell me my son is looking up to me now. i need to live my life so my son is proud of me. dad, i will never fill your shoes, but i sure will try my hardest. >> there are some things in life that are just beyond our ability to comprehend. but what we do know is this.
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gus vegas was a high character guy who embodied the values of faith, family and the importance of hard work. he found purpose and peace in his life. he remained faithful to the police profession and he exuded a sense of pride that emanates from knowing that you are part of something bigger than self. >> reporter: officer veg aas wa shot and killed last thursday morning while off duty inside his home in vallejo. he heard a commotion inside his daughter's room. when he opened the door, police say the suspect, robert vega, instantly killed officer vegas with at least one gunshot. vega is the father of officer vegas' 6-year-old grandson. police arrested vega, the suspect, shortly thereafter. the grandson was safe and taken into protective custody at the time. one of his sons said this
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morning, even though officer vegas didn't technically die in the line of duty, he did die in the line of duty as a father and a husband trying to protect whatever was going on inside that house. back out here live, you can see the service has been going on over an hour. if you're wondering who is covering for the richmond police department, as i mentioned the administration, staff, the leadership and all the officers are in there right now, police tell us they have help from san pablo, the contra costa county sheriff's office and the el cerrito police department and they'll do so until 3:30 this afternoon. bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, bob. here is another look inside that auditorium as the vallejo mayor is speaking at officer vegas' memorial service. if you'd like to continue watching it right now, you can find it streaming on our website
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and via our app. also happening right now, the body of justice antonin scalia is lying in repose in the great hall of the supreme court building. these are live pictures. the flag-draped casket will be on public view until 8:00 tonight. earlier today scalia's former law clerks lined the steps to honor the justice. supreme court police served as pall bearers. once inside, all of the current supreme court justices attended a private ceremony led by scalia's son who is a catholic priest. president obama and the first lady are expected to visit later today. pulitzer prize-winning author harper lee has died. the reclusive author is most famous for her novel "to kill a mockingbird" about racial injustice in a small southern town. in this video she is receiving the presidential medal of freedom from president george w. bush back in 2007.
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"to kill a mockingbird" became a best seller. the sequel was released only last year. lee died at her home in alabama last night. she was 89 years old. the consumer product safety commission has updated its opinion of hoverboards. they are dangerous products and should not be used or sold in their current state according to the government. the cpsc says today's announcement allows it to seize hoverboards as they come into american ports and recall them from stores. the safety agency says only hoverboards with a ul sticker, approval from underwriters laboratory, will be considered safe from here on out and there are no hoverboards with ul approval. nasa and a local company announcing the next big project to not give just nasa but the world more capabilities to build objects in space. >> stephanie chuang is live in
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mountain view with more on what is known as an argonaut. the main idea is limitless 3-d printing you say? >> reporter: yes, that's right. historically the way we get things in space is on a rocket, but that rocket technology has pretty much stayed the same for decades so the whole idea here is what if you didn't have to launch and you could get things in space by making them in space. that's the whole idea here at made in space. this company was founded in 2010. today is all about making larger things in space. here's some of the stuff already 3-d printed. just some tools, butch as he was known on the space station in 2014. like this little gadget that he called his honey jar is what i was told by someone here. very cool stuff here. we're talking about how the company made history in 2014 building the first 3-d printer put on that space station. the first to build anything off planet earth, if you can imagine that. the first thing it printed was a replacement part for the printer
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itself. on display was the backup 3-d printer that was made in case anything happened to that first one. today's big announcement is on a big project called arcinaut. i don't know if you're looking at it now, but the size of a gold box you can see, able to build a truss that's much larger. i asked the made in space cto how close to reality is this? >> we're a lot closer than most people think. the current program with nasa is in its initial effort so we'll be doing a lot of technology development, but we're on the five-year horizon to start doing some of these really large scale structures in space. >> reporter: now, made in space's latest project is a second generation printer which the company says is right now sitting on a launch pad at cape canavarel slated to be on the space station in march.
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once it's installed, you send a digital file of the part you want, they send it to the printer and it is manufactured. the only difference between the first two generations of printers, you're looking at all plastic for the first generation. the second one is designed to last much longer and can use various kinds of materials from lego plastics to nylon to special exotic space polymers. not sure exactly what that means but there are two primary purposes of this. one is to actually print things that will be, you know, tools and replacement parts for the astronauts who need them. the second part is research, scott and kris. imagine, again, this is an experiment, right? you're 3-d printing or printing in zero gravity environment, so stuff can happen that you never think about. so pretty exciting stuff is being announced here today. stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> i always loved someone who can admit they don't know what
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something means, because it happens, right? >> that's why we become reporters to find out. a possible break in the case as police are investigating a series of sexual assaults that happened near the uc berkeley campus. berkeley police released this video of a man who could be linked to three assaults just in the last week. they say he targets asian women. the first assault happened on february 11th on haste street at 9:00 at night. then less than a week later the past tuesday night a suspect grabbed a woman at durant and ellsworth. 20 minutes later, a third victim was attacked. many students are on alert after hearing about the incidents and trying to figure out how they are going to defend themselves. >> freaked me out a little bit but also put me in a place where i'm like i'm not really sure that i can do anything about it besides make sure i don't stay out late at night. either way, i have to go out, i have to go study, so it's just a scare really for me. >> officers are also working to
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see if this suspect is connected to a fourth incident reported back on campus also back in january. amazing video for you, but a teenage boy seriously hurt. a local man credited with saving him. the boy was on board this site-seeing helicopter that fell out of the sky into pearl harbor in hawaii. a tourist taking pictures near the uss arizona memorial recorded this crash as it happened. four of the five people on board managed to get out but the 16-year-old boy could not. three men, including a man from redwood city jumped in the water and freed him from the helicopter's back seat by cutting his seat belt. >> i guess in some ironic way i kind of became a hero myself today. not that it even compares to what these military personnel have done for us, but it seventhly was kind of rewarding to get back today and help a couple people. >> the teenager was last lifted in critical condition. a middle age man and woman suffered less serious injuries. two others on board are not hurt
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and the ntsb is investigating the cause. up next at 11:00, chinese new year celebrations are about to take over san francisco. a sneak peek at the floats in tomorrow's parade. plus if you've got a drone, there's something you have to do within 12 hours from now or you could face hefty fines. i'm meteorologist kari hall. pretty good downpour in san rafael, next stop san francisco. i'll detail that and take a closer look at the radar coming up in just a few minutes.
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and welcome back to you. it is kind of a mediocre day on the markets this morning. we broke a three-day winning streak yesterday. it does not look like we are going to end in the positive on the markets for the week. well, the lines have been drawn in the fight between washington and silicon valley. a short time ago, the u.s. department of justice filed a motion trying to compel apple to break into one of its own phones. apple founder steve wozniak has also weighed in on apple's refusal to assist the fbi by
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developing new software to undo encryption. woz called into a cnbc show to tell them what he thinks. take a listen. >> i don't think that the phone should have back doors. i believe that apple's brand recognition and value in profits is largely based on an item called trust, and trust means you believe somebody. you believe you're buying a phone with encryption. >> we also saw several other big names take apple's side in the last 24 hours. the "new york times" editorial board, twitter founder jack dorsey and three silicon valley congress people. facebook issued a statement in support of apple as well saying it would, quote, fight aggressively against weakening encryption. mark zuckerberg himself didn't say anything but facebook doesn't make statements without zuckerberg's approval. today is the last day to register your drone.
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if you have one, you have to tell the government. from here on out it's fines and other punishments. this counts for every drone, hand built, small, big, it's not a very complicated process and only costs $5 to register but it costs $27,000 if you get caught. so i would suggest when you weigh $5 and $27,000, you choose the 5. >> and we're talking about the giant ones that maybe real estate companies are using to get aerials and even the ones that maybe -- >> all the way down to half a pound. so something that's kind of a toy, if it's a half a pound, yes, absolutely. >> that includes the one santa brought my 7-year-old. so the new 580 express lanes are finally open in the tri-valley. a live look from one of our cameras in dublin to see how they're working. two eastbound lanes are now open through livermore, dublin and pleasanton. the westbound lanes won't open until monday morning. solo drivers pay to drive in those lanes. car poolers, buses,
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motorcyclists can use them for free. it is a mental health crisis usually associated with veterans returning from war, but tonight our investigative unit uncovers the same mental health crisis on the streets of the bay area and it's not going away. in fact according to one mental health professional who sees the problem often, this version of posttraumatic stress disorder is different and more severe than that suffered by people who have been to war. >> it's absolutely true that people have ptsd but it's not the same as a soldier. a soldier goes to war and they come home and they have left the battlefield. we work with young people who get shot, go to the hospital, get their treatment, come back to the same community, maybe the same home they were shot in front of. maybe there's bullet holes in the door. >> tonight at 11:00, our investigative unit takes you behind the scenes. we investigate what happens after the police clean up and
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leave. we introduce you to the lives and the communities left behind by gun violence. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail. well, we got a sneak peek of the floats for tomorrow night's chinese new year parade. >> here they are. they are being prepped on san francisco's pier 54. they are elaborately decorated keeping with a tradition that's made that parade one of the top ten in the world. it is the year of the monkey on the chinese lunar calendar, so you will see a lot of monkeys on the floats gliding through chinatown down into union square. that parade starts at 5:45 tomorrow night. so the big question is parade forecast. let's check in with kari. >> well, we're seeing some rain now but this will be out of here as we go into the weekend and we are seeing this starting in the north bay. taking a look at san rafael, the cars are making it around just fine, but you may have some puddles there.
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it's still dry in san francisco, but it is very close and will be moving in i think within the next 20 to 30 minutes. as we've seen a lot of the rain k covering parts of marin and napa county, this will continue to move in farther to the south and east while fizzling out. not expecting a really heavy downpour but just enough to have you turning on the windshield wipers and popping up the umbrella as you head out. now, we will start to see this moving off towards the south and east as we go into, let's say, the next two or three hours. looking at how much rain we've gotten so far but not a whole lot. we've had about 0.04 of an inch in novato, the most now in healdsburg approaching 0.2 of an inch. as this system continues to move to the south ahead of a cold front, we'll see the showers kind of once again drying up, fizzling out as it moves into san francisco and the east bay will barely see much of anything as we go into the peninsula and the south bay later on this
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evening. still may see some light showers and sprinkles with mostly cloudy skies. temperaturewise it does feel very cool in the peninsula. it's 61 degrees. and in the north bay it's 52 degrees. let's get a closer look at the south bay where we do have some upper 50s, downtown some lower 60s and willow glen at 58 degrees. all you'll see pretty much all day will be clouds and highs reaching into the upper 50s. once again you may get caught in some mist and very light rain. in the south bay we're up to 64 in saratoga, palo alto 61 degrees. santa rosa 57. in oakland 62 degrees while danville today up to 59 degrees. into the weekend we'll actually have a couple of more cold fronting moving through just farther to the north of us and that rain just dries up before it gets here, so we are about to begin a warming trending as our weather does stay dry, high pressure buildings just to the east of us and highs on monday
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will be topping out in the low to mid-70s. so we will be going a little bit back to where we started this week. we may see that again next week. i'll be talking more about that and we'll see what else is happening as we take a look at the forecast coming up a little bit later. scott and kris. >> thanks. up next at 11:00, in this digital age old school prints are hard to come by but we'll show you why polar identicoids making a comeback. we have several reporters at office gus vegas' memorial service tweeting live updates throughout the day. our nation's capital, leading lawmakers and president obama honor supreme court justice antonin scalia, his body lying in repose for another five and a half hours. you can go to our website and watch this live. we'll be back in two minutes. had photo albums on our
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shelves.. and not just on our scott, you remember the olden days when we would have photo albums on our shelves, not just on our phones? >> hey, look at my vacation. nbc's joe fryer shows us they are making a comeback, even in the age of instant gratification. >> reporter: for a while it seemed our prize photographs were destined to hang not on real walls but on facebook walls. >> let's see what that one looks
11:25 am
like. >> reporter: now a las vegas business is bringing those images back to life. >> i thought it might be a way to get pictures off of by dadgum iphone. >> reporter: at photo 2 go, instant photography is having a renaissance. not only do they sell poil resid pole resides, but customers can print them. >> what if we could make an apple meets starbucks for photos. >> reporter: this puts the old one-hour photo to shame. step one, take a picture. from there send it to one of the company's computers and within minutes you've got a picture on paper. of course instant photography iis nothing new. for decades polaroids were a phenomenon, but as the focus shifted to digital cameras, the company had to declare
11:26 am
bankruptcy, twice. >> this is the polaroid snap. >> reporter: today polaroid is back with new products and new customers, millennials. >> to them, instant photography is something that's magical. it's something that they did not grow up with. >> reporter: for the under 30 crowd, real-life photos are trending. >> we've had kids, millennials come into this store and for the first time ever in their lives hold a physical photo in their hands. it's incredible. >> reporter: proof an image doesn't have to go viral to be memorable. joe fryer, nbc news, las vegas. >> next they're going to discover vinyl and tell us all about it. there's this band called pink floyd, it's really amazing. >> you're not going to believe it. up next at 11:00, community leaders speaking out about the tragedy of teen suicide. a bay area city hired security guards as part of their solution, but we have uncovered records showing that some of those guards are preying on the very communities they were supposed to help.
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its problem of teenage suicide. welcome back. as you know, palo alto is trying to solve the problem of teenage suicide and the city is paying thousands of dollars for guards to protect those students near train tracks. >> but we have uncovered that those security guards, some of them were convicts, parolees, even people accused of burglarizing the very neighborhoods that they were protecting while they were on the clock. senior investigative reporter vicky nguyen shows us what she's uncovered. >> reporter: the city of palo alto spent more than $700,000 on security services during the past four years, part of the program called track watch. it was created in response to a speight of tragic student deaths. as we've learned, residents did not get what they were promised. in palo alto, the impact of teen deaths is still felt deeply.
11:30 am
>> it is simply a huge scar, a wound upon this community. it would be upon any community. >> reporter: a wound that remains open for mark vicente, a retired high school teacher. in 2009, four students from his school took their lives. >> to be a teacher, to go into the classroom the next day when you know one of those desks is going to be empty, that is -- that's a difficult job. >> reporter: in response to the crisis, vicente and a team of volunteers set up watch posts hoping to guide distressed teens toward help. city leaders joined the effort hiring val security in 2011 for a four-year contract as part of project track watch. >> the presence of the guards at the tracks is a tangible signal every day to kids who are coming and going across those tracks that we are doing something and
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we care. >> reporter: but some of the guards cared about something else. in october, palo alto police arrested james brown in connection with a string of residential burglaries. police say instead of watching the tracks for students, he was watching empty homes, stealing jewelry and electronics. the investigative unit searched through criminal records and found that his legal troubles started before he was hired by val. the 21-year-old was recently released from san quentin where he served time for armed robbery with a handgun. he is also under investigation by palo alto police for identity theft and using stolen credit cards. when questioned, he denied the charges telling investigators he does not do burglaries, but he does do robberies. we sat in on his court hearing and found another val security guard down the hall dealing with a case of his own. >> charges were for possession of methamphetamines.
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pretty much that's it. >> reporter: val security hired brett scott in early 2015 despite his history of drug offenses dating back to 2013. scott is now back in court facing possession charges in palo alto. >> are you a little nervous about the proceedings? >> not really. pretty much do the crime, you pay for it, you know what i mean? >> reporter: records also revealed kenneth white, a val security guard, wanted for petty theft from fry's in san jose. in november he was arrested by palo alto police and pled guilty to the charge. white's past also includes grand theft charges in mountain view that were later dropped. sherri said she moved to palo alto for a safe neighborhood, but police records allege two homes across from hers were broken into by a val security guard. she says it's a betrayal on an even deeper level. >> i have a brother that committed suicide not in front of a track but that's a tragedy you don't want any family to go through, it's horrible.
11:33 am
knowing that the city is hiring people that aren't going to help these people or that are supposed to be watching the tracks and instead are stealing from the community around us, that's really hurtful. >> reporter: we requested an interview with the city of palo alto to ask how it screens guards before putting them on the streets. the city said it had no knowledge of the criminal backgrounds and that all background checks are the responsibility of the vendor, not the city, as they are not city employees. in december, palo alto hired a new company, cypress security, to stand watch through the summer. the contract pays twice the power hourly wage for a total of $429,000 over seven months. and again the city is relying on its contractor for screening, a process that allowed these guards to make the cut. >> i do have three other co-workers that saved three other people's lives, so we do a good deed. >> reporter: they emphasize having a physical presence at the crossings.
11:34 am
still, vicente wants to see the guards more thoroughly vetted by the city to make sure they know the weight of their responsibility. >> we need to have the best adults for these kids at the railroad tracks. >> reporter: cypress security tells us they do allow people with a criminal history to serve as guards, but they do so on a case-by-case basis. we understand this is a very sensitive topic. we have a lot of information on our website, including warning signs and a suicide prevention hotline number. devi guys. >> if you have something for our investigative unit, give us a call or e-mail. a divisive issue is a fence. a san jose condo community wants a security fence at their entrance. >> but that request was denied by the city. cheryl hurd talked with one man who feared for his safety. >> threw me down to the ground so when i hit with my face here,
11:35 am
i hit the ground and was bleeding. >> reporter: joe was explaining what happened to him on february 5th. >> where i live is a public park. loudspeakers, people jumping out of their car, little kids running around, beer bottles and beer cans were thrown. >> reporter: one neighbor tried to convince the crowd to quiet down. sier said he was attacked by three teenage girls when he was taking pictures of the crowd. >> they was punching me in the head. >> reporter: it sparked interest to put a gate around their community. >> the city of san jose has implemented a moratorium on private gates in private communities. >> reporter: the city believes private streets should be used for public recreational purposes. the idea is what is called san jose adopted in 2011. >> we have people looking for opportunities to steal, steal cars, break into cars. >> reporter: members of the homeowners association met with
11:36 am
a police sergeant and a city council representative. >> we want to try to help you. >> reporter: these homeowners say police can't protect them. they say they want a security fence. >> if we cannot allow to protect ourselves, the police is understaffed, so what are you going to do? >> reporter: in san jose, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. a political showdown about the supreme court vacancy and why there is resistance to president obama appointing a new judge. >> he's in his final year of office but perhaps we should check the constitution. here's sam brock with our reality check. >> reporter: the supreme court chambers are a little emptier than normal and d.c. darkened by the death of a great legal mind, justice antonin scalia. that much both parties agree on. >> it's called delay, delay, delay. >> reporter: but when it comes to nominating his successor, the group's claims contradict. >> there's no unwritten law that says that it can only be done on
11:37 am
off years. that's not in the constitutional text. >> both parties have followed this press denting. there comes a point in the last year of the president, especially in their second term, where you stop nominating because -- or you stop -- >> reporter: senator marco rubio is talking about this clause in the constitution. article ii, section ii, which does talk about the president's right to nominate and the senate's duty to deliver advice and consent on a supreme court nominee. but is there a time limit on either, as rubio suggests? >> that is political theater. >> reporter: a constitutional law professor at santa clara university says rubio's claim is false. >> but there is absolutely no restriction on the ability of a president to nominate somebody even with one month left in his term other than the practicalities of being able to finish that process. >> reporter: now, it's true that judicial nominations this late in a president's term are not common.
11:38 am
>> we're not going to give up the u.s. supreme court for a generation by allowing barack obama to make one more liberal appointee. >> reporter: conservatives like senator ted cruz claim the court majority could swing on the kind of confirmation that hasn't occurred in decades. the right-leaning heritage foundation in d.c. echo's cruz's concern. >> if you look at the last 80 years, the president and the senate under both parties has been that they won't confirm a nominee for the supreme court when the vacancy occurs in an election year. >> reporter: the basic idea expressed here is true. the 80-year claim is not. in 1968 lyndon johnson nominated a justice in the final year of his presidency. that bid failed. in 1987 ronald reagan nominated justice anthony kennedy, who was confirmed in 1988, the final year of reagan's presidency. >> plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor in due
11:39 am
time. >> reporter: and president obama is insisting the senate fulfill its responsibility for a timely vote, but this claim too rings hollow, as the constitution does not contain a clause for a timely senate hearing or vote. >> we're not violating any part of the constitution by holding up the process? >> no, there's no provision that would prevent them from doing it but it's more a question of whether we want a constitutional culture in which the justices of the supreme court or the nomination process can be subject to these partisan whims. >> the reality is neither side is breaking any formal rules. as for logistics, the longest time from nomination to vote, 125 days. president obama has 336 days left in his term. it's politics driving this impasse. but politics that could have an enormous impact on abortion and immigration law. we're going to tackle that side of the story tonight at 6:00.
11:40 am
for reality check, i'm sam brock. back to you. >> the idea that i should be thankful for the fact that i'm safe in my household so was foreign to me. >> when he realized the struggles of others, this teenager took action. the unusual skill he's using to help and it's part of our bay area proud series. rain is beginning to fall in tiburon. we'll see those light showers moving elsewhere across the bay area. i'll detail that coming up in the microclimate forecast. stock market so far ... but, if
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11:43 am
welcome back. it's been a rough year for the stock market so far, but if history repeats itself, the market will recover. >> and while that is good news for investors, it is also good news for a domestic violence shelter on the peninsula. our garvin thomas is here now to show us what they have to do with each other in today's bay area proud. >> what they have in common is 17-year-old nick jager. because he has taken two of his very different passions, finance and helping those struggling with domestic violence, and brought them together in a very generous way.
11:44 am
like many a young man, nick has fond childhood memories of bonding with his grandfather while poring over the small print in the back of a newspaper. though for nick and his grandfather, it wasn't box scores and the sports pages they were looking at but ticker symbols in the business section. >> i just thought it was fascinating how one could go from a ticker that was beeping across the screen on any major news network to a living, breathing company that you could become a part of. >> reporter: nick's curiosity in all things financial has only grown since then. but it wasn't until a few years later, as a freshman at woodside priory school that his curiosity met his match. that's when he began volunteering at cora, a nonprofit helping domestic sufferers. it was an eye opener for sure. >> the idea that i should be thankful for the fact that i was
11:45 am
safe in my own household was so foreign to me. >> reporter: nick started doing not much more than moving boxes and painting walls, but wanted to contribute more substantially. >> the fact there are many different types of domestic violence. >> reporter: he began giving talks to his peers and teaching a few violence prevention classes, but it is his latest idea, combining his earliest passion, that has gotten a lot of attention. >> i sort of have this background in finance. i'd love to be able to leverage it and do something sort of weird, out of the ordinary that might catch people's attention. >> reporter: nick decided to raise money for cora, a lot of it. $85,000 at last count. and then put the money in a fund and manage it, hopefully turning it into even more money. nick has already been recognized for his unique approach, reaping rewards and attention. but for nick, though, what he really wants is simply to spark a conversation. >> throughout my advocacy, it's been important for me to
11:46 am
emphasize any sort of talents or interest that i have can be translated into domestic violence prevention. >> reporter: nick's plan for the money in another fund called another door opens fund is to keep it in the market until he is done with high school and then give all of it straight to cora. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. if you know someone who is doing something nice for others, garvin would love to hear from you. go to our website, n and search bay area proud. we watched a little rain move through the bay area but let's find out about your weekend forecast with meteorologist kari hall. >> all of this rain clears out in time for the weekend. we've seen spotty light showers moving into the north bay. it's approaching san francisco at this point. as we get a closer look, we can see that rain is really coming down in san rafael and fairfield. we've also continued to see the rain moving into parts of the east bay now, moving into richmond. and you can see it's approaching the golden gate bridge at this point. so not looking at anything
11:47 am
really heavy, but we will start to see the showers moving in just enough to have to open up the umbrella, turn on the windshield wipers and then it will be moving on within the next hour or so. as we take it hour by hour, this is what the radar could look like. it shows the cloud cover as well. most of the rest of the bay area is just seeing some clouds and then you have some rain that continues to advance toward san francisco and then off towards the south and along the coastal areas, but much of this rain just kind of fizzles out and we'll have mostly cloudy skies into the evening. we may have a little light rain in the south bay but not expecting to measure much and temperatures are right at about the upper 50s to low 60s and the winds are picking up too. as we take a look now at san francisco, you can see those clouds, but we haven't yet seen much in the way of any rain. as we take it hour by hour here, we will see that rain moving in by 3:00. some light showers and some drizzle, mist as well as the cloudy skies. high temperatures reaching right
11:48 am
at about 60 degrees where we are now and starting to cool off overnight. we also have these winds rushing in from the south. we will start to see the winds calming down throughout the rest of the day into tonight. the cold front sweeps through and we'll see a shift in the winds as the winds do calm down and we'll have a mostly calm wind heading into the start of the day tomorrow. so this is one system moving through. we had one yesterday. and much of what we will see over the next few days will be moving just to the north of us and weakening. we'll actually having another cold front moving in on sunday. as that lifts off to the north, we are not going to see any rain. in fact our temperatures start to rebound and we'll be back into the low 70s. as you can see that seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, you can see how much we warm up over the next few days. it's also been warm in the sierra and today we are seeing a lot of people out there, ski week, and they have got two feet in some spots, even three feet of fresh powder so i've been taking a look at all of the weather cams in the sierra and
11:49 am
they are just packed. all of these people waiting to get on the ski lift at twin bridges. so looking good there. look at how much snow we do have in the sierra. the snowpack is now at 96% of normal. we know that we lost about 20 inches of snow when we had that very warm weather last week. and we're seeing the snow totals at about 98% of average in the northern and central sierra, so we're doing okay, but it would be nice to get another good amount of snow. the weekend forecast, here we are looking at highs in the low to mid-60s for tomorrow. mostly sunny skies and a touch warmer heading into sunday. in the south bay it's up to 70 degrees. scott and kris. >> looks great, kari, thank you. >> we'll be right back. . it's easy to get connected to the weather outside by going inside the nbc bay area app on your smartphone. just click on the radar on the weather page and there you can zero in on your own neighborhood to see if it's raining there. that gives you just what you need to know when you need to know it. i'm terry mcsweeney.
11:50 am
that's how to stay informed with the nbc bay area app. oc: nah, let it go. runs 1:30 ==scott/2shot== an unusualrescua
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mike inouye here. as we know the bay area is a very popular tourist destination for humans and birds alike. today through sunday the annual ritual called the sf bay flyaway festival kel celebrates the return of shore birds, ducks, geese and hawks as well as song birds who make their winter migration through this sf bay area. the wildlife exploration and birding expo have a reception tonight from 5:00 to 8:00 and you can help great causes tomorrow by signing up today. first off in the south bay, i
11:53 am
will be out there as emcee for the inaugural fire drill 5 and 10k, the kids fun run is in mountain view. proceeds go to support random acts dedicated to assisting victims of fire in mountain view and throughout the state. this is firefighters going that extra mile or kilometer, i guess. metrics. whatever. your other chance to help takes you from the south bay to the city and from fire to ice. that's right, saturday is also your chance to help raise money for the special olympics northern california by running in the 5k or plunging into the chilly san francisco bay near ft. mason with views of crissy field. enter as a team with a theme or if you want to help out but don't want to get wet and frozen, you can enter as a chicken. that costs you $125 buck buck bucks. what? you're expecting a frozen joke, guys? no. let it go. >> i like that. >> i love that. so an unusual rescue t
11:54 am
petaluma for an animal control officer. >> a skunk in a backyard with its head stuck in a jar of peanut butter. these are pictures. the officer wanted to keep a safe distance so he wouldn't alarm the skunk because you know what happens so he quietly approached the situation and managed to pluck the jar and didn't get skunked. >> we'll be back in just a minute. at, we're always looking for ways to speed up your car insurance search. here's the latest.
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problem is, we haven't figured out how to reverse it. for now, just log on to plug in some simple info and get up to 50 free quotes. choose the lowest and hit purchase. now...if you'll excuse me, i'm late for an important function. saving humanity from high insurance rates.
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welcome back on this friday. as we take a look at the very smart kids from burlingame high school in for a visit this morning. >> we have a live studio audience. hopefully we don't have to use a laugh track. >> let's hope not. >> so this is not snake fun play, the snake is in a can of green beans. >> she found a snake head in a can of green beans when making dinner for a church function. she contacted the manufacturer. the cans are being pulled from store shelves. walker says she's just as concerned that someone else didn't get the snake body in their can. so there. we leave you with that on this friday. >> just in time for lunch. >> yeah, i'm not having lunch today. we'll see you at dinner time. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. >> we'll see you monday.
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stand by billy and kit. stand by camera two. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> the pope is being told that donald trump is not a nice person, okay, donald trump is a very nice person and i'm a very -- i am a very nice person. >> we like people who don't talk in the third person. some more trump gems. welcome to "access hollywood live." he's on fire with the pope! >> you don't go after the pope. think about everybody trump has gone after, and now the pontiff. is it up or down? accordion. go after the pontiff? >> i'm combining his ted cruz attacks with the pope


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